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Sketches ! 87 

Copyright 1987 by lllini Media Company 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 

Volume Ninety-Four 

Our university years begin as a basic 
perception of who we are. Through 
time, personal experiences add color 
and definition. . . SKETCHES. 







page four 

A view of the scenes at and around the 
University of Illinois campus. 


page nineteen 


page ninety-five 


page one hundred sixty-three 


page two hundred nineteen 


page three hundred sixty-five 

A look at life beyond the classroom. 
The things that students do and the 
places they go when they close their 
books and look for fun. 

When the year is all over, take a look 
back. Remember the national events 
that happened as well as those that hit 
closer to home. 

The sports events that happened 
throughout the year and the lllini fans 
that supported them along the way. 

Pictures of campus groups and the 
Greek system are featured. The 
organizations attract a large number of 
students with very different interests. 

A last look at the members of the 
graduating class of 1987. 


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I O N 

Meet the University 

I couldn't figure out why my 
alarm was going off. was my last 
days of summer to sleep late. 
Awakening from my groggy state, I 
remembered that it was Quad Day and 
I had to go to work. 

Once I woke up, I began to get 
excited about the day ahead. I could 
watch the wide-eyed freshmen 
exploring all the opportunities the 
University has to offer. Once I got 
tired of that entertainment, I could 
start watching the upperclassmen mix 
and mingle with friends they hadn't 
seen all summer. 

Decked out in my orange and 
blue, I arrived at the Quad to set up 
our booth. Our location was terrific. 
For one thing, we were right next to a 
food stand which, to me, meant a lot 
of "corn on the Quad." We also had 
a good view of all the 
entertainment... the Marching Illini, 
the Men's Gymnastics Team, and 
even the Tae Kwon Do 

Although I spent the day handing 
out buttons and flyers, it was fun to 
see everyone and participate in the 
annual event. It helped remind me 
that summer was ending and the fall 
semester was just around the corner. 

Story by Julie Becker 

Left: Tae Kwon Doers demonstrate their 

stuff for spectators at this year's Quad 


Right: An ascension of balloons helps to 

give Quad Day that festival like 


Bottom right: The crowd keeps it's 

distance as they watch a torch thrower 

do his stuff. 





)iscover the Possibilities 


Upper left: Mirrored sunglasses help this 

juggler keep his eye on his work while 

the sun beats down on the last day of 

summer vacation. 

Upper right: A spectator finds out first 

hand that the men's gymnastic team 

makes performing on the rings a lot 

easier than it looks. 

Lower left: Quad Day gives students the 

perfect opportunity to explore different 

sports such as Lacrosse. 

Lower right: Although the subject 

matter is serious, members of Students 

Against Multiple Sclerosis have a 

goodtime promoting their cause. 




Illini Union Board's fall musical 
was held, as it is traditionally, on 
Homecoming weekend, October 17 
and 18. The production was 
Company, a modern romantic comedy 
about a bachelor named Robert who, 
on the advice of his married friends, 
sets out to find a wife. There is no 
running plot but each scene shows a 
different couple's version of marital 

The musical was run completely 
by students. Executive producer, Amy 
Anderson, senior in French 
Commercial Studies, interviewed and 
chose her own directors and 
production staff. These people then 
helped her run the auditions for the 
other cast members. Any student 
could try out for the musical, since 
the auditions were open. Interestingly 
enough, none of the cast members 
were theater majors, although there 
were a few music majors. 

The show was chosen because it is 
fairly modern and is currently popular 
because two of its songs, "Being 
Alive" and "Ladies Who Lunch," 
are on Barbra Streisand's Broadway 
Album. "The show was also 
chosen," said Anderson, "because its 
topic is one that college students can 
relate to." 

Story by Leslie Cole 

Craig Nakamoto 



Upper left: Robert (Curt Clark) and 

April (Cathy Hutchison) casually get to 

know each other a little better in 

Robert's apartment. 

Lower left: Wedding day doubts 

materialize for Amy (Heidi Piper) and 

Paul (Ron Packowitz) confusing Robert 

even more about marriage. 

Upper right: Maria (Suzy Hasen) stands 

in Central Park singing about "Another 

Hundred People." 

Lower right: Curt Clark leads the 

performance of "Company" in 

Foellinger Auditorium. 




Coming Home 

We're loyal to you, Illinois, 

We're Orange and Blue, 

The opening lines of the Illinois 
Loyalty song says it all when it comes 
to those faithful fans who return year 
after year to see their alma mater play 
football. Decked out in orange and 
blue, these alumni trek back to 
Champaign each fall for the weekend 
held in their honor, homecoming. 

Alumni spirit is often greater than 
the spirit of the students who attend 
school here now. They travel from all 
over the world to attend this one 
football game and they do it in style. 
They come in mobile homes and 
set-up lavish picnic spreads complete 
with bar. Their wardrobe contains 
more orange and blue clothing with 
the letter I or word "Illinois" on 
them than that of any cheerleader. If 
you followed them home you'd 
probably find they own an Illini toilet 
seat and their study has more Illini 
memorabilia in it than any sporting 
good store in Champaign or Urbana. 

It is Illinois' alumni who make 
this school so great for if it were not 
for their achievements, Illinois would 
not have the reputation it has for fine 

It is important to remember that 
for many of us, we will soon become 
members of that distinguished group 
known as alumni. It will then be our 
privilege to become walking Fighting 
Illini billboards at the homecoming 
celebration and to continue the fine 
traditions of achievements and Illini 
toilet seats that our brother alumni 
have started for us. 

...And unto thee we pledge our 
heart and hand, 
Dear Alma Mater, Illinois! 




Upperleft: Chief Illiniwek performs the 

ceremonial dance in front of Marching 

Illini alumni. 

Upper center: Marching Illini alumni 

step in formation during the half-time 


Upper right: In the spirit of celebration, 

the Homecoming half-time show sends 

up thousands of orange and blue 


Middle left: Homecoming Queen Lisa 

Kiser and King B.J. Jenkins. 

Middle center: Even Michigan State is 

capable of some kind of action on the 

football field! 

Middle right: Could this be yet another 

Block I stunt? 

Lower left: Spirit flows freely from the 

bellowing of tubas to the flying of Old 


Lower right: The fighting attempt of the 

Illini to defeat the Michigan State 

Spartans was foiled in the Spartan's 


3 arczewski 

Liberty . ■ . 




To most of the viewers watching 
the TV coverage of the July 4th 
festivities in New York, Liberty 
weekend was synonymous with 
crowds . . . and for good reason. 

The city was swarmed with 
visitors anxious to catch a glimpse of 
Lady Liberty's new look. The sight of 
over 40,000 ships in New York 
Harbor, including 22 tall ships, was 
one that won't be enjoyed again for 
several decades. With Bloomies and 
Abraham and Strauss footing the bill 
for a twenty ton, twenty-seven minute 
firework display, tourists saw the sky 
above Manhattan shine with a 
spectrum of colors. 

Yet one of the most awesome 
sights of the weekend was the crowd 
itself. In fact, at one point, over 
20,000 people pushed in line to get on 
the Staten Island Ferry. Meanwhile, 
Battery Park looked like Friday night 
at KAM'S during New Student Week. 
Visitors could literally not move two 
or three feet from where they were 

Vendors cashed in on the weekend 
patriotism of the crowds with foam 
torches and foam Statue of Liberty 
hats selling for $5 and concession 
stands lining every street. Taxi drivers 
also had a profitable weekend, despite 
an ill-planned taxi strike. Although 
the strike was in effect all weekend, 
86 percent of the city's 10,000 cabs 
stayed on the road. 

As for the natives, many New 
Yorkers chose to leave town for the 
festivities, avoiding the inevitable 
mob scene. Many Manhattanites 
rented their apartments and condos for 
as much as $20,000 for the weekend. 
One man said, "Real New Yorkers 
don't get excited anyway ..." But 
there was plenty of sights and sounds 
to excite the rest of us at Liberty 
Weekend for years to come. 

Story by Maria Galdikas 
Layout by Mary Brozovich 

"Enlightening the World 




Upper Left The American flag flies high over 
the festivities. 

Lower Left Spectators gather at Battery Park 
to enjoy the celebration. 

Center Right When one crosses the Brooklyn 
Bridge during Liberty Weekend, everything's 
in style. 

Upper Right It wouldn't be an American 
activity without a little commercialism to add 
to the excitement. 

Middle Right Spectators view the celebration 
from all angles. 

Lower Right The Statue of Liberty stands 
proudly on Staten Island as ships gather in the 

Craig Nakamoto 

Nightmare on Green Street 
Part II? 

Halloween movie sequels may be 
popular but when it's the real thing, a 
sequel may not be such a box office 
hit. That's what many people feared 
Halloween '86 would be; a sequel to 
last year's fiasco of bottle-throwing, 
window — breaking and fighting. But 
thanks to the valiant efforts of the 
Halloween Task Force and to the 
cooperation of most students, this 
year's Halloween celebration was just 
that... a celebration. 

In March of 1986, the Halloween 
Task Force was formed in an attempt 
to make plans for safer future 
Hallo weens. Members of the task 
force included students, University 
representatives, Champaign and 
Urbana city representatives, and 
Campustown merchants. According to 
Mark Fera, vice-president of Student 
Government Association and task 
force member on the food concession 
subcommittee, "The task force took 
everything into account and came up 
with a solution. I think (it) is the best 

To ensure the safety of the 
students, the Halloween Task Force 
took several measures. First, the 
location of the celebration was 
changed from the traditional Green 
Street to the barricaded square area 
formed by the four streets of John, 
Wright, Daniel, and Sixth. Next, the 
date was carefully chosen so as to 
coincide with Southern Illinois 
University's Halloween event and an 
away football game. A ban on alcohol 
sold in glass and metal containers 
smaller than one quart was in effect in 
Champaign from noon Saturday to 
noon Sunday. Security was increased, 
consisting of approximately 200 
armed University, State, Champaign 
and Urbana police, the Sheriffs 
department, and about 100 student 

Craig Nakamoio 



Entertainment for the evening was 
provided by two bands, Otis and the 
Elevators and The Mudhens. Food 
and beer concession stands as well as 
restrooms were conveniently located 
throughout the area. 

A lot of students didn't seem to 
mind the new location and most 
enjoyed the live music, but there were 
numerous complaints regarding the 
massive amount of security. Some felt 
the police were being ridiculously 
nitpicky in what they deemed a 
weapon and what was therefore to be 
prohibited from entering the 
designated area. Others thought the 
police were like bombs just waiting to 
explode. Students thought they were 
very tense and very "psyched-up" for 
a riot. 

Whether the task force's solution 
really was the best one is questionable 
to some. But the fact remains that the 
solution did meet its objective which 
was "directing the event to be a fun, 
safe celebration on campus with 
bands, food, and creative costumes," 
stated Greg Kazarian, graduate student 
and coordinator of the student 

As in the past, students took 
advantage of the Halloween theme 
and dressed up for the celebration. 
Some of the more creative costumes 
included a giant eyeball, Freddie 
Kreuger, Jason, Ozzy Osbourne, a 
topless Chippendale, Pee Wee 
Herman, Max Headroom, a group of 
herpes, two guys wearing orange 
plastic fencing (which was also used 
to barricade the streets), a girl in a 
Boy Scout uniform, and Alfalfa. 

All in all, Halloween '86 was a 
success in that it was safe and fun for 
most everyone. And hopefully there 
will never be a sequel to last year's 
Nightmare on Green Street. 

Story by Michelle Andrich 



Copa '86 

Stepping into the Illini Rooms of 
the Illini Union on November 14 and 
15 was like stepping onto a cruise 
ship for a magnificent tour of Latin 
America. Although there was no ship 
or water to sail upon, there was 
Copacabana, a spectacular show 
consisting of a unique blend of the 
traditional and contemporary songs, 
dances, music and costumes from 
various Latin American countries. The 
34th year of the event was sponsored 
by the Illini Union Board, La 
Colectiva Latina, and the Puerto 
Rican Student Association. 

The first stop of the cruise was 
Mexico where four couples 
demonstrated the "Cumbia." Next, 
Carlos Carrion played guitar and sang 
two songs, Tupatria and Carlos' own 
version of La Bamba. 

From there we travelled to Puerto 
Rico, Honduras, Bolivia, Colombia, 
Argentina, and then to the Dominican 
Republic where the "Merengue" was 
performed. Throughout the evening 
the audience participated by clapping 
their hands to the lively beat of the 
music. But during the "Merengue" 
they did more than just clap. The 
performers went out and chose 
members of the audience to come 
dance with them. Other couples 
followed and soon the dance floor was 
filled with performers and audience 
alike, swinging their hips and shifting 
their feet to the fiery rhythm. The 
band continued to play during the 
intermission while couples danced. 

The second half of the show was 
as amazing as the first and consisted 
of dances and songs from the 
countries of Mexico, Spain, Chile, 
Argentina (the "Tango"), Bolivia, 
Honduras, Cuba (the "Cha Cha" and 
the traditional finale of the "Conga"). 

Jeff Barczewski 



It was evident that a lot of hard 
work went into the making of Copa 
'86. Jose Bravo, president of the 
Puerto Rican Student Association, 
said that there were about 80 to 100 
performers in Copa '86. And 
according to Krishna Patel, 
administrative assistant and head of 
the costume committee, the 
performers started practicing back in 
September, continued practicing four 
hours every Sunday, and during the 
last week before the show they 
practiced five hours every night. The 
hard work obviously paid off, because 
Copa '86 was sold out, standing room 
only, both nights of its performance. 

The only complaint was that our 
cruise had to end. But then again, 
there's always next year . . . 

Jeff Barczewski 

Story by Michelle Andrich 

Diversions 31 

Steps Above the Rest 

Usually between classes, I stroll 
down Green Street peeping into shop 
windows. Inevitably, I pop into 
Record Service and Logos just to see 
what's new. One day, as I did my 
rounds, I noticed a window 
advertising lingerie but I couldn't 
figure out where the heck the store 
was. After I wandered up and down 
the street, suddenly it dawned on me 
that Campustown has another 
dimension... the second level. 

Believe it or not, this experience 
of mine is not unusual. Many 
students, either rushing to class or 
going out to the bars, don't look up to 
see all that is available. According to 
proprietors, these stores do not suffer 
from a lack of business because 
customers often return upon 
discovering the novelties available. 

After finding the door to Silk 
Degrees, I went upstairs and was 
surprised to find Moria's Jewelry 
Store and the Silk Rose, each having 
different things to offer. The Silk 
Rose has many hand printed items and 
a lot of sorority specialties, while 
Moria's has some homemade jewelry 
as well as lavalier charms. 

Jeff Barczewsk 


Upper Left Hand painted shirts at the Silk Rose 

Lower Left Browsing through the cards at the 

Alma Mater Annex 

Upper Right Bogart's-Here's lookin' at ya 

Far Right Record Swap interests all kinds 

Lower Right The Silk Rose displays some of it's 


On the other side of Green Street 
is Record Swap, a store that buys and 
sells albums. About one half of their 
albums are used and the others are 
new. It is more of an alternative 
record store, carrying other types of 
music besides the top 100; music like 
blues, jazz, and reggae. 

There are also shops on the second 
floor of Johnstowne Centre. The Alma 
Mater Annex has about all you'd need 
to cover the blank walls of your room 
with posters and prints. They also 
frame posters and prints. April's 
Country Florist has flowers, plants, 
plant supplies, and balloons. Hair 
Performers has a "stop in without an 
appointment" policy and offers 
styling hints. Another shop is Bogart's 
Casablanca and it has many kinds of 
tobacco, along with specialty items 
like crystal balls, tie-dyed shirts, and 
wall tapestries. 

Next time you're wandering down 
the street, try climbing a few stairs 
and take a look around. 


Diversions 33 


The play "The Glass Menagerie" 
is probably responsible for where 
Cheryl Golemo is today. "It was the 
first professional play I saw," 
Golemo said. "I fell in love with 
theater after seeing it." 

That was back in high school 
when Golemo saw the production of 
Tennesse Williams' classic at the 
North Light Repertory Theatre in 
Chicago. Now, Golemo is a 
sophomore in Fine and Applied Arts 
and has completed her first role in the 
Illinois Repertory Theatre as Laura in 
the "The Glass Menagerie." "I fell 
in love with the role of Laura," 
Golemo said. "Playing it was like a 
dream come true." 

Playing the role might have been a 
dream come true, but it was not a 
dream role to play in the Colwell 
Playhouse at the Krannert Center for 
the Performing Arts. "The role itself 
is difficult," Golemo said. "It's such 
an intimate play. To project all her 
introvertness to the last row was 

Story by Diane Ellsworth 


Jeff Barczewski 



Kr annert Theatre 

On February 18-22, the Illinois 
Repertory Theatre performed The 
Imperial Concubine directed by 
Charles Lu. The play follows a 
complex plot. 

The new Khan of the Tarters, a 
nomadic warrior, has asked the Han 
Emperor for a royal bride and an old 
lord has been chosen to act as an 
envoy to arrange the marriage. The 
old lord is afraid that the Khan will be 
influenced by the new bride, who is 
of the Han Empire, and that the Khan 
will lose the warrior tradition of the 
tribe. The envoy decides to substitute 
a stupid woman or else stop the 
marriage altogether. 

Emperor Yuan asks his personal 
court artist to paint portraits of all of 
his women so he can find the least 
beautiful to give away. The artist tells 
all the women that if they don't want 
to be given away by the Emperor, 
they must pay him to improve their 

Wang Zhoujun, a young woman 
who is not happy with her life at the 
palace, refuses to pay the artist. The 
artist's daughter tries to persuade 
Wang Zhoujun to pay. Instead, Wang 
Zhoujun teaches her a lesson in 
self-respect. The artist, insulted by 
Wang Zhoujun 's attitude and enraged 
by her corruption of his daughter, 
plans revenge. The old lord helps the 
artist with his plan. Wang Zhoujun is 
soon falsely accused of a crime 
punishable by death. 


Diversions 35 

Steam Tunnels 


Graphic by Michael Hawki 


Students seeking to travel the 
infamous 7.5 miles of tunnel paths 
under the University of Illinois in 
Champaign-Urbana. The tunnels 
are used to heat over 170 buildings 
on campus, from the engineering 
campus to the Florida Avenue 
Residence Hall. Entries to the 
underground maze are located 
throughout campus, visible by its 
rectangular shape, approximately 
two to three feet above ground. 


Drunken or naive stupor which 
ensues a sense of adventure and 
excitement. Like quad-driving and 
climbing on roofs, sneaking into 
tunnels is almost imperative for 
graduating seniors to attempt. 

Site of capture: 

"The Cool Room", located under 
Kenney Gym for its unusual 
dampness. Students were reading 
graffiti from 1968 which said: 
' ' FLOWER POWER . " The 
necessary flashlights, water (to 
drink for the humidity), and 
writing utensils were all 
confiscated. They were chased 
through the comfortable 6 feet by 
3 feet tunnels but were caught in 
the smaller, darker tunnels. 


Double felony. Offenders can be 
charged by both the University and 
the state of Illinois police. 
Although it has yet to happen, the 
University has the option to expel 
any tunnel violators. 

Story by John Hanley 






Jeff Barczewski 

After four years at 
this University you d 
think you would have 
seen this campus in 
every way possible . 
Walking to class, 
crawling home from the 
bars, making a quick 
exit after your last final 
exam. But there is one 
view from which most 
students have not had 
the pleasure of seeing 
this campus, the view 
from rooftops. 

Story by Diane Ellsworth 
Layout by Corine Jurcak 

Jeff Barczewski 


Out of the Ordinary 

Tired of always eating in the same 
old familiar places like McDonalds, 
residence hall cafeterias and your 
apartment kitchen? Why not try 
someplace with a little pizzazz. 
Somewhere unusual. 

The most common complaint 
students who live in residence halls 
have is that the food is boring and 
that it gets worse every year. Just by 
using the meal sticker issued by food 
service and a couple of extra dollars, 
students can take advantage of both 
Allen Hall's Reservation Only and 
Florida Avenue Residence Hall's 
Pizza Parlor. 

The best part about Reservations 
Only and the Pizza Parlor is that each 
place has an environment uniquely its 
own. They are tucked neatly away in 
smaller rooms separate from Allen 
Hall and FAR's main cafeterias. 
Believe it or not, that almost makes 
you forget you are eating in a 
residence hall. 

Reservations Only, which operates 
only on Friday nights, is quite a 
popular place with residents from 
halls all over campus and it's easy to 
see why. Three weeks advance 
reservation will get you and a couple 
of friends a table in an enclosed room 
in the middle of the Allen Hall 
cafeteria. Student food service 
employees dressed in white jackets 
and black bow ties take your order 
after you read a menu which has a 
surprisingly wide variety of choices. 
Most of the selections are free with 
your meal sticker, but others require 
an additional 50 cents or so. 

FAR's pizza parlor, a relatively 
new creation, is located in a side 
room off the Trelease cafeteria. It 
operates only on Wednesday 
evenings. The tables are decorated 
with checkerboard tablecloths, candles 
and shaker bottles of pizza spices. 
Similar to Reservations Only, most 
toppings for the individual pizzas are 
included in your meal sticker pass, 
although additional toppings are extra. 

Jeff Barczewski 



ff Barczewski 

ff Barczewski 

Upper left: Guests at FAR's Pizza 

Parlor chow down. 

Lower left: The atmosphere at the Pizza 

Parlor is relaxed and fun. 

Upper right: These residents look 

surprised, but it really is residence hall 


Middle right: The YMCA Eatery offers 

an interesting selection of international 


Lower right: All is takes to get into the 

FAR pizza parlor is a food service 

sticker and a little bit of extra money. 

For those students who do not live 
in a residence hall, there are several 
other out of the way places to eat 
which have interesting settings. For 
example, the YMCA Eatery, located 
inside the YMCA on Wright Street, is 
a small serving line with delicious and 
different food. Each day of the week 
there's a different international 
specialty, as well as their popular 
everyday entree of eggrolls and rice. 

Another unique place to go is not 
really a restaurant. ETC's is located in 
the front two rooms of the Wesley 
Foundation Church on the corner of 
Goodwin Avenue and Green Street. 
On Friday and Saturday nights, 
volunteers serve people in an 
environment that features wooden 
tables and chairs with candles on 
them. There's a large selection of 
non-alcoholic beverages to choose 
from like hot cider, lemonade, coffee, 
tea, and wassail. In the way of food, 
they serve cheese and crackers and 
big cookies for 50 cents each. 

The pace is slow and easy-going 
at ETC's. There's a supply of board 
games and decks of cards for people 
who just want to relax and enjoy the 
quiet. Occasionally, some daring soul 
may even play the guitar or sing. 

With such a wide variety of places 
available for a different kind of 
atmosphere, why get trapped going 
through the same dull routine? Expand 
your horizons a little and venture out 
to some of those out-of-the-way 

Story by Julie Becker 

Diversions 3" 

You'd Better Shape Up 

In the immortal words of Cher in 
the Chicago Health Club commercials, 
"Don't you just hate the holidays? 
After weeks of pigging out even your 
ankles feel fat." Well Cher, after this 
Christmas break, even my toenails felt 
fat. So, like most students, I fenced 
off parts of my body, most of them 
below my buckle, as construction 

IMPE is a great place to begin the 
reconstruction process. After about 
fifteen minutes on the lifecycle, which 
can simulate a range of situations, 
most of which feel like going uphill 
during a hurricane, you'll be ready to 
hit the weight machines. Olympic free 
weights are also available if you're 
into pumping real iron. 

After an afternoon of working out, 
you really begin to feel healthy. The 
next step is to look healthy and no 
red-blooded American looks healthy 
without a good tan. After all, one 
must look the part of a beach bunny 
or bum despite the fact that the 
nearest beach is hundreds of miles 

Here on campus, one of the 
nearest "beaches" is Campus Tan in 
Lando Mall. There they have five 
"superbeds" that operate on 160 
watts (so does my stereo, I think) and 
are equipped with facial tanners. With 
sessions costing around $5 for twenty 
minutes of tanning, you might be 
concerned how much you'll have to 
spend in order to look healthy. Mom 
and Dad might get suspicious when 
your tuition doesn't get paid, but you 
come home looking like a Malibu 

Jeff Barczewski 

40 Diversions 



Lifting weights is the right way to start. 

er Right Timothy John, a Champaign 


er Right Maintaining your form is half 

'attle to physical fitness. 

According to Campus Tan owner 
Sharon Riddell, "We all tan 
differently, but the average person 
should see a significant difference 
after about four sessions at twenty 
minutes each. It also depends on your 
skin type to determine how long 
you'll keep your tan." 

After spending twenty minutes in 
a contraption that looks like a giant 
bug zapper, it's time to be nice to 
your body. At this point, you deserve 
a trip to Timothy John, where you can 
be pampered by a professional 
massage. For a full body, front and 
back massage, which lasts for an 
hour, a $30 fee is charged. After 
letting strangers run their hands all 
over your body, letting them caress 
your face will be no big deal. 
Timothy John's European collagen 
facials, which last for an hour and a 
half are the perfect way to relax and 
prevent wrinkles at the same time. 

While exercising, tanning and 
massages may make you feel great 
about yourself and give you a bright 
new outlook for the future, many of 
us get the same feeling as we look at 
the list of flavors at Baskin-Robbins. 
After all, beauty is only skin deep. 



Tasty Treats South 
of the Quad 

A steamy 80-degree September 
day on the business quad was the 
setting for the first "Taste on the 
South Quad." Over 10,000 hungry 
people enjoyed sampling the 
delicacies of area restaurants. 

Sponsored by Business Venture 
Network and Delta Sigma Pi Business 
Fraternity, the event bore a close 
resemblance to the annual "Taste of 
Chicago." Tickets were purchased 
and used in exchange for everything 
from Sea Merchant's peel-and-eat 
shrimp to Doc J's hot dogs and falafel 
from Beit Nana. According to Kit 
Bay, senior in education, "The lack 
of junk food was surprising. I was 
glad to see many different places had 
booths available." 

While the crowd delighted in the 
tastes and aromas of the delectable 
wares, the music of Last Gentleman 
and the Mudhens pleased their 
auditory senses as well. According to 
Mudhens drummer Tom Miller, the 
crowd was "laid back but obviously 
having a good time. . . we had a 
great time too." Many fans, despite 
the heat, boogied to the blues all day. 

Unlike the Chicage prototype, 
"Taste on the South Quad" faced no 
drastic crowd or garbage problems. 
One student remarked, "The way the 
tickets were run went very 

Of the twenty-nine restaurants 
represented, some were more popular 
than others. For instance, a steady 
line stayed around the Giordano's, 
Delights!, and Sea Merchant booths 
all afternoon. At the Illini Union Food 
Service booth, employee Peter 
McDowell said, "Business has been 
great all day. People keep offering to 
trade us food from other booths for 
some brats. We just keep bringing 
more bratwurst out." 

Story by Maria Galdikas 

Sandy Kaufman 




Upper Left Ronnie took his lumps at the 
photo booth good- naturedly with a smile on 
his face. 

Middle Left The Mudhens provided the 
musical background to a sunny day on the 
south quad. 

Lower Left If the crowd is any indication to 
the success of Taste on the South Quad, it 
may have a future in the University's fall 
line-up of events. 

Upper Right No event would be complete 
without the selling of its own t-shirt. 

Middle Right The warm September day was 
perfect weather for what Delight's tasty offer 
— frozen yogurt. 

idy Kaufman 

Diversions 43 

Having fun on a student's 

After paying your tuition bill, 
room and board and the phone bill, 
you whip open your checkbook to see 
just how much fun you can have for 
the rest of the semester. According to 
your calculations, you can afford to 
go out exactly three times this 
sememster, providing you don't do 
laundry until Mom's Weekend. 

The situation looks pretty grim 
and it would be if you were living in 
the real world, but you're not. This is 
a college town which in no way, 
shape or form resembles the real 
world. Where else can you go out, for 
practically pennies a night, and have a 
good time? 

That's right, for practically 
pennies a night. So clean out the sofa 
cushions, check behind your bed and 
ransack your underwear drawer since 
it only takes a few coins to have a 
good time in Champaign-Urbana. 

Let's start off at the bars, since 
that's where most college students 
hang out anyway. If you check the 
drink specials very carefully you will 
find a glass (or should I say plastic 
cup) of beer as cheap as a quarter on 
several different nights, depending on 
the bar you choose to visit. As a 
matter of fact you can find beer as 
cheap as 10 cents at Cochrane's if you 
don't mind drinking out of dixie cups 
on a Tuesday night. 

Movies are always fun to see but 
not at $4.50 a crack. Be patient and 
wait for your favorite flick to come to 
either the Urbana Cinema, where you 
can catch it for $1.50 or to a campus 
lecture hall where you pay $2.00 at 
the most. The CO-ED Theater right in 
the heart of campus town has a $2.00 
midnight movie special. 

Live entertainment might be more 
your thing so don't forget to stop by 
Mabel's for live local band 
performances with no cover charge on 
certain weekday nights. If rock-in-roll 
isn't your bag you might try Nature's 
Table or one of the various coffee 
houses found at places such as Etc. or 
the Red Herring. For a little bit more 
culture, you can pop in at the 
Krannert Center for the Performing 
Arts and take in a variety of concerts 
for the nominal fee of 50 cents. If 
you're really lucky, you may even 
catch a free performance by a visiting 
artist in the lobby of the Center during 
a noon brown bag lunch concert. 

Marcy Bright 



Statue of Liberty Triathlon 

jffz^ E 




WE • 9 




* :.. 

Imagine swimming three-fourths 
of a mile, biking 28.5 miles and then 
topping it off with a 10 kilometer run. 
That's what 225 people did on Sept. 
14, while participating in the Statue of 
Liberty Triathlon. 

The second annual triathlon, 
sponsored by Psi Upsilon fraternity 
and Chi Omega sorority, raised 
$8,500 to be donated to the Statue of 
Liberty fund. The Illinois Triathletes 
in Training club helped the two 
groups with the running of the 

"The participants really enjoyed 
themselves," said Bob Lies, Psi 
Upsilon philanthrophy chairman. Lies 
said that those who competed were 
good athletes. Students comprised 40 
percent of the field. 

Since the statue's renovation was 
completed, next year's donations will 
probably go to a local philanthrophy, 
Lies said. 


Jeff Barczewski 


Upper Left After swimming three-fourths of 
a mile and biking 28.5 miles, the last leg of 
the race, the 10 kilometer run, takes a grueling 
effort to complete. 

Upper Right A little dip in the lake might be 
fun for some, but these athletes know they 
have almost 30 miles of work still a head of 

Middle Arms wave in the air as participants 
in the Statue of Liberty Triathlon try to get an 
early lead in the race. 

Bottom Technical preparations, as well as 
mechanical difficulties, are something to be 
reckoned with during the 28.5 mile bike 
course . 

f Barczewski 


Arnold Beckman 

Inventor, multi-millionaire, and 
alum are three words one could use to 
describe Arnold Beckman. But three 
words aren't nearly enough. 

Over 60 years have passed since 
Beckman was a student here at the 
University of Illinois, majoring in 
physical chemistry. Since then, he has 
achieved many admirable 
accomplishments including earning his 
doctorate degree in photochemistry at 
the California Institute of Technology 
in Pasadena (of whose faculty he later 
became a member). He invented the 
pH meter (measures acidity) which 
was the beginning of Beckman 
Instruments, a billion dollar lab 
equipment company (now known as 
SmithKline Beckman Corporation of 
which Beckman is vice-chairman), the 
Helipot (measuring device which led 
to radar), the spectrophotometer, and 
a protein sequencer (separates and 
identifies amino acids). These 
accomplishments led to Beckman 
being elected a member of the 
National Academy of Engineering and 
the American Academy of Arts and 

But the most admirable quality 
Beckman possesses is that after all 
these years, he still hasn't forgotten 
his alma mater. It's this gratitude and 
affection towards the University that 
convinced him and his wife Mabel to 
donate $40 million (the largest gift 
ever given to a public university by an 
alumnus) to the creation of the 
Beckman Institute for Advanced 
Science and Technology. Expected to 
be completed in 1988, this institution, 
with about 60-70 professors and over 
300 graduate students and technicians 
from the biological, physical, and 
cognitive sciences and from computer 
science and computer engineering, 
will be devoted to researching 
artificial and human intelligence. 

This isn't the first time Beckman 
has contributed to the future success 
of the University. In 1979 he donated 
a $5 million challenge grant as part of 
the University Foundation's $100 
million Campaign for Illinois. The 
Beckman Research Fund, along with 
university resources, supplied 
equipment and money for graduate 
assistantships and research. 

Beckman has been asked to speak 
at this year's commencement 
ceremonies. Mere words alone cannot 
thank him enough for his great 
generosity and graciousness. Although 
he now lives in California, Beckman 
will always be an Illini at heart. 

Top Workmen prepare to tear down a house for 

the planned site. 

Middle Left Arnold Beckman 

Middle Right Strawberry Fields is another 

building to be tom down for the Beckman site. 

Bottom A woman discusses the effects the 

Beckman Institute will have on her house. 

3rian Stocker 

Forever an Illini 

Story by Michelle Andrich 




i : ■ 

Krannert Performer 

The University and it's community 
is extremely fortunate to have, at it's 
doorstep, an incredible musical 
performer and conductor of enormous 
talent. Ian Hobson, winner of the 
1981 Leeds Piano Competition and 
finalist at the 1978 Baltimore 
Symphony Conducting Competition, 
performs frequently at the Krannert 
Center for the Performing Arts as both 
soloist and conductor. 

His experience was honed through 
years of devoted personal study and 
an outstanding education. Hobson 
studied conducting at the Yale School 
of Music as well as the Aspen and 
Tanglewood Festivals. His abilities 
led him to be a Professor of Music at 
the University of Illinois, joining the 
faculty in 1975, and making him one 
of the youngest professors in the 
University's history. 

Durng the spring semester, 
Krannert audiences were treated to 
Hobson 's performances of the 
complete Sonatas of Beethoven. The 
musical challenges of these thirty-two 
works demand much of a pianist, both 
technically and emotionally, and it is 
the articulate, effortless quality with 
which Hobson plays these 
masterpieces that defines him as a 
leading performer of the instrument. 
Indeed, the performance of the 
complete Beethoven Sonatas in a 
concert series is a rare occurrence in 
music history and should be savored 
by those who were fortunate enough 
to be around the University at this 

In additon to his concerts as a 
soloist, Hobson conducts his Sinfonia 
da Camera, which he has directed 
since it's inception in 1984. The 
Sinfonia has recordings on the 
Arabesque label and tours often in the 
United States with a tentative 
European tour planned for 1988. 

Besides Hobson's performances 
with the world's leading orchestras, 
recordings of his wide repetoire have 
received critical acclaim. This 
includes his recently released 
recording of the complete Jan 
Hummel Sonatas which had it's debut 
in January on Chicago's WFMT radio 

Hobson is kept busy off the 
musical stage with his five children 
and wife, Claude Edrei Hobson, who 
is also an aspiring pianist who studied 
at the Royal Academy of Music. Mrs. 
Hobson recently performed 
Beethoven's Fourth Piano Concerto 
with Hobson and the Sinfonia, and 
she was able to play this demanding 
piece while eight months pregnant 
with their sixth child! Does that make 
this the first performance of a 
concerto as a duet?... 

Ian Hobso, 


Limitless ways of being 
you— draping your body 
in fabrics and metals, 
topping you off with a 
sculpture of hair; break- 
ing the wind in speeding 
motion, slowing to soak 
your mind in musical 
sounds; sharing your mo- 
ment with special others, 
keeping yourself just to 
you-exhibition of your 

Fun-loving weaves of 
snow) 'lakes and di- 
amonds, checkered 
trousers, the outward 
"Benetton" label, the 
sweater-dress, and 
scarves of worldly 
colours—Benetton of 
fohnstowne Center. 
Inspiration from 
"Out of Africa" in 
khaki and rugged 
wear, statements in 
black, oversized jack- 
ets, turtle-neck and 
button-front swea- 
ters, bows in the 
hair, and all the 
wearables from Wil- 
lie-Wear and In- 
Wear— Scully b Scul- 
ly, Sixth Street near 
Green.Classics in 
sportcoats, sweater 
vests, suede jackets, 
crew-neck sweaters, 
and Ralph Lauren- 
Redwood and Ross, 
Green Street at Sixth. 

Photography by: 

Jeff Barczewski 
Scott Chung 
Rosalie Keblusek 


Intricate artistry in 
silver, gold, ana" col- 
oured metals, gems of 
pearl and rhinestone- 
•proudlu displayed 
around necks and 
wrists, dangled from 

Pleasures had in the 
material world— 
music from Iggy Pop, 
Bauhaus, New Order, 
and the Police to 
hear, art prints to 
view, Honda Aeros to 
ride, and Coronas to 
drink—drunk with 



Mdic Brooks 

56 Diversions 


Pam Susemiehl 

Pam Susemiehl 

Dave Hipp 

April 23, 1986 

Oave Hipp 

Dave Hipp 

Diversions 5" 

60 Diversions 

yffld Rosenberg 


May 2, 1 

Diversion? 61 

Foellinger Auditorium 
October 28, 1986 

Jeff Barezewski 

Jeff Barczewski 

62 Diversions 

Assembly Hall 
October 5, 1986 

Assembly Hall * 
October 5, 1986 

Divereions 63 

Time to do Laundry 

If you're anything like me, you 
hate to do your laundry. C'mon, 
admit it... you put it off for as long as 
possible until your closet is stuffed 
full of dirty clothes. You even go 
through your clothes to see what can 
be worn again. 

Why is it that laundry is a dreaded 
task? It's not like dumping your 
clothes in the washer, adding 
detergent, and inserting money is 
difficult. Maybe it is the laundromat 
atmosphere that gets to everyone. 

If you live in the dorms, you most 
likely have to go down four flights of 
stairs and through a confusing maze to 
get to the laundry room. Once you 
finally get there, all the machines are 
full! Then you are faced with the 
dilemma of whether to wait for the 
next washer or just carry it all back 
upstairs and wait until later. Of 
course, when you return, the 
machines are finished, but the 
forgetful people before you haven't 
taken their clothes out and put them in 
the dryer. Another dilemma arises, 
should you put their clothes in the 
dryer? Or should you just wait and 
give them the death stare when they 
finally return? Jean Rosauer, 
sophomore, leaves her clothes in the 
washer, "I don't want them to walk 
in and find me handling their soggy 
clothes." Rosauer added, "I don't 
want to shrink any of their shorts by 
throwing them in the dryer." 

Apartment laundering doesn't get 
much better, you still have the 
laundry slobs, the many flights of 
stairs, and the price is usually higher 
than in the dorms. Some tenants, 
along with house dwellers, take their 
stuff out to the laundromat. While 
there are more machines in 
laundromats, the price is still higher 
and the atmosphere is more 
depressing. Since the atmosphere is so 
blah, many people tend to become 
friendly with strangers, hoping a little 
conversation will help the time pass. 
Ray French, senior in engineering, 
"Helping women fold their sheets is 
an ideal way to strike up a 

The lastest in laudromat 
socializing is Suds, a laudromat/bar. 
What more could you ask for if you 
have to do laundry than doing it while 
sipping on a cool beer and watching 
The Dating Game on television. Of 
course, you risk that embarassing 
moment when you have to break off 
your conversation with a new found 
friend because your underwear has to 
be put in the dryer. 

Still others take the easy way out 
and send their laundry out to Suds 
City. Suds City will pick up your 
laundry and deliver it when its clean. 
Sure, it's more expensive, but I guess 
its better than having to do it yourself. 

Jeff Barczevvsk 

Jeff Barczewski 

Mom never said getting clean could be 
such fun! At Suds, relaxing is as easy as 
a step up to the bar. 


Getting Loaded 

This fall, a new laundromat 
opened in Champaign called Suds. 
The unusual part about this 
laundromat is that it is also part bar, 
therefore there is a double meaning 
behind the name "Suds." The bar 
was added to help relieve the boredom 
that many students suffer while doing 
laundry. Dave Williams, part owner 
of Suds and manager of Kams, said, 
"People won't mind having to do 
their laundry as much." 

Walking into Suds, the first thing 
that attracts your attention is the 
atmosphere of the laundromat. There is 
a secton by the windows which has 
small tables with padded chairs where 
you can do your homework or just 
watch television. There are four t.v.'s 
on the wall so you can watch your 
show from wherever you are. This 
section is enclosed by brass rails, 
which is kind of a nice touch. There 
are 34 washers and 30 dryers and the 
prices are about the same as the others 
around town. 

The bar, which cards at 21 , has a 
nice atmosphere also. The walls are 
mirrored and there is a counter going 
around the room where you can sit on 
a barstool and watch your laundry 
spin. There is also a television in the 
bar if your laundry isn't exciting 
enough. "The atmosphere is a lot 
nicer," Williams explained. "The 
bartenders wear nice clothes, it's more 
high tech, and it's a lot cleaner." 

The laundromat doesn't expect to 
become another campus bar. 
Presently, only thirty percent of those 
that do their laundry use the bar. 
Sometimes, people doing their laundry 
will bring their friends along to have a 
drink with them while they wait. 

I don't know about you but I think 
I may begin to start laundering at 
Suds. It'll be nice to have someone 
say, "Can I buy you a drink?" while 
my wash is on spin. 

Story by Leslie Cole 
Layout by Corine Jurcak 


JL IMdAiJVI^ m MJ dll 

How do you thank someone 
special for all the things they've done 
for you; from building treehouses to 
building confidence, from fixing bikes 
to fixing broken dreams? For having 
the strongest shoulder to cry upon or 
for calling you his sunshine and 
making you smile when the whole 
world's got you down? Or for 
attending every recital, play, or talent 
show you've ever been in and proudly 
telling everyone that he's your father? 
How do you thank someone for all the 
love, understanding, and guidance 
they've given you in the past 20 
years? And especially, how do you 
thank your dad for getting 
choked — up every time he says 
goodbye to you now? 

Every year University of Illinois 
students show their appreciation for 
their dads on what's known as Dad's 
Weekend. The weekend features 
numerous activities such as the 
Varsity Men's Glee Club concert, the 
Illini Union Board's Nightclub Night, 
various performances at Krannert, and 
of course, the Dad's Day football 

Although the football game got off 
to a difficult start, and the weather 
was cold and dreary, nothing could 
stop the Fighting Illini from winning 
the game for all the dads, beating 
Iowa 20 — 16. During the game, the 
dads even got the chance to 
participate in a few "waves" and 
"ILL — INI" chants. 

Half — time proved to be as 
exciting as the game with the 
crowning of this year's King Dad, A. 
Edward Skoog, and with over 200 
Marching Illini, Illinette, and 
cheerleader dads on the field showing 
their talent and dancing to the song 
"Johnny Be Good". 

It was a memorable weekend for 
Dad, and it was a chance for us to 
say, "Thanks for everything, Dad. I 
love you!" 

Jeff Barczewski 


. -x- >;■ • • x ■• - vX^x-x-'.- 

ff Barczewski 

Night Styles 

The University of Illinois' 
Urbana-Champaign campus offers 
almost as many bars as it does 
majors. Like the campus' students, 
the campus' bars have personalities all 
their own. Each student should 
partake in a diligent search for the bar 
most resembling his or her 
personality. The following is a 
directory of campus bars with 
information that may make finding 
your bar a little easier. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Murphy's Pub 

Sounds a little Irish to me. This bar 
is somewhat of a mystery to most 
folks since they tend to enforce the 
legal drinking age of 21 
(gasp!)-somewhat of a novelty in 
Champaign. Needless to say the 
crowd tends to be slightly older. 
Murphy's is the closest thing you'll 
find to an authentic pub in 
east-central Illinois. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Chester Street 

It might be off campus, but it's still 
within walking distance for those 
who live to dance. Straight night 
comes around every Thursday (says 
the grapevine) for the average 
student, while the daring "Student 
of the 80's" finds Chester Street 
just as fun any other night of the 
week, especially on the weekend. 
The dance-mixes, upbeat and rarely 
filled by Top-40, send colors of 
neon off mirrored balls and through 
the crowd. Chester Street's exciting 
offer: dancing to the beat on 
massive speakers five feet from 
dance-floor level. 

Gully's Riverside Inn 

One of the few bars on campus 
with very good food, Gully's 
actually has real menus and 
waitresses. Because Gully's guests 
come from a higher maturity level, 
you don't tend to find as many 
games of quarters being played here 
as you do in other bars. Those 
looking for the outdoors atmosphere 
can enjoy nature while drinking and 
socializing on Gully's backporch, 
overlooking the scenic Boneyard. A 
warning to underclassmen: Gully's 
has been known on occassion to 
card for 21. 


A place for serious drinkers. This 
bar contains "The Wall" but in a 
slightly different version than 
upperclassmen may remember. 
"The Wall" used to consist of 
seven drinks consumed in one night 
but now it consists of five drinks to 
be consumed within the year. Big 
deal. One of O'Malley's biggest 
nights is Monday when they have 
quarter beers. 


Better known as C.O.D.'s, this b; 
for some peculiar reason reminds 
many of Kam's. It may have 
something to do with the fact that 
the same people who go to Kam's 
go to C.O.D.'s and they perform 
the same ritual once they get insidi 
The big difference between the bar 
is their basements. Kam's basemer 
has an outside entrance and an 
entrance from inside the bar while 
C.O.D.'s basement can only be 
entered once you're in the bar. 
Basically, if you like one, you'll 
like the other— it's sort of a 
two-for-one deal. A favorite drink 
special of C.O.D.'s is "The 
Bucket", 2 Vi. gallons of beer in, 
you guessed it, a bucket for $1 l.Oi 


Do you like to dance? Cochranes' 
is the only bar on campus with a 
real dance floor. Being 
multi-leveled, Cochrane's is a gooi 
place to go if you are trying to diti 
a date. Not known to attract the 
greek population, Cochrane's tend; 
to entertain a uniquely 
individualistic clientele. On 
weekends the bar is known to have 
an over abundance of men with ve 
short hair who hail from the 
Chanute Air Force Base. 
Wednesday nights is Little Kings 
night offering three Little Kings fo 

Jeff Barczewski 

68 Div 

Jeff Barczewski 

hite Horse Inn 

ike Gulley's, White Horse serves 
od food, but you have to go 
ther down Green Street to find it. 
ds bar is an exception in that the 
[lenders tend to look and be older 
in the college 
ident-turned-bartender of 
.ewhere. These guys even wear 
s. White Horse doesn't tend to 
t as crowded as other campus bars 
lich makes it a great place to have 
drink and talk (yes, people still 
k in bars). White Horse's popular 
*ht is Wedesday when well-drinks 
; 75 cents. 


le of the premiere greek bars on 
mpus, Kam's is the place where 
rority socialites come to see and 
seen by fraternity men. Protocol 
mands that upon entering you 
ast circle the bar saying "hi" to 
least ten people you know or 
ink you know. Once the trip is 
mplete you find a niche where 
iu will then stand during the rest 
the night waiting to be noticed by 
hers making their rounds. Kam's 
ost popular drink speciality is 
tarter beers on Sunday nights. 

ini Inn 

bet you thought it was called 
illie's, but believe me the phone 
iok never lies. Anyways we'll call 
Willie's because that's the way 
iu want it. Some have described 
illie's as the most down to earth 
ir on campus. That probably 
eans you'll find no greek letters, 
) dancing and no drinks with 
nbrellas in them. Willie's has a 
ug club because that's the way 
>u are suppose to drink beer, in a 


Now Bradley's isn't exactly a 
campus bar, you need a car to get 
there (gasp!), but it offers something 
no other bar on campus does, male 
strippers. That's right ladies, every 
Monday night Bradley's has a 
Malefactor Dance Revue. They also 
have the biggest dance floor in 
Champaign-Urbana and a 16-square 
foot screen suspended over the 
dance floor in order to enjoy all the 
latest videos. Sounds a little like 
Dance Fever, doesn't it? 

R.R. Sports Grill 

Another multi-leveled 
establishment, R. and R. offers a 
variety of exposure rates for its 
occupants. If you don't want to be 
seen, the third level behind the brick 
booth is a good place for you. The 
second level offers the view of 
whose coming and going while you 
socialize with friends and new 
acquaintances. The ground level is a 
hot box of excitement where the one 
visible sports game, darts, is the 
main center of attraction. Thursdays 
tend to be popular when pitchers of 
Long Island Ice Tea can be 
purchased for $5.50. 

There you have eleven bars that 
entertain Illini crowds. If you 
haven't decided by now which bar 
suits your fancy, your best bet to 
find "your bar(s)" is to try them 
all! Oh, and never say there's 
nothing to do on this campus! 

Jeff Barczewski 

tory by Diane Ellsworth /Layout by Fred Weaver 

Diversions 69 

Hash Wednesday 

How times have changed. The 
crazy, radical protests of the '60s and 
'70s, started by long-haired university 
students concerned about injustice and 
world peace, have gradually evolved 
into events geared only toward having 

In the spring of 1976, two 
University students, Bruce Bethell and 
Mitch Altman, journeyed to the 
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 
on the day of its annual protest 
against the laws regulating marijuana 
use. The event prompted Bethall and 
Altman to start thinking about 
beginning a similar event at the 
University of Illinois. 

The two students spread the idea 
across campus by word of mouth and 
by writing announcements on 
classroom blackboards. The event, 
dubbed "Hash Wednesday" in 
contrast to Ash Wednesday, became a 
touchy subject for both area police 
and University administrators. Even 
though the event is illegal, campus 
police are cautious about the situation. 

"There are several problems. It's 
really difficult to make drug arrests 
without probable cause. You can't 
assume that everyone is doing 
something illegal. The question is 
who is (doing something illegal) and 
who isn't," said Richard Burch, 
patrol division commander of campus 

Upper right: Is that the world's largest 
straw or does that man really know how 
to party? Bongs of all sizes and shapes 
can be found on the quad during Hash 

Upper left: Marijuana smoking is not 
the only substance abuse going on at 
Hash Wednesday. Beer kegs of various 
sizes can be found dotting the quad. 
Lower: Truly an all campus party, Hash 
Wednesday takes over the quad for its 



In 1981, the annual celebration 
was supposed to be postponed a week 
because of rainy weather. However, 
some students showed up and a few 
of the participants were arrested in 
what was called "a show of force." 

The celebrations of the past few 
years seem to have become just 
another day to skip classes, drink 
beer, smoke marijuana and have fun. 
The original motives behind the 
protest seem to have disappeared into 
the smoke which circles around the 
quad on "Hash Wednesday." 

Story by Julie Becker 

Upper left: Not everyone got as high (in 
the air that is)as this student but getting 
high was on the minds of most students 
at Hash Wednesday. 

Upper right: Hash Wednesday is a good 
day for alter personalities as well as 
altered minds to show themselves. 
Lower right: Celebrating became a 
group effort for students as they brought 
their coolers and blankets in preparation 
for the day ahead. 

Lower left: One thing students aren't on 
Hash Wednesday is bashful. These 
students are letting the good times roll 
and are proud of it. 




The Adopt-a-Grandparent 
program, now called Senior Friends, 
was first started last spring and is now 
thriving. Sponsored by the University 
YMCA and the Nursing Home 
Council, the program has about 80 
active volunteers who regularly visit 
their "grandparents" at the nursing 

The process of adoption isn't too 
difficult. Both the volunteer and the 
grandparent are interviewed to find 
out each other's interests. The 
program tries to match interests and 
avoid opposite opinions such as 
political differences and prejudices. 
The matches are usually successful. 
Besides just sitting and talking, many 
volunteers do other activities such as 
playing cards, Bingo, shopping, and 
much more. 

This year, a special match was 
made. One Japanese woman in the 
nursing home who barely speaks 
English was matched with a Japanese 
woman who had volunteered. For the 
first time in almost eight years, the 
woman had someone to talk to. 

Kelle Reczek, president of Senior 
Friends, has had her Grandma for 
three years. "It took awhile but now 
we're really close. It's just like having 
a real grandma down here. When I 
have a new boyfriend, she asks 
questions and wants to see pictures. 
She's so sweet." She added that it is 
nice to have a Grandparent at school, 
"They are someone who'll always be 
there for you." 

Jeff Barczewski 

Upper Carolyn Alessio, sophomore in Las, 
reads to Dorothy Spinsby, her Senior Friend. 
Lower Kelle Reczek, junior in LAS, visits 
with her "Grandma", Mary Lippincott. 

Jeff Barczewski 

72 Diversions 


SI- O -T -H-E-R 

"The Most "Beautiful Sound. . . 

ephen Hung 

Top The Illini Union Board's production of 
West Side Story gives non-theater majors a 
chance to perform for mom. 

Center The Sharks and the Jets come together 
for a war council during IUB's production of 
West Side Story. 

Lower Middle Miami Vice fashions made 
their way into the Mom's Day Fashion Show. 

Lower Left Fashion-minded moms get a 
glimpse at this year's latest fashions. 

Lower Right Atius-Sachem Mom's Day Sing 
showcases the creative efforts of pairs of 
housing units who put together seven-minute 

Bottom A tender moment is spotlighted 
during a West Side Story performance. 

While to some students the 
weekend of April 19 may have 
seemed like any other spring 
weekend, to most here at the 
University it meant that Mom's 
comin'down. Each year Mom's Day 
weekend brings with it a host of 
activities, so no matter what Mom 
may be into, there's always someplace 
to take her. 

Activities included the Illini Union 
Board's 69th annual spring musical, 
"West Side Story", which went on 
before three sold-out audiences 
consisting mostly of students and their 

Another popular Mom-spot was 
the Annual Atius-Sachem Mom's Day 
Sing. A first place performance was 
given by Gamma Phi Beta and Delta 
Sigma Phi, with a musical comedy 
"Ya Gotta Have Heart," about two 
students lost inside a human body. 
Kappa Delta and Farmhouse placed 
second and Delta Delta Delta and 
Alpha Kappa Lambda placed third for 
their performances that kept audiences 
singing a long. 

Other smaller productions also 
delighted visiting moms. For example, 
the Newman Foundation presented the 
musical "Joseph and the Amazing 
Technicolor Dreamcoat," which also 
packed in full houses. Peter 
McDowell, who played Joseph, 
commented, "As far as energy and 
originality, we did a lot of energetic 
and creative things. We had a lot of 
competition, with "West Side Story" 
and Atius, yet we did sell out. We 
were a little worried at first because 
there's always so much to do on 
Mom's weekend." 

As far as organization went, most 
were pleased about this year's 
weekend. Mothers Association 
member Margaret Maloney claimed, 
"This year's was the 
smoothest- running Mom's weekend 
I've ever seen. The events were all 
widely publicized so that no one 
would have the problem of having 
nothing to do." 

Mom's weekend was more than 
just an organized event, it was a 
special time enjoyed by all. 

Story by Maria Galdikas 
Layout by Dan Paterno 

Sharon Schneider 


Summer Beach Club 

Summer in Champaign-Urbana. 
The thought for many is not very 
appealing. After months of studying, 
most students choose to flee the 
University's campus, often heading 
home to summer jobs. But those whc 
choose to stay, whether for classes, ti 
work or to live out an apartment 
lease, find that life in C-U can be a 
lot more pleasant once school is out. 

Gone with the students are the 
crowds; crowds in bars, in 
classrooms, on the quad. Lines are 
also missing; the line to get into bars 
to register for classes, to cash a checl 
at the Illini Union. 

The rushed, hectic pace of Augus 
through May life is replaced by a 
slower, relaxed, more laid back style 
of living. 

If for any reason a student feels a 
longing for the thrill of crowds and 
lines there are two options, wait for 
Greek Reunion Weekend or head over 
to the Intramural Physical Education 
building. At IMPE there is guaranteed 
to be a crowd lounging by the pool 
and a line for use of the diving 

Story by Diane Ellsworth 
Layout by Corine Jurcak 

Brain Stacker 

Upper right: Style is not a requirement 
for using the diving boards to cool off at 
IMPE's outdoor pool. 
Lower right: Point your toes! Although 
this diver is not heading for the 
Olympics he is heading for a good time 
as he spends his summer in 


rain Stocker 

Diversions 75 

'Twas the Nights 
Before Finals 

Every December 14, with their 
ears to the phone 

Not a creature is studying, not 
even at home. 

With the leaders Sean Simms and 
Christin Anderson set 

Someone will want to hear a 
Christmas Carol, they bet! 

For twenty-six years, they've been 
playing the tunes 

It's Dial-A-Carol, to get rid of 
those blues. 

There' s Sinatra and Crosby and 
Springsteen, too 

When you call Snyder Hall, they'll 
sing a song just for you . 

From Champaign, Chicago, the 
East and the West 

Calls pour in from all over to put 
them to rest. 

With dormies ready to answer 
nearly 5,000 calls 

For nearly a weak, it's quite a 
great haul. 

So remember all you scrooges of 
Christmas past 

Call Snyder next year, and they'll 
kick your moping right in the... 

Story by John Hanley 

Upper staff of Dial-A-Carol. 
Lower What would you like to hear? 


Heart to Heart 

Ah, Valentine's Day. Once a year, 
students' thoughts turn to fancy as 
they struggle to think of the perfect 
gift for the one they love the most. 

A dozen red roses, a heart-shaped 
box of Valentine's candy and a 
sentimental card with "To the one I 
love" on the front still top the list of 
favorite gifts. However, the cost of a 
dozen roses and the commercialism of 
candy boxes have prompted some 
lovers to find new and more 
meaningful ways of saying "I Love 

Instead of sending flowers, some 
students are opting to send their 
Valentines big bouquets of balloons 
tied together with curling ribbons. The 
balloons, which can be ordered from 
companies nation-wide, last longer 
and look just as colorful as flowers. 
Certain companies even send people 
dressed in costumes to read the 
unsuspecting recipient a personalized 
poem when they deliver the balloons. 

For the outrageous and 
hard-to-embarrass Valentine, 
something extremely unique and 
creative may be the best gift. A 
student may hire a belly dancer to 
perform a "belly-gram" in the middle 
of a boyfriend's or girlfriend's class. 

Heart-shaped ice cream cakes and 
pizzas make great gifts when food is 
the best way to a Valentine's heart. A 
big chocolate chip cookie specially 
decorated with different colors of 
frosting makes another interesting and 
edible gift. 

If shopping for a gift turns into a 
major problem, then the Daily Illini is 
the solution. For a couple of dollars, a 
student can have a special message 
printed in the newspaper's Valentine's 
Day personals section. 

Of course, a true romantic may 
prefer to either prepare a candlelight 
dinner at home for his or her 
Valentine or to make reservations for 
two at a quiet restaurant. No matter 
what kind of Valentine's Day gifts 
students choose, it is always the 
thought that counts the most. 

f Barczewsk 



The Colors of Autumn 

Grab your picnic basket, pile in 
the car and don't forget the Frisbee. 
Autumn is here and there is no better 
place at the University of Illinois to 
enjoy the changing of the seasons than 
at Robert Allerton Park. 

Located near Monticello, amidst 
the flat, drab farmland of east-central 
Illinois, the 1,500 acres of Robert 
Allerton Park offers more than just the 
chance to witness trees' leaves change 
their colors. The park contains 
European landscaped gardens 
reminiscent of the 17th century. Trails 
lead the way through the Formal 
gardens as well as gardens such as the 
Garden of the Fu Dogs which contains 
the 19th century sculpture "Fu Dogs" 
from China. 

Other features of the park include 
the Sangamon river which runs 
through the park dividing the gardens 
and sculptures from the native forests 
of Illinois and a 50-acre restored 

The park was donated to the 
University by Robert Allerton in 
1946. Allerton 's son, John, was a 
1926 University graduate in 
architectural engineering. The younger 
Allerton is credited with designing 
most of the park. The sculptures and 
other garden ornamemts that are 
located throughout the park were 
collected by the Allertons throughout 
their world travels. 

Besides all of the special 
attractions, Robert Allerton Park 
offers the standard fair in park 
necessities. Picnic areas are available 
as well as drinking water, public 
restrooms and a public telephone. 
There is plenty of room for throwing 
around a football or playing a game of 

Besides the park, the Allertons 
donated 250 acres for the Illinois 4-H 
Camp and 3,775 acres of land in the 
form of eight farms. These farms are 
used to support the park as well as the 
Art Institute of Chicago, Honolulu 
Academy of the Arts and other 

Craig Nakamolo 

Story by Diane Ellsworth 
Layout by Dan Paterno 



ig Nakamoto 




The unsung hero; the knight in 
shining armor who time and time 
again serves the people, only to ride 
off into the sunset unrecognized for 
his achievements. There are 
approximately 500-550 such "heroes" 
here at the University of Illinois that 
form what is known as KCSA, the 
Krannert Center Student Association. 

Started in 1969, KCSA is an 
all-volunteer organization composed 
of students (both theatre and . 
non-theatre majors), faculty, staff, and 
community members. They are drawn 
to Krannnert Center by their interest 
in supporting the Arts, which they do 
by contributing their time and talent. 
Ann Spillane, junior in LAS and 
president of KCSA, believes "the best 
way to get to know Krannert Center 
or the Arts is by getting involved with 

KCSA is a combination of several 
specialty groups, each involving 
different areas of service. The first 
group directly serves the patrons. 
Before performances, the door 
captains greet patrons at the theatre 
entrance, check their tickets, and 
direct them to the appropriate usher. 
The ushers, who total about 400, are 
the ' 'eyes and ears of the house 
manager. ' ' Not only do they pass out 
programs and seat patrons, but by 
being trained in fire and safety 
procedures, they are prepared to assist 
patrons in the event of an emergency. 

The second group is hard at work 
behind-the-scenes both before and 
during productions. The back stage 
crew does scenery and prop moving, 
costume-running, and assists the 
performers with their make-up. The 
technical crew is in charge of hanging 
and focusing the lighting. 

The third group, the tour guides, 
serves the general public. Free tours 
of Krannert Center are given daily at 
2:30 p.m., starting in the main lobby 
and proceeding through the four 
theaters and several departmental 
shops. All the tour guides are trained 
and certified. "Training," according 
to tour guide Bill Pollock, "can take 
anywhere from two-thirds to a full 
semester, or until the person feels 
confident enough." 

Although usually unrewarded for 
their efforts, these heroes remain the 
backbone of Krannert Center. Without 
KCSA, Krannert Center as we know 
it today would simply fade to black. 

Krannert Center for the Performing Arts--hoi 
of the Krannert Center Student Association. 

Story by Michelle Andrich 

80 Diversions 



Top Tommy, played by John M. Pescitelli, 
happens upon the magical village of Brigadoon 
where he meets Fiona, played by Angela 

Bottom Fiona and Tommy fall in love, but if 
Fiona leaves Brigadoon the magical spell of 
their love will be broken. 

ert K. O'Daniell 

iry Creswell 

The Illinois Opera Theatre, under 
the artistic direction of Mark D. Flint, 
opened their 1986-87 season 
performing Brigadoon at the Krannert 
Center for the Performing Arts. 

The musical tells the tale of a 
legendary village which appears every 
100 years. 

Flint chose Brigadoon, the first of 
four productions performed in his "A 
Season of Legends" series, because it 
is a very popular work and the first 
major success of Frederick Loewe and 
Alan Jay Lerner. 

Although Brigadoon is not a 
classical opera, "at least one of the 
operas each year is a musical theater 
piece," Flint said. By doing so, Flint 
would like to bridge the gap between 
classical opera and musical theater. 
Flint was encouraged to do more 
musical theater by the great response 
he received to the Illinois Opera 
Theatre's salute to Rogers and 
Hammerstein songs performed last 

Daphne Schneider, assistant to the 
artistic director, sees a movement 
towards opera companies performing 
musical theatre. "There is a new 
commitment to American music," she 
said. "It's more of a trend across the 
country." Schneider feels that 
Brigadoon 's two lead parts require the 
talents of opera singers more so than 
that of broadway singers. 

The production was put together 
with the help of the other fine arts 
departments at the University. Wendy 
McClure of the dance department 
staged the production while it was 
directed by Joe W. Grant of the music 

The four performances, held the 
weekends of Sept. 5 and 6, and Sept. 
12 and 13, were not the first time the 
cast performed the producton in 
Champaign. "Tradition is that we do 
the production over the summer and 
then a revival in the fall," Schneider 
said. The summer performances are 
done for the community while in the 
fall there is a new audience to attract 
from the academic community, 
Schneider said. 

Flint's decision to stage Brigadoon 
was not without its financial reasons. 
"It's good box office," he said. The 
four summer performances sold out 
according to Schneider. The house 
was 80 percent full for the first 
weekend performances in the fall 
while the second weekend was sold 
out. "We were very pleased with the 
attendance," Schneider said. 

)ry by Diane Ellsworth /Layout by John Bachanowski 


uad Day 


► * ' 

Between Classes 

Shoot Yourself 

84 Diversion 

lotos by Marcy Bright 


Football Games 

Shoot Yourself 

86 Diversions 



Happy Hour 

Shoot Yourself 

88 Kv 


»y Craig Nakomoto 

Diversions 89 

;iii : . ■,,..'/ 



To most students the name 
"Mudhens" is associated with the 
local band who has risen in 
popularity over the past year. To 
the band, however, the name was 
inspired by Klinger on M*A*S*H*, 
whose favorite baseball team was 
the Mudhens. 

Champaign's Mudhens are 
talented musicians who, according 
to Bruce Rummenie, guitarist, 
"play a mix between old rythmn 
and blues and a kind of upbeat 
dance music. It's got a kind of 
swing, a blues swing. When we 
started, we were more traditional 
blues ... we had designs of being 
a hard-core blues band, but it 
didn't work out. It's turned more 

While most of the band 
members have full-time jobs, 
Rummenie claims that they don't 
have a problem in getting 
everyone together, saying, "It's a 
hobby, but a really serious hobby. 
It's an outlet ... we look forward 
to it. It isn't hard to find time 
because we enjoy it so much." 

One of the things that makes 
practice so enjoyable for the band 
is picking out new material. "We're 
very democratic about picking new 
material. Anybody can bring 
something in and we'll kick it 
around to see if it works. Right 
now about one-half to one-third of 
what we do is original material . . . 
I don't think we'd ever do all 
original, because we're a blues 
band. The whole thing is tradition. 
By doing other people's work, it 
isn't like you're copying, you're 
keeping the tradition." 

Rummenie sees the band 
spreading out in the future, 
heading for bigger and brighter 
lights, "We want to start playing 
more in Chicago, St. Louis and 
other places like that. We're at the 
point now where we want to get 
organized." And where does he 
see the band in two years? "It will 
either be very, very good or it 
won't be together at all." 

NIX86 is unique among local 
bands for many reasons, one 
being that they have been together 
in various capacities for four years, 
with the name staying intact. The 
style of the band, according to 
Moe Mosele, guitarist, is "funk rock 
dance music. Not hard rock, 
although we do rock." 

In these years, the band has 
seen quite a few changes. Mosele 
says that the band "started 
originally as a studio project, but 
now we concentrate more on live 
music. The music sounds more 
aggressive now, because it's live." 

The band's choice of material 
has also evolved over the years, 
with recent performances including 
less original material than the band 
usually plays. Mosele explains the 
change saying that, "Up until a 
month ago, we did all our own 
stuff. There are so many songs we 
wanted to do. We were tired of 
having other bands open for us, so 
we decided to work out a set of 
Motown stuff. We now do about 
two-thirds original material." 


Otis and The Elevators 

Members of NIX86 all live and 
work in Champaign, and the time 
they spend praciticing and 
performing constitutes all their free 
time. "Everybody works. It's never 
been priority for the band to be 
supported by this project. We have 
no desire to go out on the road 
and beat our heads . . . we'd like it 
to be full time, but at this point we 
have to be realisitic." 

Mosele doesn't foresee any 
definite changes in the band's 
style, claiming that, "It's not like we 
have a formula or anything. If we 
like what we're doing, we stick with 
it." Optimistic for the future, 
Mosele says, "I'd eventually like to 
see the band with a record or two 
out, we'd like to live comfortably 
and keep going." 

Otis and the Elevators has 
become one of 

Champaign-Urbana's most widely 
followed bands. Guitarist Jim Bury 
attributes their popularity to being 
"very, very good at what we do. 
We are good musicians and we 
are good entertainers . . . you put 
the two together and you can't 
lose." Bury also thinks their 
following increased after the 
release of their album "Some 

When asked how the style of 
the band has changed over the 
years, Bury said, "At one time we 
were more laid back, but now we 
are much more aggressive about 
music . . . more serious about 
music . . . we're not just a 
hallucination from the '60s." 

Bury feels that the band has 
"grown-up," taking on a more 
professional outlook towards 
playing, saying that, "This (music) 
is a business. This is our life now, 
we're not just screwing around. 
Somebody could make fun of me 
or my clothes, but I would kill 
anyone who wants to fuck with the 

Bury says the band basically 
plans for the moment, with no 
definite point for where they'll be 
several years from now. Bury does 
say, though, that they'll continue 
"making good quality music and 
become better at what we do. We 
do things because they're good, 
we don't worry about success." 
While the band may not be 
actively searching for fame and 
fortune, with their talent and 
unique style of rock, success may 
just find them. 





:IR : . " ::: '. .1. %.:.: : : 

Captain Rat and the 
Blind Rivets 

Ack! Ack! 

Perhaps one of the most 
popular bands in C-U is also the 
one that has been around the 
longest, Captain Rat and the 
Blind Rivets. The band, 
according to drummer Wiz 
Wisniewski, "has been 
influenced by the Beach Boys, 
early rockers like the Ventures, 
people who contribute a lot, yet 
aren't remembered, mostly 
semi-obscure acts." 

Captain Rat, which originated 
in the mid-1970's, realizes the 
importance of the performing 
aspect of the group, and have 
outrageous anecdotes about 
some "bad trips." Wisniewski 
relates the story of their worst 
job, "It was a job for the 
graduating medical students one 
year, who had a pig roast near 
the outskirts of Farmer City. It 
started raining really hard, and 
the tent we were under began to 
leak. Then the generator ran out 
of gas, so it took us about ten 
hours to pack up our stuff. We 
started to drive down this 50 foot 
hill, sliding all the way, when the 
bus tilted at a 45 degree angle 
over a ditch. We ended up 
pushing the bus out by ourselves 
and got it out of the mud 
sometime the next afternoon." 

Wisniewski sees Captain Rat 
in the future, "performing in its 
own right on exclusive, limited 
engagements. If we stay 
together, I'd like to do television 
spots and have a tour schedule 
not based solely on the 

As new bands arrive on the 
C-U music scene, it seems like 
the names for rock groups get 
more far out. I can just imagine 
my mother's reaction to the 
popular band Ack! Ack!. "Ack! 
Ack!, that's the name of a 
group? It sounds like you're in 

Nevertheless, Ack! Ack! has 
become a permanent part of our 
local talent. When asked to 
describe the style of the band, 
singer Steve Shields says, "I try 
not to strictly define it . . . but I 
guess I would call it dance pop. I 
think our style comes from 
different musical backgrounds, 
but we are, to some degree, 
influenced by U2, David Bowie, 
and Iggy Pop." 

While the background for 
their music has stayed the same, 
the band's overt style has seen 


Rise, a new band gaining 
popularity in the 
Champaign-Urbana area, usually 
attracts a large crowd of 
listeners whenever they play at 
Mabel's in Campustown. 





Last Gentlemen 

ome reconstruction over the 
ears. According to Shields, 
When wo first started three 
ears ago, we were much more 
iggressive. The songs were 
Ironey with weird themes. It's 
tecome more techno-pop, more 
nainstream, but still pretty 

Shields sees the future of 
vck! Ack! filled with more 
ecording saying, "we're 
ecording new material, but 
/e're not sure what we're going 
o do with it. Right now, we're 
ecording as an experience." 
vpart from recording, Shields 
lopes to see the band 
lerforming more, especially in 
Chicago, but of course, not 
teglecting their fans in C-U. 

A name probably more 
pleasing to my mother's taste is 
that of the ultra-popular Last 
Gentlemen. The band, together 
for four years in various 
capacities, is described by Tom 
Broeske, a member for one year 
as, "a group that is influenced 
by a lot of styles, including 
classic pop from the 60's, some 
elements of top 40's, and stuff 
you may hear on an oldies 
station. We were influenced by 
groups like the Turtles, the 
Buckinghams, and also later 
English pop." 

While the members of the 
band all have distinctively 
different personalities, Broeske 
believes they all have one thing 
in common, "I consider myself a 
musician and so does everyone 
else. That's the most important 
thing to us." 

Broeske sees the band at an 
important crossroad, facing 
some important obstacles this 
year. He claims, "If we're 
successful in the next few 
endeavors, we'll be in a position 
of back to square one. We're 
popular in this area, but if we get 
a record out nationally or 
internationally, we'll be unknown 
again. It's strange to work hard 
just to get back to the 

Like most bands, Last 
Gentlemen has a plan for where 
they want to be a few years from 
now. "We want to be highly 
visible to a lot of people, 
successful, you know, the 
standard idea of success. We're 
going for mass popularity." 




f jjjrv 







Although the majority of stu- 
dents surveyed are pretty good 
about attending their classes, It 
makes you wonder what major 
the 19 percent who miss tour or 
more classes are studying! 

Writing letters obviously la 
not the favorite past time tor the 
students surveyed who have 
phone bills over $50, but It looks 
like the majority of students are 
pretty good about wrltllng home. 

Either Daddy is rich or the 
government Is pretty generous In 
their loan programs because the 
majority of students surveyed do 
not work while at school. 

Some students at the Uni- 
versity of Illinois love the campus 
so much they never leave It and 
the majority of those who do 
leave can't seem to stay away 
from other college campuses. 

If there Is one thing students 
like it's pizza, and those surveyed 
came up with a total of 12 pizza 
establishments they call their 

The only thing Champaign- 
Urbane has more of than pizza 
places Is local bands. Fourteen 
bands were named as student 
favorites with Last Gentleman 
taking the lead. 

There are probably as many 
favorite groups as there are stu- 
dents. Answers to this question 
range from Amy Grant to The 
Grateful Dead. Just about every- 
one who Is popular now made the 
survey as well as more obscure 
musical talents. 

A college campus addiction Is 
soap operas and the University of 
Illinois Is no exception. Just look 
In the llllnl Union T.V. rooms and 
you will find some hard core soap 

They say cleanliness Is next 
to godliness and It that Is true, we 
have some pretty godlike stu- 
dents at this university. 

Class Status 


10 percent 
22 percent 
38 percent 
30 percent 

How Many Times A Week Do You Miss Class? 

4 or more 

52 percent 
29 percent 
19 percent 

How Big Is Your Monthly Phone Bill? 

$51 -$100 
over $100 

53 percent 

38 percent 

8 percent 

1 percent 

Are You Employed At School? 



43 percent 
57 percent 

How Often Do You Road Trip? 


Once a month 

Once a semester 


18 percent 
26 percent 
43 percent 
13 percent 

Where Do You Go? 

Other schools 

74 percent 

14 percent 

9 percent 

3 percent 

Favorite Pizza 

Papa Del's 



39 percent 
16 percent 
13 percent 

Favorite Local Band 

Last Gentleman 

Otis and the Elevators 


39 percent 
19 percent 
18 percent 

Favorite Recording Artist Or Group 

Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Police, Peter Gabriel, Chicago, The 
Grateful Dead, Rainmakers, Van Halen, The Cars, Billy Joel, U2, Frank 
Zappa, Yaz, ELP, Boston, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Madonna, 
Eurythmics, Talking Heads, Pete Townsend, Doors, Stevie Ray 
Vaughn, Journey, Bruce Springsteen, Wham!, Lionel Richie, INXS, 
Bob Seger, Amy Grant, REM, Prince, Eagles, Replacements, Genesis, 
Styx, Rush, The Hooters, Alabama and America. 

Favorite Soap Opera 

All My Children 
General Hospital 
Days of Our Lives 

Who Cleans Your Living Quarters? 


No one 


41 percent 
18 percent 
18 percent 

71 percent 

15 percent 

6 percent 

Percents represent response to survey. Most categories reveai only 
largest percentage holders. 

The variety of magazines 
read by students Is numerous as 
are the topics these magazines 
cover. Students subscribe to ev- 
erything from Muscle and Fitness 
to Stereo Review. 

Students not only enjoy 
watching afternoon soaps but 
they favor prlmetlme scheduling 
as well. In accordance with the 
national concensus, students are 
in a rage about what is in rage 
when it comes to their favorite 
new television program. 

Ask this question on any col- 
lege campus and the answer will 
be the same. College students 
probably know more about the 
Korean War than any other war 

Favorite Magazine 

Sports Illustrated 




Rolling Stone 

Favorite New Television Program 

The Cosby Show 



Favorite Rerun 

Star Trek 
Gilligan's Island 

15 percent 
9 percent 
9 percent 
8 percent 
8 percent 

6 percent 
20 percent 
12 percent 

35 percent 
22 percent 
22 percent 
21 percent 

It was a good year for movies 
with 20 movies receiving votes in 
this category. Tastes varied from 
the comedy about a high school- 
er's antics while playing hookie in 
the movie Ferris Beuler's Day Off 
to being scared senseless in the 
movie Aliens. 

Favorite Movie of 1986 

Top Gun 

About Last Night 

Stand By Me 

20 percent 
15 percent 
13 percent 

/( sounds like all college stu- 
dents ever do is watch T.V. and 
keep up with the latest in movies 
and music. They do study; it's Just 
that most of them do it In the 
privacy of their owm room so 
know one can see them. 

Favorite Place To Study 

Your room 



52 percent 

24 percent 

7 percent 

Although the campus bar 
scene may leave something to be 
desired, most students have 
found a niche In at least one of 
Champaign's drinking establish- 
ments. Whether it be Ice cream 
drinks at Eddie's or the bright 
tights of Bradley's that attracts 
them, students ne ver fall to find a 
bar to call their own. 

On a student's tight bugdet, 
it's not surprising to see that the 
most popular drink special Is 
quarter beers. 

Favorite Campus Bar 


Favorite Drink Special 

Quarter Beers 

Long Island Iced Tea pitchers 

24 percent 
20 percent 
17 percent 
12 percent 

17 percent 
17 percent 

Seniors Only 

It's good to see that most gra- 
duating seniors are going to get a 
Job and start making money after 
living the life of a pauper tor lour 
years. There are, however, a few 
masochists who love college life 
so much they're going to grad 
school The other tour percent I 
don't want to talk about. 

What Will You Do After Graduation? 


Graduate school 
Goof off 

67 percent 

27 percent 

4 percent 

There are too many best 
memories to mention, but a few 
that stick out are the Illinois loot- 
ball team beating Michigan in 
1983 and the Rosebowl trip many 
made that same year. An assort- 
ment of parties will also go down 
in many graduates ' minds as their 
best time at the University of Illi- 

Best Memory At The University Of Illinois 

After it's all over, it's sad to 
find out that many seniors would 
have changed their major if they 
could have done it all over again. 
For one student, it's a good thing 
he doesn t get another chance at 
his college days because if he 
could have, he would have killed 
his roommate. 

If You Could Do It All Over Again What Would You Change? 



New I.D.'s vs. Status Symbol 

It is a status symbol. Some of us 
never had it. Some of us never will. 
But some of us do have it and for 
sentimental reasons we never want to 
let it go. It is our blue student 
identification card. 

The old blue i.d. cards were 
originally designed as a credit card 
which could be used by Student 
Services. In the fall of 1985, the i.d.s 
were replaced because the equipment 
used to manufacture them wore out. 

The new card is an all-photo card 
designed to be more efficient. The 
card has a magnetic strip on the back 
and a bar code that can be scanned 
much like the way credit cards are 
now used. The University has yet to 
come up with reasons to use the 
magnetic strip or bar code but when 
the need arises the cards will be 
ready. These i.d.s are more 
expensive, $17 to replace, but they 
are harder to falsify. 

Many upperclassmen prefer their 
blue i.d.s to the new ones. They 
probably have grown more attached to 
it and no matter how torn or taped 
together it is they don't want to 
replace it. "It shows you've been 
around the University a long time," 
said Karrie Kinsella, senior in 
Agriculture. "They blink the word 

Top No matter how old or beat up a blue i.d 
may get, upperclassmen are reluctant to 
replace it with a new i.d. 

Middle Bouncers check i.d.s at campus bars 
and give their stamp of approval with a magic 

Bottom The new white i.d.s are almost dead 
give-aways to bouncers that the students 
carrying them are underclassmen. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Jeff Barczewski 

98 Retrospect 

Story by Leslie Cole /Layout by John Bachanowski 

Bills , Bills, and more Bills 

With the University of Illinois 
enrolling more than 35,000 students, 
there are a variety of people with a 
variety of bills. Here is a small 
breakdown of some groups and their 
costs per semester. Do you fit into 
any of these? 

Myron "the Microchip" Feldon - 
Computer Science 

Tuition $1700 

Dorm 1500 

Books 150 

Clothes 100 

Floppy Disc supply 60 

Computer Lab fee 80 

Seminars on C. P. U.'s and 40 

I.B.M. disc drives 

Computer Club fee 15 



Job as Programmer 



Buffy Patterson — LAS/Art 



Sorority House Bill 




Clothes, Make-up 


Daddy's Visa Gold Card fee 




Pictures from house functions 


Social fee, exchanges 




Joe("B.M.O.C") College — 
Leisure Studies 

Tuition Football Scholarship 

Apartment $2000 

Football equipment 


Car Insurance 

Beer Allowance 

Road Trips (non-game days) 


Gary D. Isaacson — 
History /Philosophy 


Independent House 



Kegs, private parties 










Story by John Hanley 



Bridging the gap 

When you were accepted into the 
University of Illinois at 
Urbana-Champaign, you probably 
didn't realize you' d be spending the 
next four years of your life in the 
middle of a cornfield, literally. 

Urbdria-Champaign is located in 
east-central Illinois, a farming 
community. Sure, there is some 
manufacturing and a shopping mall 
here, but somehow you just don' t feel 
like you live in a real city. One 
indication of how bad the situation is 
here is local television. A local 
television station bumps All A A 

Communication Series 




sports team has worn 

■.m. Tlnrc isn't a Marshall 


yyyy y -:''ryy'y':' y? - 

•.'■: .; ; 









Welcome to the outside world 

avid Ghent/ 

After you've been at the 
University of Illinois for awhile, you 
begin to understand what is meant 
when people say they feel like they're 
stuck in the middle of a cornfield. But 
there are measures you can take to be 
sure you keep up with the the outside 

The most convenient way to stay 
in touch is to pick up the telephone. 
No matter what company has your 
long distance business, calling home 
or an out-of-town friend is a good 
way to check if you're up-to-date on 
the lastest lingo and if anything major 
has happened in other parts of the 
United States. 

The U.S Postal Service is a branch 
of the government that could become 
your friend. Mail is a god-send when 
it comes to keeping in touch. For 
those of us on a budget with long 
distance calls on the forbidden list of 
things to do, writing letters is the next 
best thing to talking. Writing 
especially comes in handy when you 
have friends overseas. It also gives 
you something to do during class 
besides listen to the professor. 

Subscribing to big city daily 
newspapers is a good way to stay on 
top of things. A daily dose of the 
Chicago Tribune, the New York 
Times or the Wall Street Journal 
ought to keep you in the thick of 
national as well as international 
events. It's also not a bad idea to 
subscribe to a few magazines, news 
and otherwise. People magazine is 
good for the latest gossip and a 
magazine the likes of Vanity Fair will 
keep you up on the latest in high 
society and the other finer things in 

Cable television does wonders for 
making the world a little smaller. You 
can get all the news you want on 
Cable News Network and you can 
find out how well the rest of the 
collegiate sporting world is doing on 

With proper preparations, 
surviving the flat lands of Illinois will 
not mean four years of living in the 
dark. If the outside world won't come 
to east-central Illinois, you'll have to 
bring here yourself. 

Perennial favorite 

losalie Keblusek 


Unlike other publications on 
campus, the Illio has only one edition 
a year. It takes almost an entire year 
to put out that one edition. It covers 
one year of events and issues. 

As the year unfolds, it dictates to 
the staff what needs to be covered in 
the book. Certain perennial events, 
such as Quad Day, homecoming and 
graduation, appear in the book year 
after year because they are so much a 
part of student life. What changes 
from year to year is not so much an 
indication of staff preference as it is 
an indication of what changes occur 
on campus and in the world. 

Those who buy the book probably 
read it once or maybe twice, 
occasionally show it to friends, turn to 
it to see what someone looks like or 
how they spell their name and then 
they place it on a shelf. Years from 
now the book will be pulled off the 
shelf and looked at again. If the book 
does the job it was intended to, the 
memories of that year and the mood 
of the campus should come flooding 



Active participation 

; I 

When most students want to Know 
what's going on in the world, they 
pick up the latest edition of the Daily 
Illini. The D.I. has everything; 
campus news as well as well as local, 
national and international. It covers all 
the Fighting Illini sports events and 
runs ads informing its readers of all 
the campus bars' drink specials. What 
more could you want to know? 

You may not want to know any 
more or you may want to be the one 
who finds out all this information. 
And there is no better way to be 
informed than to be the one who picks 
up the phone, calls the source, asks 
the questions and then writes the 

Either way, whether you're into 
the active or passive form of obtaining 
information, the student- run 
newspaper fulfills your needs. Any 
full-time student can write for the D.I. 
or do any of the number of other 
functions necessary to put out a 
newspaper; sell advertising space, 
design ads as well as the newspaper's 
pages, shoot and develop photos and 
handle subscription fees and billings. 
Supplying information is not a simple 

Working for the paper involves 
some rigid rules. What the wire 
services say is news is news and if 
you don't carry the story on the front 
page you will be the only paper in the 
nation missing it. It also allows for 
some personal interpretation that 
reflects our lives as students and how 
we perceive the world around us. 
Running a paper requires a lot of 
judgement. Questions such as "Is 
running the photo in bad taste?" and 
"Is this article libelous?" are often 
asked with no set answer ready to be 

If the pressures and hard work of 
the newspaper business isn't your bag, 
just sit at home and wait for the paper 
to be delivered. After all, the D.I. 
hires paper delivers too. But there are 
other ways to see your name in print 
other than in a byline. The D.I.'s 
classified section is probably the most 
read section of the paper. If not, it is 
definitely the one with the most 
campus participation. 

The personals are the most fun to 
read, even if none of them are written 
to you. It provides an opportunity to 
see how students express themselves 
if they can hide behind a D.I. box 
number instead of supplying their 
name. Love affairs start and end in 
the personals, but the section's most 
constructive use is as a way of letting 
people know that someone cares. 
Congratulations, wishes of good luck 
and I love you statements give new 
meaning to the idea of student 

Marcy Bright 


«R. ' 



jtnq WWW 


• •■/'""< 

age •* •* ♦'■%£ 

■ ■ < mm "ii 



Jeff Barczewski 

Vanessa Faurie 

Daily Illini 

The Daily Illini 




Can we talk? 

Dear Mom, 

Well, today I was talking with 
Arthur Schawlow, the co-inventor of 
the laser and 1981 winner of the 
Nobel Prize for Physics. I was asking 
him about his education when he said 
something really funny . . . 


No, this person isn't writing from 
MIT, they're writing from the 
University of Illinois. The 
MILLERCOMM lecture series allows 
us the opportunity to listen and talk to 
Nobel Prize winners, Nobel laureates, 
ambassadors, actresses, 
world-renowned musicians and the list 
goes on. 

The MILLERCOMM lecture series 
is named for George Miller, an 
outstanding professor of mathematics 
at the University from 1906 to 1932. 
When he died in 1951, he left his life 
savings of nearly a million dollars to 
the University to be used for programs 
beyond general operating expenses. 
According to the George Miller 
Committee, he once remarked, 
"Everything I have I received from 
the University, and I simply want to 
repay my obligation." 

Thus, because of George Miller, 
this year our campus has seen 
speakers including Nobel Laureate in 
Physics, Hans Bethe, whose lecture 
focused on Star Wars; Sir Curtis 
Keeble, British ambassador to the 
USSR, who spoke on "Dealing with 
the Soviet Union"; and Maya 
Angelou, who has been a famous 
singer, dancer, author, historian, 
playwright and more. Virtually all 
disciplines of study are represented, 
from the sciences to the arts. The 
more controversial topics, such as Star 
Wars and laser technology often pull 
bigger crowds than other subjects, 
with this year's attendance at each 
numbering over 650 people. 

Jeanie Cheesman, a staff associate 
in the Center for Advanced study says 
that this popularity isn't always the 
case, "I'm not sure that controversy 
is what always gets people out. We're 
expecting the Robert Hughes (art 
critic for Time magazine) lecture to be 
heavily attended." 

To assure that a variety of topics 
are represented, any organization on 
campus may propose a lecture, which 
is then reviewed by the George Miller 
Committee. Decisions are based on 
the person's availability for interaction 
with students and faculty and the 
committee also "looks at the interest 
in the topic to more than one 
department or group. It must have 
appeal to a variety of people," says 



A language all their own 

To the outside world, engineering 
students seem to speak a strange, 
cryptic language. Equations and 
complicated words intimidate many 
who try to understand the engineering 
world. These people claim that 
engineers do not communicate well, 
but engineering students actually 
spend much of their time 

Complicated words and equations 
actually make communication between 
engineers possible. Even engineering 
students lament equations composed 
of numbers, roman and even greek 
letters. Without the equations, 
engineers would have to wade through 
pages and pages of information. 
Instead, they need only learn the 
equation and its range of applications 
to apply it to nature's fundamental 

Learning to apply the equations 
is the main task of the engineering 
student. He she may spend one hour 
reading about several equations during 
a week, yet they may spend six or 
seven hours on related problems and 
only begin to grasp the true 
complexity of an equation. 

Discussing problem sets speeds 
up the engineering students' 
understanding of a concept. Students 
get together to grind out a problem 
set, or hold telephone conferences at 
1 :00 am to figure out a particularly 
nasty problem. Their non-engineer 
roommates may complain about them 
monopolizing the phone for problem 
solving, but often two minds working 
on the same problem produce quicker 
results. Engineering students are not 
always happy to solve long problems, 
but solving them is one of the best 
ways of communicating knowledge 
from professors to students. 

Not all of an engineering 
student's knowledge comes from 
professors and books. Professional 
societies, such as the Institute of 
Electrical and Electronic Engineers 
and the Society of Women Engineers, 
speed the transfer of information 
between their members. Student-run 
publications, such as the Illinois 
Technograph educate all engineering 
students on new developments and 
teach students how to write about 
these developments. 

Despite their reputations as 
non-communicators, engineering 
students spend much of their time 
communicating just to survive the 
rigors of four years at the Unversity. 

Michael W. Lind 

Illinois Technograph 




Business as usual 

drienne Szarmack 

eneral Manager 
PGU — FM 107 

Rumor: WPGU is a college radio 
station. Fact: WPGU is a Federal 
Communications Commission licensed 
radio station run by students. The 
Difference: According to Adrienne 
Szarmack, general manager and senior 
in LAS, "We have to follow rules 
and formats." 

Szarmack feels the biggest 
misconception about WPGU is that 
the students who run the station get to 
come in and do anything they want. 
But WPGU's situation is unique. In 
fact, it is one of only eight 
student-run stations in the country. 
Other college stations are not licensed 
by the FCC and do not transmit over 
a 30-mile radius like WPGU does. 
"It's not a bunch of kids just playing 
radio," Szamack said. "It's a 
business and it's run as a business." 

WPGU is celebrating 20 years on 
the FM air and although it is a 
conventional radio station in every 
sense of the word, it's beginnings are 
not so typical. Broadcasting started in 
a fraternity attic in 1953 where it was 
used to communicate throughout the 
house. According to Szarmack, the 
idea just snowballed until the Illini 
Media Company bought the operation. 
Today, WPGU has 150 employees. 

The service WPGU supplies goes 
beyond the usual communication 
media purpose, which is to inform 
and entertain. According to Szarmack, 
the station also provides incredible 
experience for students working there 
which they often use as a springboard 
for jobs with the national networks. 

It can be done. You can live in 
Urbana-Champaign and still feel a 
part of this world. Even though it is a 
popular belief that students in college 
are much like ostriches with their 
heads buried in the sand, 
unconcerned with the world around 
them, the fact is that students want 
knowledge about the outside world. 
The proof is in how much they do to 
obtain the knowledge and how much 
they do to give it to others. 

The University offers a lot of 
assistance in obtaining information 
and when it does not assist, it is often 
doing the students a favor by letting 
them obtain it themselves. 



Residence Halls 

On a campus as large as the 
University of Illinois, choosing a 
place to live is not easy. Freshmen 
usually find the decision more 
difficult to make because although 
they are required to live in a residence 
hall the first year, there are many 
places to consider. 

Each residence hall develops an 
atmosphere unique to the people who 
live there. Most students are aware of 
the stereotypes associated with the 
people who live in each hall, and 
although these may be a bit 
exaggerated, for the most part 
different people are attracted to 
different environments. 

Sandy Kaufman 



Story by John Hanley 

Have Identities 
All Their Own 


The basic concept of a residence 
hall is to provide students with not 
only a place to eat, sleep and study, 
but a place to grow emotionally and 

Allen Hall offers students the 
chance to utilize a program called 
Unit One. The residents are able to 
take several classes in the hall, to take 
music lessons and to learn from 
live-in professionals as part of "Artist 
in Residence." Unit One programs 
are created to supplement the 
academic education available from the 


Other residence halls also offer 
unique environments for students to 
live in. For example, Townsend and 
Wardall make up the Illinois Street 
Residence Halls, more commonly 
known as ISR. These halls are 
popular with students who spend most 
of their time on the engineering 
campus since it has an ideal location 
at the north end of campus. Students 
who are serious about studying also 
find ISR a great place to live. 

-raig Nakamoto 

Lower right: The area known 

throughout campus as "Six Pack" has 

six individual buildings, including 

Weston Hall. 

Upper right: Luxurious furnishings add 

a comfortable atmosphere to Lincoln 

Avenue Residence Hall. 

Upper left: Illinois Street Residence 

Halls are comprised of Wardall and 







The Champaign residence halls, 
on the other hand, are concentrated on 
the southwest part of campus. 
Students interested in recreational and 
competitive sports programs tend to 
flock to Peabody Drive, Fourth Street 
and Gregory Drive Residence Halls 
for the convenience of being near 
IMPE, Memorial Stadium and 
Assembly Hall. 

This particular area of campus is 
also characterized by an enthusiasm 
for having a good time. "Six pack" 
halls, Synder, Hopkins, Garner, Scott, 
Weston and Forbes, have a reputation 
for being loud and rowdy. It's funny 
how these are also the most popular 
residence halls for students. 


In addition to differences in 
location across campus, each building 
has its own unique place in history. 
Busey-Evans, currently undergoing 
renovation to improve and preserve 
the quality of the hall, is the oldest 
residence hall on campus. Because of 
the renovation, residents originally 
placed there were absorbed gradually 
into the other halls on campus. Most 
students did not know about the 
scheduled changes when they received 
notice of their housing during the 
summer. What a nice surprise. 

These two halls have the 
distinction of housing only women. Its 
location is in Urbana, near the Music 
Building and Krannert Center for the 
Performing Arts. 

Sandy Kaufman 




Lincoln Avenue Residence Hall, 
another all- women hall, also supports 
an older and interesting past, as 
evident by the decor of the main 
lounge. High ceilings, plush-looking 
furniture and a grand piano add to the 
elegant living environment of LAR. 


In comparison to the older-looking 
structure of Busey-Evans and LAR, 
Florida Avenue and Pennsylvania 
Avenue Residence Halls were built to 
accommodate the influx of students 
during the baby boom era. These halls 
went up rapidly and were built to 
house a large number of students. 

With such a wide variety of living 
situations available to students at the 
University, most students can find 
their own niche in a place that offers 
them what they want. 

Story by Julie Becker 

Lower right: A grand piano adds charm 

to LAR's lounge. 

Upper right: The entrance to Allen Hall 

faces a circular drive that is part of 

Gregory Drive. 

Lower left: Lincoln Avenue Residence 


Upper left: Trelease Hall is one of two 

buildings that make up FAR, 

appropriately named because of the long 

hike to the Quad. 

indy Kaufman 



Banner Year 
for SGA Elections 

With such controversial issues as 
divesting from South Africa, the 
sexual orientation clause, the abortion 
referendum for separate medical 
insurance policies, and differential 
tuition, it was destined to be an 
exciting year. for the Student 
Government Association. 

March 19,1986: Presidential 
candidates Cathy Reed and Rich 
Drury sign an agreement that calls for 
Drury to withdraw. It is designed so 
Reed will not run on the a party 
ticket. She runs as an independent 
with no opposition. 

April 9,1986: A record 8,000 
students turn out for elections, forcing 
polls to stay open late. Reed wins 
with 92 percent of the vote. Students 
voice their opinions on the following 
key issues: 

l)lThe abortion referendum is 
defeated by a 70 to 30 percent 
margin; students end the lasting 
debate by voting down separate 
insurance policies. The new 
proposal would have allowed 
students to choose between two 
policies, one paying for abortion 
and related treatment and the other 

2) Differential tuition for 
upperclassmen was voted down by 
students by a 6-1 ratio. However, 
the outcome had no effect on the 
University's tuition policy. 

3) The sexual orientation clause, 
calling for all University certified 
housing not to discriminate on the 
basis of sexual preference, was 

4) The referendum to persuade the 
University to divest from South 
Africa passed. 

April 30, 1986: ACTION is found 
guilty of spending $1,100 over the 
SGA limit on elections. They will 
have to publish a report on their 

September 4, 1986: The first SGA 
meeting of the semester sets its 
agenda for the year. The main goal 
will be to resolve the question of 
divestiture in South Africa. Other 
expectations will be to create a course 
evaluation manual, extend the date for 
dropping classes, and combat the 
federal cuts in financial aid caused by 
the Gramm-Rudman Act. 

Upper right: University students like 
this one were bombarded with pamphlets 
from various election groups including 
the Action slate. 

Upper left: Outside the Union election 
workers spread the word about their 
particular slates and candidates. 
Bottom: SGA President Cathy Reed-the 
winner with 92 percent of the vote. 



Students Serving Students 

Top SGA members hard at work. 

Lower Left Dan Dring, sophomore LAS, is 

SGA chairman of the Subcommittee for State 


Lower Middle Peter Hardin, senior ENG and 

SGA chairman of the Academic Affairs 

Committee, takes care of business. 

Lower Right SGA President Cathy Reed, senior 

CBA, concentrates on her paperwork. 

"This year is more a year of 
services than of issues for the Student 
Government Association," said Cathy 
Reed, SGA president. Some of these 
services include scheduling guest 
speakers, designing a new, 
up — to — date minority student 
handbook, and developing a course 
information guide. 

At the end of each semester 
students are asked by their instructors 
to fill out green Instructor and Course 
Evaluation System (ICES) forms 
(formerly known as CEQs). SGA has 
proposed that six questions be added 
to the ICES, and that the information 
be gathered, statistically analyzed, and 
then presented to the students in the 
form of a guide each semester before 
the start of advanced enrollment. 

The guide would also contain 
articles on things such as financial 
aid, apartment living, adjustment to 
college life, and interviews with 
faculty and administrators. 

According to Peter Hardin, SGA 
chairman of the Academic Affairs 
Committee, the course information 
guide (CIG) program is already 
well-accepted at such schools as 
Brown, Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and 
the Universities of Iowa, Indiana, and 
Michigan. If everything goes as 
planned, the University of Illinois will 
have its own such program by the fall 
of 1987. 

One important issue to the 
University this year was the recent 
passing of Senate Bill 1516. Its 
passing was largely due to the efforts 
of many people, including Dan Dring, 
SGA chairman of the Subcommittee 
for State Relations; Senator Pat Welch 
(D-Peru); SGA; and numerous 

Senate Bill 1516 (Section 7c) 
requires the University to "establish a 
program to assess the oral English 
language proficiency of all persons 
providing classroom instruction to 
students at each campus . . . and shall 
ensure that each person who is not 
orally proficient in the English 
language attains such proficiency prior 
to providing any classroom instruction 
to students." 

As a result, University of Illinois 
Vice President of Academic Affairs 
Morton Weir formed an ad hoc 
University Oral English Proficiency 
Committee to formulate possible ways 
for implementing this new law. 

Another year has passed; another 
year in which SGA has once again 
proved its continuing effort to 
represent and serve University of 
Illinois students. 

Retrospect 111 

Adam's Apple 

When Adam first moved into his 
residence hall as a freshman in the fall 
of 1984, he had never used a 
computer before. He quickly 
discovered, however, that he would 
soon be able to use them efficiently 
and at no cost. Over the summer, 
I.B.M. had donated $700,000 in 
computer equipment to Saunders Hall 
and Adam could use these computers 
to type papers, letters, and play video 
games. Free workshops were required 
and assistance was always available. 

During the school year, Apple 
gave $250,000 worth of personal 
computers to Snyder Hall complete 
with work stations, color monitors, 
and printers in rooms and hall 
lounges. Adam and his friends were 
on the threshold of the computer age 
and the University was opening the 
doors for them. 

As a sophomore, Adam joined a 
fraternity that expanded his computer 
knowledge even more. Fraternities 
were just beginning to put class files 
on discs so all members could use the 
files as study guides. It made sense 

Jeff Barczewski 




T ^ ,Af' IB 

ff Barczewski 

ff Barczewski 

for fraternities and sororities to have a 
house computer for files, typing 
papers, and for house records and 

Also at this time, Arnold Beckman 
donated 40 million dollars for an 
advanced science institute. The 
Beckman Institute was scheduled to 
be completed by the time Adam 
graduated. The supercomputer was to 
be used for government contracts and 
University programs. 

On August 28, 1986, Apple gave 
another $885,000 to the school of 
Humanities. Much of the credit for 
bringing the donations to Illinois is 
given to Associate Chancellor Howard 
Diamond, whose intentions are sound: 
"My goal is to provide faculty and 
students with the best possible access 
(to computers) I can." 

When Adam graduated, he saw 
them building the Beckman Institute 
and he realized how much computers 
were a part of life at the University of 
Illinois. He had come to school 
knowing little of their possibilities and 
left with knowledge that will benefit 
him the rest of his life. 

Twenty years later, Adam will 
come back to visit his alma mater and 
will see "Mac Labs" personal 
computers throughout the campus. 
"Mac Labs" were something they 
were only talking about when he was 
a student. 

Story by John Hartley 
Layout by Corine Jurcak 



Where To Go 

At the beginning of senior year, 
you'll get this feeling. Your palms 
won't stop sweating and your stomach 
will do flip-flops at the sight of a 
person in a navy suit. You are 
experiencing extreme fear, for you 
know you will never get a job. Just 
when you think it's hopeless, a 
wonderful phenomenon known as 
"on-campus recruiting" arrives to 
shake you out of your desperation. 

The process of on-campus 
interviewing starts at your placement 
office, where they take your vital 
statisitics (resume, data sheet, etc.) 
and offer you a glimmer of hope. The 
system used by the Engineering and 
Commerce placement offices has 
students fill out computer cards, 
listing their first, second and third 
choices, for interviews. Computers, 
acting as metal gods, randomly select 
who interviews with which company, 
and when they do it. (Yes, your life is 
in the hands of something that sees 
you as a series of penciled-in ovals). 

According to J.W. Paquette, 
director of the Commerce Placement 
Office, "I think the program is 
perfect because it is based on the 
students' ability to strategize. The 
design is for students to get the 
interviews to which they give high 
priority. It allows the free market to 
operate by students' choices." 

Well, if Adam Smith, the famous 
economist, was a senior in CBA, he 
might judge his chances of getting a 
job to be pretty good. However, 
real-life students aren't always 
convinced. Theresa Connors, senior in 
finance, says her outlook on getting a 
job through on-campus recruiting is 
"not really hopeful, because there are 
so many people going through 
interviewing. Also, while many 
accounting firms are represented, not 
a lot of firms come down for my 
interest, real estate finance." 

Jeff Barczewski 





' " " 1 

i A.^ 


jf ILtI ?^ 

MB jj| 


|L ^B% 

m 1 ilk 


■ ^ 


Jeff Barczewski 

To Find A Job 

Connors sees the college's bid 
system as fair, though, claiming that, 
"If you plan out what you really 
want, you can get an interview with a 
company that interests you the most." 

While business and engineering 
students are generally recruited most 
heavily, there is a recent trend of 
fewer and fewer companies making 
the trip to check out what University 
has to offer. R.J. Mosborg, the 
director of the Engineering Placement 
Office warns that, "It's going to be a 
competitive year for students. 
Companies' needs are down this year 
from last, in spite of what the stock 
market indicates." 

Most students do, however, make 
contact with many influential people 
during on-campus recruiting, even if 
they don't receive a definite offer. 
The success of on-campus 
interviewing is based on the 
organization of the placement offices. 
The Engineering Placement Office, 
besides printing weekly bulletins on 
what students should be doing to 
prepare, also schedules lectures which 
give information on the recruting 
firms. The Commerce Placement 
Office, equipped with a resource 
room, contains information on the 
companies as well as videotapes of 
actual interviews. 

The process of finding a job is 
basically left up to the students. 
Placement offices all over campus are 
here to provide us with the 
opportunity of meeting with potential 
employers. As a note of 
encouragement, Paquette adds, "U. of 
I. students compete very well around 
the country... they really go out there 
and sell themselves." 

Story by Maria Galdikas 

leff Barczewski 

Retrospect 115 

On-Campus Registration 

at the Armory 

Sometime in early August, 
students enrolled in the University 
begin receiving official envelopes in 
the mail listing their class schedules 
for the fall semester. The thought of 
actually opening the envelope terrifies 
every student, not only because it 
signals the end of summer vacation, 
but it usually involves a trip to the 
Armory for on-campus registration. 

For students who have been 
through the process before it is almost 
enough to make them want to crawl 
back in bed and ignore the envelope. 
Only the realization that they need 
another class or section carries them 
through the door and into the lines. 

The scene at the Armory is one of 
confusion and clutter. Tables with 
banners listing the names of each 
college and individual classes fill up a 
majority of the room, while students 
sprawled out on the floor with pencils 
and timetables add to the mess. As 
the day drags on, the floor becomes 
covered with a sea of leftover papers. 

In addition, registration never fails 
to fall on the warmest days of the 
year. This phenomenon is recognized 
as just one of the many traditions 
associated with the University. 

Even with long lines and short 
tempers, registration day benefits 
those who utilize it. It enables people 
to sign up for extra hours, to pick up 
classes they decided to take at the last 
minute and to change sections. At one 
point or another, every student goes 
through the process and most make it 
out alive. 

Center The Armory becomes the home of 
many students during on-campus registration 
as they seek the perfect schedule or at least 
one that will allow them to graduate on time. 

Bottom With a little luck, this student will 
only have to rework his schedule once and end 
his misery of on-campus registration for 
another semester. 

Upper Left In a series of gives and takes, 
students try to pick-up or give-away classes 
while faculty keep busy adding and deleting 
names from class rosters. 

Upper Right Having heard "sorry, this class 
is already filled" at least a million times, a 
dejected student waits in yet another line as 
her quest to change sections continues. 

Jeff Barczewski 



Story by Julie Becker /Layout by Dan Pateni' 

5ut Wait! There's More... 

op College of Law Building 

liddle Law students take a breather between 

ottom "Did you read today's assignment?" 

The University of Illinois has one 
of the leading graduate colleges in the 
nation. The purpose of the Graduate 
College is, first of all, to develop and 
safeguard standards of graduate work. 
It is also to promote and assist 
research by faculty members and 
graduate students in all fields. The 
University has 86 departments which 
offer the graduate student many 

To be considered for admission to 
the Graduate College, a student must 
have a minimum 4.0 GPA. This can 
sometimes be confusing depending 
upon whether the student's previous 
college maintained a 4 point scale or a 
5 point scale. Any department in the 
college can select a higher minimum 
GPA. In the case of those returning to 
school after a few years, admission 
may be granted on merit of their work 

There are presently 8,176 students 
enrolled and the number increases 
each year. About 75 percent of 
graduate students have financial aid 
which is not necessarily based on 
need but also upon academic merit. 
The financial aid can be either in the 
form of a teaching assistantship, a 
research assistantship, through 
fellowships or tuition waivers. 

The University has one of the 
oldest and best-known law schools in 
the nation. It's purpose is to educate 
the student about the technical 
knowledge of law and also to 
encourage the student to follow the 
responsible role of a lawyer in 

To be admitted to the College of 
Law, the student must have a 
Bachelor's Degree and have a 
minimum 3.5 GPA to be considered. 
The student must also take the Law 
School Admissions Test (LSAT) 
before they apply. Letters of 
recommendation are helpful but not 

Of the 1,100 students who 
applied, 205 were accepted. The 
college offers basically a three-year 
program. It also offers a joint degree 
program with other colleges. 

Story by Leslie Cole 

Retrospect 117 


Summit Talks in Iceland 

President Ronald Reagan and 
Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev met 
in Reykjavik, Iceland, Oct. 11 and 12 
to discuss possible negotiations 
concerning nuclear arms reductions. 
The meeting ended when Reagan 
rejected the Soviets' proposal to limit 
the Strategic Defense Initiative 
development to the laboratory. 

However, the two leaders came to 
some verbal agreements concerning 
slashing long-range missile and 
bomber arsenals in half over a 
five-year period and completely by 
1996. In addition, they discussed 
eliminating all but 100 medium-range 
missiles on each side, including all 
those deployed in Europe, during the 
five-year phase and the balance of 
these missies would be eliminated by 

Reagan publicly announced that 
the key obstacle to continuing 
discussion was his refusal to accept 
the Soviets' proposal to deny, for ten 
years, the United States' right to 
develop, test, and deploy a defense 
against nuclear missiles. 

Larouche Followers Win in Primary 

This year saw a shake-up in the 
Democratic Party, with LaRouche 
followers Janice Hart and Mark 
Fairchild winning the nominations for 
secretary of state and lieutenant 

Lyndon LaRouche, an extreme 
rightist who has unsuccessfully 
competed for a Presidential nomination, 
sees victory in the nomination of his 
followers. Among other issues, 
LaRouche proposes the quarantine of 
AIDS victims and a campaign against 
bankers, whom he feels legitimize drug 
dealers' profits. 

Democrats and Republicans, 
including Adlai Stevenson, promised a 
fight to LaRouche supporters and their 
neo-Nazi programs. The nomination of 
Fairchild for lietenant governor 
prompted Stevnson to run on a 
independant ticket for governor. 

118 Retrospect 

Wow... What a Ring 

Considering William "The 
Refigerator" Perry's size, it isn't 
surprising that the Super Bowl XX 
ring he was awarded when the 
Chicago Bears defeated the New 
England Patriots 46-10 is the size of a 
half dollar. In comparison, an 
average-size man only wears a ring a 
little smaller than the size of a 

A copy of Perry's ring, made by 
Josten's, was displayed at the Illini 
Union Bookstore in November. The 
copy, made of an alloy metal and 
cubic zirconium, was estimated to 
cost several hundred dollars. The 
original, made of 10-K gold with 
forty genuine diamonds, is valued at 

The ring is the largest Josten's has 
ever made and special considerations 
went into its making. It had to be 
hand-fashioned and an engraving 
machine had to be taken apart to 
accommodate the size of the ring. 

PI* *£" ^ 







■ 'M -■''* 




■■■"■■ •'"'" > '''■■*' ' '■'■■ -■V !v ' v .: : "\v : ' : Wk 


Unprecedented Fourth Term for Thompson 

The race for governor this year was 
shadowed by controversy. While the 
incumbent, James Thompson, won with 
53.7 percent of the vote, both 
Stevenson and Thompson supporters 
believe voter confusion over 
Stevenson's solidarity party may have 
cost Stevenson the election. 

Stevenson abandoned the 
Democratic nomination and created the 
Illinois Solidarity Party following the 
Democratic nomination of LaRouche 
followers, Mark Fairchild and Janice 
Hart. Stevenson claimed 40.2 percent 
of the vote and the Democrats achieved 
6.1 percent. Without the split in the 
Democratic Party, Thompson may not 
have had such a lead over Stevenson. 

Retrospect 119i 

Soviets Level Espionage Charges 
Against U.S. Reporter 

Nicholas Daniloff, Moscow bureau 
chief for U.S. News and World Report 
was arrested Aug. 30 in Moscow on 
espionage charges. Daniloff was 
accused of using a journalist's cover to 
obtain military secrets about 
Afghanistan for the CIA. 

U.S. officials claim Daniloff was 
framed by the KGB in revenge for the 
FBI arrest of Soviet United Nations 
employee Gennadi Zakharov on spy 
charges in New York. 

After 13 days of interrogation, 
Daniloff was released in a prisoner 
exchange with Zakharov. 

We Made the Chain in Urbana-Champaign 

Goodbye Huey 

The familiar sight of brightly 
colored Huey's t-shirts will take on a 
new meaning in December, when 
Huey's discount store at 105 l A E. 
University in Urbana closes its doors 
for the last time. 

Its present owner, Bob McDonald, 
a 1952 University graduate, decided he 
needed more time to relax with his 
family away from the hectic business 
world. While to some, Huey's may 
seem like nothing more than a 
warehouse filled with items found 
anywhere, Huey's, since 1957, was 
Champaign-Urbana's first discount 

On May 25, the human chain 
known as "Hands Across America" 
wound its way through 
Champaign-Urbana from Route 45 and 
through campus on Springfield Avenue. 
As a result of the nation's efforts, 41 
million dollars was raised to help the 
homeless and hungry in America. Forty 
percent of the funds are designated to 
new programs that would get at the 
root of the problem of poverty in our 
country. The remaining 60 percent will 
be directed at existing programs for the 
needy. Despite problems that left the 
chain broken in rural areas, the event 
strengthened the responsibility we have 
for those who need a helping hand. 

store. Now, as we mourn the loss of 
Huey's we also have to deal with the 
problem of where to find pink lawn 




Supply Operation Gets Hasenfus 30 Years 

U.S. mercenary Eugene Hasenfus 
was convicted of terrorism and other 
crimes agaisnt the state of Nicaragua 
for his role in suppling weapons to 
rebels. He was sentenced to the 
maximum penalty of 30 years in 

Hasenfus, a 45-year-old ex-marine, 
was captured Oct. 6 in Nicaragua after 
his plane was shot down by Sandinista 
troops as he and three crewmen 
transported weapons to U.S. -backed 
rebels known as contras. 

The three other crewmen, including 
two Americans, were killed when the 
C-123 military transport plane was shot 
down but Hasenfus parashuted to 

Hasenfus origanally said his 
operations were CIA connected but 
later he was unable to prove the 
connection. Reagan administration 
officials denied direct involvement in 
the supply operation but documents 
found in the plane wreckage indicate 
the approval of El Savador and 
Honduras, both U.S. allies. 

■ 'f J : 

':...- ^^ < &380~ 

Shanty Town U.S.A. 

On Tuesday, April 8, 1986 one 
;hanty was built outside the steps of 
^oellinger Auditorium, followed by 
ipproximately 10 more. The shanties, 
epresenting the abhorrent living 
:onditions of blacks in South Africa, 
vere built by members of the Divest 
tow Coalition. "Civil Disobedience" 
ecame the theme of the coalition, 
vhich organized sit-ins and other 
ion-violent protests. These protests 
acluded the sit-in on April 10 during 
be University Board of Trustees 
tieeting, which led to the arrest of 60 
lemonstators who refused to leave the 
Jnion. Above all, the shanties and 
irotests were created to convince the 
Jniversity trustees that the issues of 
partheid and divestiture would not 



A Championship Year 

"New York! New York!" This 
immortal tune brought a pleasant 
sound to residents of the Big Apple. 
For the first time in decades, a city 
captured both the World Series and 
the Super Bowl, two of the most 
coveted crowns in sports. 

The confident New York Mets put 
guts and arrogance back into the 
game. The club led their divison 
throughout the summer and ended up 
with the best record in baseball with 
over 100 wins. Comeback victories in 
the league series with Houston and in 
the title against Boston brought 
October fever to Mets fans. 


Rock, more commonly known as 
Crack, is cocaine boiled down into 
crystalline balls that can be smoked. 
Crack, first imported from the 
Bahamas around 1983, has reached 
alarming proportions of addiction. In 
fact, it is the most addictive drug 
known to man right now. There is no 
such thing as "recreational use" of 
crack, because addiction is almost 

Crack has been called the "equal 
opportunity addiction" because it is as 
easy to come by on Wall Street as it 
is in Harlem. It's being sold on street 
corners, in parks, playgrounds and in 
schools. Within the next two years, it 
is estimated that more than 20 percent 
of high school seniors may have tried 
cocaine. But the problem goes beyond 
high school and reaches far into 
grammar schools. Children are 
becoming its victims. In Columbia, 
South Carolina, an ice cream man was 
arrested for trafficking cocaine to 

Crack has become the nation's 
nightmare. In New York, outraged 
neighbors paint large red X's on the 
doors of Crack dealers and put stuffed 
animals in the windows of abandoned 
buildings as a symbol of reclaiming 
the buildings from drug users. But the 
horror continues, and when it will 
stop or if it can be stopped is 

The New York Giants replaced the 
Chicago Bears as the rough-and-tough 
team. Winning only 3 games a few 
seasons ago, head coach Bill Parcells, 
with the help of Lawrence Taylor, 
Phil Simms, and Joe Morris, beat the 
Denver Broncos at the Rose Bowl in 
Pasadena, CA. And although the team 
plays in New Jersey, a ticker tape 
parade down Wall St. let New 
Yorkers have their cake and eat it too. 

As if people didn't have enough 
reasons to hate New York City, add 
the Mets and the Giants to the bottom 
of your list. 

Controversy over Divestiture 

In January 1987, the University 
Board of Trustees voted 6 — 2 to 
divest approximately $3.25 million in 
holdings in companies doing business 
in South Africa if the apartheid 
system is not dismantled by May 3 1 . 
Full divestiture must occur by January 
1, 1989. 

The board of trustees defeated 
5 — 4 in September 1986 a similar 
proposal calling for divestiture. 
However, the replacement of several 
trustees after the recent election 
changed the outcome of the January 
vote in favor of divestiture. 

In other divestiture news, three 
University students, Sia Lindstrom, 
Joseph Moag and Sterling Sullivan, 

all seniors in LAS, were found guilty 
on December 12 of criminal tresspass 
to state-supported land. They were 
arrested in April 1986 after disturbing 
a University Board of Trustees 

Lindstrom, Moag and Sullivan 
were originally found guilty in 
September, but the proceedings were 
declared a mistrial because the jury 
was shown a videotape of a 
demonstration not admitted as 

All three were sentenced to 
one-year court supervision. Their 
convictions will not be entered on 
their records if the three obey all laws 
for the next year. 




Jacobsen Finally Home 

On Nov. 2, 1986, American 
hostage David Jacobsen was released 
after being held for 17 months in 
West Beirut. Jacobsen, who was 
director of the American University 
hospital in West Beirut, was 
kidnapped off the street on May 28, 

The kidnappers were Shiite 
Moslems, more specifically, Islamic 
Jihad, an underground extremist 
group. They praised the Ayatollah 
Khomeini and called the Reagan 
administration the Great Satan. What 
the kidnappers mainly wanted was the 
release of Mustafa Yousef, a 
ringleader and bombmaker, who was 
jailed in Kuwait. These kidnappers, it 
was discovered, were also related to 
the TWA Flight 847 hijacking. 

A Patriotic Call 

On Sunday, September 14, 1986, 
President Ronald Reagan and First 
Lady Nancy Reagan appeared in a 
joint broadcast on national television 
in a patriotic call for Americans to 
have the courage to quit using drugs 
and to ban together in a national 
crusade against drugs. "You are 
Americans. No one, ever, has the 
right to destroy your dreams and 
shatter your life." 

The war against drugs has become 
an issue of great national concern. 
The problem no longer exists only 
among movie stars, professional 
athletes, and rock musicians. The 
problem is now hitting home, in all 
social classes, cities, and at all ages. 
Children are becoming addicted to 
drugs as early as grammar school. 

In an effort to fight illegal drugs, 
President Reagan announced a set of 
proposals which would bring federal 
spending to $3 billion for the battle 
against illegal drugs. But federal 
spending alone won't solve the 
problem. The nation as a whole needs 
to join the crusade. And slowly the 
nation is beginning to do so. 

Since 1984, Nancy Reagan has 
been making it her personal crusade to 
campaign against drugs by getting 
young people to "Just Say No." This 
past year, a Californian girl turned her 
parents in to the police for using 

Upon his release, Jacobsen 
appeared to be in good health. Col. 
Charles Maffet, Air Force hospital 
doctor said, "Our impression is that 
he is physically in very good 
condition. It also seems that he had 
dealt with the stresses of his captivity 
remarkably well." 

Jacobsen was relieved and happy 
to be free but stresses that the 
remaining hostages, "are in hell and 
we've gotta get them home." 

cocaine. Across the nation, federal 
employees in law enforcement, safety, 
and other "sensitive" jobs and 
approximately one third of Fortune 
500 company employees are being 
required to undergo drug testing. 
Various national television shows 
have been exposing the horrifying and 
immense problem of drug abuse in the 
country. Entertainers are making 
commercials against drugs, and 
groups are being formed such as 
M.A.C. (Mothers Against Crack) and- 
R.A.D. (Rock Against Drugs). But 
even that is not enough. Only a 
continued effort by all Americans can 
save the country from the perils of 
drug addiction. 

Aquino Takes Over 

Led by the support of the 
Philippino people and Ferdinand 
Marcos' past Defense Minister Juan 
Ponce Enrile and Vice Chief of Staff 
Fidel Ramos, Corozan Aquino 
mounted a virtually unarmed, 
democratic revolution. 

Aquino took the oath of office on 
Feb. 25, 1986 putting an end to the 
20-year rule of the Marcos regime. 

Marcos, who increasingly ruled 
through force, was escorted out of the 
country by U.S. Air Force helicopters 
less than 12 hours after Aquino took 

Aquino assured her country on 
national television, "We are finally 
free. The long agony is over." 



Held hostage 

Terry Wake, the Anglican Church 
envoy who specializes in freeing 
hostages in Lebanon, is now a hostage 
himself. After successfully freeing 
David Jacobsen, Rev. Lawerence 
Martin Jenco and Rev. Benjamin 
Weir, Waite went back to Lebanon to 
seek the release of Terry Anderson, 
the Beirut bureau chief of the 
Associated Press and Thomas 
Sutherland, acting dean of agriculture 
at the American University in Beirut. 
Briefly after arriving in Beirut, Waite 
went underground and has not been 
seen for weeks. With no information 
about Waite's whereabouts, it is 
feared he is either dead or being held 
hostage himself. 

AIDS continues to spread 

The AIDS issue covered new 
ground during the 1986-87 school 
year. An unidentified Cook County 
Hospital doctor was diagnosed as 
having the disease and his 
employment came under the scrutiny 
of a microscope. 

The controversy arose over the 
rights of the employee versus the 
rights and "lives of hundreds of 
thousands of patients." The doctor 
was temporarily laid off before 
hospital director Terrence Hansen 
decided to allow the doctor to return 
to clinical duties. A 12-member 
governing committee upheld Hansen's 

decision to confine the doctor's 
duties. This was the sixth case in 
which a county hospital staff member 
contracted AIDS; three have died. In 
all cases, the doctors had to follow 
precautionary guidelines. 

Not all AIDS cases make the 
headlines. There are eight cases 
reported in the Champaign County 
and over 300 in the Chicago area. In 
1986, 98 Illinois residents died. The 
deaths of actor Rock Hudson, 
entertainer Liberace, and designer 
Perry Ellis have heightened the 
concern over the issue. 

"Baby M" 

When a New Jersey couple offered 
to pay Mary Beth Whitehead to bear a 
child for them, the arrangement was 
similar to hundreds of such deals. But 
after "Baby M" was born, Whitehead 
had second thoughts and she fled with 
the child she now wants to keep. This 
case has called into question both the 
adaptability of the law to social 
change and the traditional definition 
of parenthood. 




The Nation Remembers 

On January 28 Americans 
mourned the death of the seven 
Challenger astronauts on the first 
anniversary of history's worst space- 

At 11:38, workers at NASA 
centers around the country observed 
73 seconds of silence, the length of 
Challenger's final flight. At the same 
time, employees at the Kennedy 
Space Center at Cape Canaveral cried 
openly and tour buses stopped in their 

Killed in the accident were 
Commander Dick Scobee, Pilot 
Michael Smith, teacher Christa 
McAuliffe, and crew members Judy 
Resnik, Ronald McNair, Ellison 
Onizuka, and Greg Jarvis. 

In taped remarks played at NASA 
Centers, President Reagan said that 
the astronauts had taught a "lesson of 
courage, spirit and love to America's 
children, and now it is for all of us to 
learn the lesson from them." 

Newly weds... 

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew 
Heather Locklear and Tommy Lee 
Maria Shriver and Arnold 
Sch warzenegger 

Carolyn Kennedy and Ed Schlossberg 
Debra Winger and Timothy Hutton 
Tatum O 'Neal and John McEnroe 
Diane Carol and Vic Morrow 
Diana Ross and Ame Naess Jr. 

Bringing Home the Cup 

On Wednesday, Feb. 4, America's 
Cup, yachting's most prestigious 
trophy, came home. Skipper Dennis 
Conner revenged his 1983 loss, when 
for the first time in 132 years, 
America lost the silver trophy. The 
winning yacht was Stars & Stripes, 
beating the Australian yacht, 
Kookaburra III, by winning the first 
four out of seven runs. The trophy is 
displayed in San Diego until the next 
race in 1991. 

In Memory of... 

Desi Arnez 

I^en Bias 

Perry Ellis 

Rock Hudson 

Ted Knight 


Charlotte Rae 

Andy Warhol 

Don Rogers 

James Coco 

Benny Goodman 

Cary Grant 

James Cagney 

Ricky Nelson 

Georgia O'Keefe 

Marlin Perkins 

The Dutchess of Windsor 

Henry Moore 

Kate Smith 

Simone de Beavoir 





No words can express the strength in numbers of the Dlini. Try as they might 
with words about Big Ten, Fighting mini, and Illinois, outsiders just can't 
capture the spirit found in the number 36,330. That's us-all 36,330 students, 
who in total, or as individuals, will always be Illini. 

Who We Are 



T. .^■•■•?- ... 


■ JsSSk-' - 



■■z%^y ■■■/•'■':-. •■-. ... 


S£ - 

■s ■ - .... . '/*- 


JfflrW '^ 1raP*jjl'PP! 



■ . ■. 




> ■. 

.. _., ■ » ' 


jji"' v 

l ^ f " >Ras ****miHL— 

Jeff Barciewski 



Under 21 


Over 24 




Out of State, within U.S. 

Outside U.S. 

Where We Live 

University Residence Hall 

Certified Private Housing 



Family Housing 

Off-Campus Housing 








Where We're From 









1 26 Retrospect 

Layout by Fred Weaver 

What We Study 


Applied Life Studies 






Fine and Applied Arts 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Social Work 


Veterinary Medicine 

Graduate College 













HE.' ' •i-rW} 

\ ,"; :: 1 * 

IT". ' ■ ,-' 

nj IPS] 

Craig Nakamoto 

"' t'^'IBW^S 



Grand Totals 







Jeff Barczewski 

Retrospect 127 

T.A. Blues 

There is an endangered species 
here at University of Illinois. In fact, 
it's becoming more and more rare to 
find professors in an undergraduate 
classroom. The responsibility of 
teaching undergraduates has thus 
fallen upon the shoulders of the 
graduate teaching assistants. But how 
often do we get a chance to find out 
what the T.A. job is all about? 

John Harreman, teaching assistant 
for Math 116 (algebra trig) explains 
the hardest thing about being a T.A., 
"It's knowing something, but having 
to explain it to someone who doesn't 
see it. It's hard to see why they don't 
understand. It's really a challenge to 
put myself in one of my student's 
places." Jokingly, Harreman 
adds, "It's also tough when my friends 
yell into the window when I'm 

Harreman doesn't let his job of 
being a teacher interfere with his job 
of being a student. "I teach on 
Tuesday and Thursday and take all 
my classes on Monday, Wednesday 
and Friday, so when I wake up in the 
morning I know if I'm a teacher or a 
student." Fortunately, Harreman 
doesn't have to deal with many grade 
complainers. "We share the grading 
responsibility with other T.A.s and all 
questions go through the class 
coordinator who handles most of the 
disputes about grades." 

Once in a while, a grade dispute 
does find its way back to Hanneman 
who says that "if it comes back to 
me, I have to be consistent. If I grade 
something, I grade it for 300 people, 
no exceptions. With that many 
people, I have to be objective and it's 
usually easy to be that way. It would 
be a lot harder if I was teaching a 
writing class of, say, 10 or 15 people, 
then it would be nearly impossible to 
stay objective." 

Story by Maria Galdikas 

Jeff Barczewski 



Faculty Put to the Test 

Graphic by Michael R. Hawkins 

I looked at my T.A. in disbelief. 
How was I suppose to understand the 
material in the class when the 
teaching assistant was practically 
speaking a foreign language? I won- 
dered if this class could count as my 
foreign language requirement. 

I later discovered that my experi- 
ence wasn't an unusual one here at 
the University. Last year, State Sena- 
tor Patrick Welch sponsored a bill 
which would require all teaching 
assistants to pass an oral English 
exam. The bill passed the House in a 
86 to 24 vote. The bill specified that 
all tenured professors would be re- 
quired to take the exam. 

Governor Jim Thompson vetoed 
the bill in September saying the bill 
was too restrictive and it neglected to 
define "proficiency". Thompson 
didn't believe the problem required 
legislative action but should be hand- 
led by each university separately. 

Although he believes there is a 
problem that the University should 
address, Associate Dean Ken 
Andersen in LAS, state president of 
the American Association of Universi- 
ty Professors, was pleased with the 
bill's veto. "The professional industry 
should be responsible for setting its 
own standards," he said. 

According to the Code on Campus 
Affairs manual, if students have prob- 
lems understanding their T.A., they 
should immediately contact the head 
of the department in which the course 
is being offered. The manual states 
that if a substantial number of stu- 
dents in a class are having problems 
understanding the instructor, a new in- 
structor will be assigned to the class. 

I wish I had known that before I 
dropped the class. 

Story by Leslie Cole 
Layout by Corine Jurcak 




FOR SALE: Spacious home to 
grow into, 90 bdrms, 90 full baths, 
close to good school, shopping. 
Finished basement w/20 bowling 
lanes, 21 pool tables and 50 video 
games. Quiet, clean neighborhood, 
must see to believe. 

Could you imagine the University 
selling the Union? While it would 
probably add some much-needed 
revenue to mis year's budget, the 
Union is one place we definitely 
couldn't do without. It would, 
however, be a bargain for whoever 
bought the landmark. 

If you had a few spare million to 
shell out for the purchase of the 
Union, you could dine every night in 
the Colonial Room, with its plush 
green decor and chefs ready to 
pamper you. Lunch would be served, 
as usual, in the majestic ballroom, 
offering you a variety of sandwiches 
and specials. 

After eating, you'd probably want 
to entertain a few friends in the 
basement. Shoe-up and bowl a few 
games in your private bowling alley 
or shoot a game of pool with 50 or so 
friends, plenty of room for everyone!. 

As part of the package, you'd also 
get a private travel agent, where the 
Union Travel Center used to be. You 
can buy a Greyhound ticket home or a 
vacation package during breaks. 
Vacation trips have included 
Breckenridge and Vail in the winter 
and Datona Beach and Jamaica in 
Spring. If a weekend trip is more of 
what you had in mind, your personal 
agent may suggest a trip to an away 
football game during the season. 

Sandy Kaufman 



Sandy Kaufman 

Sandy Kaufman 

When bowling and video games 
begin to bore you, and you seek the 
fulfillment of loftier forms of 
relaxation, take a trip to your own 
personal art gallery on the first floor 
of your estate. Show your collection 
of works by renowned local, national, 
and international artists. It's a good 
way to impress dates. 

On the way back from your art 
gallery, stop in at your library, 
formerly the Union Book Center, to 
see what's new in fiction. You can 
browse leisurely among the shelves, 
or pick out an Ulini souvenir for 
someone back home. Illini sweats, 
t-shirts, and jackets are available in all 
sizes, even for the toddler Dlmis out 

Living at the Union may have a 
few drawbacks, like $1200 heating 
bills and smelly vagrants who refuse 
to believe it's your home. So, why 
bother buying the Union, when you 
use it every day already? 

: Story by Maria Galdtos 

Sandy Kaufman 

'\'.*'% : '' d^f'ffM 


Sandy Kaufman 



Technically Speaking 


The past three to four years have 
led to a very exciting year for the 
University of Illinois' Department of 
Engineering in terms of new faces and 
new ventures. According to Jack 
Desmond, associate director of 
engineering experiments, "The 
department has added approximately 
40 staff members and replaced 30 

In addition to being a major 
participant in the designing of the 
Beckman Institute, the department is 
also in the process of establishing six 
new research centers: the Center for 
Compound Microelectronics 
Semiconductor Research, the Center 
for Complex Systems Research, the 
National Center for Composite 
Materials Research, the Advanced 
Construction Technology Center, the 
Center for Cement Composite 
Materials Research, and the Center for 
Supercomputing Environments. 

The new advancements the 
department of engineering has been 
making are the basis for enhancing the 
continuing growth of the emerging 
technical fields and in expanding the 
knowledge of and opportunities for 
our students. 

Story by Michelle Andrich 

Jeff Barczewsk 



International Flavor 
Expected for CBA 





Ik, fe^* fii 


\^» 1 

i\W^ ^H 

RnnO 1 M 

,.5il^^gK^ .«j 


rp^ * , \ * n li 


I ' t* • ' 


11 1 

; ; I | ; ' 5 ' ' * * «**«' '^ 


liiftir | £' * x 


. ^x *&. 

*K^?ik ^~ 

Ew^-»>^ , - 

"" ~^'~ : ~ ma ^'^^ :t #V®9^^ 

Early in the fall semester rumors 
were bouncing off the walls in 
Commerce West and David Kinley 
Hall. The whispers were based on 
possible changes in programs in the 
College of Commerce and Business 
Admnistration. With the addition of 
Dean John Hogan, students and 
faculty anxiously waited for new 
developments to be announced. 

Hogan plans on additions to the 
college, saying, "We're looking at 
new possibilities in international and 
global competition, information 
systems, and the development of 
centers to focus on research across 
departments." On this last 
development, Hogan says, "We're 
working very closely with engineering 
and LAS. We're joining with other 
colleges in research, in particular." 

One of the biggest developments 
under consideration is the possibility 
of changing the curriculum with 
regards to information systems. Hogan 
claims, "We probably will add a 
major and a degree in information 
systems," Hogan also adds that while 
they would like to see the program 
added, they aren't sure if it will 
actually occur. 

Hogan dismisses the popular 
rumor that accounting will become a 
five year program, saying, "While 
other institutions are following this 
trend, it definitely isn't one of our 
plans." Well, at least accounting 
majors can breathe a sigh of relief. 

Story by Maria Galdikas 



in the Arts 

It was once said that he who 
moves not forward goes backward. 
Yet thoughout time there has been a 
constant struggle between tradition 
and innovation; between the old and 
the new. University of Illinois' 
College of Fine and Applied Arts, 
however, has discovered ways of 
using established methods together 
with modern technology to not only 
create better instruction, but to also 
open doors to things that are not yet 
possible in today's world. 

This is not to say that the new 
ways will be substituted for the old 
ways, but instead each will 
compliment the other. According to 
Curtis Stephens, Associate Director 
for Instruction at the School of Art 
and Design, "Basic drawing and hand 
skills are still taught to every Art and 
Design student, and will always be 
fundamental. Technology is not a 
replacement but an enhancement to 
the process of image production and 

The Electronic Imaging Lab is a 
research facility into instruction and 
an experimental classroom in the Art 
and Design building. Microcomputers 
are used to assist instruction and to 
parallel studio work. Students are able 
to produce images and to manipulate 
colors in a way which would 
otherwise either take years to 
complete or would not be possible. 

Also within the School of Art and 
Design, there has been a recent 
resurgance of glass and the making of 
paper as a medium for artistic 
expression. Technology has played 
different roles in the development of 
each. In regards to the making of 
paper, "Handmade paper," according 
to Frank Gallo, professor of Graduate 
Sculpture, "is finally coming back 
after being suppressed for years by 
industrialization." On the other hand, 
the revival of glass has been due to 
the creation of new tools which allow 
glass to be cut and cemented as never 
before done. 



David Ghent 

Upper Left Dancers stretch out before rehearsal 
Lower Left The art of glass blowing takes a 
little concentration. 

The Department of Dance has also 
progressed in terms of innovative 
methods of instruction. Just this year, 
a dance repertory workshop was 
begun in which Mary Corey, 
professional notatory, incorporatd the 
reconstructing of notated classics into 
the teaching of dance history. In other 
words, instead of simply reading 
about different dance styles, students 
were able to actually experience them. 

Another innovation, as described 
by Patricia Knowles, professor in the 
Department of Dance, has been in the 
use of video as a choreographic tool 
through experimental graduate 
composition workshops held last 
summer and this spring. By using 
videos, choreographers are able to 
manipulate, edit, and change shape as 
is not possible in real life. 

Advancements have been made 
not only within the School of Art and 
Design and the Department of Dance, 
but throughout the College of Fine 
and Applied Arts. Such progress can 
only create better instruction for 
students and a sound base for the 



Illini Trivia 

Things here at the University of 
Illinois sometimes appear to have 
been the same since the 1800s. Life, 
however, was quite different 100 
years ago at the Illinois Industrial 
University (our former name for those 
of you who didn't know). 

In fact, in the late 1880's, the big 
controversy was changing the school's 
name to the University of Illinois. The 
bill introduced into the Legislature of 
Illinois to change the name of the 
University was devised and endorsed 
by Judson F. Going, a prominent 
Chicago lawyer. There was a clause 
in the bill permitting fraternaties on 
the campus, but it had to be 
eliminated to get the bill passed. 

While on the subject of 
fraternaties, Dr. Gregory, of Greg 
Hall fame, strongly opposed frats. 
There was only one during his regime 
- Delta Tau Delta, established in 
1871. Dr. Gregory called fraternaties, 
"undemocratic, anachronistic, silly 
and conducive to dissipation." Quite 
ironic, isn't it, that in his memorial 
building one can scarcely find a desk 
free from the carvings of a frat's 
faithful brothers? 

Although Max the preacher wasn't 
here to pester students 100 years ago, 
here is a piece of information he'll 
probably enjoy. Back in those days, 
Illinois Industrial University was 
called by many preachers a "hotbed 
of infidelity and iniquity" despite the 
fact that every student had to attend 
chapel exercises every day at 9:45 

There was, however, the famous 
case of Foster North, who refused to 
go to chapel and was thrown out of 
the University. He took his case to 
court, but lost. Later, the University 
offered to reinstate him, only to be 
turned down by the non-religious 





136 Relrospecl 

Student life in the '80s (1880s, 
that is) did have its excitement. For 
instance, in 1886, C.P. Van Gundy 
won $5 in a University contest to 
create a new school yell. One can see 
the money was well-spent given this 
victorious chant: 

Rah who Rah, Sis Boom Ah, Hip Zoo 
Rah Zoo 

Jimmy blow your bazoo, Ip Sidi I Ki, 

Well, when the students weren't 
running around yelling that dandy 
cheer, they were probably devising 
schemes to get back at the University 
for making them get up for chapel. 
One favorite prank was to steal 
outhouses and load them on to Illinois 
Central coal cars (those crazy guys!). 
In the late '80s the annual Halloween 
prank was that of throwing the 
University cannon into Boneyard 
Creek, as it had been done for at least 
a dozen years. The Green Street 
businesses today, however, would 
probably breathe a sigh of relief if this 
year's Halloween celebration was 
limited to a cannon-dumping. 

Story by Maria Galdikas 


Retrospect 137 

A Tale of Two Campuses 

When Steve Welsh first came to 
the Champaign campus of the 
University of Illinois from the 
Chicago campus, he joined a 
fraternity, went to his first Big 10 
football game, and experienced the 
bars and restaurants of campustown. 
He was a junior transfer in pre-med 
who came to school here for, in his 
words, "a more college-like 

When Welsh first arrived, he 
noticed many similarities and 
differences between the two 
campuses. He missed the excitement 
of the big city, the lake, and the 
attention a small school could offer. 
Here were the overwhelming 
buildings, the atmosphere of a real 
college town, and the reputaton of a 
nationally ranked university. In 
Steve's words, "It was comforting to 
go to school near home and in the 
middle of the city but the social life 
of the Champaign campus and its 
academic reputation is what really 
made me transfer. ' ' Both had the 
flavor of a very competitive and 
rewarding educaton. 

While the welcoming for Welsh 
was a warm one, other issues 
concerning the Chicago campus are 
not as receptive in Champaign. 
University president Stanley Dcenberry 
describes the situation as "two 
schools but one university." The 
administratons of both campuses are 
in a working relationship with each 
other but the students here question 
the University's role. In the past two 
years, the hot issue was whether or 
not students at both campuses should 
help pay for a $23.6 million residence 
hall at the Chicago campus. Our 
campuse would recieve a new sports 
facility which many students feel is 

This tale of two campuses has 
been very touchy in the last year. 
However, both campuses should act 
as siblings in order to reap the 
benefits of two fine institutions and, 
as Welsh concedes, "realize that we 
are not that different in wanting to 
acheive high academic standards." 

llll 1111111111111111 

minium muni 

138 Retrospect 

Retrospect 139 

When that weekend 
rolls around... 

It's a typical Friday. You're done 
with your last class, you loosen up 
that shirt and throw those books out 
the window. It's "Happy Hour" and 
everyone's set to go hit the bars. With 
your friends you have nachos at 
Cochrane's, drink a bucket at C.O.'s, 
Long Islands at R.R. Sports Grill, and 
then you head out for dinner at 

After the happy hour stint, you go 
back to your apartment and watch a 
movie before going back out to the 
bars. You make last calls and search 
for the after-hours parties at the 
fraternities and private houses, still 
trying not to get too drunk because 
you have to finish a whole boda at the 
football game on Saturday. 

The above scene is something that 
becomes a ritual for many University 
of Illinois students and college 
students in general. Yet, for one 
weekend during the school year, there 
was an alternative offered to combat 
this drunken stupor. 

Story by John Hanley 

Upper right: The crowd at IMPE is 
mesmerized as they watch a hypnotist do 
his stuff. The hypnotist's demonstration 
was just one of the attractions held as an 
alternative to drinking on the weekends. 
Lower left: A student under hypnotic 
suggestion croons at the hypnotist's 

Center left and right, lower right: 
Backgammon, ping pong and four person 
volleyball tournaments were held at the 
Division of Campuss Recreation's annual 
All-Niter in conjunction with Beerfast. 
Upper left: The rains sent Beerfast 
participants indoors at IMPE to continue 
the fun of an alcohol-free weekend. 



During the weekend of September 
26, students were challenged to 
abstain from alcohol by taking part in 
Beerfast, a "Wellness Challenge." 
The challenge included a Softball 
game, two-mile "fun run," a 
non-alcoholic happy hour, and a huge 
aerobics exercise class on the Quad on 
Saturday. Students and faculty alike 
were encouraged to see if they could 
stop drinking for a 48-hour period, 
while donations went to charities 
involving alcoholism. 

The purpose of Beerfast was not 
to stop students from drinking but to 
show respect for drinking. Lanie Lass, 
director of the event, hoped people 
would not be offended or take the 
event the wrong way when deciding 
whether to participate or not. Stevie 
Wonder kicked off the event with a 
free concert on the Quad to stress the 
"wellness of life." 

Since the University has a 
reputation for partying it up, Beerfast 
was a nice alternative to the typical 

Jeff Barczewsk 

Retrospect 141 


Although the original student 
owners of Balloonatics have 
graduated, the students who bought it 
from them have kept the business 
going strong. Their business is 
delivering balloons and sometimes 
they'll even dress up and sing at their 
deliveries for a little extra cost. They 
also send balloons nationwide for 
long-distance deliveries. 

The current owners of Ballonatics 
are David Chaikin, Spencer Forman, 
Craig Gordon and Brian Tenner, all 
juniors in LAS. Although they are 
running a business, it is interesting to 
note that none of them are in the 
business college. Each owner has their 
own job to do: Tenner handles the 
books, Gordon handles the bills, 
Forman does the advertisements, and 
Chaikin handles the orders. 

Owning a business and going to 
college can be difficult at times. 
Gordon says, "You have to remember 
that school work comes first." There 
are times when two of them have 
tests, so the other two work harder to 
take care of business. For instance, on 
the day that Balloonatics was hired to 
decorate a sorority dance, two of them 
filled the balloons during the day and 
the other two decorated for the dance 
that evening. 

Balloonatics does not just cater to 
the campus, "Half of our business is 
off campus," says Gordon. "Most 
students don't have the money to 
spend whereas older people can do 
more with their money." Their prices 
are competitive with other balloon 
services in town. 

Besides juggling schoolwork, the 
students find there are other problems 
when running a business. The four 
work out of their home so they have 
customers calling them at all hours. 
Even when they're at home they are 
still at work. Another problem they 
find is keeping their delivery vehicle 
repaired and gassed up. 

But no matter what problems they 
face, they'll continue running 
Balloonatics next year. After they 
graduate, they'll put the business into 
someone else's capable hands. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Story by Leslie Cole 



Jeff Barczewski 

Retrospect 143 

C ampus : Under C onst ruction 

"Have you ever seen the Quad so 
scruffy-looking before?" one 
University professor asked an 
advertising class this past fall. The 
students responded by chuckling, and 
admitting that the Quad, our pride and 
joy, was somewhat less than 
beautiful. In fact, the constuction that 
befell the Quad and areas closely 
surrounding it, turned the once-green 
and lush grass into a dust bowl with 
scattered patches of hay and sand. 

Indeed, the big question this fall 
was, "What exactly is being done to 
the Quad?" The Quad's beauty was 
temporarily sacrificed for the laying 
down of new University 
telecommunications lines. These new 
lines will allow advanced features and 
controls that were once bought from 
Illinois Bell to belong to the 
University. For instance, according to 
Jack McManus, director of the 
department of telecommunications, 
"If someone wants to change their 
office number, we can do that on 
campus instead of having Illinois Bell 
doing it." 

Now, this new telecommunications 
system may not seem worth the time 
and trouble of tearing up the Quad . . . 
but wait. Students who live in the 
residence halls will reap some of the 
benefits of this new system, too. They 
will be able to transfer calls, have 
three-way conference calling and will 
have an automatic number redial. And 
that's not all! The residence hall 
phones will have the capacity to hook 
up with computer systems. . . almost 
makes you want to stay forever, eh? 

Many students feel that the project 
wasn't scheduled very wisely, with 
the Quad looking like the Sahara 
desert just in time for New Student 
Week. Nancy James, senior in 
Communications claimed, "Strip 
mines don't look this bad! If they're 
going to rip up the Quad, why don't 
they redo the sidewalks?" 

Others, however, failed to get too 
excited about the untidy campus. 
According to Kelly Griffin, 
sophomore in LAS, "It doesn't really 
bother me too much." 

Nevertheless, with the on-campus 
construction scheduled to end in 
November and the switchover to the 
new system in March, the problem of 
jackhammers and tractors will be 
nothing more than a dusty memory 
come Spring. 

144 Retrospect 

Sandy Kaufman 

Story by Maria Galdikas 




Time For A Face Lift 

Edna Babbitt 

Busey-Evans, the oldest dorm on campus, 
went under renovation last fall. 

There comes a time in every 
building's life when its age begins to 
show. The wallpaper starts to wrinkle, 
the paint chips away and the plumbing 
does not work as well as it used to in 
the good old days. These signs of age 
require help from the experts. 

During the 1986 fall semester, 
residents of Busey and Evans 
residence halls in Urbana were 
informed that they would be moved to 
new locations on campus so that 
construction workers could begin 
preparing the worn-out buildings for 
renovation. The project, scheduled to 
cost more than $7 million, should be 
completed by July 1988. 

The adjoining buildings, 
commonly referred to as 
Busey-Evans, have the prestigious 
honor of being the oldest residence 
halls at the University of Illinois. 
Busey Hall was completed in 1918, 
and Evans was finished in 1926. All 
the work being done during the 
renovation is intended to restore the 
buildings without destroying the 
original decor and appeal. 

Due to the mild weather during 
February, construction began on 
schedule. The first visible change 
occurred when workers began 
knocking out walls on the top two 
floors of Busey Hall. In order to 
replace and update the electical 
system and the plumbing, the inside 
of the two buildings need to be 
hollowed out. 

Students walking past the back 
side of Busey-Evans on their way to 
and from campus were able to watch 
small bulldozers shove debris out of 
the holes on the second and third 
floors of the building. A metal fence 
was placed around both buildings to 
protect passers-by. 

The scheduled changes for 
Busey-Evans include not only 
renovation, but additions as well. A 
five-story addition will be built on to 
Evans, a dining room and plaza will 
be added to Busey, and an entrance 
will be conducted between the two 
halls. The halls will be equipped with 
air-conditioning and asbestos detected 
by the architects in some of the pipes 
will be removed. 

If all goes as planned, 
Busey-Evans will reopen its doors for 
the fall 1988 semester as a 
newly-remodeled building with more 
space, improved living conditions and 
a revitalized atmosphere. 



Famous Alumni 

Tired of Trivial Pursuit? Try your 
wits at this exciting Illio quiz, testing 
your knowledge of famous alumni. 

1. What 1942 graduate and former 

congressman was an unsuccessful 
candidate for president? 

2. What 1917 graduate wrote the first 

talking movie, "The Jazz 

3. What 1949 graduate is a columnist 

and an NBC television 

4. What 1952 graduate was the first 

(with companions) to span the 
Atlantic, later the Pacific, 
by balloon? 

5. What 1952 graduate won a Pulitzer 

prize in 1968 for "Echoes of Time 
and the River?" 

6. What 1918 graduate was the 

founder-owner-coach of the 
Chicago Bears? 

7. What 1949 graduate is the 

founder-editor of Playboy 

8. What 1932 graduate won a Pulitzer 

Prize and is the former 

vice president of the New York 

Times Co.? 

9. What 1926 graduate is nicknamed 

football's "galloping ghost?" 

10. What 1964 graduate won a 
Pulitzer Prize for criticism and 
is a television personality on a 
movie review show? 

11. What 1965 graduate is a former 
star with the Chicago Bears? 

12. What 1932 graduate was the 
creator of the comic strip 
"The Phantom?" 

13. What 1948 graduate was named to 
the football hall of fame in 

14. What 1923 graduate is credited 
with being the creator of soap 

15. What 1957 graduate wrote 
"Everything You've Always 
Wanted to Know About Sex~ 
But Were Afraid to Ask?" 

16. What 1888 graduate designed the 
Lincoln Memorial in Washington 

17. What 1936 graduate portrayed Al 
Jolson in "The Jolson Story?" 

18. What 1950 graduate is a television 
newsman, commentator, and 

19. What 1909 graduate was the 
longtime president of the 
International Olympic Committee? 

20. What 1958 graduate is retired 
from the Green Bay Packers and is 
a Pro Football Hall of Famer? 

George Stanley Halas, tkk, -T 

FJHfjim (i in fi. Civil 
Ma-wan-da : Sachem ; Tribe of Illini : Civil Engi- 
neering Society: Freshman Varsity Baseball: Var- 
sity Baseball (2). 05), ( 1 ) : Varsity Football (I) : 
Class Basketball (1), (2) ; Varsity Basketball CD, 
(1). Captain (I) : Sophomore Picnic Committee; 
Senior Memorial Committee ; Senior Smoker Com- 


Iohn Bayard Anderson , k : < 

Pre -Law 

Phi Beta Kappa ; Phi Eta Sigma ; Delta Sigma 

ixiuj ; 

Alpha Chi; P 

Alpha Delta 

iunfoi: Bar Association; Tomahawk; Varsity 
Jebatc Squad (1, 2,. 3) 

■ '• • 

■ - ■■'■■■ ■ ■ 





I ■ 


Hrv - 

Too Row - 

Bottom Ro>< 


' ■■■ — C. i J t 

I 1 Eel 



Sampson Miles Raphaelson 

Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Scribblers' Club ; Graphomen ; Staff, 
Illinois Magazine (2), Assistant Editor 

Hugh Mai's for* Hefner .,.,,<.. ... , , 

. .Chi 


Division of Special S^fV 



Granada Club 

'%>: v. 

CHI Gamma Iota; Phi Etc Sigma; 
Daily lUlnl (4) 
lienors Day [ 1 ,. 2) 






- — ■i,,r--"--v i, 

,,,,, „„ .. ,,, r: , . 









I. John Anderson. 
3. Gene Shalit. 

5. George Crumb. 
7. Hugh Hefner. 
9. "Red" Grange. 

I I . Dick Butkus. 
13. Buddy Young. 

15. Dr. David Reuben. 
17. Larry Parks. 
19. Avery Brundage. 

2. Samson Raphaelson. 
4. Ben Abruzzo. 
6. George S. Halas. 
8. "Scotty" Reston. 
10. Roger Ebert. 
12. Lee Falk. 
14. Irna Phillips. 
16. Henry Bacon. 
18. John Chancellor. 
20. Ray Nitsche. 

Story by Leslie Cole 

Retrospect 147 

In the Study Mood 

It is Sunday. As usual, 
procrastination has left an 
insurmountable amount of homework. 
As evening approaches, numerable 
attempts are made at completing the 
weekends assignments. 

The first attempt is made in my 
dorm room. Slowly but surely 1 
review various forms of chemical 
bonds and molecules and move on to 
deriving integrals. After an hour and a 
half of studying, I take a break and 
decide to listen to my stereo. I 
promise myself I will only listen to a 
couple of songs but, forty-five 
minutes later I discover that 1 listened 
to the entire album. 

Sandy Kaufman 

As I look at the time on my clock 
radio, a few curses are uttered from 
my lips. Quickly 1 move onto my 
reading assignments. Not wanting to 
sit in the old wooden chair at my 
desk, I decide to read the next couple 
of chapters of my English assignment 
laying on my bed... another bad 
move. An hour later I find myself 
facedown in the book three pages into 
the first chapter. I run into the 
bathroom to wash the sleep out of my 

Feeling the need for a change of 
environment, I decide to study at the 
'"Undergrad" Library. After half an 
hour I find myself making real 
progress. Suddenly a friend trying to 
finish his homework enters the room 
and sits down next to me. A 
conversation begins. Another hour has 
passed and I find myself in need of 
another change of environment. I 
stroll over to the Union. 

Sandy Kaufman 

Upper Left The Union cafeteria offers Heidi 
Bobroff, junior in Communications, not only a 
place to study but refreshments as well. 

Middle Left Brian Jenkins, sophomore in 
Agriculture, finds a comfortable chair to settle 
into while reading in the Illini Union lounge. 



andy Kaufman 

Lower Left Janice Czochara, junior in LAS, 
and Lynda Czochara, senior in Education, 
spread out their possessions while they 
research their topics. 

Upper Right Bob Christensen, freshman in 
English, finds the desk in his room the best 
place to work on his math problems. 

Lower Right David Schreider, sophomore in 
LAS; Gary Tyson, freshman in CBA; Rick 
MarkJe, freshman in LAS; and Julian Solnick, 
freshman in CBA, find the Undergraduate 
Library's social atmosphere most appealing to 
their study needs. 

On the ground floor of the Union I 
find myself engaged in a video game 
as my books slowly collect dust on 
the nearby table. To avoid distraction 
I go upstairs to the sitting rooms. 
Gradually the silence takes its toll as 
my mind wanders. I change sitting 
positions five times in fifteen minutes 
and finally decide to leave. 

I go back to my room. Diligently 1 
work and finally finish all of my 
assignments. As I put my books away 
I hear the midnight chimes from the 
clock tower on the Quad. With much 
relief and exhaustion, I switch off my 
room light and go to sleep. 

Layout by Corine Jurcak 

andy Kaufman 

Retrospect 149 

Freshman Year 

Getting used to a new area 
is difficult, but freshmen have 
it especially hard. After mov- 
ing in, they have only a week 
to learn the fastest way to get 
from one building to another 
in less than ten minutes. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Your first memory of life at the 
University of Illinois is usually 
associated with the day your parents 
brought you to school. You waited for 
this day almost since your acceptance 
letter arrived in the mail. Most of the 
summer was spent in preparation for 
going away to school. Mom started 
buying sheets and towels and all those 
other little necessities you always took 
for granted while living at home. 

You didn't realize the magnitude 
of the day until you arrived on 
campus and saw about 5,000 other 
students trying to move in at the same 
time. Your father groaned as he 
envisioned hours of delay while trying 
to move you out of the trunk of the 
car and into your fourth floor dorm 
room. Luckily there were angels of 
mercy called Illini Guides ready to 
take over and help cart your stuff 
upstairs. As your mom helped you 
unpack your belongings she put things 
places where you didn't find them 
until October. You tried to tell her to 
leave everything alone and that you'd 
take care of it later but she couldn't 
resist trying to make your room more 
like home. 

150 Retrospect 

The moment your parents pulled 
away from your residence hall you 
were on your own. Every tie to 
familiarity in your life just left in the 
family car. You now had a new 
roommate, a new home and a new 
lifestyle very different from anything 
you ever experienced before. It may 
have seemed strange to you but you 
wouldn't have traded your place for 
the one in the family car for the 

The first few weeks everything 
happening was a new experience. 
Slowly you learned that you could go 
to class in sweats, not bring your 
books and fall asleep and no one 
would even notice. Teachers rarely 
knew your name, if you didn't show 
up to class the school didn't call your 
parents and if you forgot to do your 
reading assignment you didn't have to 
stand in the corner. 

Going out on a weeknight was 
acceptable but usually not done until 
at least 10 p.m. Coming home drunk 
was acceptable and usually not done 
until at least 1:30 a.m. Staying up all 
night long doing homework was 
common practice and everybody wore 
orange and blue on football weekends 
for three days straight. 

After a while you were pretty 
broken in as a University of Illinois 
student. You found out you studied 
far too much for your first semester's 
finals and vowed never to let it 
happen again. You also found life 
outside the residence hall. You started 
developing a new circle of friends 
whom you did everything with. You 
discovered you could never have 
enough orange and blue clothing or 
pizza coupons. You actually looked 
forward to seeing your parents on 
parent's weekends. You 
unintentionally learned the greek 
alphabet from reading people's butts. 
You learned to live with a total 
stranger whom you stopped 
introducing as roommate and instead 
as friend. 

As you packed up for the summer 
you looked forward to your vacation 
and telling your old friends about the 
good times you had away at school. 
No matter how good that first year 
was though, you looked forward to 
coming back next as a sophomore, 
knowing it all. 

:^\.;:;&^ :: ^>%;:>/ ; >>^ §« •'.'; 

Sophomore Year 

After the initial trauma of 
freshman year, sophomores 
are able to relax and enjoy 
campus life. Talking to 
friends on the telephone for 
hours, going out, and joining 
clubs become almost as im- 
portant as studying. 

The summer was fun but you 
couldn't wait to get back to school 
now that the campus was your turf. 
You looked forward to watching the 
dazed freshmen search for their 
classes while they lugged every book 
they owned in their brand new 
backpack. How easy it was for you to 
forget that just one year ago you were 
in the same situation. 

This year when your parents 
dropped you off you were too busy 
saying hi to friends and filling them in 
on what you did all summer to even 
notice your parents waving goodbye. 
You had your room fixed up in a jiffy 
knowing exactly where everything 

With your schedule devoid of 
eight o'clocks (you learned your 
lesson last year) and a 19-year-old 
I.D. in your wallet you were ready to 
have some fun. For the first time, you 
were able to walk into a bar, show 
your I.D. and look the bouncer 
straight in the face. A backpack was 
no longer used to carry your books to 
class; instead, it held your walkman 
and many tapes. You bought football 
tickets in "Block I" and brought 
along a boda filled with alcohol. 
When you hit the road on the 
weekends it wasn't to go home but 
more likely to go to another campus. 

With one school year under your 
belt you felt confident enough to join 
a few more student organizations. 
You interviewed for a seat in the 
Orange Crush cheering section at 
basketball games and thought you'd 
give the Accounting Club a try. 
Subconsciously you were thinking, 
"Wouldn't that look good on my 

If you had any doubts about your 
major, you talked to enough career 
advisors to make you believe you 
were talented enough to become 
anything. One call home, though, 
ended all thoughts of becoming an 
animal trainer for the circus. Dad and 
his checkbook made you realize you 
were happy with the major you have. 
By the end of the year, graduation did 
not seem as far off as you thought. 
You were almost halfway done. 

»,!»!s*ji!«s** j SIR™ 

, ■' ..- 



Junior Year 

During junior year, stu- 
dents begin to recognize each 
other because their classes and 
schedules are similar. The 
material gets less general and 
instead becomes more re- 
levant to students' majors. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Now that you were halfway done 
with your college career, everything 
you did was with your major in mind. 
You needed this class in order to take 
that class and you needed that class in 
order to graduate. You started 
watching seniors to see what they 
were doing so you'd know what to do 
next year. You only had one year left 
before the big one and you wanted to 
be prepared. 

But as much as you could taste 
how close senior year was, you were 
glad to be only a junior. You could 
spend your days carefree and happy 
knowing you had all year to goof 
around before having to start worrying 
about a job. Your future was set for 
the next year and that is as far as you 
wanted to look ahead. 

Junior year meant a sharp drop in 
the number of 100 level classes that 
had your name on the roster. All of a 
sudden you heard a professor (no 
more teaching assistants) say, 
"Welcome to Math 345." Almost 
every class you took had prerequisites 
and those that didn't were for juniors 
or seniors only. You were in the big 
leagues now, occassionally you even 
had a grad student in one of your 

As scary as your classes may have 
seemed, you had learned by now 
when it was the safest to blow off 
class, who you could count on for 
good notes and just how much you 
had to get done to get the grade you 
wanted. You weren't going to expend 
any more energy than absolutely 
necessary on going to class. You had 
better things to do. 

Mostly you had to go out. The 
campus bars' drink specials were 
engraved on your brain. You knew of 
every all-campus party within a two 
mile radius (you didn't have a car). 

You had your Mabel's calendar 
memorized for when your favorite 
bands were playing there. Southern 
Illinois' Halloween weekend was a 
must on your social calendar as was a 
least one Illinois away football game. 
You had to show everyone you knew 
the ropes and how to play the game c 
life at the University. 

As the year went on, you saw 
your senior friends realize the end we 
near. Most said they couldn't wait to 
get of here but you knew, as well as 
they did, that there would always be 
part of them that would want to stay 
at the University forever. You were 
glad everything you did would not be 
for the last time. You were glad you 
had one more year to go. 



Senior Year 

Every senior, at one time 
or another, takes a moment 
before graduation to admire 
the Alma Mater located at the 
corner of Green Street and 
Wright Street. 

Jeff Barczewski 

This is it, the beginning of the 
end. As you move in one last time 
you remember your first move-in day 
with Mom and Dad. That day seems 
like it happened so long ago but you 
don't remember where all the time 

Then it comes back to you. The 
all-nighters to write those papers you 
let go until the last minute, the 
spontaneous decision to blow off class 
and go to St. Louis for a Cardinal 
baseball game, the hours spent in the 
Armory rearranging your class 
schedule, the mornings you overslept 
and ran to class only to find it was 
canceled. Well enough of all that 
sentimental hog wash. You are here, 
finally, at the point you've been 
waiting for since the first day you got 
here and now it's time to have a little 

But first you have to get out of the 
way that little detail of finding a job 
or otherwise known as the search for 
a future. The biggest challenge of 
your college career was not to let the 
interviewing process get you down. 

Just consider all the fun you were 
having, filling out data sheets, trying 
to get your resume properly typeset, 
buying a $350 suit with next 
semester's tuition money and being 
placed 86 on the waiting list for an 
interview with your favorite company. 
You went through all that just to get 
an interview, not to mention the all 
the nerves and sweating palms you 
suffered while the interviews where 
actually taking place. 

Once that was taken care you let 
the good times roll. You scheduled 
only Tuesday-Thursday classes for 
your last semester because you knew 
senioritis would hit you full force. 
This schedule allowed for extended 
weekend vacations and excessive 
drinking practices. You went around 
saying things like, "I don't care, I'm 
a senior", and "When else will we 
have a chance to be this irresponsible 

But with everthing you did, you 
realized you were doing it for the last 
time as a University of Illinois 
student. Homecoming especially made 
you stop and think that next year 
you'll be just another drunken alum 
dressed in obnoxious orange and blue, 
trying to relive your good 'ole college 

Then it arrives, graduation day. 
You would think by now you would 
have grown up enough to realize the 
seriousness of the event but instead of 
pondering your future you are trying 
to figure out how you are going to 
sneak a bottle of champagne into the 
ceremony. After all, this university 
put you through four years of the best 
torture they could come up with, the 
least you could do is celebrate your 
release in style. 

As your parents pull the car up to 
help you cart away the acummulations 
of the past four years of your life, you 
remember the first trip your parents 
made with you to school. Back then 
you were waving good-bye to a 
familiar life at home and saying hello 
to your future, now, as you leave 
school for good, you are again waving 
goodbye to a familiar life and saying 
hello to the future. 

Retrospect 153 

Feel Lucky? 

For those of you already here or 
just about to leave, getting into the 
University was a piece of cake. You 
sent in your application and then just 
sat back and waited for your 
acceptance letter. Lucky for you you 
were a pretty smart cookie or you 
would have never made it that far, not 
to mention how far you've come since 
then. But getting into the University 
isn't as easy as you thought. 

The admissions process is a 
complicated one. The University 
distributes about 60,000 applications 
of which 20,000 are returned. Out of 
these, the University admits 10,000 
students of which 6,000 actually 

When a student applies, the first 
factor considered is whether the 
student has fulfilled the high school 
course load required for the applied 
college. When this is established, the 
student is lined up by his ACT score 
and high school class rank on a 
predetermined sliding scale. The scale 
works so the higher one's ACT score 
is the lower their class rank can be to 
get accepted. If a student has a 33 
ACT test score, they must rank above 
82 percent of their class to be 
accepted whereas a student with an 
ACT score of 24 must rank above 99 
percent of their class to get in the 
University. The national ACT average 
score is 18 while the average of those 
enrolled in the University is 26.32. 

Competition to get into the 
University is tough. Fourteen percent 
of University students were in the top 
one percent of their high school class, 
25 percent were in the top three 
percent and 60 percent were in the top 
ten percent. But since you're already 
here I guess you know that. 

Story by Leslie Cole /Layout by Rosalie Keblusek 


154 Retrospect 

■ ...■'■" '•■■". ■ ■" 

•■:,' ■ •'....' " -:...■■ . '.. ■■... 

■ _^ ^ VK »b H 

1«» II 1 9 

" vi'-V: ■ 






X\«* e<x 

Retrospect 155 

Married on Campus 

"I now pronounce you man and 
wife." While these words seem to be 
in the distant, distant future for most 
of us, there are many students here on 
campus who have taken the plunge 
into married life. Who are these 
people? Where do they live? Do they 
look like us? Do they think like us? 

"Most undergraduates don't even 
think that there are married people on 
campus," claims Annie Christiansen, 
a married graduate student in English. 
She sees the hardest part of being 
married on campus as finding time to 
be together, saying that, "There is no 
time to be totally free and do things 
like going on dates." 

The reaction of other people when 
she says that she is married is another 
obstacle Christiansen identifies with as 
a married student. "I lost a whole lot 
of friends instantly. . . they always 
thought we were busy doing 'married 
people' things." 

Christiansen sees the advantages 
of being married while in school, 
however. "Being a student gives you 
some freedom, like blowing off 
classes or not starting until 10 a.m. 
It's hard having homework to do 
when we just want to relax at night, 
but daytime is more free. Most of the 
time I really like being in school and 
being married, it gives us leisure time 
when summers and Christmas breaks 
come around. . . I don't ever want to 
have a nine to five job and be 

Story by Maria Galdikas 



Retrospect 157 

Awarded for Excellence 

One of the best things that can 
happen to you during your University 
education is to get a truly outstanding 
professor or teaching assistant. Since 
teaching a roomful of a few hundred 
undergraduates would make anyone 
crazy, those who rise to the occasion 
need to be rewarded. That's why 
twelve years ago the Campus Award 
for Excellence in Undergraduate 
Teaching was established. The award 
honors instructors who stand out 
among the rest. 

Nominations may be made by 
students or faculty members, but in 
recent years student input has been 
lacking. To alleviate this, students are 
given a list during class of all eligible 
professors and teaching assistants. In 
order to be eligible, they must have 
taught on campus for at least four 
semesters. The program urges students 
to make nominations for teachers they 
think are exceptional. Another method 
being considered is presenting 
students with a list of eligible teachers 
at advanced enrollment and asking 
them to participate at that time. 

Winners are chosen by the 
Committee for the Improvement of 
Undergraduate Eduacation, made up 
of half students and half faculty 
members. Criteria used in making the 
decision include consistent, excellent 
performance in the classroom, impact 
on the students, innovative approaches 
to teaching and well-prepared 

Roger Martin, who organizes the 
campus award, based the idea on a 
program of Purdue University, and 
claimed that, "I thought it would be 
nice to recognize our professors, as 
well." It would seem that our award 
program would serve as an incentive 
to professors and T.A.s to improve 
their teaching skills, considering that 
the recipient is awarded $1000 for 
personal use and $1000 for 
departmental use (at recipient's 
discretion). Martin, however, 
dismisses the idea of incentive, saying 
that, "I don't believe people who win 
awards need incentive. It is nice to be 
appreciated, though, and usually it is 
the first time they have been 
recognized." Apart from the monetary 
award, recipients are also honored at a 
yearly awards banquet and have their 
names engraved on a commemorative 
plaque displayed permanently in the 
Undergraduate Library. 

Story by Maria Galdikas 

Sandy Kaufman 



Sandy Kaufman 

Upper left: Dan Kempton, T.A. for 
department of political science. 
Lower left: Carol Kyle, associate 
professor in department of English. 
Right: Steven D'Arcy, assistant 
professor in department of finance. 

Stephen D'Arcy, assistant 
professor in the department of 
finance, knows exactly how it feels to 
be needed, as he is one of the award 
recipients for 1985-86. According to 
D'Arcy, "It was a tremendously 
satisfying feeling to know that the 
hard work of teaching is appreciated 
in a formal sense by the University." 
The award money has given him a 
chance to concentrate on research 
during the fall semester and allows 
him to make new plans for teaching in 
the spring. D'Arcy said he would like 
to improve his life insurance class by 
"developing more audio-visual 
material for the students." 

Other award recipients for 1985-86 
included: Glenn Hanson, associate 
professor, department of journalism; 
Carol Kyle, associate professor, 
department of English; Wendell 
Williams, professor, department of 
physics and ceramic engineering. 
Teaching assistants Daniel Kempton, 
department of political science, and 
Andrew Mech, department of 
mechanical and industrial engineering, 
were also honored with the award for 
Excellence in Undergraduate 

Story by Maria Galdikas 



The Business of L.A.S 

"Well-rounded" is an adjective 
we hear a lot. We hear it from 
professors, advisors, and potential 
employers. In this day of 
specialization, though, the challenge 
to be well-rounded is great. 
Specialization in professional studies, 
such as engineering and business 
fields like accounting, often seem to 
snuff out opportunities for students to 
dabble in subjects like history, 
English, religious studies, and the 

Dean Hogan, of the College of 
Commerce and Business 
Administration claims that one of the 
reasons the college is so popular is 
because of the "opportunity to get a 
Liberal Arts education and commerce 
training. We encourage students to 
take classes outside CBA." 

The importance of having training 
outside of one's concentration is also 
upheld by Dean William Prokasy of 
the College of Liberal Arts and 
Sciences. Prokasy claims that the 
number of LAS electives taken by 
students in professional studies has 
declined in the past few years. The 
reason? "They feel pressure to out do 
each other." Indeed, many people 
feel the competitiveness of students in 
professional studies creates a situation 
in which people are trying to "get an 
edge" on each other. According to 
Prokasy, though, "corporations are 
stressing the importance of a 
background in LAS." Therefore, the 
practice of taking all business classes 
or all engineering classes may not be 
all that appealing to prospective 

According to Hogan, however, the 
problem of students not taking enough 
LAS electives does not exist. When 
asked if there is a tendency to 
concentrate elective hours in business 
rather than LAS, Hogan responded, 
"That's totally untrue." He claims 
that all accredited business schools 
require that students take half their 
credit hours outside CBA. 

Top Dean Hogan 
Bottom Dean Prokasy 

Jeff Barczewski 

However, while electives are taken 
outside CBA, this doesn't mean the 
classes aren't business related. For 
instance, there is a tendency to find 
an over-abundance of business 
students in classes like Business and 
Professional Speaking and Business 
and Technical Writing, both in LAS, 
rather than literary or religious studies 

There is hope, however, that 
students will realize the importance of 
a broad background. Hogan admits 
that business students "don't take as 
many languages as we'd like them to 
and lingusitic competency is desirable 
in business." On the other hand, 
Prokasy feels that "interest is growing 
in international things. More students 
are enrolling in languages." This 
increased desire for international flair 
is evident with the College of 
Engineering's new study abroad 
program. As Prokasy reminds us, 
though, "Engineering is just 
discovering study abroad . . . we've 
been doing it for years." 

Jeff Barczewski 

160 Retrospect 


C.E.O. of U. of I 

"Ever dart 

Jeff Barczewski 

From engineering dean at Cornell 
University to chancellor at the 
University of Illinois, Thomas 
Everhart has come a long way. Since 
moving to Champaign, he has seen 
his first Big 10 football game, decided 
critical issues and strived to bring 
more out-of-state students to this 

Being chancellor is to be in charge 
of the academia, physical structures, 
Athletic Association, and most aspects 
of students' lives. The job involves 
many time commitments and he must 
depend heavily on vice chancellors. 
Concerns over the school becoming 
too technical were resolved by 
appointing a new vice chancellor from 
the humanities department. 

Upon his appointment in the fall 
of 1984, Everhart outlined his goals 
for a more diverse role of computers 
and changes in recruiting minority and 
out of state students. Since then, "we 
have advanced greatly in these 
areas," Everhart said. 

Since his arrival, 2,500 personal 
computers have been installed in three 
residence halls. This past year also 
saw more highly-recruited minorities 
attending the University than in the 
past ten years. In searching for 
non-Illinois residents, Everhart 
contends, "This university looks out 
of state for quality athletes so we may 
as well recruit quality (out of state) 

Nevertheless, the job has its good 
and bad points. He admits that since 
coming to Illinois his toughest 
decision has been rejecting the 
conference for recommendation of the 
sexual orientation clause in University 
policy. He was afraid of being 
misinterpreted in his intentions and 
cites his formation of a task force as 
helping to solve this problem. 

Chancellor Everhart is a man of 
modest demeanor who has 
successfully opened the University's 
doors to the future. He describes the 
University as a "high quality 
institution that is dedicated to its land 
grant ideals that formulated it" and 
points to its faculty as proof. He 
commends the students in their 
leadership and concern for getting 
■things done. Everhart is enthusiastic 
about continuing to improve the 
quality of undergraduate education. 

Story by John Hanley 
Layout by Mary Brozovich 



O R 


How do you spell spirit? 

Spirit: the Fighting Illini; orange and blue; Chief Illiniwek; 
"Hail to the Orange"; the teams; the fans; 
Oskee — Wow — Wow; the Marching Illini; cheerleaders; 
Illinettes; Block I; Orange Crush; ILL — INI chants; key jingling; 
"waves"; Homecoming; pep rallies; parades; Tailgreat; "The 
80' s Belong to the Illini"... 

164 Sports 



Hey You Block Heads! 

* **r*"sr *? ft 


Jeff Barczewski 

Jeff Barczewsk 

The colors blue and orange blend 
together in perfect harmony as do the 
enthusiastic members of Block I. It is 
the largest card and cheering section 
in the country, and it operates 
efficiently due to the dedication of its 
committee heads, commonly known 
as "block heads". 

Sue Ben-Rubin, a second year 
MBA student and chairwoman of 
Block I, has been an active part of the 
Block for five years. Her job is to 
watch over the 26 committee members 
and make sure everything runs 

"Being a block head is a huge 
time commitment," she said. 
Preparation began on the Block even 
before school started. Ben-Rubin and 
her fellow committee members came 
to Champaign during the summer for 
a Block I work weekend. The 
weekend consisted of cleaning up the 
storage areas under the stands in 
Memorial Stadium, organizing pom 
pons, capes and cards, and sealing off 
the seats in the block section of the 

Once school starts, Sue spends at 
least ten hours a week in preparation 
for a game. One of the most time 
consuming aspects of the committee 
head's position is the two to three 
hours spent before the game counting 
the cards used for stunts during 

The stunts consist of flashing 
various colored plastic cards to form a 
picture. Stunt designers create stunts 
on paper and then the programming 
committee transfers the ideas onto a 
grid before punching them into a 
computer. The final stunt designs are 
eventually broken up for each member 
of the block and directions for timing 
and positioning are given before each 

Although there is a large time 
commitment, block head Shari 
Necheles, junior in LAS, said, "I 
think it's a great way to get people 
involved in the games and for them to 
show their spirit." 

Besides being part of the 
University's block, commitee heads 
went to a Chicago White Sox game 
last summer to be a part of a "super 
block" sponsored by the University of 
Illinois Alumni Association. 

Bob Herting, junior in Engineering 
and member of the Block I section 
said, "I enjoy Block I. It's an easy 
way to have a great time with your 



The Best of Times . . . 

With the likes of Ail-Americans 
Jack Trudeau, David Williams, and 
Cap Boso off to play in the N.F.L., 
head coach Mike White was faced 
with the prospect of playing many 
freshmen and sophomores. Difficult as 
it was, problems arose when starting 
quarterback Mike Bennett 
unexpectedly quit school team in 
pre-season and thirty players were 
suspended for academic and social 
discrepencies. When a young and 
rather inexperienced Illini football 
team marched onto Zupke Field, they 
were shaping their future. 


It was a sweet and sour day for 
Illinois fans. After retiring the number 
50 jersey of a teary eyed Dick 
Butkus, the Illini played football 
unlike the Butkus era. The 
sixth-ranked Huskies had 543 yards 
on offense to Illinois' 3 yards rushing. 
Adding injury to insult, quarterback 
Shane Lamb and left tackle Mark 
Dennis both sustained injuries during 
the game. The future did not look 
promising as the Big 10 opener was 


Recording its first shutout since 
1983, the Illini quieted some 
skepticism about their talent. Junior 
college transfer Shane Lamb, playing 
in his first college game, was 
impressive, throwing 13 of 24 for 223 
yards. The defense held the Cardinals 
to just 38 yards rushing and 62 
passing. While the opponent wasn't 
rather competitive, the victory gave 
very needed confidence to a young 

ILLINOIS 16, U.S.C. 31 

For the ninth time in ten games, 
the Illini fell victim to the Trojans. 
For the first time playing in California 
since the Rose Bowl, Mike White 
upheld the Big Ten's failure to win 
against a California team. With four 
turnovers in the first half, U.S.C. 
dominated the game offensively and 
defensively, forcing us to change 
strategies. As a foreshadowing, Mike 
White points out that, "We're not 
quite there, and it shows we have a 
way to go." 

166 ' Sports 

The Worst of Times 

Sports 167 


In his worst defeat as Illinois's 
head coach, Mike White's team got 
manhandled and bullied by the No. 2 
ranked Wolverines in Ann Arbor. The 
Illini led 10-7 after the first quarter 
but the superior talent of 
Schembechler's team and 
Ail-American Jim Harbaugh showed 
why they represented the conference 
in the Rose Bowl. By the fourth 
quarter, mostly younger players were 
earning valuable experience because, 
as White said, "We're going to have 
to invest and put our time into players 
who are not only going to help us this 
year but next year as well." A 
disappointing loss, the Illini would 
show they had a few tricks still up 
their sleeves. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Jeff Barczewsk 


The inexperience of the Illini was 
revealed as the offense had the ball 
inside the 25 yard line on four 
occassions and were unable to put 
points on the board. The defense was 
again impressive as it held the 
Buckeyes scoreless in the second half 
but freshman quarterback Brian 
Menkhausen failed to pull the team 
through. Although a close score, lack 
of execution in certain areas showed 
the team's inability to compete with 
the top teams in the Big 10. In the 
words of Mike White, "We're not 
tough — minded, we're not very 
competitive as a football team." 

Jeff Barczewski 






Shane Lamb returned to play and 
with 1:27 left in the game threw a 53 
yard pass to set up the winning 
touchdown. Mike White utilized his 
new strategy of switching 
quarterbacks on each play. The 
victory showed the teams ability to 
pull through at the end and score, 
somehting that was missing in their 
previous four games. 


For Homecoming, the Illini 
contended well with one of the Big 
10's top teams. Stars Lorenzo White 
and Dave Yarema were too tactful for 
the Illini and Mike White's 2nd losing 
season was becoming more probable. 
At 2-4, any bowl chances were 
eliminated and strategies were used to 
begin improving for next season. 

Jeff Barczewski 


This defeat marked the slipage of 
the football program to the bottom 
half of the conference. In previous 
years, the Badgers proved easy 
victories for the Illini but not in 1986. 
Unlike the proficient passing years of 
Jack Trudeau, the Illini began to 
concentrate more on a running game, 
switching Keith Jones and Jeff 
Markland to the backfield. Not that 
Wisconsin proved more talented than 
the young Illini, but the Illini 's lack 
of execution hurt the team. 

eff Barczewski 



* , 

gj ' 







In the highlight of the season, the 
Illini upset the nationally ranked 
Hawkeyes before a crowd of 76,000 
on a beautiful fall Dad's Day. The 
defense was outstanding as it allowed 
only 34 yards rushing. In a bizarre 
season, the team took advantage of 
Iowa miscues to earn the victory that 
made Mike White feel like he was 
winning the national championship. 


Mike White and his team traveled 
to Bloomington, IN. to try and pull 
off their second win and upset in a 
row. Characterized by the fine play of 
Menkhausen, the Illini seemed to 
restore some faith back into a weak 
team. It was the first time this season 
they won two games in a row. 


The defeat to the Big Ten's 
perennial worst team in football was 
the perfect ending to a disaesterous 
1986 season. With his worst record 
since 1980, Mike White's losing 
season fell short of the expectations 
people had after he guided the team to 
the 1984 Rose Bowl. The defense 
allowed the Wildcats to score in the 
last two minutes while the Illini 
offense was unable to get the ball in 
the end zone. 

Three years after guiding the Illini 
to a Big Ten title, Mike White and his 
team were far below his previous 
standards. The combination of a 
rebuilding year and the commotion 
even before the season started 
contributed to a poor record. Key 
victories at the end of the year 
provided some satisfaction for the 
team and staff. Mike White must now 
travel across America, primarily in the 
south and west, to bring quality 
players back to Champaign. 

While it may take a couple more 
years to bring the team back up to the 
top of the conference where it can 
challenge the traditional powerhouses, 
the talents of the coaching staff and 
the magnitude of a very dedicated 
Athletic Association merits the 
students to continue supporting of the 
Orange and the Blue. 

Sports 171 

TAILG 300 

Advanced Tailgreating: 
Course Description 

Prerequisite: Tailgreat '86 focuses on 
"Just Imagine" where students, 
businesses, or anyone creates a 
ten-minute performance on some 
Illini theme. School spirit and the 
amount of orange and blue worn 
during the event also are taken into 
account during grading. 

Credit (Hours): Prizes are awarded for 
each of the five categories 
(sections): Traditional, Illini 
Showtime, C-U and Company, 
Student A, and Student B. Overall 
winner David Noreen receives an 
eight-day trip for eight to Hawaii 
for his "Crazy Eddie's Safari." 
Other winners are Becky 
Pennoch's "Illini Mania," 
Champaign National Bank's 
"Little Old Lady for Pasadena," 
and Mike Myers' "Clawson 
Cousin Clan." 

Class (Type): Festival. Approximately 
50,000 people invade the park 
west of Memorial Stadium to enjoy 
food, alcohol, and entertainment. 
There is one mandatory field trip 
that includes a 23-0 Illini victory 
over the Louisville Cardinals. Over 
200 entries are posted in this 
year's roster. 

Description: Advanced Tailgating is 
an enlightment into having a good 
time at a football game. "Just 
Imagine" is recommended for all 
those wanting to see the unusual 
and the ridiculous. 

May be repeated once each fall 


Story by John Hanley 

Upper right: Beer on tap was as 
plentiful as the colors orange and blue. 
Middle: Pre-football entertainment 
included sounds of rock and roll 
co-sponsored by WPGU and Miller beer. 
Lower left: Tailgating fun is not just for 
the students as this Illini Dad... 
Lower right: ...and Illini tot prove. No 
matter the age everyone on hand for 
Tailgreat had a great time. 

Jeff Barczewski 



Upper: What once was a table set for 
dinner becomes a dance floor for 
tailgaters who take their celebration to 
new heights. 

Lower left: What tailgate festivity would 
be complete without a little competition 
off the football field. 
Middle right: Wrestling Illini style. The 
Louisville Slugger takes a few slugs 
himself from his worthy opponent. 
Lower right: Sometimes one beer is not 
enough as this Illini fan can attest. 

leff Barczewski 

Sports 173 



There are many adjectives that 
describe Dick Butkus the man: hard 
working, ambitious, considerate, 
humorous. There is only one that 
epitomizes his football playing at the 
University of Illinois: dedicated. On a 
rainy Saturday evening, almost 
twenty-two years after he left his alma 
mater, Dick Butkus returned to Zupke 
Field for the retiring of his football 
jersy number 50. It is only the second 
time in Illinois history, along with the 
immortal Harold "Red" Grange, that 
a jersey has been retired. 

When he was a Fighting Illini, 
Butkus exemplified his love for the 
game with numerous records. A 
letterman from 1962 to 1964, he 
played both offense and most notably 
as a veracious middle linebacker on 
defense. He was noted for his 
animal-like tackles and intensity. He 
was the captain of the 1964 team that 
he led to the Rose Bowl. His Illini 
coach, Pete Elliott, describes Butkus 
as the "epitome of the way the game 
should be played." 

His superior natural ability 
allowed him to be drafted by the 
Chicago Bears as a junior, where he 
was the originator of "Monsters of 
the Midway." 

In recent years, Dick Butkus has 
become more visible as a television 
star and as the Chicago Bears' radio 
announcer. This shows a diverse 
amount of talent and desire to 
accomplish anything he puts his mind 
to. He also has put a lot back into the 
game by running camps and helping 
children learn the value of hard work. 
All of his successes are symbolic of 
what a true athlete should possess — 
good moral standards and dedication. 

The retiring of Butkus' jersey 
meant a lot to him but even more to 
the University for everything that this 
great football player has given to 
every football fan. 




sff Barczewski 

"You don't know me, but you've 
probably seen me at least a half a 
dozen times in front of a stadium 
filled with over 70,000 people ..." 
Yes, here on campus we have one of 
those famous, yet who is he, 
American Express-type people . . . 
Mike Rose, Chief Illiniwek. 

As chief, Rose makes about 50 
appearances each year, only about 20 
of which are at games. Other 
appearances are for audiences that 
include the Alumni Association, the 
Athletic Association and others. Rose 
says, "I've spoken to people from 
grade schoolers to 75 year-old alumni. 
The administration views the position 
of Chief as representative of the 
University, so the majority of 
appearances is outside the regular 

Rose worked extremely hard to 
attain the position as Chief, saying, 
"Before try-outs, I practiced one 
year. Try-outs were in April and the 
workshops began in February, but for 
the two months before try-outs I was 
practicing two times a day for about 
20 hours a week." Since the pressure 
has been relieved and Rose is 
comfortable in the position, he takes 
on a lighter schedule of practice, 
"Now I usually try to get out there 
three times a week, but the Saturday 
before a game I put a lot of time in. 
The trick is to make it look easy." 

While Rose spends at least 20-30 
hours a week on Chief-related work, 
he doesn't let the schedule interfere 
with classwork, claiming, "Teachers 
are really cooperative, understanding 
when I miss class because of the job. 
I usually schedule Chief appearances 
for the beginning of the semester, 
before my classes get really tough." 

Despite the time commitment, 
Rose believes holding the position of 
Chief is definitely worth the trouble. 
"There's no better feeling than 
performing in front of 70,000 people. 
The job has given me the chance to 
speak in front of 35,000 people, and 
the chance to go to Washington, 
D.C., Memphis and other places. It's 
been one of the greatest opportunities 
anyone could hope for." 

Story by Maria Galdikas 



"Get Set" 

for a winning season 

While Illini fans may have been 
disappointed with the performance of 
some of our teams this year, we sure 
had one team worth bragging about . . 
. our Big Ten Champion volleyball 
team. With a regular season record of 
36-2, coach Mike Hebert attributes the 
team's success to "the quality of the 
people on the team. They're not just 
good athletes, they're good people. 
Their discipline and work habits are 
of a very high order. . . that's what 
makes people win". 

Hebert has been as successful as 
the team, being named Big Ten Coach 
of the Year, yet he's quick to claim 
that success is a group effort. "I think 
anytime you're voted something like 
that by your peers it means a lot, but 
I'm never that impressed by coaching 
awards. I simply manage a lot of 
people who together, make the end 
result. Everyone says that about 
coaching awards, but it's true." 

The success of the team, besides 
giving us something to be proud of, 
has also made students more aware of 
the excitement of volleyball as a 
spectator sport. Hebert said, "When I 
first got here in '83 attendance would 
be as low as 75 people. In '85, our 
winning streak of 30 games caught 
everyone's fancy. Winning definitely 
plays an important role in initiating 
interest. Now people say, 'We didn't 
know it was such an exciting game!'" 

As for predictions for this year's 
NCAA championships, Hebert said, 
"Right now, everything is up in the 
air. Two players that are very 
important to us, Nancy Brookhart and 
Bridget Boyle are out. We're going 
into the match with a different 
personality, a different team. We only 
have two practices to build a new 
team. I don't know if we can do it, 
but we'll give it our best shot." 

Pam Susemieh 






«.U\ - 

8 . 


■ * :-v 

1 | 

^ • 






Pam Susemiehl 



Pam Susemiehl 

Pam Susemiehl 

HSSgraHsMlroB . . '• >.v»v.- : :.: :; ;.; 

m Susemichl 

Pam Susemiehl 

Sports 177 


;E OF THE *~~ 


178 Sports 

Coach Mike Hebert is proud of the winning 
style of his team. With energy and excitement, 
they captured the Big Ten title and gained a 
berth in the NCAA tournament. 

Sports 179 

Youth as a Weapon 

If the men's gymnastics team has 
a secret weapon, it undoubtedly is 
youth. Most of this year's team 
consists of sophomores who, as 
freshmen, led the team to a third 
place Big Ten position last year. 

"This year's team," according to 
head coach Yoshi Hayasaki, "is much 
more experienced. We have a young 
team, yet they are a very solid 
all-around group." Within this group 
are sophomores Joel Tucker, David 
Romero, David Zeddies, junior Tigrin 
Mkchyan, and team veteran, senior 
Steve Juengert. This season the team 
earned an outstanding 273.85 points 
against Michigan in the first meet of 
1987. According to Hayasaki, "270 is 
the magic number, if we reach that 
we feel pretty good. Our start this 
season looks very strong." 

One important obstacle facing the 
men's team is "depth of the team," 
says Hayasaki. Others include, "grade 
problems and eligibility problems. If 
any one of our guys gets hurt, we 
have a problem." 

As far as predictions for this 
year's season, Hayasaki claims, "We 
expect to do well in the Big Ten. In 
fact, I predict we will advance to the 
NCAA finals, to which only the top 
ten teams are invited." 



On the other side of Huff Gym, 
where the women's gymnastics team 
practices, youth is also a key to 
success. With five veterans and five 
freshmen, this year's team is looking 
forward to strong performances by 
Laura Knutson, Allison Garrity, 
Heather Singalewitch, and Maryann 
Petrigal on bars. According to head 
coach Bev Mackes, "Freshman 
Denise Lamborn should break the 
vaulting record. She's definitely an 
eye-catcher in the floor exercise, with 
two double backs in her program. She 
consistently achieves high scores." 

Mackes is confident about this 
season. She says, "It will be the best 
year in the history of the team. We 
already have the highest starting score 
in a meet." 

Serious problems are not a part of 
Mackes' predictions, claiming, "We 
just have daily minor obstacles to 
overcome. In the long-run, it's a 
matter of longevity of the season to 
see where we will go. Consistency on 
bars and beam will be important for 

Mackes sums up the style of the 
group as "an overall classy team. 
They are the epitome of grace, poise 
and confidence. They are a real 
example of Illini pride." 

Sports 181 

A Giant Leap Forward 

Women's Track 

The women's track team had a 
rewarding '86 season, placing fourth 
in the Big Ten Indoor meet and third 
in the outdoor meet. This was an 
improvement from their eighth and 
ninth places respectively in the 
previous season. With only four 
seniors on the 29 member team, many 
younger members contributed to the 
team's success. 

Leticia Beverly was the Big Ten 
champion in the 100 meter hurdles 
and was also the fastest freshman in 
the country in that event. The 4x100 
meter relay team, consisting of Kim 
Dunlap, Angela McClatchey, Leticia 
Beverly, and Renee Carr, were Big 
Ten champions and placed seventh at 
the NCAA Championships. These 
four were named All-Americans. 

Coach Gary Winckler believes it 
will be a learning year as the team 
mainly consists of freshmen and 
sophomores. "My goal," the coach 
said, "is to try to do as well as last 
year." He added that he thinks the 
team has the talent to do even better 
than last year. 

Jeff Barczewski 

The women's track teams handled the hurdles 
last season, placing third in the Big Ten 
outdoor meet. 

182 Sports 

The men's track team ran the distance last 
season with many notable individual 

Men's Track 

The men's track team had a good 
season with many impressive 
individual performances. Indoor Big 
Ten Champions were Lane Lohr, pole 
vaulting 1 8' 1 l /i" which was also the 
first 18 foot vault in Illinois history, 
Jeff Jacobs running the 3000 meter, 
and Dean Starkey also placed in pole 
vault. Starkey was an NCAA qualifier 
and Lohr earned All American 
honors. Outdoor Big Ten Champions 
were Jon Thanos in the 3000 meter 
steeple chase with a time of 8:51.31 
and Lohr in the pole vault. 

Six Illinois individuals placed in 
the non-collegiate ranking of the 
United States' top fifty athletes. Lohr 
ranked 21th in pole vault; Tim Simon 
ranked 34th in the 400 meter with a 
time of 45:58; Rod Tolbert ranked 
36th in long jump with a distance of 
25 '6 '/i"; Jon Thanos ranked 41th in 
the steeple chase; Bannon Hayes 
placed 41st in the triple jump with a 
distance of 52' 1 W; and Dean 
Starkey ranked 45th in pole vault with 
a height of 17'7 3 / 4 ". 

Coach Wieneke looks forward to 
the coming season. "An interesting 
factor is that a lot of the team is 
returning which makes a good nucleus 
for a solid team and I think we're a 
viable Big Ten Contender," he said. 

Jeff Barczewsld 

Sports 183 

Illini Shoot for 20th Century 

For Big Ten basketball, "the '90s 
will belong to the Illini." The 
1986-87 University of Illinois men's 
team was able to combine the 
leadership of seniors with the zest of 
freshmen. The ingredients were well 
mixed: All-Americas Ken Norman and 
Doug Altenberger, sharp-shooter Tony 
Wysinger, former Illinois player of 
the year Lowell Hamilton, and 
newcomers Steve Bardo and Kendall 
Gill. Sitting out this year were 
Nielson Anderson and Irving Small 
and standout transfer student Kenny 
Battle. Next year, the number one 
high school player in the nation, 
Marcus Liberty, will join the ranks at 
Champaign. So, for all you Illini fans, 
head coach Lou Henson has brought a 
cornucopia of talent that will make us 
a title contender for the next six 

Prior to the Big Ten season, 
Illinois basketball lived up to the early 
season polls. Victories over BYU, 
Hawaii and Duke built confidence for 
a tough "winter break" schedule. 
Close losses on the road to No.l 
ranked North Carolina and Loyola 
forced the team to unify for the 
intense Big Ten schedule. However, 
strong performances by Norman, with 
a 22 point game average, and 
Altenberger, with a 55 percent 3-point 
average, impressed sportswriters as 
they ranked the Illini in the top ten for 
most of the season. 

After going 4-0 in the conference, 
Lou Henson 's squad would be tested 
by the nationally-ranked teams of 
Iowa, Purdue, and Indiana. Most 
students watched on their home T.V. 
sets as the Illini blow a 22-point lead 
over the Hawkeyes and lost in 
overtime. They then traveled to the 
Hoosier state where basketball is more 
American than apple pie and 
Chevrolet. At Lafayette, Ind., a 
strong offensive game proved futile as 
the Boilermakers fought back and put 
the game into overtime. The home 
team went up by one point with one 
second left but was called for a bench 
technical when the players ran onto 
the court in ecstacy. The Illini missed 
the free throw and lost the 
heartbreaker. With two victories 
snatched from their reach, they were 
determined to upset the highly touted 
Indiana Hoosiers on national 
television. In a game where neither 
team led by more than four points, the 
sixth man was the deciding edge for 
Bobby Knight's chess game. 

David Ghent 


> • • 

^ V T V 

" C " % ( 



~w ^ 

David Ghenl 

Top Left The Illini block Minnesota's shot. 
Far Left Orange Crush band members show 
their enthusiasm. 

Middle Left The Illini Cheerleaders get the 
crowd psyched. 

David Ghent 



n>S»S8K!§§>s5J$&V >: > 


?op Right Ken Norman (No. 33) looks for an 

•pen teammate. 

/fiddle Right Coach Lou Henson watches his 

:am closely. 

'ar Right Ken Norman (No. 33) goes for the 


Sports 185 


Yet, the character of the 1986-87 
season shined through by mid-season. 
In the toughest league in the nation, 
the Illini stood in third place at 7-3 
with a shot for the Big Ten title. The 
Illini warmed up for the home stretch 
with wins over Northwestern and 
Wisconsin at home. Strong play by 
Hamilton (22 points against Ohio 
State) and the freshman Bardo was 
exactly what Henson wanted as the 
Big Ten crown would be decided on 
the final game of the season. 

Shiny new uniforms and a 
decorated home court is perfect for 
the image of the Fighting Illini. Gone 
are the days of the power of Winters, 
Montgomery, and Douglas. Here are 
the days of quick guards and 
three-point shooting. The 1986-87 
team was the transition of both of 
these characteristics. For a program 
that was at the cellar of the Big Ten 
when Henson arrived, the University 
of Illinois has the potential to become 
a dynasty for years to come. So, even 
though the Illini did not achieve the 
national title this year, there is, I 
promise, always next year. 

Top Right Glynn Blackwell (No. 21) displays 

his defensive moves. 

Lower Left Kendall Gill (No. 13) dribbles down 

the court. 

Lower Middle Doug Altenberger (No. 22) 

concentrates on getting the ball. 

Lower Right Ken Norman (No. 33) takes his 

best shot. 






Overcoming obstacles 

To many, wheelchair basketball 
sounds pretty dull. . . until they go to 
a game, that is. According to Brad 
Hedrick, the coach for both the men's 
and women's wheelchair basketball 
teams, "People have all sorts of 
misconceptions about the sport. They 
are surprised to find out how 
competitive and high-powered it is." 

This season the men's team won 
their conference, the Central 
Inter-Collegiate, for the first time. As 
for the women's team, they became a 
member of the first conference for 
women, where they hope to place 

An important problem facing the 
women's team is that there aren't 
enough undergraduates for the team to 
qualify for an inter-collegiate 
conference. As is, the team is a 
community team that is comprised of 
University undergraduates, graduate 
students, and alumni living in the 

According to Hedrick, "There are 
no incoming students, for the first 
year in a long time, who are eligible 
or interested. This is a major obstacle 
to the team that we've had to face 
cyclically, because of the lower 
number of cripples. Most cripples are 
men, and have suffered a spinal chord 
injury as a result of some sport or 
dangerous hobby. Women, on the 
other hand, have not been socialized 
to participate, but are now being 

This year, the obstacles facing the 
men's team are not so great, as 
Hedrick claims, "Our problems are 
small compared to last year's. We 
have a relatively experienced team, 
but we have to worry about 
Wisconsin's Ben Hunter. We play 
every defense against him just to keep 
him to 35 points a game. He's 
probably our biggest problem." 

Hedrick sees school support for 
the team not unlike that for most 
unpublicized teams, saying, "It's a lot 
like other non-revenue generating 
sports. The majority of the students 
don't know about the games, and the 
media only attends to what the 
majority of the student's interests." 
Hedrick sees the Catch-22 involved, 
"If you don't get media attention, you 
don't get support, and if you don't 
start with support, you don't get the 



Illini Look for Third 
NCAA Invite 

The Fighting Illini women's 
basketball team this year is looking 
for its third trip to the NCAA 
tournament after advancing to the 
second round last year. With six 
returning players to the squad, head 
coach Laura Golden is optimistic 
about a successful season. 

Jonelle Polk, who lead the Big 
Ten in scoring last year with 395 
points in conference games, returns as 
the only senior on the squad. Polk 
was named to the 1986 Big Ten 
All-Conference Team and received the 
team's Fighting Illini Award for her 
overall contributions made to the team 
in 1986. 

Also returning are juniors Lisa 
Bradley, Lesley Hudgins, Angie 
McClellan, and Jenny Johnson, who 
was named to the 1986 Big Ten 
All-Conference honorable mention 
team. Carrie Henderson returns as a 
sophomore after seeing action in 21 
games last year. 

Golden, in her third year as head 
coach, sees Iowa as the team's 
toughest competition but Big Ten 
defending champion Ohio State seems 
to be the team to beat after they 
compiled an early 7 — record in Big 
Ten play. 

Upper Left The Illini handle the pressure from 


Upper Right Kristen Haynes (No. 10) drives 

toward the basket. 

Lower Left Jonelle Polk (No. 24) tips it in. 

Lower Right Purdue tries to block. 
















W >* 

m .. 








lw i 


fK Mi 

- " «,- 




•*- - 

— ^P 





Ek. 1 

iitfnrHflHiirii*'- ^ ■■"- 

I 4 


'*% '"I 


I , 


L^m,,; ^ 


David Ghent 

David Ghent 

Upper Left Two points for the Mini. 

Lower Left Purdue blocks but doesn't stop the 


Middle Right Polk gets a free shot at the basket. 

Sports 189 

It's More Than A Gym 

I couldn't believe my own friends 
were telling me I needed 
exercise... these are the people that are 
supposed to tell me that I look terrific 
regardless of the truth. When I told 
them I'd exercise, they knew me well 
enough to know that my idea of 
exercise is a couple sit-ups here and a 
few leg lifts there. Being the good 
friends that they are they dragged me 
to the Intramural Physical Education 
building to show me all it had to 
offer. I figured I might as well go 
since I pay for its use in my Student 
Service Fee. 

As we walked into the building, I 
was suprised by the attractiveness of 
it, somehow I expected the same dull 
sort of gyms my high school had. But 
IMPE has so much more than a gym, 
in fact, they have four gyms. Little 
did I know that my friends purposely 
took me at a peak time, 7:00 p.m., 
when there 'd be a lot of people 

Thinking that I'd enjoy aerobics, 
my friends dragged me to the Dance 
and Exercise room first. I must admit 
that the room looked terrific to 
exercise in but I really didn't feel like 
watching myself sweat in the mirrors 
which cover the walls. 

After much discussion, my friends 
decided that I'd prefer competitive 
sports so they took me through the 
four gymnasiums where I could 
choose from basketball, volleyball, or 
badminton. Personally, I'd prefer the 
ping-pong and pool tables in the game 
room. After that, they showed me the 
racketball and squash courts and it 
was then I knew I had found my 
sport. I can't explain it, but somehow 
I enjoy being enclosed in a room with 
another maniac and getting pegged by 
a rubber ball traveling at high speed. 
Of course, my first time playing was 
pretty embarrassing. My friends just 
stood upstairs and laughed at my 

Sandy Kaufman 

An Adventure 

Lower left: The Intramural Physical 

Education building houses four gyms, 

one of which is exclusively used for 

playing basketball. 

Upper left: For a serious workout. 

students make use of IMPE's weight 

room complete with Nautilus weight 


Upper right: Instructors are available in 

the Nautilus room for those wishing to 

get the proper workout from the 

equipment which was installed during the 


Lower right: The site of the future 

South Recreation Center. 

190 Sports 

Sandy Kaufman 

Exhausted after my game, we 
walked around as my friends showed 
me the rest of IMPE. We passed the 
golf and archery rooms, the combat 
room, and I waited while my friends 
worked out in the weight rooms. For 
a while, I watched men and women 
lifting weights as if they were training 
for to be pin-ups in Muscle Magazine. 
I soon got depressed and went to 
watch people play tennis on the 
outdoor courts. 

All of us worn out, we decided to 
go for a swim in the indoor pool. 
Afterwards we sat in the sauna in the 
locker room steaming away our 
muscle tension. 

Now I visit IMPE often, and my 
racketball skills have greatly 
improved. I've started taking 
advantage of other facilities such as 
the weight room. As a matter of fact, 
I was Muscle Magazine's March 

South Recreation Center 

ff Barczewski 

If you've lived at PAR or FAR 
residence halls, you know that the 
hike to the Intramural Physical 
Education building is a workout in 
itself. For this reason, many students 
don't take advantage of IMPE's 
facilities because they believe that 
walking to classes is all the physical 
exercise they need. For the students 
that live far from IMPE, a new 
recreation center is being built. 

In the spring of 1985, University 
trustees approved a $1.05 increase in 
the student service fee for the spring 
and fall semesters of '85 in order to 
finance the South Recreation Center. 
This fee was then increased an 
additional $1.05 to a total increase of 
$2. 10 for the fall of '86. 

In the fall of 1985, Isaksen and 
Matzdorff Architects were hired to 
begin planning a site for the South 
Recreation Center and to help decide 
what facilities should be included in 
the 60,000 square foot building. In 
June 1986, the architectural planning 
firm Sasaki and Associates, who were 
doing a south campus masterplan, 
recommended that the Center be built 
on the east corner adjacent to the 
Freer Gym complex. 

This fall, the Student Government 
Association protested the delay in 
construction. Since the students had 
been paying for the building in their 
student service fee, SGA wanted to 
know where the money was going. To 
protest this delay, SGA held a mock 
ground breaking ceremony. 

According to Gene Barton, 
Associate Vice Chancelor of Student 
Affairs, the planning is in Phase I. He 
said, "As of now, we're starting with 
$1 million and a site location and 
seeing what we can build." No 
specifications could be given on the 
facilities to be included or a tentative 
construction date. 

Story by Leslie Cole 
Layout by Corine Jurcak 

Sports 191 

Swinging Into Action 

Men's Golf 

The Spring 1986 season proved to 
be quite successful for the men's golf 
team, with the team finishing in 
second place in the Big Ten 
Championships held in Lansing, 

"Last year we finished very 
strongly," said coach Ed Beard. Steve 
Strieker, a freshman, tied for first 
place individually in the Big Ten 
Championship with Jim Benepe, a 
player from Northwestern University. 
Both players shot a 283. In addition, 
Strieker was named to the first team 
All-Big Ten Team. 

Also in the championship, Mike 
Small finished in 16th place with a 
score of 299. Tied for 20th place, 
Kevin Haime and Chuck Fiser both 
shot for a score of 303. 

According to Beard, the season 
started out slow, but as soon as the 
weather turned warmer the team 
members "picked up the pace" and 
the rest of the season was very 

At the Kepler Open, in Columbus, 
Ohio, the team placed fourth out of 
21 teams. In DeKalb, at the 
Mid-American Invitational 
tournament, the team placed sixth out 
of 21. The Northern Intercollegiate 
tournament, played just before the Big 
Ten Championship in Columbus, 
Ohio, resulted in a second-place win 
for the men's team. Strieker finished 
in third place individually with a score 
of 222. 

The Fall 1986 season consisted of 
four tournaments. In the Northern 
Iowa tournament, the team placed first 
out of 18 teams and Strieker captured 
first place individually. In addition, 
the team placed sixth out of 1 8 teams 
at the Butler Intercollegiate and sixth 
out of 18 at the Dixie Intercollegiate. 

Other team members playing well 
in the fall season included: Don 
Edwards, junior in CBA; Chuck Fiser, 
sophomore in ALS; Brad Leighty, 
junior in LAS; Mike Small, 
sophomore in CBA; and Heath 
Crawford, freshman in engineering. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Upper Left Chuck Fiser 
Lower Left Steve Strieker 
Upper Right Allison Johnston 
Far Right Brenda Macconnache 
Lower Right Susan Winkelman. 

Jeff Barczewski 

192 Sports 

Women's Golf 

According to Paula Smith Hall, 
coach of the women's golf team, the 
1986 spring season did not turn out as 
well as she had hoped. "Last year, 
the spring was disappointing. We 
were looking forward to placing 
higher than fifth in the Big Ten 

The tournament, held at the 
University of Michigan, was the last 
tournament of the season. Brenda 
Macconnachie, a sophomore last 
season, was named on the Big Ten 
All-Conference team. She also tied for 
fifth place individually. 

"This year, we're hoping to place 
higher," said Smith Hall. The team 
got off to a slow start at the beginning 
of the fall season, but the rain was a 
factor, she said. In the first 
tournament, the team was able to 
finish all fifty-four holes. However, 
they were only able to play eighteen 
holes in the second tournament and 
thirty-six in the third. 

The last tournament of the fall 
season, the U.S. International 
Invitational, is scheduled to be played 
at Rancho Bernardo north of San 
Diego. Smith Hall said she was 
looking forward to the tournament. 
"This is probably the best team I've 
taken to California." 

Smith Hall said that in each 
tournament played this fall, someone 
different on the team finished at the 
top. Sue Winkleman, a freshman, 
played well in the first tournament, 
the Lady Badger Invitational held in 
Madison, Wisconsin. Connie 
Borbeck, a senior, and Allison 
Johnston, a junior from Scotland, took 
low honors at the Northern 
Intercollegiate tournament held in East 
Lansing, Michigan. In the third 
tournament, the Lady Huskie 
Invitational held in DeKalb, Justi 
Miller, a sophomore, took low 

The team begins their Spring 1987 
season at the end of February in 
Lousiana. "There are six tournaments 
coming up in spring," Smith Hall 
said. "I feel the team should do very 
well." The University of Illinois team 
will host a tournament over Spring 
Break in Tampa, Florida. 



Looking for Improvement 

Women's Tennis 

Last spring, Illini women's tennis 
coach Mary Tredennick saw a lot of 
hard work and talent put forth by her 
squad. What she didn't see was the 
usual results from such a 
combination... a winning season. 

"It was a pretty decent season but 
one problem, of course, was the 
overall outcome," Tredennick said of 
her team's seventh place finish in the 
Big Ten tournament. "We had the 
talent to be fifth," Tredennick said. 
"It wasn't that they didn't play hard. 
We had some close matches." 

The teams best playing period was 
over spring break when the team went 
undefeated in Florida beating 
Tennessee, Ohio State, Bowling 
Green, Toledo and Notre Dame. The 
warm weather must have agreed with 
them for when they got back to the 
bitter cold of the mid-west they did 
not have great success. The team lost 
three closely fought meets against 
Ohio State, Iowa and Michigan State. 

Although it was a tough season, 
there were individual players who did 
well. Junior Kathy Neil played very 
well at the Big Ten meet according to 
Tredennick. Neil's efforts were 
rewarded by her teammates when she 
was voted the Illini 's most valuable 
player. The team voted Carrie 
Costigan, sophomore, most improved. 

With last spring behind them, 
team members are looking to improve 
their Big Ten record. Tredennick, in 
her sixth year as coach, has realistic 
goals for her team this spring. "I got 
a team with a lot of talent. I think I 
have enough talent to be in the top 
half of the Big Ten." 

Tredennick saw positive proof of 
her team's talent at the Rolex 
Intercollegiate Tennis Coaches 
Association tournament in Madison, 
Wisconsin this fall. Neil and her 
doubles partner, junior Jessie Daw, 
made it to the semi-finals before 
losing in a close match to the number 
one seeded team from Wisconsin. "It 
was a good sign they played as well 
as they did at ITCA," Tredennick 

David Ghent 

Lower Right 1986-87 University of Illinois 

Men's Tennis Team 

Front Row (1 to r): Hector Ortiz, Matt Evans, 

Andrew Lobb, Bill Howie, Scott Greenberg and 

Mark Long 

Back Row (I to r): Asst. Coach Matt Grace, 

Mike Meyer, Manny Velasco, Nicole McKenzie, 

Gary Pearne, Jay Gottsman and Head Coach Neil 


Upper Left Sandra Goern 

Lower Left Stacey Knowles 

Middle Stacey Knowles 



■ » v f 


B 1 « 

p**- nH ' 

v' *' '•*•■'& jSJH 


!%bL i E&xJ 

Men's Tennis 

Returning players are always an 
asset to a college intercollegiate team. 
They provide unity and leadership, 
setting an example for new members. 
If returning players help out a team, 
imagine what a player who returns as 
the head coach can do. 

Such is the situation for the Illini 
men's tennis team. When last year's 
coach Brad Louderback quit in 
January, the call went out to former 
Illini tennis star Neil Adams to take 
over. Adams, who played four 
seasons for the Illini from 1980 to 
1984, dropped everthing and came 
from his home in San Antonio, Texas 
to accept the job as interim coach. 

The spring season wasn't an easy 
time for Adams or the team. "It was 
a season of transition from Brad to 
me," said Adams, who played under 
Louderback and was an assistant 
coach to him during the 1984-85 
season. Adams felt the team was 
under a lot of pressure when he 
arrived to coach at Illinois. "I learned 
it's good to maintain intensity in 
practice and then let the pressure off 
and give them some breathing room," 
Adams said. "They were so 
structured they didn't know how to 
react to me." 

Deborah Boyer 

The team's playing wasn't very 
consistant according to Adams. 
"There wasn't any one bright spot," 
he said. "We were winning in certain 
areas and losing in others." If there 
was any highlight to the season it was 
the playing of Mark Long. Long's 
record in Big Ten singles matches was 
12-2 while he went 4-0 in singles in 
Big Ten tournament play. Long also 
played doubles with Bill Howie and 
their combined efforts lead them to be 
named first alternates from their 
region to go to the NCAA 
tournament. Long's accomplishments 
included being named to the All-Big 
Ten Tennis Team. 

Adams doesn't hold back about 
his team's chances of doing well this 
year. "I think the team realizes, 
without a doubt, that we are 
contenders for the Big Ten 
championship," Adams said. "I look 
for us qualifying individuals to the 
NCAA tournament." Adams couldn't 
say which players would qualify. "It 
really could be anyone, we are so 

One reason for Adam's positive 
outlook is the return of Mike Meyer 
to the team after a 1 Vi year absence. 
Adams also has some star freshmen 
recruits in Gary Pearne and Hector 
Ortiz that he is anxious to test against 
the other Big Ten teams. 

What may be the biggest 
advantage the team has is the attitude 
of its coach. Being named the 
permanent head coach of the team has 
enabled Adams to look ahead with a 
little more sense of security. "I look 
to continue to gain respect from the 
region we are in," Adams said. "We 
have the ability to be ranked in the 
top 20 in the nation. It's time to prove 
it. There is no pressure from us to do 
particularly well. No one knows our 
recruits. We are going to come at 
them with all our guns." 

Deborah Boyer 


Cross Country 

"The men's cross country season 
was expected to be a good season and 
we worked for a high finish," said 
head coach Gary Wieneke. Placing 
second in the Big Ten and second in 
the District IV Championships, both 
times behind Wisconsin, the team 
placed seventh in the nation at the 
NCAA Championships, this time 
ahead of Wisconsin. This was one of 
the best finishes ever for the men's 
cross country team at the University. 

The team consisted of seven 
runners: junior David Halle, senior 
Jeff Jacobs, junior John Jacobson, 
senior Paul Kivela, junior Joe 
Leuchtmann (who finished twentieth 
in the nationals, earning All- American 
honors and who was also MVP for the 
seasn), senior Greg Reynolds, and 
junior Jon Thanos. Since most of 
these men hadn't worked together 
before, "integrating the others into 
the team chemistry and finding a team 
character took a little time," said 

The outlook for next season looks 
good, said Wieneke, who has been 
coaching at the University for twenty 
years and has been head coach for 
twelve. "With four returning, we'll 
have a good nucleus." 



The Fighting Illini women's cross 
country team had a pretty good 
season, one which was mainly for 
growth and rebuilding. 

With only a couple seniors 
returning, the team consisted of 
mainly freshmen. The top seven 
runners consisted of two seniors and 
five freshmen. This ratio was both 
good and bad. Head coach Gary 
Winckler, in his second year 
coaching, explained, "It was bad 
because we weren't that experienced, 
but it was good because most of our 
top runners will be returning next 
season." With so many returning, he 
expects the team to improve each 

The team practices consisted of 
more than just long distance runs; 
they also ran shorter intervals on the 
track, lifted weights, and spent a lot 
of time in the swimming pool. 
Considering their age differences, 
Winckler described the team as being 
pretty close. 

The team placed seventh in the 
Big Ten meet. Winckler was a little 
dissappointed, believing that the team 
could have done better, placing fourth 
or fifth. This was prevented when one 
of the top runners got very ill during 
the race and had to drop out. The 
exceptional runners for the season 
were senior Leslie Hawkins and 
freshman Melissa Straza. 

ff Barczewski 



With the loss of many of last 
year's players due to graduation, the 
Fighting Illini baseball team's season 
was one of rebuilding. Their record 
was 34 and 19. "Pretty good for a 
young ball club," said head coach 
Tom Dedin. 

Placing 8 and 8 in the Big Ten, 
the team placed fourth in their 
division. Although they didn't make 
the playoffs, a highlight of the season 
was that the team had it's best hitting 
average in the past eight years. The 
most valuable player last season was 
catcher Darren Fletcher. 

Dedin has high hopes for next 
season. "We'll have an older team, 
experienced at every position," he 
said. The key features of the team, he 
believes, are strong leadership, 
experienced pitching, and the return 
of two fourth year starters Carl Jones 
and Greg McCollum. Dedin feels 
confident that the team has improved 
upon last season's weaknesses and 
have strengthened the positions at first 
base and third base. 

This year will be a special year 
because the baseball team will be 
breaking in a new million dollar field 
located east of Assembly Hall. 

• . 


^ .#-■* 

John Konstantaras 



'avid Ghent 

Sports 199 

Rugby Combines Internation 

As if the sport of rugby wasn't 
difficult enough to understand, the 
University of Illinois club is 
composed of three teams playing in 
three different leagues. Yet, with so 
much diversity, the Rugby team 
encompasses faculty, graduate, 
undergraduate, and foreign exchange 

The University of Illinois holds a 
solid reputation as a contender, 
winning the Big Ten title two years 
ago and placing in the top ten 
nationally. In each season, fall and 
spring, the team enters a squad in the 
Illinois Union, Mid-American, and 
Big Ten tournaments. The teams are 
called A side, B side, and C side, 
with A comprising the best of all 
players. At tournaments, teams could 
play up to four games in two days. 

Most games, however, are played 
against tougher city clubs. Graduate 
students Tom Quinn and Ken Hodges 
have lead the A side team for the past 
few seasons. Hodges, who played for 
a New Zealand team, is an example 
of how internationalism strengthens 
the program. In England and 
Australia, rugby is the dominant sport 
and their students have a tremendous 
input into the game in the U.S., 
where it is not as popular. On the 
other hand, the immediate attention 
the foreign students receive provides a 
social atmosphere for a home away 
from home. 

Great Britain Hamish Frazier, a 
Metallurgical Engineer, is the 
volunteer coach. There is also young 
talent in juniors Malcolm Armstrong 
and Mike Owens. 

The rugby team's colorful 
personalities carry over into their 
off-the-field traditions. Their home 
bar is Murphy's Pub, where they 
frequently drink from their victory 
trophies. Then, in the words of 
Armstrong, "It is the only sport 
where you can go out and beat the 
heck out of the other guys and then 
party with them." It is a rugby ritual 
for the home team to buy kegs and 
throw a party for the visitors. Win or 
lose, rugby players exhibit real 

David Ghent 

Although the ball looks like an American 
football, the sport of rugby has unique 
distinguishing features. 

200 Sports 

David Ghent 

alism With Sportsmanship 

nan Stocker 

Spons 201 

A university of over 35,000 
people has to be well-equipped to 
accomodate its students with 
activities. With one of the largest 
college Intramural facilities in the 
nation and a staff of full-time 
workers, our school provides us with 
an endless amount of sports. 


A record 250 teams signed up for 
flag football in the co-rec, residence 
hall, independent (open), and Greek 
divisions. This overwhelming outcome 
caused a need for each team to 
contribute a non-team member to 
become a referee, as there was a 
shortage for the first time ever. The 
following teams reigned supreme in 
their division: Townsend 5-South 
(Residence Hall A and B), Elitists 
(Independent), Sigma Chi (Frat A), 
and Alpha Tau Omega (Frat B). With 
so many divisions and new rules 
allowing more players, virtually 
everybody has an opportunity to play 
flag football. 


This sport was divided into the 
12" and 16" leagues with Alpha 
Delta Phi and Elitists capturing the 
division championships, respectively. 
Elitists became the first team in I.M. 
history to win the football and Softball 
championship in the same semester. 
Their picture is featured on the Wall 
of Fame at I.M.P.E. 


Sideout defeated Seven Whoppers 
and a Diet Coke for the I.M. men's 
open volleyball championship. 
Although this sport is divided up into 
many divisions, open volleyball is 
played almost every day of the week 
in the winter. 

The I.M. program also offers 
water polo, co-rec weightlifting, 
basketball, racquetball, squash, ping 
pong, badminton, and virtually any 
sport imaginable. If there isn't an 
organized program for one, a genuine 
interest will allow it to be started. The 
I.M.P.E. building, alike, is very 
diverse: a driving range, weight room, 
fencing room, and an indoor soccer 

The cooperation between the 
faculty and students makes an 
incredible intramural sports program 
that is available to everyone, 
handicapped, girl or boy, independent 
or affiliated. 

Jeff Barczewski 

Story by John Hanley 



Jeff Barczewski 

Basketball and volleyball are just two of 
the many sports tournaments offered by 
the University's Division of Campus 




Goals Set for Big Ten Meet 

From the first day of practice, the 
Fighting Ulini men's and women's 
swim teams have had one thought on 
their minds, the Big Ten 
Championship meet. "We talk about 
that from day one," said head coach 
Don Sammons. All the dual meets 
and invitationals prior to the Big Ten 
meet and the NCAA Division II meet 
are used as learning experiences to 
prepare them for those meets, 
Sammons said. 

The team isn't concerned about 
where they place in the Big Ten meet, 
but about how many points they 
score. "We have a point goal," 
Sammons said. "If the team sits down 
and says we want to score this many 
points, they will get the job done." 
Sammons, who is in his 15th year as 
Illinois' coach, estimated that if the 
team achieves the goals they have set 
for themselves, they will place in the 
upper half of the divison. 

The women's team has been 
having a great year. Sammons singled 
out sprinter Jenny Gullickson as 
having a tremendous early season. Liz 
Grant has also done a great job 
according to Sammons. 

In the early season, the team 
claimed victories over Wisconsin, 
Ohio State and Northwestern while 
losing to Minnesota and Michigan 
State. The team won the Wisconsin 
Relays and placed second to Purdue in 
the Illini Clasic held Dec. 5 — 7, 
beating Iowa State, Indiana, Illinois 
State and Wright State. 

The men's team has not fared as 
well but Sammons isn't worried. "It's 
a very young men's team that's 
coming around slowly. There is 
definite progress. The men will finish 
very, very well," Sammons said. He 
cited the team's co-captain, Graeme 
McGufficke, as a standout this 

The men's squad lost to 
Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and 
Michigan State while placing third in 
the Wisconsin Relays and fourth in 
the Illini classic behind Iowa State, 
Purdue and Indiana and ahead of 
Wright State. The team posted a 
victory over Northwestern. 

In a combined effort, the men's 
and women's team placed second to 
Mission Bay in the Mission Bay 
Classic in Boca Raton, Florida Jan 
2 — 4. Other teams placing behind 
Illinois included a team from West 
Germany, University of Michigan, 
England and Switzerland. 

David Ghent 

- '•■■■■M' *— — j^C^— 

David Ghent 



Depth is Key to Success 

Depth is a word often heard when 
describing a sports team. Either a 
team has lack of depth, having only 
the essential few who can compete 
well, or the team has plenty of depth 
with extra team members waiting for 
their turn to compete. Rarely does a 
coach have to contend with both 
problems in one season, unless the 
coach is Fred Newport, the men's and 
women's diving coach at the 
University of Illinois. 

Newport has a one-member men's 
diving team while his women's team 
consists of nine divers, including a 
contender for the National meet and a 
member of the Canadian national 
diving team. Newport admitted he is 
well stocked with women divers but 
it's tough with only one male diver. It 
is the fewest number of male divers 
Newport has had in the 12 years he 
has coached at Illinois. 

"Matt's doing a good job in 
holding up the men's side," Newport 
said of Matt Scotty, the one and only 
man on the team. Newport didn't 
intend on having only one male diver. 
Three seniors graduated last year and 
as Newport explained, "Our best 
recruit last year decided to party 
instead of study." He is no longer 
with the team. 

Newport puts recruiting high on 
his priority list for next year's men's 
team but it isn't a problem for the 
women's team. "We have a bright 
future," Newport said referring to 
four freshmen, Anne Marie Beavis 
(member of the Canadian National 
team), Kristine Hopkins, Jennifer 
Kelly and Katie Landers. Newport 
sees this year as a learning year for 
them, to make a foundation and to 
stabilize academically. "Anything 
they do in competition is gravy to 
me," Newport said. 

His bread and butter is Michelle 
Brown, who, as a junior, came close 
to breaking the school's diving record. 
"She's a good bet to qualify for 
Nationals," Newport said. 

As a whole, Newport is pleased 
with his divers' performance. "We've 
been better prepared at every stage of 
the season than we ever have been," 
Newport said. 

As the team sets their sights for 
the Big Ten meet Feb. 20 — 22, 
Newport emphasizes doing the best 
they can. "If we do our best we're 
happy. If we don't do our best and 
win, we're not happy." 

When it's quality you're after, it 
doesn't matter how much depth you 



Hands Off! 

The 1986 fall season for the 
Illinois Men's Soccer Club was a 
definite turnaround from last year's 
disappointing season. With wins 
against such teams as Bradley, 
Purdue, Iowa, Illinois College, and 
Illinois Wesleyan, the soccer club 
finished the season with a 8 — 3 — 1 

In the past, the club consisted of 
mainly graduate students. However, 
this year the club has about 18 to 20 
members, most being of various ages 
and backgrounds. With a lot of these 
players returning next fall, next year's 
season should prove to be even more 
successful. "Although we're losing 
our goalie," said Joe Kenny, 
sophomore in LAS and treasurer of 
the club, "our top eight scorers will 
be back next year." 

Established at the University of 
Illinois in 1956, the soccer club has 
yet to become an official University 
of Illinois varsity sport. Year after 
year, despite numerous attempts, the 
soccer club has been denied the status 
of a varsity team. As a result, the 
club is ineligible to participate in 
NCAA tournaments for national 

Club status also poses a financial 
burden. Although SORF and OFAB 
help to pay for some of the traveling 
expenses to other colleges, the club 
has to also rely upon membership 
dues, fundraisers and contributions. 

Because they are not a varsity 
team, many other colleges refuse to 
compete with the soccer club. "Lots 
of teams," according to Eric Kuehl, 
vice president of the club and junior 
in LAS, "won't play our team 
because it would look bad on their 
record if they lost to a club." 

Becoming an official University of 
Illinois varsity team would eliminate 
many obstacles and would also allow 
for better playing conditions. 
Professional coaches could be hired, 
new equipment and uniforms could be 
purchased and opportunities to play 
against more colleges would be 
possible. Such provisions would 
surely clear the field for a shot in the 
NCAA championships. 

Mike Brooks 

Fancy footwork by the Illini. 



Sports 207 

Wrestling Pins Hopes 


Experience started to pay off for 
the Illini wrestling team. Last year, 
Phil Callahan earned All-America 
honors at the NCAA meet and seven 
starters from that squad returned for 
the 1986-87 campaign. 

The season started on a good note 
as six members finished in the top 
three at the St. Louis Open November 
22. The winning streak continued the 
next two weekends as they captured 
the Southern Illinois Open and Illini 
Open. The Big Ten schedule proved 
not to be as rewarding, since the Illini 
dropped their first two matches to 
Ohio State and Purdue. A victory over 
Drake brought the team confidence 
before losing to arch rivals 
Northwestern and Iowa to go 0-4 in 
the conference. Wrestler Mike 
O'Brien was the highlight of a futile 
match against no. 7 ranked Wisconsin 

The team has shown improvement 
from last year but will have to 
continue their efforts to be able to 
capture the Big Ten crown. 

The Fighting Illini try to take down the 
Michigan Wolverines on January 17 

208 Sports 

Foilers Run with Perfection 

When the Illinois fencing team 
opened their season November 14 in 
the Penn State University Meet, they 
didn't realize it would be their 
toughest competition of the season. 
The Illini went on to go 19-0 
throughout the winter and 22-1 
heading into the Conference 
Invitational Tournament February 28. 
Their only loss of the season came at 
the hands of the University of Notre 
Dame, the 1986 NCAA champions. 

Although three players; Joe 
Socolof, Scott Bishop, and Keith 
Mosser, placed in the top twenty at 
that meet, the strength of the Fighting 
Illini would shine through later. In 
Big Ten matches, the undefeated Illini 
out scored their opponents by at least 
a 21 — 6 margin. Their record went to 
9-0 after three victories at Detroit and 
on February 1 the Illini thrashed the 
University of Chicago by a 73-8 bout 
record. The most significant play on 
this year's squad have been by Steve 
Gillette and Eric Schicker with 
records of 15-0 and 14-1 respectively. 
Also contributing to the team's 
success were Joe Socolof and Mike 
Calderisi, both of whom competed in 
the Junior Olympics at Orlando, Fla. 

Going into the Big Ten 
championship at Michigan State 
University, the Illini had gained the 
momentum needed to place several 
foilers at the National Invitational 




The friendly confines of the 
Champaign Arena made last season 
the most successful for hockey in 
Illinois' history. With the stadium 
under renovation the entire year, the 
1986-87 squad proved its talent by 
having to play all of their games on 
the road. 

With a reduced schedule of only 
ten games, each contest became more 
critical. The season began with 
victories of 8-7 and 11-5 over 
Marquette. Sophomore center Mike 
Goldberg, in what would be indicative 
of the whole season, led scoring with 
four goals and one assist. A loss at 
Northwestern and a split with St. 
Norbert had coach Bill Mazurowski 
question the impact of not being able 
to play in front of the home crowd. 
Two decisive victories over 
Northwestern set up a matchup with 
Iowa State for the top seed in the 
Central States Collegiate Hockey 
League tournament. The fine play of 
junior Brian Moore, senior Tony 
Schacknuth, and Goldberg outplayed 
any shortcomings of not having a 
home rink. 

With the Illini returning back to 
the Champaign campus next year, 
students can expect only high 
expectations. With the contribution of 
"by far, the best fans in the league", 
according to Moore, and the return of 
star players, the hockey team will be 
a dominant force. 

Upper Watch the high sticking Illinois! 
Lower Left Illinois blocks a pass. 
Lower Right Left wing Gruebner (7) fights 
for possession of the puck. 



Lacrosse Club 

Like the Rodney Dangerfield 
commercials, the Illinois Lacrosse 
Club gets no respect. They survive on 
a mere $200 in University support, 
have no buses or locker rooms, and 
are given the most poorly kept fields 
for games played on Saturday 
mornings when most students are 
getting ready to watch Big Ten 
football. But all members have fun 
and as President Mike McDaniel says, 
"We like it that way." 

In the spring '86 season, the club 
was paid back some dividends on 
their hard work. Led by player-coach 
Dick Evans, Most Valuable Player 
Steve Jackson, and Most Improved 
Player Chris Malcolm, Illinois 
defeated arch rivals Northern Illinois 
and University of Chicago, both in 
overtime. Victories like these were 
especially encouraging as some 
schools receive up to $7,000 in aid 
for their team. The senior leadership 
combined with the younger players, 
attacker Steve Jackson and 
mid-fielders Chris Matthews and 
Louis Foreman, to make a successful 
season-ending win over Northwestern 
the pinnacle of their accomplishments 
with a 15-4 season record. 

The fall of '86 proved not to be as 
rewarding. The departure of many 
seniors and a young President made it 
a rebuilding season. Although the 
team ended at a 1-3 record, new 
players gained valuable experience for 
the longer, tougher spring schedule. 

The emergence of new talent has 
made it a "very positive outlook for 
the next couple of years," in the 
words of outgoing President 
McDaniel. So go enjoy some 
fast-paced lacrosse, support your 
university spirit, and encourage this 
club to continue its progress. The 
preceding advertisement has been 
brought to you by a loyal fan... 

Marcy Bright 

Marcy Bright 


Team Spirit 



Although skill and sportsmanship 
are important to a team, teamwork is 
what provides unity and holds the 
team together. This team spirit does 
not happen immediately; it takes time 
to get to know the other members on 
the team. 

Some sports are more of an 
individual sport than a team sport, for 
instance, tennis, cross country, and 
golf. Kathy Neil, a junior on the 
tennis team, said, "Tennis is an 
individual sport they try to make a 
team sport. It is the individual effort 
that makes the team successful." Jeff 
Jacobs, a senior cross country runner, 
agrees, "It's an individual sport with 
a team framework." He adds that the 
individual doing his best helps the 
team, "You take care of yourself first 
and finish as well as you can." 

Yet, "in any type of team sport 
you can't win individually," said 
Doug Kane, a senior baseball player. 
In sports such as football, baseball, 
and volleyball, it is each member 
working together and depending upon 
their teammates that determines 
success. In volleyball, for example, 
one teammate will set up the ball for 
another player to spike it. Even those 
players sitting on the bench help by 
giving their support to the team. Kane 
said, "It's nice to have people on the 
bench behind the people on the 

As the season progresses, the 
teams become closer. Coaches try to 
initiate teamwork during practice 
through drills such as stretching in 
pairs, but it is mainly up to the 
players to form unity. Most of the 
members become close simply by 
spending so much time together 
during practices and games. Many go 
out together and some members even 
live together. Teamwork even applies 
to their schoolwork. Many players 
have classes together. Some teams, 
understanding the pressure on 
freshmen athletes, try to help them get 
acquainted with the campus and help 
them with some of their classes. 


Jeff Barczewski 



Jeff Barczewski 

Sports 213 


The Athletic Association is just as 
nationally recognized and diverse as 
the University of Illinois itself. 
Although it is separate from the 
school and is run by Allied Agency, 
Inc., the entire operation is divided 
into separate departments and 
organizations that makes it a 
year-round business. 

The Athletic Associaton is 
responsible for all aspects of 
University athletics. It monitors and 
promotes everything from basketball 
to football, media relations to sports 
information, tickets to alumni 
services,. Sports Informaton Director 
Dick Barnes calls it "one of the 
biggest and the best in the Midwest." 
While coaches conduct the day-to-day 
practices, the A. A. directors are what 
make it all possible. 

The funds which allow the system 
to survive are similar to those of the 
University. Big Ten sports is big 
business and television and radio 
contracts are a large contributor to the 
pot. Every time an Illini football game 
or basketball game is televised, the 
revenue is added on. Another area for 
contributions are the alumni. 
Grants-in-Aid is an opportunity for 
alumni to donate money to the school 
and in return, they are given good 
season tickets. Since the Alumni 
Association doesn't receive any tax 
money from the state, it relies heavily 
on alumni support. 

The slogan "The 80's Belong to 
the Illini" could not have better 
describe the University of Illinois 
Athletic Association. Presently, a $35 
million sports complex is being 
constructed on Florida Avenue to be 
ready for the 1987 sports seasons. It 
includes baseball and football fields 
and the most equiped facilities in the 
Big Ten. The academics and athletics 
are working hand in hand to bring the 
University of Illinois to the forefront 
of higher education. 

Story by John Hanley 





Bears Conflict 

Personalities Play Interference with Super Bowl Quest 

Top Bears' head coach Mike Ditka and running 
back Waller Payton watch during the last few 
minutes of the first round play-off game as the 
Redskins were ahead. The Washington Redskins 
stunned the defending Super Bowl champions 

Lower Left Chicago linebacker Wilber Marshall 
(5X) intercepts a Boomer Esiason pass as the 
intended receiver. Bengals' Chris Collinsworth. 
looks on during the first quarter of the 
Cincinnati-Chicago game. 
Lower Right Redskins'quarterback Jay 
Schroeder lost his helmet while being sacked for 
the first time in the play-off game at Soldier 
Field. Bears' Dan Hampton (99) and Richard 
Dent (95) made the sack. Redskins' Joe Jacob) 1 
(66) wears a cast on his right arm to protect a 
broken hand 

It seemed as if the Chicago Bears, 
with all their individual personalities, 
had, after last year's Super Bowl 
victory, captured the attention and the 
hearts of the nation. Whether it was 
McMahon's headbands or the hoopla 
over the Refrigerator, Bears' fever 
continued to spread. 

The season was a controversial 
one, with the spotlight mainly on the 
quarterbacks. The season began with 
Jim McMahon as the starter with 
backups Steve Fuller and Mike 
Tomczak, but by the end of the 
season this roster had changed. When 
McMahon injured his shoulder in the 
first game it was thought that Fuller 
would start, but instead, third string 
Tomczak started. The issue exploded 
when Heisman Trophy winner Doug 
Flutie was acquired from the New 
Jersey Generals. 

Some of the team reacted 
adversely to Flutie's addition. 
McMahon demonstrated his opinion 
by wearing a red jersey with the 
number 22 (Flutie's Boston College 
number). McMahon also called coach 
Mike Ditka "unloyal." When Flutie 
signed, he felt the controversy was 
directed at the new kid on the block 
and he did not take it personally. 

McMahon was injured again in the 
game against Atlanta but was out for 
the season, coincidently, after the 
Packers game when he was slammed 
to the ground by Green Bay's Charles 
Martin. Tomczak became the starting 
quarterback followed by Flutie, and 
then Fuller. 

The Bears had a winning season 
regardless of all the controversy. It 
looked as it they were shuffling their 
way once again to the Super Bowl. 
They made it to the first round of the 
playoffs but were defeated by the 
Washington Redskins. 

One highlight of the season was 
Walter Payton scoring his hundredth 
career touchdown and he also became 
the first player in NFL history to gain 
20,000 yards rushing, receiving, and 

The controversial season was 
complete when Ditka announced that 
he would be quitting after next season 
due to the firing of long time friend 
Jerry Vainisi. Having said this at an 
emotional moment, he retracted his 
statement saying that he would like to 
return next season. 

Hopefully next season will be less 
controversial, but only time will tell. 




1986 Baseball 

Season Final 
Big Ten Final 

1986 FootbaU 

III— Opp 


Southern California 16—31 


Ohio State 0—14 

PURDUE 34—27 


Wisconsin 9 — 15 

Michigan 13—69 

IOWA 20—6 

Indiana 21—16 


1986-1987 Men's Swimming 

Wisconsin 30 — 74 

Minnesota 41 — 60 

Wisconsin Relay 3rd/5 

Iowa 36—70 

lllini Classic 4th/5 

Mission Bay Classic 2nd/6 

Michigan State 55—58 

Northwestern 63 — 36 

Michigan 34 — 77 

East Michigan 91 — 118 

1985-1986 Men's Swimming/Diving 

Overall Record: 8 — 3 
Big Ten Record: 5 — 2 
Big Ten Place: fifth 


1986 Women's Golf 

1986 Women's Cross Country 1986 Volleyball 

Big Ten Conference 18 — 

Illinois State Invitational 


ISU Redbird Invit. 


Lady Northern (Mich) 


Illinois Invit. 


Michigan State 


Bradley Invit. 




Iowa Invit. 


Indiana Invit. 


Big Ten Championships 


Lady Kat Invit. 


District IV Championships 




Peggy Kirk Bell 


ILL Spring Classic 




Iowa Invitational 


Ohio State Invit. 


Big Ten Championship 

Michigan 15—6,15—3,15—8 
Michigan State 15—10,13—15,15—5,15—3 
INDIANA 15—8,15—1,15—7 
OHIO STATE 15—4,15—4,15—12 
Minnesota 15—4,15—2,8—15,15—5 
Iowa 15—10,15—6,15—10 
WISCONSIN 15—4,15—5,15—8 
NORTHWESTERN 15—6,15—5,15—8 
Purdue 11—15,10—15,16—14,15—9,15—13 
Ohio State 15—11,15—4,18—16 
Indiana 15—5,15—10,15—7 
MINNESOTA 15—5,8—15,15—11,15—5 
IOWA 15—10,15—3,15—7 
Northwestern 15—6,15—7,15—2 
Wisconsin 15 — 4,15 — 5,15 — 6 
PURDUE 14—16,15—9,15—4,16—14 
MICHIGAN STATE 15—2,15—8,15—5 
MICHIGAN 15—7,15—6,15—4 



>86 Men's Golf 

ami-Doral Invitation 17th/18 

perial Lakes Invitational 20th/21 

esno State-Pepsi Classic 14th/18 

ipler Open 4th/21 

d-American Invitational 6th/21 

>rthern Intercollegiate 2nd/21 

g Ten Championships 2nd/9 

1985-1986 Men's Tennis 

Overall Record: 12—20 
Big Ten Record: 2 — 7 

1986 Men's Cross Country 

Central Collegiate Championships 5th/16 

District IV Championships 2nd/22 

NCAA Championships 7th/22 

>86-1987 Women's Swimming ' 1985-1986 Women's Tennis 1985-1986 Women's Basketball 



lio State 




ni Classic 


sconsin Relay 


chigan State 






istern Michigan 


Overall Record: 16—16 

Overall Record: 20—10 
Big Ten Record: 12—6 



S T U 


D E 

Z A T 

N T 

O N S 

The Road to Frat Park 

For three hundred and sixty days a 
year Washington Park is a place to 
play basketball, congregate with 
friends, and bask in the sun while 
listening to tunes. On the remaining 
five days, however, it turns into Frat 
Park for the annual Greek Olympics, 
a time when fraternities and sororities 
team together, battling head-to-head in 
gut- wrenching competitions, 
struggling to wear the infamous crown 
of Greek Olympic champions. 

Ceremonial activities began on 
Wednesday, September 24, with an 
air balloon lift, slide show, and a 
softball tournament sponsored by the 
men of Phi Kappa Tau. Awards were 
given to the sorority and fraternity 
with the best all house grade point 
average, Sigma Delta Tau, and Sigma 
Alpha Mu. The next two days 
witnessed a hot dog-eating contest and 
two softball games. All of this was 
superficial for when Sunday soon 
rolled around the real winner would 
be determined at the Greek Olympics. 

When the thirty teams marched 
uniformly onto the playing grounds, 
the largest in Greek Olympic history, 
it was each team of fraternity and 
sorority for themselves. As 
co-chairman Sandy Perl exclaimed, 
"Let the games begin," there was no 
looking back. There was the 
ten-legged race, the Dixie cup pass, 
the orange pass, and the balloon toss. 
Alpha Epsilon Phi and Lambda Chi 
Alpha won the noble banner contest. 
Until finally, four teams reached the 
finals in the tug-of-war. In the mud 
and grass, these four teams fought 
like cats and dogs. 

When Kappa Delta and Sigma 
Alpha Epsilon walked away with the 
Greek Olympics championship, Frat 
Park returned to its normal state and 
the remaining twenty-nine teams 
pondered their chances of knocking 
these two teams off the next year. 

Story by John Hanley 

Top: The Kappa Delta sorority 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity 
Week banner hangs outside the 
back porch during the events in 

Scott Chung 

Scott Chung 

Scott Chung 

Middle: Support from a friend is a 
necessity during the strenuous 
wheelbarrow race. 

Bottom: Greek Week 1986 committee 
members noticable by their matching 
t-shirts gather around the judging table 
during a break between events. 


Student Organizations 

Upper left: Up! Up! and Away! The air 

balloon lift opens the 1986 Greek Week 


Upper right: Necking comes in various 

creative modes including one mode 

called "orange passing." 

Middle right: Ten little jpd+arls Kappa 


Bottom: The ten-legged race brings mass 

confusion to to any attempt at 


Scotl Chung 

Student Organizations 


reeks for Greeks 

A wild and crazy image of 
never-ending parties and drunken 
escapades prompted the creation of an 
organization made up of Greek members 
who were concerned about alcohol abuse. 

A three-tiered start helped evolve 
Greeks for Greeks into an active 
organization in Spring 1985. Originally, it 
was called From Greeks For Greeks and 
was sponsored by Order of Omega. Then 
the Panhellenic Council took over and it 
joined with the Interfraternity Council in 
supporting the organization's goals. 

According to co-chairpersons Doug 
Anderson and Paula Hancock, the goal of 
Greeks for Greeks is not to advocate 
prohibition, but to educate fraternity and 
sorority members about alcohol and its 

"We promote responsible drinking in 
the Greek system," said Hancock, junior 

Each fraternity and sorority selects a 
representative to attend a meeting every 
two weeks. "The representative program 
is how we communicate with all the 
fraternities and sororities," Hancock said. 
The representatives hear the information 
presented at the meetings and then 
convey it to their houses at chapter 

"The response from the houses 
depends on the representative and how 
serious he is," said Anderson, senior in 

Examples of topics discussed at the 
meetings include liability when alcohol is 
served at a house function, listening to 
students in Alcoholics Anonymous and 
discussing facts of alcohol use. Greeks for 
Greeks works with McKinley Health 
Center to gain information about alcohol 
abuse, Anderson said. 

Greeks for Greeks also sponsors an 
alternative beverage weekend once a 
semester with the bars on campus. Many 
of the bars offer free soft drinks during 
that weekend to people who want to 
socialize, but do not want to drink 

Beerfast Weekend, whick took place 
the weekend of Sept. 26, 1986, promoted 
the idea that people can get together and 
have fun without drinking. Greeks for 
Greeks was one of eight organizations 
which helped organize the activities, 
Anderson said. 

Greeks for Greeks also organized a 
program intended to educate pledges. 
According to Anderson, two people from 
the committee give speeches to the pledge 
classe at each house. They try to let the 
pledges know they can be comfortable 
with their peers without drinking. 

Fraternity and sorority members who 
want to join Greeks for Greeks apply and 
are interviewed by the co-chairpersons. 
They look for people who are outspoken, 
have fresh ideas and can communicate 


Student Organizations 

Taking Responsibility 


High insurance liability rates for 
University of Illinois fraternities and 
an increased awareness of the 
problems of alcohol abuse resulted in 
the organization of the Social 
Responsibility Committee last year. 

At their annual retreat in January 
1986, 51 fraternity presidents 
discussed how to regulate 
alcohol-related activities at their 
houses without eliminating the fun. 


According to SRC chairman Mike 
Yacullo, the committee established a 
set of guidelines over the summer. 
The policy was written under the 
advice of a lawyer and an insurance 
agent so that the guidelines would be 
realistic enough to be successful. 

"The main purpose is to reduce 
liability," said Yacullo, senior in 
LAS. Insurance rates for fraternities 
keep increasing to cover possible risks 
during parties. By introducing some 
basic guidelines, the SRC hopes to 
reduce the chance of a problem so 
that the rates will at least stablize. 

The SRC requires all fraternities to 
report, in advance, parties that will 
take place after 7 p.m., will have 
alcohol served, and will include more 
than 20 non-members. "Each party is 
visited once early and once later," 
Yacullo said, by representatives from 
other houses to check that the 
guidelines are being followed. 

Some of the guidelines include 
having a bartender and a bouncer 
present to check IDs, posting signs 
informing guests that the drinking age 
is 21, serving non-alcoholic 
alternatives, serving unsalted food, 
keeping the crowd under control and 
offering rides for guests. These apply 
only to parties that take place in the 
houses, since insurance policies held 
by the fraternities do not cover 
activities such as formal dances at 

The five classes of fines for 
violations of the guidelines range from 
$25 to $500. Administrative 
violations, such as an error in a 
report, are the most frequent and 
result in minimum fines. However, 
mistreatment of a house guest or not 
serving a non-alcoholic beverage is 
more severe, Yacullo said. 

Severe violations can be appealed 
to the SRC council, which consists of 
eight district advisers; Joe Schwab, 
executive secretary of SRC; and 

According to Yacullo, response 
from the fraternities is basically 
positive because the idea for SRC 
came from inside the fraternity 
system. The presidents of most of the 
houses support the efforts of the 

Story by Julie Becker 

Student Organizations 



Established 1906 

501 East Daniel, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Brad Schieferdecker, Mike Walsh, Joe Kuhlman, Charles Simokaitis, Kipling Knox, George Wedemeyer, 
John Hecht, Nils Albert, Ed Piegza, Mike Ford, Dan DeRocco, SECOND ROW Brian Owens. Tim Connors, Frank 
VerMaat. Jeff Knyal, Kevin Valaika, Jeff Palm. Tom Loverde, Jim Reilly, Bob Trull, Mike Kuta. Larry Grazian THIRD 
ROW Brian O'Brien. Trev Minnaert, Chris Reinbold, John Reilly, Greg Militello, Bart Hedgecock. Dante Gordon, Mark 
Variano, Krist Schwengel, Steve Nelson, Perry Dimas, Kevin Olsen, Craig Polte, Brian Kelly, Dan Kackert, Bob Winkler. 
FOURTH ROW Ken Weingard, Brian Boaland, Wally McLallen, Dave Gerding, Mio Stojkovich. Ken Kunst, Kent Kunkel, 
Tom Howell, Art Mertes. Greg Mitsch, Ed Ulbrich, Mike Rutkowski, Steve Laux, Mike McLean, Pete Abruzzo, Mark 
Ciosek, Chris Kasczynski, Brian Schmitz. FIFTH ROW Scott McLallen, Brennan Wells, Brian Carpizo, Todd Thiessen, 
Dave Zottman, Keith Gomora, Bill Mazurowski, Mike Ray, Mitch Beaumont, Chuck Harper, John Berst. Chris Brown, 
Grant Feurer, Tom Hein, Mark Fialkowski, Victor Grazian. SIXTH ROW Ken Ganch, Mike Ruffo, Jim Cox, Mike Durkin, 
Bill Hurley. Todd Plocher, Scott Hilgemann, Tim Michel. Joe Moorehead. Todd Short, Tim Clancy, Rick McCoy, Brett 
Gorman. BACK ROW Ed Saloga, Chris Bombeck, Mark Piegza, Scott Chung MISSING FROM PHOTO Dave 
Blanchard, Scott Krafthefer, Bob Long, Rob Milani, Jack Rondoni, Rod Schanefelt, Tom Schlosser. Mike Smith, Tim 
Stone, Tom Wank. 


Student Organizations 

Alpha Chi Omega 

Established 1899 

904 South Lincoln, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Lori Perkins, Michelle Eastman, Juliann Benson, Barbara Byron, Joan Berge, Ann Simeo, Cathy Clarke. Therese 
Lyons, Kim Meduga. D'Ann Loganbill, Pam Reed, Carol Rogers, Denise Kenda. Kim Johnson, Barbara Ann Page. Came Urgo 
SECOND ROW Giana Murges, Kim Seifert, Jill Knieriem, Heather VanLyssel, Leigh Ann Thompson, Lisa Blaho, Lisa Johnson, 
Chris Mohr, Gini Davidson, Stephanie Shephard, Linda Crosbie, Keiko Sasamori, Harriet Spears, Laura McDougald, Karen 
Bohaboy. Liz Lawler. THIRD ROW Anne Murray, Meg Humay, Marybeth Machuga, Chris Buccina, Julie Johnston, Sue Miksta. 
Sue Hamelberg, Beth Navilio, Barbie Osgood, Julianne Jausch, Kelley Dixon, Mrs. Florence Hutson, Jean Miller, Karen Sey, 
Stacey Present, Chris Leonardi, Ingnd Reutter, Karen Wooy, Dana Doty. Diane Scott FOURTH ROW Polly Pinderski, Lisa Jost. 
Kathy Sweet. Nancy Stames, Kathy Perry, Jenni Taylor, Caroline Bower, Sharon Rossi. Kari Goesche, Jenny Ashley. Leslie 
Walker, Kristi Dwyer. Julie Lanaghan, Jenny Dunn, Tami Miller. Julie Perkins. Marylou Hultquist. Merredith McClure, Julie 
Murphy. Therese Landry. Gina Leonardi, Kim Peckwas, Heidi Goettsche, Kim Whitlow. Kathy Rhoads, Kim Brizzolara FIFTH 
ROW Amy Zernich, Rachel Wiese, Marie Schwaighart. Maureen Cahll, Laura Victor. Conna Szefler, Jenni Kloud. Liz Blakeslee, 
Christy Rothrock, Kim Cnjm, Dana Russell, Michelle Gilfert. Brenda Davis. Julie Rolloft. Jane Wilson, Sara Cook, Kristine 
Paulson, Claua Casey, Kim Kontur, Katie McHugh, Mary Lombardi, Kathy Cuyler, Jana Foster, Carol Meyer, Michelle Tulley, 
Catherine Bach. Heather Toman BACK ROW Lisa Becker, Natasha Manning, Kelly Mulholland, Colleen Shaugnessy, Courtney 
Tobin, Pam Altenberger, Karen Brown, Joan Simeo, Nancy Fendley. Sharon Kanabay, Marianne Mollo, Julie Brewer MISSING 
FROM PHOTO Nancy Beaupre, Beth Becker, Anne Berg, Pam Blaum, Kristen Bode, Sue Callanan. Jody Carle, Christine 
Cunnington, Karen Cuyler, Mary Lisa Gray. Anne Handler, Came Eggenchs, Holly Hempleman, Lisa Hoffman, Kathy Kadne, 
Vickey Keese, Megan Kendall. Libby Kennedy. Debbie Killian, Julie Kokonis, Katie Landers, Janice Lasky. Lon Logan, Suzy 
Lucari. Donna Lukasiewicz, Jennifer Lulias. Tricia McClintock. Michelle McGuire. Rose Meyer. Tracey Mihelic. Michele Mini. 
Kelly Morgan. Missy Murphy, Shannon Murr, Vicki Nield, Amy Nuss, Lori Ofenbeck, Becky Pennock, Sue Pinderski, Julie 
Portugal, Mary Pospisil. Leanne Reard. Lisa Reaves. Linda Rempe, Lauren Rossi, Gitta Sorenson. Mana Spilotro, Julie Stapf. 
Beth Sullivan, Sue Sullivan, Karen Whalen, Colleen Young 

Student Organizations 


Alpha Chi Rho 

Established 1916 

311 East Armory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Steve Lowell, Jim Leight, Ric Holloman, Tim Schmitz, Chris Rapp, Mark Gagliano, Mike O'Beirne, Scott 
Williams SECOND ROW Rick Sanner, Jeff Lanham, Brad Huebner, Andy Kosowsky, Carol Humphrey-Sweetheart, 
Bob Lemke, Keith Erickson, Craig James, THIRD ROW Steve Mroz, Dennis Stieren Guy Mitchell, Tom Schmit, Mark 
O'Beirne, Phil Han, Gary Lemke, John Kurtides, Byron Vasquez, Jeff Block, Tom Keeley BACK ROW Tim Connolly, 
Brent Hagen, Ghalib Husseini, Bart Anders, Jeff Jordan, Blake Russell, Marty Idaszek, Chris Slaughter, Mike 
Warnecke. MISSING FROM PHOTO Rich Ashmore, Larry Best, Mike Enright, Tim Gillison, Leo Hernandez, Rob Hood, 
Bill Iwanski, Matt Kerouac, Jim Krysl, Ray Legler, Ken Marshall, Marc Nichols, Mike Otto, Randy Panfil, Wes Welch, 
Mike Wingo, Chris Wolff. 


Student Organizations 

Alpha Delta Phi 

Established 1912 

310 East John, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Brian C. Frederick, Kevin J. Frost, Steven A. Ban, S. Paul Schaeffer, Douglas G Kambich, Michael D. 
Benassi, Thomas E, Livingston, Brian W. Blackburn, Robert W. Nagel, P, Douglas Belden, Steven Dickerhoffe 
SECOND ROW David G. Moody, James P. Maher, Thomas S. Fritts, David P, Martin, Shawn C, Diggory, Michael 
Naborowski, Timothy J. Dunlavy, John D, Dee, Robert E. Klippel, Todd A. Fisher, THIRD ROW Kurt W, Martin, Andrew 
Atseff, Wayne R. Martin, Timothy J. Boundy, Timothy R. Willenborg, David Lee Wolfe, John M. Storm, Timothy R. Klein, 
George A. Miller Jr., Michael A. Cunningham, Joseph A. Gerbasi, James J. Seuss, Frank A. Karbarz, Kevin RGodsell, 
Carl Niemann. FOURTH ROW Michael K. Lonsway, Edward A, Stafford, Joseph M Hughes Jr., Paul Campbell, Scott 
E. Holwick. FIFTH ROW Daniel A. Gans, Brian H. LeCrone, William B. Sullivan, Craig Barton. Mark C. Gerbasi, Mark R. 
Turner, Mason F. Copeland. Dennis M. Pierce Jr., Brian S. Curry, Thomas C Hull. BACK ROW Eric P. Wagner, Bryan 
P. Miller. MISSING FROM PHOTO Robert M. Allen, Ares Dalianis, Nicholas Dalmaso, Daniel Deli, Jeffrey Faulin, 
Andrew Gray, Kent Hartmann, Douglas McKay, Barry Taylor, Andrew Harris, Scott Jable, Jeffrey Jon Knight, Shaun G. 
Saturno, Keith Koestner, Brad Tumas, E. Thomas Lindberg, James Reed, Steven K. Lee, Mark P. Sabotino, Jeffrey D. 
Shewchuk, Daniel Smit Jose M Veloso 

Student Organizations 227 

Alpha Delta Pi 

Established 1912 

1202 W. Nevada, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Diana Grigus, Kelly O'Malley, Sally Harryman, Julie Morse, Lea Ann Petty, Amy Alfonsi, Leslie 
Kendrigan, Vicki Merkel, Nancy Obrzut, Edie Kowalkowski, Jennifer Meidnch, Karen Nagle SECOND ROW Jennifer 
Gusse, Laura Baldwin, Carol Humphrey. Suzanne Stanke. Pam Farrug, Julie Frommeyer, Kelly Burton, Kathy Jill Couri, 
Chris Corso. Lisa Shanholtzer, Janet Sible THIRD ROW Stephanie Zilch, Becky Berns, Brenda Ratts, Colleen OGrady. 
Staci Heiss, Holly Kopplin, Tonja Fatschel, Laura Backer, Nida McPolin, Donna Nelligan, Allison Steege, Michele 
VanderHeyden, Sharon Slawinski, Rachel Foster FOURTH ROW Leigh Simpson, Mary Lynn Klug, Heidi Studtmann, 
Renee Shull, Lorie Paterson, DeAnna Ballard, Meg Roggensack, Tess Broguard, Mary Brown, Michelle Leonatti, 
Kathleen Halleran, Angie Halaby, Tammy Florini FIFTH ROW Janet Stoller, Lynn Granby. Tami Craig, Gale England, 
Sheri Paul, Lisa Stephens, Chris Hamilton, Diane Callaghan, Adrianne Sullivan, Kathleen Lehman, Kendra Betler, Cindy 
Sellke, Sandy Michalek SIXTH ROW Sonya Baca, Lisa Monteggia, Kirsten Freislinger, Kelly Liebewein, Danielle 
Beebe, Kara Moran, Cheryl Higgins, Nancy French, Karen Kasper, Michelle Vybiral, Rae Stills, Kathy Hilliard, Lisa 
Dingillo SEVENTH ROW Terry Priest, Karen Lieberman, Kaki Lampert. Ellen Zaeske, Puneet Kochar, Caroline Lober, 
Melissa Daza, Gretchen Wiesley, Billie Dopud|a, Missy Credi. Faith Tschetter, Jenny Tryzna, Laura Frank, Paige Hinds, 
Beth Mazenko, Sara Corrough, EIGHTH ROW Jill Johnson, Lisa Lusco, Tania Husak, Chrissy Kerschke, Beth Head, 
Amy Pusch. Erica Whelan, Sherry Allen, Jill Daebelliehn, Karymn Wusenich, Cheryl Danke, Carrie Costigan, Ann Pleiss, 
Knsten Hager, Rose Castanares NINTH ROW Holly Swanlund, Anu Natarajan, Patty Bengan, Julie Winters, Laura Hill, 
Grace McKinnon, Kim Zuchel, Pam Staker MISSING FROM PHOTO Danielle Aceto, Kathleen Adelmann, Christy 
Barnhardt, Luisa Bernetti, Krista Burton, Linda Chelsa, Laura Collins, Angie DeWeese, Lisa Dingillo. Stacey Edwards, 
Laura Ehlers, Lauren Forcum, Jean Francissen, Edie Freels. Adrianna Gayton, Laura Goodey, Leigh Ann Heusdens, 
Ann Hink, Andrea Jasnich, Carolyn Jorgenson, Gerry Knipp, Carol Leonard, Julie Manning, Mary Ann Mansfield, Kim 
Meadows, Julie Moll, Kelly Nelson, Bonnie Noyes, Debbie Olson, Julie Olszowka, Karen Parker, Leslie Parker, 
Stephanie Pool, Karen Potocki, Darcey Regan, Mary Schwaba, Jenny Sheagren, Amy Storkman, Pam Tarachione, Lisa 
Toth, Leda Trachtenber, Diane Vallera, Kirsten VanCleave, Jenny Waggoner, Sheila Wall. Sarah Beth Weber, Trudi 
Wise, Carolyn Zerias 


Student Organizations 

Alpha Epsilon Phi 

Established J 920 

904 S. Third St., Champaign 

FRONT ROW Janet Lieder. Michelle Krupp, Barb Rosen, Julie Malitz, Sharon Schneider, Debbie Weinstme. Jaime 
Greene, Julie Stein, Shelly Nahm, Penny Friedman, Gail Pivar, Cheryl Newman, Cheryl Levin, Elissa Rosenthal, Gayle 
Bereskm, Michelle Gross. Lisa Gelfond, Abby Strauss SECOND ROW Sheryl Kleinstein, Ellen Witt. Amy Stein, Jamie 
Heinen, Kim Reitman, Jill Lebovitz, Cindy Casas. Laurie Adams, Donna Weinberg, Jodi Cremer. Jenny Guss, Dina 
Shiner, Deena Lippitz, Cheryl Levine, Jennifer Heinen, Lynn Yaffee, Dina Wexelbaum, Leslie Moeckler THIRD ROW 
Lisa Brown. Leslie Wasserman, Debby Goldman, Shern Glaubinger, Ellen Robbms. Stephanie Leader, Laurie Kimmel. 
Dina Liss, Jennifer Cohn, Deanna Paddack. Jamie Becker. Robin Diner, Melanie Goldberg FOURTH ROW Danna 
Kaplan, Susie Feinberg, Liz Hamilton, Wendy Kramer, Alana Dubm, Karen Hakimian, Kelly Judge, Kendra Ritchie, 
Lana Becker, Deanna Sherman, Kim Baum, Shern Burns. Laura Edidin. Dale Schnitz, Maxine Plotsky FIFTH ROW 
Bonnie Katz, Beth Desnet, Bonnie Fine, Laura Mozm, Barbara Cairo, Shern Zaban, Lisa Kravetets, Eden Juron, Tracy 
Salzberg, Jill Becker, Aviva Piser, Pam Brookstein. Laurie Newman, Traci Michaels SIXTH ROW Hillen Skolnik, Carrie 
Weinberg. Jackie Levin, Stacy Rakowsky, Kim Harfield. Marci Cowen. Jodi Abrams. Julia Harris. Debbie Sher, Carrie 
Kaplan. Felicia Bakshy, Michelle Hoffman, Laurie Goldman, Marcia Zesser, Abby Gordon, Marcy Horwitz, Stacey 
Grand. Peggy Fishbein. BACK ROW Laurie Gluck, Susan Sherman, Merie Bergman, Faryl Simen, Karen Price. Marcy 
Present. Andrea Halprm, Lisa Levinson, Jill Kushnir, Judy Burnstine, Lisa Smith. Jenny Stone, Debbie Shubert, Jennie 

Student Organizations 


Alpha Epsilon Pi 

Established 1920 

110 East Chalmers, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Howard Rosenblum, Marc Penner, Matt Haid, Howard Fishman, Jeff Sandler, Dan Creinin, Mike Dresner. 
SECOND ROW Dave Silberberg, David Greenberg, Chip Serlin, Kevin Powers. Andy Rane. Matt Kupritz, Howard Green, Chris 
Neederman THIRD ROW Rick Markle, Cary Berman, David Handler, Alan Berlin, Dave Schreiber, Josh Bennett, Mike Weiman, 
Dan Rabishaw, Larry Bluestone, Ira Singer, Darin Greenblatt, Dave Pritsker. FOURTH ROW Dave Rosenthal, Scott Rubin. Scott 
Zells, Jeff Lazarus. Gary Grabow, Scott Weisman, Matt Plofsky, Dave Metz, Greg Prebish, Adam Rugins, Greg Apter, Ron Idler, 
Howard Perlow, Julian Sotnick, Jay Ehrlich BACK ROW Scott Silverman, Will Fitton, David Dickman, Jason Rese. Dave Schur, 
Michael Wexler, Doug Wexler, Kevin Apter, Aaron Gerber, Michael Silverman, Bryan Flangel. Doug Lewis, Gordon Schwartz, 
Chuck Krawitz, Gary Tyson.Jordan Krolick. 


Student Organizations 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Established 1918 

1 106 South Lincoln, Urbana 

r RONT ROW Paula Moyer, Jill Imming. SECOND ROW Jill Downing. Anna D'Agostino, Carrie Forshier. Debbie 
v/loraites. Cara Rosen, Liz Celske, Toria McFadden, Lisa Oldson, Jennifer Jarvis, Nancy Zalewski, Stacy Fisher, Nancy 
!egarski, Maria McKinney THIRD ROW Janet Curtin, Tracy Haaland, Becky Kyrouac, Caryn Radosh, Patty 
3orschneider, Tricia Kent, Amy Stueber, Chrisy Gadbois, Tracy Klumb, Valerie Bacher, Madelyn Daley, Tanja Duda, 
3ecky Newouse. FOURTH ROW Stacy Layton, Cathy Gaertner, Stacy Scapino, Kristin Scala, Any Kress, Jill Centella, 
3 enny Petrow, Stacey Thiems, Celine Shukis, Sonal Thakar, Lisa Chorzempa, Kim Duckett, Angie Larimer. FIFTH ROW 
3hruthi Reddy. Caroline Amato, Sue Dejoris, Sandra Rhee, Sue Woodward, Anne Borgman, Jean Jenson, Deana 
3urcio, Julie Reckles, Jean Lee. Mary Hensel, Gina DeMers, Tina Goro, Tracy Tasker, Diane Goda. SIXTH ROW Karen 
Jurzyck, Shelly Brooks, Maura Braun, Kristina Jeske, Michelle Zimmerman, Shannon McCutcheon, Jean Herr, Wendy 
Maxwell. Lara Dennis, Lynn Cusack, Beth Abbene, Jill Severson, Ellen Cullinane, Sue Linne, Katie Glassford, Dana 
Huffman, Michelle Aceto, Lori Wright, Lucy Grill. SEVENTH ROW Carolyn Rice, Amy Leis, Helene May, Carol Chesnut, 
3ind! Goding, Donna Gorski, Jane Tomaras, Lisa Gronlowski, Kathy Kestler, Shelly Reynolds, Celeste Kotlarz, Vicki 
<rause. Michelle Dobnick, Cindy Andersen. Paula Pickett, Beth Blazek, Heather Reicherts, Janet Montesano, Kathy 
3ang EIGHTH ROW Karen Metzger. Anne Leis, Jackie Reisdoff, Kristin Thomas, Sonya Sachtleben. Bonnie Turnbull, 
<nstin Revord, Becky Wake, Michelle Yoder, Carolyn Russell, Kate Coler, Janet Goetz, Chris Fabbri, Naomi Gil, Anne 
Sebastian. Lisa Beeler. BACK ROW Kim Sevcik, Becky McQueen, Anne O'Donnell, Gina Rosato, Coleen Prewitt, Kim 
^etreikis. Beth Pfeiffer. Deanna Weiss, Karen Kozak, Tammy Fox, Audrey Ambrosini, Lisa Athinakis, Cheryl Brenner, 
Jsa Tarvin, Carissa Johnson, Kim Rude, Maria Starr, Dawn Avery, Missy Passaneau, Cindy Yarnik, Carrie Axelson, 
Jodi Bates. Brenda Baer MISSING FROM PHOTO Sandi Sue Hoffman, Julie Kollias, Wendy Marconi, Angela Mitchell, 
Donna Nelson, Denise Petersen, Romni Ream, Angela Reitz, Elizabeth Ross, Maureen Rowley, Jill Schmoe, Sue 
Schneider. Michelle Stutz, Julie Weber 

Student Organizations 231 


Alpha Gamma Rho 

Established 1908 

58 East Gregory Drive, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Rodney Morris, Carl Huflalin, Wade Neumann, J.P. Motley. Todd Suhre, Brent Johns, Chris Holmstrom, 
Bob Goss, Mitch Inskepp, Tim McClelland SECOND ROW Todd Rettig, Sean Alderson, Jim Adcock, Neil Bruce, Alan 
Denzer, Dave Hamman, Allan Jones, Eric Meyer, Eric Mathis, Man Taylor, Mike Fmlay, Chris Buhrow. THIRD ROW 
John Rehn, David Minssen, Jon Setterdahl, Darren Hurst, Brian Morris, Brett Bayston, Gregg Shuman, Mark Mangieri. 
Russ Walker, Mike Miller. FOURTH ROW Todd Shively. Tim Benz, Maury Hoskins, Brian Powell, Jeff Gregory, Dane 
Schoenbaum. Neil Mathis, Eric Hatfield. Jeff Brooks, Scott Shuman, Joel Aschermann, Bruce Hofbauer FIFTH ROW 
Scott Johnson, Frank Hopkins, Scott Gehlbach. Ty Olson, Doug Kendrick, Eric Neumann. Tim Icenogle. Kurt 
Lenschow, Roland Schumacher BACK ROW Duffy Toler, Lyle Vandermyde, Brad Trotter, Eric Macy, Nathan 
Neumann, Brian Brown, Scott Trotter, Jeff Ellerbrock, Karl Koehler, Rhett Suhre, Brad Johns. Derek Kowalski, Eric 
Kraft, Kent Hudson, Rob Humphreys, Jon Day, Jamie Phillips MISSING FROM PHOTO Phil Anderson, Marc Carls, Bill 
Dickenson, Mike Regan, Dale Muck, Rick Probst, Dave Link, Andy Kurzenberger 


Student Organizations 

Alpha Gamma Rho 

Established 1908 

58 East Gregory Drive, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Todd Shively, Rodney Morns. BACK ROW Matt Taylor, Todd Rettig, Eric Meyer, Eric Mathis, Dave 
Hamman, Rick Probst. Carl Huftalin. Marc Carls, Mike Finlay, Chris Buhrow, Alan Denzer, Wade Neumann, Sean 
Alderson, Jon Setterdahl, Allan Jones, Todd Suhre MISSING FROM PHOTO Jim Adcock, Neil Bruce, Dave Link, J. P. 
Motley, Dale Muck. 

Student Organizations 233 

Alpha Gamma Sigma 

Established 1949 

303 East Chalmers, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Tim Ford, Kyle Kimpling, Jim Adams, Roger Bruns, Dr. Tom Frey, Geoff Schrof, Loreena Ivens, Ralph 
Ivens. Mark Vahling, Mike Kelly. Mark Loudon, Eric Fugate. SECOND ROW Steve Harrold, John Dubois, Tom Wargel, 
Brian Sayre, Kevin Hammann, Bill Riffey, Phil Bartz, Jay McWhinney, Mark Blunier, Kent Stickler, Tim Connell, Darrell 
Schall. Patrick Carroll, Steve Wilson, Joe Andrews, Mike Graham, Jeffy O'Conner, Eric Anderson. THIRD ROW Gary 
Schultz, Marvin Schrage, David Stubblefield, Eric Decker, Paul Scharsich, Rob Anniss, John Bossert, Rich Rock, Gary 
Carlson, Rob Litwiller, Adam Phillips, Bernie Vahling, Randy Miller, Steve Zimmerman, Rich Henley, Larry Vogler, Keith 
Poppy, Devin Albrecht, Terry Feldman. MISSING FROM PHOTO Dr. David Thomas. 


Student Organizations 

Alpha Kappa Lambda 

Established 1921 

410 East Daniel, Champaign 

FRONT ROW John Marovich, Marty Josten, Fred Brandstrader, Joel DeTella, Greg Fombelle, Bill Kosik, Mark 
Schroeder, Bob Zunker, Dave Dinschel, Dave Bagger, John Born. SECOND ROW Scott Harms, Brian Hamann, Todd 
Patterson, Tim Mauer, Mike Zadeik, Greg Longona, Jack Pierce, Tony Camarillo, Chris Arger, Mike Chiszar, Greg 
Woulfe, Chuck Parker, Rich Wagner, Greg Davis THIRD ROW Larry Vena, Jeff Bussan, Tim Mitchell, Paul Djurisic, 
Mark Dosier, Jim Peters, Brian Fickel, Keith Jesiolowski, John Krieg, Doug Harrington, Jim Sitta, Marty O'Malley, Chris 
Krizek, Dave Gresham, Tom Zinkus FOURTH ROW Carl Schwartz, Paul Meyer, Eric Zenner, Doug Maltby, Matt 
O'Malley, Eric Nordlund, Brian Oeltgen, Frank Brodlo, Brad Hayes, Mark Sullivan, Matt Matura, Jeff Arger, Ken Florey, 
Matt Vulich, Mike Helm, Mike Kloss, Mike Daugherty, Jake Kelly, Dave Chiszar, Jim Gazis, Joe Lundvick, John 
Dangoia, Brent Elliot, Rob Powell, Dave Siambanes, Dave Watanabe. MISSING FROM PHOTO John Aiello, Jim 
Bennett, Derrick Booten. Bob Cusick, Tom Czelatoko, Dave Fabbri, Tony Frankiewicz, Tim Gaffney, Kipp Goll, Ken 
Golla, Kevin Halpin, Joe Hertel. Craig Jesiolowski, Kurt Jesiolowski, Joel Lehman, Jack McCarthy, Pat Miller, Jim 
Morrison, Scott Nordlund, John Novak, Jay Onora, Bob Rennick, Rudy Rodriguez, Jim Romas, Chris Sroczynski, 
Gordon Waddilove, 

Student Organizations 235 

Alpha Omicron Pi 

Established 1911 

706 South Matthews, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Cathy Cederberg, Eileen Stach. SECOND ROW Kim Hull, Louise Pokin, Tracey Urban, Annette Biek, 
Christie Kavooras, Ellen Holba, Tammy Rone, Kim Denton, Julie Faulkner, Kris Neuhoff, Andrea Daniels, Amy Agronin, 
Terri Goodus, Margie Tucker, Kristine Hagan, Susan Hughes, Martha Janoskey, Lynne Floram, Julie Whalen, Jenni 
Collins THIRD ROW Becky Foster, Tara Sausbury, Jossie Spelman, Beth Hartmann, Lisa McSherry, Heidi Martisius, 
Kristina Walch, Cheryl Sylvester, Maureen Harshberger, Dori Tigwell, Ann Donohue, Laurie Wittlich, Lisa Taylor, Anne 
Vogl, Lisa Snapp, Beth Jursa, Anne Gallagher, FOURTH ROW Angela Anderson, Diane Koucky. Mary Pat Burke, 
Ginny Fulks, Amy Gomien, Madeline Garcia, Diane Cifuentas. Chris Hale, Shah Corngan, Sue Thayer, Katnna Rocke. 
Laura Cima, Lucie Meyer. Gail Meyer, Laura Bussan, Amy Swierkosz. FIFTH ROW Michelle Water, Dee Levy, Debbie 
Baker, Lisa Full, Susan Street, Amy Steffen, Carole Jenks, Kelly Rosenbohm, Kathy Pergande SIXTH ROW Tracy 
Skerrit, Jenny Marshall, Bobbi Hursit, Kari Nelson, Heidi Selman, Katie Petges, Ann Horvath, Gerri Foran, Christy 
Hansen, Kim Varga, Heather Russell, Judy Shag, Sarah Clark, Lisa Fairchild, Amy Anfenson, Jennifer Kuhlman, Susan 
Bianchi, Sarah Shuring. SEVENTH ROW Jen Garrot, Beth Stumpf, Jenny Henee, Diane Sierens. Kim Dawson, Otta 
Ramos, Vioa Nelle, Diana Sharff, Lynn Craig, EIGHTH ROW Dorothy Bielawski, Julie Mennel, Cheryl Pawlowski, Sharon 
Leonard, Julie Tompson, Melissa Murphress, Dawn Pankey NINTH ROW Jan Lax, Kim Schwartz. Kris Landers, Pam 
Kissel. TENTH ROW Janet Bozec, Cheryl Grubb, Joelle Uzarski, Julie Spotts, Terry Corcoran, Kim Walden, Susan 
Thomas, Julie Collins, Leslie Nelson, Cheryl Rotan, Debbie Kemmann, Lisa Goldman. Melanie Burke, Ann Lyons. 
ELEVENTH ROW Elaine Duckworth, Kate Rives. Bobra Crockett, Tina Marty, Donna Bussan, Lori Linville, Sue Prizzi, 
Allison McCulloch, Kim Palmiter, Kris Kastener, Jackie Geiger, Vicki Grannan, Patti Kocour, Rebecca Lent BACK 
ROW Sheryl Gunning, Tammy Brunswig, Lisa Ligon, Jen Hartmann MISSING FROM PHOTO Jennifer Shroeder, 
Melissa Williams 

236 Student Organizations 

Alpha Phi 

Established 1872 

508 East Armory, Champaign 


FRONT ROW Aline Hoey, Katie McGowan, Ann Moroney, Kalhy Macis, Sue Vigor, Amy Nelson, Julie Snow. Gladys 
Aureus, Laura Gerardy, Nancy Vercelli, Jill Shattler, Laura Fox, Tanja Powers, Ann-Marie Semasko SECOND ROW 
Beth Ingrassia, Stephanie Martin, Lisa Drew, Mary Collins, Laura Vanerka, Mimi Puett, Pamela Pizzo. Mrs Van Eman, 
Vicki Pohlman, Sue Wohlfeil, Liz Spakowski, Sara Pauls. Elizabeth Davis. Abigail Galich THIRD ROW Lisa Zordani. 
Leigh Carter, Vicki Mummery. Fran Berman, Joy Biernacki, Rene Shipkowitz, Julie Havel, Karen Kelley. Katy McDonald, 
Diane Webb, Tricia Sexton, Kris Hausler, Lisa Larson FOURTH ROW Dede Drungil, Shern Rockwell, Colleen Fallaw. 
Meg Kannin, Kathy Koester, Jenny Li, Cathy Larson, Cathy Buhrfemd, Brenda McCarthy FIFTH ROW Moira Fogarty. 
Becky Davison, Brenda Freeman, Maureen Brennan, Donna Zboril, Gwen Gurney, Lisa Ahlberg, Laura Trotman, Joyce 
Slatter. SIXTH ROW Sheila Kelly, Chris Lupo, Brenda Monk. Kathy Dempsey, Knsten Butcher, Amy Johnson, Caroline 
Weynch. Lola Paschua, Amanda Abram, Chris Schick. Amalia Kolocotronis, Angie Anderson, Laura Parent BACK 
ROW Susan Moresco, Wendy Ward. Leatha Smith, Tracy Lee. Janme Meatte, Noelle Ostebur, Susan Richter MISSING 
FROM PHOTO Audra Algminas. Nancy Anderson, Laurie Ashbrook, Caryn Augustine, Liesl Banks, Beth Berardi, Kelly 
Bolan, Deirdre Boland, Tracy Bossard, Maureen Brannen, Keyma Bnesearcher, Sue Buhrteind. Dina Cale. Katrin 
Carlson, Catherine Carpenter, Julie Carr, Katherme Caudell.Lena Choe. Sarah Dickinson, Rhonda Esposito, Linda 
Faynor, Marty Fess, Robin Fox, Jill Garvey. Kathy Geraghty. Rachel Gerkin, Bridgette Doherty. Knsten Goetz, Shannon 
Hale, Cathy Hanson, Kati Hausman, Jennifer Herman, Lynn Houlihan. Amy Hume. Julie Hunsaker. Knsten Jacobsen. 
Julie Jones, Judy Kats, Stephie Keay, Sheila Kelly, Laura Knauer, Beth Kruse. Debbi Kuo. Denise LaForte. Pam 
Lappin, Sabrina Levy, Julie Loftus. Molly Mager, Jennifer Manning, Lois Manning, Maureen McCarthy, Jean 
McClintock, Mary McEnerney, Kersti Melberg, Laura Michaelowski, Peggy Miller, Heather Nickels, Meegan Niemczyk. 
Jennifer O'Keefe, Caitlin O'Neill, Shelly Parvin, Janet Patterson, Tracie Pfaff, Amy Powers. Jackie Pnmeau. Ann Reo, 
Robyn Roberson, Come Sahli, Libby Sevier, Tricia Sexton. Dana Sinicki, Knsten Slette, Andrea Smith, Tina Smith, Betsy 
Sokolowski. Amy Stapleton, Sandi Sullivan. Natalie Swanson, Tnna Talbot, Marie Thomopoulos, Ann Titus. Kathy Uher, 
Pam Vlasik, Ann-Mane Walsh, Kathi Woodward. Susie Yarlmg, Donna Zboril, Katerina Bacoyannis 

Student Organizations 


Alpha Sigma Alpha 

Established April 30,1983 
803 West Oregon, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Lisa Ferczok, Lauren Read, Nancy Schwaller, Insil Lee, Karen Jensen SECOND ROW Kim Gewerth, 
Lynnette Sherwin, Kathy Koziel, Julia Robinson, Angie Lucas, Beth Duin, Denise Settman, Laura Perry THIRD ROW 
Sue Horvath, Sandy Eckerty, Cecilia Mascunana, Sharon Tracy, Diane Tabmer, Mary Waite, Kathy Sheridan, Renee 
Jernigan FOURTH ROW Tina Rizzuto, Traci Mennenga, Karen Haarsgaard. Lisa Hummel, Deanna Kraatz, Michelle 
Miller, Valerie Puszynski, Chris Reising. 

238 Student Organizations 

Alpha Sigma Phi 

Established 1845 

211 East Armory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Ray Padilla, Don Heinze, Scott Steingraeber, Val Cuarto, Brian Jenkins, Bruno Rod SECOND ROW John 
Foley, Rob Kirby. Greg Demoll, Dave Woodburn, Stew Freeman, Rich Browne, Tom Ebner. THIRD ROW Dino Juarez, 
Chuck McCaffrey. Mark Osadjan. Jeff McGowan, Mark Gmitro, John Marcet, Jeff Webster, Tom Gibbons, Jamie Edgar, 
Dave Kennerley, Brice DeVos, Scott Kennedy FOURTH ROW Matt Taylor, Mike Week, Ty Erickson, Jim McPike, Jed 
Wuellner, Chris Corliss, Chris Kirsanoff, Mark Ernst, Andy Lind, Rich Vaiciolis, Anselmo Canfora, Andy Clausen, Frank 
Gurick, Brad Schrumpf, Pete Langas, John Brandeis. FIFTH ROW Mike Speck, John Lohmar, Dave Hodgett, Cam 
Castelein, Henry Coleman, Mike Anderson, Chris Hollinger, Dirk Hacker, Pat Guinee, Greg Allard, John Knittle, Panfi 
Temiquel, Ray Garcelon, Dave Numrych, Steve Zizzo, Young Kim, John Murphy BACK ROW Larry Smith, Mike 
Downey, Mike Thede, Randy Noren, Steve Coates, J, Todd Johnson, Bill Milleker, Brian Weber, Scott Plummer, John 
Folan, Mark Ward. 

Student Organizations 


Alpha Tau Omega 

Established 1895 

1101 Pennsylvania, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Tony Wrosek, Kevin Keller, Mark Vasconcelles, Dana Anastasia, Frank Voris, Greg Lowenstein, Steve 
Norsythe, Jeff Wallace, Adam Janette, Ted Herbie, Eric Seamands, Brett Smith, Tim Kilrea, Mike Casteel, Todd Swikle, 
Bill Smiles. SECOND ROW Skip Smith, Kevin Pfister, Paul Casey, Scott Peters, Nick Roder, Sam Melkerson, Matt 
Womonzella, Tom Adomeiser, Steve Johnson, Steve Stewart, Mike Sikora. Dan Thompson, Jens Kujava, Mark Stine, 
Brian Trogs. Todd Kunz, Andy Miller THIRD ROW Tom Paul, Todd Rice, Gary Svihla, Mike Munson, Mike Pelter, 
Gawain Charlton-Perrin, Joe Ward, Kurt Hoeferle, Mark Moskal, Ted Hyde, John Janigger, Eric Sword, Tim Harding, 
Paul Ruzicka, Ken Dorfman, Steve Bird, Bill Baggins, Jim Whitcomb, Tom Bug, Bob Koys, Joe Lobotomy, Mike 
Anastasia. BACK ROW Tad O'neil, John Varadion, Chip Brow, Mark Gwynne, Tom Bauhs, Todd Monte, Jeff 
Wolfledger, Hadji Khadafi, Paul Lillig, Allen Smiles, Ryan Nelligan, Stacey Woolsey, Micky McCrae, Rob Vyverberg, 
Dave Reinhardt MISSING FROM PHOTO Jim Blondell, Sam Ellsworth, Bob Nix, Mike Piel, Tim Bourke, Vic Vanek, 
Chris Lovin, Pete Pick 


Student Organizations 

Alpha Xi Delta 

Established 1905 

715 West Michigan, Urbana 

: RONT ROW Ellen Terzian, Julie Wilson. Michelle Nixon. Janet Filar. Jenny Frazin, Cindy Guthoff, Kelle Reczek. Erin 
>opp, Mary Kristo, Diki Hamalis, Kristin Coltrell, Jane Rhode. Kathy Huttenofr SECOND ROW Kathy Kochanek. 
loanne VonAlroth, Leslie Stancin. Becky Stone. Chris Balavendar. Christine Jeon, Sue Wetmore. Becca Saul. Cheryl 
Jiebur, Carrie Metcalfe, Julie Arends, Chen Schmid, Kay Kimura. Peggy Snyder, Michele Meza, Faith Fuqua, Missy 
Reynolds, Martha Sobel-Housemom, Sarah Burrell. Leanne Hall THIRD ROW Stephanie Novy. Sheryl Wehrs. Ann 
Aane Matarelli, Eileen Chang. Kate Jackson, Paula Moehle. Betsy Anson, Allison Leon, Becky Brdlik, Emmy Medina, 
/loiya Murphy, Caroline Mulheran, Barb Hansen, Renee Prew, Kris Ruff. Amy Vincus FOURTH ROW Carolyn Alessio. 
Susan Hillier. Jo Newcomb, Karen Shineflug, Sue Klier, Cathy Devme. Sue Carson, Karen French, Beth Hanley. Vicki 
;ullinan, Val Borowski, Donna Woitowicz. Beth Kipp, Jeanme Schofield, Amy Landwer, Cindy Musgrave. Michelle 
.eveque, Karen Loftus, Mary Ryan, Joan Newton, Kris Drew, FIFTH ROW Chris Burkel, Jane Roesch. Allison Smith, 
Cathryn Koenig, Julie Koomar, Julie Krieger, Eva McClelland, Shannon O'Brien. Marion Hughes. Kelly Seeman, Kaci 
'arlette, Lorelei Hass, Laura Paluch, Tiffany Bierer. Karen Runnion. Cheryl Kras, Jane Waterman. Debbie Huber. Carol 
/longe, Maureen Murkian, Jill Brosig MISSING FROM PHOTO Amy Adams. Pam Baly, Lynda Basile, Cindy Browder, 
tim Cecil, Katy Flodstrom, Jenny Gerez. Michelle Groce, Carolyn Gunn, Julie Hays, Kim Jones. Amy Liesse. Betsy 
dadonia, Patty Marshall, Joy Miller. Tracy Mundy, Mary Jo Oldenburg, Tonya Otte. Tammy Jo Peterson, Jodi 
ichoening, Krista Schwartz, Sandy Skowron, Sarah Strus, Melissa Tabor, Kalma Tully, Karin Wenberg, Meg Werr, 
/lichelle Wheeler 

Sludenl OrganizalK 


Beta Sigma Psi 

Established 1925 

706 West Ohio, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Brian Yoder, Doug Kopplin, Jim Watt, Kent Wetzel, Kurt Koenig. Jim Pitman, Curt Handley. Pat 
Kirchhofer, Ralf Schneider, Brent Fransen, SECOND ROW Rick Schupp, Jeff Berg, Mark Benson, Curt Bergmann, 
Kevin McReynolds, Gary Clack, Steven Brown, Jeff Myers, Bill Jacky, Randy Lange, Erich Mees, Jim Bierlein. THIRD 
ROW Dan Jensen, Brian Zecher. Tim Jordal FOURTH ROW Brad Peterson, Paul Schewe, Kevin Donoho, Karl 
Swanson, Frank Pitelka, Chris Nack, Tim Holtan, BACK ROW Doug Phares, Matt Homann, Josh Brown, Roger Fliege, 
John Wargo, Randy Flones, MISSING FROM PHOTO Doug Bevis, Jesse Klingbeil, John Jones, Steve Messman, 
Bryan Miessler, Kerry Wienke 


Student Organizations 

Chi Omega 

Established 1900 

907 South Wright, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Sue Scott. Ann Gain, Kathleen Leiser, Tammi Baker, Kelly Morrison, Cindy Wilson, Cindy Glenn, Tracy 
Kaplan, Brooke Remick, Ellen Dumbovic, Lisa Westervelt, Sunya Tweeten, Kris Lord, Lisa Rehn, Denise Hopwood, 
Tracy Gilbert, Joan Olson, Janice Chiu. SECOND ROW Mindy Fritz, Kelly Bridgford, Anne Campbell, Trary Naab, 
Debbie Grandcolas, Nancy Matthews, Trish Wall. Kendra Bratton, Sandy Hill, Jill Johnson, Amy Kreid, Patti Brousil, Val 
Licari. Jennie Zich. THIRD ROW Sue Millerin, Jocko Schultz, Sue Stapleton, Jenny Dockendorff, Stephanie Taylor, 
Dana Coleman, Heidi Distlehorst. Lori Malatesta. Bess Tremonto, Jeanine Tomei, Rita Patel, Julie Schaljo, Jerrell Butte, 
Julie Wilson, Diane Kleeman, Paula Piszczor, FOURTH ROW Kay Landman, Lynn O'Hara, Mindy Graika, Gina Gardosi, 
Lori Healy BACK ROW Lyn Nogacz, Barb Bagninski, Jenni Widholm, Joni Johnson, Paige Kubicek, Theresa Kittridge, 
Christine Simmons, Laura Wonderlin, Laura Segreti, Kelly Carson, Kelly Oard, Kerry Gard, Sarah Weddig, Merna Smith, 
Kristin Oostendorp, Tammy Healy, Michelle Ring. Karla Forrest, Sophie Bell, Renee Oleson, Thias Winters. 

Student Organizations 


Chi Phi 

Established 1983 

313 East John, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Steve Brenner, Dale Peck, Mike Norris, Greg Goze, Mike Kerschner. Jeff Kallis. SECOND ROW Ira 
Halperin, Pete Arnold, Kerry Martin, Larry Tantilla, Mark Gorham THIRD ROW Scott Mosenson, Steve Koernig, Chris 
Pantoia, Tracy Vanderwiel, Tu Chi, Bill Ford, Mark Rosen, Eric Achephol, FOURTH ROW Rick Sikora, Roger Harris, 
G.D. Chaplin, Steve Archer, Rob Lora, Jeff Sargent, Dave Thomson, Mike Lorr. FIFTH ROW Jay Aldrich, Matt Lipinski, 
Joe Keenan, Rick King, Dennis Cook, Kyle Klukas, Lionel Go, SIXTH ROW Paul Kang, Bill Steverson, Ben Haddad, 
George Dowse, Phil Healey, Steve Glanz, Pete Feeney, John Henek, Tim Schaeffer, Eric Everett, Rick deLeon, Scott 
Taylor, Marc Price, Joe Jaques BACK ROW Jeff Eland, Brock Cummings, Gary Maslankowski, Dan Theisen. Phil 
Haddad, Dan Kunesh. Tim Cole, Kevin Boehm, George Marcus, Bob Bain MISSING FROM PHOTO Sean Biggins. 
Stuart Brody, Dave Corso, Alex Freund, Bob Herting, Jim Javorcic, Tom Karamichos. Mark Litviak, Adam Massey. Tim 
Moran, Robert Mueller, Scott Paul 

244 Student Organizations 

Chi Psi 

Established 1912 

912 South Second, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Mark Moline, Brian Fox, Rob Schramer. Kelly Simonelic, Brady Fox. Wall Werner, Jeff Kane. Todd Fouls 
SECOND ROW Scott Costello, Kirk Muskma, Steve Hernan, Rob Castle, Grant Eaton. Brad Daniels, Chris Antonsen, 
Mike Phelps THIRD ROW Bill Brothers, Jeff Edfors, Mike McCray, Ray Mau. Wayne Way, Paul Proctor, Errin 
Armstrong, Tom Brown, Doug Anderson, Matt Murphy. Craig Czerlanis, Doug Michels. Ben Orzeske. FOURTH ROW 
Chris Riehs, Don Staunton, Brian Grutzius. Hoyt Griffin, John Musnicki, Jay Amador, Harry Anastopoulos MISSING 
FROM PHOTO Chip McConville, John Cronin, Randy Chiostri. Andy Valles, Gary Griffith, Ron Ehman. Jim Rupprecht, 
Jon Ransom, Phil Spencer. 

Student Organizaiions 245 

Delta Chi 

Established 1923 

1111 South First, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Peter Karazens, Aaron Leider, Mike Jawgiel, Brian Gross, John Trahan, Tim McCarty, Kevin Faley, Paul 
Muraca, John Podjasek, Kevin Brady, Alex Bogoievich, Matt Witt, Duane Boyd, Joe Lesniak. Mike Alesia, Jack Leider. 
SECOND ROW Gary Wilsey, Joe Lyons, Chris Vohname, Chris Waylon, Marty Lockmiller, Lou Wasilewski, Brian Lezak, 
Matt Gallimore, Steve Hammond, Bob Cardella, George Sandifer. Ken Rostowsky, Chris Krubert, Rich Carf, Mike 
Novosel, Jeff Robinson, Gary Buhle. THIRD ROW Todd Casper, Jeff Dressander, Lary Geis, Derrek Davis, Jeff 
Jochims. Bill Hunt. Joe Van Fleet, Dan Carrigan, Mrs, Pauline Boyd, Dave Geiselhart, Steve Goulet. John Churchill, 
Bob Holtcamp, Carl Jensen, Tom Hogan, John Sheard, Dave Barnshaw BACK ROW Dave Goberville, Brad Richards, 
Bill Mussatti, Rodney Harrison, Eric McRae, Erik Blinn, Jay Gunzy, Greg Farber, Bob Strandt, Jerry Weisner, Jeff 
Cardosi, John Passaglia. 


Student Organizations 

Delta Chi Seniors 

Established 1923 

1111 South First Champaign 

FRONT ROW Dave Geiselhart, Mike Alesia. Jack Leider, Lou Wasilewski SECOND ROW Dan Carrigan. Joe Van 
Fleet, Bob Strandt, Erik Blinn, Joe Lesniak THIRD ROW Bill Hunt, Bill Mussatti, Jeff Cardosi, Jerry Weisner, John 
Passaglia, Jeff Christensen, John Sheard, Marty Lockmiller BACK ROW Alex Bogoievich. Brad Richards, Eric Mcrae, 
Oliver Glenn. 

Studenl Organizations 247 

Delta Delta Delta 

Established 1920 

508 E. Chalmers, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Patty Malloy, Robin Lewis, Erin Lewis, Trish Nagy, Chesi Giannetti, Kathy Seghetti. Julie Thompson, 
Laura Price. SECOND ROW Carol Schultz, Dawn Petersen, Jamy Mukenschnable. Debbie Logan, Kitty Dierckes. Ms 
Davies, Jolene Hinton, Kathy Janick, Ann Schmid, Sara Fiedler, Patty Hubbard. THIRD ROW Carrie Stelnicki, Marci 
Unes, Val Stilwell, Julie Szidon, Candice Sone, Carrie Jaeck, Kerri Thoss, Liz Frasca, Rani Ahuia, Terese Bronson, Amy 
Bishop. FOURTH ROW Ann Donlin, Vicki McDonald, Diane McShane, Pat Sowinski, Joanna Cocalas, Sheila Rooney, 
Ellen Flynn, Annalisa Shaul, Joellen Pond, Desi Weber, Colleen Hughes. FIFTH ROW Julie Walters. Laura Ernst, Lyndi 
Kalinauskas, Margaret Sowinski, Mette Beckstrom, Tracee Lippold . SIXTH ROW Jennifer Hauser, Katie Ryan, Janelle 
Johnson, Dana Kozlov, Melinda Wright SEVENTH ROW Lynssey Leinberger, Faith Pyzyna, Lisa Alexander, Susan 
Catalano, Therese Concannon, Therese Remus, Carrie Callora, Sara Beth Castrale, Kim Kehe EIGHTH ROW Cari 
Kort, Sue Henkels, Diane Ott, Stacy Rudman, Laura Menke, Stephanie Huwer, Kelley Cross, Carol Ouska, Shannon 
Biregine, Susie Peterson BACK ROW Laurie Flanigan. Karen Sundahl, Stacey Chucro, Jean Reynolds, Jennifer Kim, 
Paula Lewis, Amy Adams, Susi Cohen, Laura Boatwright. Aliana Brown, Meg Mcenery, Tracy Delanty. Jane Archer, 
Sara Wendling, Lynn Brandt, Lisa King MISSING FROM PHOTO Julie Goldsmith, Gina Hanson. Deni Holmes. Christa 
Bermingham, Christina Bournais. Tricia Brady, Donna DiCesare, Beth Gallagher, Stacey Kazanan. Madeleine Kennedy, 
Cindy Kentra, Kirsten Kingsley, Audrey Lozuk, Christine Lunde, Michelle Manshio, Marilyn Maurer, Sonia Minnini, Mary 
Beth McCready, Sue Pope, Abbie Proctor, Lisa Rizzolo, Tammy Samuels, Lome Slavish, Sue Smith, Ami Weiss, Amy 
Baiadek, Susie Baruffi, Suzie Blum, Eve Brandstrader, Tara Casolo, Claire Cuccio, Kelly Doyle, Margaret Gilmore, Gail 
Glatz, Kristy Grohne, Kim Hovermale, Karen Ideno, Caroline Kadievitch, Cheryl Kingsfield, Lisa Korry, Cara Lewis, 
Missy Michael, Katya Pawlenko, Carole Orbeson, Sheila Rapasky, Renee Sawicki, Sue Schwab, Shaun Waldron, 
Christy Adams, Jackie Bush, Wendy Cissna, Cara Connors, Becky Dauparas, Maina Diment, Keri Giller, Trina Gilmore, 
Molly Griffin, Kim Grubb, Adrianne Ingrassia, Marcy Mcafoos, Mary McDermott. Kristen McKenna. Micki McLaughlin, 
Laura Menka, Kris Molander, Julie Perozzi, Tammy Rinaldi, Pam Rotter, Jill Sagmeister, Sandy Schroat, Anne Marie 
Schuller, Jamie Shannon, Rula Sihwail, Claudia Tilpe, Sue Zelinski. 


Student Organizations 

Delta Phi Epsilon 

Established 1925 

907 S. Third, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Rona Goldman, Michele Dineen. Laura Glassman, Madeline Connell. Susan Hammersley, Sheila 
Cunningham, Elissa Andler, Debbi Kirschner. Lauren Zibble, Lisa Sigafus, Sheri Cooperman, Randi Greenberg, Diana 
Field. Lisa Fox, Becky Lezak. SECOND ROW Izzy Parrini, Beth Abrams, Anna Lucero, Lisa Eisman, Randi Levmson. 
Lisa Lurie, Holly Gershanov, Julie Shamberg, Andrea Liberman, Gail Root, Elisabeth Cain, Robin Horberg, Robin Levin, 
Melissa Schwarz, Jodi Finsinger. THIRD ROW Melinda Scissors, Felicia Schwartz, Andrea Finkle, Wendy Shparago, 
Sheila Berk, Debbie Krolick, Brenda Lerner(advisor). Amy Belcove. Doree Zeitlin, Tammy Scott, Lisa Sidler FOURTH 
ROW Wendy Terry, Vicki Friedman, Meredith Finer, Marianne Royse. Jackie Byster, Lori Tecktiel, Elyse Rubin, Debbyi, 
Wenig, Wendy Glait, Ellyn Hauselman, Dayna Miller, Jill Sinar, Eve Schmall. FIFTH ROW Linda Tornheim, 
Cydney Sturt. Gail Levitetz, Susan Block, Mardi Kaplan, Carrie Helter, Laura Holtzman, Gayle Gomberg, Elise Blieberg. 
Pam April, Laura Polk, Cheryl Miller, Debbie Mallen SIXTH ROW Joanne Greenberg, Laura Lederman, Traci Newman, 
Jacki Beller, Kathleen Todd. Beth Levine, Susan Schram, Caroline Kurita, Brenda Kravets, Debbie Bransky, Kathy 
Banashek, Susie Baker, Laura Lundgren, Heidi Ruda. SEVENTH ROW Julie Schmall, Tami Himmelfarb, Jayne 
Schaffer, Mary Dennis, Leora Granston. 

Student Organizations 249 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Established 1919 

110 East Armory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Mike Shageman, Scott Isacson, Dave Cutsinger, Gary Faulkner, Jeff Wolinski, Gary Stewart, Dan 
McHugh, Ray Scanell, Ed Delaney. Todd Scurio, Rich Htwe, Mike O'Grady, Dave Furdek, Pete Magnuson. SECOND 
ROW Mike Kelly, Greg Kerr, Pete Touchet, Mike Hoffman, Jim Hoppenrath, Mike McPeek, Paul Becker, Tim Vavre, Jim 
Lemkau, Mark Koziol, Tod Ruxton, Jim Spencer, Bob McKune. Mark Bazzeta, THIRD ROW Dan Nitsche. Mark 
Johnson, Pete Ernst, Tom Kniery, Mark Lemke. BACK ROW Dan Peresi, Vas Russis. Mike Borghesi, Eric Stubenvoll. 
Dave Daneliak. Mike Lane, Andy Rosa, Doug DeCanio, Brian Richards, Rick Walker, Al Grane, Bill Corcoran, Bob 
Machak, Steve Barnett, Greg Otto, Bob Masulis, Harry Blacklock. 


Student Organizations 

Delta Sigma Phi Seniors 

Established 1919 

1 10 East Armory, Champaign 

: RONT ROW Mike Quigly, Mike OGrady, Mike Ruona SECOND ROW Dan O'Brien. Mark Bazzetta. Pete Magnuson, 
^hris Hayes, Todd Thompson, Grant Van Voorst. John Geiser BACK ROW Ed Delaney, Jim LemKau. Andy Rosa. Bob 
/IcKune, Jamie Burke, Ray Winkel, Harry Hild, MISSING FROM PHOTO Rattle, Ski, Wheels. Barney, Hulvat, Poncho, 
\iff. Circuithead, Moonman. Slam, Ernat, McNick, Sidles, Canuck, Addari 

Student Organizations 


Delta Tau Delta 

Established 1872 
713 W. Ohio, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Martd D'Amoure, Derrick Goss, Paul Calamari, Scott Cousins, Tim Lyne, Sean Barry, Chris Kendall, Jeff 
Mirman, Jeff Mickey, Bill Collins SECOND ROW Joe Barnabee, Scott Casey, Brian Aldred, Ed Fulton, Jim Behrend, 
Mike Yacullo, Craig Besant, Steve Becker, Gary Paaren, Matt Sokolowski, Dave Bredemeyer THIRD ROW Tim 
Campbell, Matt Wilson, A.J Cederoth, John Lucia, Steve Dressel, Dan Goelz, Keith Splitgerber, Scott Stevens, Rich 
Caner, Chris Eichorn, Jason Marshall, Mike Oilschlager, Jeff Munn. FOURTH ROW Glen Willet, John Doherty, Steve 
Grosklaus, Jeff Middendorf, Mark Nelson, Brian Sterret, Jeff Colman, Jim Engelhorn, Frank Roney, Pete Kelso, Jim 
Dennis, Dave Burns, Troy Roberson, Greg Gordon, Bob Faust, 


Student Organizations 

Delta Upsilon 

Established 1905 

312 East Armory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Randy Mullendore, Mark Grippando, Rich Eggemeter, Lou Losacco, Fritz Nelson, John McGrail, Mike 
Cox, Todd Burns, Phil Mohr SECOND ROW Ray Masa, Charles Montgomery, Brett Kraimer, Mark Smith, Chris 
D'Hondt, Walter Phillips, Todd Borrowman. Eric O'Daffer, Vince Pappalardo, Marty Plesh, Dave Hecht. Al 
Frankenberger, Dave Sheikh, Frank Agatucci, Todd Boak, Brian Steck THIRD ROW Steve Rahe, Andy Totten, Jon 
Ellis, Tom Kelly, Bill Zywiciel. Wade Warthen, Tom Jutfernbruch, Bret Dellinger, Dave Wise, John Whittenbarger, Scott 
Macinnis, John Scheid, Kip Halverson FOURTH ROW Chris Hagen, Dave Tarboletti, Mike Seymour, Karl Johnson, 
Doug Cook, Mike Foster, Alfie Swartzbaugh. Kurt Winiecki, Scott Throneberry, Brian Williams. Pete Marcy, Mark 
Gerhardt, MISSING FROM PHOTO John Conrad, Dave Johnson. Mike Starcevich, Matt Gloss, Brad Dunn, Andy 
Kurkulis, Chris Tuveson, Dave Vickery, Nate Suddeth, Al Acosta, Steve Herman, Andy Linden Meyer, Dave Haug, 
Brian Trowbridge, Greg Milani, Brent Esworthy, Lou Friedman, John Bleck, Tom Hoffman, Jim Tritzura. Dan Burns, 
Vince Fajardo, John Peterson, Brian Elsbernd. 

Student Organizations 253 

Evans Scholars 

Established 1951 

1007 South Third, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Patty McKenna, Margaret Johnston, Marty O'Connell, Mike McMahon, Joe Gembala, Bucky Siwik, Pat 
Hennelly, Dana Tarandy, Kevin Keogh, John McCarthy, Phil Narcissi SECOND ROW Tom Schmidt, Frank Moster, Jeff 
Johnson, Jim Roach, Sean Lawlor, Rick Torres, Joe Cunnane, John Goldrick, Pete Repak, Tom Brand, Chris Hanacek, 
Chris Cizek, Joon Lee. THIRD ROW Mark Dilger, Joe Cameli, Todd Jackson, Ken Raczek, Orrin Wolf, Kevin Geraghty, 
Kent Steffen, Brian Smith, Joe Marchioretto, Mike Boland, Paul Chesek, Rich Excell, Rich Ahnger, Dwayne Gorter, Tom 
Gorman, Ian Johnson, Pat Ahern. FOURTH ROW Brian Murphy, Tom Gorman, Chris Lyons, Mike McNamara, Jim 
Ewers. Bob Birkenes. Mike Roach, Jim Johnston, Tim O'Hare, Pete Smykowski, Sam Marzo. Mike Wolford, Doug 
Laskowski, Matt Marchioretto, Don Young, Stan Balog, Marty Boland. FIFTH ROW Neil O'Keeffe. MISSING FROM 
PHOTO Mike Bagley, Glenn Balog, Robert Byrne, Jim Cull, Dan Fossier, Paul Groas, Ron Gryga, Marty Halm, Jim 
Kalmes, Irene Kania, Mo Kearney, Steve Keogh, Tim Kohut, Joe Kranz. Dave Lobocki, Jerry Monkman, Laura Moran, 
Eric Nield, Larry O'Connell, Dave O'Neill, Dan O'Rourke, Mary Parziale, Tim Patno, Emmett Purcell, Tony Raspanti, Jim 
Read, Rob Rose, Scott Rose, Bill Ryan, Dave Sieracki, Jeff Sprandel, Mark Sweeney, Greg Taviani, Robert Urchell 


Student Organizations 


Established 1914 

809 W. Pennsylvania, Urbana 


.•<%:: i *£- 

FRONT ROW John Repp, Matthew Schertz, Gary Uken, Barry Knjmwiede, Vaugh Boehne, Paul Olson, Don Rich, Don Carlson, 
Steve Hawkins, Todd Fatheree, Doug Hortm, Dave Goodell. Travis Smith, Frank Hickey SECOND ROW Brent Bidner, Brad Orr, Dyke 
Barkiey. Phil Weihmeir, Sam Kramer. Mike Grasher, Mike Kollman, Curt Mattan, Todd Kimbte, Brent Hmkston, Brent White, Evan 
Lemenager, Jim Butler THIRD ROW Bob Koonce, Nick O'Neill, Dave Humprey, Byron Shotts, Jeff Bergfeld. Jim Mann, Bart 
Hardesty. Grant Barth, Jerry Gaffner, Kevin Parkhouse. Pete Brown, John Mills. Steve Turtle. Craig Bidner. Staley Huels. Todd Hubble, 
Greg Down, Bill Keegan BACK ROW Jeff Fourez, Brad Riskadel. Jon Mayfield, Ron Kapraun, Dave Oxford, Mike Builta. Chad 
Barnes, Brian Bertelson, Jeff Anderson. Andy Sprague. Dan Meyer, Tom Durbm, Todd Dirtmer. Kent Bugg, Brian Uken, Bob Benz. 
Keith Wilken. MISSING FROM PHOTO Pete Gill. 

Student Organizations 255 


4-H House 

Established 1934 
805 W. Ohio, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Jann Heberer, Jacilyn Meyer, Knsta Jensen, Andrea Suligoy, Tracy Wood, Cecille Widolff, Leanne 
McNamara, Melinda Miller, Jennifer Beyer, Mary Huelsman, Jill Hayward SECOND ROW Lori Butler, Tina Ankney, 
Carol Faust, Stacia Walston, Erin Hundt, Lisa Burling, Janet Hoffman, Chris Lyons, Sharilyn Madison, Suzan Campbell, 
Debbie Sommer, Gail Geissler, Diana Trainer. THIRD ROW Joan Tuisl, Karilyn Stoll, Carolyn Flack, Maureen Healy, 
Valerie McClelland, Elizabeth Gaines, Susan Duffield, Angie Newport, Gretchen Pfeffer, Lisa Nordman, Debbie Fesser, 
Silvana Louden. FOURTH ROW Janet Helms, Diane Birch, Kindra Carmichael, Darcie Wesson, Jane Goss, Elaine 
Nelson. FIFTH ROW Becky Stubblefield, Elizabeth Beutel. Julie Laible, Tama Moreland, Tena Kaiser, Mary Thatcher, 
Pam Nash, Helen Hart, Lynn Lenschow, Cindy Stirret, Michelle Jones, Sherry Eilts MISSING FROM PHOTO Susan 
Bogner, Caron Gray, Gloria Jensen, Rosalie Rogier, Kathy Empen, Lisa Perino, Tammy Uken, Sandy Georgie. 


Student Organizations 

Gamma Phi Beta 

Established 1913 
U10W. Nevada, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Lisa Karcher, Kathy Brown, Stephanie Tolen, Donna Peota, Liesa Benn, Denise Zaverdas SECOND 
ROW Elise Buckley. Abby Rhamey, Eileen O'Neill. Musette Vogel, Patty Martinez, Laura Mulopolus THIRD ROW Kelly 
Boggs, Debbie Rojek, Terry Stanke. Anne Straznickas, Michelle McGould, Mary Tunis, Anna Oakley. Tom Deardorf, 
Kathy Niemietz, Wendy Bowen. Sara Rice, Cathy Livak, Pam Austin, Missy Colangelo FOURTH ROW Sandy Hamilton, 
Diane Petkoff, Jody Winter, Lynn Dudek, Eliza Gallo, Julie Pawelczyk, Colleen Shanahan, Paola Pescara, Erin Schon. 
Sheera Lall, Maureen McMahon, Kelly Moran, Julie LaPointe, Jill Rithmiller, Beth Spohr, FIFTH ROW Tina Liv, Sandy 
Budde, Robyn July, Beth Hershbach, Elke Werderman, Nancy Knight. Erin Rogers. Ellen Berkelhammer. Mary Ann 
Stahel. Anne Ryder, Lauren Adams, Heather Casselman, Julie Mulopolus. Diedre Dombek. Theresa Lisnich, Angie 
Vavaroutsos SIXTH ROW Katie Gibbons. Aleisha Khan. Diane Donoghue. Jenny Schultz, Lisa Davis. Sara Honcharuk, 
Jean Montgomery, Audra Brown. Nancy Radzevich, Navara Prendergast, LouAnn Corey, Paige Bohannon, Jane 
Madden, Lisa Still, Kathy Zeller, Carol Dimonte, Kim Moore, Lisa Brown. Joan Less, Diane Sciacca. Sue Geshwind. 
Anna Schnell, Keri Brennan. SEVENTH ROW Bev Sorkm, Meg McSherry, Knsta Watson, Bettinia Rousos. Beth Walker, 
Kim Nair. Nancy Schuster. Karen McMahon. Eileen Reilly, Myra Gonzalez, Megan Hall, Julie Teetsov. Tina Zeller, Kris 
Rembowski, Sonia Chung, Jennifer White, Nancy Price. Debbie Weismehl. Linda Travis, Wendy Gruenmg, Audra 
Manno, Sarah Law, Claudia Saran, Colleen Stone, Janet Deptuch. Stephanie Lannert. Lindo Gallo BACK ROW Dana 
Simaitis, Kate Coughlin, Eliza Hines, Many Hull, Martha Ambrey. Kristin Palandech, Wendy Mullan, Chris Olt, Cheryl 
Roge. Marguerite Rotunno, Laua Ladewski, Mirka Sulc, Lynn Ann Homolka, Sheryl Scavo. Mary Reeg. Joanne Manna 
MISSING FROM PHOTO Jenni Brandon, Sue Brunner, Ann Clifford, Jill Conoscenti, Paula Delcourt. Maria Delucia, 
Jody Dixon, Michelle Englehardt. Laura Feldkamp, Kathy Feldkamp. Valerie Kort. Ellen McGregor. Christy Mahan, 
Chen/I Manna, Marcia Mcllree, Martha Nelson, Claudia Nora, Can Pierce, Bethie Range, Jacquie Roberti, Carrie 
Robinson, Chris Schramm, Sally Schwarz, Loren Serder, Carol Shannon, Denise Siedleck, Erika Voss. Anita Wagner, 
Sue Winkleman. 

Student Organizations 257 

Kappa Alpha Theta 

Established 1875 

611 E. Daniels, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Emily Tseng, Ellen Dimler, Emily Kokenge, Stephanie Cooper, Kara Dewitte, Adrienne Colbert, Jane 
Sbalchiero, Cathy Stathakopoulos, Noony Weber, Shawn Kunkel, Nicole Macewicz, Jean Diab, Carey Kadota, Missy 
Taylor, Sally Nolan, Lori Ulbrich, Jorgette Dracos, Laura Molenkamp, Amy Vercelotte, Bonnie Hoover, Andrea Varesic, 
Rindy Finch. SECOND ROW Laurie Lezak, Donna Nydam, Ann Darby. Julie Flannery, Vera Bjelajac, Chris Brusca, 
Katie Pezza, Karen Centella, Diane Landmann, Karen Oliva, Gina Mueller, Beth Slovick, Barb Shephard, Kathy Rappel, 
Amy Kesinger, Laura Bramhall, Kim Ruck, Katie Wilson, Mary Coyle, Stacey Podlasek, Aimee Valleau, Sara Dill, 
Charlyne Fabi, Julie Bruggeman, Linda Regis. Molly Steinau, Susan Sherman, Peggy Allen, Jeannie Prendergast, 
Jolene Lowry. THIRD ROW Mo OMalley, Jenny Conway. Lisa Iskalis, Shelly — Jo Savage, Cathy Boyle, Stephanie 
McKinnon, Karin Ulstrup, Carolyn Bachmeier, Chris Ann, Sue Farley, Suzy Egan, Susie Stout, Sally Georgia, Madeline 
Goodman, Ellyn Chantos, Sue Chamlin, Anne Zenk, Sarah Chamlin, Jennifer Taylor, Jackie Johnson, Kiki Froberg, 
Christine Berenz, Kimberly Desjardine, Amy Converse. FOURTH ROW Krystal Mackey, Brenda Doyle, Janus 
Marciewic, Kelly Mors, Jennie Polkow, Amy Davis, Amy Hamilton, Jill Carlson, Kristin Iversen, Debbie Drewke, Chris 
Farley, Peggy Ruth, Liz Cusick, Shawn Gourdie, Michelle Adams, Marcy McKean, Pam Ebmeier, Kris Ehret, Kim Kuhar, 
Lori Kijowski, Barb Malacky, Marcy Longnecker, Dawn Thornton, Jenny Duffy, Samantha Cresswell, Julie Carlson, Katie 
Stogin, Margaret Byun. FIFTH ROW Renate Juengling, Terri Swick, Lee Schroer, Gretchen Hagle, Kelley Skelton, 
Sandy Pasternock, Jacqueline Colbert, Lynne Ausenhmer, Chris Moser, Liz Davidson, Anne — Marie Johnson, Jolynn 
Wick, Amy James, Amy Veremis, Suzy Hasen, Claire Corry, Kristin Engdahl, Ruth Chiluk, Chris Brill, Susan Prather, 
Cathy Casler, Whitney Wagner, Carol Sarmiento, Beth Reuvers, Kristin Grimes. TOP ROW Tracey Gadsby, Chris 
Eddingfield, Beth Horslev, Kristine Myers, Stephanie Marcy, Beth Georgia, Jenny Kruse, Anne Holper, Sue Haufschild. 
Dinna Laxamana, Laura Mickey, Patty Turk, Lynn Kullman, Laurie Amann, Keiko Hirata, Leigh AnneHenson, Lora 
Fosberg, Evelyn Petruleas, Deidre Watson, Natalie Schroeder MISSING FROM PHOTO Kim Bauer, Angie Baum, 
Tracee Bell, Martha Fechtig, Amy Frievogal, Stephanie Hale, Amy LaMothe, Lori Lukowski, Tracey Meares, Lorree 
Novotny, Lauren Patton, Tracy Ridder. 


Student Organizations 

Kappa Delta 

Established 1923 

1204 S. Lincoln, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Lisa Ubben, Amy Foley, Missy Kort, Dawn Trotter, Kim Hailey, Laura Pieracci, Lucy Franchini, Lisa Kizer, 
Heidi Benzinger, Peggy Rategan, Donna Scully SECOND ROW Tan Graded, Julie Schniedwmd, Nancy Chocol. Kathy 
Flotz, Lisa Cicero, Kim North, Karen Bolger, Gretchen Hagen, Felice Chu, Suzanne Rowe, Michelle Mulder, Tasmyn 
Scarl. THIRD ROW Stacey Karzen, Sharon Zalabak, Suzanne Sitzes, Tracy Gradert, Karen Costello, Julie Hoops, 
Carey Mullikin. Susan Randall, Kathy Zibart, Colette Clancy, Judy Zachanas, Lisa Coghlan, Lauren Hartley, Karen 
Gilberston, FOURTH ROW Nancy Peterson, Cathy Hayden, Lynn Weekley, Kim Faivre, Jennifer Jessen, Lorinda 
Beaman. Cindy Roberts, Cathy Virgilio. Carla Galvez, Jessica Koch, Becky Thompkins, Mary Flynn, Holly 
Vanderzanden, Julie Heckman, Karen Ryan. Angie Roscetti, Becky Busse, Tracy Windle, Macaire Corcoran, Jackie 
Noel. FIFTH ROW Allison Newhouse, Leigh Kndakorn, Jennifer Fondrevay. Eileen Dunlavy. Stephanie Copeland, Ann 
Goodner, Jodi Festenstein, Beth Reynolds. Kathy Mertes, Lynee Alves. Paula Fischer. Beth Kilton, Sydnee Sheets. 
Patsy Girzadas. Amy Johnson. Beth Degenhart. Jackie Miller, Mary Fifles, Kelly McNichols MISSING FROM PHOTO 
Shawn Adelmann, Cindy Aitken, Cheryl Arnholt, Kristen Bane. Mary Bos. Kara Buescher. Debby Burdette, Connie 
Fleischer, Chris Freda, Karen Madson, Sarah Manuel, Janet Mann, Erica Naleid. Kelly O'Hanlon, Beth Pieroth, Lorraine 
Preston, Jennifer Roth, Lena Ryman, Rose Semioli, Marcy Shernll, Amy Stanczak, Kathy Sullivan, Tracy Svab, Lisa 
Boyer, Kim Coleman, Laura Daray, Julie Fullerlon, Karrie Gehrholz, Man Golaszewski, Nancy Hildebrandt, Elise Kane, 
Nancy Katris, Pam Katns, Janice Koszczuk, Dawn Mass, Kathy McKinnon, Stephanie Moore, Lisa Pennino, Kim Pieper, 
Beckie Schultz. Alison Scott, Deanna Seward, Tina Toniuk, Tracy Two. Karla Weidner. Pam Whited, Jennifer Woulfe, 
Kristina Zahorik. Denise Lorence. Jackie Buckley. Julie Chicome, Amy Chilla. Anne Cutis. Kim DeJonghe, Jennifer 
DeMille, Betsi Dunbar, Elizabeth Garrison, Julie Gauvreau. Lara Keck, Kathy Kimball, Michelle Kreuscher, Jenni Laible, 
Chelle Ledam, Carol Lukomski. Molly McCabe, Melsa McKee. Cyndie Miller. Justi Miller. Sue Miller, Jennifer 
Osterbaan, Michelle Parmley. Meg Peloqum, Josette Peterlin. Kathy Proctor. Coby Pruzansky. Dawn Rossetto. Ellen 
Sanders, Kathy Schmiedeler, Kristin Simons. Ellen Siwek. Jennifer Snook. 

Student Organizations 


Kappa Delta Rho 

Established 1921 
1110 S. Second St. 

FRONT ROW Jeffrey Stern, Tedd Childers, Stephen Veach, John Pawlak, Ken Freehill, Christopher Chranko SECOND 
ROW Peter O'Brien, Bradley Katz. Wilson Huang, Roderick Clasaclang, Scott Harding. Kannan Sundaram, Douglas 
Snook, Mike Green THIRD ROW Eric Lounsberry, Thomas Benjamin, P. Marcelo Rodriguez, Peter Stromsland, Edward 
Abrams. John Oberhill, William Paris, Vince Fogt, Patrick J, Murphy II, Jeff Reed, Richard Miyazaki. FOURTH ROW 
Rodney DeLost, Scott Campbell, Stan Janusz, Kevin McLaughlin, Keith Cunningham, Joseph Korabik, Douglas Dicks, 
Paul Johnson, Douglas Kentz. MISSING FROM PHOTO Christopher Buti, Tony Gallagher, Jim Murray. Kevin Timmons 


Student Organizations 

Kappa Kappa Gamma 

Established 1891 

1102 South Lincoln, Urbana 

FHONT ROW Pam Kay, Gwen Lehman, Liz Warner. SECOND ROW Nancy Lambert, Patti Cappas, Mary OHalforan, Man Lekkas, 
Geri Shkoter, Teresa Kolcher, Suzy Nagel, Natalie Bums, Ji Hwang, Lynne Powell, Sara Stowe, Paula Werner, Mthelle Bruno, Chns 
Jungles. Amy McArtfiur, Kara Bettingham, Audra Tellat-Kelpsa, Suzette Moretti, THIRD ROW Sue Maloney, Darcy Rutherford. Ann 
Moyer. Amy Dordek, Andrea McBride, Amy Reynolds, Jenny McGuffin, Jennifer Aubry, Linda Sullivan. Usa Taylor, Monica 
McGougan, Jennifer Thadani, Beth Gordon, Julie Joyce, Beth Baker. Cyntha Safar. Angle Hemngton. Ellen Nagel. Cecelia Toricelli, 
Hope Madigan. FOURTH ROW Shelia Bums, Lynn Weaver, Lisa Nielsen Karen Jaraczewski, Cathy Barney, Deb Sammons, 
Kathteen Hogan, Josephine vlllegas, Debra Andrews, Ann Maloney, Mary Ellen Creen, Lisa Balagtas. Mary Kay Lucas. Helen 
Mastoris. Dina Zissimopoulos. Julie Hillebrand, Cindy Siwa, Beth Young, Sharon Pankus. Colleen Kelsey, Jodi Gldsmith, Lynda 
Kaufman, Mary Ann Madayag, Chnsta Geiger. Knsten Lahey, Laura Moore RFTH ROW Amy Hollman. UrxJa Dominiak, Chris 
McCormck. Mindy BucK Dina Lucibelb, Kim Green, Michelte Manahan, Sharon Buscemi. Kim Firestone. Usa Rodrian, Sue Silhavy, 
Courtney Morris. Jeanne Jackson, Amy Goberville SIXTH ROW Ann Forsyth, Janice Butter, Heidi Mckelson, Denise DeRosa, Kathy 
Perez, Diane Gallrvan, Patty Hynes, Mary Ann Mack. Amy Vavrek, Lisa Lebovte. Margo Canahan, Amy England. Shem Fontana. 
Cathy Condon, Beth Verbrugghe, Eve Karkazis. Usa Mendel. Michelle Hettinger. Beth Cronin SEVENTH ROW Meg Miller. Mary 
Bums, Missy Wieland, Polfy D«on. Lesle Barnes. Celeste Gray. Heidi Kaelin. Julieanne Ctemmons. Jule Phillips. Beth Bach, Cathi 
Cappas, Laura Zobel, Nicole Can. Cathy Denny. Ashty Hyland, Enn Schlosser, Sue Riley EIGHTH ROW Julie Greenberg, Kns Read, 
Susan Stedronsky, Jacqui Marchese, Indy Raju. Michelle D' Andrea, Jill Kordell. Sue Corcoran. Jill Upton, Dana Kurth. Kathy Berst, 
Claire Vonnahme, Usa Robertson, Amy Coan. Christine Hinton, Katie Rchert, Audrey Engelman, Patty Ambre BACK ROW Jenni 
Dick, Jennifer Bulin, Kris Troike, Mary Divane, Nancy Hendncks, Jenny Konen, Karen Daley, Jem Gawronski. Amy Ueberman, Susan 
Schmidt. Terri Wasserman, Jennifer Miller, Missy Bolan, Kathy Unneman. Tammy Terrell. Laura Diamond. Meg Kinney, Kate 
DesEnfants, Therese vlllegas, Sarah Jorgensen. Kathy Forgas. Lara Manheft. Jill Shipley, Usa Doherty MISSING FROM PHOTO 
Darcy Crane, Emily David, Ron! Gaseor, Lorraine McDevitt. Mcheline Mcoread. Lynn Moran, Usa Rohe, Karen Schmitz, Karen Vallero 

Student Organizations 261 


Kappa Sigma 

Established 1891 

212 East Daniel, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Chad Olsen, Kevin McFadden. Dan Schneider, Dave Williams, Jim Ryan (secretary), Mark Morris (vice-president), Tim 
Harvey (president), Mark Anderson (pledge trainer), Paul Daschka (treasurer), Mark Raschke, Dan Setlak, Andy Aschta SECOND 
ROW Phil Hattwick, Chris Buckner, Derek Kenneaster, Dave Spangler, Bill Chamberlain, Jim Mueller, Tom Nolan, Mark LaRusso, Jerry 
Nau, Mark Bridges, Kevin Bense, Matt Hahn, Ray Nason, Jay McKeown, Scott Ritchie, Frank DiMaggo, Phil Lageschulte, Paul Negn, 
Ray Chao THIRD ROW Joe Armagno. Kit Runge, Jeff Hettenbausen, Beto Guajardo, Tim Hawley, John Travnik, Tom Foley, Mike 
Davis, Scott Doden, Don Drever, Steve Marciniak, Kevin Goodnight. BACK ROW Doug Bruce, Paul BcJger, Mike Hubbard, T.J 
Rapach, Dan Licata, John Fedus, Mike Marsaglia, Steve Langer, Jim Tooley, Greg Lewis, Bill Scheidhauer MISSING FROM PHOTO 
Rich Bianco, Kyle East, Tom Foley, Edgar Jiminez, Pete Jardin, Scott Kossman, Rick Krunfusz, Keith Lake, Garret Leach, Frank Lunn, 
John Marchalya, Trent Mayberry, Greg Miller, Pat Puebla, Anton Purkart, Jim Rowault, John Volker, Chris White 


Student Organizations 

Phi Delta Theta 

Established 1848 

309 E. Chalmers, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Jim Parker, Andy Fischer. Sieve Mellon. Mike King. Ralph Kooy, John Kurkowski, Andreas Marcus. Jim 
Ostry, Claude Jacob. SECOND ROW Ron Gabbard. Malt Busch. Rick Gibson. Rob Madayag. Chris Kane. Carl Noble. 
Jim luorio, Rich Schmitt. John Mazzei, Jeff Kline. Mike Kang, Bob Schmeider, Craig Freir THIRD ROW Jim Callanan, 
Tim Madden. Pat Garot, Steve Hutt, Tadd Kozial, Scott Bolen, John Marshal. Bob Ramanowski. Jim Grant. Fred Durer. 
Dennis Kelly. Scott Grass. Jim Langelund, Tim Dewyer FOURTH ROW Tom Parkes, Corky O'Connor. Rob Devreis, 
Jon Bobb. Chris Martain. Mike Bushman, Mike Keller, Brad Sterling, Paul Castronova. Brian Riedy, Dan Sullivan, Brian 
Bielinskl, Mike Stamatopoulas, Tim Chron MISSING FROM PHOTO Tom Mason, Mike McTaggart, Joe Spallone, Bob 

Studenr Organizations 


Phi Kappa Psi 

Established 1904 

911 South Fourth, Champaign 

FRONT ROW John Diamond, Jackie 0', Scott Wilderman, Sam Black, Rob Brandt, Chris Kulusic, Neb E. Nahabedian, 
Darien Collings, Sweetheart Dudek SECOND ROW Jake Flora, Mike SanRoman, Big Dog, Chris Osborne, Joel 
Lafferty, Vince Giannini, Dean Fales, Doug Meyer, Bob Dochterman, Ross Arthur Prindle, Dennis Zender, Ted Axotis, 
Daryl Baltimore, Tom Phelan, Dr, Jewfbird, Dave Swanson. THIRD ROW Dan Beland, Wubby, Steve Hamann, Frank 
Sullivan, Bud Vecchio, Terry Smith, Joe Dalesandro, Kevin Dorken, Rob Will, Mike DeGuilio, Pedro Otero, Tony Troyke, 
Chris Smith, Tim Kenney, Mark Keller, Pat McGrath, Mike Falagano, Paul Rathke FOURTH ROW Dominic Tunzi, Todd 
Borchardt, Shiv Shaffner, Al Brandt, Jose Gonzalez, Mike Dulla, Jerome Bennet, Kirk Hamilton, Mike Gawne, Kevin 
Russell, C.U, Later. FIFTH ROW Bob Rusthoven, Charlie Black, Tutor, Tom Nack, Rich Hayes SIXTH ROW Bill 
Peterman, Jeft Wheatley, Matt Beach CASTLE Anthony LaMantia, Wes Trainer, Emma. Mark Brenner, Mark Caifano, 
Brownie. MISSING FROM PHOTO Paul Rudolph. 


Student Organizations 

Phi Kappa Tau 

Established 1916 

310 East Gregory, Champaign 

: RONT ROW Hans Ehlert. Kevin Ahern, Gregg Cahalan, Scott Lynch, Mike Stanfill, Kevin Christopher, Frank Myers, 
I.R. Strickland, Joe Jestus SECOND ROW Bob Walsh, Pete Hayman, Jack Gierat. Matt Hayes. John Grammer, Kurt 
/arlin, Ken Myszkowski THIRD ROW Tim O'Meara. Mike Faust, Tim Singh, Matt Fmnegan, Tom Ponder, Steve Panko, 
: OURTH ROW Bill Spallone, Steve DiMarco, Rick Johnstone. Kevin Hattendorf, Jim Janowski FIFTH ROW Larry 
deyer, Mike Snyder. Phil Reiman, Eric Smith, Mike Woodards, Bob Dickrell, Tyler Bolen, Tom Thornton, Kevin Arrison. 
Jill Colbert SIXTH ROW Jeff Raimo. Mike Kurtzman, Jeff Walls, Joe Gierat. Dana Catalano. Jeff Stokes. Dave 
lacocks. BACK ROW Dave Charles. Joe Burger. Matt Dietrich, Chris Wood. Brent Lewm. Todd Carter, Pete Moutuk, 
/ike Van Swol. 

Student Organizations 265 

Z/y///,-y/M^/^/ : 


Phi Kappa Theta 

Established 1912 

1106 S. Third St., Champaign 

FRONT ROW Charles Wood, James Dickson. SECOND ROW: Mick Tinsley, Allen K. Wolf, Tony Rogers, Mark Adams, 
David Daub, Richard 0. Lewis, THIRD ROW Frank Holas, Robert Cedergren, Phillip Blizzard, Mike Kim, Sandro Boglio, 
Ted Barber, FOURTH ROW Michael Fischer, John Sullivan, David Griesheimer, Robert Ghislandi, Andrew Duerkop, 
Mark Whittinghill, Tim Wiltshire, Thomas Cosbey, David Fischer, Scott Baldwin, David Walker. FIFTH ROW Mark 
Towne, Jeff Neuschwander, Prashanta Laddu, Steve Farr, Ric Ryan, Tom Eddington, Brian Shearer, Ed Plebanek, Dale 
Kroeger, Scott Hednck, Mark Olsen, Dale Hoogstraat. BACK ROW Party Moose, et. al.. MISSING FROM PHOTO Scott 
Adams, Tom Alcoser, John Canty, Tim Cassidy, Dean Clause, James Conte, Kory Fox, Richard Hamilton, Horim Jang, 
Brian Johnson, Jeff Landry, Richard Larson. Joseph Mancusi, Timothy Maher, John Robert Menees, Zach Schumm, 
James Steigelmann, Karl Storm, Jeff Stute, Scott Whitehead, Richard Williamson. 

266 Student Organizations 


Established 1921 

302 East Armory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Laura Prochaska, Angie Nierman. Amy Grishkat, Lynn Bieritz. Audrey St Jean, Dena Mahon. Gayle 
Goldsmith, Tami Trizna, Karen Quasny, Mary Sims. Valerie DeSalvo, Anna Colby. Dana Overton, Jule Furmanek, 
Jennifer Robell, Coutney Keogh. Jessica Brune. Sarah Nawara, Kim Pape, Sue Swigon, Beth Hayden SECOND ROW 
Bngid Mattingly. Sue Fitzpatrick, Michelle Marciniak, Jennifer Hanna, Elizabeth Meier, Robyn Ritzpatrick, Kathy 
Leverenz. Meg Gorman, Robyn Diesi. Sue Barnes. Chris Wisnosky, Linda Parillo, Lorene Eckman, Barbara Folkrod, 
Debbie Iniganda, Kristina Day. Lisa Aprenkle. Betty Coulolias, Eileen Lanzarotta, Doris Whildon, Karen Drabot, Sharon 
Gorden. Melanie Mann THIRD ROW Lynn Weberpal. Kathy Parr, Tracy Graeff, Becky Sampson. Beth Sikes, Christine 
Solvsberg, Kristi Kramer. Eva Steider. Julie Lindau. Wendy Harrington. Karen Chorley, Marie Satti. Micchelle Bella, Lori 
Van Etten, Lori Hite, Stacy Karel. Lynnette Johnson, Margaret Connolly. Davida McBnde. Colleen Sims, Alison Lafferty 
FOURTH ROW Cathy Heselbarth. Theresa Mura, Elaine Wisnosky, Colleen Deming, Leslie Rieches, Sandy Nelson, 
Candi McNeel, Michelle Latimer. Kathy Keck. Cheryl Meier, Nicki Hanekamp. Laura Kim. Sarah Booth, Katie Turner, 
Amy Bramel, Carrie Sue Painter. Sue Francis, Lisa Mulholland, Lynette Loges BACK ROW Liz Auer, Marcie Thorp, 
Anne Marie Stare, Valerie Mann, Holly Scholfield, Chen Lager, Julie Okon, Kathy Imig. Heidi Thoren, Marilyn Case, 
Caroline Kneafsey, Leann Kunasek, Holly Longuich, Dianne Carli, Beth Hecht, Lisa Hickey, Beth Brayshaw, Theresa 
DeSalvo. Jill Dispensa, MISSING FROM PHOTO Kelly Becker, Julie Curry, Kathy Duda, Diane Fiste. Jody Greathouse, 
Cailm Harrison, Sandy McLean. Jennifer Park, Shelly Pechulic, Michele Peterson, Stacey Rachesky, Gina Resetich, 
Dawn Sheets, Paula Widholm, Jessica Young, Stacy Alberts, Karen Diombala, Beth Dowen, Mary Beth Herr, Mary 
Horton, Laurie Kunasek, Colleen Paten, Wendy Stern, Ellen Trimble, Diane Harmening, Valerie Kokoris. Kathy Kovitz, 
Constance Mika. Merry Olivero, Wendy Pullman, llene Rich, Jenny Snyder, Michelle Soudier, Sue Tomaras, Maggie 
White, Lisa Bell, Lynn Ciabatten, Sonya Costello. Laura Damenian, Melissa Dianovsky, Debbie DiMaggio, Mary Pat 
Drummond. Pam Kraus, Connie Settles, Shauna White, Jennifer Winarski 

Student Organizations 267 

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Established 1910 

1004 South Second, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Jim Barker, Dennis Weedman, Dan Polvere, Zeus, Doug Kieffer, Mike Nantz, Don McLoughlin, Dave 
Zander, Todd Asper, Eric Detweiller. SECOND ROW Brian Fudacz, Marty Ward, Bob Blum, Joel Davison, Pete 
Davison, Jim Padavic, Mark Hemphill, Fred Peronto, Mike Yopp, Ed Jaracz, Jeff Wilken, Dan Stih, Mike Schmidt, Dave 
Ratzer, Jim Woodier, John Chinski, Mark Thompson, Mike Lehman, Pete Hwang, Kurt Tyrell, Al Weinman, Craig 
Goding, Dan Harmon, Chuck Kurnick, Bing, Mike Dawson. THIRD ROW Mike Beeftink, Dan Trauth, Jeff Herald, Frank 
Briody, Andy Dyer, Magne the Evil Clown, Phil Ohst, Ray Mehling, Dan Harmon, Dave Ruth, Brian Woody, MISSING 
FROM PHOTO Bill Haubold, Chris Mooney, Jack Hewitt, Mark Stern, Lome Frank, Al Marble, Ofer Sharon, Todd 
Delong, Barry Federici, Jim Augustyn, Steve Honeywell, Andy Dillon, Darren Jones, Bruce Petrie, Jim McNelis. 


Student Organizations 

Phi Sigma Sigma 

Established 1913 

902 South Second Street, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Tracy Palm, Marta Brautigan, Laura Spindler, Christine Bassi, Beth Kieffer, Audra Hortin, Chris Brown, 
Lillian Prodanich, Kathy Best, Dawn Tonnozi. Karen Harenza. Susan Finnel, Anne Handler, Sandy Scanlan. Julie Kim, 
Kimberly Kelly. Jennifer England, Dawn Pavich, Shelia Duermit, Mary Nix SECOND ROW Trey Winters, Nancy 
Stanner, Michele Widman. Jennifer Cosco, Susan Sherwin, Patty Hickey, Kathy Nagel, Marnie Murphy, Barbara 
Richards, Susan Fine, Frances Foley, Dawn Reyling, Amy Skaleski, Erin Schertler, Jodi Bequette THIRD ROW 
Stephanie Healy, Nancy Stewart. Laurie Wilson. Maureen Drewno, Laura Alcock, Kelly O'Brien, Victoria Hartwig, Jackie 
Morrison, Kieron Sponburgh. Jeanine Fobert, Jodie Kho. Susan Vandusen, Lorna Luedtke, Dawn Marmcic, Pam 
Maybaum, Jennifer Schroeder. Victoria Rojicik, Susan Reichle, Patrica Novak, Julie Schwab FOURTH ROW Stephanie 
Westerheide, Mary Cabanski, Michele Lederman, Sally Cohen, Marcy Huttas, Kathy Lynch. Lori Wollerman, Chris 
Maslan, Rima Salaymeh, Tracy McGovern, Terry Discher, Maria Vogel, Jodie Epstein, Lindsey Lafferty, Ellen Whowell, 
Kristin Jirik, Beth Cummins, Julie Sommerfield, Linda Guthman. Lee Lai. Adrianne Szmack, Sue Shusta FIFTH ROW 
Ann Fraser, Lori Lindquist, Peggy Wiemer, Kim Ferguson. Tern Weiss, Carrie Crilley, Margaret Vranicar, Karyn 
Swanson, Alison Eads, Ellen Radke. Diane Kohlbecker. Kathie Henschler, Jan Jackson, Dawn Steiger, Cindy Kirts, 
Karen Swaback, Melanie Muhl, Erinn Raferty. Julie Wagner, Ann Trusk, Kathy Belt, Robin Bailen SIXTH ROW Kim 
Yakas. Jodi Patel, Sarah Simon. Laura Chapman. Karen Behrends. Denise Bukala. Lisa Grawey. Nan Fountain, Jessica 
Clarke. Nikki Coyne. Allison Odom, Audrey Rossate. Dian Vincent, Susie Gittler, Amy Stech. Kris Bunnelle, Patty Walsh, 
Terri Meints, Dayle Bridgeman, Michele Helms. Lana Gasmovic, Carol Huss, Kathy Byrne, Paula Mathieu, Kris O'Tool, 
Barbara laconelli, Melanie Murphy, Laurie Markus. Deanna Parliment, Kara Halstd. Laura Butz. Susan Dobson. Mary 
Sullivan. Cathy Grzlewski, Ker Thompson BACK ROW Michelle Levie. Julie Johnston, Sally Mathis. Margaret Garvey. 
Kay Shumacher MISSING FROM PHOTO Margie Earl, Judy Eisenberg. Julie Fauble. Mary Garross. Ann Hurrelbnnk, 
Kay Kellerhals, Sandy Regan 

Student Organizations 269 


i Beta Phi 

Established 1895 

1005 South Wright, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Amy Wheaton, Karen Ollila, Katie Thomson, Kathy Messitt, Tammy Rennick, Heather Murray, Sandy 
Peterson, Shannon Burns. Michelle Savercool, Amy Anderson, Annette LaSage, Lisa Miedzianski SECOND ROW Ann 
Fields, Kathy Nankervis, Pam Larson, Kathy Hutchinson, Sarah Laven, Sheri Nelson, Shelia O'Connell, Mary Ellen 
Muha, Laura Smith, Linda Puryear, Jenny Diehl. THIRD ROW Christina Norris, Ann Perry, Julie Aplington, Leslie 
Barnier, Debbie Scilingo, Colleen Nelson. Michelle McCoy, Jill Parsons, Barbie Hendricks, Cathy Birdsall FOURTH 
ROW Mary Ellen Mager, Mary Milas, Lee Lindberg, Megan Narby, Gina Tessmer, Carolyn Nethers, Sonya Hardin, 
Janet Long, Debbie DeFina, Natalie Daniels, Kelly Riley, Tracy Correnti, Jill Powers, Karen Hall, Debbie Stoldt, Amy 
Holler, Peggy Pendleton, Heidi Mayer, Becky Baumgarten, Michelle Emery, Maria Traunch. Katie Werr FIFTH ROW 
Tracy Randall, Marybeth Donnelly, Julie Holzhall, Robin Okamoto, Cindy Schwenkler, Gina Hoekstra. Monica 
Gerth, Laura Paarlberg, Laura Hararz, Michelle Retxer, Carmen Heaton, Juliet Lin, Kim Gibbons. Mary Peterson, 
Caroline Syran, Melissa Walcott. Megan Doherty, Tara Walling, Brenda March. Ann Marie Vogel, Julie Hall, Beth 
Plattner, Stacey Durley BACK ROW Amy Shields, Nancy Charpentier, Lori Peterson, Chris German, Ann Laven, 
Carolyn Dzik, Jamie Krukewitt, Lisa Eischen, Sue Fearins, Pauli Pang, Kim Edwards, Lisa Diaz, Jill Sauder MISSING 
FROM PHOTO Lisa Albright, Chris Anderson, Sharon Arthalony, Lori Becker, Karen Bielfeldt, Shawn Bill, Sandy 
Borrowman, Laurie Brandes, Kristin Callaway. Barb Carlson, Rose Casas, Jennifer Clayton, Karen Davlm, Molly 
DeJesu, Mary Kay Demski, Kate Deuter, Theresa Donnoe, Maureen Eaton, Tina Eckberg, Karyn Fell, Lilli Fields, Kim 
Garwacki, Shelia Gearica, Stacy Hawkins, Tammy Hayes, Ann Higgins, Julie Hmdsley, Marcia Hollyman, Stephanie 
Howard, Lisa Howlett. Ten Jansen, Laura Johnston, Suzanne Kirby, Tracy Kowalski, Kelly Littlejohn. Suzy Lohnert, 
Becky Loula, Kim Macey, Sheri Mackis, Diane Maurer, Ellen McRauth, Jane Menzenberger, Kim Merritt, Cheryl 
Mondschean, Carrie Montague, Nancy Montague, Nancy Mozer, Nancy Napier, Valerie Neubauer. Julia Norman, 
Mamie O'Connor, Heather Ogilivie. Ruth Pang. Cindy Potter, Karen Psenka. Karen Remhardt, Julie Roloff. Julie 
Rosenow,, Kris Roth, Julie Rubino, Betsy Schendel, Beth Schubert. Shan Shimkus. Kelly Snell. Cindy Sprague, Birgit 
Syran, Shawn Taylor. Monica Troesken, Katie Turner, Stephanie Ward, Sonja Winther. Tina Winther, Martha 


Student Organizations 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Established 1921 

306 South Gregory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW John Burkey, Mike McKinney, Gauray Shah, Pat Myers, Jong Ho Ham, Stacy Johnson, Dan Williams, 
John Chapman. SECOND ROW Ben Elzey. Barry Drager, Jeff Higgins, Randy Gibb. Mike Dennen, Anant Bhave, Al 
Limpin, Scot Senalik, Dave Kieffer, Rob Anderson. THIRD ROW John Katubig, Steve Taylor, Dave Dinsmore, Dan 
Shoor. Mark Gibb. Mike Herbert, John Costello, Dave Walter, Bruce Radke, Steve Madden, Howard Oiler, Greg 
Provencher. FOURTH ROW John Griffith, Kurt Wagner, Joe McLoud, Howard Fry, Damon Anderson, Jeff Puskarich, 
Mike Vujika, Jeff Overby, Mike Brunt, Eric Stoutenborough, Jeff Pankow, Randy Kline, Drew Coxhead, Joe Peabody 
BACK ROW Mike Reid, Mike Wersteine, Frank Evbank, Josh Salafsky. 

Student Organizations 


Pi Lambda Phi 

Established 1934 

1105 South First, Champaign 

FRONT ROW David Rosenston.Dan Scott, Jeff Levinson, Gregg Ponitch, Jay Ecanow, Benjamin Krumstock, Rob 
Schwarz, Craig Waxman, Dave Siegal SECOND ROW Sandy Perl, Adam Bossov, Mark Wood, Jordan Rubin, Neal 
Rosenblum. THIRD ROW Bob Godnick, Brian Barnett, Nick Riccardo, Mike Bender, Scott Miller, Alan Katz, Paul 
Lesser, Dave Greenfield, John Perl FOURTH ROW Richard Sugarman, Mitch Weinstein, Jim Winett, Evan Tzakis, 
Harold Lichtenstein, Mark Chodash, Scott Eirinberg, Paul Hirsch, Tim Tomaso, Ken Nussbaum. FIFTH ROW Gary 
Hazan. BACK ROW Lowell Yura, Kevin Chern, Mitch Silver, Rob Kaplan, Andy Cohen, Joel Saban, Ross Levey, Hal 
Wood, Ira Levie, Jordan Cramer, Scott Bulmash, 

272 Student Organizations 

Psi Upsilon 

Established 1910 

313 E. Armory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Mark Johnston, Stan Parker, Tim Detrich, Fermin Navar, Tom Anichini, Bob Madland, Ed Hogan, Ross 
Crotinger, Brent Langman, Sheigeki Makino. Sam Lim, John Janikowski SECOND ROW Mike Casper, Phil Kavanagh, 
Kurt Iverson. Matt Peterson, Dave Diprima. Jeff Kohl, Evans Pappas, Brian Hughes, Tom Slattery, Scott Brown, Al 
Hoover, John Dommis, Paul Rechenburg THIRD ROW Bob Lies, John Sulko, Tom Mattes, Tony Kim. Joe Byczek. Jeff 
Naour, Mike Kalitowski, Eric Madland, Doug Truskowski, Dean Mannakis, Todd Gmestra, Dave McNeela. Alan Hope. 
Jay McManus. Rob Auw. Dave McMillan MISSING FROM PHOTO Mark Bittner. Dennis Chen. Jim Cunningham. Jim 
Dickenson, Clancy Foley, Matt Fraker. John Hanlon. Bil Hanson. Chris Jones. Bill Kelly. Tim Knauf, Jefl Kohl. Tony 
Kremer. Dan Lehman. Mike Lowe, Al Minne, Dave Naour, Dan Obnan, Dev Praetor, Scott Schafer. Chuck Schick. Jim 

Student Organizations 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Established 1899 

211 East Daniel, Champaign 

FRONT ROW John Stanke, Tim Hettinger, John Fanning, Jon Theeke, Mark Shepard, Jim Mocarski, Dave Polyak, 
Gordon Reed, Brad Fishbach, Mark Adams, John Gustafson, Kent Kull, Ed Gausselin, Trey Hancock, Rodney Massey. 
SECOND ROW Chuck Alexander, J.J. Morse, Mike Mobley, Chris Lolli, Joe Fitzpatrick, John Domagala, Tom Latomus, 
Scott Stevenson, Todd Overturf, Sayed "The Kid" Darwish, Chris Siegle, Larry Gundrum, Mike Nichols, Paul 
Jamiolkowski, Chris Garwacki, Eric Woodruff, Scott Zimmer, Darren Tyson, Scot Miller THIRD ROW John Hare, Mike 
Prah, Matt Loyet, Bob Scott, Joe Orendorf, Kevin Elder, John Enderle, Kurt Fischer, John Brizzolara, Scott Flanders, 
Bob Newkirk, Ed Hansen, Lantz Turner, Larry Fitzgerald, Chris Crawford, Chris Dummelle, Brian Peterson, Jay Cutter, 
Jeff Martin, Joe Schwab FOURTH ROW John Bartels, Jim Snell, Marc Poskin, Eric Gould. Tim Drew, Scott Perez, Jack 
Hook, Neil Johnson, Mike Charpentier, Dave Roche, John Zack, Ed Vaughn, Eric Nelson, MISSING FROM PHOTO 
Mike Leister, Mark Johnson, John Oroni, Matt Loyet, Doug O'Neil, Dan Evans, Bob Vlk. Eric Schacht, Andy Gordon, 
John Rosch, Mike Browning, Chris Hazleton, Brian Holdampf, John Ward. 


Student Organizations 

Sigma Chi 

Established 1887 

410 East John Street, Champaign 

: RONT ROW Scott Morgan, Barrett Carlson. Todd Sarkett, Roger Dickey, Bret Pudik. Don Williams, Jeff Meltony, Mark 
Jappe, Tom Gorman, Bob Kasik, Steve May. Scott Norrick, Dave Gordon, Pat McQueeny, Jim Ward, Paul Kassner, 
Eric Krause, Tom Frei. SECOND ROW John Gross. Jack Walker. Burt Yeo, Warren Hood, Brian Bulter, Rich Hansen, 
Steve Linn, Phil Boggs. THIRD ROW Jon Kennet, Dan Larson, Eric Lautenschlager, Steve Thayer, Jason Payre, Eric 
.assow, Erik Barefield, Eric Filken, Tony Tosh, Mike Bowden, Ed Malone, Rich Spring. Brad Wentz. Tom Ellis, Steve 
todmark, Pebbles. Matt Joyce. John Roth, Greg Sutter. Dave Torres FOURTH ROW Terry Hackett, Dan Tausk. Dave 
_entz, Derek Holmes, Jerry Vainisi, John Shaver, Brian Childress, Otto May, Chili, Melestein, Chad Huston, Carl 
.arson. Stay-Puff MM, Blake, Jeff MacKay. Scott Marquardt. Darren, Pleaser, Eric Kahle BACK ROW Lerch, Punes. 
D'Kelly. Pumpkinhead, Rodhead, Looper. Palooks. Luds. Sarge. Chris Diserio. Poser. Mike Zamis. Kevin Nordquist, 
Rick Lmdholm. Jay Gottsman. Tom Carris. Thrill MISSING FROM PHOTO: Thor 

Student Organizations 


Sigma Delta Tau 

Established 1926 

1104 West Nevada, Urbana 

ALPHABETICAL Karen Abramson, Jodi Adler, Julie Alberts, Carrie Argirion, Michelle Avny, Geri Bass, Marci Becker, 
Sarah Bell, Julie Berk, JoAnn Berman, Karen Berman, Amy Bersnstein, Jeri Bernstein, Judy Bernstein, Lisa Bilfeld, 
Jennifer Blatt, Riva Blatt, Cheryl Bloom, Heidi Bobroff, Karen Brenner, Traci Brown, Karla Buckman, Mindy Bulmash, 
Cindy Cairo, Andie Cohan, Chris Cohan, Lisa Cohen, Debbie Cohn, Laura Cohn, Lisa Cole, Beth Cotler, Lisa Coder, 
Bobbi Dacks, Laura Delage, Marci Dolnick, Carrie Downs, Molly Edelstein, Christy Edson, Lirone Eichbaum, Laura 
Ellin, Beth Engel, Beth Farber, Michelle Feldman, Lisa Filler, Lisa Flashner, Marcy Friedlander, Marci Fromm, Michele 
Fullett, Susie Geren, Susan Ginsburg, Marci Gintzler, Susan Glass, Denise Glassman, Wendi Glick, Pam Goby. Caryn 
Goldberg, Darci Goldenberg, Romi Goldenberg, Jill Goldfine, Susie Goldfine, Andy Goldstein, Helene Goldstein, Julie 
Goldstein, Leslie Gordon, Stacey Gordon, Lisa Gottesman, Judy Granick, Lisa Grant, Michelle Greenberg, Julie 
Greenfield, Jill Hartzman, Shari Hartzman, Alisa Howard, Denise Igolka, Cheryl Isaacs, Stacey Jasper, Stephanie 
Kanarish, Dana Kaplan, Michelle Karlin, Maria Katz, Kim Kenton, Audrey Kessie, Lisa Kleeblatt, Amy Kolker, Andrea 
Kominsky, Beth Krouse, Beth Lapping, Cathy Lapping, Cindy Laser, Susan Lee, Cheryl Letwat. Hope Levin, Vicki 
Levinson, Michelle Levy, Cathy Lipman, Lisa Lipton, Tracy Litwin, Mandi Lobert, Dana Lubelchek, Iris Macower, Sharon 
Matten, Jane Matuk, Maria Meder, Debbie Meyer, Pam Migdal, Kirn Milner, Tracy Mittleman, Laura Morris, Jamie 
Orlowsky, Heidi Perlow, Susie Pinsky, Alyssa Polcek, Maria Porges, Natasha Prager, Francine Price, Cindy Protus, 
Debbie Rabinowitz, Susie Rabyne, Debbie Rockman, Jackie Rosenberg, Nancy Rosenberg, Lisa Rothenberg, Jodi 
Roy, Kim Ruche, Britt Rudman, Karyn Saltzberg, Maureen Saltzman, Ellen Schlossberg, Cindy Schwartz, Karen 
Schwartz, Penny Schubert, Giselle Sered, Jennifer Shaftal, Jamie Shanin, Ellen Shapiro, Sami Shilling, Donna Siegel, 
Felice Siegel, Jackie Silver, Susie Silver, Elyse Silverman, Beth Sinton, Pam Skurie, Kim Slotky, Liz Snyder, Lisa Sobel, 
Susan Sommers, Leslie Spitzer, Lisa Stein, Andrea Stiglitz, Jamie Stilman, Jamie Stillman, Erica Stone, llyse Strongin, 
Nina Sutker, Margaret Sweet, Linda Toback, Debbie Turco, Heidi Turek, Lisa Wax, Heidi Weinberg, Missy Weisman, 
Susie Weisman, Jodi Weiss, Vicki Weiss, Debbie Wellek, Ruth Werner, Edye Whitefield, Barbara Wilens, Kristin 
Williams, Beth Wilner, Maria Wilner, Diane Winograd, Eileen Yatvin, Mona Zemsky, Rachel Zucker, Audra Zuckerman 


Student Organizations 

Sigma Kappa 

Established 1906 

303 East John Street, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Loretta Spaniol. Barb Guelfi, Chen Dalbke, Carol Szekeley, Joan Chruscicki, Rebecca Goodlick, Jenny 
Peterlin, Colleen Sullivan, Bren Redmer. Dene Johnson, Donna Shim. SECOND ROW Andrea Stevanovich, Laurie 
Knotts, Katie Hendra, Cindy Schwartz, Jacque Willrett. Kim Centella, Judi Miller, Diane Husby, Fran Campanelli, Anne 
Berlaman. Ellen Mayer. Cindy Masbaum, Kathy Hilton THIRD ROW Kelli Eilers, Molly Crowe. Can Chlebos, Amy 
Moore, Tanya Newlin, Sharon Hartzel, Pam Cocalas, Lisa Swanson, Kim Vansco, Marcy Lemler FOURTH ROW Cheryl 
Razca, Toby Levine, Sue Peterson, Linsa Liesman, Maureen Jones. Kelli Kory, Jill Funke, Beth Obrecht. Hope Kluge, 
Shen Wiechowski, Wendy Skoff, Shelia Flynn, Julie Adams, Julie Contes. Susan Lee FIFTH ROW Jane Brouwer, Amy 
Hayes. Lynn Zwirn, Cathy Czekala, Lori Smith, Beth Nowicki. Monica Lussmg. Sarah Freedlund, Sandu Kaufman. Laty 
Treanor. Lisa Fairhead, Lisa Hammel, Cindy Sowle, Kim Meyer. Emily Heidenry, Linda Molitor SIXTH ROW Betsy 
Pickering. Lori Heyen, Nadine Schneider, Stacie Palfy. Dawn Bastian, Tnsh McConnell, Cindy Culison, Maria Stem, 
Anne Hubka. Kim Allegretti. Paige Jerrett, Cathy Bronec SEVENTH ROW Kris Eggers, Peggy McAndrew. Joyce 
Witkiewicz. Joan Schuman, Brenda Sipes. Beth Heiberger, Shelly Weber. Julie Van Treek, Cindy Brittain, Elizabeth 
Vrentas. Kay Wimpy. Joanne Gutenson, Beth Brown EIGTH ROW Kim Wray. Carol Pedone, Stephanie Krug, Diane 
Neugebauar. Jennifer Quade, Beth Mornsan. Anne Vansco, Jodi Obrecht. Jen Needham, Chris Savage. Sandy West. 
Deidre Ponzer, Christy Whitney BACK ROW Michelle Belczak, Sarah Hannagan, Laurie Biersach, Michelle Willison, 
Melissa Crook. Cathy Sayon, Stephanie Sarns. Lisa Marre. Mindy Meyer. Laura Scnmgeuor, Sally Sturek, Janet 
Batchelor MISSING FROM PHOTO Karrie Anderson. Patti Berardis. Sue Birkner. Jennifer Dungan. Zip Dynan, Christy 
Fraser. Missy Frey, Katy Giesecke, Lara Hawks, Britt Hendirckson. Knsten Hillenbrand, Tanja Illy. Sunny Kim. Patty 
Lepak, Jodie Lindstrom, Sharon Locascio. Cheryl Lynch, Joy Meeker, Lori Nowoc. Mario Oeschel, Valerie. Puccini, 
Kristin Rusick, Paula Schulze, Michelle Sebastian, Brenda Siegel, Paula Stahl, Suzy Tpflat. Heather Williams 

Student Organizations 


Sigma Nu 

Established 1902 

1007 West Pennsylvania, Urbana 

FRONT ROW Erick Duncan, Mike Bergendorf.Neil O'Brien, Mark Jenkins, Tom Prince, Mike Hotchkin, Grant Razee, 
Mike Stuckey, John Kosowski SECOND ROW Dave Fleischmann, Brian Harper, Mike Johnston, Jeff Jenkins. Joe 
Sgarbossa, John Hummel, Warren Wisniewski, Micheal Glatz, John Kuffel. THIRD ROW Rich Byrne, Mike Milam, Ron 
Cornell, Ken Krisofek, Tim Kerne, John Dini, Jim Eaton, Rex Edmonds, Todd Wilken, Chris Diggory, Gregg Rithmiller, 
John Conrad, Scott Twyman, Larry Feldman, J D. Sandfort BACK ROW Bob Gilmore, Chris Gleason, Rich Jarecki, 
Scott Sensmeier, Paul Dykstra, Dave Dotson, Ed Babcock, Greg Gleason, Todd Sheridan, Mike Ritchie, Terry Horn, 
Bob More, Daryl Sandfort, MISSING FROM PHOTO Jeff Alcantar. Shaw Dahman, Matt Dickey, Chuck Dyer, Tom 
Foster, Carl Gilmore, Jeff Grammer, Dave Gustafson, Pat Heppe. Josh Hoffman, Ray Kloss, Tim Klotz, Jerry Lindley, 
Joey Luse, Chris Mann, Mark McGowan, Mark Morrison, Pat O'Connor, Clint Ohlers, Chuck Rizzo. 


Student Organizations 

Sigma Phi Delta 

Established 1928 

302 East Gregory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW B Scott Leaghen. Byron Wynn, Roxanne C Smith. Vince Clark SECOND ROW Peter Popovich. David 
Kintz. M Andy Lowe, Joel Enckson THIRD ROW Brian Jockson, Jason Souden, Eric Anderson FOURTH ROW Bruce 
Purvis, William Vogel, Randall Hem, David Forder. Timothy Staber, Chris Simonelic, Thad Briggs BACK ROW 
Lawrence Melvin. David Hulsman, Chad Sandslrom, Gregory Hedlin, William Robey. Andy Hill, Christopher Ashby, 
John Mutka MISSING FROM PHOTO Bryan Davis. Brett Douglas. Jack Howard, Douglas Knapp. Paul Linder. Steven 
Seaney. Joe Spud. Robert Sweeney, James Woods, Todd Ramsburg 

Student Organizations 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Established 1903 

1105 South Fourth, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Jeff Tyrell, John Ruggles, Rob Siemasko, Brian McCormack, Peter Kim, Dan Dosen, Dave Laird, Steve 
Swanson, Kevin Klanderman, Matt Jones, Barry Proctor, Jesse Ruiz, Andre Pineda, Stan Ray, Rich Daualos SECOND 
ROW Scott Hitchens, Dan Byrd, Joe Marquette, Mike Dillon, Carter Gnodde, Mike Snyder, Brian Leuenhagen, Kris 
Rich, Steve Tardio, Brian Kamm, Kelly Pieper, Brian Moore, Chuck Shallat, Bob DeMarco. Ken DeMarco, Allen Girnus, 
Dave Read, Dave Hunnicutter, Paul Saravskas, John Calzaretta, Tim Hughes, Lance Hinton, John Thomas, Ed 
Sudduth, THIRD ROW Mark Brumwell, Thad Bookman, Rob Engelhardt, Bill Merrick, Tom Pearl, Ken Nowak, Tom 
Kelly, Chuck Anderson, Rob Berg, Kevin Zator, Dave Mitchell, Dan Fedor, Scott McCarron, Troy Pratt, Jim Saum, Ravi 
Dhillon, Bill Marcordes, John Ehlert. FOURTH ROW John Sommer, Hans Roderich, Joe Gonzalez, Don Mayszak, Stef 
Durdic, Rob Metz, Greg Ferko, Brent Virgin, Rick Parham, Dave Trendler, Mark Swinford, Gary Burge, Tom Jennings, 
Eric Cagle, Brian Spiller, Dave Baysinger, Joe Delucia, Jim Miklas, Mike Wiggins, John Murphy FIFTH ROW Jim 
McClelland, Craig Agney, Jeff Lange, Dave Berent, Dave McCammon, Pete Mihalakakos. Andy Burke, Jeff Miller, 
Jonas Keliuotis, Tom Cherwin, Doug Pawlowski, Jeff Hurt, Leif Landon, John Kuantas, Kirk Laudeman, Mike Hartigan, 
Mike Nunez, Tony Ebbole, Rick Stler, John Arends, Steve Gorski BACK ROW Kevin McCormack, Brad Paulsen, Steve 
Kasten, Matt Harmon, Kean Minnie, John Quartern, Kurt Ogden, MISSING FROM PHOTO Brian Beard, Chris Belford, 
Keith Bruce, Roger Chancellor, Chris Dineen, Steve Frank, Frederick Jewell, Dan Kniep, John LeonGuerrero, Mike 
Murphy, Dennis O'Connor, Kevin Polhschmidt, Eric Rose, Tom Roth, Matt Schwarz, Brian Smith, John Warren, Greg 
Wellwerts, Mark Hanfland, Scott Kalata, Nick Nicholas, Rob Pecaric, Dave Seide, Doug Zalis. 


Student Organizations 

Sigma Tau Gamma 

Established 1953 
47 E. Chalmers 

FRONT ROW Fritz Freidinger, Tim Wayne, Don Harkins, Jeff Ackerman, Jeff Mattson, Mike Miller, Paul Jensen, Eric 
Zima, Brian Slocim, Kevin Taaffe, Scott Nielsen. SECOND ROW John Caspar, Larry Sanderman, Tom Hipp, Dan 
Nelson, Frank Hanzlik, Jong Kim, Mike Marchuk, Pete Buh, Tim Eggers, Tim Eckhardt, Dave Sepe, Jeff Wargo, Jeff 
Puis, Mike Fleck. THIRD ROW Ssteve Okimoto, Jason Maxwell. Steve Wallace, Rob Metzger, John Karam, Tim 
Rudolphi, Bill Trail, Wally Casey, Jeff myer, jeff Davies, Jim Everle, Carl norman, Matt hughes, Dale Randol, Mark 
Winkler. MISSING FROM PHOTO Kevin Costello, Scott Casagrande, Tony Wilson, Joel Schad, Matt Flink, Phil Hagen, 
Curt Kibler, Rod McGillivray, Mike Lawtface, David Forrer, Chris Hammitt, Phil Babcock, Andy Jewell, Mark Olson, 
John Weber, jon Hall, Fred Weaver, John Bachanowski, Dave Perry. 

Student Organizations 


Tau Epsilon Phi 

Established 1924 

105 East Armory, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Gerald Pyre, Bruce Goldstone, Dean Wiegle, Gary Malis, Phil Levin, Rod Mazure SECOND ROW Jeff 
Galinkin, Jerry Fradin, Craig Cotton, Scott Harris, Gordy Malis, Scott Hershinow, Miles Ellenby, Rich Fingard, Seth 
Berlin, Ken Gradman THIRD ROW Elliot Pinsel.Mike Hoffman, Lenny Becker, Ramil Mendoza, Brian Malis, Danny 
Greenberg, Ross Cahn. Rich Warne, Bill Kelly, Barry Greenberg. Michael Hochman. Rich Rotblatt BACK ROW Andy 
Jaroze, John Coult, Steve Segar, Scott Weintraub, Chris Goodsnyder, Jim Archie, Mike Gillen, Adam Rosenbaum, Mike 
Fell, Dan Kneip, Dave Wexler 


Stuili-M Oreani/ulHM' 


Established 1907 

112 East Daniel, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Bob Scheid. SECOND ROW Tom Varga, Ed Karls, Ronald Reagan, Dave Starkston, Ed Staehlin, Jeff 
Douglas, Ed Gomez, Arthur Kuo, Jim Stapleton, Jay Pittroff, Roman Berka, Allan Eayrs, Bob Moll, Gil Vivanco, Bob 
Tata, John Tu, Dennis Lee, Rob Gustafson, Mike Chu, Paul Martin, Josh Crowder, Todd Musleh, Bruce Gluckman. 
THIRD ROW Doug Miles, Pete Kuhns, Tom Nicholas, Tom Hoetft, Jeff Baker, Rich Haywood, Ron Migler, Tom 
Verachtert, Danny Reynolds, Teo Limosnero, Howard Kwon, Steve Hoffman, Tim Hoefft, Kevin Clark, FOURTH ROW 
Dave Hixson. Chris Knoll, Scott Smith, Matt Talbott, Joel Hubert, Todd Cordill, Mike Carrell, Ken Barlow. Nick 
Triantafillou, Joe Dohany, Mike Rojewski, Goran Stojkovich, Dave Cushing, Mike Antoniewicz, Stuart Gaetjens, Eric 
Rushing, Tom Beifuss, Bill Buttimer. Norm Brown, Ivan Steber, Mike Johnson, Guy Grant, Mark Pool BACK ROW Chris 
Zuiker, Joe Doedtman, Ron Solsrud MISSING FROM PHOTO Steve Stutz, Drew Johnson, Rob Bluhm, Paul Westphal. 
Leif Sloan, Keith Hamburg, Jim Hoexter, Kurt Schnelle, Ed Svihla, Patrick Ryan, Mark Sargent, Mike Warner, Darren 
Cepulis, Steve Coad.Eric Gudim, Jason Dy, Camron Amin, Lee Campos-Moya, Rusty Myers. Gary Walther. Roy Crettol, 
Joe Nebel, Volker Schulmeyer, Scott Campbell. 

Student Organizations 283 


Zeta Tau Alpha 

Established 1921 

1404 South Lincoln, Champaign 

FRONT ROW Julie Wilmes, Laura Chenault, Lisa Goodman. Krista Walsh, Sue Dobias, Mill is Grudzien, Kathy Homma. 
Colleen McNamera, Kristine Kowalski, Kathy Kerrigan, Stephanie Surles SECOND ROW Karla Crockett, Chistine 
Mueller, Joanna Abrams, Erika Hendrickson, Eve Kotlarz, Lori Woodward, Kristen Drew, Donna Johnson, Lori Gorman. 
Gwen Gibbs, Mary Mervin. THIRD ROW Linnea Hall, Kathy Tedesco, Chris Lmdley, Amy Weir, Lori Bettis, Carol 
McLaughlin, Natalie Bosecker, Teresa Sheridan, Julie Upper, Sherry Rhodes, Janet Lonsway, Elizabeth Matyazic, 
Pernelle Moehle, Jill Bonn. FOURTH ROW Melanie Fialakowski. Kristen Enckson. Brenda Fletcher, Karen Burgin, DeDe 
Derricks. Debbie Petefish, Sharon Sobczak, Karen Kolzow, Erin O'Brien, Dena Miller, Colette Caggiano, Sharon 
Hwang, Maureen Flynn, Kathy Kumorek, Valerie Walker, Joanne Vuich , Nancy Jacobsen, Patty Mathes, Karen Plantan 
FIFTH ROW Julie Siegrist, Shannon Daily, Nancy Wolf, Mary Meyer, Laurie Rezek. Amy Mudgett, Alisa Loomis, Cathy 
Connell, Lisa Pitner, Kathy Hayes, Nancy Van Ostrand, Any Wertheim, Kathy Plantan, Anna McCoy, Kristie Hemenway, 
Lisa Allen SIXTH ROW Susan Sieron, Chris Bobak, Cindy Peterson, Karen Wolf, Tracey Sehnoutka. Prabha 
Parameswaran, Kim Kempf, Jean Jensen, Zany Alnaqib. Jama Thurman, Kim Roster, Cathy Basnik, Betsy Burgoyne. 
Suzanne Manhart SEVENTH ROW Kathy Kuetemeyer, Lisa Banner, Emily Harris, Teresa Burgin, Liz Riordan, Dawn 
Jackson, Cheryl Cnm, Cathy McCoy, Helen Yu, Sandy Hoff. Laura Milas, Kim Meyers, Cindy Kamilar EIGHTH ROW 
Sue Murray, Pam Spahn, Rose Nolan, Colleen Serna, Gen Gilbert, Judy Roraff, Carol Goldsmith, Sarah Nugent, Ellen 
Sedlacek, Sarah Gehant. Lyncia Pasillas, Cathy Brown, Ginger Douglas, Chris Gruber, Nancy Snow, Terri Ewing, 
Tammy Davis, Lisa Linville, Shelly Volhng. BACK ROW Linda Stewart. Chris Moody, Jann Anderson, Chris Olson, 
Dawn Janich, Pam Clemens, Martha Cassens, Jennifer Hochstrasser, Judi Morrison, Teresa Stubsten, Jan Smith, Julie 
Gendrich, Kyna Van Briggle. MISSING FROM PHOTO Michelle Blain, Deserae Bushong. Marnie Ferrero, Chris Gray, 
Laura Milani, Lisa Muirheid, Michelle Picha, Kim Riker 


Student Organizations 


FRONT ROW Trudi Wise. Karen Parker, Caroline 
Lober, Lisa Shanholtzer, Sally Harryman, Nancy 
Obrzut, Karen Nagle, Karen Lieberwein, Kaki 
Lampert SECOND ROW Stephanie Zilch, Kelly 
Bruton, Kathy Couri, Leslie Kendrigan, Edie 
Kowalkowske, Chris Corso, Edie Freels, Linda 
Chesla, Jennifer Gusse, LeaAnn Petty, THIRD ROW 
Laura Baldwin, Julie Morse, Puneet Kochar, Kelly 
O'Malley BACK ROW Carole Humphrey, Angie 
DeWeese, Jennifer Me|dnch, Vicki Merkel, Amy 
Alfonsi, MISSING FROM PHOTO Danielle Aceta. 
Julie Frommeyer, Laurie Goodie, Diane Grigus, 
Debbie Ulson, Mary Schwaba, Jennifer Sheagren, 
Janelle Walker 


FRONT ROW Sharon Schneider, Julie Malitz, Julie 
Stein, Elissa Rosenthal, Deena Lippitz. SECOND 
ROW Cheryl Newman, Cheryl Levine, Shelly Nahm, 
Wendy Smason, Gail Pivar, Debbie Weinstine, 
Michelle Gross, Penny Friedman. THIRD ROW Julie 
Munchnik, Gayle Bereskin, Cheryl Levin, Laura 
Mozin, Stacy Gerber, Lisa Freed, Lisa Gelfond, 
Jaime Greene BACK ROW Gail Pearlman, 
Stephanie Sherman, Beth Desnet, Lori Freed, Bonnie 
Fine, Robin Udany, Joyce Altshuler, Abby Strauss. 

Student Organizations 



FRONT ROW: The bellman SECOND ROW: Gilly, 
Sherm 'A BJ BACK ROW: Boomer, Creme. 
Thunderlips, Spaz, KR, Preebs. Maxy, Banshnakov, 
Slider. Sly MISSING FROM PHOTO: Apte'. 
Chuckles. Harpo, Twinkie, Korol, Scooter Bates 


FRONT ROW: Jodi Bates. Michelle Aceto. Cheryl 
Benner, Beth Pfeitfer. Lisa Tarvin SECOND ROW. Paula 
Moyer, Lisa Athinakis. Karen Kozak. Brenda Baer. 
Donna Nelson, Audrey Ambrosim, Coleen Prewitt BACK 
ROW: Angela Reitz. Kim Petreikis, Julie Pasiuk. Canssa 
Johnson, Jill Schmoe. Carrie Axelson. Maria Starr. 
Deanna Weiss MISSING FROM PHOTO Dawn Avery. 
Tammy Fox, Wendy Marconi, Romra Ream. Kim Rude. 
Missy Passaneau. 

286 Student Organizations 


FRONT ROW: Fred Brandstrader, Chris Sroczynski, 
Bill Kosik, Rudy Rodriguez, Joel DeTella SECOND 
ROW: Billy Dee Williams, Doug Harrington, Marty 
Josten, Greg Fombelle, Dave Schunng, Gordon 
Waddilove. Mike David, Jim Morrison, Craig 
Jesiolowski, Jim Bennett, Mark Schroeder BACK 
ROW: John Born, Bob Zunker, Brian Hamann, Todd 
Patterson, Dave Bagger, Jim Koehler, Marty 
OMalley MISSING FROM PHOTO: Chris Arger, 
Mike Chiszar, Greg Davis, Dave Dinschel, Dave 
Fabbri. Tony Frankiewicz. Tim Gaffney, Kipp Goll, 
Ken Golla. Joe Hertel, Kurt Jesiolowski, Joel 
Lehman, Doug Maltby, John Marovich, Jack 
McCarthy, Tim Mitchell. Scott Nordlund, John Novak, 
Brian Oeltgen, Jay Ondra, Jack Peirce, Mike Zadeik 


FRONT ROW: Wynne Griggs, Sue Thayer, Angela 
Anderson, Tracey Urban, Annette Biek, Diane Cifuentas, 
Rebecca Lentz, Jossie Spelman SECOND ROW: Ginny 
Fulks, Diane Koucky, Amy Anfenson, Michelle Wolter, 
Debbie Kemmann, Kris Kastner BACK ROW: Irene 
Sanderson, Marilyn Horbelt, Cheryl Grubb, Pam Kissel, 
Katnna Rocke, Kathy Pergande, Allison McCulloch, 
Carole Jenks. 

Student Organizations 





Pamela Jane, Skelly, Scary, Ward, Sara, Kathy, 
Lisadrew THIRD ROW: Linda, Spak, Shut-up-Dina. 
Tunafish, Kathy, LJV, Reo, Mimi. FOURTH ROW: 
Maursie, Steff M , Dubaneece, Tricia, Laurie, 
Stephan-E, F FIFTH ROW: The Bartender at 
Murphy's MISSING FROM PHOTO: Abijail, Coco. 
Jennifer"V P "Hermann, Ingrassia. Julie Jones, 
Vicki'The Presidenf'Pohlman, Beaner, Handy, Lena, 
Robin Fox, Butty, Lois, Mo Mc, Betsy, Gnat, The 
Ganger. Meeglit, Cathy Hansen, & Honorary senior 
Smoira Fogarty 

i| Alpha 

FRONT ROW. Nancy Schwaller, Lynnette Sherwin, 
Denise Dettman, Beth Duin, Angie Lucas, Sue 
Horvath, Cecilia Mascunana, Deanna Kraatz 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Melissa Cross. Valerie 
Puszynski. Mary Waite, Jenni Yeager, Kathy 

288 Student Organizations 


FRONT ROW: Rob Flanagan, Steve Norgaard, Chris 
Lovm SECOND ROW: Kevin Keller. Jim McAndrew, 
Brett Smith. Ted Herbig, Bill Smiles, Greg 
Lowenstein, Todd Swikle THIRD ROW: Eric 
Seamands, Jeff Wallace, Tony Wrzosek. Brad 
Leighty BACK ROW: Dan Kulczycki, Mike Casteel, 
Mark Vasconcelles, 



FRONT ROW: Betsy Anson, Faith Fuqua, Kay 
Kimura, Jenny Frazin. Becky Brdlik, Joanne 
VonAlroth SECOND ROW: Kaci Parlette, Kathy 
Hultenhoff, Michelle Wheeler, Barb Hansen, Lorelei 
Hass, Cindy Guthoff THIRD ROW: Debbie Huber, 
Moiya Murphy, Caroline Mulheran, Peggy Snyder, 
Vicky Cullman, Karen French, Julie Wilson MISSING 
FROM PHOTO: Sue Carson, Katy Flodstrom, Janet 
Filar, Beth Hanley. 

Student Organizations 





FRONT ROW: Kalhy Prusak, Barb Hildebrand, 
Cindy Wilson, Sue Scott, Amy Hessling, Kathleen 
Leiser SECOND ROW: Joan Olsen, Sunya Tweeten, 
Lisa Rehn, Paula Pisczcor, Sue Stapleton, Lisa 
Westervelt. Kelly Morrison, Ann Gam THIRD ROW: 
Sandy Gross. Tammie Baker. Cathy O'Reilly. 
FOURTH ROW: Ellen Dumbovich, Amy Pinney, 
Tracey Kaplan, Brooke Remick, Trish Wall, Nancy 
Matthews FIFTH ROW: Denise Hopwood, Gina 
Fechter, Kendra Bratton, Sue Hyser BACK ROW: 
Kathy Eisner, Kris Lord. Tracy Gilbert, Cyndi Glenn 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Diane Kleernan. Mindy 
Fritz, Jennifer Peters, Suzanne Beaty. Patty Zablock, 
Mary Ann Davy. Sue Langan, Cadden Sylvester, 
Janell Dunphy. Lisa Stidd 


FRONT ROW: Mark Moline. Jay Amador SECONC 
ROW: Paul Proctor. Brad Daniels. Doug Anderson. 
Doug Michels. Ron Ehman. Jim Rupprecht BACK 
ROW Hoyt Griffin, John Musnicki MISSING FROfv 
PHOTO: Walt I feel stiff" Werner 


Student Organizations 


10NT ROW: Jolene Hinton. Kathy Seghetti. Denise 
jlmes, Sue Pope. Chesi Giannetti, Rani Ahuja. 
ish Nagy, Debbie Logan. Laura Price, Patty 
jbbbard. Candice Sone. Valerie Silwell, Liz Frasca. 
urie Jaeek, Amy Bishop. Kathy Janick, Terese 



FRONT ROW: Kelly Kopis. Debbie Pierson. Jennifer 
Noga, Stephanie Church, Michele Nelson. Anne 
Ream. Amy Niemann, Tracy Kleronomos. Beth 
Henrichs. Margie Schramm, Liz Handler. Michele 
Dixon. Lisa Doles, Tammy Mcintosh. Mira D|Ord|ic. 
Liz Walsh, Anny Deliyannis SECOND ROW: Beth 
Engelhardt. Debbie Jenkins, Vicki Petrow, Krista 
Johnson, Catherine Brunton, Maura Branitf. Tracy 
Jarvis, Karen Scannell, Julie Borgsmiller. Sophia 
Arzoumanidis, Ann Hester, Anne Gorecki. Michelle 
Moye, Amy Bestow, Kristin Koeppen. Lisel Kedzior, 
Nancy Dusza, Debbie Hartner, Wendy Wagner, Lisa 
Schmidt. Amy Schoettle THIRD ROW: Helen 
Alfirevich, Denise Yochum, Carla Blum. Krista 
Pederson. Sharon Vlaisavich, Tracey Meyer. Stacey 
Joy. Chris Maier, Kris Massey, Julie Berg. Mary 
Gerdts, Lori Brandt. Debbie Ballanni. Mary Cartland. 
Tanya Mullms. Danette Durbm. Jennifer Wheetley. 
Julie Baxter, Karen Szwed, Katie Baxter. Tiffany Lo. 
Stacy Simms, Marcey Becker. Michelle Dworak. 
Karen Banks. Kristyn Denzel, Eileen Ward. Amy 
Steindl, Kris Conti, Tabby Hopkins. Leslie Eiser, Lisa 
Hermes, Wendy Hulmes, Chris Atkenson FOURTH 
ROW: Missy Golz. Kate Bergin. Sue Velisavl|evic, 
Laurae Nielson, Kim Cantalupo, Sally Grandcolas. 
Erin Cook. Debbie Cook. Traci Walker, Kristin 
Young. Jenny Janovetz. Kate Otis. Maggie Donnella. 
Valerie Resler, Julie Shoemaker. Marcey Becker. 
Erica Meister, Desiree Denoyer. Beth Girardi. 
Chrissy Ward. Sue Howdle. Brenda Toland. Joan 
James, Jeanne Hardy FIFTH ROW: Mrs Crump, 
Leah Jesse, Joelle Robertson, Paula Hancock. 
JoEllen Scully. Erin Geraghty. Tara Wernsing, 
Stephanie Dodge. Peyton Howell, Sara McLaughlin, 
Cherie Lenzini. Stacie Mayoras. Tern Derma. Sue 
Smith. Anne Krause. Megan Hardiman, Kathy 
Christopherson, Ann Muno. Susan Casparac, Alison 
Kraai. Meg Fitzpatrick, Amy O'Bradovich Liz Keller, 
Sue Smylie. Cassie Giroux, Carrie Fischer, Krista 
Sebastian, Margaret McCarthy, Ivana Zelenkovich 
BACK ROW: Anne-Mane Harrison. Brenda Nartker. 
Kim Baker. Melissa Bass. Michelle Hubner. Rebecca 
Rinehart. Heidi Onken, Susan Henderson, Cami 
Beaber. Julie White, Debbie Nartker, Beth Wilke. 
Laura Newton, Ann Fratesi, Laura Hermsmeyer, Kim 
Zimmerman. Lisa Dauderman, Angie Miller, Erin 
McDonald, Kelly Green, Jennifer Jaruseski. Melissa 
Moreton, Kathy Brotka, Beth Eicken, Nancy Mason 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Mary Frances Budig, 
Tricia Caldwell, Kelly Croll. Paula Hancock, Ann 
Hester. Kathy Kercher, Kathy Knapp, Alyssa Noll 
Beth Schieber, Staci Tarleton. Lisa Williams 

Student Organizations 





FRONT ROW: Beth Schieber, Anne Ream, Debbie 
Ballarini, Beth Henrichs, Danette Durbin. SECOND 
ROW: Brenda Nartker, Amy Niemann, Margie 
Schramm, Julie Berg, Krista Johnson THIRD ROW: 
Julie Baxter, Kim Baker, Tricia Caldwell, Lisa 
Williams, Liz Handler, Michele Nelson, Catherine 
Brunton, Tracy Kleronomos, Ann Hester, Lisa 
Hermes. FOURTH ROW: Debbie Hartner, Heidi 
Onken, Vicki Petrow, Lisa Doles, Tammy Mcintosh, 
Staci Tarleton, Michele Dixon MISSING FROM 
PHOTO: Carla Blum, Mary Gerdts, Kelly Green, 
Wendy Hulmes, Tracy Jarvis, Jennifer Noga. 


FRONT ROW: Terry Wenslow. Nick Schmelzer, Gary 
Shreeves SECOND ROW: Dave Ramp, Scott 
Clement, Mac Brown. Dan Bellows THIRD ROW: 
Mike Kestner, Craig Denby, Mike Ruff, Mike Ballard, 
Lee Serota, Roser Witek. Andy Chudy, Kurt Maxwell 
BACK ROW: Mike Maher, Bob Baker. Juan Gaitan. 
Bob Zitko. Pat McLay. Alan Miller, Bill Muse. Nick 
Sereno. MISSING FROM PHOTO: Al Dul. Scott 
Hamiel, Doug Marshall, Tom Muhs, Richard Povmelli, 
Dave Sima. Chuck Tolan 


Student Organizations 



lONT ROW: Jackie Kurtz. Debbie Krolick, Heidi 
da, Melinda Scissors, Andi Lieberman. Eve 
hmall, Ellyn Hauselman, Lisa Eiseman SECOND 
)W: Lori Boehm, Cathy Dimou. Amy Stone, Sheila 
rk, Marcy Borodkin, Liz Cain, Lisa Lurie, Holly 
irshanov, Debby Wenig, Wendy Shparago, Andrea 
ikle, Gail Root, Julie Shamberg, Felicia Schwartz 
SSING FROM PHOTO; Amy Belcove, Lori 
fdon, Randi Levinson, Susie Rich, Jill Sinar, 
ree Zeitlin, Dayna Miller 


FRONT ROW: Mike McDermand, Timothy G, Lyne, 
Tom Hershberger. Pat Gorman, Steve Grosklaus, 
Shannon McGuire BACK ROW: Jim Graham, Jeff 
Colman, Mike Yacullo, Mark Willford, B J, Jenkins, 
Brent Coan, A.J. Cederoth, Terry Bruehl. Andy 

Student Organizations 



FRONT ROW: Holly Sabin, Julie Nelson, Diane 
Yochem. Rhonda Richards. Debbie Hutton, Jeana 
Jamicich SECOND ROW: Diane Benoit, Alison 
Sennello. Marcia Highl, House Mom Faye Kerrms, 
Allison Becque. Annemane Maciaszek, Sue 
Velaszuez. Mimi Bowles THIRD ROW: Christine 
Herzing, Sue Baczek, Loren Rappaport. Colleen 
Hayes. Beth Fischer. Laura Bryniarski, Lori 
Maakestad, Jane Eberhart, Jennifer Becque, Diane 
DeSwarte. Becky Liggin BACK ROW: Sara Mclntire, 
Erica Tiedman, Jeanne Bauer, Annette Young. 
Denise Rogala. Wendy Wettergren. Tonya Foster, 
Gail Ziolkowski, Molly Nicholas. Mary Lark, Beth 
Kiethley MISSING FROM PHOTO: Lanl Bedard, 
Sue Bielenberg, Barb Dettmen. Christi Nelson, Fiona 
Redwood. Sheri Turner. 




FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Rhonda Richards. Barb 
Dettmer. Deb Hutton. Allison Becque, Diane Benoit, 
Marcia Hight. Yogi Yochem. Sheri Turner, Mimi 
Bowles. Holly Sabm 


Student Organizations 


30NT ROW: Julie Mulopulos. Elise Buckley. Anne 
raznickas, Abby Rhaney. Sheera Lall, Kelly Moran, 
leryl Manna, Kathy Zeller, Eileen O'Neill, Patty 
artmez. Denise Zaverdas, Liesa Benn, Maureen 
cMahon SECOND ROW: Wendy Fulk, Donna 
iota, Erin Schon. Julie LaPoin, Debbie Roick. 
;ather Casselman, Lauren Adams, Kathy Brown, 
lura Mulopulos MISSING FROM PHOTO: Carol 
lannon, Lisa Karcher, Jaquelme Roberti, Jody 
xon, Stephanie Tolen, Anne Range. Paola Pescar, 
ussette Vogel, Sue Brunner. Julie Pawelczyk, Ten 
anke, Deidre Dombeck, Enka Voss, Jo Clark, 
arcia Mcllree 


FRONT ROW: Claire Corry, Amy Veremis. Lee 
Schroer, Sandy Pasternock, Chris Moser, Kelly 
Skelton, Chris Brill SECOND ROW: Gretchen Hagle, 
Amy Lamothe. Anne Mane Johnson, Amy Freivogel. 
Kristen Engdahl, Renata Juenglmg, Cathy Casler 
THIRD ROW: Amy James, Lorree Novotny, Ruth 
Chiluk. FOURTH ROW: Jacquline Colbert. Suzy 
Hasen. Lynne Aushehmer, Jolynn Wick MISSING 
FROM PHOTO: Kim Bauer, Tracee Bell. Liz 
Davidson, Martha Fechtig. Susan Prather, Tracy 

Student Organizations 





FRONT ROW: Lisa Coghlan, Lucy Franchini. 
SECOND ROW: Lisa Pennine Kim Coleman, Tina 
Tonjuk. THIRD ROW: Donna Scully, Lauren Hartley, 
Lena Ryman, Tracy Gradert, Missy Kort FOURTH 
ROW: Suzanne Sitzes, Pam Katris, Kim North, 
Sharon Zalabak, Karen Gilbertsen, Colette Clancy 
FIFTH ROW: Cheryl Arnholt, Dawn Trotter, Julie 
Fullerton, Judy Zacharias. BACK ROW: Kathy Zibart, 
Heidi Benzinger, Stephanie Moore, Deanna Seward. 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Mary Bos, Lisa Boyer, 
Karen Costello, Amy Foley, Mari Golaszewski, Kim 
Hailey, Nancy Hildebrandt, Elise Kane, Nancy Katris, 
Lisa Kizer, Carey Mullikin. Nancy Peterson, Laura 
Pieracci, Susan Randall, Peggy Rategan, Lynn 
Weekley, Karla Weidner, Pam Whited, Jennifer 
Woulte, Kristina Zahorik. 


FRONT ROW: Mary Ann Mack, Ann Moyer, Sue Riley, 
Lisa Mendel, Gwen Lehman, Usa Doherty, Cathy Barney. 
SECOND ROW: Kara Brettingen, Audrey Engelman, Eve 
Karkazis, Celeste Gray, Liz Warner, Patti Cappas, Kim 
Firestone, Michele Manahan THIRD ROW:Kristen Lahey, 
Heidi Micketai, Denise DeRosa, Katie Richert, Mary 
OHaltaran Lynda Kaufman, Karen Jaraczewski BACK 
ROW: Janice Butler, Meg Miller, Ann Maloney. Ann 
Forsyth, Darcy Rutherford, Deb Sammons, Leslie Barnes, 
Amy Dordek, Mary Bums, Jenni Dick MISSING FROM 
PHOTO: Darcy Crane, Emily David, Lorraine McDevitt, 
Micheline Moorhead, Lisa Rohe, Karen Schmitz, Lynn 


Student Organizations 

f Ml 


)NT ROW: Mike Kadubek, Dave Moore, Steve 
J Jay Galla, Ron Pergande, Steve Haimbaugh, 
in Neville SECOND ROW: John Mollway, Glen 
ewelle, Chris Gary, Paul Veith, Scott Riddle, Bob 
her, Eric Holland. Phil Kladar, Tad Edwards 
3D ROW: Ian Malbon, John Schick, Scott 
3er. Dean Dixon, Tyler Prince, John Davis. Chris 
•han, Mike Sullivan. Andy Mowery. Lew Jones, 
Veto, Ken Cutt, Andy Jacobson, Dan Dillman, 

< Murashige, Mike McLaughlin, Jeff Rupp 
)RTH ROW: Ted Moody, Jeff Johnson, Dave 

n. Scott Brown, Mike Owens, Todd Krone, Doug 
mberlain, Wayne Johnson, Mike Conway, Kurt 
rich, Dave Born BACK ROW: Chip McCarthy, 
n Hoeger, J Brian Fitzpatnck, Pete Blumberg, 
It Mortenson, Kevin O'Shaughnessy, Rob Clarke, 
Naughton, Draig Zeigler, Jim Colbert, Doug 
moe, Myles Whitebloom MISSING FROM 
)TO: Chris Alvey, Mark Ashbrook. Todd Bartell. 
/ Biell, Jeff Boulton, Ed Comisky, Dale Davis, 
e Dutton, Jim Earhart, Keith Grabske, Eric 
sen, Bill Howe. Ken Howerton, Randy Johnson. 
t Jones. Maury Jones, Steve Kibler, Chris Kissel, 
i Kladar, Lance Landeck, Jim Linen. Scott Loyet, 

< Luker, Dave McMorran, Greg Mizen, Scott 

In, Mark Mullen, Damn Podeschi, Thad Prather, 
ert Reed. Mike Rzeszutko. Geoff Smith, Paul 
zer, Jerry Withers, Jack Mason, 




FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Kapitany, Celeste Lawson, 
Kristin Ries. Mary Precipe. JR Gillmor, Marianne 
Malcharek. Brenda Perkins. Ronda Nelson 
SECOND ROW: Jeanne LaPomte, Michelle 
Cleveland. Ruby Olson, Anne Lidemeier THIRD 
ROW: Christy Delatore. Gma Bayless, Ronda Hewitt. 
Kim Johnson FOURTH ROW: Nancy Dierking. 
Gretchen Boehme. Jeri Simburger, Jill Flessner 
FIFTH ROW: Jodi Jeffers, Lori Sepp, Sherry 
Hansen, Mary Adamowski SIXTH ROW: Elisabet 
Schleiter, Lone Eiskamp, Theresa Armel, Cathy Wolt 
SEVENTH ROW: Carol Haertlmg, Cheryl Dobbels. 
Becky Brown, Lisa Dennison, Laura Mitcheltree. 
Kristen Nelson, Jill DeAtley EIGHTH ROW: Karen 
Ferry, Roberta Henmg, Renee Thielen. Sandy 
Falkenberg. Debby Brant, Tammy Kunzie MISSING 
FROM PHOTO: Heidi Groh. Angela Roock. 

Student Organizations 





FRONT ROW: Keith Luther, Mike Owens, Sean 
Flood, Joe Huffhines, Bill Lange, Randy Stephons, 
Jeff Slavish, Mike Pacer, Ziad Alnayib, Dan Fischer, 
Steve Synder SECOND ROW: Rob Watkins. Tom 
Buldoc. Dan Murphy, Mike Walter, Steve Shermon. 
Malcolm Armstrong, John Souris, John H. Karnezis. 
Bart Clifford. Jerry Creamer, Dan Carroll, Kurt 
Diemer. Scott Richter, Dan Oliver, Mike Klmoski, 
Chris Ravencroft, THIRD ROW: Ruben Garcia. 
Chuck Schofield, Gene Pawula. Bill V, Durkm, 
Timmer Mahon, Dave Abbene. John O'Connor, Ron 
Lohzinski. Whit Berhens, John Notaro, Tom 
Zimmerman, Mike Sedivy. Kevin Jacobson, Jay 
Patel, Tim Whiting. FOURTH ROW: Peter Schmeda, 
Chris Brunnette, Bill Kretzer, John Schmitt. Bob 
Mcnamara, James Miravete, Paul loanidis, Tom 
Adler, Dino Markellos, Jon Flusser, John Hanley. 
John Phipps, Mike Claffey, Alex Prodanovic, Brian 
O'Galleher, Sean Kessler FIFTH ROW: John 
LeCook, Dave Huzinga, De Pledged. Cee Yaa, 
Kevin Draper, Booger, James Armstrong, Craig 
Pallot, Martin Henehan, Greg Fasana, Bernie 
Murphy, John Willis. James Eade, Lou Pazak, Jim 
Keane, Jason Franklin. Steve Passenau, Mike Sands 
BACK ROW: Doug Wolff. Loern Saeks, Chip 
Karracker, Paul Feehan. Jeff Loyd. Dave Spitalli, 
Tom Brennan, Dave Dressal MISSING FROM 
PHOTO: Chris Bechtal, Tom Quinn, Don Glyman, 
John Kruempelstaedter, Brian Page, Rob Kenny, 
Brad Bishop 



FRONT ROW: Mike DiDomenico, Darryl Baltimore. 
Sam Black. Bob Dochterman, Brian Wells. Pat 
Bernardi. Jake Paschen, Vmce Giannini. Jack 
O'Grady SECOND ROW: Mike Nahabedian. John 
Zubak. Jay Jaffee. Tom Nack, Eddie Mike Daly. Phil 
Favia, Joel Lafferty, Chris Kulusic. Rob Brandt, Brad 
Tribble, Scott Wilderman THIRD ROW: Matt 
Mulvihill. Mike SanRoman. Charlie Black. Chris 
Osborne, Dennis Zender. Max Moran 

298 Student Organizations 


DNT ROW: Jeremey Tachau, John Marcheschi, Pat 
ikan, Don Marks, Ron Lamberg, Andy Ziehr, Jerry 
;nbergacer SECOND ROW. Jim Maloney, Steve 
lar, Dave Pepping, Charles Tracey, Pete Power, Jim 
rphy, Kevin Carpenter THIRO ROW: Maury Leavitt, 
ly Ream. Fred Contort. Brian Bagan MISSING 
DM PHOTO: Al Muller 



FRONT ROW: Elizabeth Meier, Diane Harmening. 
Kathy Kovitz, Wendy Stern, Debbie Inigarida, Mary 
Sims SECOND ROW: Wendy Pullman, Valerie 
Kokoris. Ellen Trimble. Stacy Alberts, Katie Turner, 
Julie Furmanek, Linda Parillo, Jennifer Robell, Lynn 
Sanders, Mary Beth Herr, Beth Dowen THIRD 
ROW: Constance Mika, Karen Chorley, Dena 
Mahon, Lynn Bieritz, Knsti Kramer. Maggie White, 
Karen Quasny, Valerie DeSalvo, Kathy Leverenz, 
Tami Trizna, Anna Colby, Gayle Goldsmith. Lorene 
Eckman BACK ROW: Jennifer Hanna, Cathy 
Heselbarth, Karen Diombala, Barbara Folkrod, Holly 
Scholfield, Mary Horton, Dana Overton, Laurie 
Kunasek, Wendy Harrington 

Student Organizations 299 




FRONT ROW: Kay Schumacher, Kathie Henschler, 
Erin Raftery. SECOND ROW: Margaret Garvey, 
Peggy Wiemer, Elaine Madansky, Melanie Muhl, 
Stephanie Westerheide, Mary Cabanski, Margie Earl, 
Beth Cummins, Maria Vogel, Kristen Jirik, Michelle 
Levie, Lindsey Lafferty, Lori Lindquist, Robin Bailen, 
Ann Fraser, Jan Jackson, BACK ROW: Donna 
Osowski, Julie Sommerfeld, Linda Guthmann, Lee 
Lai. MISSING FROM PHOTO: Karen Behrends, 
Jeannie Croker, Terry Discher, Julie Fauble, Julie 
Johnston, Cindy Kirts, Diane Kohlbecker, Sally 
Mathis, Sue Shusta, Stephanie Smith, Dawn Steiger, 
Karen Swaback, Diane Vincent, Ellen Whowell, Ann 



FRONT ROW: Amy Anderson, Martha Wurtsbaugh, 
Kathy Nankervis SECOND ROW: Sarah Laven, 
Mary Ellen Muha, Ruth Pang, Jenny Drehl, Sheri 
Nelson, Tammy Rennick, Amy Wheaton, Heather 
Murray, Kathy Messit THIRD ROW: Nancy 
Montague, Mamie O'Commell, Ellen McRaith, Lisa 
Miedzianski, Sue Kircos. Katie Turner, Katie 
Thomson, Karen Bielfeldt, Karen Ollila, Pam Larson, 
Sandy Borrowman, Jane Menzenberger, Nancy 
Mozer. FOURTH ROW: Sheila OConnell. Annette 


Student Organizations 



FRONT ROW: Rob Leone, Paul Lecoque, Pieler Van 
Es, John Box, Jim Cerasani, Brian Pfeifer, Sieve 
Lohman, Dave Sulaski. Tim Sheridan. Matt Coats, 
Steve Hermann, Mike Coen SECOND ROW: Alan 
Breitbart, Bill Hopkins, Rich Western, Jeft Buttita, 
Brad Schubert. Dave Stringer, John Dugenske, Brian 
Legan, Jeff Nordstorm, Paul Delucia, Chris 
Walvoord THIRD ROW: Mike Bergner, Jeff Berfi, 
Steve Boldrey, John Blanke. Anthony Franze, Steve 
Scanlon, Ken Dold. Dan Lewand, Chris Rogers, Jim 
Bock, Joe Kraft, Mike Novy, John Parks, Dale Brown, 
Clint Miller, Louis Foreman, Rob Murphy, Erick 
Grahn, Joe Escobar, Mike Grisham, Tom Wulf. Mike 
Zeno FOURTH ROW: Steve Barker. Mike Buhr, 
Pete Grahn, Scott Marx, Chuck Smith. Terry Hackett, 
Chuck Bragg, Mike Parduhn, Chuck Johnson, Jeff 
Abbott. Mike Paluga, Mark Kwiatkowski, Mike Baker. 
Rob Williams, Greg Coplan, Brian Hansen, Scott 
Younger. Pete Tzakis. Dave Brecht. Martin Noven, 
Mark Watson. Kurt Magdanz, Jeff Best. Jeff Gilmore, 
John Bonini. 



FRONT ROW: Dale Brown, Anthony Franze, Mark 
Watson, Rob Salbego. Eric Petriatis, Mike 
Deutschmann, John Bonini, Pete Grahn, Kurt 
Magdanz, Jim Gavigan, Clint Miller. Mike Baker, Jeff 
Nordstrom, Pat Whyte. John Eckenstein SECOND 
ROW: Brad Schubert, Mike Buhr, Steve Barker 

Student Organizations 




FRONT ROW Ted Nugent, Arnold Babar. Dr 
Rosepenis, Dr Rosenrosen. Dr Rosen, John 
Cocktosten, Mr. Poon, Jim Swerthow, Igor 
Stravinsky, Gordon Liddy, Fred "the Don"' Dorfman, 
Mr Sinnahnndin MISSING FROM PHOTO: Harry 


FRONT ROW, Neil Johnson, John Fanning, Ed 
Hansen, Todd Overturf. Mike Prah SECOND ROW 
Sayed Darwish, Tim Hettinger, John Gustafson, Bob 
Newkirk, Kevin Elder, Matt Loyet. THIRD ROW Kurt 
Fischer, John Domagala, Tom Lattomus. Joe 
Orendorf BACK ROW: Mark Johnson, Mark Poskm, 
John Theeke, Joe Fitzpatnck 


Student Organizations 





RONT ROW Pat McQueeny. T Frei SECOND 
OW: Charlie Talbot, Rich Hanson. Spleen, Phil 
oggs, Eric Krause, Jeff Melton, Mark Zappe 
Drehead THIRD ROW: Burt Yeo, John Gross, 
(arren Hood. Scott Norrick, Steve May, Brian Butler 
Dm Gorman, Paul Kassner, Greg "Fun" Sutter, Eric 
ahle. Pebs, Jim Ward BACK ROW: Jim Hill. Frank 
lanella. Matt Joyce, Paul Yocum, Jack Walker 


FRONT ROW Susie Rabyne. Kim Milner, JoAnn 
Berman. Pam Skune, Lisa Bilfeld. Elyse Silverman 
Lisa Cohen, Stacey Jasper Robin Kaplan, Laura 
Ellin, Missy Weissman, Susan Ginsberg. Jenm'er 
Shaftel. Lisa Gottessman, Bobbi Dacks SECOND 
ROW: Felice Siegel. Pam Migdal Ellen Shapiro. 
Dana Lubelcheck. Helene Goldstein. Dana Kaplan 
THIRD ROW Lisa Grant. Giselle Sered. Jodi 
Roy Mara Ginlzler. Maureen Saltzman Debbie 
Meyer, Laura Morris. Leslie Gordon, Karen Schwartz 
Shan Hartzman, Karen Abramson 

Student Organizations 



FRONT ROW: Jenny Peterlin, Kim Vansco, Lisa 
Swanson, Laurie Knotts, Marcy Lemler. SECOND 
ROW: Anne Berleman, Carol Szekeley, Susan Lee, 
Julie Contes, Dene Johnson. THIRD ROW: Kim 
Centella, Carole Hansen, Ellen Mayer, Amy Moore, 
Kathy Hilton, Cari Chlebos. Julie Adams, FOURTH 
ROW: Fran Campanelli, Loretta Spaniol, Colleen 
Sullivan, Tanya Newlin, Cherie Dalbke, Rebecca 
Goodlick, Sharon Hartzel, Joan Chruscicki, Donna 
Shim, Andrea Stevanovich, BACK ROW: Pam 
Cocales. Jacque Willrett, Cindy Masbaum, Molly 
Crowe, Diane Husby, Kelli Eilers, Cindy Schwartz, 
Katie Hendra, Bren Redmer, Barb Guelfi, Judi Miller 



Dano, Dumpy, Deano, Mack, Leon, Kid, Big Al, 
Flamer, Chester. THIRD ROW: Bingo, Brewster, Troj 
Boy, Matty, Coach, Rick, Chris, Chimp, Horse. Flex, 
Big Man, Murph, Miles BACK ROW: Dick, Gorsk, 
Slug. B.K.. Larry Bud, Gooner, Stever, Nooker, Brian 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: J.A., Beardo, Richy, 
Kenny D„ Raul, Alex, Ferko, Klandy. Jo-Jo. Knieper. 
Pooky, Metalhead, Myrf, Nunez, Doc, Andre, J.Q., 
Jesse, Saumba, Suds 


Student Organizations 


FRONT ROW: Gwen Baker. Barry Zurbuchen, Ken 
Walker, Schwan Park, Jeff Bennett, Mike Lee 
SECOND ROW: Randy Buhr, Scott Howard. Matt 
Downs, Jerry Karlin, Tod Gunter, Rocco Versacci. 
THIRD ROW: Tom Evers, John Nizolek, Jeff Keough, 
Larry Trueman, Tony Schlegel. Jon Hoffmeister, 
Steve Mortensen, Rich Madamba, Sam Madrigal 
FOURTH ROW: Ian Colle, Arron Beir. Dave Hunter, 
Brad Bakka, Kevin Daugherty MISSING FROM 
PHOTO: Matt Cosgrove, Russ Perry, Scott Kosinski, 
Srini Hejeebu, Joel Weston, Rob Engles. 


FRONT ROW: Susan Sass, Cindy Miller, Linda Van 
Sickle. Karrie Kinsella, Patty Daly, Glenna Garoutte, 
Diane Ellsworth SECOND ROW: Gwyn Junkel. Shan 
Necheles. Becky Russell, Ellen Young(House Mom). 
Cindy Woodlock, Julie Bogner. Karen Brickmann 
THIRD ROW: Wendy Harrow. Michelle Andreason 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Vicki Duorak. Julia 
Kindred. Lisa Koeller. Judy Sasuta. Therese 
Schwerzler, Tammy Stevenson, Jodi Van Hiel. Susan 
Wolsfeld. Julie Reed. Linda Kastler. Melissa Barclay 

Student Organizations 






FRONT ROW: Tim Thomure, Ed Hussman, Tim 
McCarthy, Hideki Shikata, Manuel Derat, Don 
Nicholson. SECOND ROW: Chris Finkel, John 
Rouske, Joe Rickord, David Eagleton, Joe McCarthy, 
Jim Cleary. THIRD ROW: Sreekanth Ravi, Paul 
Seaman, Tom Roth, Matt Kirchner, Scott Long. 
FOURTH ROW: John Burgee, Dave Lindberg, Paul 
Dowd, Jim Howe, James McDonald, Vince Stigler. 
FIFTH ROW: Bill Flinker, Brian Leydens. Mark 
Mecko, Rich Graziadei, Steve Dalton MISSING 
FROM PHOTO: Derek Harmer, Art Schmittling, Mike 
Huff, John Lihrel, Ed Pyrek, Bill Murphy, Joe Chodl, 
Dan Murphy, Kevin Kawula, Xavier Kawula, Chuck 
Walbaum, Andrew Schapals, Dave Boyle, Dave 
Yurik, Tim O'Donahue, Joe Mussalem, Greg Feeney, 
Dave Duffy, Bill Borchardt. 


FRONT ROW: Jim Ader, Drew Isbell, John Albrecht. 
Joe Albrecht SECOND ROW: Dwight Roberts, Mart' 
Jurgovan, Jim Guinee. Damien Geistkemper, Willie 
Wilson. THIRD ROW: S. Anderson, Pete Zina, Al 
Bacchetti, Tim Lambert. Bruce Veach BACK ROW 
Charlie Pipal, Brian Sehy, Terry Littel, Paul Hagener 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Steve Schmitt. Dan 
Meyer, Gary Kenney. Malcolm Sickels, Joe Thomas. 
Mike Lord. Dean Desheppar, Bill Class, Sunill 
Eappen, Steve Sloan, Mike Mackenzie. A Eienstien, 
T. Krueger. M. Mouse, D. Duck. 


Student Organizations 


FRONT ROW. Marcos Lopez. Elliot Curtis, Jeff 
Buzz' Silber, Dave Glum 2' Glennon, Keith Glasch, 
Kevin Feeley. Hugh Neff. Jeff Corrigan. Pat 'Bud' 
Muldowney, Ted Martins, Mark Sgarbossa, Matt 
Goofy' Gravelle, Paul 'Fonz' Wilkin, Sean Trash' 
Harrington SECOND ROW: Jay Big Boy' Till, Javier 
Nunez. Kevin O'Tool. Eric Legacy' Adams, Steve 
Vlorns, Mark Morocco Mole Storoe' Kramer, John 
Skeeter' Morgen, Mike Wallach, Gary Gilligan' 
Jeppsen, Greg Louis, Chris Casey, Kurt 'Slick' 
_efeure, Jim 'Do you think I'm attractive' Callaghan, 
=loger Turek THIRD ROW: Bob Simitz, Harry 
^awlowski, Andy Furbee, Keester, Dave Koenen, 
Hub Adams, Hitler, Neal Wretchell, Dave Kane. 
3ruce Cheese' Dincin, Rich 'Zippy' Demirjian, Marc 
DeLaurent. Jeff 'Barn-Bam' Williams. Scott 
Slouchwood BACK ROW: Bret Chubby' Daghe, 
Don Mean. Tom 'Ferret Face' Burns. Jeff Riddler, 
Sriddle. Gerbel, Wink, Judge, Cyclops, Jester, 
3ridiron, Virgin, Scarecrow, Spino' Frank, Tony 
Seclecki. Jeff 'Pooks' Arendt. Chris 'Buttrash' Brauer. 
Jef Buttbigler. Sweet Mike P McEvoy MISSING 
-ROM PHOTO: Chris 'Sheryl' Chrusciel. Mike 'Little 
ck' Wolf. Ted Miller, John Boex, Mike Cohlman, 
3ary Gregerson, Cary Schneider. George Hughes, 
vlatt Tits, Keith 'Beef Kessler 




FRONT ROW: Kevin Feeley, Keith Glasch, Jim 
Fisher, Paul Wilkin, Pat Muldowney BACK ROW: 
Cary Schneider, Darrell Butler, Marc DeLaurent, 
Tony Seklecki, Scott Southwood, Gary Gregerson 

Student Organizations 307 


FRONT ROW: Kurt Schnelle, Ron Solsrud, Bob Moll, 
John Tu. Arthur Kuo, Lee Campos-Moya, Todd 
Musleh, Ed Gomez SECOND ROW: Doug Miles, 
Dave Hixson BACK ROW: Guy Grant, Dennis Lee, 
Mike Ro|ewski, Mike Carrell, Joel Hubert, Roman 
Berka, Darren Cepulis, MISSING FROM PHOTO: 
Joe Doedtman, Mike Johnson, Todd Cordill, Dave 
Starkston, Norm Brown, Rob Bluhm, Leif Sloan, Keith 
Hamburg, Jim Hoexter, Ed Svihla, Patrick Ryan, 
Mark Sargent, Steve Coad 


FRONT ROW: John Bauer, John Kustak, Hunt Blatz, 
Brad Stillman, Marty Weinberger SECOND ROW: 
Eric Hormell, Shimon Kahan, Jeff Flicker. Tim 
Schmidt. THIRD ROW: Joe Cardella, Jeff Polisky. 
Chris Hay, Tom Harman, BACK ROW: Barry 
Schnair MISSING FROM PHOTO: Ken Beck, Rich 
Diebel. Mike Rubrich, Doug Sohn, Scot Waterman 


Student Organizations 


IONT ROW: Pam Spahn. Chris Olson, Michelle 
sin. Shelly Volling, Teresa Stubsen, Sarah Nugent, 
illeen Serna. Geri Gilbert, Jennifer Hochstrasser, 
di Morrison, Cathy Brown SECOND ROW: Jann 
derson, Lisa Linville. Tammy Davis, Martha 
issens. Ginger Douglas. Michelle Picha, Chris 
uber, Ellen Sedlacek, Linda Stewart, Laura Milani 

Student Organizations 309 

Alpha Kappa Psi 


Professional Business Fraternity 

FRONT ROW: Debbie Jostes, Tony Robertson, Tony Asghari, Rich Frolik, Paul Baisier, Todd Myers. SECOND ROW: 
Leisa Hanson, Jane Prekosovich, Gail Susmarski, Cheryl Meier, Cheryl Miller, Debbie Spahn, Kathy Sullivan, Claudia 
Tilpe. THIRD ROW: Cathy Kirkwood, Stacey Graham, Janet Jasonowicz, Sue Lawler, Steve Miller, Debra McMahon, 
Scott Wylie FOURTH ROW: Kathy Amstadt, Judy Basilio, Martha Ha, Valerie Hood, Tami Kudo, Stephanie Moore, 
Judy Teng, Yvette Andrzeiewski, Kelley Toriumi, Cynthia Hexdall, Liza Keung, Sandy Minella. FIFTH ROW: Nate 
Plofsky, Eric Rose, Steve Hirsch, Henriette Stegemeier, Kim Roster, Finus Douglas, Erich Hannah, Ed Horton, Shawn 
Wildermuth, Kevin Frost. BACK ROW: Ruth Anne Hayes, Dawn Osbrink, Diane Smith, Kathy Banashek, Susan Anstine, 


Student Organizations 

Illinois Varsity Men's Glee Club 

■•RONT ROW: David Hecht, Steen Lawson, John Barthel, Bill Sullivan, Jeff Pappas, Dru Kuperman. SECOND ROW: 
ion Sharpe, John Walker, Doug Ashburn, Keir Knapp, Michael Byrd, Marc Suarez. THIRD ROW: John Weber, Jim A. 
kmith, Kent Hudson, Neil Kirby, Rich Brooderson, Matt Talbott FOURTH ROW: Glen Moeller, Howie Perlow, Brian 
!echer, Tom Stybr, Gregory Maddox, Mike Ziegler, FIFTH ROW: Seth Flanders, Cary Lovett, Kyle Schumacher, Joe 
Marquette, Tim Gannon, Mark Marciante SIXTH ROW: Brian Schroeder, Joseph Lihota, Stan DeCwikiel, Matt 
toaglund, Lance Koch, Andy Krugly SEVENTH ROW: Mike Dawson, Ken Kotlowski, Heath Deyo, Paul Barthel, 
ivndrew Sprague, Gerald Fabris EIGHTH ROW: Jim Rogers. Mike Ferguson. Joe Dwyer, Keith Stephan, Michael D 
Uarcevich, Oliver Glenn BACK ROW: Scott Van Maldegiam, Chris Hermes. Michael Toon, David Zich, Tim 
ilcPherron, Steve Chase MISSING FROM PHOTO: William Hoff, William Pollock, Matt Clark, Paul Negri, Thomas 

Student Organizations .311 



Interfraternity Council 

FRONT ROW: Jerry Saballus, Paul Hirsch, Bob McKune, Steve Norgaard SECOND ROW: Rich Ashmore, Steve 
Nelson, Ares Dalianis.Brent Hinkston. MISSING FROM PHOTO: Murph. * - ... 

312 Student Organizations 

^aval Reserve Officer's Training Corps 

DNT ROW: Midn: Hendricks, Aimer, Bernhard, Hancock, Mooney, Brazle, McCarthy, Barnes, Cockrel, Carlson, 
:hriest, Newman, Brearley, Walsh, Becker. SECOND ROW: Midn: Schmidt, Lattomus, Ruscheinski, Kosnar, Aimer, 
itermeyer, SSGT. Colson. Hartrick, Clancy, Drew, Henderson, Geovanes, Schultz, Beck, White, Gunter, Anderson, 
ilker, Michel, Pena, Solomon, Miller. THIRD ROW: Sgt. Lovins, Midn: Dell, Borun, Snider, Choi, Kerst, Lightstone, 
imerman, Schaffer, Toler, Thompson, Schmit, Malec, Weinberg, Sanzi, Cole, Narens, Hofman, Macrane, Allen, 
ileicher, Austin, Melendez, Gusewelle, Klukas. FOURTH ROW: Midn: Brouwer, Rawling, Armstrong, Whitinger, 
ivgaard, Grammer, Barney, Ameday, Swenson, McCarron, Norton, Reed, Redd, Arnolds, Brunner, Wollenweber, 
mhardt, Schieferdecker, Pitelka, Turkot, Parish, Bonino, Jeanne, Graef, Pyles. FIFTH ROW: Midn: Kennedy, Phillips, 
osley, McKeown, Storm, Bohn, Gregory, Nettleton, DeMille, Hedrick, Christopher, Raimo, Tadie, Cummings, Weston, 
I, Gerrib, Buck, Sgt. Riordan. BACK ROW: Midn: Tracy, Boyle, Moroney, Boldt, Cosgrove, Shipman, Jimenez, 
<dall, Silkaitis, Lynch, Briolat, Way, Whitehouse, Lacina, Fortney, Kidwell, Mickelson 

Student Organizations 313 

The Other Guys 

Vocal Octet 

FRONT ROW: Dru Kuperman, Matt Talbott SECOND ROW: Cary Lovett. Michael D. Starcevich, John Weber, Glenn 
Moeller THIRD ROW: Mike Ferguson FOURTH ROW: Matt Clark. 

314 Student Organizations 

Panhellenic Council 

z RONT ROW: Laura Knauer, Julie Shamberg SECOND ROW: Adlon Jorgensen. Advisor, Susan Scott, Kristen 
Engdahl, Nancy Katris THIRD ROW: Lauren Rossi, Mary Ellen Muha, Dana Overton, Anne Ream. 

Student Organizations 315 

Phi Gamma Nu 

Professional Business Fraternity 

ALPHABETICAL: Lynn Abramson, Paula Beard. Karen Behrends, Heidi Benzmger, Michael Boduch.Nikki Bossingham, 
Becky Brdlik, Suzan Campbell, Joel Cesario, Patrick Geary, Advisor, Margaret Cliff, Richard D'Ambrosio, Patti DeHoff, 
Tom DeHoff, Jim Edwards, Rich Eggemeyer, Theresa Frecker, Faisal Garib, Mary Garross, Erv Geiger, Marci Ginsberg, 
Lisa Goelz, Lisa Goldsand, Mark Grippando, Cathy Brzelewski, Andrea Ivan, Bill Jasien, Jim Javorcic, Kristin Jirik, 
Kristen Johnson, Kyle Kauffman, Mary Lynn Klug, Steve Kolderup, Vicky Kramper, Kathy Lynch, Patty Malloy, Denise 
Maple, Marshall Martin, Emmy Medina, M. Thaddeus Murphy, Susan Nelson, Thao Ngo, Bruce Nixon, Edward Nowak, 
Mike Peipert, Laura Pesek, Ginger Peterson, Tom Pettit, Jim Ponder, Jodi Probasco, Rhonda Prost, Susan Reichle, 
Dave Rich, Julie Shoemaker, Sarah Simon, Scott Southwood, Kathy Specht, Sue Struble, Mary Sullivan, Kevin Taaffe, 
Robin Telengater, Stefanie Uhl, Dan Waterman, Sonia Wille. Susan Woodworth. 


Student Organizations 


Executive Officers 

10NT ROW: Mike Lullo, Bill Perry. SECOND 
DW: Jeff Dorries, Alex Freund. MISSING FROM 
HOTO: Jeannie Croker 




k jn& 


FRONT ROW: Julie Becker, Laura Buhs, Caryn Fox, 
Beverly Thomas, BACK ROW: Stefanie R, Uhl, Hugh 
Basco, Colin Quinton, Roger Jacquet, Joao Silva 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Laura Synder, Mike 
Woolley, Cecilia Cuhna-Vaz, Carolyn Koppi, liana 
Strubel. Shiela Daugherty, Ruben Zurita. 

Student Organizations 317 


FRONT ROW: Lori Heyen, Audra Hortin, Chris 
Bultrow, Jim Adcock, Eric Mathis, Eric Meyer, Chris 
Elliott, Scott Hawbaker, Dan Werries, Yael Vodovotz. 
SECOND ROW: Kerry Wolff, Dave Minssen, Lisa 
Kobetsky, Diane Buehler. Dianne Noland, Rodney 
Morris, Debbie Huber, Kent Burrow, Lynette 
Fournes, Dr Ed Jaster, Jerry Gaffner, Peter Gill. 
BACK ROW: Greg Wright. Pete Brown, Dyke 
Barkely. Dan Meyer, Kirk Stehr, Mike Melhouse, 
Rodney Stoll, Matt Hughes, Jon Dietrich, Jeff 
Maierhofer, Jeff Gregory, Cathy Wallace, Robert 
Bennett, Jim McClelland. MISSING FROM PHOTO: 
Phil Anderson, Tina Ankney, Roger Barnard, Brett 
Baystor, Karen Bump, Karen Chausse, Tim Connell, 
Alan Denzer, Carol Faust, Debbie Fesser, Eric 
Fugate, Scott Gehlbach, Lori Gorman, Amy Kelly, 
Lisa Kobelsky, Amy Krell. Evan Lemenager, Jill 
Luginbuhl, William Martin, Jill McGrath, Mike Miller, 
John Mills. Dave Minssen, Jama Moreland, Sue 
Murray, Elaine Nelson, Julie Nelson, Eric Neuman, 
Gary Phegley. Joe Roush. Marvin Schrage. Sarah 
Schuring, Velynna Scranton, Mark Valhing, Larry 
Volger, Russ Walker, Dance Wesson. 




FRONT ROW: Lyle P. Fettig, Duane E. Erickson, Jii 
Adcock, Steve Myers, Jeff Gregory, John DuBois. 
SECOND ROW: Victor Miller, Jim Baker, David 
Swigart, Karilyn Stoll, Byron Mackey, Steve 
Vandeburg, Brian Bradshaw, Larry Meyer THIRD 
ROW: Kevin W. Borgeson, Thelma Schoonmaker, 
Rodney Morris, Diane Buehler, Lori Heyen. Jon Da; 
Roland Schumaker, Rob Anniss, Vic Lenkaitis. 
FOURTH ROW: Mike Hahn, Dan Legner, Scott 
Johnson, Jeff Ellerbrock, Ty Olson, Frank Hopkins, 
Brad Trotter, Don Carlson, John Mayfield, Phil 
Laible, Chris Elliott. Jerry Leuthold FIFTH ROW: 
Garett Plumley. Mike Maher. Rodger Ott. Pat 
Williams, Chris Williams. Kirk Stehr, Dean Bossert, 
Tim Lenz, Lloyd Young, Kevin Scholl, Todd Martin. 
Mike Kollman, Mike Grasher, Kerry Wienke. BACK 
ROW: Andy Hargrave, Aaron Beckman, Barry 
Sutton, Andrew Nosek, David Althus. Scott Newpor 
Chad Hoke, Mike Gittleson. Ron Finck. Rich 
Morrison, Wayne Bingham. MISSING FROM 
PHOTO: Terry Bline. Glen Bouchard, Mike Colemai 
Brent Crane. Dave Fickert. Don Frick, Kenny 
Hadden, Chris Hartke, Frank Hickey, Doug 
Homnghousen, Debbie Huber, Todd Hubble, Stacii 
Huels. Phil Jacob, Vivien Kaitis, John Koch, Kim 
Lester, Jeff Maierhofer, Diane McNaught, Dan 
Meyer, Phil O'Conner, Brad Riskedal, Jim Rowley, 
Richard Sims, Brian Uken, Rob Uris, Brian Yoder. 


Studenl Organizations 




General Military Corps 

RONT ROW: Captain Patrick Smith, Carl Alridge. 
atrina Anderson, Russell Arneson, Christopher 
,shby, Frederick Blackburn, Charles Coderko, Laura 
:orriero, Danny Quitno, Michael Quizon, Robert 
/inkier. SECOND ROW: Jesus Cortez. Michael 
:rook, Jennifer Dudek, Allan Eayrs. Earl Ferguson, 
enny Franklin. Yvette Fujimoto, James Gasaway, 
oss Romer, Angela Roth, Lionel Williams. THIRD 
iOW: Thomas Greene, Jonathan Greenlaw, Scott 
lacke, Philip Hattwick, Christopher Hawkins, 
ichard Haywood. John Hedrick, Scott Hiles. Milan 
avic, Derrick Shaw, Kevin Walker, Xavier Woods 
OURTH ROW: Jeremy Holtgrave. Robert Horkavi, 
teven Hubbard, Edward Hussman. Deron Jackson, 
iavid Jones, Philip Kavanagh, Kathryn Keller, Scott 
aylor. Fred Thompson, Randall Von Ryan FIFTH 
iOW: Julie Kreiger, Michael Krumrey, De Ann 
ambert, John Loveall, Douglas Marshall, Steven 
lartin, Matthew McCunn, Daniel McLain, Hans 
olte, David Quinn, Rommel Villalobos. John 
/omeldorft BACK ROW: Beniamin Midgette. Kevin 
looney, Robert Murphy, Thomas Nachbar, Daniel 
ash, Lawrence Nixon, Raymond Perkins, Erik 
ettyiohn, Drexel Sherman, Steven Staats, Mark 
obias, Greg Wischstadt. 




Professional Officer Corps 

FRONT ROW: Patrick Smith, Jeffrey Davis, Mark 
Rischar, Michael Darling, David Womac, Aarron 
Davis SECOND ROW: James Ceney, Richard 
Barntt. John Gustafson, Sharon Summers. Valerie 
German, Eugene Moty, Eric Kouba, Jefrey Higgins, 
Martin Beautz THIRD ROW: Dean Caldwell, Mary 
Harris. Jay Bruhl, John Prater, Daniel Shoor, 
Alexander Delaney, Jon Taylor, David Kierski, Brian 
Papesh. FOURTH ROW: Bradford Schrumpf, 
Andrew Chudy. Edward Bodony, Dena Bonetti, 
Roxane Reinhart, Keir Knapp, Julie Wittkoff, Mark 
Rogers, Dale Pattyn FIFTH ROW: Roger Barr, Jeff 
Barczewski. Charles Tracey. Christine Barnam. 
Donald Nicholson, John Soda, Michael McLaughlin, 
Garrick Goo BACK ROW: Richard Kreiger, John 
Cochran, Chrostine O'Reilly, Robert Moore, Peter 
Hjellming, Michael Wood.Roger Witek, Alan Elledge 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Michael Kestner, Wayne 
Martin, William Robey. Clint Wilson 

Student Organizations 





Professional Chemistry Fraternity 
(Zeta Chapter) 

FRONT ROW: David DiGiovanni, Thomas McBride. 
Christopher Baron, Scott Hoffert, Sohel Majeed 
SECOND ROW: John Folkers. Ken Madsen (House 
Manager), Kurt Rothenburger (President), Linda S. 
Chi (Vice-President), Liam Moran (House 
Commissar), John Ferry. THIRD ROW: William 
Duttlinger, Greg Brate, Kristal Ball, Karla Ewalt. 
Charles Keltner, Kris Getty FOURTH ROW: Raj 
Ambegaeker, Trusha Patel, Robert Tuzan, Diane 
Dierking, Doug Bloome. MISSING FROM PHOTO: 
Michelle Julien (Alumni Secretary), Lissy Diaz 
(Treasurer), Anne Maxwell (MC), Jennifer McKay 
(VMC). John Milligan (Reporter), Dave Evensky, Carl 
Walasek, Scott Reid, Prof Girolami (Faculty Advisor) 





FRONT ROW: Sherri Burton, Elizabeth Renee 
Franklin, Stephanie Woodson, Danielle Agee. Sadir 
Muhammad, Pamela Graves, Dominique Collins 
Ross, Kim Neely BACK ROW: Emelda Estell, 
Michele Collins, Rebekah Sowell, Muriel Duster. 
Jenipher Sanders, Marlene Hardison MISSING 
FROM PHOTO: Heather Pendergast. 


Student Organizations 




FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Deborah Milletello, Pauline 
^ang, Tom Etchason, Bill Green, J. Marc Wheat, 
3hrls Hanlon, Kelly Judge, Terri Wasserman. 




FRONT ROW: Jasen Lee, Audwin Rowe, Stacy B 
Walker, Eugene Varnado. Albert Davis, Chris Majors, 
Steven Crazier SECOND ROW: Anthony Todd, 
Norman Hurley, Anthony Mitchell, Stanley 
Washington, Lionel Barberousse, Mike Drawhorn 
THIRD ROW: Darwin Brown, Paul Macklin, 
Emmanuel Cho, Maurice Sykes, Harris Miller, Trojan 
Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Daryl E. Matthews, James 
Hooks III MISSING FROM PHOTO: Shawn Caffey, 
Sterling Sullivan, Frank Walker 

Student Organizations 321 


Agricultural Honorary Fraternity 

FRONT ROW: Chad Hoke, Matt Hughes, Cheryl 
Salmons, Marty Rudin, Larry Vogler, Marvin Schrage, 
Dr. Michael Hudson, Dr. William Nelson. SECOND 
ROW: Kevin Jeffries, Scott Newport, Jayne Gnuse, 
Ronda Nelson, Ellen Miller, Amy Steffen, Julie 
Barbosa, Juliann Czyzewicz, Penny Long, Kevin 
Kennedy, Gary Schultz, Lisa Gay. THIRD ROW: 
Chris Elliott, Brad Schlapp, Janet Marth, Kirk 
Johanson, John Schmidt, Terry Bline, Caron Gray, 
Rod Delost, Lorelei Hass, Todd Florian. 


FRONT ROW: Dorothy Dilorio. Director. Chicago 
Campus; Louis D. Liay, Executive Director; Donald 
R. Dodds, Director, Urbana — Champaign Campus. 
SECOND ROW: Scott R. Williams, Director. 
Programs and Services, Chicago; Nancy Gilmore, 
Editor, Illinois Alumni News. Urbana; Lesia Derech, 
Associate Director, Chicago: Margaret O'Byrne, 
Director, Administrative Affairs; Susan K Grobstein, 
Associate Director, Urbana; Patrick B. Hayes, 
Director, Programs and Services, 
Urbana — Champaign Campus; Robert E. Lumsden, 
Alumni Club Coordinator. MISSING FROM PHOTO 
Sonya Booth, Editor. U of I Chicago 


Student Organizations 

Society of 

RONT ROW: Jennifer Miller, Steve Williams, 
argaret Vanpragg, Tim Bartlett, Mathew Torgerson, 
ira Furlan, John Huss, Dona Mateja. Roberto 
=rvantes. Robert Schwartz SECOND ROW: Heidi 
;hmidt, Mike Martinez, Kenneth Wexler, Dave 
igo, Ann Johnson, Joe Matyi, John Staab, Beth 
ihnson, John Bevan, Scott Mehaffey, Bill Groth. 
HIRD ROW: Michael Lowel. John Jackson, Robert 
y, Tom Ross. Tim Davis, Mike Adams, Ned 
irietto, Bob Appleman, Steve Scheel, Joey Gruner, 
'egg Rippel FOURTH ROW: Lisa Henkel, Mark 
;mp, David Rosenberg, Tony Lobello, Tom Fritts, 
ad Richard, Mike Trippiedi, David Greibe, Doug 
ause, Patricia Rushin, Kevin Kahler, Linda Irvine. 
^CK ROW: Brian Jajowka, Juan Arbona, Patrick 
lirty, Ryan Kettlekamp, Mona Dahle, Tina 
sczko — Meskimen, Thomas Kroning, Tim Jennings, 
it O'Brian, Jennifer Bulin. Matt Culligan, Kathy 
ander. Patrick Karnick, Sally Jones. 


1986-1987 Batallion 

FRONT ROW: Alice Synder, Linda Eilks, John 
Tammes, Zach Schumm, Jack Evans, William 
McCanna, Steve Carlson, Paul Mekkelson, Jayna 
Legg, Scott Clark, William Dahlman, Neil Patterson, 
Alec Minne', Charles Wells, Fred Allen, Aaron 
Herbig, Carol Golemo, William Schempo, David 
Higgms. SECOND ROW: Aaron Lincoln, Bill Kelly, 
Hugo Silva, George Policello, Allen Hansen, Lisa 
Jacobsen, Cathy Viray, Jeffry Archer, Greg Shane, 
Todd Burton, Karen Kolzow, Paulette Bly, Roserita 
Klein, Hugh Walters, Karl Anderson, Henry Dixon, 
Peter Wilhelm THIRD ROW: Jerry Armstrong, Mike 
Anderson, Ruben Escobar, Ivan Ortiz, Mike Jelen, 
Michelle Schon, Stephen Moreau, Richard Williams, 
Ted Martens, Dan Meder, Steve Harrold, Frank 
Walker, Edward Liu, Jerome Clarke, David Daub, Al 
Luthy FOURTH ROW: Derek Wilk, Eric Hanne, 
Daniel Fedor, Scott Gross, Maria Speed, Yong-Taek 
Chon, Jim Wilkinson, Peter Rachesky, Eric Olsen, 
John Trindle, Patrick Murphy, James Grammer, 
Richard Kinser, Keith Cunningham, John Loomis, 
Tony Wirth. FIFTH ROW: Chris Covey, James 
Mahnke. Mike Flanagan, Maynard Favila, Mark 
Kaeser, Carlos Ortiz, John Groenewold, Larry 
Bischmann, Curt Bergman, Paul Scharsich. Shawn 
Bergquist, Eric Woodruff, Jon Davis, Ed Alcock, 
Steve Urbanek BACK ROW: Zeyad Suqi, Lantz 
Turner, Bryan Seidel, Kendall Dugger, John Joanem, 
Thomas Burzynski, Dan Wagner, Brad Reed. John 
Wargo, Edson De Leon, Douglas Morrissey, Patrick 
Grady, Matt Zajac, Peter Miller, James Anderson 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Traci Coleman. Scott 
Chung, Jennifer England, Kurt Ogden, Christian 
Pablo Giannotti. 

Student Organizations 



Sophomore Activities Honorary 

FRONT ROW: Brian Sterrett, Deborah Militello, Tom 
Juffernbruch, Kindra Carmichael, Julia Harris, 
Micheal Hoffman SECOND ROW: Kelly Judge, 
Scott Gehlbach, Janet Hoffman, Scott Miller, Wade 
Warthen, Lisa Goelz, Jeffrey Brooks, Maureen 
O'Malley, Darcie Wesson. BACK ROW: Tim 
McClelland, Julia Hindsley, Richard Htwe, Brian 
Richard, Kris Warmann, MISSING FROM PHOTO 
Brittany Bailey, Jeffrey Gregory, Kim Hull 




National Accounting Fraternity 

Julie Ambre, Robert Arnone, John Arvia, Jane Bales, 
Ken Betts. Ted Blevms, Becky Brdlik, William 
Budicin, Judy Burton, Fran Campanelli, Max 
Caproni, Mary Chau, Roger Chawla, Carolyn Colby. ' 
Beth Cotler, Shlomo Crandus, Teresa Deasy. Patty 
DeHoff, Jim Dickett, Dan Dosen, Barb England, 
Robin Evitts, Sarah Fertig, Eileen Felson. Will Fitton, 
Alex Freund, Penny Friedman, Larry Gies, Romi 
Goldenberg, Christine Golus, Paul Goodman, Mike 
Gordon, Mark Gnppando, Cheryl Grubb, Cathy 
Grzelewski, Dawn Hachey. Karen Hall, Steve 
Handler, Todd Hankla, Barbara Harrow, Kathleen 
Henehan, Mark Janek, Rich Jarecki, Brad Joselit, 
Teresa Karcher, Susan Kato, Kelly Kaufman, Jim 
Kink, Susan Kitchel, Linda Klick, Kathy Knapp, 
Debra Kokal, Larry Kopecky, Leslie Kramer, Debra 
Krolick, John LaVaccare, Susan Lawler, Thomas 
Lee, Bill Leinweber, Mike Lullo, Amreen Madhani, 
Mark Magnesen, John Marcet, Dennis Martin, Luke 
Massar, Tim McHenry, Steve Miller, Carl 
Moellenkamp, Jeff Muchmore, Mona Naqvi, Robert 
Newkirk, Ken Nussbaum, Mike Oettinger, Rick 
Ossler, Yvette Woens, Mark Peecher, Brian 
Penicook, Jeff Peterson, Lea Ann Petty, John Porter, 
Ron Provenzano, Carolyn Ptak, Susan Rabyne, 
Robin Rees, Sandra Reum, Sarah Rice, Kelly 
Rosenbohm, Tony Ruben, Martin Rudin. Larry 
Sanderman, J.D Sandfort, Greg Savitt. David 
Schabmger, Karen Schmitz. Mary Schwab, Giselle 
Sered, Mary Jo Shekleton, Felice Siegel, Lisa 
Simmons, Jan Smith, Scott Smith, Curtis Stalter, 
Jennifer Stec, Lyle Steidinger, Spencer Stern. Diana 
Susmano, Roger Testm, Donna Tsang, Laura Vacek, 
Dan Vishny, Heidi Weinberg, Jim Winett, Michelle 
Wolter, Mark Wood, Jodi Zaidman, Todd Zeller Alice 

324 Student Organizations 

Block I 



Card Cheering Section 

FRONT ROW: Executive Board Eric Fung, Kristin 
Jirik, Penny Deligiannis, Sue Ben-Rubin, Paula 
Arnett, Melinda Fry, Craig Godmg SECOND ROW: 
Marnie Ferrero, Debby Burdette, Becky Tilton, Britt 
Rudman, Patrick Mason, Micheal "Aaaaah" Yopp, 
Todd Drake, Cathy Kirkwood. BACK ROW: Ailison 
Eads, Lisa Pitner, Kevin Daugherty, Heidi Beuzinger, 
Mike Cokenour, Jeff Revell, Shelly Timmons, Shari 
Necheles. MISSING FROM PHOTO: Julie 
Sommerfeld, Heidi Piper, Scott Sorn. Nancy 


1985-1986 Panhellenic 
Borelli Awards 

FRONT ROW: Susan Scott (Panhellenic President), 
Kathy Zibart (Kappa Delta Borelli Chairman), Jolene 
Hinton (Panhellenic Borelli Chairman), Susan Randall 
(Kappa Delta President). 

Student Organizations 



FRONT ROW: Chris Berenz (Treasurer), Lon 
Lukowski (External Vice President), Mona Naqvi 
(President), Lisa Maher (Internal Vice President), Sue 
Struble (Secretary), Jeff Strunk (High School 
Recruiting), SECOND ROW: Diane Harmening (Off 
the Wall Street Journal), Mary Czarnecki (Social), 
Mary Ann Higdon (Peer Advising), Chris Bertschy 
(Balance Sheet), Susan Broniarczyk (Student 
Faculty), Cindy Sadkin (MBA Seminar), Kevin Zator 
(Tailgate Ramble), Tracey Salzberg (Undergraduate 
Seminars). THIRD ROW: Allison Leone. Cindy Lee, 
Amy Pinney, Debra McMahon, Heide Goettsche, 
Cynthia Hoekstra, Donna Jacobson. FOURTH ROW: 
Eric Brand (Student Faculty), Lisa Stephens, Kristine 
Lord, MaryKay Thorp, Kathleen Turner, Lisa 
Liupakka, Hope Feinglass, Amy Laleman FIFTH 
ROW: Skip Gallagher (Attendance), Jeff Stute, 
Lauren Albertsen, Joyce Martin, Ramon Rodriguez. 
John Schick. Lisa Konick, Amy Brennan, Michael 
Gordon SIXTH ROW: Debra Inigarida, Julie 
Richtman, Jill Foote, Heidi Benzinger, Julie Perkins, 
Catherine Nelson. Michelle Grace BACK ROW: Lisa 
Rubino, Tonya Foster, Jodi Kho, Sue Ann Smith, 
Shelly Taylor, Betsy Mercier (Placement Office). 
Diane Boyer, Jackie Geiger, Tami Miller (Career 
Night) MISSING FROM PHOTO: Carol Baker 
(Program Director), Julianne Sloan (Publicity 
Director), Jill Piana (MBA Seminar), Michelle 
Feldman (Dean's List), Beth Krouse (Deans List), 
Donna Bussan (Activity Day), Nancy Lambert 
(Career Night), Tim Gaffney (Speakers), Mary 
Schwab (Publicity), Nancy Obrzu (Balance Sheet), 
Karita Artar (Off the Wall Street Journal). 




Advertising Staff 

FRONT ROW: Bob Holtcamp, Karen Diombala, 
Heather Casselman, Dan Helmin. Eric Holland, Frank 
Hanzlik, Erin Doyle, Nancy Erickson, Tom Raith, 
Cathy Martin SECOND ROW: Lisa Bilfeld, Jenny 
"Johnson. Lisa Lebovitz, Whitney Proffitt, Maria 
Thomas. Donna Nelson, Andy Mowery. Kathy 

326 Student Organizations 


Editorial Board 

•RONT ROW: Brian Nadig SECOND ROW: Dawn 
iushaus, Robin Gareiss, Pierre Bouvier, Jay Wilkins, 
'anessa Faune THIRD ROW: Deborah Pankey, 
.aura Rowley, Jon Asplund, Chris Stube, Ann 


Editorial Staff 

FRONT ROW: Jon Gardner, Laura Rowley, Eric 
Semelroth, Ann Dwyer, Michael Hawkins SECOND 
ROW: Robin Gareiss, Dawn Bushaus, Colette 
Jordan, Deborah Pankey, Phil Favorite THIRD 
ROW: Jennifer McGuffin, Brian Nadig, Glenora 
Croucher, Laura Milani. FOURTH ROW: Mandy 
Crane, Pierre Bouvier, Vanessa Faurie, David Salvia 
FIFTH ROW: Dimitra Defotis, Catherine Spellman, 
Barbara Villalobos, Peg Golden, Carolyn Alessio 
BACK ROW: Dave Campbell, Sue Bielenberg, Chris 
Stube, Brian Stocker, Jay Wilkins MISSING FROM 
PHOTO: Jon Asplund, Geri Aston, Barbara Bohn, 
Paul Creamer, Rebecca Dohleman, Scott Ennberg, 
Don Evans, John Everson, Tony Garcia, Carl 
Gilmore, Philip Hattwick, Laura Kamienski, Greg 
Kelsey, Mary Beth Klatt, Jean Lachet, Bill Liesse, 
Robert Loerzel, Tim Mitchell, Meg McSherry, Eileen 
O'Halloran, Bill O'Neill, Robert Renner, Martha 
Russis, Orrm Schwarz, Marah Shuman, Syd 
Slobodnik, Kyle Smith, Pam Susemiehl, Paul 
Traverso, Paul Veith, Mike Washburn, Jeff Zwadlo 

Student Organizations 





Policy Board 

FRONT ROW: Pierre Bouvier, Jay Wilkins, Phil 
Favorite. Dave Campbell SECOND ROW: Brian 
Nadig, Robin Gareiss, Dawn Bushaus. Chris Stube, 
Glenora Croucher, Micheal Hawkins, Vanessa 
Faurie. THIRD ROW: Laura Rowley. Laura Milani, 
Deborah Pankey MISSING FROM PHOTO: Eileen 
O'Halloran, Kyle Smith, Brian Stocker. Pam 




Students with dairy interests 

FRONT ROW: Vic Lenkaitis-Pipelme Editor, Julie 
Nelson-President, Dana Serven-Vice President, Lynn 
Lenschow, -Secretary, Wayne Bingham-Reporter, 
Glen Franke-Treasurer SECOND ROW: Dr. Roger 
Shanks-Advisor, Kevin Walter, Kathy Enckson, 
Robyn Rausch, Carol Heise, Jill Stahl, Jodi Stahl. 
BACK ROW: Steve Irwin. Dane Schoenbaum, 
Bernard Vahlmg, Kerry Woltf-Ag. Council 
Representative, Devin Albrecht, Martin Ohl, Dr. C.N. 
Graves-Advisor MISSING FROM PHOTO: Craig 
Bauman, Kent Burrow, Kenny Choi, Scott DeVnes. 
Rod Delost. Dr Ed Jaster, Dan Meyer. Rodney Stoll. 


Student Organizations 




Disabled Student Organization 

RONT ROW: Micheal Harrison. Gregory Ridley, 
aul Wyness, Matthew Darlow, Charles Elander, 
oseph Gerardi, Kevin Orr, Maria Gotfryd. Dale 
rochaska SECOND ROW: Micheal Boyce, 
louglas Lee, Patricia Price, Robert Chappell, Vivian 
ahling. MISSING FROM PHOTO; Cara Clark, Ann 
:ody, Brian Estes, Charles Graham, Kristine 
iraham, Sharon Hedrick, John Johnson, Carol 
ostka, Joseph Kutil. Hyun Woo Lee, Linda 
lastandrea, Micheal Pallis, Timothy Schalenberg 
'ana Young 




Professional Business Fraternity 

FRONT ROW: Jim Maher. Joe Brown, Michael 
Ward, Bill Quinn, Marty Udisches, David Levy. 
SECOND ROW: Lori May, Sandy Reum. Mary Ellen 
Samland, Mark Riley, Natalie Buechsenscheutz, 
Tony Ruben, Cindy Stirrett. David Becker, Chris 
Lipetzky THIRD ROW: Karen Dudacek, Patricia 
Maso, Laura Witter. Katie Turner, Donna Shim, 
Bonnie Johnson, Nora Brennan, Lisa Grawey. Kathy 
Riechers, Kathleen Henehan, Diana Welles, Laura 
Pirtle. Julie Holzhall FOURTH ROW: Theresa Bauer 
Brent Verwers, Joel Crosley, Linda Stawicki, Kathy 
Pajkos, Julie Snively. Amy Hockman, Brian Abry. 
FIFTH ROW: Debbie Berkowitz, Sandy Perry, 
Debbie Kaczmaryn, Kathy Chang, Anne Gile, Mary 
Sue Ederatti, Amy Mathews, Susan Eappen, Lynne 
D'Errico, Leah Collister, Cathy Langas BACK ROW 
Jim Hanson, Kent Wallbruch, Thomas Lullo. David 
Sarsha, Carl Becker, Michael Sheehan, Darin 
Cocalas, Paul Czerlanis. Melissa Frey, Liz Gavin, 
Patti Golden, Ellen Holba. Darla Jackson, Gmny 
Kramp. Marilyn Maurer, Heidi Miller, T Scott 
Muschany, Cathy O'Reilly. Chris Paoli, Ed Piegza 
Dave Schabinger, Anne Sebastian. John Stevens, 
Joan Tuisl, Kevin Zator. 

Sludenl Organizations 






FRONT ROW: Diane Chiligiris, Dimitris Eliopoulos, 
Yiannis loannides, Jim Dervenis, Tasos loannides, 
Catherine Dimou, Mary Chiligiris, Andrew Pagones, 
Penny Deligiannis, Deno Perdiou. Father Nicholas 
Pathenos. Andrew Finko SECOND ROW: Spiro 
Deligiannis, Pat Vlahos, Maria Naravelas. Sam 
Panoplos. Matthew Andoniadis, Dimitra DeFotis. 
Cnsti Kline, Gus Vlahos. John Magerko. Harry 
Secaras, Perry Giannapoulos, Anna Metropoulos- 

330 Student Organizati( 


tudent governing body for 
ngineering students 

=10NT ROW: Ted Herbig, SITE Chairman, DeAnna 
allard, ESB Chairman, Cindy Kirts, Executive 
ce-President, Karen Swaback, Academic 
ce-President, Karen Paulsen, Knights of St Pat 
hairman, Lauren Rossi, President, Mary Sims, 
=rsonnel Vice-President. Brian Davison, National 
igineering Council Rep , Karen Lindholm, Publicity, 
ce-President, Sally Cohen, Secretary-Treasurer, 
jmar Makayee, Engineering Open House 
hairman. SECOND ROW: Flora Calabrese, Kim 
ritfin. Marilyn Horbelt, Julie Heim, Janice Chiu, Lisa 
arda. THIRD ROW: Grant VanVoost, Tom 
szinovich. Mike OGrady, Mike Cipriano. Ellen 
sdlacek, Peter Langowski, DSAC Chairman. Lori 
jrsch, Suzanne Stanke. Anna Au-Yeung, Mike 
=arson, Robert Carson FOURTH ROW: Edward 
ightower, Tom Hoefft, Ed Stachlin, Chip, Seth 
lebacher, Paul Stolarczyk, Kurt Schnelle. Marc 
irshman, Michael Stein MISSING FROM PHOTO: 
jm McCarth, Terry Jaggers, Steve Idler, Jim 
apleton, Harry Miller, Sharon Mann, Bill 
jhrenholz, Mike Bobak, Naish Shah, Tom Tirpak, 
ina Sluz, Debby Spindel, Chesi Giannetti, Dwight 
sbert. Mark Tye, Tina Pecoraro, John Bloomberg, 
ary Peterson, Myles Whitebloom, Debee Militello, 
xial Affairs. Karla Yahr, Larry Melvin, Bruce Purvis. 
;ott Brun. Delbert Sims. 




Central Committee 

FRONT ROW: Debee Militello, Bill Brown, Laurie 
Taylor, Jon Ogden SECOND ROW: Brian Davidson, 
Karen Lindholm, Kumar M Makayee, Paul Westphal. 
Sally Cohen, Tracy Mundy. MISSING FROM 
PHOTO: Doug Anderson, DeAnna Ballard, Jim 
O'Hagan, Scott Rose 

Student Organizations 331 


FRONT ROW: John Churchill, Krista Johnson, Chris 
Krubert, Mike Novosel, Peter Karauezeris SECOND 
ROW: Paul Muraca, Kristie Hemenway, Karen 
Metzger, Dan McHugh, Krista Read, Annet 
Godiksen, Karen Jaraczewski, Anne Marie Johnson, 
John Podjasek. THIRD ROW: Shaun Waldon, 
Christina Bournais, John Schick, Professor M. Lynge 
(Advisor), Sheri Ingolia, Christy Rothrock. Lisa 
Hoffman, Polly Pinderski, FOURTH ROW: Rich Cart, 
Mike Hoffman, Skip Gallagher, Dan Ladd, Jeff Stute, 




FRONT ROW: Eric Jenkins, Yael Vodovotz, Jim 
Bejna, Brad Marr, Tim Swartz, Ginger Livingston, 
Tamila Williams, Kathy Grunden SECOND ROW: 
Dr. William Artz. Laura Paluch, Elizabeth Gaines, 
Beth Boyle, Karen Kao, Enka Smith. Sharon Radke, 
Chene Goyette, Jodi Schoening, Roseanne 
Finnegan, Cathy Bothast, Judy Becker, Dena Miller. 
MISSING FROM PHOTO; Dr. Hans Blaschek, Angie 
Peplinski, Carol Faust, Martha Cassens. 


Student Organizations 


From the U of I Women's Glee 

FRONT ROW: Linda Amberg, Dana Moore. Bobbi 
Wexler, Nancy VanOstand, Lori Baker, Julie 
Graffagna, Sue Honzel, Chris Malan 






FRONT ROW: Susan Allen(Treasurer), Julia Toba 
(Publicity), Laura Vacek(Social Chairwoman), Lisa 
GrantfSecretary/ReceptionChairwoman) BACK 
ROW: Catherine Dimou (President). Han Rao 
(Student Advisor), Brian Rainer (Faculty 
Advisor), Anthony Zelazny (Vice-President) 

Student Organizations 


on Campus 

Panhellenic Committee 

FRONT ROW: Mary Beth McCready, Sherri Fontana, 
Michele Manahan (Chairman), Beth Bach, Sue 
Maloney, Kara Buescher. SECOND ROW: Jeanne 
Bauer, Susan Stedronsky, May Garross, Beth Kipp, 
Jacqui Marchesee. MISSING FROM PHOTO: Kathy 
Kumorek, Sonia Mininni, Anna Oakley, Kathy 
Plantan, Fiona Redwood. 





Responsible Drinking Committee 

FRONT ROW: Elliot Bruns, Frank Hanzlick, Kevin 
Pohlschmidt, Vicki Merkel. Jossie Spelman, Donna 
Nelegan SECOND ROW: Lome Slavish, Danette 
Durbin, Paula Hancock, Sara Cook, Kelly Rosenbohm, 
Julie Weber, Scott Brown. BACK ROW: Christie Mahan, 
Lisa Brown, Marci Unes, Matt Hudson, Chris Brauer, 
Bob Gilmore MISSING FROM PHOTO: Tom Brown, 
Richard Brown, Shannon Bireline, Kathy Gang, Mark 
Gerbasi. Tim Hettinger, Shimon Kahan, Lex Knoll, Nida 
McPolm, Mark Piegza, Joe Schwab 

^•54 Student Organizations 


nt IFLIPanhellenic Council 

\IT ROW: Marc Zussman, Cindy Aitken. 
DND ROW: Chris Wisnosky, Brian Dunn, Elise 
erg, Sandy Perl(Chairman). THIRD ROW: 
I Konen, Bart Hardesty, Jackie Johnson, Mark 
1, MISSING FROM PHOTO: John Krieg, Chuck 
;r, Susie Goldfine, Rick Walker, Diane Gallivan. 
Mobley, Mike Nicholas. Jill Sutter, Cari Kort, 
da Scissors. 


FRONT ROW: Mark Schroeder-Treasurer, Erik 
Krause-Vice President, John Wlodarski-Vice 
President, John Born-President, Jon Ransom, Paul 
Fing, Andy Knvograd, Philip Straka, Terry Denton. 
SECOND ROW: Corrie Sahli, Karen Shurilla. Shruthi 
Reddy, Mary Bos, Jason Dy, Shelly Regan, Maureen 
Hickey-Secretary, Nancy Fouts, Kim Kelley, Shelly 
Timmons, Dave Swanson, Laura Tubbs-Advisor, 
Martha Carey-Advisor MISSING FROM PHOTO: 
Maury Hoskins, Jim Peters, Rob Powell, Matt Vulich, 
Frank Ajutucci, Jason Payne, Jim Skelton, Helene 
Pardo, Mike Trogni. Andrea King, Janet Ruzich, 
Elizabeth Chacko, Carol Cerbi, Judy Moy, Jamay 
Gotelli, Padma Reddi, Diane Koucky, Sabnna Levy, 
Rebecca Liggin, Elizabeth Beutel, Pam Nash, Cathy 
Livak, Nancy Price, Lauren Patton, Kim Kenton, Lisa 

Student Organizations 



FRONT ROW: Terry Corcoran, Lisa Ligon, Julie 
Mennel, Cathy Larson SECOND ROW: Carlos 
Bermudez, Carrie Jamieson, Therese Lyons, Matt 
Joyce, Ann Forsyth, Mary Frances Budig THIRD 
ROW: Jill Imming, Bonnie Katz, Rod Schanefelt. 
Greg Sutter, Bob Lumsden, Paul Casey, Anne Marie 


FRONT ROW: Nathan Lange, Georgia Andrews, 
Mario Mohler, Kurt Pflederer, Greg Schiller, Mike 
Jones, Dyke Barkley, Greg Wright, Russell Buvala, 
Rita Haijenga. SECOND ROW: Diane Noland. 
Advisor, Julie Barbosa, Kathy Dempsy, Deanna 
Carlson, Jill Hayward, Kourtney Koertge, Lori Mitsc 
Jayne Gnuse, Patty Ramsey. Kaila Wilson THIRD , 
ROW: Betty Heggemeier, Laura Quinlan, Donya 
Samara, Chris Salins, Heather Shannon, Annette 
Meyer, Karen Carlson, Martha Behrends FOURTH 
ROW: Laura Ettema, Graham Anderson. Jim 
Andriotis, Jim Osborne, David Ceisel, Matt Klein 
Borden, Fred Parivar. 


Student Organizations 




r RONT ROW: Amy Jeziorski, Rich Aronson, Valerie 
tesler, Margaret Johnson, Bobbi Hursh, Dan 
^oogan. BACK Row: Chris Bechtel. Joshua Hillman 
3ary Phegley, Phil Bartolozzi, Mary Hohbach, Ellen 
3artolozzi, Jill Schmidt, Eric Rose. MISSING FROM 
3 HOTO: Kay Coats, Ed Delaney, Michele Jurgovan, 
Hope Kluge, Michelle Kvitek, Jaci Meyer, Steve 
toreau. Mitzi Moreau, Ray Scannel, Stephanie 
ichnieder, Marina Vlir, Jody Winter, Donna 
/lunsterman, Karen Ruby, Laura Buscemi, Tom 

'MM • 






FRONT ROW: Sarah Schurmg, Debbie Drewke, 
Dean Jacqueline Anderson (Advisor), Hope Kluge, 
Christine McKenna. SECOND ROW: Susan Murray, 
Jill DeAtley. Gary Phegley, Chris Bechtel, Janice 
Butler, Amy Walker THIRD ROW: Donna Schneider, 
Denise Hopwood, Kelly Svoboda, Paula Sue 
Wenstrom, Sherry Ettis. 

Student Organizations 





FRONT ROW: Dave Alessio, Laura Milani, Thomas 
Applegate, Erich Zeitz. Jim Dunphy, Benjamin 
Krumstok. SECOND ROW: Ralph Frank, Letitia 
Dowdy, Paulette Bly, Laura Soderberg, Amy 
Richardson, Kerry Quinn, Mike Olgren, Heidi Thoren 
THIRD ROW: Aaron Ellis, Diane Kouchy, Ray Cava, 
Kathy Keck, David Roth, Andy Krivograd, Anne Lind, 
Kevin Brooksame, FOURTH ROW: Renee Papineau, 
Theresa Montoya, Eric Nussbaum, Marie Gempis, 
Carolyn Alessio, Susan Bianchi, Roger Finnell . 
FIFTH ROW: Jay Willsey, Elaine Fiolka, Sue Sigler, 
Karen Sievertsen, Lisa Jacobsen, Cheryl Boldt, 
Jenny Glenn, Kate Biltgen, Connie Freeman BACK 
ROW: Anna Richter, Bob Pickle, Anna Willard. Erik 
Sievertsen, Theresa Vagena, Scott Turk, Janet 
Dirienzo, Keith Zeitz, Beth Nolan. 




FRONT ROW: Bill Mathews, Julie Kim, Michelle 
Wappel. Brandon Levy, Al Mohnng, Mike Patterso 
Melissa Williams, Laura Durkin, Julie Pugh SECO 
ROW: Derek Nam, Jill Sinar, Andrew Markiewicz, 
Ron Sipowich, Eric Kotzman, Theresa Eagleson, S 
Teitle, Cecilia Cunha-Vaz, Chris KulusiC- THIRD 
ROW: Michael McCray, Gary Hantsbarger, Dean 
Bingham, Dan Rayburn, Mike Blair, Scott Wells, 
Matthew Nygren. FOURTH ROW: Ray Cava. Jeff 
Gerley, Mike Reid. Eduardo Acuna. Steve 
McCornack, Scott Senalik, Mike Kestner, Allen Kat 
Alan Spiegel, 


Student Organizations 




Board Of Directors 

FRONT ROW: Chuck Goldberg - Board Secretary, 
Donna Nelson - Daily Illini Sales Manager, Adrienne 
Szarmack - WPGU Station Manager, Ellie Dodds - 
IMC Recorder, Troy Brethauer - Technograph 
Business Manager. Vanessa Faurie - Daily Illini 
Editor, Rosalie Keblusek - lllio Editor, Holly Bunch - 
Board Vice Chair,, Wynne Griggs - lllio Business 
Manager BACK ROW: Richard Ziegler - Board 
Member, Larry Gies - Board Member, E Mayer 
Maloney Jr. - IMC General Manager, Robert 
Gieselman - Board President, Richard Stegeman - 
Board Chair, Michael Smeltzer - Board Member, 
Michael Lind - Technograph Editor, Greg Kazarian - 
Board Member. 


Student Athletic Board 

FRONT ROW: Ann Forsyth - Vice President, Julie 
Szidon - Fundraising, Pat Sowinski - Public 
Relations, Amy Bajudek, Lynsee Leinberger, Trev 
Minnaert, Ann Zindel SECOND ROW: Peggy 
Meacham - Spirit/Special Projects, Margie Mellon - 
Secretary, Beth Bach - Ambassadors, Kim Meduga, 
Craig Bidner. Maureen O'Malley, Kristen Konecky, 
Andrea Barr. THIRD ROW: Joe Miller - A. A 
Advisor, Michele Manahan, Lara Meinheit, Trish 
McClintock, Sherri Fontana, Donna Decesare, 
Joellen Scully, Dave Brown BACK ROW: Howard 
Katzenstein - Roadtrips/Hospitality, John Dobrinsky - 
Orange Crush, John Fanning, John Enderle, Jenny 
Konen, Trey Hancock, Maury Hoskins, Chris Buhrow, 
Mark Grippando 

Student Organizations 





FRONT ROW: Dr. Laurie Lawrence, Terri Cambier, 
Michelle Andreasen, Monica Kay, Gwyn Truitt. Karin 
Sluz. Wendy Harris, Shawan Elzy, JoAnn Pfeffer, 
Karen Davis SECOND ROW: "Ivan", Karin Bump, 
Becky Foster, Deanna Kraatz, Bonnie Bieze. Tammy 
Dedert, Janel Sible. JIN Olszewski, Sneezy, Bashful, 
Doc, Happy, Annette Jackowski, Ann Vitellaro, 
Mystery Rider 1, "Now that's Country", Elaine Kurcz. 
THIRD ROW: Byron Shotts, Becky Good, Kathy 
Connell, Lydia Klunk, Federico Eschavarria, Jana 
Dale, Mystery Rider 2, Jeff Goll, Micky Mouse, 
Minnie Mouse, Debbie George, Kim Gardner, 
Mystery Rider 3, MISSING FROM PHOTO: Jennifer 




FIRST ROW Trev Mmnerl, Penny Deligiannis, Teresa 
Burgin, Mike Welsh SECOND ROW Jack Groppel, 
Jeff Scheets. Amy Andersen, Victoria Merkel, Nancy 
Rosenberg. Sarah Reynolds. Bruce Dincin, Jim 
Knapp BACK ROW Babette Munson, Lanne Cowan, 
Tracy Scheets. Ruth McCauley, Bren Redmer, 
Marcia Miller. Joyce Drews-Macek, Chris Zalesiak, 
Julie Schalp. Jackie Feddersen. 

340 Student Organizations 


tudent Engineering Magazine 

RONT ROW: David Song, W Dan Leonard, 
ichaeol Lind, Scott Brow SECOND ROW: Caroline 
jrita, Bob Janssens, Darren Qunell BACK ROW: 
yce Nogal, Mary Winters MISSING FROM 
HOTO: Robert Baittie, Dee Bartholme. Troy 
enthauer, Michael Brooks, Dennis Chen. Cheryl 
anke, David Dierking. Carol DiMonte. Chris Gerrib, 
sa Gronkowski, Jeffrey Koebel, Michael Krause, 
;ott Miller.Abel Sanchez, Steve Whiteman 

of Electrical 


FRONT ROW: Marc Hirshman, Kumar Makayee, 
Carissa Johnson, Dave Starkston, Neil Hirshman, 
John Tu. SECOND ROW: Kevin McClelland, Howard 
Kwon, Kurt Schnelle, Kevin Clark, Drew Johnson, 
Paul Westphal, Bob Tata. THIRD ROW: Meo 
Stoikovich, Ray Ghanbari. FOURTH ROW: Mark Joy. 
Knapp, Darren Cepulis 

Student Organizations 





FRONT ROW: Indira Gunda, Terri Shanahan, Susie 
Ingkanisorn, Theresa Armel, Therese Wos, Rani 
George, Jennie Saisakorn, Bob Henry SECOND 
ROW: Jim Dunphy. J.D., Laura Reid, David Gill, Jim 
Crum, Jeff Shiano, Craig Sfitzell, Steve Goel. 


342 Student Organizations 


hristian Cooperative 

ONT ROW: Kyle Fortney. Ted Humphrey, Greg 
yder. Jeff Rodgers. Sieve Styer, Kevin 
:Clelland. Brett Lundstrom. Quent Ackerman, Mike 
/ens SECOND ROW: Sam Bachman, Greg 
Izer, Mark Todd, Ron Alvey. Mike Reilly, Roger 
ler. Paul Barthel. Shawn Flatt, Eric Bennett, Luke 
es, Clint Wilson, Miguel Ruiz, David Snyder 
IRD ROW: Jon Ogden. Dale Anderson, Pete 
:imer, Steve Vogelsang, Paul Stroemer, Joe 


FRONT ROW: Myong Ho Shin, Hyun II Kim, Moon 
Sook Lee, Chu Hung Lee, Mary Woo. Young I. Choi, 
Tae Song Hong, Jae Woo Jung, Kwang Jae Lee, 
Kang Hoon Lee SECOND ROW: In Lee, Young 
Hyuk Kim, Eun Y Hwang, Seung Yong Kim, Young 
Kye Park, Hee Moon Yang, Wha Soo Lee. II Woo 
Kim, James Song. Chul Joon Lee THIRD ROW: 
Kang Uk Lee, Hyong K Chang. Young Ik Song 
FOURTH ROW: Kil Dong Kim. Chong Yul Chang, 
Kwang Sup Choi 

Student Organizations 


Council '87 

Liberal Arts and Science Council 

FRONT ROW: William Mass, Micheal Davis, William 
Sugarman, Noel Zweig, Beth Hanley, Lori Butler, 
Kathy Tegtmeyer, Bob Grzelak, Kathy Helin, Nada 
Pavlica, Debbie Stoldt, Joanna Chien, Nina Talyor, 
Corey Graver, Stephanie Lannert SECOND ROW: 
Dean Peck, Paula Stahl, Beth Larrabee, Jill Funke, 
Kelly Rasmussen, Julie Sommerfeld, John Kuenstler, 
Sherry Pode, Janet Krai, Kristen Roth, Alan 
Buchbinder, Joseph Levy, Kristin Lindholm, Leslie 
Gordon, Laura Morri, Debbie Meyer. THIRD ROW: 
Brad Meloy. Judy Eisenberg, Lisa Goldman, 
Christine Bauch, Pete Straka, Julie Turkot, Amy 
Crawshaw, Julie Stern FOURTH ROW: Dorothy 
Bielawski. Fiona Redwood, Diane DeSwarte, Scott 
Hamiel FIFTH ROW: Cathy Buhrteino. Ann Ching, 
Lisa Dullum, Steve Taylor, Jenny Li. Donna Zboril, 
Ken Breger, Bernie Fogelson, Nell Axelrod, Theresa 
Denovellis. Adam Lashinsky, Sheila Berk, John 
Sullivan, Rani Ahuja, Mark Towne, Birgit Syran, 
David Daub, Marianne Linde, Laura Manprisio, 
Valerie Apolinski, Kelly Judge, 




FRONT ROW: Shannon Holub. Carol Pierce, 
Jennifer Hochstrasser, Lisa Williams. Beth 
Richardson, Ellen Trimble. Laurie Wittlich. Gma 
Hanson, Danielle Jamieson SECOND ROW: Angela 
Penn. Deana Blaine. Jennifer Waggoner. Linda 
Shuman. Debbie Szwast, Kathy Kucharz, Kim 
Palmiter, Michele Fornelli. Leslie Eiser. Pamela 
McCoy THIRD ROW: Christine Lahman, Tracy 
Mundy, Tracy Skerritt, Tammy Chomenko. Cindy 
Tolp. Aimee Wertheim, Robin Pflager, Kimberly 
Yakas. Anne Mane Beckwith BACK ROW: DeAnna 
DeChnstoper. Danielle Coffee. Patty Marshall. 
Maureen Prosser. Cristi Fowler. Jennifer Moran. 
Karen Kraft 


Student Organizations 




ON GROUND: Jan Smith, Lynn Uhland, Mike 
Micholas ON VAN: Dave Craker. Lance Kohan, 
Jason Grant, Cathy Simon, Paul Kats. Shannon 
Holub.ON PODIUM: Ginger Douglas, Bret Frost, 
Jsa Williams, Srah Chernik, Cassie Helgesen, Rich 
-losek, Laura Cima, Darin Boggs, Allen Wolf, Becky 
Standard, Greg Stuckey, Heather Hayes. Larry 
.ewis ON CAR: Bob Hose, Lisa-Ann Lingner, 
Jennifer Hochstrasser, Beth Richardson, Ellen 
m'mble ON SCAFFOLDING: Laurie Wittlich, Gina 
Hanson, Ken Koenig, Tracy Gradert, Paul Kendeigh, 
Julie Gendrich, Jodi Van Hiel, Shelley Brown, 
Carolyn Colby, Luke Lukowski, E.J. Kriz, Kim Jordan, 
Jeff Dorries, Dan Norman, Rich Barritt, Leroy 
Beyers, Andy Aswad, Alex Bacchetti, Scott Horsch, 
3 eter Goetz. Jim Fletcher, Scot Novak, Scott Litke, 
3 eter Kim, Terry Dwyer, John Henderson. 


Senior Activies Scholarship 

FRONT ROW: Jill DeAtley, Tammy Baker, Lauren 
Rossi, Shelly Timmons, Debra Krolick, Kimberly 
Neely, Kathy Huttenhoff. SECOND ROW: Jim 
Adcock, Mike Murphy, Pete Kim, Vicki Merkel, 
Chuck Graham, Susan Scott, Krista Johnson, Gwen 
Lehmann, David Numrych. THIRD ROW: Phillip 
Babcock, Cathy Dimou, Cindy Yarnick, Lynnette 
Sherwin, Holly Bunch, Amy Wheaton, Mary Sims, Bill 
Paris, Darrin Podeschi, Karen Jaraczewski, Anne 
Marie Johnson, Felice Siegel, Susan Rabyne, 
Michele Collins, Denise Powers, Bob McKune. 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Amy Anderson, Laurel 
Ashbrook, Carlos Bermudez, Elizabeth Brauer, 
Karen Costello, Sunil Eappen, Eric Fugate, Caron 
Gray, Mark Grippando, Jolene Hinton, Mathew 
Joyce, Suzanne Kircos, Ellen Kosty, Stephen Miller, 
Sanford Perl, Heidi Piper, Maria Rago, Karen 
Swaback, Janelle Walker 

Student Organizations 





FRONT ROW: Kimberly Pendleton, Carol McNutl, 
Nicole Denitt, Lorraine Jamison, Jill Fowler, Debbie 
Patterson SECOND ROW: Wanda Weatherspoon. 
Sylvia Goldman. Sharon Amos, Daniel Duster, Lee 
Jones, Monica Sykes. Louis Bond BACK ROW: 
Cedric Thurman, Marnin Rochelle. Jeffrey Burt, 
Steven Winbush, Craig Morton, Gary Ng. Kenneth 
Cotton, Brandon Woodard. Brenda McKenzie, David 
Duster, Chen Brent, Bronwyn Morgan, Anthony 
Todd, Kelly Greene, Sherri Burton, Angel Calon 
MISSING FROM PHOTO Chantay Baker, Lloyd 
Biddle, Kenneth Bivens, Lisa Carroll, David Carter, 
Vanessa Johnson, Lolita Lorick, Martin Majeske. 
Michelle Steele, William Townsell, John Watson 


National Senior Honor Society 

FRONT ROW: Robert Mmdrum, Mona Naqvi, Julie 
Contes, Jim Donnelly, Julie Shamberg, Ann Forsyth. 
Sam Kramer. Bernice Freeman SECOND ROW 
Allan Jones, Chesi Giannetti, Kathy Pergande. Sherr 
Burton. Sue Lawler. Anne Berleman. Penny 
Deligiannis. Neil Hirschman THIRD ROW Robert 
Spargo, Annette Biek. Anne Ream, Laura Rowley. 
Susan Bogner, Greg McConnell FOURTH ROW. 
Stephanie Uhl, Sandy Pasternock. Sunya Tweeten. 
Giselle Sered MISSING FROM PHOTO Kathy 
Empen. Sandy Georgie. Mike Lufrano, Chris Martin. 
Jeff Melton, Scott Rose. 

346 Student Organizatit 


ONT ROW: Chris Hartke, Tim Lenz. Mark Meurer, 
orge Haden, Jerry Cannon, Sam Eathington 
COND ROW: Eric Reiners, Kerry Wolff, Mernl 
nMallen, Dale Brockamp, Bill Harmon, Phil Liable. 
IRD ROW: Mike Melhouse, Steve Vandeburg, 
:n Hall, Carl Masters, Brent Crane, Dean Bossert. 
'URTH ROW: Jim Baker, Scott Hawbaker, Tim 
irk, Chris Elliott, Brian Bradshaw, Keith Miller, 
nt Burrow, Mike Elnore. Mark Robert BACK 
IW: Victor Miller, Dave Winterland, Kevin Jeffries, 
lyne Bingham, Robert Spangler, Craig Bush, 
dney Bray, Steve Myers, Brian Bounds. 


FRONT ROW: Tess Broquard, Margit Magnuson. 
Liesl Dalenberg. Shelley Weber. Mary Brown. 
Debbie Huber. Elaine Nelson, Debbie Douglas 
SECOND ROW: Candice Geisler, Katy Green, Helen 
Hart. Beth Bend, Mary Huelsman, Audra Hortin, 
Diane Birch, Debbie Rohlleder, Cecille Widloff, Julie 
Christian. Valerie McClelland. Meredith Foster. 
Elizabeth Beutel, Andi Suligoy, Gretchen Pfeffer 
THIRD ROW: Sue Faust, Debbie Fesser, Julie 
Liable, Becky Stubblefield. Janet Hoffman. Darcy 
Wesson, Chris Lyons. Carol Faust. Kmdra 
Carmichael. Pam Nash FOURTH ROW: Elizabeth 
Whitehall, Velynna Scranton, Lynn Granby. Julie 
Farley. Rachel Foster. Jane Waterman. Laura 
Borgerson. Jane Rhode. Lori Heyen, Tammy Jo 
Peterson. Debbie Sommer FIFTH ROW Amy 
Marks, Karm Bump. Melmda Miller. Jennifer Beyer. 
Angie Newport, Stephanie Marcy, Kristine Myers. 
Lori Butler. Karla Raber. Janice Brown BACK ROW: 
Tama Moreland, Erin Hundt, Lori Lmville 

Student Organizations 






Student Organizations 




Mechanical Engineering Honor 

-RONT ROW: Paul Stolarczuk, Randy Lober, Carl 
Schneidinger, Tom McCarthy BACK ROW: Dean 
;arl Larson. Mike Molezzi, Doug Habing, Ken 
Hendron. Steve Schlimpert, Dave Lewis. John 


Independent Women's Housing 

FRONT ROW: Debbie Douglass, Mimi Aung, 
Meredith Foster SECOND ROW: Amy Blanchette, 
Tess Broquard, Lauren Kavanaugh, Teresa Ehler, 
Jennifer McKinstry, Brenda Masengale, Nancy 
Fillington, Leisl Dahlenberg THIRD ROW: Teri 
Kyrouac, Brenda Centko, Kris Smith, Jodi Erwin. 
Angela Smith, Mary Brown, Sandy Lootens, Sharon 
Hubner, Shelley Weber, Laura Conour BACK ROW. 
Julie Clay, Janice Brown, Rebecca Donaldson, 
Claudine Cole, Debbie Petefish, Helen Wargel, 
Angie Wirsing, Martha Behrends, Carrie Egan, 
Susan Ramsey, Danielle Conlin. Laura Hyde, Katie 
McNett, Margit Magnuson, Marcia Thomas. 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Connie Olson, Jenny 
Hauser, Mary Beth Vaverka, Margaret Moran. 

Student Organizations 



National Honor Society in 

FRONT ROW: Sue Ryan, Marna Smith. Marilyn 
Howard, Nancy Gonzalez, Karen Schuhmann. 
SECOND ROW: Lena Choe, Andrea Strauss, Jim 
Guinee, Stacey Buckshot, Chris McCusker BACK 
ROW: Jennie Sheagren, Jaime Sandrolini, Michael 
Cokenour, Joe Pira, Laurie Osburg, Sue Muth 

J 1 



R \ 

HI V 3 

(SP*) *- P 







- A 




r fl 





B 1 

JSaL r^ 

1 ' ; 


~? i 








mm, »* 

'^^^ jfl 




m nf 

- %.,- 






Campus Wide Residence Hall 

FRONT ROW: Edward Shear. Carol McNutt, Aver; 
Wilson, William Jorns, Sarah Simon, Ruby Blunt, 
Sandi Evans, Paul Webber SECOND ROW: Jo El' 
Kane, Ann Zindel, Sondra Thomas, Daniel 
Waterman, Carol Finn, Debbie Spahn, Rhonda Pre 
Ann Blanke. Lisa Goelz THIRD ROW: Jonathan 
Westfield, Donald Shay. Quentin Mynck, Jim 
Schmidt, Mary Podborny, Michael Gaskin, Karen 
Pinks, Andrew Krivograd, Kimberly Burkross, 
Jennifer Wofford. Richard DAmbrosio. Carlos 
Acosta. Laura Sarvay. Kristina Kloos FOURTH 
ROW: Craig Barnes, Jeffrey Burt, Paul Spellman, 
Andreas Taylor. Philip Ferguson, Michael Bass, Lu 
Cossio. Douglas Ellerbrock, Scott Schwarz, Dean 
Sirakides. Nicholas Katers, Andre Garner 


Student Organizations 


Junior Activities Honorary 

FRONT ROW: Erin Hundt, Debbie Fesser, Elaine 
Nelson, Sarah Fertig, Caroline Jamieson. SECOND 
ROW: Christine Ankney, Tom Adamitis, Elizabeth 
Burton, Daniel Shasha, Elizabeth Gaines, Kevin 
Taafe, Sally Cohen THIRD ROW: Dan Werries, 
Jennifer Werries, Mark Dosier, Paul Hirsh, Michael 
Rose, Mary Peterson, Christine Berenz FOURTH 
ROW: Phil Anderson, Larry Gies, Steve Becker, 
Noreen Cary MISSING FROM PHOTO: Bruce 
Dincin, Mark Filip, Steve Herman, Susan Klier, 
Anuradha Nataraian. Ron Provenzano. 




FRONT ROW: Liz Rifken, Andre Pineda, Lisa 
Goldman, Jean McClintock, Jerry Gafner, Chris 
Bechtel SECOND ROW: Pete Brown, Carol Cima. 
Ami Silberman, Nancy Covey, Kris Warmann, Julie 
Contes, Don McLoughlin, Dave Atkinson BACK 
ROW: Kathy Kovitz, Harry Blacklock, Karen 
Swaback, Sally Cohen, Tom Newman, Sue 
Ben-Rubin, Steve Goulel, Holly Bunch, Jeff 
Christensen, Anv Natarajan, Robert Blum, Dale 
Tampke MISSING FROM PHOTO: Vairavan 
Alagappan, Ken Betts. Many Bouxsein, Lauren 
Kaplan, Ben Leimkuhler, Geoff Lovepy. Bob 
Moreschi, Pavmee Navarat, Vmce Pappalando. 
Karen Potocki, Maria Rakerd, Chad Sundstrom, 
Steve Skiena. Brad Stillman. Rich Zelenka. Bob 
Zunker, Michael Helm, Krista Johnson, Debbie 
Hutton, Paul Foresburg, Lisa Cohen, Karen Price. 
Joe Twarowski, Ann D'Agostine. Kim Hull. Adam 
Lashmsky, Kristin Cottrell. 

Student Organizations 


Society of 




Student Concert/Entertainment 

FRONT ROW: Mark Michicich. Joe Kraft. Gwene 
Ihnat, Eddie Wright. Steve Hoffman, Jerry Monkman, 
Leslie Nuss, Geoff Lovejoy, Nick Georgiopoulos, 
Craig Goding. Mindy Manolakes SECOND ROW: 
Margie Murray. Gma Soyars. Colleen Coyle. Ned 
Neuhaus. Matt Berns. Dara Eisenberg. Karen 
Metzger. Penny Deligiannis. Gary Gregerson. Sean 
Letwat. Andrea Barr. Annabel Aiex. THIRD ROW: 
Darius Mistry. Amy Balkm, Tim Kohut. Joe Gembala. 
Susan Czechowicz. Carlo Arreglo, Kerry James, 
Heidi Randall, Kim Sevcik. Kristin Thomas, Kevin 
Russell, Jessica Kirkwood, Jim Read FOURTH 
ROW: Susan Potsick, Allison Davis. Alexandra 
Patsavas, Dorle Tnmborn. Ray Byrne. Mike Buetow, 
Christine Deruntz, Erin Schon, Julie Fiore. Gayle 
Packel, Cindy Freund, Jennifer Nuding. John 
Murphy. Paul Pfieffer. Bobra Crockett FIFTH ROW: 
Kent Johnsn, Bethany Sikes. Zippy Lehnus. Alpa 
Baga. Nissim Lefford. Peter Kousathanas. Doug 
Levine. Denise Kendall. Chris Keach. Paul Frett. 
Debbie Jostes. Mary Bryant BACK ROW: Nancy 
Radzevich, Jennifer French, Gary Luz, Tom 
McGrath. Sonia Melcher. Madeline Marchaterre, 
Sahana Misra, Junse Kim, Mike Bobak. Joseph 
Bennet. Carina Amador. Carolyn Baughan. Glenn 
Guttman. John Bannon, Tracy Kaplan, Scott Holwick, 
Vicki Grischo. Tim Ryan MISSING FROM PHOTO: 
Sharon Acosta, Sophia Arzoumamdis. Renita Austin. 
Laurie Buck, Leigh Erin Carter. Bill Chase. Barry 
Cohen, Joe Cunnane. Erin Doyle, Marjone Fox, Lars ) 
Gustafson, Laura Hecht. Janet Krai. Dru Kuperman, 
Gary Lazarski. Heidi Mayer, Carol McGillivray. Diane| 
McShare. Julie Olszowka, Carolyn Russel. Becky 
Rocco. Christie Schramm, Laura Slanmka, Trina 
Talbot. Angie Vavaroutsos. Beth Wilson. Brian 

352 Student Organizations 



: RONT ROW: Nick Georgiopoulos, Mmdy 
danolakes, Leslie Nuss, Jerry Monkman, Steve 
Hoffman BACK ROW: Joe Kraft, Geoff Lovejoy, 
Jraig Goding. Mark Michicich. Gwen Ihnat, Eddie 


Christian Cooperative 

FRONT ROW: Anna Lucero. Julie Sibbing, Darla 
Chamberlain, Liz Lehman, Darcie Campanella, 
Stacie Hanson, SECOND ROW: Bonnie Keefe, 
Chandra Gupta, Cheryl Bartels. Cheryl Meadows, 
Wendy Weibel. Debbie Bonacorsi, THIRD ROW: 
Anne Gardner, Eunice Reyes, Karen Davis, Kelli 
Nimmo, Stephanie Bond, Diana Scott, Jill Hayward 
FOURTH ROW: Jackie Fedderson, Martha Jo 
Eleam, June Hashbarger, Paula Sarsany, Karen 
Lindholm. BACK ROW: Kristen Lindholm, Dawn 
Mehrens, Jennifer French, Beth Ramey, Jeanne 
Gottemoller MISSING FROM PHOTO: Beth Hill, 
Mrs, SuttonfHouse Director). 

Student Organizations 



ALPHABETICAL LIST: Pam Altenbeger. Jacki 
Beller. Jane Brouwer. Lisa Cicero, Kalhy Couri, 
Diane Deswarte, Mark Gapmski, Debbie Hennessy, 
Leslie Hirsch, Andy Jacobson, Sue Kircos, Lisa 
Lurie, Julie Malitz, Marilyn Maurer, Ron McPheron, 
Vicki Merkel, Erica Naleid, Laurie Newman, Ron 
Pergande. Damn Podeschi, Debbie Rabmowitz, 
Darcey Ann Regan, Elissa Rosenthal, Jennie Roth, 
Cliff Spargo, Margaret Sweet 


Service Organization 

FRONT ROW: Peter Ernst, Wade Warthan, Alan 
Jones, Michael Rose, Terry Corcoran, Carlos 
Bermudez, Anne Berleman, Cherie Travis, Matt 
Joyce. SECOND ROW: Leigh Anne Henson, Lisa 
Ligon, Lynda Kaufman, Jenny Konen, Cindy Aitken, 
Maureen O'Malley, Carrie Jamieson, Christine Ahn, 
Julia Harris. Noreen Cary, THIRD ROW: Robert 
Lumsden. Amy Wheaton, Jenny Diehl, Sue Henkels, 
John Podiasek, Cathy Larson, Mike McGuire, Kathy 
Pergande, Mike Sullivan, Michelle Nelson, Anne 
Marie Johnson, Tracy Dunaway, Anne Forsyth. 
FOURTH ROW: Tim McClelland, Brittany Bailey, 
Christine Berenz. Beth Navilio, Sandy Pasternook, 
Steve Barker, Terry Wasserman, Bruce Dincin, 
Brooke Remick, Julie Mennel, Lynda McCann, John 
Hass.MISSING FROM PHOTO: Jeff Abbott, Tracee 
Bell, Catherine Brunton. Mary Francis Budig, Barrett 
Carlson, Paul Casey, Chris D'Hondt, Jim Donnelly, 
Annet Godiksen, Missy Golz. Jeff Gregory, Terry 
Hackett, Stephanie Hale. Sue Haufschild, Steve 
Herman, Sarah Jorgensen, Renate Juengling. Tom 
Juffenbruch, Bonnie Katz, Stephanie McKinnon, Jeff 
Melton, Brian Morris, Bill Mussatti. Eric O'Daffer. 
Julie Perkins. Walter Phillips. Ken Ratliff, Julie Rolloff, 
Scott Rose. Chris Schramm, Devin Shafron. Sue 
Schwab, Pat Sowinski. Susan Stedronsky. Bill 
Sullivan, Greg Sutter. Paul Veith, Paul Yocum, 
Dianne Cifuentes, Tracy Kaplan, Daryl Mattews, Sue 

354 Student Organizations 


10NT ROW: Pam Katris, Sherri Burton. Greg 
;Connell, Walter Knox, Bob Lumsden, Terry 
ickett, Paul Yocum, John Kennett SECOND ROW: 
; ndy Pasternook, Tracey Meares, Suzy Egan, Paul 
isey, John Hass, Scott Rose, Ed Malone, Dave 
irnstedt, Kent Burrow THIRD ROW: Annet 
jdiksen, Cindy Aitken. Anne Marie Johnson, Jeff 
;lton(President), Micheal Rose, Mary Frances 
idig. FOURTH ROW: Jackie Johnson, Leigh Anne 
mson, John Born, Mary Bouxsein MISSING 
IOM PHOTO: Jeff Abbott, Britt Bailey, Matt Clark, 
m Forsyth, Tim Goodall. Cindy Hendricks, Allan 
nes, Matt Joyce, Lynda Kaufman, Lisa Kelly, Steve 
■rcher, Cathy Larson, Mary Beth McCready, 
iureen O'Malley, Kathy Pergande, Telisa 
iberson, Pat Sowinski, Greg Sutter, Monica Sykes. 




FRONT ROW: Cherie Travis, Sandy Collins, Laurie 
Lawson, Kevin Jacobs, Susannah Skyer, Peg 
Phillips, Susie Ingkanisorn, Leah Sutker, Julia Harris, 
Ellen Robbins, Gina Rosato, Lara Meinheit, Kathy 
Linneman SECOND ROW: Sue Henkels. Deanna 
Seward, Katy McDonald, Sue Ben-Rubin, Therese 
Lyons, Mark Fera. Cathy Reed, Mike Cleary. Sue 
Bogner, Pete Hardin, Janet Anderson, Advisor, Tom 
Livingston, Matthew Byer. David Forrer THIRD 
ROW: Lisa Swanson, Sherri Fontana. Craig Bidner, 
Todd Jones, Vipin Gupta, Cynthia Skow. Sheree 
Conner, Michelle Kelley, Sue Corcoran, Kathy Byrne, 
Chris Catalano, Beth Steinberg, Kelly Judge, Joe 
Ducey, Randy Buhr, Herb Heltzer FOURTH ROW: 
John Casey, John Phipps, Mark Filip, Lynette 
Sherwin, Lance Phillips, Cathy Perry, Cathy 
Buhrfiend, Jenny Li, Michael Mallon, Susie Smith. 
Bob Brown, James Cole Jr., Gayle Goldsmith. Rubin 
Diesie. Joyce Raupp, Dave Numrych. Nick Roder. 
FIFTH ROW: Rob Humphreys, Gordon Schwartz, 
Bob Faust. Leslie Wood, Marty D'Amore, Rohit 
Gupta. Michael McGuire. Alice Chang. Adam 
Bossov, James Bohannon, Robert Hanna. Brian 
Aldred, Dan Dring, Lisa Barnes, Jerry Rubino, 
Lauren Bonner. BACK ROW: Arthur Dolinsky, Mike 
Cokenour, Rob Gray. Dan Zimmerman. Mike 
Casteel, Matt Hudson, Tom Hipp. 

Student Organizations 


and Apparel 

FRONT ROW: Jill Luginbuhl(Fundraising Chairman), 
Kathy Seghetti(President), Christine 
Lunde(Membership Chairman), Ephi Maglaris(HRFS 
representative), Christine Hmton(Advertising 
Chairman), Colleen Hughes(Vice-President) 
SECOND ROW: Laura Pnce(Membership 
Chairman), Carrie Jaeck(Newsletter Chairman), 
Carmen Savage, Jennifer Dominquez, Michelle 
Wappel, Cindy Boeckman(Co-sponsor) THIRD 
ROW: Stacy Durr, Chris Lyons, Beth Georgia, Cathy 
Clarke, Lisa Macomber, Mimi Bowles FOURTH 
ROW: Amy Forgatch, Kristin Ehret, Lynn A. 
Weberpal, Mary Szczepanski, Jill VanBuren, Kevan 
Gockman FIFTH ROW: Pam Kissel, Kim Meyer, 
Jennifer Quade, Sarah Goetz, Sharon Doheny. 
SIXTH ROW: Brenda Toland, Sara McLaughlin, 
Stacie Mayoras, Jennifer Wolfer, Linda Higbee, Ann 
Davis BACK ROW: Kris Henson, Delia Diebold. 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Janice Butler(Treasurer), 
Kathy Perry(Secretary), Mary-Lloyd 


Junior Academic and Activities 

Adamitis. Phillip Anderson, Elizabeth Bach, Scott 
Bauer, Christine Berenz, Mary Francis Budig. 
Katherine Busby, Noreen Cary, Joanna Cocalas, 
Julie Contes, Mark Dosier, Sarah Ferlig. Mark Filip. 
Kathy Gang, Sheila Gearica, Larry Gies. Paul Hirscl' 
Caroline Jamieson, Maureen Jones, Linda Klick. 
Susan Klier. Laura Lewis, Ann Lohmeier, Anuradha 
Natarahan, Ron Provenzano, Ellen Robbins, Christy^ 
Rothrock, Heather Russell. Paula Stahl, Kathryn 
Sullivan, Emy Tan, Jennifer Wright 


Student Organizations 




Transfer Student' s Social! Service 

FRONT ROW: Bruce Konicek, Rick Staack, G.D. 
Chaplin, Ten Dee, Colette Richardson, Tom Malone. 
John Lang SECOND ROW: Tim Konicek. 
3ernadette Kapella, Kimberly Russon, Janet Krai, 
3avid Gill, Tina Arronis. Mary Lynn Houman. Miles 
3mutz. THIRD ROW: Debbie Hennessy, Chris 
3aron, Terri Heller, Doug "Chip" Gates, Greg 
3astello, David Buchanan, Ronald Midgal, David 
3rown. FOURTH ROW: Shirley Osmon. Russell 
Walters. Angie Kostopoulos, Corrine Lilley, Maureen 
Russell, Anthony Labriola, Ray Wanders, Darryl 



FRONT ROW: Amy Dordek, Sheila Dougherty, Tim 
Krippner, Jodi Bates, Cindy Yarnik 
ALPHABETICAL: Nancy Amato, Ariane Andler, 
Cynthia Berard, Donna Claxton, Penny P. 
Deligiannis, Shawn Diggory, Laura Feldman, Gary 
Gregerson, Darin Greenblatt, Patty Hynes, Karie 
Keiser, Theresa Kittridge, Eve Kotlarz, Carol Kunz, 
Julie Ann Lottus, Meredith McClure, Joseph 
McLoud, Tera Miller, Sherry Poole, Karce Rominger, 
Julie Schneible, Colleen Shanahan, Suzanne 
Shwatal. Lynn Slater, Richard Spring, Vivian Vahling, 
Tammy Walitzer. Cathleen Washburn, Lisa Zordani. 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Tracy Ambler. Amy 
Bocher, Amy Berstein, Julianne Clemmons, Beth 
Cronin, Laura Damerjian, Steve Flinkirge, Sherri 
Fontana, Ann Fraser, Wendi Glick, Lee Harrington, 
Allyson Hawley, Dennis Kelly, Jenny Konen, 
Christine Konior, Carol Kunz, Lisa Larson, David 
McMillan, Suzetti Morretti, Cheryl Newman, Janet 
Patterson. Beth Pfeiffer, Jill Rutterberg, Karen Ryan, 
Debbie Scilingo, Susan Sherman, Lisa Smith, Pam 
Spahn, Erica Stone, Theresa Wiener, 

Student Organizations 



Pre-professional Honorary 

FRONT ROW: Glenn Guttman, Vice President, Marci 
Fromm. Program Coordinator; Beth Navilio, Program 
Coordinator; Suzy Hasen, President, Jill DeAtley, 
Secretary, Greg McConnell, Treasurer. 


Cooperative House 

FRONT ROW; Dao Phoungcherdchoo, Angle Crook 
Jill Unkraut, Laura Arnold, Kim Walter, Sheila 
Fitzpatrick. SECOND ROW; Lisa Davison, Lisa 
Boreland, Patrice Gould, LaDonna Wilson, Cheryl 
Sasveld THIRD ROW: Liz Carvlin, Beth Grobstein, 
Debbie Zink, Cecilia Rios, Becky Elliott. BACK 
ROW: Deborah Fetch, Dai Nguyen. Mridu Singhal, | 
Nada El-Zein, Duen Phoungcherdchoo. MISSING 
FROM PHOTO: Pam Plucienik, Stephanie Wolf. 
Kathy Mertes. 

358 Student Organizations 




V 'omen's Choral Group 

RONT ROW: Dr. Joseph Grant, OfficersRobin 
vitts, Linda Amberg, Mary Doughty, Emily Schnabl, 
aryn Stein, SECOND ROW: Kelly Grant, Andi 
irgas, Wendy Percy, Chris Lupo, Gina Chamberlain, 
herry Bondi, Becky Schwartze THIRD ROW: Diane 
iarrison, Kim Coleman. Cindy Taylor, Lisa Smith, 
im Clifton. Sheryl Gunning FOURTH ROW: Lisa 
iittinger, Beth Rose, Jennifer Werries, Amy Black, 
ana Moore, Sue Honzel, Cheryl Meadows FIFTH 
OW: Ingrid Teclaw. Michelle Rexroat, Julie 
isswald, Betsy Burgoyne. Chris Malon, Lori Baker, 
IXTH ROW: Cindy Hendricks. Niki Stopoulos, 
largo Deyo, Nancy Van Ostrand, Darla 
hamberlain, Leslie Moeckler, Caryn Goldberg. 
EVENTH ROW: Meggon Elzey, Karen Leland, 
oily Heavlin. Pam Yelton, Amy Poulson, Debbie 
jhnson. EIGHTH ROW: Laurie Kunasek, Stephanie 
Ison, Mary Bechdolt, Vicki Dvorak, Judy Sasuta, 
obbi Hursh. Alexandra Patsavas. NINTH ROW: 
)lene Lowry, Becca Saul, Beth Kestner. Winkle 
irschfield, Carolyn Herron, Marsha Pitman. 
IISSING FROM PHOTO; Julie Bartell, Kim Baum, 
elody Blain. Rose Casas, Sarah Clark, Sara 
eannopulos, Julie Graffagna, Sharon Mann, Lisa 
bara, Sue Olson, Karen Szwed, Bobbi Wexler. 

t it t t jkt 

t * * f t M 

§ s» 



FRONT ROW: Darris Hess, Rich Dimond, Mitch 
Abney, Jim Woodier, Stephe O'Day. John Bradford 
SECOND ROW: Missy Moggio, Jane Donovan, 
Adrienne Szarmack, Kathy Voltmer, Crystal Kelly 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Jim Slusarek, Julie 

Student Organizations 




FRONT ROW: Ann Rago, Jill Zastresek. Steve 
Joerg. Sue Muth, Missy Moggie. Crystal Kelly, 
Adrienne Szarmack. Kathy Voltmer, Sara Cook. 
SECOND ROW: Rich Dimond, Sharon Helding. 
Diane Holwick, Lynee Alves.John Bradford, Maureen 
Lesicko, Sheryl Stecyk THIRD ROW: Jane 
Donovan, Mark Thompson, Jeff Meyers, Stephe 
O'Day, Chris Curry, Rick Dykhuis, John Stiber, Dave 
Butler FOURTH ROW: John Loster, Jim Woodier. 
Andy Gauvreau, Mitch Abney, Monica Valentine, 
Danny Greenberg, Darris Hess, Tom Leslie 
MISSING FROM PHOTO: Jill Eardley. Meg 
O'Connell, Eileen McDowell. Jim Slusarek, Julie 
Johnston, Drew Johnson, Oryna Hrutshetsky, Gary 
Lazarski. Glenn Guttman. 


Student Organizations 

RHA in Action 

WANTED: Enthusiastic, 
fun-loving, motivated, and dedicated 
residence hall people for organization 
committed to improving the residence 
hall environment and encouraging 
group activities on social and 
educational levels. Contact: Residence 
Hall Association. 

"It's the umbrella organization 
that brings together the hall 
governments," said Carol Finn, RHA 
president. "You can pick up 
information to bring back to help your 
own halls." 

"We have several goals. The 
biggest one is to improve the quality 
of life in the residence halls. The 
second is the development of 
leadership and to promote leadership 
skills," Finn said. 

The Residence Hall Association is 
made up of fifteen representatives, six 
Black Student Union representatives, 
15 hall presidents, five officers and 
four advisers. They meet weekly, 
alternating between Clark Hall and 
other residence halls. Although the 
meetings start at 5 p.m., many 
members meet for dinner before the 
meeting. A lot of quieter people will 
say things at dinner that they might 
not say at the meeting, said Finn. 

RHA differs from other 
organizations because its members 
spend a smaller amount of time in it 
and the key offices may be filled by 
sophomores and juniors, Finn said. 
For example, the president of a hall 
may be a sophomore. After students 
move out of the residence halls, they 
are no longer eligible for the 
Residence Hall Association. "People 
can really use RHA as a good base," 
Finn said. 

RHA plans several activities 
throughout the year. On May 1 , RHA 
will join Zeta Beta Tau and Alpha Chi 
Omega in sponsoring a dance 
marathon to raise money for the 
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. They also 
sponsor Residence Hall Week, Faculty 
Interaction Month, Young People's 
Weekend and Black History Month 
with CBSU. 

In addition to planning 
campus-wide activities, RHA 
recognizes programs on a hall and 
floor level. Program of the Month 
awards are given to outstanding 
programs involving three areas: social, 
community involvement and 

During the year, RHA members 
have the opportunity to attend two 
conferences. The National Association 
of College and Undergraduate 
Residence Halls (NACURH) 
conference occurred during the 
weekend of May 29 through June 1 , 
1986. The Illinois Residence Hall 
Association (IRHA) conference will 
take place at Northern Illinois 
University from February 27 through 
March 1 . Forty-nine representatives 
from the University are scheduled to 
attend the conference. "They're a 
riot, it's a big teambuilding 
experience. So much learning goes 
on," Finn said. 

Story by Julie Becker 

Student Organizations 


Volunteering to 


Volunteer Illini Projects may be 
known solely for the blood drives that 
seem to be everywhere on campus, 
yet VIP offers programs in tutoring, 
prison concern, day care, mental 
health and more. 

Since tutoring, VIP's first project, 
started in 1963, numerous others have 
been added and run by the 800-1000 
volunteers that make up VIP. Today, 
the tutoring program helps students of 
all ages in all subjects. Susan 
Connelly, a worker for VIP says that 
"one time a church group needed help 
with one of the children who was not 
learning the material properly. Our 
tutor found out that the child's 
learning age was younger than his 
physical age, and adapted the material 
to suit his needs. We fit the desire for 
tutoring any subject at any grade 

One widely unknown project of 
VIP is that of prison concern. 
According to Connelly, "We work 
primarily in four state prisons, but we 
travel to other prisons regularly. Our 
mainstay is the pen pal program. A 
lot of students don't have the time to 
go to the prisons because it takes a 
while to get through the red tape. It's 
a great experience for psychology and 
sociology students, though, because 
they can see what the system is all 
about up close." 

The favorite program of many VIP 
volunteers is the Wilbur Heights 
project, which provides recreational 
activities for children in an area with 
no city parks. Wilbur Heights is a 
small unincorporated neighborhood of 
second and third generation 
Appalachian migrants, and is outside 
the bounadries of the 
Champaign-Urbana park district. VIP 
volunteers organize activities 
including putt putt golf, swim nights, 
skating and more. "It's the project 
we're most proud of, because no other 
group goes in to work with them," 
claims Connlly. 

The most important part of VIP 
are the Vs, the volunteers that want to 
work with the community's elderly, 
children, mentally or emotionally 
distubed and in essence all those who 
have a need that can be filled. The 
only requirement for a VIP volunteer 
is a little time . . . something we all 


Student Organizations 

Raising Money 

for Multiple Sclerosis 

Last year, a new organization 
called Students Against Multiple 
Sclerosis started attracting attention on 
campus. A Rock-A-Like contest that 
took place at Follenger Auditorium in 
March of 1986 created a lot of 
enthusiasm for the organization. 
However, the University of Illinois 
chapter of SAMS , as it is more 
commonly referred to, is only part of 
a nation-wide organization. 

In 1985, Clifford Goldsmith, 
president of the National Multiple 
Sclerosis Society, wanted to organize 
student chapters on campuses across 
the country in order to educate young 
people about multiple sclerosis and to 
establish possibilities for long term 
fund raising. College chapters were 
started because MS is a major 
neurological disease which affects 
people between the ages of 20 and 40. 

In order for the local chapters to 
get rolling, enthusiastic and dedicated 
students were needed to help organize 
them. Darrin Podeschi applied for the 
position of chairperson after his 
father, a graduate of the University 
who has MS, saw an advertisement 
posted on campus. 

According to Podeschi, a senior in 
LAS, "Establishing ourselves was the 
biggest challenge. I think we did it." 
Finding talented people to get 
involved in the chapter contributed to 
the success of SAMS, he said. 

The 1985-86 school year was set 
up as a test year by the National 
Multiple Sclerosis Society. The 
Illinois chapter proved itself with the 
Rock-A-Like lip synch contest 
sponsored by Domino's, K-104, 
Dup-It Copy Shop, and Pepsi. "The 
event was one of the larger 
non-alcoholic philanthropic events in 
the history of the University of 
Illinois," Podeschi said. 

The winner of the local 
competition, a Whitney Houston 
imitation, went on to compete at 
Northwestern University in the 
regionals. The winners in that 
competition went on to compete on 
MTV Music Television. 

The enthusiasm generated by such 
a successful year, which resulted in 
$6,500 being donated to the National 
Multiple Sclerosis Society, got the 
1986-87 year off to a great start. It 
started with a $1000 donation, newly 
reorganized individual committees, 
and 150 people attending the first 

A successful concert given by Otis 
and the Elevators and the Mudhens at 
Mabels on October 1 1 added to the 
momentum. Mabels essentially turned 
over their place, donating everything, 
Podeschi said. SAMS raised over 

The local chapter of SAMS was 
not the only success story. The 
number of chapters nation-wide 
increased from 150 in 1985 to 250 in 

Podeschi said the chapter is 
planning a lot of activities for the rest 
of the year. SAMS is interested in an 
intercollegiate event with the 
Residence Hall Association and the 
Greek system. A nation-wide balloon 
launch is scheduled for February. 

Story by Julie Becker 

Student Organizations .363 





Mohd Tajalli Abdullah Urbana, FAA 
Colleen Abeles Deerfield.ENG 
Cecilia M. Abouchar Mundelein, LAS 
James M. Abrahamson Waukegan, ENG 
Lynn E. Abramson Palatine. CBA 
Danielle M. Aceto Barrington, COM 

Neal Acharya Oak Lawn, LAS 
Jean A. Achwerha Joliet, ED 
Susan C. Adam Rockford. ENG, LAS 
Mary K. Adamowski Palatine, AGR 
Eric D. Adams Tuscola, ENG 
Julie K. Adams Champaign, AGR 

Kimberly K. Adams Galesburg, ENG 
Lauren A. Adams Oak Park, FAA 
Mark J. Adams Marengo, ENG 
Michael T. Adams Burbank, FAA 
James E. Adcock Assumption, AGR 
David S. Adduce Oak Lawn, LAS 

Nancy Adrian Schaumburg, LAS 
Raj Rani Ahuja Oswego, LAS 
Michael S. Albert Skokie, LAS 
Lauren M. Albertsen Oak Lawn, CBA 
Nerry Alcock Saint Charles, SW 
Sean Alderson Carlinville, AGR 

Amy C. Alfonsl Springfield, CBA 
Fred W. Allen Delavan, AGR 
Ruth Allen Rantoul, AVI 
Sharon Allen Urbana, LAS 
Marshall J. Aimer Moms, FAA 
Joyce Altshuler Highland Park, CBA 

Anthony L. Alvizu Chicago, LAS 
Renato T. Amador Glendale Heights, LAS 
Larry Ambrose Western Springs, LAS 
Audrey L. Ambrosini Homewood, FAA 
Sharon Amos Chicago, LAS 
Katharina C. Amstadt Wheaton, CBA 

Thomas M. Anchini Mount Prospect, LAS 
Amy L. Anderson Dixon, LAS 
Angela L. Anderson Wonder Lake, LAS 
Cynthia Anderson Mount Prospect, CBA 
Damon L. Anderson Bellflower, LAS 
Daniel W. Anderson Springfield, CBA 

Douglas Anderson Winfield, ENG 
Jann N. Anderson Dolton, AGR 
John R. Anderson Glenwood, CBA 
Karen L. Anderson Rockford, FAA 
Kimberly H. Anderson Aledo. AGR 
Marilyn R. Anderson Brookfield, ED 

366 Graduates 

Mark Anderson Palatine, LAS 
Mark J. Anderson Oglesby, ENG 
Michael W. Anderson Hinsdale, ENG 
Peter J. Anderson Gary, CBA 
Robert D. Anderson Rockford, ENG 
Steven E. Anderson Minooka, LAS 

Steven T. Andrejek Burbank. ENG 
Amy Anfenson Arlington Heights, AGR 
Mary Angelopoulos Orland Park, LAS 
Betsy L. Anson Woodridge, ED 
Susan G. Anstlne Macomb, CBA 
Kevin B. Apter Highland Park, LAS 

Karl F. Aquino Norgross. LAS 

Louis B. Aranda Downers Grove, LAS 

John H. Arends Morton, ENG 

Lynne M. Arganbright Arlington Heights, Eng 

Christopher Arger Jerseyville, LAS 

Barb Armstrong Waukegan, LAS 

Elizabeth Armstrong Rockford, FAA 
Paula M. Arnett Palos Park, ED 
Cheryl L. Arnholt Mattoon, CBA 
Julie M. Arnold South Elgin, SW 
Laurie A. Arnould Champaign, ED 
Barbara Arp Elk Grove. SW 

David A. Ascher Medinah, LAS 
Laurel S. Ashbrook Glenview, COM 
Sarah E. Asmus Downers Grove, LAS 
Alan Asper Bloomington, ENG 
Andrew D. Aswad Downers Grove, ENG 
Anna Au-Yeung Chicago, ENG 

Steve A. Aupperle Urbana. ED 
Jean Auskalnis Chicago, CBA 
Robert B. Auskalnis Glen Ellyn. CBA 
Lynne Ausnehmer Decatur, CBA 
Elizabeth Austin Decatur, CBA 
Thomas A. Austin Rockford, LAS 

Dawn M. Avery Palos Heights. LAS 
Jorge Avila Panama S. Republic, CBA 
Edward A. Aviza Chicago. LAS 
Timothy P. Aydt Nashville. ENG 
Bruce D. Azuma Chicago, CBA 
Angela Azzaretti Chicago, LAS 

Lynn M. Babiarz Chicago, AGR 
Mikael R. Backstrom Sweden, FAA 
Deborah L. Baechtold Downers Grove, CBA 
Brenda K. Baer El Paso, CBA 
Achla Bagga Glenview, ED 
Rhonda C. Bagley Champaign, COM 



Michael S. Bairn Morton Grove, LAS 
Donald F. Baird Franklin Grove. AGR 
John S. Bak Schaumburg LAS 
Carol A. Baker Chebanse, CBA 
Michael Baker Olney. ED 
Michael K. Baker Parts. ENG 

Tamara D. Baker Monticello. LAS 
Robert B. Bakewell Wenona. CBA 
Linda Balazs Northbrook. CBA 
Laura L. Baldwin Arlington Heights, LAS 
Matther J. Baldwin Champaign. LAS 
Craig Balis Aurora. ENG 

Deborah A. Ballarini Lagrange. ED and LAS 
Glenn F. Balog Carol Stream, ENG 
Yvonne M. Balsamo Champaign, LAS 
Bradley P. Balson Highland Park, CBA 
Darryl Baltimore Chicago Heights, CBA 
Laralynn Baltis Burbank, AGR 

Terence L. Banike Downers Grove, COM 
Liesl Banks Palos Heights. COM 
Susan L. Banks Hazel Crest. ED 
Ted S. Barber DesPlaines. LAS 
John W. Barbian Rockford. LAS 
Daniel T. Barcelona Chicago. CBA 

Nancy L. Bardo Chicago. CBA 
Diane M. Barecht Champaign. ENG 
Steven J. Barker Mount Prospect. ENG 
Dyke E. Barkley Pans. AGR 
Elizabeth Barkley East Peoria. LAS 
Craig L. Barner Elmhurst. LAS 

William L. Barnes Champaign. CBA 
Steven Barnett Morris. LAS 
Catherine R. Barney Highland. ENG 
Kristina L. Barr Arlington Heights. LAS 
Peggy Barron Oak Park. LAS 
Mary R. Barry Taylorville. LAS 

Robert E. Bartal Arlington Heights. LAS 
Cheryl Bartels Champaign. LAS 
John C. Barthel Ridott. ENG 
Dee Bartholme Plainfield. ENG 
Edward Bartholomew Grayslake. CBA 
Philip G. Bartolozzi Elmwood Park, AGR 

Dindo T. Basilgo Chicago. CBA 
Lisa Bass Urbana. LAS 
David R. Bassett Deerfield. CBA 
Lisa M. Bassler Trenton, ENG 
Michael R. Basso South Pekin. LAS 
Jodi Bates Springfield. LAS 




Mariann Bates Joliel. CBA 
Thomas A. Battle Midlothian, CBA 
Brett M. Bauer Hanover Park, FAA 
Theresa M. Bauer Addison, CBA 
Marie Bauling Polo, CBA 
Michelle M. Baum Petersburg, FAA 

Steven Bautista Chicago, LAS 
Kimberly Baxa New Lenox, COM 
Julie A. Baxter Bloomington, ED 
Kevin C. Baxter Columbus, ENG 
Laurence A. Bay South Holland. ENG 
Mark Beabout Charleston. AGR 

Carol J. Beatty Downers Grove. LAS 
Christian Bechtel Urbana, AGR 
Beth A. Becker Urbana, CBA 
Julie A. Becker Peoria. COM 
Julie A. Becker Des Plaines, ED 
Lisa M. Becker Springfield. CBA 

Allison M. Becque Palatine, AGR 
Wendy A. Bedale Pekin. LAS 
Karen Behrens Havana. LAS 
Heather Beldam Chicago. LAS 
Thomas R. Bell Arlington Heights. LAS 
Lorra L. Belzer Jacksonville. CBA 

Raymond C. Bement Urbana. LAS 
Thomas L. Benjamin Lake Bluff. FAA 
Leisa A. Benn Champaign, CBA 
Cheryl L. Benner Villa Park, LAS 
Norman J. Bennett Rochelle. ENG 
Diane M. Benoit Buckley, ED 

Marc R. Benoit Homewood, LAS 
Heidi M. Benzinger Chicago. CBA 
John C. Beran Oak Park, FAA 
Gayle F. Bereskin Highland Park. LAS 
Andrew D. Bergeson Geneseo, AGR 
Dianne Bergschneider Naperville, CBA 

Sheila Berk Chicago, LAS 
Christy Berkson Woodstock, LAS 
Anne K. Berleman Addison, CBA 
Jo Ann Berman Wilmette, LAS 
Carlos F. Bermudez Champaign, LAS 
Patrick Bernard Mundelein. ENG 

Patrick Bernardi Villa Park, LAS 
Michael A. Bernhard Champaign, LAS 
Joseph M. Bero Palatine. LAS 
Lisa J. Berquist Lombard, LAS 
Scott A. Berry Belleville. ENG 
Cheryl Bicknell Lovington, AGR 



Brent R. Bidner Carlock, AGR 
Annette L. Biek Barnngton, ENG 
Karen Bielfeldt Peoria. AGH 
Brian M. Bielinski Glenview. ENG 
Paula D. Bieneman Bensenville, ED 
Lynn Bieritz Danville, ED 

Lisa Bilfeld Skokie, COM 
Wayne Bingham McHenry, AGR 
Bruce Bird Tuscola, ENG 
Thomas A. Birk Champaign, LAS 
Marcie Bishaf Skokie, ALS 
Amy Bishop Rolling Meadows, LAS 

Patrick J. Bitterman Elmwood Park, LAS 
Barbara Bitting Buda, COM 
Kenneth D. Bivens Chicago, CBA 
Eileen M. Black Champaign, LAS 
Kimberli R. Black Saint Elma, LAS 
Michelle A. Blain Orland Park, AGR 

Lesley M. Blair Blue Island, LAS 
Glna M. Blake Evanston, CBA 
Pamela S. Blaum Lincoln, LAS 
Lisa Anne M. Blaydes Champaign, LAS 
Linda M. Bleck Waukegan, FAA 
Erik C. Blinn Wheaton. AGR 

Brian E. Bliss Maquon, ENG 
Richard C. Bliss Jr. Springfield, ENG 
Marsha L. Block Broadlands, AGR 
James R. Bloom Glencoe. CBA 
Clara J. Blum Freeport, LAS 
Olga Blum Champaign, ENG 

Robert L. Blum Schaumburg, LAS 
Susan A. Blunier Pontiac, ED 
Michael R. Boduch Schaumburg, CBA 
Lori Boehm Skokie, LAS 
Paul G. Boehm Elmhurst, ENG 
Darin Boggs Edwardsville, LAS 

Phillip Boggs Havanna, ALS 
Susan K. Bogner Speer, AGR 
James D. Bohannon Jr., Chicago, LAS 
Heidi J. Bohm Havana, LAS 
Ronald L. Bohm Walnut. AGR 
Kelly M. Bolan Glencoe, LAS 

Thomas R. Bolduc Oak Brook, LAS 
Scott A. Bolen Wheaton, ENG 
Patrick Bolton Lombard, CBA 
Lauren T. Bonner Champaign, LAS 
Leland P. Bonner Chicago. ALS 
David B. Books Springfield. ENG 


Constance A. Borbeck Davenport, ALS 
Timothy G. Borden Midlothian, AGR 
John R. Born Flossmor, LAS 
Janet L. Borodkin Libertyville. ENG 
Marcy L. Borodkin Homewood, CBA 
Sandra Borrowman Peoria, LAS 

Lisa K. Bos Kankakee, LAS 
Mary A. Bos Orland Park, LAS 
Louis J. Boschelli South Holland, LAS 
Theodore C. Botimer Libertyville. ENG 
Glen A. Bouchard Herscher, AGR 
Brian T. Bounds Forrest, AGR 

Karen E. Bourbulas Oak Lawn, CBA 
Sherri Borudage Geneva, CBA 
Mitzi J. Bowen Olney, LAS 
Mary M. Bowles Bolingbrook, AGR 
W. Todd Boyd Newton. ENG 
Carolyn J. Boyer Tuscola, LAS 

Michael Boykins Markham, LAS and ENG 
Patrick J. Boyle St. Charles, LAS 
W. Stephen Bradfield Arlington Hts., CBA 
Oliver Q. Bradley Champaign, LAS 
Lisa M. Brady East Dubuque, LAS 
Thomas B. Brady Chicago, FAA 

Terry R. Branch luka, AGR 
Beth Brand West Chicago. ENG 
Laura E. Brandes Peoria Heights, LAS 
Fred L. Brandstrader Glenview, FAA 
Robert S. Brandt Lombard. ENG 
Wendy S. Brandwein Morton Grove. ED 

Maureen A. Brannen Chicago, CBA 
William J. Brannick Redmon, LAS 
Karen L. Brantley Royal, LAS 
Walter A. Braodfield Farmington, ED 
Kendra L. Bratton Carmi, ED 
Kenneth Braunfeld Urbana, LAS 

Jeanne M. Brazas Hampshire, LAS 
Bruce L. Brazis Rockford, ENG 
Becky M. Brdlik Downers Grove. CBA 
Jonathan P. Bredemeier Wauconda, ENG 
David P. Bredemeyer Springfield. LAS 
Daniel Bregman Highland Park, ENG 

Sarah A. Breiten Streamwood, ENG 
Troy Brethauer Downers Grove, ENG 
Lanita Briedwell Tolono, ALS 
Christine J. Brill Des Plaines. LAS 
Karen S. Brinkmenn Carlyle. AGR 
Gregory R. Briolat Crystal Lake, FAA 



Roger T. Brockenbrough Pittsburg. ENG 
Susan M. Broniarezyk Oak Lawn. CBA 
Terese A. Bronson Chicago. CBA 
Debra S. Bronswick Skokie. CBA 
Jaclyn B. Brooderson Skokie. CBA 
Richard J. Brooderson Skokie, LAS 

Daniel Brooking Mundelein. FAA 
Brian D. Brooks Oregon. CBA 
Julia H. Brooks Clarendon Hills, LAS 
Sarah Broome Lake Bluff, ENG 
John E. Broschka Hinsdale. ENG 
Catherine A. Brown Downers Grove, SW 

Dale R. Brown Marion, LAS 
David L. Brown Tremont, ENG 
Elizabeth A. Brown Carbondale, ALS 
Ernest R. Brown Hazel Crest, LAS 
J. William Brown Winchester, ENG 
Joseph W. Brown Montgomery. CBA 

Kathleen A. Brown Countryside. LAS 
Kent W. Brown Champaign, COM 
Steven D. Brown Aurora. AGR 
Steven R. Brown Ofallon. ENG 
Steven T. Brown Warrenville, LAS 
Vickie J. Brown Chicago. ED 

Jenna S. Broyles Champaign, COM 
Mary C. Brozovich Champaign, FAA 
Keith T. Bruce Taylorville, CBA 
Neil E. Bruce Carlinville. AGR 
John E. Brucker Chenda. AGR 
Mary E. Brudnak Burr Ridge. AGR 

Terry L. Bruehl Millstadt, ENG 
Carol M. Bruene Dolton. LAS 
Jay E. Bruhl Varna. ENG 
Susan L. Brunner Glenview. ED 
Micheal J. Bruno Elgin, ENG 
Elliot Bruns Highland Park. ENG 

Catherine A. Brunton Normal. CBA 
Anthony J. Bruozas Dolton, LAS 
Ries Bryant Chicago. LAS 
Elise Buckley Flossmoor. LAS 
Stacey R. Buckshot Mount Vernon. LAS 
Christine Buckun Northbrook. CBA 

William Budicin Olympia Fields, CBA 
Chris E. Buhrow Sterling. AGR 
Dung Viet Bui Chicago. ENG 
Jeffrey W. Bull Wooddale. FAA 
Karin D. Bump Morton. AGR 
Holly L. Bunch Aurora. LAS 

\:MlihA MAiM 



Donna M. Burel Bolingbrook, COM 
Lisa M. Burk Timonium, LAS 
James B. Burke Glenview. ENG 
Mary E. Burke Chicago. LAS 
Mary P. Burke Arlington Heights. CBA 
Ronald L. Burke Danville, LAS 

Nancy E. Burns Lake 8/uff. LAS 
Todd C. Burns /Vton, FAA 
David W. Burrls Springfield. ENG 
Karen M. Burrowes Chatham. LAS 
Kelly Burton White Hall. LAS 
Sherrl L. Burton Chicago. CBA 

Laura A. Busceml Niles. AGR 
William F. Busen Moline. ENG 
Donna L. Bussan LaGrange. CBA 
Sara J. Bussan Galena. LAS 
Brian P. Butler Palatine. LAS 
Darrell M. Butler Lake in the Hills. CBA 

James B. Butler Chebanse. AGR 
Janice Butler Blandinsville. AGR 
Karen M. Butler Bloomington, LAS 
Micheal A. Buttala Worth. LAS 
Beth Butts Urbana. AGR 
Richard Byrne Chicago. LAS 

Mary F. Cabanski Mount Pleasant. AGR 
Jon J. Cacciatore Chicago. LAS 
Caroline P. Cahlll Bement. ALS 
Kevin Cahlll Oak Lawn. CBA 
Elizabeth Cain Highland Park, COM 
Flora A. Calabrese Norridge. ENG 

Dean C. Caldwell Brookfield. ENG 
Patricia L. Caldwell Chicago. AGR 
Maureen Callahan Elmhurst. AGR 
Mario Camacho Chicago. LAS 
Joseph Cameli South Chicago Heights. CBA 
Darcie L. Campanella Chicago. LAS 

Frances M. Campanelli Addison. CBA 

Brian K. Campbell LAS 

Scott A. Campbell Lemont. ENG 

Chris Camplin Peoria, ENG 

Leon P. Campos-Moya Chicago, LAS 

Sandra L. Cancel Hanover Park, AGR 

Christine E. Canman Glenview, LAS 
Geoffrey L. Capes Maple Park, LAS 
Patricia K. Cappas Kilderr, COM 
Max A. Caproni Dolton. CBA 
Maura E. Carey Homewood, LAS 
Donnalee Carlngella Highland Park, LAS 



Marc A. Carls Arenzville, AGR 

Kent R. Carlson Rockford, LAS 

Laurie B. Carlson E/fc Grave Village, CBA 

Scott A. Carlson Dundee, LAS 

Sylvia M. Carlton Decatur, COM 

Dean M. Carroll Georgetown, TX. AGR/ENG 

Sue Ellen Carson Aurora, ALS 

Charles A. Carter Marion, ENG 

John A. Carter Bourbonnais, LAS 

Lori A. Carter Lombard, AGR 

Patty Carter Homer, ALS 

Phillip W. Carter Arlington Heights, LAS 

Joseph Caruso Wheaton, LAS 
Roderick J. Casaclang Willowbrook, LAS 
Mary L. Cascarano Waukegan, AGR 
Caroline A. Casey Naperville, LAS 
Cathy Casler Jacksonville, LAS 
Terrence L. Cason East Saint Louis, LAS 

Heather L. Casselman Naperville, COM 
Martha E. Cassens Madison, Wl, AGR 
Jodi Casstevens Urbana, ED 
Laura Castaneda Chicago, LAS 
Micheal G. Casteel Pittsfield, CBA 
Jose L. Castro Chicago, FAA 

Lannie J. Cation Galesburg, LAS 
Ann E. Cavanagh Springfield, LAS 
J. David Cavanaugh Decatur, CBA 
Andrew J. Cederoth Oswego, LAS 
David J. Ceisel Niles, AGR 
Carolyn P. Cekal Lombard, CBA 

Nada Cemovich Downers Grove, COM 
James M. Ceney Hillsboro, ENG 
Kimberly M. Centella Palatine, CBA 
Susan L. Cerza Mount Prospect, FAA 
Raj G. Chabria Wayne, LAS 
William Chamberlain Springfield, LAS 

Daniel J. Chambers Belvidere, ENG 
Lilian Y. Chang Elmhurst, ENG 
Scott A. Chantos Danville, LAS 
John S. Chapman Rockford. FAA 
Kimberley A. Chaput Chicago. LAS 
Anita L. Charous Skokie ED 

Mary K. Chau Chicago. CBA 
Carol A. Chausoe Skokie. AGR 
Karen A. Chausse Nokomis. AGR 
Dennis C. Chen Downers Grove. ENG 
Jerome T. Chen Naperville, ENG 
Sarah Chernick Oak Park, CBA 



Linda L. Chesla Richton Park, LAS 
Dorothy Cheung Morion Grove LAS 
Linda S. Chi Glenview, LAS 
Lee T. Chllds Glen Ellyn, SW 
Ruth Chlluk Lombard, CBA 
Julie Chlnick Mount Prospect. CBA 

Steven A. Chinski Champaign, LAS 
David W. Chiou Oak Brook, ENG 
Dewita E. Chiu Oakbrook. LAS 
Caryn J. Chlebos Itasca. COM 
Taeseong Cho Slreator, FAA 
Mark A. Chodash Northbrook. LAS 

Lena D. Choe Palatine, LAS 

Moon-Jung Choi Niles, ENG 

Mun Young Choi Lincolnwood, ENG 

Karen M. Chorley Chicago. ENG 

Jeffrey F. Chrlstensen Bloomingdale. ENG 

Pete Chrlstensen Manlius. AGR 

Steven T. Christopher East Peoria. FAA 
Susan M. Christy Mount Prospect. CBA 
Joan Chruscicki Lake Bluff, LAS 
George Chiaumin Chu Champaign. CBA 
Kiesook Chung Hillside, ENG 
Stephanie Churchill Hanna City. SW 

Micheal J. Cieslewicz East Peoria. AGR 
Mark E. Cihlar Hanover Park, FAA 
Richard C. Cilento Jr. Heyworth, ENG 
Carol A. Cima-Prekop Chicago. SW 
Laura R. Cima South Holland, LAS 
Daniel Cimino Onalaska. ENG 

Timothy J. Ciombor Oak Forest. LAS 
Micheal J. Cipriano Staunton. ENG 
Mary T. Cizek Steger. LAS 
Colette Clancy Oak Park, LAS 
Mindi L. Clark Virginia, AGR 
Patrick T. Clark Roselle, CBA 

Stephen J. Clark Saint Charles, ENG 
Cathleen T. Clarke Moline, AGR 
Donna L. Claxton Chicago, LAS 
Lisa L. Claypool Sugar Grove, COM 
Catherine L. Clayton Champaign, LAS 
Rebecca M. Clemmons Penfield, ED 

Scott R. Clewis Chicago, LAS 
Margaret Cliff Oak Park. LAS 
Brent Coan Palatine, CBA 
Debra A. Coates East Saint Louis, ENG 
Stephen A. Coates Palatine, LAS 
Christopher Coats Columbia, LAS 



Pamela Cocalas Chicago. CBA 
Lisa A. Coghlan Homewood, CBA 
Julie L. Cognato Willowbrook, CBA 
Lisa L. Cohen Glenview. LAS 
Edward Colbert Matloon, ENG 
Jacqueline A. Colbert Lincoln, LAS 

Anna Colby Homewood. LAS 
Carolyn M. Colby Downers Grove. CBA 
Kimberly K. Coleman Geneseo. FAA 
Julie A. Collins Mount Prospect. CBA 
Mary Collins Wilmette. LAS 
Michele D. Collins Chicago, LAS 

William M. Collins Hickory Hills. LAS 
Leah E. Collister Mount Prospect. CBA 
Steven L. Colvis Chester, ENG 
Daniel Comenduley East Dundee, LAS 
Doris A. Compagnoni Chicago Heights. FAA 
John H. Compall Chicago, ENG 

Christine Condon Glen Ellyn, ENG 
Timothy Connell Cameron, AGR 
Kathleen F. Connely Chicago. LAS 
Jodee E. Conner Kewanee. AGP 
John W. Connett Jr. Champaign. LAS 
Teresa L. Connors Galesburg. CBA 

Laura A. Conour Newton, LAS 
Julie Contes OrlancTPark. CBA 
Mlcheal J. Conway Waukegan, LAS 
Patricia M. Cook Des Plaines. LAS 
Robert T. Cook Champaign. LAS 
Cara M. Coomer Hinsdale. SW 

Diane M. Cooper Ouincy, ENG 

Todd Y. Cordill Mishawaka. IN. FAA 

Christopher G. Corliss Glen Ellyn, AGR 

Lupe Corona Chicago, LAS 

Christine T. Corso Rolling Meadows, CBA 

George M. Corso Litchfield, LAS 

Matthew P. Cosgrove Orland Park. LAS 
Yolanda I. Cossio Bartlett. LAS 
Pamela G. Costas Skokie, CBA 
Karen L. Costello Willowbrook. LAS 
Kevin M. Costello Chesterfield. MO. LAS 
Sonya M. Costello White Heath. CBA 

Lawrence Costigen Chicago, ENG 
Mary Beth Cottlngham Champaign. LAS 
Jill K. Courl Wilmette. COM 
David W. Courson Champaign, CBA 
Susan E. Cowan Park Ridge, ED 
Dean F. Cox Des Plaines, ED 



Mlcheal D. Cox Elk Grove. ENG 
Thomas R. Cox Urbana, LAS 
Caryn M. Coyne Oak Forest, LAS 
Steven E. Craig Herrin, LAS 
Tracy E. Cramer Champaign, LAS 
Amanda Crane Coal Valley, COM 

Mary Jane Crawford Danville, LAS 
Suzanne Crimmlns Hoffman Estates, CBA 
Jeannie Croker Mundelein, CBA 
Anne C. Cronln Chicago, LAS 
Alexander C. Crosman III Peoria, ENG 
Mary E. Crowe Park Ridge, FAA 

Iris R. Cruz Champaign, LAS 

Albert S. Cualoping Arlington Heights, LAS 

Paul C. Cudecki Chicago, FAA 

Crystal L. Cuerlngton East Moline. CBA 

Victoria G. Cullinan Deerfield, LAS 

Elizabeth Cummins Decatur, EDU 

Gerard P. Current Palatine, ENG 
David E. Curry Springfield, LAS 
Linda S. Curry Waterloo, ENG 
Daniel C. Cwik Niles, LAS 
Thomas Czaplickl Gurnee, LAS 
Mary Czyszczewski Chicago, AGR 

Ramona Dahle Harvard, FAA 
Janet S. Dahman Jacksonville, LAS 
Cherie L. Dalbke Darien, LAS 
William A. Dallman Lake Forest, ENG 
Kenneth Dallmier Areola, AGR 
Craig Dalton Matteson, AGR 

Patricia S. Daly Northbrook, ALS 

Fred F. Damberger Urbana, LAS 

John E. Dambroglo Elmhurst, COM 

Bradley Daniels Amboy, LAS 

Lisa Daniels Deerfield, LAS 

Christine M. Danyluk Downers Grove, LAS 

Michael A. Darling Champaign, LAS 
Sayed Darwish Glen Ellyn, LAS 
Erik Darzins Addison, ENG 
Susan J. Davenport Rockford, LAS 
Monica L. David Northbrook, CBA 
Gini L. Davidson Wheeling, CBA 

Wendy Davidson Rockford, LAS 
Ann L. Davis Champaign, LAS 
Cecilia M. Davis Sauget, LAS 
Daniel A. Davis Springfield, LAS 
Elisabeth F. Davis Evanston, LAS 
Gregory W. Davis Arlington Heights, CBA 



Jeffrey M. Davis Belleville, ENG 
Jennifer R. Davis East St. Louis. ENG 
Karen E. Davis Peoria. AGR 
Kyle L. Davis Springfield. LAS 
Suzette M. Davis Chicago, CBA 
Tammy L. Davis St. Charles, COM 

Lisa Davison Bartlett. LAS 
Mary Ann Davy Oak Park. CBA 
Brian E. Dawson Mascoutah. ENG 
Carla S. Day Loves Park. FAA 
Jill K. DeAtley Champaign, AGR 
Barbara A. Debaun Schaumburg. ENG 

Teri L. Dee Washington, CBA 
Jeffrey W. Deer Lincolnwood, CBA 
Brad DeGraff Skokie, COM 
Randall J. DeHaan Richmond, AGR 
Patricia A. DeHoff Chicago. CBA 
Thomas W. DeHoff Chicago. CBA 

Jill R. Deissler Peoria. EDU 
Alexander H. Delaney Chicago, ENG 
Penny P. Dellgiannis Aurora, LAS 
Rodney C. Delost Canton, AGR 
Joseph R. DeMilliano Chicago, LAS 
Catherine M. Dempsey Midlothian, AGR 

Andrew M. Denis Greenlawn, NY. ENG 
Mark Dennis Washington. CBA 
Kelly J. Dennison Marietta. GA, LAS 
Theresa Denovellis Joliet. LAS 
Alan L. Denzer Bloomington, AGR 
Louis A. Depaepe III Taylorville, LAS 

Pamella Der Chicago, LAS 
Manuel A. Derat Chicago. LAS 
Denise DeRosa Elmwood Park. EDU 
Valerie A. DeSalvo Park Ridge, CBA 
Beth Desnet Lincolnwood, LAS 
Joel R. Detella Chicago Heights, LAS 

Denise L. Dettman Morton. LAS 
Barbara E. Dettmer Granite City, FAA 
Eric K. Detweiler Rock Island. LAS 
Kimberly M. Deuel Urbana. LAS 
Stacey L. Deuel Urbana, LAS 
Kathryn E. Deuter Flossmoor. EDU 

Jeffrey D. Dewaele Sugar Grove, LAS 
Gayle L. Dewar Lake Villa, EDU 
Ravinder S. Dhlllon Morton Grove, LAS 
Ausamah R. Diab Mount Prospect, LAS 
Jennifer S. Dick Waukegan, LAS 
James D. Dickinson Bloomington. ENG 


Delia Dlebold Glen Ellyn, CBA 
Jennifer G. Diehl Waterloo, LAS 
Kathryn S. Oierckes Cincinnati, OH. LAS 
David K. Dierklng Rocktord, ENG 
Shawn C. Dlggory Dundee, LAS 
Sheila M. Dilling Kings, AGR 

Denise R. Dillman Villa Park, ENG 
Daniel J. Dillman Palatine, ENG 
Marikay Dillon Oak Lawn, LAS 
Mary Ella Dillon Newman, ALS 
Catherine A. Dimou Kankakee, LAS 
Robin Dlnardo Franklin Park, LAS 

James C. Dineen Colona, ENG 
Kathleen M. Dineen Naperville, EDU 
Karen S. Diombala Riverside, CBA 
Lisa C. Disbrow Warrensburg, LAS 
Jody Dixon Godfrey. ALS 
David B. Doak Freeport. ENG 

Robert S. Dochterman Park Ridge. LAS 
Marsha Dodd Chicago. CBA 
Marjean M. Doden Chicago. LAS 
Scott J. Doden Addison. ENG 
Joseph L. Doedtman Champaign, LAS 
George J. Doig Chicago, COM 

Robert W. Doligale Dolton, ENG 
John J. Domagala Champaign, ENG 
Deidre J. Dombek Coal Valley, LAS 
Robert J. Dombrowski South Holland, LAS 
Deborah S. Donahue Edgerton, Wl, ENG 
Sheila M. Donahue Caledonia, AGR 

James M. Donnelly Alton, CBA 
Derick D. Donovan Vincennes. IN, FAA 
Amy B. Dordek Wilmette, LAS 
Jeffrey M. Dorries Breese, CBA 
Dan G. Dosen South Holland, CBA 
William K. Doss Illinois City, ENG 

Sheila C. Dougherty Mattoon, LAS 
Finus L. Douglas Bellwood, CBA 
Ginger J. Douglas Marshall, FAA 
Kenneth C. Dowd Champaign, ENG 
Elizabeth E. Dowen Wilmette, LAS 
Colleen P. Downey SchaumPurg, CBA 

James A. Downey Palatine, CBA 
Martin J. Doyle Mount Prospect, LAS 
Barry T. Drager Rocktord, ENG 
Douglas A. Drayer Rankin, AGR 
Bradley K. Drew Carterville, ENG 
Lisa A. Drew Arlington Heights, LAS 

Graduates 379 

Mary C. Orolet Arlington Heights. CBA 

Deborah R. Druga Delray Beach, FL, ALS 

Mary Jo Drungil Crete, LAS 

Steven A. Drzymkowski Downers Grove, ENG 

Joanne Duddleston Rantoul, LAS 

Michele Duffy Downers Grove, LAS 

Beth Duin Rock Island, EDU 
Frances A. Dumas Chicago, LAS 
Ellen Dumbovic Elmhurst, LAS 
Christine M. Duncan East Moline, LAS 
Robert J. Duncan Fowler, AGR 
Melanie L. Dunham Aurora, ENG 

Danette E. Durbin Springfield, LAS 
James G. Durham Johnson City, LAS 
Stacy E. Durr Chatham, AGR 
Timothy F. Duvall Crystal Lake 
Michelle Dwonch Bolingbrook, LAS 
Richard A. Dykhuis Roselle, FAA 

Richard G. Dykowski Chicago, ENG 
Andrew R. Dyson Hinsdale, ENG 
Todd N. Dzurny Frankfort, ENG 
Doris J. Ealey Rockford, LAS 
Patricia J. Eckle Champaign, COM 
Janis Ecklund Chicago, LAS 

Lorene J. Eckman Richton Park, LAS 
Mary S. Ederati North Aurora, LAS 
Jeffrey E. Edstrom Hoffman Estates, LAS 
David A. Egbers Olympia Fields, ENG 
Carith L. Eggerichs Peoria, LAS 
Catherine Egnatz Burr Ridge, LAS 

Hans P. Ehlert Park Ridge, AGR 
Ronald A. Ehman Champaign, ENG 
Sharon J. Ellts Lowpoint, AGR 
Lisa J. Eiseman Chicago, CBA 
Bradley D. Elsenmann Darien, ENG 
Kevin L. Elder Springfield, LAS 

Michael C. Elkes Skokie. ALS 
Miles S. Ellenby Skokie. ENG 
Laura B. Ellin Northbrook, LAS 
Vlcki J. Ellis Spring Valley, FAA 
Diane M. Ellsworth Norridge, COM 
Patrick J. Elshaw Naperville 

Carol A. Eisner Park Ridge, CBA 
Kathy Eisner Downers Grove, CBA 
Eric T. Elwood Peoria, LAS 
Kathleen E. Empen Decatur, LAS 
Quinn M. Engel Champaign, AGR 
Robert J. Engelhardt Deerfield, ENG 



Barbara J. England Arlington Heights, CBA 
Susan M. Eplch Oak Lawn, LAS 
Margaret A. Erbach Des Plaines, LAS 
Stacey Ericksen Chatham, ENG 
Keith A. Erlckson Akron, OH, ENG 
Seth A. Erlebacher Skokie, ENG 

Denlse Erllch Niles. LAS 

Brian Ernat Oglesby, AGR 

Andrew E. Ernest Brandenton, FL, ENG 

Llnnea B. Eschenlohr Champaign, COM 

Craig A. Estepp Danville, ENG 

Gary T. Etheridge Addison, LAS 

Robin A. Evltts Schaumburg, CBA 
Steve Ewald Monticello, FAA 
Terrl A. Ewlng Rushville. AGR 
Victoria E. Fable Evanston, EDU 
Katherine A. Fabish Buffalo Grove. LAS 
Charles E. Facktor Elmhursl, LAS 

Daniel Fagerson Niles. LAS 

Paul V. Fahey Elmwood Park, LAS 

Sandra G. Falkenberg Crystal Lake, LAS 

Robert F. Falkner Wheaton, ENG 

John Fandl Oak Lawn, ENG 

James C. Fanning Western Spring, ENG 

John Fanning Western Springs, CBA 
Mary Kay Faryan Chicago, LAS 
Julie A. Fauble Ouincy, CBA 
Phillip Favia Wood Dale, LAS 
Elizabeth A. Fay Elgin, LAS 
Linda A. Faynor Naperville, ED 

Scott A. Fear Newton. ENG 
Gina R. Fechter Carmi, ED 
Janet Fee Farmington Hills, Ml, FAA 
Aron H. Feinberg Lincolnwood. ENG 
Stacy M. Feldman Des Plaines, LAS 
Susan L. Feldman Schaumburg, LAS 

Eileen M. Felson Northbrook, CBA 
Liz Felt Inverness, CBA 
Joseph R. Ferguson Sleepy Hollow, LAS 
Debra Fetters River Forest, LAS 
John E. Fewnszinski Roselle, ENG 
Sara L. Fiedler Oak Park, CBA 

Mary K. Field Elmhurst, ENG 
Gregory A. Fields Downers Grove, LAS 
Janet L. Filar Palatine, ENG 
Nancy J. Fillingim Ridgway, ED 
Michael P. Filosa Wood Dale. CBA 
Kathleen M. Finan Chicago, LAS 



James D. Finch Sr. Indianapolis, IN, ALS 
Ronald E. Finck Secor, AGR 
Laura L. Findling Naperville, COM 
Anne V. Findysz Chicago, LAS 
Bonnie M. Fine Northbrook, LAS, 
Jonathan P. Fine Deerfield, FAA 

Michael J. Fink Des Flames, ENG 
Andrea S. Finkle Country Club Hill. ED 
Michael A. Finlay Mendon, AGR 
Herbert H. Finn Northbrook, ENG 
Julie R. Fiore Lake Bluff, LAS 
David S. Fereside Highland Park, LAS 

Chris L. Firestone Bellwood, LAS 

Kim M. Firestone Lagrange, CBA 

Robin A. Firth Colona. ED 

Kurt G. Fischer Des Plaines, CBA 

Mark D. Fischer Harrington Park, NJ, LAS 

Mark P. Fischer Carbondale, LAS 

Suzanne Fish Villa Grove. AGR 
Bruce N. Fisher Rockford, LAS 
James H. Fisher ML Prospect, ENG 
Amy A. Fitch Lawrenceville, LAS 
Laurie A. Fitch Palatine. LAS 
Jamie Fitzgerald Urbana, ALS 

Kathrine Fitzgerald 
Lori Fitzgerald Arlington Heights, ED 
Debra L. Fitzpatrick Dwight. AGR 
Mary Fitzpatrick Champaign, LAS 
Sheila M. Fitzpatrick Effigham, LAS 
Anne M. Flaherty Chicago, LAS 

Virginia Flanagan Chicago, LAS 
James K. Fleck Naperville, ENG 
William P. Fleming Danville, LAS 
James L. Fletcher Normal, ENG 
Patricia Flisiak Chicago, LAS 
Clarissa D. Floro Oak Lawn, LAS 

Cristina D. Floro Oak Lawn, LAS 
Timothy Floyd Champaign, LAS 
Amy E. Foley Lisle, LAS 
Barbara Folkrod Palos Heights. CBA 
Sandra Forbes Edinburg, ED 
Sandra G. Ford Eureka. FAA 

Steven E. Ford Urbana. AGR 
Susan T. Ford Chicago. CBA 
Ann Forsyth Springfield. COM 
Benita A. Foster Chicago. LAS 
Mellissa L. Foster West Brooklyn, AGR 
Robert J. Fourez Oakwood, AGR 

3t - > 

mmm w mBBSm m 



Timothy J. Fournler Wonder Lake, COM 
Jill Fowler East Saint Louis. CBA 
Tamara Fox Flossrnoor, LAS 
Tlsha A. Fox Champaign, ED 
Kenneth S. Foxman Northbrook, LAS 
Denise M. Fracaro Lockport. LAS 

Lucy A. Franchlni Highland Park, LAS 
Glen 0. Franke Litchfield, AGR 
Anthony J. Franze Darien, CBA 
Elizabeth A. Frasca Champaign, LAS 
Ann Fraser Lagrange Park, LAS 
Jennifer B. Frazln Lemont, CBA 

Charles J. Fredericks Savoy. FAA 
Lisa J. Freed Skokie, LAS 
Lori M. Freed Lincolnwood, CBA 
Fritz E. Freidinger Morton. LAS 
Amy Freivogel Boca Raton, FI.LAS 
Karen D. French Decatur, CBA 

Debra L. Freund McHenry, LAS 
Don L. Frick Longview, AGR 
Michael G. Friedman Champaign, LAS 
Penny Friedman Lincolnshire, CBA 
Jeffrey B. Frishman Glenview, LAS 
Barbara J. Frits Park Forest, LAS 

Thomas S. Fritts Dixon, FAA 
Melinda Fritz San Antonio, Tx. LAS 
Julia M. Frommeyer Northbrook, LAS 
William K. Fruit Gays. ENG 
Heidi C. Fruland Morris. FAA 
Melinda Fry Winthrop Harbor. CBA 

Timothy Fuesting Strasburg. ENG 

Alan Fulk Champaign, LAS 

Wendy S. Fulk Carol Stream. COM 

Ginny Fulks Putman. CBA 

Thomas G. Fuller Saint Louis. Mo. ENG 

Matthew C. Fumento Champaign, COM 

Carmela Fuoco Berwyn. LAS 
Faith A. Fuqua Rockford, LAS 
Todd M. P. Fuqua Park Forest, LAS 
Julie A. Furmanek Arlington Heights, ENG 
Kathleen L. Gabor Batavia, ALS 
James G. Gagigan Palatine, ENG 

Anne E. Gain Chesterfield, Mo, CBA 
Kelly D. Gainer North Chicago, CBA 
Paula Galetti Seatonville, FAA 
Abigail Galich Evanston. LAS 
Sheryl A. Gallagher Palatine. COM 
Tony P. Gallagher DesPlaines. ENG 



Maria Galletta Morton Grove, AGR 
Teresa Galileo Downers Grove. CBA 
Thomas W. Gantz Urbana. LAS 
Mark A. Gapinski Deerlield, LAS 
Kimberiy A. Garbacz Sieger, CBA 
Paul Garbe Dielench. ENG 

Paul M. Garcia Chicago, CBA 
Margaret E. Gardiner Wilmelte, FAA 
Christine M. Gardner Malteson, LAS 
Virginia A. Gardner Flossrnoor, LAS 
Kathryn M. Garland Springfield, LAS 
Kimberiy A. Garwackl Peoria, LAS 

Michael F. Gasick Libertyville, ENG 
Michael Gaskin Rocklord, LAS 
Frank Gassmann Olney, LAS 
Katie Gavin Chicago. ENG 
Cynthia D. Gee Chicago, LAS 
Cheryl Geier Peoria. CBA 

Christa B. Geiger Springfield. SW 
Lisa Gelfond Glenview. FAA 
Cynthia M. Genenz Evanslon, LAS 
Terressa E. George Decatur. LAS 
Nickolas Georgiopoulos Hickory Hills, LAS 
James A. Geraghty Glen Ellyn, LAS 

John F. Geraghty Burbank, ENG 
Daniel W. Gerardy Olympia Fields, ENG 
Stacy Gerber Skokie, LAS 
Debra S. Gerberich Western Springs. LAS 
Neal J. Gerdes Park Ridge, FAA 
Valerie German Savoy, LAS 

Holly F. Gershanov Linclnwood. LAS 

Patrick J. Getty Dolton, LAS 

Chesi B. Giannetti Highland Park, LAS 

Vincent R. Giannini Norridge, CBA 

L. Dale Gieske II Arlington Heights, CBA 

Geralynn M. Gilbert Waukegan, CBA 

Jeffrey I. Gilbert Lincolnwood, ENG 
Robert B. Gilbert Naperville, ENG 
Tracy L. Gilbert Manteno. COM 
Karen A. Gilbertson Des Plaines, CBA 
Jamie G. Gillespie Buffalo Grove, LAS 
Dwayne L. Gillian Schaumburg, ENG 

Mary Jacob Gilman Decatur, SW 
Carl W. Gilmore Highland Park. COM 
Patrick S. Ginty Ridgewood. NJ, COM 
Marci L. Gintzler Northbrook, CBA 
John T. Girgis Hinsdale. LAS 
Michael S. Gittleson Aston, AGR 


Tina M. Glanzman Ouincy, ALS 
Keith J. Glasch Worth, LAS 
Kenneth Glassman Homewood, CBA 
Michael A. Glatz Orland Park, ENG 
Christopher L. Gleason Carlinville, LAS 
Cynthia D. Glenn McNabb, LAS 

Michael A. Glenn Mattoon, ENG 
Oliver J. Glenn III Palos Hills. LAS 
John R. Glorioso Oak Park, ENG 
Donald R. Glyman Lake Forest, LAS 
Clair Glynn Urbana, ENG 
Jane Gnuse Altamont, AGR 

Dawn M. Gockel Staunton, ALS 
Kevan M. Gockman Bolingbrook, AGR 
John F. Godfrey Lisle, ENG 
Craig J. Goding Elmhurst, FAA 
Donald W. Godwin Danville, CBA 
John M. Gohndrone Urbana, LAS 

Edward C. Gold Wilmette, COM 
Lawrence A. Gold Glencoe, LAS 
Sharon R. Gold Rock Island, CBA 
Charles Goldberg Morton Grove, CBA 
Susan J. Goldin Chicago, LAS 
Anthony J. Goldish Skokie. CBA 

Sylvia A. Goldman Chicago. CBA 
Carol W. Goldsmith Hennepin, LAS 
Gayle S. Goldsmith Flossmoor, LAS 
Helene S. Goldstein Wilmette, LAS 
Alison J. Golemo Arlington Heights, ENG 
Donald A. Golen Villa Park, LAS 

Kenneth J. Golla Fort Bragg, NC, LAS 
Sandra J. Golliher Champaign, ALS 
Edwin J. Gomez Park City. LAS 
Gail A. Gonsalves Mount Prospect, CBA 
Stuart J. Gonzalez Jacksonville, CBA 
Rebecca Goodlick Farmer City, CBA 

Lisa Goodman Wheaton, EDU 
David A. Goralczyk Streator, ENG 
David E. Gordon Chicago, CBA 
Kendrick B. Gordon Highland Park, COM 
Leslie B. Gordon Wilmette LAS 
Lori Gordon Skokie. LAS 

Teresa L. Gordon Springfield. LAS 
David L. Gore Darien, CBA 
J. Patrick Gorman Chatham, ENG 
Thomas A. Gorman Champaign. LAS 
Kenneth S. Gorski Elmhurst, CBA 
Steven E. Gorski Chicago. CBA 



Joyce C. Gothelf Glenview, AGR 

Donald E. Govoni Joliet. LAS 

Tracy L. Graded Atkinson, ALS 

Brian P. Grady Wheaton, LAS 

Charles H. Graham Louisiana, MO, COM 

Frances D. Graham Champaign, AGR 

Stacey L. Graham Aurora, CBA 
Guy R. Grant Bloomington, ENG 
Jason F. Grant Charleston, ENG 
Lisa Grant Northbrook, LAS 
Corey H. Grauer Morton Grove, LAS 
Terry Graves Springfield, ENG 

Catherine L. Graville Granite City, AGR 
Caron Gray Hamilton, AGR 
Christine E. Gray Pana, AGR 
Daniel P. Gray Peoria, FAA 
Nathan A. Gray Chillicothe, LAS 
Lawrence Grazian Morton Grove, LAS 

Michael A. Green Springfield. LAS 
Scott M. Greenberg Highland Park, LAS 
Bruce W. Greene Rochelle, ENG 
Alan H. Greenstein Urbana, CBA 
Gary A. Gregerson Champaign, LAS 
Scott M. Greiling Ferguson. MO, LAS 

Daniel J. Griesenauer Wood Dale, ENG 
Kimberly A. Griffin Orion, ENG 
Tanya A. Griffin Chicago, LAS 
John D. Griffith St. Charles. LAS 
Valerie A. Griffith Homewood. LAS 
Wynne M. Griggs Crystal Lake, CBA 

Shelley L. Grindley Urbana, AGR 
Mark Grippando Thornton, CBA 
Cheryl L. Groat Mount Prospect, CBA 
Beth A. Grobstein Coal City, ENG 
Lisa J. Grooms Springfield, SW 
Jack Groskopf Libertyville, LAS 

Carmel T. Gross Joliet, LAS 
Donna I. Gross Evanston, LAS 
Michelle N. Gross Deerfield, LAS 
Sandra L. Gross Riverside, ENG 
Jordon W. Grossman Deerfield, FAA 
Nancy E. Grove Pontiac, ALS 

Cheryl L. Grubb Elk Grove Village. CBA 
Mark J. Grube, Streator LAS 
Sharon M. Gruber Chicago. LAS 
Joey A. Gruner Urbana, FAA 
James P. Guinee Oak Lawn, LAS 
Julie A. Gulik Posen, AGR 

f l 



Charles W. Gunnarson Homewood, LAS 
Glen A. Gusewelle Edwardsville, LAS 
John Gustafson River Forest, LAS 
Linda J. Guthmann Northbrook, LAS 
Cynthia A. Guthoff Normal, LAS 
Stephanie R. Guthrie Ouincy, ENG 

Alvin H. Gutierrez Elgin, ENG 
Glenn S. Guttman Skokie, LAS 
Martha Ha Northbrook, CBA 
Michelle J. Haake St. Joseph, CBA 
John H. Haas South Elgin, LAS 
Christa A. Haberkorn Northbrook, LAS 

Douglas J. Habing Effingham, ENG 
Erick Hachenburg Lisle, ENG 
Dawn M. Hachey Grayslake, CBA 
Tracy Hacker Woodridge, AGR 
Terrence C. Hackett Glenview, LAS 
Dale B. Hadden Jacksonville, AGR 

Kenneth N. Hadden Jacksonville, AGR 
Barbara L. Haegele Urbana. LAS 
Edward A. Haering Hawthorn Woods, ENG 
Paul M. Hagener Northbrook. ENG 
Gretchen C. Hagle Nashville, TN. CBA 
Laura D. Hagner Naperville. CBA 

Kent R. Hahn LaSalle, ENG 
Kimberly J. Hailey Naperville, CBA 
Kevin D. Haime Ottawa. Ontario. LAS 
Clayton D. Haldeman Downers Grove. FAA 
Lisa Haley Highland Park. LAS 
Jack K. Hall Carmi. ENG 

James M. Hall Wheaton. LAS 
Valerie R. Hall Sheridan. FAA 
Susan L. Hamelberg Barrington, AGR 
Clovia A. Hamilton Chicago. ENG 
Richard G. Hamilton Paris. FAA 
Lisa A. Hamlin Calumet City, AGR 

Christopher J. Hanacek Chicago, ALS 
Daryl R. Hancock Champaign. EDU 
Mary C. Hancock Marion. LAS 
Elizabeth M. Handler Evanston. EDU 
Steven I. Handler Calumet City. CBA 
Elizabeth C. Hanley Winnetka, LAS 

Erich C. Hannah Danville. CBA 
Nora K. Hans Lombard. FAA 
Barbara R. Hansen Broadview. LAS 
Carole A. Hansen Elk Grove. EDU 
Catherine L. Hansen Chicago. EDU 
Darrin M. Hansen Mount Prospect, ENG 



Edward J. Hansen Deerfield, CBA 

Robert C. Hansen Deerfield, LAS 

Sheryl Hansen Manlius. LAS 

Gina Hanson Watseka, CBA 

Kristan M. Hanson Arlington Heights, CBA 

Leisa M. Hanson Fallon, CBA 

Michael Hanson Melrose Park, LAS 

Richard F. Hanson Deerfield, ENG 

Stacie L. Hanson Danville. EDU 

Frank D. Hanzlik Hinsdale. CBA 

Sue Harby Fairmount, LAS 

Christine A. Hardcastle Hoopeston, LAS 

Elizabeth Harden Urbana. ALS 
Peter B. Hardin Somonauk, ENG 
Thomas Harding Macomb, ENG 
Brian E. Hardt Lexington, ENG 
Christopher Hardy Gibson City, ENG 
Timothy W. Hardy East Peoria, COM 

Vendetta D. Hardy Chicago, ENG 
Andrew C. Hargrave Champaign, AGR 
Timothy D. Harkness Western Springs, ENG 
Terrence L. Harmon Darien, ENG 
Kimberly A. Harms Peoria, LAS 
Amelia M. Harrell Carbondale, LAS 

S.J. Harrell Edwardsville, LAS 
Wendy L. Harrington Rockford, CBA 
Brian L. Harris Urbana, EDU 
Carla L. Harris East St Louis, CBA 
Jason B. Harris Chicago, LAS 
Janet E. Harrison Belleville, CBA 

Michael E. Harrison Greenbelt, MD, CBA 
Wendy L. Harrow Glencoe, CBA 
Sally A. Harryman Taylorville, AGR 
Lauren J. Hartley Evanston, LAS 
Susan K. Harty Kinsman, COM 
Sharon A. Hartzel Westmont, CBA 

Shari N. Hartzman Glenview, LAS 
Suzy K. Hasen Oakbrook, LAS 
Carol M. Haskins Chicago, COM 
Pamela Haskins Chicago, FAA 
Lorelei H.D. Hass Sleepy Hollow, AGR 
Teresa J. Hauge Morris, AGR 

Ellyn D. Hauselman Skokie, LAS 
Thomas C. Hausman Pesotum, AGR 
Heidi E. Hausmann Champaign, LAS 
Deirdre Haverty Flossmoor. LAS 
Daniel C. Hawkins Fenton. LAS 
Michael R. Hawkins Glen Ellyn. LAS 


Alexandres CD. Hay Urbana, ENG 
Christopher J. Hayes Oak Lawn, ENG 
Heather M. Hayes Palatine, CBA 
Tammy Hayes Rolling Meadows, LAS 
Laura J. Hecht Champaign, LAS 
David C. Hege Champaign, ENG 

Mark A. Heidenreich Stockton, ENG 
Timothy J. Heilizer Winnetka, LAS 
Robert M. Heilman Streamwood, FAA 
Julie C. Heim, Elburn ENG 
Nancy A. Heintz Calument City, LAS 
Bob Heinzeroth Rockford, ENG 

Andrew Helfrich Columbia. ENG 
Cassie Helgesen Champaign, AGR 
Donna J. Helmchen Hampshire, LAS 
Dennis Helmich Minooka, ENG 
Linda A. Henderson Glen Ellyn, ENG 
Marc F. Henderson Chicago. LAS 

Catherine A. Hendra Rockford, EDU 
Cynthia S. Hendricks Fairview Heights, LAS 
Lisa A. Hendricks Springfield, LAS 
Kathleen M. Henehan Chicago. CBA 
Alison E. Hennings Chicago, ENG 
Bethany A. Henrichs Bloomington, LAS 

Brian E. Henry Wheaton, LAS 

Robert S. Henry Cicero. FAA 

Wayne Henry Waterloo, ENG 

Kathleen S. Henschler Janesville. Wl. LAS 

Theodore R. Herbig Brookfield, ENG 

Jonathon Herman Park Forest, ENG 

Jennifer M. Hermann Glenview, LAS 
Philip H. Herndon Lagrange, CBA 
Ron A. Herrmann Hampshire, LAS 
Thomas A. Hershberger Freeport, LAS 
Patricia Hertenstein New Baden. ENG 
Senda D. Hess Godfrey. LAS 

Eve C. Hessel Danen, FAA 

Amy L. Hessling Peoria. CBA 

Princess Michelle Hester Lycoming, NY, LAS 

Timothy J. Hettinger Champaign, LAS 

Ronda L. Hewitt Cambridge, EDU 

Eric Hexdall Montgomery, LAS 

James P. Hickey Lansing. ALS 
Linda A. Higbee Dunlap, AGR 
Jeffrey W. Higgins Rochester. LAS 
Nancy A. Higgins Hoffman, Estates. LAS 
Karen Hight Champaign. LAS 
Marcia A. Hight Moweaqua. ALS 


Edward T. Hightower Chicago, ENG 
Harold W. Hild Chicago, AGR 
Barbara L. Hildebrand Lincolnshire, COM 
Thomas R. Hildner Glen Ellyn, ENG 
Charles E. Hill Harvard, LAS 
Elizabeth H. Hill Savoy, AGR 

Joshua A. Hillman Skokie, AGR 
Katherine A. Hilton Lombard, LAS 
Yamini N. Hingorani Mount Prospect, AGR 
Jolene Hinton Peoria. CBA 
Leslie C. Hirsch Morton Grove, COM 
Michelle J. Hirsch Antioch. LAS 

Steven M. Hirsch Northbrook, LAS 
Jennifer A. Hochstrasser Franklin, NJ. LAS 
David Hodgett Beecher. LAS 
Hal D. Hoelzer Compton, AGR 
Nathan R. Hoerr Peoria. LAS 
Joseph W. Hoff Wheaton. ENG 

William J. Hoff Oak Park, ALS 
Andrea Hoffman Saint Louis, MO, LAS 
Bryan D. Hoffman Danvers, AGR 
Christy D. Hoffman Edwardsville, LAS 
John D. Hoffman Cicero, LAS 
Susan K. Hoffman Champaign, FAA 

Edward P. Hogan Naperville, FAA 
Kimberly A. Hogan Hudson. OH. LAS 
Christina L. Hoge Saint Charles. AGR 
Heather Hohm Normal. ED 
Chad A. Hoke Clinton. AGR 
Frank J. Holas McHenry. LAS 

Jeffrey E. Holaway Walnut. LAS 
Leslie P. Holbrook Wheaton, FAA 
Franklin H. Holcomb Crescent City, ENG 
Sandie L. Holmes Bensenville, ALS 
Edward E. Holton Crystal Lake. LAS 
Shannon Holub Buffalo Grove, LAS 

Edwin C. Holzhauer Jr. Dewey, LAS 
Douglas Homrighausen Labelle, MO, AGR 
Joanne Hong Chicago. COM 
Jongweon Hong Lincolnwood. ENG 
Taesong Hong Des Plaines, ENG 
Micheal J. Hood Saint Charles. FAA 

Robert M. Hood Riverton. AGR 
Warren Hood Urbana, LAS 
David S. W. Hooi Hayward. CA. LAS 
William C. Hopkins Elmhurst, LAS 
Denise Hopwood Petersburg. AGR 
Marilyn L. Horbelt Granite City, ENG 

, Ml '*l<fc4f * 



Scott G. Horsch Dewey, LAS 
Mary Horton Bloomington, CBA 
Susan M. Horvath Palos Heights, LAS 
Carol J. Hosklns Rolling Meadows, LAS 
Nancy L. Hotchner Mount Prospect, LAS 
Sandra L. Hoth Franklin Park, FAA 

Jennifer A. Houghteling Chicago, CBA 
Katherine M. Houser Arlington Heights, FAA 
Ronald T. Hovermale Springfield. LAS 
Alicia A. Howard Chicago, FAA 
Jack L. Howard Gardner, LAS 
Stephanie Howard Evanston. LAS 

Lisa Kathryn Howlett Wheaton, COM 
Christopher Hoyle Glenwood. ENG 
Lorna E. Hrustek Hinsdale, FAA 
Yi-Fan Hsu Schaumpurg. ENG 
Linda Hu Downers Grove, LAS 
Patricia M. Hubbard Decatur, LAS 

Deborah M. Huber Nokomis, AGR 
Bradley S. Huebner Naperville, LAS 
Matthew W. Hughes Litchfield. AGR 
Wendy R. Hulmes Urbana. COM 
Carol J. A. Humphrey Rockford, LAS 
Darryl Humphrey Chicago. LAS 

John J. Humphrey Springfield. ENG 
Andrew Hunt Deerfield. LAS 
Christopher L. Hunt Mattoon. LAS 
William T. Hunt Chicago. LAS 
Reid C. Huntsinger Libertyville, LAs 
William J. Hupperich Morton Grove, ENG 

Dianne C. Husby Saint Charles, ENG 

John D. Huss Marseilles, FAA 

Catherine M. Hutchison Western Springs, AGR 

Deborah L. Hutton Buffalo Grove. ALS 

John E. Hyatt Palos Park. ENG 

Micheal T. Hyzny Chicago, LAS 

Ray L. Idaszak Palos Heights. ENG 
Steven J. Idler Carol Stream. ENG 
Scott W. Ihssen Woodstock. ENG 
Steven Ikenn Skokie. ED 
Sharon M. Ingolia Morton, CBA 
Debra L. Inigarida Orland Park, LAS 

Charles T. Inman Deerfield, LAS 
Sarah J. Inman Ottawa, ED 
Laurie M. Irons Chicago, LAS 
Flash M. Isaak Carlyle, AGR 
Darla L. Jackson Flossmoor, CBA 
Jan Jackson Rockford, CBA 



Laurie A. Jackson Flossmoor. LAS 
Mark W. Jackson Urbana. ENG 
Randy Jacobs Lexington. AGR 
Robert Jacobson Highland Park, CBA 
Jean A. Jacques Joliet. LAS 
Carolyn L. Jaeck Wilmette, LAS 

Jay B. Jaffee Buffalo Grove, LAS 
Valerie Jalouneix Schaumburg, FAA 
Amy R. James Saint Charles, LAS 
Cindy A. James Champaign, CBA 
Jeanna M. Jamicich Chicago, ENG 
Lorraine Jamison Chicago, CBA 

Adam J. Janette Oak Park, LAS 
Elizabeth A. Janoski Kenilworth. FAA 
Stan Janusz Lombard, ENG 
Karen K. Jaraczewski Lasalle. CBA 
Mary Jane B. Jaros Orland Park, LAS 
Paula A. Jarski Palos Hills, FAA 

William Jasien Lisle, CBA 
Joyce A. Jaskulski Elmwood Park, FAA 
Janet M. Jasonowicz Palatine, CBA 
Stacey G. Jasper Saint Louis, MO, LAS 
James R. Javorcic Joliet. CBA 
Steven L. Jawgiel Northbrook, LAS 

Jeffrey H. Jenco Joliet, AGR 
B.J. Jenkins Palatine, ENG 
Dawn M. Jenkins Lacon, LAS 
Janine M. Jenkins Chicago, AGR 
Carole M. Jenks Mount Prospect, CBA 
Charles E. Jeske Chicago, ENG 

Frederick W. Jewell Rolling Meadows, ENG 

Amy T. Jeziorski Brookfield, AGR 

Edgar G. Jimenez Chicago. LAS 

Kristin R. Jirik Addison, CBA 

Damian M. Jocke Naperville, CBA 

Micheal B. Johannesen Mount Prospect, LAS 

Christina M. Johansen Champaign, LAS 
Anne M. Johnson Wheaton, CBA 
Beth Johnson Barrington, FAA 
C.A. Johnson Prospect Heights, LAS 
Carissa L. Johnson Hazel Crest, ENG 
Darlene Johnson Urbana. AGR 

Dene L. Johnson Lombard. LAS 
Gary L. Johnson Melrose Park, LAS 
Gaynell Johnson Oswego, FAA 
Jacqueline D. Johnson Chicago, LAS 
Jeffrey L. Johnson Melrose Park, ENG 
Jeffrey L. Johnson North Chicago, CBA 


John M. Johnson Kewanee, CBA 
Klmberly J. Johnson Western Springs, COM 
Klmberly S. Johnson Dorsey, CBA 
Krisla B. Johnson Chesterfield, MO. CBA 
Latasha R. Johnson Chicago, LAS 
Mark L. Johnson Champaign, LAS 

Sally B. Johnson Saint Joseph, Ml. AGR 
Jean M. Johnston Crete, CBA 
Mark G. Johnston Tinley Park, LAS 
Robert W. Johnston Washington, LAS 
Jean M. Johnston Crete, CBA 
Mary F. Jolly Decatur, AGR 

Allan S. Jones Gaviota, CA, AGR 
John W. Jones Belvidere, LAS 
Kathryn B. Jones Western Springs, FAA 
Mlcheal R. Jones Sublette, AGR 
Paula K. Jones Newton. LAS 
Sally R. Jones Peoria, FAA 

Shawn B. Jones San Pedro, CA, LAS 
Colette M. Jordan Downers Grove, COM 
Kimberly A. Jordan Mokena, ED 
Mark Joy Arlington Heights, ENG 
Paul Joyce Oak Park, LAS 
Steven B. Joyce Brighton, LAS 

Colleen R. Jue Niles, LAS 
Renate Juengling Chicago. LAS 
Karin Julia Rockford, LAS 
Hwa K. Jung Chicago, LAS 
Jay W. Jung Chicago, ENG 
James A. Junker Orland Park, ENG 

Audrey N. Juppe Waukegan. LAS 
Corine Jurcak Chicago, FAA 
Charles E. Jurgenson Park Forest, LAS 
Katherine L. M. Kadrie Champaign, CBA 
Jean T. Kalndl Hazel Crest. AGR 
Maria L. Kaiser Oak Lawn, LAS 

Holly S. Kal Highland Park, LAS 
Julie A. Kalamaras Palatine, LAS 
William R. Kale Elk Grove, LAS 
Beth L. Kalensky Flossmoor, LAS 
Ellen M. Kaliski Blue Island. LAS 
James H. Kallianis Chicago. LAS 

James Kalliar Chicago. ENG 
Edward J. Kandl Cicero. LAS 
Douglas S. Kane Arlington Heights. ENG 
Timothy J. Kane Red Bud, ENG 
Karen C. Kao Champaign. AGR 
Dana L. Kaplan Skokie, ED 



Kairn Kaplan Park Ridge, FAA 
Robin G. Kaplan Skokie. LAS 
Shawna G. Kaplan Highland Park, FAA 
Tracy R. Kaplan Naperville, CBA 
Ron Kapter Waukegan. LAS 
Lisa A. Karcher Sadorus, CBA 

Teresa L. Karcher Mount Vernon, CBA 
Carie C. Karnezis Chicago, CBA 
Brian T. Kasch Barrington, ENG 
Tamara J. Kasper Berwyn, LAS 
Karen L. Kastein Arlington Heights, FAA 
Kristen Kastner Belleville, COM 

Susan K. Kato Chicago, CBA & LAS 
Nancy Katris Oak Lawn, CBA 
Pamela Katris Oak Lawn, CBA 
Howard M. Katzenstein Northbrook, LAS 
Lynda B. Kaufman Saint Louis, MO, COM 
Sherri L. Kavis Harvey. LAS 

Stephen T. Kazmer Lisle, CBA 
Maureen A. Keane Mundelein LAS 
Scott N. Keane Des Flames, ENG 
Stephanie M. Keay Champaign, LAS 
Rosalie J. Keblusek Orland Park, CBA 
Eileen M. Keegan Elmhurst, CBA 

Thomas C. Keeley Arlington Heights, CBA 
Thorn A. Keene Pinckneyville, ENG 
James G. Kehias Jr. Normal. Agr 
Kathleen O. Keller Champaign, LAS 
Karen S. Kelley Springfield, ED 
David M. Kelly Palatine, CBA 

J. Bradley Kelly Pans. LAS 
John J. Kelly Waukegan, LAS 
Michael J. Kelly Emington, AGR 
Rodney J. Kelly Morrison. FAA 
Deborah A. Kemmann Lombard, FAA 
Lisa M. Kempf Westmont. ENG 

Denise Kendall Wood Dale, AGR 
Paul S. Kendeigh Westfield, NJ, CBA 
Leslie A. Kendrigan Gilberts, COM 
John F. Kennedy Elmhurst, LAS 
Laura A. Kennedy LaGrange, COM 
Lisa G. Kennedy Danville. AGR 

Robert I. Kenny Winnetka. LAS 
Sara J. Kent Carbondale. LAS 
Bradford F. Kerekes Hinsdale, ENG 
Eric M. Kern Mattoon, FAA 
Matthew J. Kerouac Kankakee, FAA 
Stanley R. Kerr New Lenox, LAS 



Christine L. Kesl South Holland, LAS 
Jane M. Keuss Grayslake, ENG 
Kishan G. Khemani Schaumburg, ENG 
Staya Khuon Chicago, LAS 
Toni L. Kedwell Chicago Heights, LAS 
Douglas Kieffer Hoffman Estates, ENG 

Nancy M. Klener Addison, LAS 
Cindy Kier Evanston. FAA 
Gina Killus Palos Heights, AGR 
Andrew J. Killino Chicago, LAS 
Chu Hyon Kim Morton Grove, LAS 
Eunice Y. Kim Chicago, FAA 

Jong H. Kim Chicago, LAS 
Joseph H. Kim Champaign, LAS 
Mee Jung Kim Park Ridge. FAA 
Peter I. Kim Mason City, ENG 
Kimberly A. Kimbrough Chicago, LAS 
Julia M. Kindred Morton. LAS 

Andrea C. King Olympia Fields, LAS 
Carol M. King Chicago. ENG 
Carolyn M. King Thornton, ENG 
Kimberly A. King Champaign, ED 
Matthew A. King Bloomington, ENG 
James W. Kink Palos Park, CBA 

Karrie J. Kinsella Elk Grove, AGR 
Thomas P. Kinsella Taylorville, CBA 
James R. Kirby Princeton. FAA 
Patrick W. Kirchhofer Shumway, AGR 
Suzanne C. Kircos Scottsdale, AZ, LAS 
Kurt M. Kirkey Hawthorn Woods, ENG 

Catherine T. Kirkwood Mount Prospect, CBA 

Cynthia A. Kirts Robinson, ENG 

Jeff Kirwan Viola, AGR 

Pamela Kissel Plainfield, AGR 

Lisa B. Kizer Buffalo Grove. COM 

Mary Beth Klatt Glenview, COM 

Joseph M. Klauke Glenview, LAS 

Brian Klaus Gillespie, FAA 

Kara A. Klein Highland Park. LAS 

Kelli S. Klein Highland Park. LAS 

Peter Klein Deerfield, CBA 

Mary Ellen Klingaman Winterset, IA. FAA 

Diana T. Klugiewicz Saint Charles, CBA 
Jean L. Knable Urbana, FAA 
James S. Knapp Lisle. CBA 
Lance D. Knez Naperville, LAS 
Mirjana Knezevich Chicago, CBA 
Cara Knoeppel River Forest, LAS 



Laurel J. Knott Lockport. LAS 
Kathleen T. Knowles Thornton, COM 
Walter E. Knox Jr. East Saint Louis, LAS 
Hollie H. Ko Lincolwood. AGR 
John H. Kobayashi Mount Prospect, ENG 
Puneet Kochar Downers Grove, LAS 

Jodi L. Koelker Champaign, AGR 
Kurt L. Koenig Oak Park, ENG 
Jocelyn C. Koenigsmark Wheaton, ED 
Wendy E. Koestner East Peoria, ENG 
Julie A. Kogen Highland Park, ED 
LAnce D. Kohan Kankakee, CBA 

Diane L. Kohlbecker Tuscola, ALS 
Renee P. Kohler Oak Lawn, LAS 
Maureen A. Kohn Chicago, LAS 
Francine Kohnen Pekin. LAS 
Debra K. Kokal New Lenox. CBA 
Steven J. Kommrusch Schaumburg, ENG 

Lorene A. Komorlta Champaign, CBA 
Teresa M. Komosa Chicago, ALS 
Jill Koncel Mount Prospect, ED 
Keith A. Kone Mount Vernon, ENG 
Amy Y. Koo Palos Hills, LAS 
Larry D. Kopecky Rockford, CBA 

Douglas B. Kopplin Altamont, AGR 
Christina L. Korner Chula Vista, CA, LAS 
Steven J. Korol Lincolnwood, CBA 
Melissa S. Kort Arlington Heights, CBA 
Chris A. Korte Tuscola. CBA 
Chester J. Kos Chicago, LAS 

Kenneth Koschnitzki South Holland, LAS 
Andrew Kosowsky Chicago, CBA 
Ellen M. Kosty Barrington. CBA 
Kenneth J. Kotlowski Lindenhurst. ENG 
David S. Kotter Bourbonnais, ENG 
Eric Kouba Austin, TX, ENG 

Diane J. Koucky Decatur. LAS 

Kathryn A. Kovitz Glencoe, CBA 

Edith M. Kowalkowski Downers Grove, FAA 

Karen L. Kozak Westmont, AGR 

Susan M. Kozlowski Chicago, FAA 

Deamna J. Kraatz Olmsted. CBA 

Joseph W. Kraft Hawthorn Woods. LAS 
Joseph C. Krajacic Chicago, LAS 
Laura E. Krajcir Park Ridge, LAS 
Kristine Kramer Richmond, AGR 
Leslie J. Kramer Chicago. CBA 

* JkA h 



Samuel Kramer Godfrey, AGR 
Vicky L. Kramper Highland. CBA 
Joseph M. Kratochvil Downers Grove, LAS 
Erik W. Krause North Aurora, LAS 
Glenn P. Krause Chicago, ENG 
Charles D. Krawitz Highland Park. CBA 

Renee Kreczmer Bolingbrook, FAA 
Anthony T. Kremer Malteson, LAS 
Michael F. Krogh Champaign, LAS 
Debra L. Krolick Nohhbrook, CBA 
Deborah J. Kroopkin Flossmoor, LAS 
Julie A. Krueger Milwaukee, Wl, AGR 

Susan Krueger Woodndge, ALS 

Tamara L. Krug La Grange, AGR 

Dina Kruse Aiea. HI, LAS 

Susan M. Kryger Saint Charles, COM 

Alice Krzak Cicero, LAS 

Kenneth A. Krzywicki Elk Grove, LAS 

Bruce A. Kschinka Vero Beach, FL, ENG 
Roger M. Ksonie Winfield, LAS 
Deborah A. Kuby Chicago, LAS 
Ronald Kucharski Schaumburg, ENG 
Tami Kudo Honolulu, HI. CBA 
Anne M. Kuehl Lake Zurich, LAS 

Donna R. Kuhn Peotona, LAS 
Marianne E. Kuhter Chicago, LAS 
Kent A. Kunkel Granville, LAS 
Carol M. Kunz Chicago, CBA 
Dru S. Kuperman Highland Park. CBA 
Eric C. Kurland Palatine, ENG 

John R. Kusswurm Northbrook, FAA 
John T. Kvantas Niles. CBA 
Kristen Kwiatt Inverness, COM 
Sun Pui Kwok Northbrook, ENG 
Greg D. Kyburz Champaign, ENG 
Michael J. Labedz Burr Ridge, CBA 

Larry Labus Burr Ridge, LAS 
Margaret K. Lacey Berwyn. ENG 
Ann E. Ladd Saint Charles. COM 
Kellie J. Lafferty Champaign. ED 
Denise D. Laforte Olympia Fields. CBA 
Kristin E. Lahey Chicago, COM 

Kenneth S. Lahr Round Lake, LAS 
Lee Y. Lai Champaign, LAS 
Karl J. Lakenburges Urbana, LAS 
Sheera Lamb Oak Park, LAS 
Jeff A. Lamb Virden. COM 
John H. Lamb Champaign. LAS 



Amy Lamothe Lincoln, LAS 
Catherine Lampert Wilmette. LAS 
Michael Landers Ottawa, LAS 
Lizabeth A. Lane Elmhurst, LAS 
John F. Lang Springfield, LAS-ENG 
Sue E. Langan Champaign, CBA 

Philip M. Langdon Jacksonville, ENG 
James M. Langelund Chicago. LAS 
Brent A. Langman Saint Anne, AGR 
Peter Langowski Rockton, ENG 
Nancy J. Laning Naperville, LAS 
Cecilia Lapid Chicago, LAS 

Julie Marie Lapointe Elmhurst, CPA 
Catherin A. Larson Schaumburg, ENG 
Pamela Larson Addison, CBA 
Leanne M. Lash Edwardsville, LAS 
Robert D. Laskey Dolton. LAS 
Robert J. Lasko Chicago, ENG 

April A. Lasky Skokie, LAS 

Patricia Lathrop Streator, ED 

Peter Latimer Naperville. FAA 

Kirk W. Laudeman Bloomington, LAS 

Richard N. Lauer Highland Park, LAS 

Karen L. Lauritsen Hoffman Estates, COM 

Lori A. Lauwrens Chesterfield, CBA 
Sarah A. Laven La Grange, CBA 
Penny J. Lawin Champaign, LAS 
Susan E. Lawler Palos Heights. CBA 
Seth R. Leary Springfield, FAA 
Michelle L. Lederman Skokie, LAS 

Albert I. Lee Olympia Fields, LAS 
Alice C. Lee Urbana, ENG 
Dennis Lee Bloomington. ENG 
Hoseok Lee Seoul, Korea, CBA 
Huai Chih Lee Urbana, FAA 
John C. Lee Urbana, LAS 

Kevin K. Lee Chicago, ENG 
Laura Y. Lee Downers Grove, LAS 
Susan H. Lee Clarendon Hills, LAS 
Lance L. Leech Zion, LAS 
Karen Leengran Northbrook, LAS 
Jayna Y. Legg Genoa, COM 

Daniel G. Legner Princeton, AGR 
Gwen A. Lehmann Glen Ellyn, CBA 
Morris S. Lehrfeld Peoria. LAS 
Jack S. Leider Wood Dale, ENG 
Richard M. Leiter Deerfield, LAS 
Bradley Leighty Danville, LAS 


Kathleen M. Lelser Northbrook, CBA 
Jeffrey B. Lemalre Stoninglon, COM 
Jim Lemkau Rock Island. CBA 
Marcy L. Lemler Morion Grove, CBA 
Gerard Leng Champaign, ENG 
Rebecca A. Lentz Long Grove, COM 

Andrew J. Lenzinl Hoffman Estates, LAS 
Eduardo Leon Chicago, ENG 
Linda S. Leonard Fultin, ENG 
Patricia Lepak Champaign, LAS 
David W. Leppert Kankakee, CBA 
Annette G. Lesage Naperville, LAS 

Maureen A. Lesicko Wood River, COM 
Joseph E. Lesnlak Tonica, LAS 
Gary Lesnlewskl Schaumburg, FAA 
Marsha D. Lester Chicago, ENG 
Sean M. Letwat Elmhurst, LAS 
Joe Leuchtmann Belleville, CBA 

Jerald D. Leuthold Dunlap. AGR 
Kathryn L. Leverenz Naperville, ED 
Mlchele J. Levie Springfield, ED 
Leslie C. Levin Skokie, ALS 
Marianne Levin Highland Park, LAS 
Cheryl A. Levine Rolling Meadows, AGR 

Douglas M. Levine Chatham, AGR 
Robin L. Levinson Northbrook, CBA 
Debra A. Levinthal Deerfield, LAS 
Miriam M. Levitan Evanston, AGR 
David L. Lewis Macomb, ENG 
Gregory M. Lewis Melrose Park, FAA 

Jill A. Lewis Champaign, ALS 
Richard Lewis University Park, AGR 
Sheri Libauer Morton Grove, CBA 
Andrea D. Lieberman Skokie, LAS 
Karen M. Lieberman Wilmette, CBA 
William Ligas Chicago, CBA 

Lynne M. Lightfoot Chicago, LAS 
Patricia A. Liiagan Olympia Fields, LAS 
Edwin L. Lim Lockport, ENG 
Samuel K. Lim Champaign, ENG 
Mark W. Linder Olney, ED 
Karen Lindholm Kansas City, MO, ENG 

Lori E. Lindquist Morton, AGR 
Kris A. Linstrom Crete. LAS 
Lisa-Ann Lingner Cary, CBA 
David J. Link Gurnee. AGR 
Lisa A. Linville Carlmville, FAA 
Deena M. Lippitz Glencoe. LAS 


Mark D. Lipschutz W. Lafayette, IN, ENG 
Scott P. Litke Crystal Lake. ENG 
Linda S. Liu Wilmette. CBA 
John D. Livengood Danville. ENG 
Shu-Chen Lo Orland Park, LAS 
Caroline A. Lober Wilmette, LAS 

Randy Lober Champaign, ENG 
Pamela J. Loeb Skokie. CBA 
Deborah A. Logan Springfield. LAS 
Karen M. Logan Naperville, CBA 
Lori L. Logan Springfield. LAS 
Christopher A. Long Lombard, LAS 

Robert E. Long, Jr. Chicago, LAS 
Kristine E. Lord Woodhull, CBA 
Laura A. Lorek Houston. TX. COM 
John M. Loster Elmhurst, LAS 
Norman K. Louie Champaign, ENG 
Bradley D. Lovan Lincoln. FAA 

Thomas F. Loverde Palatine, LAS 
Donna E. Luallen Normal. ED 
Douglas C. Lugge Belleville. LAS 
Jill R. Luginbuhl Roanoke, AGR 
Annalise M. Lukaszewicz Summit, LAS 
Kristin Luke Homewood. LAS 

Florian P. Lukowski Dolton, ENG 

Ronald P. Lump Des Plaines. ENG 
Heidi M. Lundell Chicago. LAS 
Matthew Lundergan Park Ridge, ENG 
Lisa J. Lundquist Arlington Heights. LAS 
Keith Luther Laguna Beach. CA. LAS 

Kathy G. Lutzke Melrose Park. FAA 
Michael E. Lynch Oak Park LAS 
Timothy G. Lyne Chicago, LAS 
Jack Lyons Lake Bluff. LAS 
Kathleen T. Lyons Wilmette. LAS 
Robert M. Lyons Lasalle. AGR 

Ruth Ma Buffalo Grove, LAS 

Kelly J. Macaluso Orland Park, ED 

Michael J. Machalek North Lake. LAS 

AnneMarie L. Maciaszek Downers Grove, 


Deborah E. Macpherson Lisle, ED 

Bryant K. Macy Neoga. ENG 

Elaine Madansky Skokie, CBA 
Catherine A. Maday Countryside, AGR 
Therese M. Madden South Holland. LAS 
Gregory R. Maddox Oreana. LAS 
Robert J. Madland Mt. Prospect, ENG 
Kurt A. Magdanz Addison, ENG 

** totfl* 


4 ifc^fe^ ,fc^ 


Gary A. Mages Chicago, LAS 

Jullanne Magllo Waukegan, LAS 

Mark S. Magnesen Elmhurst, CBA 

Janet L. Magulre Homewood, LAS 

Muliyadl Mahamood Johore. West Malaysia, 


Dena M. Mahon Princeton, COM 

Julie M. Maler Champaign, AGR 

Michel G. Makhoul Chicago, FAA 

Shlgekl Maklno Urbana, ENG 

Julie A. Malaker Auroara, ALS 

Ian H. Malbon Peoria, COM 

Marty R. Mallnowskl Arlington Heights, ENG 

Julie Malltz Northbrook, AGR 
Patricia A. Malloy Lake Zurich, CBA 
Thomas K. Malone Wilmette, ENG 
Douglas J. Maltby Tuscola, LAS 
Mlchele Manahan Bloomington, CBA 
Frank R. Manella Champaign, ENG 

Unml Mang Glenview, COM 
Barbara L. Manikas West Chicago, ALS 
Cheryl A. Manna Evergreen Park, LAS 
Mary K. Manning Glenview, LAS 
Laurene J. Mansen Dixon, ENG 
Catherine M. Manshio Champaign, COM 

Kathryn M. Marbella Melrose Park, ENG 
Alan Marble Rock Island, ENG 
Madeleine P. Marchaterre Naperville, LAS 
Marie L. Marconi Chicago Heights, LAS 
Wendy L. Marconi Palatine, COM 
Kirk A. Markus Algonquin, CBA 

Bradley B. Marr Philo, AGR 
Jack Marshall Peoria, LAS 
John Marshall Lincolnwood, CBA 
Kenneth J. Marshall Barrington, FAA 
Susan M. Marshall Champaign, ED 
Christopher Martin Palatine, ENG 

David P. Martin Champaign, ENG 
Dennis K. Martin Glenview, CBA 
Joyce E. Martin Princeville, CBA 
Kathleen C. Martin Montgomery, LAS 
Stephanie C. Martin Glencoe, AGR 
William D. Martin Chicago, AGR 

David J. Martinelli Aurora, FAA 
Itsamari Martinez Waukegan, LAS 
Michael Martinez Highland Park, ALS 
Patricia Martinez Springfield, LAS 
Lawrence Marturano Morton Grove, ENG 
Cindy Masbaum Aurora, LAS 



Cecilia M. Mascunana Springfiled, LAS 
Kevin Masi Chicago, FAA 
Patrick D. Mason Mahomet, ENG 
John M. Mass Highland Park, CBA 
Brian L. Mathiot Springfield, ALS 
Eric J. Mathis Champaign. AGR 

Connie M. Mathison Plainfield, LAS 
Curt Mattan Albany, AGR 
Daryl E. Matthews Chicago, ENG 
Hazel A. Matthews Chicago, LAS 
Nancy L. Matthews Inverness, CBA 
James P. Mattson Monon, COM 

Melissa J. Mayberry Mchenry, ENG 
Carol S. Mayer Sparta, ED 
Ellen R. Mayer Morton Grove, ED 
Julie M. Mayer Champaign, AGR 
Lisa K. Mayhew Aledo, AGR 
Rodney Mazure Skokie, COM 

Ted Mazurkiewica Woodridge, ENG 
Gregory A. Mc Connell Sycarmore, LAS 
Margaret C. Mc Dermott Carbondale, CBA 
Jill K. Mc Grath Roselle, AGR 
Cathy A. Mc Grlllen Blomingdale, CBA 
Tammy L. Mc Intosh Barrington, CBA 

Dawn M. Mc Kee Varna, AGR 
Pat Mc Kenna Chicago, LAS 
Terry Mc Keown Glen Ellyn, LAS 
Jeremiah A. McAllister Chicago, ENG 
Paul T. McAllister Elmhurst, LAS 
Patrick M. McAuliffe Columbia. ENG 

Kathleen A. McCann Oak Lawn, ENG 
Michelle Y. McCants Chicago, CBA 
Laurence M. McCarthy South Holland, LAS 
Maureen A. McCarthy Elmhurst, CBA 
Michael J. McCarty Dekalb, FAA 
Patricia McCarthy Lombard, LAS 

Patrick L. McCarthy Libertyville, LAS 
Sharon A. McCarthy Chicago, LAS 
Tom McCarthy Skokie, ENG " 
Melissa A. McCarty Westville, AGR 
Ellen M. McConnell Delavan, LAS 
Tom McCowan Weldon, LAS 

Kristian F. McCoy Dundee. LAS 
Delia E. McCulley Champaign. AGR 
Allison McCulloch Lake Forest, CBA 
Michael C. McDermand Lake Forest, LAS 
Ronald J. McDermott Chicago. LAS 
Neil K. McDonald Lyndon. ENG 

4 i'^^ik 


Laura A. McGlasson Peoria. LAS 
Maureen L. McGonagle Orland Park. ALS 
Mary T. McGovern Chicago. ED 
John P. McGrail River Forest. LAS 
Margaret M. McGrath Lagrange, ALS 
Paul G. McGrath Orland Park, ENG 

Michael J. McGuIre Addison. AGR 
Michelle A. McGuIre Joliel. ALS 
Michelle E. Mclnnls Downers Grove. FAA 
Colleen P. Mclntyre Evergreen Park, LAS 
Michael J. McKee Ottawa, LAS 
Christine McKenna Chicago. AGR 

Timothy J. McKula Jacksonville. LAS 
Robert J. McKune Park Ridge. ENG 
Patrick S. McLay Poplar Grove. LAS 
Debra A. McMahon Granville, CBA 
Dennis McMahon Champaign. CBA 
Maureen McMahon Champaign. LAS 

Mark A. McMillan Champaign. ENG 
John R. McMillln LaGrange. FAA 
Erin S. McMullen Country Club Hills, LAS 
James N. McNelly Hamburg. AGR 
Ronald L. McPheron Mount Prospect. LAS 
Ellen McRaith Evanston. ENG 

Lisa K. McSherry Peoria. LAS 
Laura A. McVickers LaGrange. FAA 
Christine M. MdSkimen Champaign, FAA 
Margaret M. Meachem Darien. CBA 
Christine Mechtenberg Dundee. LAS 
Wilson G. Medina Norwood Park. COM 

Kimberly L. Meduga Lynwood, LAS 
Christopher S. Meehan Urbana, FAA 
Scott A. Mehaffey Princeton, FAA 
Elizabeth R. Meier Mascoutah, COM 
Jennifer A. Mejdrlch Hinsdale. COM 
Jeanne-Marie Melendez Riverdale. LAS 

Patricia Mell Chicago. LAS 

Margaret A. Mellon Darien, LAS 

Gary J. Melvin Mount Morris. ENG 

Lisa A. Mendel Brookfield. LAS 

Michael R. Mendel Aurora, ENG 

Jane Menzenberger Western Springs. LAS 

Laura A. Meravi Wauconda. ENG 
Robert L. Merkel Des Plaines, CBA 
Katherine Messitt Wheaton. LAS 
Tina M. Metreger Rolling Meadows. FAA 
Shelley Mewes Bone Gap. LAS 
Daniel P. Meyer Tuscola. AGR 

'_" .. 


Donald L. Meyer Wilmington, AGR 
Eric P. Meyer Rockford, AGR 
Kris L. Meyer Elk Grove Village, ED 
Michael G. Meyer Orland Park, LAS 
Micael L. Meyer Naperville, ENG 
Helen V. Meyers Wheaton, CBA 

Laurie R. Meyers Trenton, CBA 
Leroy J. Meyers Skokie. ENG 
Robert A. Mican Chicago, LAS 
Barbara A. Michels Champaign, ALS 
Doug Michels Effingham, AGR 
Edward S. Michlovlch Alsip, LAS 

Heidi A. Mickelson Morris. ED 
Lisa A. Miedzianskl Peru, LAS 
Patrick Miesuk Auroa, AVI 
Pamela A. Migdal Chicago, COM 
Vera Mihailovich Lansing, LAS 
Constance M. Mika Villa Park,' LAS 

Daryl A. Mikitka Chicago. ENG 
Susan K. Miksta Kildeer, CBA 
Laura Milan! Carpentersville, COM 
Douglas E. Miles Nokomis, ENG 
Alan B. Miller East Dubuque, AGR 
Alan M. Miller ML Olive, AG 

Clint S. Miller Oakland, ENG 
Craig S. Miller Elgin, ENG 
Dan Miller Glencoe. CBA 
Elizabeth A. Miller Niles, COM 
Evelyn M. Miller Orland Park, CBA 
Gregory A. Miller Seymour, AGR 

Harry Miller Channahon, ENG 
Henry Miller, Jr. Oakly, LAS 
Jean L. Miller Glenview, AGR 
Jeff Miller Palos Park, CBA 
Kathy J. Miller Decatur, FAA 
Keith E. Miller Moline, LAS 

Margaret A. Miller Barnngton, LAS 
Mary P. Miller Palatine, LAS 
Steven N. Miller Riverwoods, CBA 
Tera L. Miller Williamsville, LAS 
Teresa A. Miller Champaign, COM 
Walter D. Miller New Lenox, LAS 

Kim Mllner Highland Park, CBA 
Sandra J. Minella LaGrange Park, CBA 
Alec F. Mlnne Gaithersburg, MD, CBA 
Cater Minnis, III Chicago. LAS 
Michael A. Mirande Bartonville, ENG 
Paul B. Mirkarimi Chicago, ENG 

m\ a fab • mi t ™^_^_ 
,4. ±tiL i l^tiMinl 



Jon C. Mitchell Decatur, LAS 
John P. Mltola Urbana, ENG 
Trade M. Mlyake Schaumburg, LAS 
Doug Mlyaki Mchenry, ENG 
Michael H. Miyamoto Chicago, ENG 
Wesley Mlyazakl Woodridge, LAS 

Alicia J. Mlsna Wheaton. LAS 

Carl W. Moellenkamp Niles. CBA 

Mohamed A. Mohamed-Osman Khartoum, 

Sudan, FAA 

Christine M. Mohr East Moline, ED 

Michael J. Molezzl Itasca, ENG 

Mark T. Molltor OFallon, LAS 

Jeffrey R. Moll Highland Park, VM 
Elizabeth Molnar Downers Grove, AGR 
Jill Molyneaux Rockford, LAS 
James R. Mondl Elmhurst, ENG 
Luann Monson Urbana, LAS/FAA 
Jane A. Montgomery Baldwin, ENG 

Christine J. Moody Collinsville, CBA 

David G. Moody Dekalb, CBA 

Amy E. Moore Peoria, LAS 

Craig Moore San Francisco, CA, LAS 

Stephanie C. Moore Longview, LAS 

Helena C. Morales Caracas, Venezuela, AGR 

Kelly D. Moran River Forest, ALS 
Max M. Moran Northbrook, FAA 
Thomas G. Morande Chicago, CBA 
John J. Moraskl Villa Grove, CBA 
Richard A. Moravec Hinsdale, LAS 
Bronwyn Morgan East St. Louis, AGR 

Julie Morgan Havana, CBA 
Shelley K. Morgan Buda, ENG 
Laura J. Morris Northbrook, LAS 
Rodney L. Morris Champaign, AGR 
Judl L. Morrison Reynolds, LAS 
Kelly Morrison Naperville, CBA 

Mark V. Morrison Glenview, ENG 
Mary Jo Morrison Hazel Crest, FAA 
Willie C. Morrow Chicago, LAS 
Julie K. Morse Sidney, CBA 
Sharon M. Morton Peoria, LAS 
Christine M. Moser Barrington, LAS 

Michael L. Moser Urbana, ENG 
Lisa A. Mossman Godfrey, LAS 
Daniel A. Mota Waukegan, ALS 
Eugene B. Moty, Jr. Urbana, CBA 
Sandra S. Moulton Danville, CBA 
Lorree C. Movotny Bloomington, CBA 



Donna E. Moy Chicago, CBA 
James Moy Morton Grove, ENG 
Nancy A. Mozer Palatine, CBA 
Laura Mozin Skokie, ED 
Julie Muchnick St. Louis, MO, CBA 
Eugene G. Mueller Dwight, LAS 

Marty Mueller Springfield, ENG 
Mary Ellen Muha Alton, LAS 
Melanie Muhl Prospect Heights, AGR 
Cindy Mui Oak Park, ENG 
Partick T. Muldowney Riverside, LAS 
Caroline Mulheran Oak Park, LAS 

Randal K. Mullendore Columbia, LAS 
Carey L. Mullikin Chesterfield, MO, FAA 
Julie Mulopulos Park Ridge, LAS 
Laura Mulopulos Park Ridge, CBA 
Maureen E. Mulvenna Dolton, LAS 
Steve Mun Wilmette, LAS 

Vicky Munaretto Franklin Park, COM 
Jeffrey D. Munn Coal Valley, CBA 
Adele F. Munns Thawville, FAA 
Margaret A. Munroe Dobbs Ferry. NY, ENG 
Carol J. Munsch Libertyville, AGR 
Robert H. Muriel Chicago, CBA 

Carla A. Murillo Urbana, LAS 
Daniel P. Murphy Barrington, LAS 
John R. Murphy Joliet, EN 
Michael P. Murphy Barrington, ENG 
Michael R. Murphy Orland Park, ENG 
Heather Murray Sterling, AGR 

Susan L. Murray Deerfield. AGR 
Wilson B. Muse McHenry, LAS 
Lynn M. Musholt Ouincy, AGR 
Todd G. Musleh Bellewood. LAS 
John Musnicki Bartlett. FAA 
Alan W. Myers Urbana. ENG 

Craig W. Myers LaGrange, LAS 
Denise M. Myers Montgomery, ENG 
Steven R. Myers Griggsville, AGR 
Michael B. Mysker Franklin Park, CBA 
Brian Nadig Glenview, COM 
Karen L. Nagle Norridge, LAS 

Patricia Nagy Elburn. AGR 
Rochelle E. Nahm Chicago. LAS 
Shelly Nahm Chicago, LAS 
Craig Nakamoto Chicago, CBA 
Katherine A. Nankervis Des Plaines. LAS 
Laura J. Nanko Trenton. ENG 


Mona M. Naqvl Palos Heights, CBA 
Megan M. Narclsi Hinsdale. LAS 
Brenda J. Nartker Decatur, FAA 
David T. Nauman Peoria. ENG 
Fermin Navar Chicago. LAS 
Beth A. Navlllo Wheaton. COM 

Richard S. Neal Champaign, LAS 
Klmberly D. Neely Chicago, CBA 
Daniel R. Nelson Elgin, ENG 
Debbie S. Nelson Rantoul. CBA 
Jill Nelson Elmhurst. LAS 
Julie L. Nelson Lansing. AGR 

Kathie Nelson Wheeling. LS 
Michael R. Nelson Elmwood Park, ENG 
Mlchele E. Nelson Champaign ALS 
Ronda L. Nelson Altna, AGR 
Scott T. Nelson Waudegan, ENG 
Mark A. Nemcek Roselle, LAS 

Eric L. Nesbitt Chicago, CBA 
John M. Nett McHenry, CBA 
Darren D. Neuman McHenry, ENG 
Wade F. Neumann Milan. AGR 
Jeffrey Neuschwander Watseka. AGR 
Kevin M. Neville Homewood. LAS 

Timothy R. Neville Dwight, ENG 
Gregg R. Newberry Coal City. LAS 
Maura E. Newell Lombard. COM 
Michele Y. Newell Danville. LAS 
Robert G. Newkirk Wheaton, CBA 
Tamiko Newlin Rolling Meadows, LAS 

Cheryl R. Newman Wilmete, LAS 
Scott M. Newport Belvidere. AGR 
Joan Newton Urbana, AGR 
Scott D. Newton Champaign, FAA 
Quan Nguyen Grayslake. LAS 
Mary L. Nichol Glen Ellyn. LAS 

Lisa L. Nichols Neoga. AGR 

Jeffrey J. Nicholson Bloommgdale. ENG 

Christopher A. Niederman Highland Park. 


Alan J. Nieders Liberty. ENG 

Robert D. Nieman Clinton. ED 

Kevin R. Niemann Litchfield, AGR 

Meegan M. Niemczyk Hoffman Estates. ED 

Stephen R. Niemeyer Crete. LAS 

Kelli J. Nimmo Batavia. ENG 

Laura J. Nimz Glenview, LAS 

Jennifer A. Noga Rolling Meadows, LAS 

Scott D. Norder North Riverside, ENG 


Steven K. Norgaard Elmhurst, CBA 
Daniel A. Norman Peoria. FAA 
Scott C. Norrick Champaign, CBA 
Cara L. Norris Joliet. ED 
Patrick G. Norris Springfield. CBA 
Klmberly M. North Lockport. CBA 

Rita J. Nowacki Murphysboro. AGR 
Kenneth A. Nowak Bolingbrook, ENG 
John T. Nowlan Oak Park. LAS 
Sarah E. Nugent Peoria, CBA 
Kenneth M. Nussbaum Higland Park, CBA 
Russell A. Nygaard Grayslake, ENG 

Ellen J. O'Rourke Danville ED 
Tim P. Oberg Glen Ellyn. ENG 
John F. Oboyle Mount Prospect, CBA 
Daniel J. O'Brien Algonquin, ENG 
Katherine M. O'Brien Mundelein. LAS 
Kevin O'Brien Mundelein. COM 

Peter B. O'Brien Mundelein. LA3 
Nancy A. Obrzut Melrose Park, CBA 
Sean P. O'Caliaghan Wilmelte, LAS 
James P. O'Connell Des Plaines, ALS 
Mamie E. O'Connell LaGrange. CBA 
Sheila M. O'Connell Morton Grove, LAS 

Timothy A. O Conner Chatham, l«s 
Daniel J. O'Connor Barrington, LAs 
Julie A. O'Connor Hinsdale, CBA 
Michael P. O'Connor Wataga, AGR 
Eric D. Odden Woodstock, ENG 
Thomas G. Oddo Downers Grove, LAS 

All Amin Odeh Urbana, ENG 

Deborah S. Odle Danville, LAS 

Terrence J. Odonohue Western Springs, ENG 

Kathleen M. Oertle Park Forest, AGR 

Lori Ofenbeck Barrington, FAA 

Lisa M. Ogawa Chicago, FAA 

Mark J. Grady Oak Lawn, ENG 
John J. O'Hagan Morris, CBA 
Jennifer L. Olejnik Calumet City. LAS 
Daniel E. Oliver Rock Island. FAA 
Karen L. Ollila Worthington, OH, CBA 
Christine M. Olson Libertyville, LAS 

Deborah S. Olson Orland Park. LAS 
Joan L. Olson Oneida. ENG 
Julie B. Olson Naperville. LAS 
Julie Olszowka Alsip. AGR 
Kelly A. O'Malley Burbank, CBA 
Eileen M. O'Neill Park Ridge. LAS 


Kathleen M. O'Neill Northbrook, LAS 
CIprlano Jr. Onla Chicago, CBA 
Catherine O'Reilly Mokena, CBA 
Jose A. Ortiz Champaign, ALS 
Christopher Osborne Westmonl, LAS 
David L. Osborne Pahs, LAS 

Tracy J. Osborne Fisher, LAS 
Barbara J. Osgood Carol Stream, COM 
Jeffrey E. Oslund Urbana, ENG 
Richard A. Ossler Chicago Heights, CBA 
Llane M. Ostlund Frankfort, SW 
Bradley P. Overholt Peoria, ENG 

Dana M. Overton Lombard, CBA 
Todd M. Overturf Decatur, LAS 
Michael J. Owens Oceanside, CA, LAS 
Michael J. Pacer Oak Park, LAS 
Franz Pachl Darien, ENG 
Phillip A. Packard Urbana, ENG 

James E. Padavic Northlake, ED 
Michelle M. Pae Libertyville, LAS 
Barbara A. Page Darien, LAS 
Jill M. Pagor Elk Grove, LAS 
Rose H. Pahn Chicago, LAS 
Kathleen I. Pajkos Palos Hills, CBA 

Mary B. Paliakas Chicago, LAS 
Jeffrey, B. Palm Hennepin, LAS 
James R. Palmer Chicago, LAS 
John S. Palmisano Franclin Park, ENG 
Linda J. Pals Glen Ellyn. LAS 
Ruth Y. Pang Broadview, LAS 

Deborah T. Pankey Chesterfield, MO, COM 

Joanne M. Panny South Holland, ENG 

Rodoula P. Papalambrianou Lycavittos, 

Nicosiacy, LAS 

William J. Paris Charleston, LAS 

J. Anthony, Parise Addison, LAS 

James E. Parisl Winfield, CBA 

Yeon S. Park Seoul, Korea, LAS 
Adrienne Parker Chicago, CBA 
Anthony Parker Des Plaines, ENG 
Karen S. Parker Hudson, AGR 
Stanley N. Parker Palatine, ENG 
Matthew E. Parks Northbrook, LAS 

Scott J. Parks Chicago, ENG 
Kathryn C. Parlette Bloomington, ED 
Patricia Parmelee Worth, ED 
Laura C. Parr Urbana, CBA 
Linda J. Parrlllo Frankfort, LAS 
Gall D. Parrlsh Chicago, CBA 



Peter Parry Barrington, LAS 
Leslie Parshall Wheaton, LAS 
Melissa A. Parsons Danville, LAS 
Julie A. Pasiuk Arlington Heights, LAS 
Michele Passaneau Park Ridge, CBA 
Carmen R. Passi Chicago, CBA 

Fredrich W. Passow Des Plaines, ENG 
Sandy Pasternock Elmhurst, LAS 
Anna M. Pastore Matteson. LAS 
Daniel R. Paterno Chicago, FAA 
Colleen M. Patten Palatine, LAS 
Carol J. Patterson Park Ridge, ENG 

Michael J. Patterson Springfield, ENG 
Michael T. Patterson Beardstown. LAS 
Todd H. Patterson Olympia Fields, LAS 
Dale Pattyn Country Club Hills, ENG 
Sara E. Pauls Chicago, ENG 
Katya Pawlenko Watseka, CBA 

Cheryl A. Pawlowski Barrington, ENG 
Douglas M. Pawlowski Homewood, CBA 
Elizabeth E. Payne Woodstock, LAS 
David J. Payton Bridgeview, CBA 
Pamela A. Paziotopoulos Burr Ridge, LAS 
Benjamin M. Pe Naperville. CBA 

Bradley K. Peak Olney. COM 
Michael A. Pearson Rock Island, ENG 
Tina M. Pecoraro Elk Grove Village, LAS 
Laura A. Pederson Chicago, AGR 
Andrew M. Peilet Wilmette, LAS 
Michael H. Peipert Alton, CBA 

John R. Peirce Ogden, LAS 
Teal Peltonen Orland Park, LAS 
Glenn E. Pence Champaign, LAS 
Lisa M. Pennino Palatine, ENG 
Donna L. Peota Niles, COM 
Pamela E. Percy Naperville, ENG 

Wendy C. Percy Glenview, ENG 
Katherine M. Pergande Chicago, ALS 
Lisa M. Perino Deer Grove, AGR 
Brenda J. Perkins Mount Prospect. ED 
Sanford E. Perl Glencoe, CBA 
Gail A. Perlman Skokie, ED 

Randi J. Perlman Highland Park, LAS 
Brian E. Perry Chicago, LAS 
William N. Perry Jr. Barrington, CBA 
Paola R. Pescara Lansing, ALS 
Jennifer L. Peterlin Flossmoor, CBA 
Lisa Peters Bellwood, LAS 



Susan R. Peters Kankakee, LAS 
Dawn A. Petersen La Grange, AGR 
Ginger L. Peterson Des Plaines, CBA 
Jeflrey R. Peterson Batavia, CBA 
Nancy J. Peterson Naperville, LAS 
Sandra R. Peterson Chicago, ED 

Klmberly R. Petrelkis Mornence, ED 
Vicki L. Petrow Tinley Park, CBA 
Thomas R. Pettlt Canton, CBA 
Lea A. Pety Benton, CBA 
Scott F. Pfelfter Savoy, LAS 
Bill Pham Carbondale, LAS 

Michelle M. Phan Champaign, LAS 
Gary W. Phegley Evansville, AGR 
Brian Phelan Peoria, ENG 
Kathryn M. Phillips Oak Lawn, LAS 
Richmond B. Phillips Wheaton, ENG 
Jill A. Piana Belleville, CBA 

Michelle M. Picha Peoria, LAS 
Kristi A. Picton West Chicago. FAA 
Alison M. Piekarczyk Bloomington, IN, LAS 
Carrie M. Pienkowski South Elgin, AGR 
Laura A. Pieracci Highland. LAS 
Cheryl L. Pierre Edwardsville, ED 

Andre G. Pineda South Holland, LAS 
James K. Ping Urbana, ENG 
Amy J. Pinney Arlington Heights, CBA 
Anthony F. Piscopo Mount Prospect, CBA 
Paula A. Piszczor North Riverside, COM 
Sharon L. Pitlik Calumet City, ED 

James R. Pitman Rio, CBA 
Ellen M. Pittman Batavia, LAS 
Gail B. Pivar Skokie. ED 
Pamela Pizzo Naperville, AGR 
Nathan H. Plofsky River Forest, CBA 
Valli Plog Urbana, LAS 

Timothy E. Plymire Springfield, COM 
Darrin M. Podeschi Des Plaines, LAS 
Daniel J. Pohlman Des Plaines, LAS 
Victoria E. Pohlman Canton, CBA 
Kevin Pohlschmidt Norndge, LAS 
Susan T. Pope Wheaton. LAS 

Terry R. Poplette Peoria, FAA 
Alexander Popovich Lansing, CBA 
Joel L. Poppen German Valley, ENG 
Ross S. Porges Highland Park, CBA 
Maria T. Porqueras Urbana, LAS 
John A. Porter Wooddale, CBA 



Marc J. Poskin Ottawa. FAA 
Mary A. Pospisil Park Ridge, CBA 
Brian E. Postin Fairview. ENG 
Richard J. Povinelli Glen Ellyn, ENG-LAS 
Bridget A. Powell Champaign, LAS 
Denise L. Powroznyk Palatine. AGR 

Kimberly L. Poyer River Grove, SW 
John C. Prater Carman, ENG 
Triad C. R. Prather Oak Park. LAS 
Michelle P. Predovic Clarendon Hills, LAS 
Stacey L. Present Buffalo Grove, ED 
Richard D. Prettyman East Moline, ENG 

Coleen S. Prewitt Hudson. AGR 
Angela J. Price Champaign, LAS 
Patricia Price Elmhurst, ALS 
Laura Price Lake Forest. AGR 
Dale A. Prochaska Tinley Park, LAS 
Richard F. Prosser Arlington Heights, LAS 

Jacqueline F. Proulx Springfield, LAS 
Kathy A. Prusak Chicago Ridge, COM 
Michael A. Pruss Peoria. CBA 
Pamela J. Pryst Glenview, LAS 
Joellyn Prystalski Glenwood. LAS 
Michael L. Pubentz Shorewood. ENG 

Madeline J. Puett Flossmoor, AGR 
Wendy L. Pullman Palatine. LAS 
Anthony Puntuzs Nor ridge, FAA 
Anne M. Purcell Mokena, LAS 
Allison M. Purdy Petersburg, LAS 
Lynda Puryear Morion. LAS 

Julie D. Quandt Champaign, LAS 
Steven A. Quarnstrom Des Plaines, FAA 
Aileen C. Quealy Evergreeen Park. AGR 
Roger J. Quinlan Urbana. FAA 
Scott F. Quilan Lisle. LAS 
William M. Quinn Wilmette. CBA 

Colin M. Quinfon Chicago, LAS 
Susan L. Rabyne Northbrook. CBA 
Therese M. Race Mount Prospect, LAS 
Dave Raddatz Joliet. ENG 
Sena E. Radman Burbank, LAS 
Gayle S. Radmer Highland, LAS 

Kurt D. Raedle Evanston, LAS 
Erin Raftery Des Plaines, COM 
Maria L. Rago Elmhurst. LAS 
Aleya Rahman Champaign. LAS 
Robert M. Raimondi Bannockburn. LAS 
Sherry C. Rainge Chicago, LAS 

mm mm 

9*{k.. * 



Devi Rajagopal Palatine, LAS 
Linda Raker Northbrook, COM 
Kathleen Rakowskl Granite City, LAS 
Mary L. Ralph Springfield, AGR 
Germellna L. Rambo Chicago, LAS 
Jennifer S. Ramos Evergreen Park, LAS 

David P. Ramp Gilson, ENG-AGR 
David Rancich Glenview, ENG 
Susan L. Randall Chrisman, CBA 
Anne M. Range Palos Park, ED 
Christy Ranierl Olympia Fields, CBA 
James B. Rapp Freeport, LAS 

Sol R. Rappaport Park Forest, LAS 

Kelly A. Rasmussen Champaign, LAS 

Peggy Rategan Oak Park, ENG 

David L. Ratzer Lisle, ENG 

Janice M. Rauen Chicago, LAS 

Craig R. Raymond Grand Rapids, Ml, LAS 

David R. Read Piper City, AGR 
Brenda Redmer Saint Charles. CBA 
Tammy Redschlag Rockford, CBA 
Jeffrey K. Reed Urbana, ENG 
Pamela A. Reed Madison, Wl. COM 
Troy W. Reed Washington, AGR 

Lucinda A. Register Salem, ED 

Karen Rego Batavia, CBA 

Lisa Jo Rehn Alpha, AGR 

David E. Reid Chicago, CBA 

James J. Reilly Westmont, CBA 

Sherri D. Reinhard Hawthorn Woods, LAS 

Craig J. Reiser Morton, ED 
Linda Reiter Vernon Hills, LAS 
Elena T. Reklaitis Champaign. LAS 
Brooke Remick Kewanee. LAS 
Monica L. Rendon Clarendon Hills, CBA 
Tamarra T. Rennick Toulon, CBA 

Todd F. Rettig Lake Zurich, LAS 
Eunice Reyes Zion, LAS 
Debbie A. Reynolds Jackson, NJ, ED 
Abby K. Rhamey Lombard, COM 
Guy Riccitelle Arlington Heights, LAS 
Elise N. Rice Skokie, LAS 

William M. Rice Arlington Heights, FAA 
David A. Rich Delavan. CBA 
Colette I. Richardson Sherewood, CBA 
Clarence E. Richey Marshall. AGR 
Jacqueline A. Ridded New Windsor, COM 
Scott D. Riddle Dawson, LSA 


Craig J. Rieser Morton. ED 
Elizabeth A. Rifken Wilmette, COM 
Kimberly M. Riker Herscher, CBA 
Jon P. Riley Urbana. ENG 
Mark E. Riley Taylorville, CBA 
Lori A. Rimkus Edwardsville. FAA 

Greg S. Kippel Bloominglon, FAA 
Robert J. Risser Itasca. ENG 
Gregg Rithmiller Streator. AGR 
George S. Roadcap Lake Forest, LAS 
Kenneth M. Roat Havana, ENG 
Jennifer Robel Inverness, CBA 

Charles P. Roberts Clarendon Hills, LAS 
Crystal L. Roberts Chicago, LAS 
Kevin R. Roberts Pinckveyville, ED 
Lisa A. Roberts Oak Lawn, LAS 
Tamara Roberts Napervllle, LAS 
Timothy D. Roberts Bndgeview, COM 

Michelle A. Robillard Hound Lake, COM 
Gabrielle Robinson Midloathlan, ENG 
Janet M. Robinson Champaign, SW 
Robin Robinson Rock Island, ENG 
Stephen H. Rochford Champaign, ENG 
Kevin L. Rock Moline. CBA 

Anne Rodens Petersburg, LAS 
Nydia Rodriguez Cicero, LAS 
Lisa C. Rohe Pekin, LAS 
Deborah A. Rojek Cicero, COM 
Michael N. Rojewski Chicago, LAS 
Robert Rolnik Palatine, ENG 

Jeffrey J. Roma Park Ridge. ENG 
Matthew D. Romack Washington, LAS 
Sandra R. Romans Urbana, LAS 
Karee A. Rominger Rochester, LAS 
Robert L. Rooks Oak Lawn, LAS 
Brian D. Rooney Savoy, VM 

Gail A. Root Morton Grove, AGR 
Judith E. Roraff Boca Raton. FL. LAS 
Lisa A. Rosdail Indianola. COM 
Michelle P. Rose Buffalo Grove. LAS 
Eric P. Rosenbloom Highland Park, CBA 
Elissa Rosenthal Deerfield, ED 

Michael J. Ross Urbana. ENG 
Vicki L. Ross Chicago. LAS 
Brad L. Rossi Virginia. CBA 
Jane C. Rossi Mount Prospect, CBA 
Lauren J. Rossi Palatine, ENG 
Ellisa J. Roth Chicago. COM 

A -a V 

idL ^^ i 


Daniel Rothschild Champaign, ENG 

Keith B. Rotzoll Champaign, ALS 

Lisa M. Rounds Chicago, FAA 

Rebecca Roundtree Champaign. AGR 

Julie Rousos Evanslon, LAS 

James R. Rowader Arlington Heights, LAS 

Laura B. Rowley Oak Lawn, COM 
Jodl C. Roy Northbrook, AGR 
Anthony R. Ruben Chicago, CBA 
Kathleen K. Rubin Saint Peter, CBA 
Stacey Rubin Highland Park, CBA 
John K. Rubiner Highland Park, CBA 

Heidi L. Ruda Glenview, AGR 
Kimberly L. Rude Normal, ED 
Arnold Rudnick Champaign, LAS 
Rita Rudolph Worth, ENG 
Rhonda R. Rueth Milan, CBA 
Cynthia H. Ruf Alsip, ENG 

Janet C. Ruhl Oswego. LAS 
Leisa A. Rundquist Grant Park, FAA 
Melinda B. Rupp Pekin. LAS 
Michelle A. Ruppel Lawrenceville, LAS 
James Rupprecht West Chicago, LAS 
Lori J. Rursch Taylor Rodge, ENG 

Julie A. Rusciolello Riverton, SW 
Blake A. Russel Cordova, ENG 
Thomas C. Russo Skokie, ENG 
Christina M. Rutcol Benld, CBA 
Darcy A. Rutherford Glen Ellyn. CBA 
Lembit P. Ruutelmann Glen Ellyn, ENG 

Janet C. Ruzich Olympia Fields, LAS 
Mary Ruzicka Champaign, AGR 
Christopher B. Ryan Peoria, LAS 
Maryann E. Ryan Silvis, LAS 
Patricia M. Ryan Wheaton, LAS 
Lena E. Ryman Mount Prospect. CBA 

Youngkyu Ryu Seoul. Korea. CBA 
Holly J. Sabin Evanston, LAS 
David E. Safford Naperville, FAA 
Trooper M. Saladino Springfield, LAS 
Robert A. Salbego Lemont, LAS 
Tara J. Salisbury Rockford, CBA 

Maureen L. Saltzman Wheeling, LAS 
Mary E. Samland Downers Grove, CBA 
Deborah J. Sammons Glen Ellyn, CBA 
April M. Sampson Oak Park, COM 
Mario Sanchez Chicago. LAS 
Catherine L. Sanders Piano. AGR 


Cynthia M. Sanders Effingham, LAS 
Deanna J. Sanders Robbins, CBA 
Irene E. Sanderson Leland, CBA 
James D. Sandfort Carlinville, CBA 
Jamie D. Sandrollni Aurora, LAS 
Lisa A. Santiago Champaign, LAS 

Joseph V. Santos Jr. Chicago, ENG 
James A. Santucci Oak Lawn, LAS 
Paul J. Saraukas Woodridge. LAS 
Jeff S. Sargent Champaign, ENG 
Cynthia Sarlitto Lagrange, ED 
David Sarocka Lombard, CBA 

Paula M. Sarsany Witt, CBA 
Martin J. Sarussl Lagrange, ENG 
Debra D. Sarver Decatur, AGR 
Michelle Sarver Ottawa. ENG 
Kelko Sasamori Urbana, LAS 
Susan M. Sass Chicago Heights, LAS 

Judith J. Sasuta South Holland. COM 
Thomas S. Satre East Moline, LAS 
Helen M. Sauklls Chicago. LAS 
Susan M. Saunders Oak Park. LAS 
Garrett S. Savage Ashland. AGR 
Michelle Savercool Park Forest, CBA 

Matthew C. Scallon Palatine, ENG 
Michael C. Scannell South Holland, LAS 
Lisa Scarbrough Bellwood, CBA 
Eric C. Schaefer Springfield, LAS 
Suzanne L. Schafehen Roselle, FAA 
Amy Schafer Monee, ENG 

Anthony L. Schaff Nashville, ENG 
Ronald J. Schaffner Bloomingdale, ENG 
Jon P. Schaper Crystal Lake, LAS 
Robert R. Schedel II Lisle, LAS 
Stephan L. Scheel Crystal Lake, FAA 
Carole A. Scheidhauer Glen Ellyn, LAS 

John T. Schick Lake Zurich, CBA 
Eric F. Schicker Franklin Lakes, NJ, ENG 
Brian J. Schiermeier Belleville, ENG 
Brenda A. Schilke Wheaton, LAS 
Doug D. Schilling Mattoon, AGR 
Joseph F. Schimpf Lemont, AGR 

Greg A. Schladt Arlington Heights, ENG 
Jennifer L. Schlagel Crete. LAS 
William S. Schlegl Quincy. ENG 
Laura A. Schlichtman Glenview. LAS 
Steven W. Schlimpert Urbana. ENG 
Rita A. Schlumpberger Peoria. AGR 



Eva A. Schmall Mount Prospect, LAS 
Ellen C. Schmidt Lemont, SW 
Laura L. Schmidt Chestnut, ENG 
Martin T. Schmidt Medora, LAS 
Wendy A. Schmidt Glen Ellyn, LAS 
Michele R. Schmldtman Woodstock, COM 

Karen K. Schmltz Warrenville, CBA 
Julia K. Schmoe Wheaton, ENG 
Cary A. Schneider Rock Island, LAS 
Daniel J. Schneider Springfield, LAS 
Sharon H. Schneider Skokie, LAS 
Sue A. Schneider Guincy, ED 

Eric W. Schnell Lake Bluff, LAS 
Kurt M. Schnele Western Springs, ENG 
Holly Scholfield Leland, AGR 
Adam J. Scholl Northbrook, CBA 
Kevin R. Scholl Wyoming, AGR 
Erin M. Schon Park Ridge, ED 

Keith W. Schonert Olney AGR 
Richard T. Schoolman Ashkum, AGR 
Greg W. Schrader Saint Charles, ENG 
Jeffrey M. Schrader Champaign, FAA 
David I. Schrodt Decatur, CBA 
Doreen A. Schroeder Orion, ENG 

Lorraine S. Schroeder St. Charles, LAS 
Mark W. Schoreder Frankfort, LAS 
Lee Schroer Naperville, CBA 
Geoffrey J. Schrof Forrest, AGR 
Brad Schubert Oak Park, LAS 
Ted R. Schuh Urbana, ENG 

Karen B. Schuhmann Morton Grove, LAS 
Andreas Schulmeyer Wilmette. ENG 
Gary A. Schultz Stewardson. AGR 
Joseph Schultz Chicago, ENG 
Mary F. Schultz Frankford, LAS 
Zachary D. Schumm Pekin, LAS 

Mary J. Schwaba Mundelein, AGR 
Nancy Schwaller Palos Heights, LAS 
Felicia G. Schwartz Glenview, LAS 
Gregory A. Schwartz Peoria, LAS 
Karen F. Schwartz Lincolnwood, LAS 
Lauren A. Schwartz Palos Heights, LAS 

Robert S. Schwartz Highland Park. LAS 
Rodney A. Schwartz Witt, LAS 
Stacey L. Schwartz Evanston, LAS 
Cindy Schwatz Palatine, COM 
Mary P. Schwerzler Elk Grove. LAS 



Mellnda R. Scissors Marshall. MO, LAS 
Kris Scoma LaSalle, FAA 
Susan E. Scott Dwight. COM 
Velynna S. Scranton Nebo, AGR 
Donna M. Scully Hoffman Estates, LAS 
Virginia L. Seaman Batavia, LAS 

Eric S. Seamands Champaign. FAA 
Deborah A. Sebastian Addison, LAS 
Ellen M. Sedlacek Naperville, ENG 
Jeffery A. Sedlak Posen, LAS 
Angela B. Seelye Pekin. ED 
Kathryn A. Seghetti Peoria, AGR 

Diane Selbert Palatine. ENG 
Denise Self Urbana, FAA 
Edward F. Seltz Des Plaines, ENG 
Robert J. Sell Bensenville. LAS 
Laura M. Senger Sprngfield, ED 
Lalson R. Sennello Lake Bluff, LAS 

Giselle C. Sered Chatham, CBA 
Nicholas S.R. Sereno Ingleside, ENG 
Lee B. Serota Skokie. CBA 
Dana Serven St. Augustine. AGR 
Robert M. Sesek South Holland, ENG/LAS 
Deanna L. Seward Pesotum. LAS 

Linda Seyedzadeh Downers Grove. LAS 
Devln J. Shafron Deerfield, LAS 
Jennifer J. Shaftal Skokie. CBA 
Naishadh D. Shah St. Louis, MO, ENG 
Julie B. Shamberg Morton Grove, ALS 
Lisa Shanholtzer Joliet, CBA 

Carol A. Shannon Glenview, ALS 
Yvonne Shaparis Hinsdale, LAS 
Ellen Shapiro Wilmette, LAS 
Chryssa D. Sharp Barrington, CBA/LAS 
Thomas J. Shaughnessy Chicago, COM 
Jennie Sheagren Aurora, LAS 

John D. Sheard Urbana, LAS 
Mary J. Shekleton Arlington Heights, CBA 
Nancy P. Shellander Palatine, CBA 
Kathryn K. Sheridan Champaign, ED 
Charles H. Sherline Mattoon, LAS 
Stephanie C. Sherman Deerfield, LAS 

Lynnette R. Sherwin Aurora, LAS 
Todd M. Sherwin Yardley, PA, LAS 
Donna M. Shim Glenview, CBA 
Sook Hul Shim Chicago, FAA 
Elrene A. Shipkowltz Waukegan, ENG 
Lisa Shipley Glen Ellyn, LAS 




Todd S. Shively Peoria. -4GP 

Daniel A. Shoor Schenectady, NY, ENG 

Doyle Shoot Champaign, ED 

Wendy S. Shparago W/tes. MS 

George M. Shumsky Pa/os Heights. LAS 

Suzanne D. Shusta Naperville, CBA 

Janet Slble Hinsdale. CBA 

Patrick J. Sibley Elburn, ENG 

William Sleczkowski, Jr. New Lenox, ENG 

Felice M. Siegel Skokie. CBA 

Erik E. Slevertsen Arlington Hts, LAS 

Ely8e A. Silverman Glenview, LAS 

Ann B. Slmeo Palatine, LAS 
Thomas J. Simeone Park Ridge, ENG 
Tla D. Simms Champaign. LAS 
Catherine A. Simon Hinsdale, LAS 
Gregf J. Simon Bolingbrook, LAS 
Jeffrey W. Simonton Mendota, LAS 

Clyde J. Simpson Livonia. Ml, LAS/ENG 
Mary T. Sims Flossmoor, ENG 
Richard R. Sims Mahomet, AGR 
Pete Singer Crystal Lake. LAS 
Lynda D. Singshinsuk Robinson, LAS 
Suzanne Slsco Broadview, CBA 

Suzanne Sltzes Orlando. FL, ENG 
Donna S. Skldmore Antioch, LAS 
Mark T. Skol Lansing, LAS 
Carl J. Skrabacz Berwyn, ENG 
Jennifer Skufca Chatham, LAS 
Pam Skurie Northbrook, AGR 

Jaime Skurnick Higland Park, CBA 
Laura Slanlnka Arlington Hts, LAS 
Alysa Slay Chesterfield, MO. LAS 
Dana K. Sligar Centralia. LAS 
Jullanne M. Sloan Elmhurst, CBA 
Tracy L. Sloan Decatur, LAS 

Kathryn P. Slomka Chicago, LAS 
Wendy S. Smason Lincolnwood, ED 
William J. Smiles Oak Lawn. ALS 
Kim A. Smiley Chicago, LAS 
A. Diane Smith Dalton City, CBA 
Brett H. Smith Rantoul. CBA 

Charles O. Smith Deertield, LAS 
Charles T. Smith Belvidere, FAA 
Jan C. Smith Aurora, CBA 
Liesl G. Smith Sprngfield. LAS 
Mark K. Smith Grayslake, ENG 
Meri C. Smith Burbank, CBA 



Renne A. Smith Chicago, CBA 
Sue A. Smith Roselle, CBA 
Tina V. Smith Rolling Meadows, LAS 
Tracy L. Smith Chicago, LAS 
Trlna D. Smith Dolton, LAS 
Miles Smutz Danville, ENG 

Marianne Snider Bensenville, LAS 
Nancy J. Snow Arlington Heights, AGR 
Anne Snydacker Evanston, AGR 
Peggy S. Snyder Dixon, FAA 
Elizabeth Sokolowskl Kankakee. LAS 
Timothy S. Solarz Cary, ENG 

Lynda L. Solomon Buffalo Grove, FAA 
Ronald I. s -' :rud Arlington Heights, ENG 
Cheryl B. Sommer Farmer City, ED 
Christopher A. Sommer Springfield, CBA 
Julie Sommerfleld Niles, LAS 
Candlce E. Sone Chicago, AGR 

James Y. Song Chicago, ENG 
Seungtaik Song Schaumburg, ENG 
Julie A. Sonnlcksen Chicago, AGR 
Paul G. Sons Flossmoor, FAA 
Sanjay Sood Elk Grove Village, ENG 
Marlen Sorensen Elen Ellyn, LAS 

Oamienne Souter Arlington Heights, FAA 
Scott Southwood Naperville, CBA 
John E. Sowln Des Plaines, LAS 
Gina M. Soyars Sprngfield, CBA 
Catherine M. Spaeder Champaign, ED 
Debbie A. Spafford Saunemin, AGR 

Pamela S. Spahn Freeport, LAS 
Elizabeth M. Spakowskl Chicago, ALS 
Robert B. Spangler Marietta, AGR 
Loretta L. Spaniol Palatine, LAS 
Clifton R. Spargo Arlington Heights, LAS 
George J. Spathls Glenview, LAS 

Paul C. Spate Chicago, ENG 
Harriet Spears Glenview, CBA 
Kathleen A. Specht Springfield, CBA 
Marc D. Spellman Northbrook, CBA 
Susan M. Spellman Arlington Heights, LAS 
Jocelyn Spelman Rockford, CBA 

Gregory A. Spencer Pana, AGR 
Laura M. Sperl Bensenville, FAA 
Angela M. Sperry Naperville, FAA 
Joanne Splngola Lincolnwood, LAS 
Stacey I. Spooner Freeport, AGR 
Julie A. Spotts Downers Grove, ENG 



Yvonne Spradley Chicago, LAS 
Paul D. Sprague Madison, CT, COM 
Mark Springgate Alton, ENG 
Thomas P. Squires Flossmoor, LAS 
Suzanne H. Si. Denis Urban. AGR 
John M. Staab Huntley, FAA 

Lisa M. Stachon Park Ridge, LAS 
Stephen Stachowlak Forest, FAA 
Richard M. Stadler Arlington Heights, CBA 
Stacey Stadler Schaumburg, CBA 
Becky Standard Ottawa, LAS 
Theresa L. Stanke Northbrook, LAS 

John Stankoven White Hall, ENG 
Susan L. Stapleton Elmhurst, COM 
Christine Starkman Highland Park, LAS 
Maria Starr Nauvoo, AGR 
Michael R. Staudacher Evegreen Park, LAS 
Jennifer E. Stec Schiller Park, CBA 

Randy Steele Mattoon, ENG 

Tracy L. Steele Morris, LAS 

Michael A.S. Stegman Quincy, ENG 

Lyle J. Steidinger Forest, CBA 

James A. Stelgelmann Naperville, LAS/ENG 

Dawn M. Stelger Lincoln, ENG 

Julie F. Stein Buffalo Grove, LAS 
Scott C. Stelngraeber Freeport, FAA 
Teresa K. Stelnkamp Quincy, LAS 
Adam L. Stell Bryant, LAS 
Sandra R. Stelter Glen Ellyn, LAS 
Cindy L. Stephens Effingham, CBA 

Bradley R. Sterling Schaumburg, AGR 
Todd J. Stermer Chicago, LAS 
Mark E. Stern Belvidere, ENG 
Wendy A. Stern Skokie, FAA 
Andrea M. Stevanovlch Lombard, ENG 
Thomas E. Stevens Dunlap, ENG 

Tamara S. Stevenson Danville, CBA 
Bryan R. Stewart Des Plaines, ENG 
Cassie B. Stewart Morton, LAS 
Linda K. Stewart Oak Park, COM 
Ronald K. Stickler Champaign, AGR 
Valerie A. Stilwell LaGrange Park, LAS 

Cheryl Stock 

John J. Stocker Chicago Heights, LAS 
Jonathan W. Stocker Stockton, LAS 
Mark Stoelinga Chicago, ENG 
Laura A. Stoffel Roselle, LAS 
Lisa I. Stohs Batavia, ENG 


Paul Stolarczuk Chicago, ENG 
John N. Stolfa, Jr. Glen Ellyn, LAS 
Karilyn K. Stoll Chestnut, AGR 
Todd A. Stoller Pekin, LAS 
Teresa Stoltz Peoria, ALS 
Amy L. Stone Northbrook, ENG 

William Stork Decatur. AGR 
Mlchele E. Storm Bettendorf, ENG 
Abby L. Strauss Chicago, LAS 
Andrea M. Strauss Northbrook, LAS 
Kenneth F. Strayve West Chicago, ALS 
Anne M. Straznlckas San Clemente, CA, AGR 

James E. Streed Waukegan. ENG 
Karen M. Strey Glenview, ED 
David P. Striepling Glenview. CBA 
Susan Strong, Urbana AGR 
Susan M. Struble Palatine, CBA 
Teresea A. Stubsten Chillicothe, AGR 

Aaron Sturtewagen Atkinson, LAS 
Steve Styer Catlin, CBA 
Praveen K. Suchdev Woodridge, LAS 
Ed C. Sudduth Belleville. ENG 
Richard Y. Sugihara Elk Grove, LAS 
Todd V. Suhre Monticello. ENG 

Barry L. Suits Ludlow, ENG 
A. Colleen Sullivan Glen Ellyn, COM 
Casey J. Sullivan Champaign. AGR 
Daniel C. Sullivan Wheaton. LAS 
Jeanne L. Sullivan Villa Park. COM 
Jennifer H. Sullivan Wheaton, SW 

Kathleen R. Sullivan Oak Lawn, LAS 

Kannan Sundaram Oakbrook, COM 

Diana M. Susmano Aurora, CBA 

Karen L. Swaback Western Springs, ENG 

Brian Swaive Winnebago. ENG 

David M. Swanson Arlington Heights. ENG 

Jennifer A. Swanson Bemidji. MN, FAA 
Lisa S. Swanson Waukegan. ENG 
Natalie A. Swason Naperville. LAS 
Sandra G. Swanson Rantoul. CBA 
Mary L. Swiatowiec Chicago. AGR 
Ronald S. Swldler Arlington. TX. AGR 

Jane R. Swinburne Springfield. ED 
Sheila M. Swist Oaklawn. LAS 
Cadden A. Sylvester Elmhurst. ED 
Blrgit H. Syran Hinsdale. LAS 
Carree L. Syrek Calumet City. FAA 
Adrienne L. Szarmack Palos Heights. LAS 



fcl^ , fe^yfc. 



Matthew H. Szejda Pipersville. PA, LAS 
Julia A. Szldon Peoria, ED 
Garry G. Szumsky Chicago. FAA 
Jim S. Szydlowskl Chicago, LAS 
Joann SzymsKI Schaumburg, CBA 
Karl Tabor Urbana, FAA 

Robert John Talra Evanslon, LAS 
Clarysel G. Tan Darien, ENG 
Laura E. Tan Glenview, AGR 
Mickey R. Tan Waimanalo, HI, LAS 
Angela R. Tanner Peoria, LAS 
John E. Tanner Champaign, AGR 

Staci L. Tarleton Lansing, ED 
David M. Taylor II Evanston, CBA 
Doug Taylor Arlington Heights, FAA 
Laurel A. Taylor Saint Charles, ENG 
Matthew G. Taylor Urbana, AGR 
Shelly R. Taylor Libertyville. CBA 

Robin J. Telengater Skokie, CBA 
Mary L. Templeman Lake Forest, AGR 
Judy Teng Skokie, AGR 
Russell A. Tennent North Chicago, LAS 
Amy Terstriep Champaign, LAS 
Ellsa Tessier Lisle, LAS 

Alan J. Testin Glen Ellyn, ENG 
Daniel J. Testyon Glen Ellyn, CBA 
Mark R. Teutsch Arlington Heights, LAS 
Susan M. Thaldorf Calumet City. LAS 
Tracey L. Tharp Carlyle, COM 
Sue D. Thayer Champaign, CBA 

Laura C. Thede Woodridge. LAS 

Renee D. Thielen Sterling, AGR 

Robert J. Thielmann Arlington Heights, CBA 

Robert F. Thomann East Moline, ENG 

Jessy Thomas Oak Park, LAS 

Terry D. Thomason Blueford, ENG 

Alan L. Thompson Chicago. AGR 
Ann C. Thompson Wheeling, LAS 
James B. Thompson Carmel. IN, FAA 
Mark A. Thompson Lincolnshire. ENG 
Stephan A. Thompson Mattoon. AGR 
Todd A. Thompson Chicago. LAS 

Kathryn Thomson Jacksonville, LAS 
Heidi M. Thorsson Park Ridge, ENG 
Cedric D. Thurman Chicago. CBA 
Sandra N. Tierney Chicago, ENG 
Carol A. Tillman Champaign, CBA 
Paul Timko Urbana, ENG 



Lisa A. Tlmmermann Chicago, LAS 
Kenneth J. Tlmmons Zion, ENG 
Shelly D. Tlmmons London Mills, LAS 
Jacqueline M. Tlnsley Park Forest. AGR 
Thomas Tlrpak Glenview, ENG 
Michael Tlusty Lombard, AGR 

Julia Toba Mount Prospect, ENG 
Anthony D. Todd Lombard, CBA 
Dennis E. Toeppen Mount Prospect. CBA 
Stephanie F. Tolen Champaign, LAS 
Shelly L. Tolllver Effingham, AGR 
Perry J. Tomasettl Elmwood Park, LAS 

Steven Tomaszewskl Nashville. CBA 
Christina L. Tonjuk Evanston, LAS 
Michael F. Toon Rockford, ENG 
Kelley A. Torlumi Glenview, CBA 
Christine Torres Montgomery, CBA 
Robert G. Tortorelll Des Plaines, FAA 

William J. Trail Glenview, LAS 
Julie A. Trapp Westville, CBA 
Carl M. Traub Chicago, ENG 
Morris R. Treadway Staunton, CBA 
Steven M. Trlllet Watseka, LAS 
Ellen K. Trimble Pekin, ED 

Dorle Trlmborn Franklin Park, ED 
Michael Trlppledl Monticello, FAA 
Tami L. Trlzna Lockport, LAS 
Suzanne C. Trolke Oak Forest, AGR 
Dawn M. Trotter Fisher, LAS 
Glenn C. Trtanj West Dundee, CBA 

Robert M. Trull Park Ridge, LAS 
John S. Trzclnski South Holland. LAS 
Hilda Tsal Cincinnati, OH, ENG 
Cheryl Tsuhako Chicago, LAS 
John F. Tu Chicago, ENG 
Joan M. Tulsl Annawan, LAS 

Rose E. Tuman Chicago, LAS 
Stephen Tumbarello Northbrook, ENG 
Dawn M. Turner Chicago. COM 
Kathleen A. Turner Braidwood, CBA 
Lorl A. Turner Saint Charles, ENG 
Sherllyn R. Turner Skokie. CBA 

Sunya Tweeten Wheaton, FAA 
Mark Tye River Forest, ENG 
Judith H. Tzeng Downers Grove, LAS 
Robin E. Udany Glenview, CBA 
Kathryn M. Uher Crystal Lake, ENG 
Stefanle R. Uhl Mount Prospect, CBA 



Lynn R. Uhland Ashland, ENG 
Charles A. Uhlarlk Elk Grove, LAS 
Tamara R. Uken Saint Joseph, ED 
Michael J. Unger Champaign, LAS 
Trad L. Urban Pekin, ENG 
Caroline Urgo Glen Ellyn, COM 

Bradley R. Usyak Des Plaines, ENG 
Kalherlne A. Uyechl Elk Grove Village, LAS 
Annette Vaccaro Champaign, LAS 
Laura M. Vacek Darien, CBA 
Monica L. Valentine Grayslake, COM 
Stephen Valentine Bloominglon, LAS 

Linda K. Van Sickle Glen Ellyn, ALS 
Steven W. Vandelune Savoy, ENG 
Kevin Vandrunen South Holland, AGR 
Gary J. Vanek Merrionette Park, LAS 
Kimberly A. Vansco Naperville, ENG 
Robert Vanstedum Niles, LAS 

Amy R. Varon Skokie, ED 
Sanjay Vashee Mount Vernon, LAS 
Bruce A. Veach Ofallon, LAS 
Suzanne Velasquez Palos Hills, ED 
Amy E. Veremis Louisville, CBA 
Ranya E. Verson Niles, LAS 

Kim J. Vlck Walnut, FAA 
Joyce L. Villegas Carlinvtlle, FAA 
Gus S. Vlahos Winthrop Harbor, ENG 
Robert J. Vlk Downers Grove, COM 
Maria Vogel Evanston, AGR 
Steven A. Vogelsang Rantoul, LAS 

Larry L. Vogler Colchester, AGR 
Shelly Volling Antioch, LAS 
Melissa S. Vols Champaign, LAS 
Joanne M. Vonalroth Chicago, LAS 
Michael A. Wack Monticello, LAS 
Elizabeth J. Wadsworth Georgetown, LAS 

Robert Wagner Peoria, ENG 
Tracy D. Wahlfeldt Fithian, CBA 
Mary A. Walte Oak Lawn, LAS 
Ron Waliczek Chicago, AGR 
Kenneth J. Walker New Windsor, AGR 
Leesa B. Walker Mason City, AGR 

Russell J. Walker New Windsor, AGR 
William F. Walker Champaign, ENG 
Trlsh A. Wall Champaign, LAS 
Catherine L. Wallace Havana, AGR 
Christopher M. Waller Urbana, ENG 
Stephen Walsh Joliet, LAS 


Tnerese Walsh Oak Park, ENG 
Thomas F. Walsh Glen Ellyn, LAS 
Kevin L. Walter Prairie City. AGR 
Russell C. Walters Metropolis, ENG 
Wayne H. Walters Champaign, FAA 
Michelle M. Wappel East Saint Louis, AGR 

Joan T. Ward Oak Lawn, LAS 
Kristin L. Warner Naperville, LAS 
Jill M. Warren Libenyville, LAS 
Pamela A. Warren Westmont, LAS 
Stanley Washington Chicago, LAS 
Linda M. Wasmer Arlington Heights, FAA 

Ray Waters Chicago, CBA 
Robert J. Watkins Mattoon. LAS 
Markham F. Watson Springfield. LAS 
Lisa A. Wax Lincolnwood, LAS 
Craig P. Waxman Deerfield, LAS 
Frederic J. Way Mount Prospect, LAS 

Fred R. Weaver Hoffman Estates, FAA 
Tamara C. Webb Carbondale, SW 
Kimberly A. Weber Berkeley, LAS 
Michael J. Weber Piper City, ENG 
Kevin S. Webster North Aurora, CBA 
Allan Weine Olympia Fields, CBA 

Deborah J. Weinstine Morrison, LAS 
Michelle C. Weisman Saint Louis, MO, LAS 
Melissa B. Weiss Morton Grove, LAS 
Kenneth Welch Prospect Heights, LAS 
Diana Welles Mount Prospect, LAS 
Brian D. Wells Springfield, COM 

David C. Wells Freeport, LAS 
Rodney D. Wells Olney, AGR 
Deborah A. Wenig Chicago, LAS 
Douglas M. Werman Northbrook, LAS 
Rosa Werthwein Rockford, CBA 
Daniel E. Wesner Urbana, ENG 

Roger L. West Decatur, LAS 
Lorie K. Westerfield Chicago, ENG 
S. M. Westerheide Geneva, LAS 
Carolyn Wetzel Rockford, CBA 
Karen M. Whalen Park Ridge, AGR 
Timothy M. Whalen Springfield, ENG 

J. Marc Wheat Dekalb, LAS 
Amy E. Wheaton Inverness, ENG 
Michelle R. Wheeler Bellevue. WA, LAS 
Myles Whitebloom Park Forest, ENG 
Pamela S. Whited Champaign, AGR 
Steven R. Whiteman Middletown, ENG 



Debra L. Whitlow Peoria Heights, LAS 
F. Zanetla Whlttler Urbana. LAS 
Margaret J. Wiemer Norlhbrook. CBA 
Marek A. Wierzba Lincolnwood. CBA 
Lynette J. WiHord Chicago. LAS 
Nancy E. Wilhite Sherman, AGR 

Theresa L. Wilkin Springfield. LAS 

Shirley Willard Champaign. LAS 

Dana E. Williams Edwardsville, LAS 

Denise A. Williams Champaign, LAS 

Derrick L. Williams East Chicago Heights, LAS 

Karla K. Williams Lovejoy, ALS 

Katherine L. Williams Mahomet. ENG 
Lisa E. Williams Oak Brook, AGR 
Luvenia K. Williams Springfield. CBA 
Peggy A. Williams Chicago. ENG 
Scott Williams Chicago. CBA 
Tanya L. Williams Chicago. LAS 

Lesley Williamson Crystal Lake, AGR 
Richard Williamson Mount Prospect. LAS 
Richard A. Willis Chicago Heights. ENG 
Lisa J. Wilmes Schaumburg, LAS 
Jacqueline M. Wilrett Malta. AGR 
Cynthia A. Wilson Wheaton. COM 

Kaila C. Wilson Texico. AGR 

Mary B. Wimbiscus Spring Valley, COM 

Becki Winborne Naperville, LAS 

James M. Winett Glenview, CBA 

Edward A. Wirtz Joliet, ENG 

Trudi Jo Wise Sherman. LAS 

Warren S. Wisniewski Chicago. LAS 
Gilbert E. Witte Claremont. FAA 
Laurie A. Wittlich Palatine, LAS 
Susan L. Wohlfeil Lake Bluff, CBA 
Mitchell J. Wojcik Lockport, LAS 
Wendy L. Wojcik Barnngton, CBA 

Allen K. Wolf Watseka, CBA 
Jennifer L. Wolfer Spring Valley, AGR 
Sheryl Wolochuk Morton Grove. LAS 
Susan E. Wolsfeld Champaign, LAS 
Raymond D. Wolson Lockport. ENG 
Michelle M. Wolter Libertyville. CBA 

David J. Womac Avon, CT. ENG 
Alexander S. Wong Urbana, ENG 
Mlchele H. Wong Chicago, LAS 
Charles B. Wood Palos Heights, ENG 
David P. Woodburn Port Byron, ENG 
Cynthia A. Woodlock Woodstock, LAS 


James E. Woodruff Rochester, ENG 
Adrienne L. Woods Champaign, LAS 
Wendy S. Woods Dekalb. LAS 
Kathi M. Woodward Hinsdale, CBA 
Christine D. Woolsey Galesburg, COM 
Veronica Worley East Peona. FAA 

Amy R. Worra Rantoul, LAS 
Carolyn E. Worth San Diego, CA, LAS 
Cathleen F. Wright Champaign, CBA 
Sharon A. Wright Chicago, ENG 
Deborah Wrobleski Nashua, NH, LAS 
Nancy, Y. Wu Oak Brook, LAS 

Martha Wurtsbaugh Collinsville, LAS 
Kristin M. Wylder Urbana, LAS 
Paul R. Wyness Cincinnati, OH, ENG 
Michael Yacullo Glenview, LAS 
Karla J. Yahr Crystal Lake, ENG 
Elizabeth R. Yandraslts Dunlap, LAS 

Cynthia M. Yarnick Staunton, ED 
Jennifer G. Yeast Minier, LAS 
Diane J. Yochem Mount Carroll, AGR 
Kristin J. Young Rock Island, LAS 
Kwang Y. Yu Glendale Heights, LAS 
Patricia A. Zablock Wheaton, CBA 

Judy Zacharias Chicago, ENG 
Mark D. Zachgo Danforth, AGR 
Kathryn M. Zajac Hoffman Estates, CBA 
Richard J. Zak Westchester, CBA 
Sharon L. Zalabak North Riverside, ENG 
Susan L. Zale Arlington Heights, ED 

Joann Zamore Chicago, LAS 
Mark A. Zappe Yello Springs, OH, ENG 
Kevin M. Zator Palos Park, CBA 
Denlse Zaverdas Oak Park, ED 
Wendy K. Zehr Fairbury, ED 
Richard E. Zelenka Elmhurst, ENG 

Kathryn L. Zeller Richton Park, LAS 
Karen J. Zfaney Skokie, LAS 
Katherine E. Zibart Northfield. CBA 
Daniel T. Zlem Wood Dale, ENG 
Stephanie S. Zilch East Peoria, LAS 
Cathy Zlndars Monticello, CBA 

Stephen J. Zltkus Urbana, CBA 
Kristlne T. Zlupsnys Chicago, LAS 
Joseph H. Zoeller Chicago, CBA 
John J. Zubak Lombard, CBA 
Thomas H. Zukowski Peru, LAS 
Pamela Zumbro Honolulu. HI, CBA 



I • 


■ V 

• ■ 

' ■ 



Barry Zurbuchen Palos Park. LAS 

The graduate section 
is dedicated to the memory of 

Victoria Lynn Merkel 

Graduates 429 





Abbene, Beth 231 
Abbene, Dave 298 
Abbott. Jeff 301 . 354. 355 
Abdullah, Mohd Tajalli 366 
Abeles, Colleen 288. 366 
Abney. Mitch 359, 360 
Abouchar, Cecilia M. 366 
Abraham, Amanda 237 
Abrahamson, James M. 366 
Abrams. Beth 249 
Abrams. Brian 272 
Abrams. Edward D. 260 
Abrams, JoAnna 284 
Abrams, Jodi 229 
Abramson, Karen 276, 303 
Abramson, Lynn E. 316, 366 
Abry, Brian 329 
Acacia 224 
Accounting Club 317 
Aceto, Danielle M. 228, 285, 

Aceto. Michelle 231, 286 
Acharya, Neal 366 
Achepohl, Eric 244 
Achwerha. Jean A, 366 
Ackerman, Jeff 281 
Ackerman. Quent 343 
Acosta, Al 253 
Acosta. Carlos 350 
Acosta, Sharon 352 
Acuna, Eduardo 338 
Adam. Susan C. 366 
Adameiser. Tom 240 
Adamitis, Thomas 324. 339, 
351, 356 

Adamowski. Mary K. 297, 366 
Adams. Amy 241, 248 
Adams. Christy 248 
Adams. Eric D, 366 
Adams. Hub 307 
Adams. Jim 234. 322 
Adams, Julie K. 277, 304. 366 
Adams, Kimberly K. 366 
Adams, Lauren A. 257, 295, 

Adams. Laurie 229 
Adams. Mark J. 266, 274, 366 
Adams. Michael T. 322, 366 
Adams, Michelle 258 
Adams, Neil 194, 195 
Adams, Scott 266 
Adcock, James E. 232, 233, 
318, 345, 366 
Addari, Rich 250 
Adduce, David S. 366 
Adelmann, Kathleen 228 
Adelmann. Shawn 259 
Ader, Jim 306 
Adler. Jodi 276 
Adler, Tom 298 
AFS International 317 
Adrian, Nancy 366 
Agatucci, Frank 253. 335 
Agee. Danielle 320 
Agney. Craig 280 
Agriculture Council 318 
Agricultural Economics Club 

Agronin, Amy 236. 350 
Ahern, Kevin 265 
Ahem, Patrick 254 
Ahlberg, Lisa 237 
Ahn, Christine 258. 354 
Ahnger. Rich 254 
Ahuja. Rani 291. 344, 366 
Aiex. Annabel 352 
Airforce ROTC— GMC 319 
Airforce ROTC— POC 319 
Aitken. Cindy 259. 335, 354. 

Alagappo. Vairavan 351 
Albert, Michael S. 350, 366 
Albert. Nile 224 
Alberts, Julie 276 
Alberts, Stacy 299 
Albertsen. Lauren M. 326. 
332. 366 

Albrecht, Devin 234, 328 
Albrecht, Joe 306 
Albrecht, John 306 
Albright, Lisa 270 
Alcantar, Jeff 278. 338 
Alcock, Edward 323 
Alcock. Laura 269 
Alcock. Nerry 366 
Alcoser. Tom 266 
Alderson, Sean 232. 233, 348. 

Aldred, Brian 252, 355 
Aldrich. Jay 244 
Alesla, Mike 246. 247 
Alessio, Carolyn 241, 327, 338 
Alessio. Dave 338 
Alexander, Chuck 274 
Alexander, Lisa 248 
Alfirevich, Helen 291 
Alfonsi. Amy C. 228, 285, 366 
Algminas, Audra 237 
Allard, Greg 239 
Allen. Fred W. 323. 366 
Allen, Lisa 284 
Allen, Peggy 258 
Allen. Ruth 366 
Allen, Sharon 366 
Allen, Sherry 228 
Allen, Susan 333 
Allergretti, Kim 277 
Alleruzzo, Paul 350 
Aimer, D. 313 
Aimer, J. 313 
Aimer, Marshall J. 366 
Alnaqib, Zainab 284 
Alnaqib. Ziad 298 
Alpha Chi Omega 225 
Alpha Chi Rho 226 
Alpha Chi Sigma 320 
Alpha Delta Phi 227 

432 Index 

Alpha Delta Pi 228 
Alpha Delta Pi Seniors 285 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 229 
Alpha Epsilon Phi 285 
Alpha Epsilon Pi 230 
Alpha Epsilon Pi Seniors 286 
Alpha Gamma Delta 231 
Alpha Gamma Delta Seniors 

Alpha Gamma Rho 232 
Alpha Gamma Rho Seniors 

Alpha Gamma Sigma 234 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 320 
Alpha Kappa Lambda 235 
Alpha Kappa Lambda Seniors 

Alpha Kappa Psi 310 
Alpha Lambda Delta 321 
Alpha Omicron Pi 236 
Alpha Omicron Pi Seniors 

Alpha Phi 237 
Alpha Phi Alpha 321 
Alpha Phi Seniors 288 
Alpha Sigma Alpha 238 
Alpha Sigma Alpha Seniors 

Alpha Sigma Phi 239 
Alpha Tau Omega 240 
Alpha Tau Omega Seniors 

Alpha Xi Delta 241 
Alpha Xi Delta Seniors 289 
Alpha Zeta 322 
Alridge, Spencer C. 227 
Alridge. Carl 319 
Altenberger, Doug 186 
Altenberger, Pam 225, 354 
Althaus, Dave 318 
Altshuler. Joyce 229, 285, 366 
Alumni Association 322 
Alves, Lynee 259. 360 
Alvey, Chris 297 
Alvey, Ron 343 
Alvizu, Anthony L. 366 
Amador, Carina 352 
Amador, Jay 245, 290 
Amador, Renato T. 366 
Amann, Laurie 258 
Amato. Caroline 231 
Amato. Nancy 357 
Ambegaoker. Raj 320 
Amberg. Linda 333. 359 
Ambre. Julie 324 
Ambre. Patty 261 
Ambrey, Martha 257 
Ambrose, Larry 366 
Ambrosini. Audrey. 231. 286. 

Ament. Brad 310 
American Society of 
LAndscape Architects 323 
Amin. Camron 283 
Amos, Sharon 346. 366 
Amstadt. Katharina C- 310, 

Anastopoulos, Harry 245 
Anders, Bart 226 
Anderson. Amy L 22, 270. 
300, 340, 345, 366 
Anderson, Angela L. 236, 287. 

Anderson. Angie 237 
Anderson. Bob 252 
Anderson. Chris 270 
Anderson, Chuck 280 
Anderson, Cynthia 366 
Anderson, Dale 343 
Anderson, Damon L. 271, 366 
Anderson, Daniel W. 366 
Anderson, Dean 337 
Anderson, Douglas 222, 245, 
290, 331, 366 
Anderson, Eric 234, 279 
Anderson, Graham 336 
Anderson. James 323 
Anderson, Jann N. 284, 309, 
355. 366 

Anderson. Jeff 255 
Anderson. John R. 366 
Anderson. Karen L. 366 
Anderson, Karl 323 
Anderson, Karrie 277 
Anderson, Katrina 319 
Anderson, Kimberly H, 366 
Anderson, Kristin 350 
Anderson, Marilyn R. 366 
Anderson, Mark 262, 367 
Anderson, Mark J. 367 
Anderson, Michael W. 239, 
306, 367 

Anderson, Michele 277 
Anderson, Nancy 237, 288 
Anderson, Peter J. 367 
Anderson, Philip 232, 318, 
351, 356 

Anderson, Robert D. 271, 367 
Anderson, Steven E. 367 
Andler. Ariane 357 
Andler. Elissa 249 
Andoniadis. Matt 330 
Andre. Anthony 350 
Andreason. Michelle 305, 340 
Andrejek, Steven T. 367 
Andresen, Cindy 231 
Andrews. Debra 261 
Andrews, Georgio 336 
Andrews, Joe 234 
Andriotls, Jim 336 
Andrzejewski, yvette 310 
Anfenson, Amy 236. 287, 367 
Angelopoulos, Mary 225. 367 
Anichinl, Tom 273. 366 
Ankney, Christine 256, 351 
Ankney, Yuna 318 
Anniss, Rob 234 
Anson, Betsy L. 241 , 289, 367 
Anstine, Susan G. 310, 367 
Antoniewicz, Mike 283 
Antonsen, Chris 245 
Aplington, Julie 270 
Apolinski. Valerie 344 
Applegate. Thomas 338 
Appleman, Bob 322 

Apter, Gregory 230 

Apter, Kevin B. 230, 286. 367 

Aquino, Corizon 123 

Aquino, Karl F. 367 

Aranda, Louis B. 367 

Arbogast. Alane 322 

Arbona, Juan 323 

Archer, Jane 248 

Archer, Jeffry 323 

Archer, Steve 244 

Archie. Jim 282 

Arden, Nancy 350 

Arends, John H, 280, 304, 367 

Arends, Julie 241 

Arendt. Jeff 307 

Argabright, Erin 243 

Arganbright, Lynne M. 367 

Arger, Christopher 235, 287, 


Arger, Jeff 235 

Argirion, Carrie 276 

Ariola, Dave 250 

Armagno, Joe 262 

Armel, Theresa 297, 342 

Armstead, Stanley 348 

Armstrong. Barb 367 

Armstrong, Elizabeth 367 

Armstrong, Errin 245 

Armstrong, Gerald 323 

Armstrong, James 298 

Armstrong, Malcolm 200. 298 

Army ROTC 323 

Arneson, Russell 319 

Arnett, Paula M. 325, 367 

Arnholt. Cheryl L. 259. 296. 


Arnold, George 263 

Arnold, Julie M. 367 

Arnold, Pat 263 

Arnold. Pete 244 

Arnone. Robert 324 

Arnould, Laurie A. 358, 367 

Aronson, Rich 337 

Arp, Barbara 367 

Arreglo, Carlo 352 

Arrison, Kevin 265 

Arronis, Tina 357 

Artar, Karita 326 

Arthalony, Sharon 270 

Arvia, John 324 

Arzoumanidls, Sophia 291 , 


Ascher. David A. 367 

Aschermann, Joel 232 

Aschta, Andy 262 

Asghari, Tony 310 

Ashbrook, Laurel S. 237, 288, 

358, 367 

Ashbrook, Mark 297 

Ashbrook, Saurel 345 

Ashburn, Doug 311 

Ashby. Christopher 279, 319 

Ashley, Jennifer 225 

Ashmore, Rich 226, 312 

Asmus, Sarah E. 367 

Asper, Alan 367 

Asper, Todd 268 

Asplund, Jon 327 

Aston, Geri 327 

Aswad. Andrew D, 345. 367 

Athinakis. Lisa 231, 286 

Athletic Association 214 

Atius 324 

Atkenson, Chris 291 

Atkinson, Dave 351 

Au-Yeung, Anna 331, 367 

Aubrey. Jennifer 261 

Augustine. Caryn 237 

Augustyn. Jim 268 

Aullum. Lisa 344 

Aung, Mlmi 349 

Aupperle, Steve A. 367 

Aureus. Gladys 237 

Ausenhmer, Lynn 258. 295 

Auskalnis. Jean 367 

Auskalnis, Robert B. 367 

Ausnehmer. Lynne 367 

Austin, Elizabeth 310, 367 

Austin, Pam 257 

Austin, Remita 352 

Austin, Thomas A. 367 

Auw. Rob 273 

Avery, Dawn M. 231, 286, 367 

Avila, Jorge 367 

Aviza, Edward A. 367 

Avny. Michelle 276 

Axelrod. Nell 344 

Axelson, Carrie 231, 286, 339 

Axotis. Ted 264 

Aydt, Timothy P. 367 

Azuma. Bruce 332, 367 

Azzaretti. Angela 367 


Babcock, Ed 278 
Babcock, Phil 25, 281,345 
Babiarz, Lynn M. 367 
Baca. Sonia 228 
Baccehetti. Al 306 
Bacchettl. Alex 345 
Bach, Beth 261, 334, 339 
Bach. Catherine 225 
Bach, Elizabeth 356 
Bachanowski. John 281 
Bacher, Valerie 231 
Bachman. Sam 343 
Bachmeler. Carolyn 258 
Backer, Laura 228 
Backstrom, Mikael R. 367 
Baczek, Sue 294 
Baechtold, Deborah L. 367 
Baer. Brenda K. 231. 286. 367 
Baga, Alpa 352 
Bagan, Brian 299 
Bagga. Achla 367 

Bagger, Dave 235 

Baggins, Bill 240 

Bagley, Mike 254 

Bagley, Rhonda C. 367 

Bagninski, Barbara 243 

Bailen, Robin 269, 300 

Bailey, Brittany 324, 354, 355 

Bairn, Michael S. 286, 368 

Baird, Donald F. 368 

Baisier. Paul 310 

Baittie, Robert 341 

Bajadek, Amy 248, 339 

Bak, John S. 368 

Baker, Beth 261 

Baker. Bob 292 

Baker. Carol A. 316, 326, 339, 


Baker, Chantay 346 

Baker, Deborah 236 

Baker, Jeff 250, 283 

Baker, Jim 318, 347 

Baker, Kim 291, 292 

Baker, Lori 333. 350 

Baker. Michael 301, 368 

Baker, Michael K. 368 

Baker. Susie 249 

Baker, Tamara D. 345, 368 

Baker. Tammie 243, 290 

Bakewell, Robert B. 368 

Bakka, Brad 305 

Bakshy. Felicia 229 

Bala, Karen 243 

Balagtas, Lisa 261 

Balavender, Chris 241 

Balazs, Linda 368 

Baldwin, Laura L. 228. 285, 


Baldwin, Matthew J. 332, 368 

Baldwin. Scott 266 

Bales. Jane 324 

Balis, Craig 368 

Ball, Kristal 320 

Ballard, Deanna 228, 331 

Ballard, Mike 292 

Ballarini, Deborah A. 291. 368 

Balog, Glenn F. 254. 368 

Balog, Stan 254 

Balsamo. Yvonne M. 368 

Balson. Bradley P. 368 

Baltimore, Darryl 264, 368 

Baltls, Laralynn 368 

Baly, Pam 241 

Ban, Steven 227 

Banashek, Kathy 249, 310 

Bane. Kristen 259 

Banike. Terence L. 368 

Banks. Karen 291 

Banks. Liesl 237. 288, 368 

Banks. Susan L. 368 

Banner. Lisa 284 

Bannon. John 352 

Barber, Ted S. 266. 368 

Barberousse, Lionel 321 

Barbian, John W. 368 

Barbosa. Julie 322, 336 

Barcelona, Daniel T. 368 

Barclay, Melissa 305 

Barczewski, Jeff 319 

Bardo. Nancy L. 316, 368 

Barecht. Diane M. 368 

Barefield, Erik 275 

Barken, Julie 359 

Barker, Jim 268 

Barker. Steven J. 301 . 354, 


Barkley. Dyke E. 255. 336, 368 

Barkley, Elizabeth 368 

Barlow. Ken 283 

Barnabee. Joe 252 

Barnard. Roger 318 

Barner, Craig L. 368 

Barnes, Chad 255. 339 

Barnes. Craig 350 

Barnes, Dick 214 

Barnes, Leslie 261. 296 

Barnes, Lisa 355 

Barnes. Midm 313 

Barnes. William L. 368 

Barnett, Brian 272 

Barnett. Steven 250. 368 

Barney. Catherine R. 261, 

296. 368 

Barney. Midm 313 

Barnhardt. Christine 228 

Barnshaw. Dave 228 

Barnvos. Rick 282 

Baron, Christopher 320, 357 

Barr, Andrea 277, 339, 352 

Barr, Kristina L. 368 

Barr, Roger 319 

Barrier, Leslie 270 

Barritt. Richard 319. 345 

Barriuso, George 250 

Barron, Peggy 368 

Barry, Mary R. 368 

Barry, Sean 252 

Bartal, Robert E. 368 

Bartell, Todd 297 

Barrels, Cheryl 353. 368 

Barth. Grant 255. 322 

Barthel. John C. 274, 311, 368 

Barthel. Paul 311. 343 

Bartholme, Dee 341, 368 

Bartholomew, Edward 368 

Bartolozzi. Ellen 337 

Bartolozzi, Philip G. 337. 368 

Barton. Craig 227 

Bartz. Phil 234 

Baruffi. Susie 248 

Basco. Hugh 317 

Basile. Lynda 241 

Basilgo. Dlndo T. 368 

Basilio, Judy 310 

Basnik, Cathy 284, 332 

Bass, Geri 276 
Bass, Lisa 368 
Bass, Melissa 291 
Bass, Michael 350 
Bassett, David R. 368 
Bassi, Christine 269 
Bassler. Lisa M. 368 
Basso, Michael R. 350, 368 
Bastian, Dawn 277 
Batchelor, Janet 277 
Bates. Jodi 231. 286. 368 
Bates. Mariann 332, 369 
Battle, Thomas A. 369 
Bauch, Christine 344 
Bauer, Brett M. 369 
Bauer. Jeanne 294 
Bauer. John 308 
Bauer. Kim 258, 295 
Bauer. Scott 356 
Bauer. Theresa M. 329, 369 
Baugham. Carolyn 352 
Bauhs, Tom 240 
Bauling. Marie 369 
Baum, Angie 258 
Baum, Kim 229, 359 
Baum, Michelle M. 369 
Baum, Mike 230 
Bauman, Craig 328 
Baumgarten. Becky 270 
Bautista, Steven 369 
Baver, Jeanne 334 
Baxa, Kimberly 369 
Baxter, Julie A. 291, 292. 369 
Baxter. Katie 291 
Baxter. Kevin C. 369 
Bay, Laurence A. 369 
Bayless, Gina 297 
Baysinger, David 280 
Bayston 232, 318, 322 
Bazzetta, Mark 250, 251 
Beaber, Cami 291 
Beabout, Mark 369 
Beach, Matt 264 
Beaman Lorinda 259 
Beard. Brian 280. 304 
Beard. Paula 316 
Beatty, Carol J 369 
Beaty. Suzanne 243, 290 
Beaumont, Mitch 224 
Beaupre. Nancy 225 
Beautz, Martin 319 
Bechdolt, Mary 359 
Bechtel, Christian 29B, 337, 
351. 369 
Beck, Ken 308 
Beck, Midm 313 
Becker, Beth A. 225, 369 
Becker, Carl 329 
Becker, David 329 
Becker, Jamie 229 
Becker, Jill 263 
Becker. Judy 332 
Becker. Julie A. 317, 369 
Becker. Kelly 267 
Becker, Lana 229 
Becker, Len 282 
Becker, Lisa M. 225. 369 
Becker, Lori 270 
Becker, Marcey 291 
Becker, Midm 313 
Becker, Paul 250 
Becker. Steve 252, 351 
Beckman, Aaron 318 
Beckstrom, Mette 248 
Beckwith, Anne Marie 344 
Becque, Allison M. 294, 369 
Becque, Jennifer 294 
Bedale. Joe 343 
Bedale. Wendy A. 369 
Bedard. Lani 294 
Bednarz, Lisa 350 
Bedroslan, Carrie 277 
Beebe, Danielle 228 
Beeftink. Mike 268 
Beeler, Lisa 231 
Behrend. Jim 252 
Behrends. Karen 269, 300. 
316. 369 

Behrends. Martha 336, 349 
Belfuss. Tom 283 
Beir. Arron 305 
Bejna. Jim 332 
Beland, Dan 264 
Belcove, Amy 249 
Belczak, Michelle 277 
Beldam, Heather 369 
Belden. P. Douglas 227 
Belford, Chris 280, 304 
Belker. Jill 229 
Bell. Judie 243 
Bell. Lisa 267 
Bell. Racee 354 
Bell. Rob 230 
Bell. Sarah 276 
Sell. Sophie 243 
Bell. Thomas R. 369 
3ell. Tracee 258. 295 
Bella. Michelle 267 
Beller, Jacki 249, 354 
Bellows, Dan 292 
Belt. Kathy 269 
Belzer. Lorra L. 369 
Bement, Raymond C. 369 
Ben-Rubin, Sue 165. 325, 351. 

Benassi. Michael 227 
Bend. Beth 347 
Bender. Mike 272 
Benjamin. Thomas L. 260. 

Benkler. Jennifer 229 
Benn. Leisa A. 257. 295, 369 
Benner, Cheryl L. 231, 286, 

Bennet, Joseph 352 
Bennett, Eric 343 
Bennett. Jeff 305 
Bennett, Jerry 264 
Bennet. Jim 235, 287 
Bennett, Joshua 230 
Bennett. Norman J. 369 
Bennett. Robert 318 
Benoit. Diane M. 294. 369 
Benoit, Marc R. 369 
Bense. Kevin 262 

Benso, Brian 250 

Benson, Julianne 225 

Benson, Mark 242, 349 

Benson, Richard 275 

Benz. Robert 255 

Benz, Tim 232 

Benzinger, Heidi M. 259, 296, 

316. 325, 326, 369 

Beque, Jddl 294 

Bequette, Jodi 269 

Beran, John C. 369 

Berard. Cynthia 357 

Berardis, Patty 277 

Berendorf. Mike 278 

Berent, Dave 280 

Berenz. Christine 258. 326, 

351, 354, 356 

Bereskln, Gayle F. 229, 285, 


Berfeld, Jeff 255 

Berg, Anne 225 

Berg, Donna 236 

Berg. Jeff 242 

Berg. Julie 291. 292 

Berg. Robert 280 

Berge. Joan 225 

Bergeson, Andrew D. 322. 


Bergln. Kate 291 

Bergman, Curtis 323 

Bergman, Merle 229 

Bergman, Curt 242. 338 

Bergner. Mike 301 

Bergquist, Shawn 323 

Bergschneider. Dianne 369 

Berhens. Whit 298 

Berigan, Patricia 228 

Berk. Julie 276. 332 

Berk. Sheila 249. 293. 344. 


Berka, Roman 283, 308 

Berkblgler, Jeff 307 

Berke, Andrew 2B0 

Berkelhammer. Ellen 257 

Berkowitz. Debbie 329 

Berkson. Christy 369 

Berleman. Anne K. 277, 304. 

339. 346. 354. 369 

Berlin, Alan 230 

Berlin. Seth 282 

Berman, Fran 237 

Berman, Jo Ann 276. 303. 369 

Berman, Karen 276 

Bermingham, Christa 248 

Bermudez, Carlos F. 279, 345, 

354. 369 

Bernard. Patrick 369 

Bernardi, Patrick 264, 298, 


Bernetti. Luisa 228 

Bernhard, Midm 313 

Bernhard. Michael A. 369 

Berns. Becky 228 

Berns, Matt 352 

Berns. Sherri 229 

Bernstein, Amy 276. 357 

Bernstein. Dave 339 

Bernstein. Jeri 276 

Bernstein. Judy 276 

Bero. Joseph M. 369 

BerquistLisa J. 369 

Berry. Lori 236 

Berry, Scott A. 369 

Berst, John 224 

Berst, Kathy 261 

Bertelsen, Brian 255, 339 

Berti, Jeff 301 

Bertschy, Chris 326 

Besant. Craig 252 

Best. Jeff 301 

Best. Kathy 269 

Best. Larry 226 

Bestow. Amy 291 

Beta Alpha Psi 324 

Beta Sigma Psi 242 

Betis. Lori 284 

Betler. Kendra 228 

Betts. Ken 324, 351 

Beutel. Elizabeth 256. 335. 


Bevan. John 323 

Bevill. Alicia 310 

Bevis. Doug 242 

Beyer, Jennifer 347 

Bezinovich, Tom 331 

Bhave. Anant 271 

Blanch I. Susan 236, 338 

Blanco, Rich 262 

Bicknell. Cheryl 369 

Biddle. Lloyd 346 

Bidner. Brent R. 255. 370 

Bidner. Craig 255. 355. 339 

Biek, Annette L. 25. 236. 287, 

346, 370 

Bielawski, Dorothy 236, 339, 


Bielenberg. Susan 294, 327 

Bielfeldt. Karen 270, 300, 370 

Bielinski. Brian M. 263, 332, 


Biell, Tony 297 

Bieneman. Paula D. 370 

Blerer, Tiffany 241 

Bleritz. Lynn 299. 370 

Bierlein, Jim 242 

Blernackl, Joy 277 

Biersach. Laurie 277 

Bieze, Bonnie 340 

Biggins, Sean 244 

Bilfeld, Lisa 276. 303, 326, 


Bill, Shawn 270 

Billadeau, Scott 227 

Biltgen, Kate 338 

Bingham, Dean 338 

Bingham, Wayne 318, 328. 

347, 370 

Birch, Carsten 252 

Birch, Diane 256. 347 

Bird, Bruce 370 

Bird, Steve 240 

Birdsall. Cathy 270 

Birerllne, Shannon 248, 334, 


Blrk. Thomas A. 370 

Birkner. Susan 277 

Blschmann. Lawrence 323 

Bishaf. Marcie 370 

Bishop, Amy 248, 291 . 370 

Bitterman, Patrick J. 370 

Bitting, Barbara 370 

Bittner, Mark 273 

Bivens, Kenneth D. 346, 370 

Bjelajac, Vera 258 

Black, Amy 322. 359 

Black. Charles 264. 298 

Black, Eileen M. 370 

Black. Kimberli R. 370 

Black. Sam 264, 298 

Blackburn, Charles 319 

Blacklock, Harry 250. 351 

Blackwell, Glynn 186 

Blaho. Lisa 225 

Biam. Melody 359 

Blain, Michelle A. 284. 309. 


Blaine. Deana 344 

Blair. Lesley M. 370 

Blair, Mike 338 

Blake, Gina M. 370 

Blakely. Anthony 348 

Blanc, Alec 310 

Blanchard. Dave 224 

Blancette, Amy 349 

Blanke, Ann 350 

Blanke, John 301 

Blasingame. Steve 348 

Blatt, Jennifer 276 

Blatt, Rlva 276 

Blatz. Hunt 308 

Blaum. Pamela S. 225, 370 

Blaydes, Lisa Anne M. 370 

Blazek. Beth 231 

Bleck, John 253 

Bleck Linda M. 370 

Blevins. Ted 227, 324 

Blieberg. Elise 249. 335 

Bllne, Terry 318. 322 

Blinn, Erik C. 246. 247. 370 

Bliss. Brian E. 370 

Bliss, Richard C. Jr. 370 

Blizzard. Phil 266 

Block I Committee 165, 325 

Block, Jeff 226 

Block, Marsha L. 370 

Block, Susan 249 

Biondeii. Jim 240 

Bloom, Cheryl 276 

8loom, James R. 370 

Bluhm, Rob 283, 308 

Blum. Clara J. 292, 370 

Blum, Olga 370 

Blum. Robert L 268. 351. 370 

Blum, Suzie 248 

Blumberg, Pete 297 

Blunler. Mark 234 

Blunler. Susan A. 370 

Blunt, Ruby 350 

Bly. Paulette 323, 338 

Boad. Todd 253 

Boatright, Laura 248 

Bobak. Christine 264. 350 

Bobak. Michael 331. 352 

Bobb. Jon 263 

Bobroff, Heidi 276 

Bocher. Amy 357 

Bode. Kristen 225 

Bodony. Edward 319 

Boduch, Michael R. 316. 370 

Boehm. Kevin 244 

Boehm, Lori 293, 370 

Boehm, Paul G. 370 

Boehme. Gretchen 297 

Boehne. Vaughn 255 

Boerkman. Cindy 356 

Boex, John 307 

Boggs. Darin 266. 345, 370 

Boggs. Kelly 257. 339 

Boggs. Phillip 275. 303. 370 

Boglio. Sandro 266 

Bogner, Susan K. 25, 322. 

355, 370 

Bogojevich. Alex 246. 247 

Bohaboy. Karen 225 

Bohannon, James D. 355. 370 


Bohannon, Paige 257 
Bohm. Heidi J. 370 
Bohm. Ronald L. 370 
Bohn. Barbara 327 
Bonn. Jill 284, 332 
Bohn, Midm 313 
Bolan, Kelly M. 237. 288, 370 
Bolan. Missy 261 
Boland, Brian 224 
Boland, Deirdre 237 
Boland. Martin 254 
Boldrey, Steve 301 
Boldt. Cheryl 338 
Boldt, Laura 322 
Boldt, Midm 313 
Bolen, Scott 263 
Bolen Tyler 265 
Bolger. Karen 262 
Bolger. Paul 262 
Bolduc, Thomas R. 370 
Bolen. Scott A. 370 
Bollmberg, John 331 
Bolton. Patrick 370 
Bombeck, Chris 224 
Bonacorsi. Debbie 353 
Bond. Jennifer 243 
Bod, Louis 332, 346 
Bond. Stephanie 353 
Bond, Theresa 330 
Bondi, Sherry 359 
Bonetti. Dena 319 
Bonini, John 301 
Bonino. Midm 313 
Bonne, Michael 349 
Bonner. Lauren T. 355, 370 
Bonner, Leland P. 370 
Bookman, Thad 280 
Books, David B. 370 
Booten, Derrick 235 
Booth, Sarah 267 
Booth, Sonya 322 
Borchardt, Bill 306 
Borchardt, Todd 264 
Borbeck, Constance A. 371 
Borden, Timothy G. 371 
Boreland, Lisa 358 
Borelli Awards 325 
Borgman. Anne 231 
Borgsmiller, Julie 291 
Borgerson, Lara 347 
Borghesi. Mike 250 
Borgman. Anne 231 
Born, Dave 297 
Born, John R. 235. 287, 355. 

Borodkin, Janet L. 349, 371 
Borodkin. Marcy L. 293. 371 
Borowski. Valerie 241 
Borrowman, Sandra 270, 300. 
350. 371 

Borrowman. Todd 253 
Borus. Midm 313 
Borudage, Sherri 371 
Bos. Lisa K. 259, 296, 335. 

Bos. Mary A. 371 
Boschelli, Louis J. 371 
Bosecker. Natalie 284 
Bossard, Tracy 237 
Bossert, Dean 318. 322, 347 
Bossert, John 234 
Bossov. Adam 272, 355 
Boston, Virginia 323 
Bothast, Cathy 332 
Botimer. Theodore C. 371 
Botkin, Fran 229 
Bouchard. Glen A. 318. 371 
Boulton, Jeff 297 
Bounds. Brian T. 347, 371 
Boundy. Timothy 227 
Bouque, Amy 243 
Bourbulas, Karen E. 371 
Bourke, Tim 240 
Bournais Christina 248 
Bouvier, Pierre 327, 328 
Bouxsein, Mary 351. 355 
Bowden. Michael 275 
Bowen. Mitzi J. 371 
Bowen. Wendy 257 
Bower, Caroline 225 
Bowles, Mary M. 371 
Bowles. Mimi 294. 356 
Box. John 301 
Boyce. Michael 329 
Boyd. Duane 246 
Boyd. Pat 252 
Boyd. W. Todd 371 
Boyer. Carolyn J. 371 
Boyer, Diane 326 
Boyer. Lisa 259. 296 
Boykins, Michael 371 
Boyle, Beth 332 
Boyle, Cathy 258 
Boyle, Dave 306 
Boyle, Kevin 338 
Boyle, Midm 313 
Boyle, Patrick J. 371 
Bozec. Janet 236, 350 
Bradfield, W. Stephen 371 
Bradford. John 359, 360 
Bradley, Oliver Q. 371 
Bradshaw, Brian 318, 347, 

Brady. Kevin 246 
Brady. Lisa M. 371 
Brady, Thomas B. 371 
Brady, Tricia 248 
Bragg, Chuck 301 
Brakely, Dyke 318 
Dramel, Amy 267 
Bramhall. Laura 258 
Branch, Terry R. 371 
Brand, Beth 371 
Brand, Eric 326 
Brand. Tom 254 
Brandeis, John 239 
Brander, Katy 323 
Brandes, Laura E. 270, 371 
Brandstrader, Eve 248 
Brandstrader, Fred L. 371 
Brandt, Allen 264 
Brandt, Lori 291 

Bradt. Lynn 248 
Brandt, Rob 298 
Brandt, Robert S. 264, 371 

Brandweln, Wendy S. 371 

Braniff, Maura 291 

Brannen, Maureen A. 288. 

291, 371 

Brannick. William J. 371 

Brant, Debby 297 

Brante, Greg 320 

Brantley. Karen L. 371 

Braodfield. Walter A. 371 

Bratton. Kendra L. 243, 290, 


Brauer. Chris 334 

Brauer, Elizabeth 345 

Braun, Maura 231 

Braun, Nancy 243 

Braunteld, Kenneth 371 

Brautigan, Marta 269 

Braver, Chris 307 

Bravo, Jose 31 

Bray, Barbara 336 

Bray. Rodney 347 

Brayshaw, Beth 267 

Brazas. Jeanne M. 371 

Brazis. Bruce L. 371 

Brazle, Midm 313 

Brdlik, Becky M. 241. 289. 

324. 371 

Brdlik. Nikki 316 

Brearley, Midm 313 

Brearly, Michael 349 

Brecht. Dave 301 

Bredemeier. Jonathan P. 371 

Bredemeyer. David P. 252, 


Breeman. Dan 272 

Breger. Ken 344 

Bregman, Daniel 371 

Breiten. Sarah A. 371 

Brennan, Amy 326 

Brennan, Keri 257 

Brennan, Maureen 237 

Brenna. Nora 329 

Brennan, Tom 298 

Brenner, Karen 276 

Brenner. Mark 264 

Brenner. Steve 244 

Brent, Cheri 346 

Brethauer, Troy 339. 341. 371 

Brettinger. Kara 261 . 296 

Brewer. Julie 225 

Brickner, Brian 323 

Bridgeman. Dayle 269 

Bridges. Mark 262 

Bridgford, Kelly 243 

Briedwell. Lanita 371 

Brieseacher, Keyma 237 

Brill, Christine J. 258, 295. 


Brill. Midm 313 

Brinkmenn. Karen S. 305, 371 

Briody. Frank 268 

Briolat, Gregory R. 371 

Briolat, Midm 313 

Brittain, Cynthia 277 

Brizzolara, John 274 

Brizzolara, Kim 225 

Brockamp. Dale 347 

Brockenbrough, Roger T. 372 

Brodlo. Frank 235 

Bronec, Cathie 277 

Broniarczyk. Susan M. 326. 


Bronson, Terese A. 248, 291 , 


Bronswick. Debra S. 332. 372 

Brooderson. Jaclyn B. 372 

Brooderson, Richard J. 311. 


Brooking. Daniel 372 

Brooks. Brian D. 372 

Brooks, Jeffrey 232, 324 

Brooks, Julia H. 372 

Brooks, Kevin 338 

Brooks, Michael 341 

Brooks, Shelly 231.332 

Brooks. Susan 316 

Brookstein, Pam 229 

Broome, Sarah 372 

Broquard, Tess 228, 347, 349 

Broschka. John E. 372 

Brothers. Bill 245 

Drotka. Kathy 291 

Brousil. Patty 243 

Brouwer, Jane 277. 354 

Brouwer, Midm 313 

Brow, Chip 240 

Browder, Cindy 241 

Browder, Sarah 241 

Brown, Audra 257 

Brown. Bob 355 

8rown, Brian 232 

Brown, Carolyn 248 

Brown, Catherine A. 284, 309. 


Brown. Chris 224. 269 

Brown. Dale R. 301. 372 

Brown. Darwin 321 

Brown. David L. 227, 339, 

357. 372 

Brown. Elizabeth A. 372 

Brown, Ernest R. 372 

Brown, J. William 372 

Brown. Janice 347. 349 

Brown. Joe 329 

Brown, Joseph W. 372 

Brown, Josh 242 

Brown, Karen 225 

Brown. Kathleen A. 372 

Brown. Kathy 257, 295 

Brown, Kent W. 372 

Brown. Lisa 229. 257. 334 

Brown. Mac 292 

Brown, Mary 228. 347, 349 

Brown, Nichole 229 

Brown, Norm 283, 308, 341 

Brown, Pete 255. 318. 351 

Brown. Robert 338 

Brown. Roger 339 

Brown. Scott 273. 297. 334 

Brown, Shelley 345 

Brown, Steven D, 264, 372 

Brown, Steven R 242, 372 

Brown, Steven T, 350, 372 

Brown. Theresa 248 

Brown. Tom 245, 334 

Brown, Vickie J. 372 

Browne, Richard 239, 334 

Browning, Mike 274 

Broyles. Jenna S 372 

Brozovich. Mary C. 372 

Bruce. Douglas 262 

Bruce. Keith T, 280, 304, 372 

Bruce. Neil E. 232. 233. 372 

Brucker. John E. 372 

Brudnak. Mary E. 372 

Bruehl. Terry L. 252, 293, 372 

Bruene, Carol M. 372 

Bruggeman. Julie 258 

Bruhl, Jay E. 319. 372 

Brumnell. Mark 280 

Brun. Scott 331, 341 

Brune, Jessica 267 

Brunner. Susan L. 257, 295, 


Brunnette. Chris 298 

Bruno. Michael J. 372 

Bruno. Michelle 361 

Bruns, Elliot 272. 334. 372 

Bruns, Roger 234 

Brunswig, Tammy 236 

Brunt, Mike 271 

Brunton, Catherine A. 291. 

292. 354. 372 

Bruozas, Anthony J. 372 

Brusca. Christine 258 

Bruton, Sherri 355 

Bruzan. Andrea 277 

Bryant. Mary 352 

Bryant, Ries 372 

Buccian, Christine 225 

Buchanan, David 357 

Buchbinder. Alan 344 

Bucher, Bob 297, 339 

Buck, Laurie 352 

Buck. Mindy 261 

Buck. Midm 313 

Buckley, Elise 257, 295, 372 

Buckley, Jackie 259 

Buckman, Karla 276 

Buckner, Chris 262 

Buckshot, Stacey R. 350, 372 

Buckun, Christine 372 

Budde, Sandy 257, 339 

Budicin, William 324, 372 

Budig. Mary Francis 291, 336. 

354, 355, 356 

Buechsenschuetz, Natalie 329 

Bueheler, Diane 318 

Buescher, Kara 259, 334 

Bueton. Michael 352 

Bug. Tom 240 

Bugg. Kent 255 

Buh, Pete 281 

Buhrow. Chris E. 232. 233. 

318. 322. 339. 348. 372 

Buhs. Laura 317 

Bui, Dung Viet 372 

Builta, Mike 255. 348 

Bukala, Denise 269 

Buldoc. Tom 298 

Buldln, Jennifer 261 

Bull, Jeffrey W. 372 

Bulmash, Mindy 276 

Bulmash, Scott 272 

Bulter. James 322 

Bulter. Janice 337 

Bump, Karin D. 318, 340, 347, 


Bunch, Holly L. 339. 345, 351. 


Bunnelle, Kris 269 

Burch, Richard 70 

Burdette. Debby 259. 325 

Burel. Donna M. 373 

Burge. Gary 280 

Burgee, John 306 

Burger, Joe 265 

Burgin, Karen 284 

Burgin, Teresa 284, 340 

Burgoyne, Betsy 284, 359 

Burh, Randy 305 

Burk, Lisa M. 373 

Burke. James B. 373 

Burke. Jamie 250, 251 

Burke, Mary E. 350. 373 

Burke, Mary P. 236, 373 

Burke. Melanie 236 

Burke, Ronald L. 373 

Burkey. John 271 

Brukross, Kimberly 350 

Burks. Neil 246 

Burling. Lisa 256 

Burnam, Christine 319 

Burns, Dan 253 

Burns. Dave 252 

Burns. Mary 261, 296 

Burns. Nancy E. 373 

Burns. Shannon 270 

Burns, Todd C 307, 373 

Burnstine. Judy 229 

Burrls, David W. 373 

Burrow. Kent 318. 328. 347, 


Burrowes. Karen M. 350. 373 

Burt, Jeffrey 346, 350 

Burton, Elizabeth 351 

Burton. Judy 324 

Burton, Kelly 228, 285. 373 

Burton. Krista 228 

Burton, Mike 332 

Burton, Sherri L. 320, 346, 


Burton, Todd 323 

Bury, Jim 91 

Burzynskl, Thomas 323 

Busby, Katharine 322, 356 

Busceml. Laura A. 337, 373 

Busceml, Sharon 261 

Busen, William F. 373 

Bush, Craig 347 

Bush, Jackie 248 

Bush, Rich 250 

Bushaus, Dawn 327, 328 

Bushman. Mike 263 

Bushong, Deserae 284 

Bussan, Donna L. 236. 316. 


Bussan, Jeff 235 

Bussan, Laura 236 

Bussan, Sara J. 373 

Busse, Becky 259, 310 

Butcher, Kristin 237 

Butl, Christopher 260 

Butler. Brian P. 275. 303. 373 

Butler, Darrell M. 307, 373 

Butler, Dave 360 

Butler James B. 255, 373 

Butler, Janice 261, 296, 339, 

356, 358. 373 

Butler, Jim 339 

Butler. Karen M. 373 

Butler. Lori 256, 344, 347 

Buttala. Micheal A. 373 

Butte, Jerrel 243 

Butterbach. Jody 332 

Buttimer. Bill 283 

Butts. Beth 373 

Butz. Laura 269 

Buvala. Russell 336 

Bwestone. Larry 230 

Bwin, Jennifer 323 

Byczek. Joe 273 

Byer. Matthew 323, 355 

Byrd. Donald 280 

Byrd. Michael 311 

Byrne, Kathy 269, 355 

Byrne, Ray 352 

Byrne, Richard 278, 373 

Byrne, Rob 254 

Byron. Barbara 225 

Byster. Jackie 249 

Byun, Margaret 258 

Cabanski, Mary F. 269, 300. 


Cacciatore, Jon J. 373 

Caffey. Shawn 321 

Caggiano, Colette 284 

Cagle. Eric 280 

Cahalan. Gregg 265 

Cahill. Caroline P. 373 

Cahill. Dan 250 

Cahill, Kevin 373 

Cahill, Maureen 225 

Cahn. Ross 282 

Caifano, Marc 264 

Cain, Elizabeth 249, 293, 373 

Cain. Nicole 261 

Cairo. Barbara 229 

Cairo. Cindy 276 

Calabrese, Flora A 331. 373 

Calamari, Paul 252 

Caldren. Dana 349 

Caldwell. Dean C. 319, 373 

Caldwell, Patricia L. 291, 292, 


Cale, Dina 237. 288 

Callaghan. Diane 228 

Callaghan. Jim 307 

Callahan, Maureen 373 

Callanan. Jim 263 

Callanan. Sue 225 

Callaway, Kristin 270 

Calzaretta, John 260 

Camacho, Mario 373 

Camarillo, Tony 235 

Cambier, Terri 340 

Cameli. Joseph P.J. 254, 373 

Campanella, Darcie L. 353, 


Campanelli. Frances M. 277, 

304, 324, 373 

Campbell. Brian K. 373 

Campbell. Dave 327, 328 

Campbell. Liz 243 

Campbell. Paul 227 

Campbell. Scott A. 260, 283, 


Campbell, Suzan 316 

Campbell. Tim 252 

Camplin. Chris 275. 373 

Campos-Moya, Leon P. 283. 

308, 373 

Cancel, Sandra L. 373 

Caner, Rich 252 

Canfora, Anselmo 239 

Canman, Christine E. 373 

Cannatro. Vince 275 

Cannon, Jerry 347 

Cantalupo. Kim 291 

Cantor, Marci 350 

Canty. John 266 

Capes, Geoffrey L. 373 

Cappas. Cathi 261 

Cappas. Patricia K. 261, 296. 

373 t 

Caproni, Max A. 324. 373 

Cardella. Bob 246 

Cardella. Joe 308 

Cardosi. Gina 243 

Cardosi. Jeff 246, 247 

Carey. Martha 335 

Carf, Rich 246 

Carey. Maura E. 373 

Caringella, Donnalee 350. 373 

Carl, Sherri 332 

Carle, Jody 225 

Carll, Dianne 267 

Carlisle. Whit 250 

Carls, Marc A. 232, 233, 374 

Carlson. Barb 270 

Carlson. Barrett 275, 354 

Carlson. Don 255, 318 

Carlson. Gary 234 

Carlson. Jill 258 

Carlson. Julie 258 

Carlson, Karen 336 

Carlson. Katrln 237 

Carlson. Kent R. 374 

Carlson. Laurie B. 374 

Carlson. Scott A. 374 

Carlson. Steve 323 

Carlton, Sylvia M. 374 

Carmlchael. Klndra 256, 324, 


Carnahan, Margo 261 

Carney, Laurel 322 

Carpenter, Catherine 237 

Carpenter. Kevin 299 

Carpizo. Brian 224 

Carr, Alex 264 

Carr, Julie 237 

Carreira. Ana-Maria 332 

Carrel. Mike 283. 308 

Carrlgan. Dan 246, 247 

Carrls. Tom 275 

Carroll, Dean M. 374 

Carroll, Lisa 346 

Carrol, Patrick 234 

Carrolln. Dana 298 

Carson. Kelly 243 

Carson. Robert 331 

Carson, Sue Ellen 241. 289, 


Carter, Charles A. 374 

Carter, David 346 

Carter, John A. 374 

Carter, Leigh Erin 339, 352 

Carter, Lori A. 374 

Carter, Patty 374 

Carter, Phillip W. 374 

Carter. Todd 265 

Cartland. Mary 291 

Caruso, Joseph 374 

Carver. Eric 349 

Carvlin, Liz 358 

Cary, Noreen 223, 243, 351. 

354, 356 

Casaclang, Roderick J. 374 

Casagrande. Scott 281 

Casaletto. Jim 254 

Casas. Cindy 229 

Casas. Rose 270. 359 

Cascarano. Mary L. 374 

Case, Marilyn 267 

Casey. Caroline A 374 

Casey. Chris 307 

Casey. Claudia 225 

Casey. Paul 240, 336, 354, 


Casey, Scott 252 

Casey. Wally 281 

Casler. Cathy 258, 295, 374 

Cason, Casey 32 

Casolo, Tara 248 

Cason. Terrence L. 374 

Casper, John 281 

Casper, Mike 273 

Casper, Todd 246 

Cassello, Tracy 316. 332 

Casselman. Bob 250 

Casselman. Heather L. 257, 

295, 326, 374 

Cassens, Martha E. 284, 309. 

332. 374 

Cassidy, Tim 266 

Casstevens, Jodi 374 

Castanares. Rose 228 

Castaneda. Laura 374 

Casteel, Micheal G. 289. 355, 


Castelein, Cam 239 

Castello, Greg 357 

Castle. Rob 245 

Castrale. Sara 248. 323 

Castro. Jose L. 374 

Castronova, Paul 263 

Catalano. Dana 265 

Catalano. Susan 248 

Cater. Dawn 350 

Cation. Lannie J. 374 

Caudell. Katherine 237 

Cava. Ray 338 

Cavanagh. Ann E. 374 

Cavanaugh, J. David 374 

Cecil. Kim 241 

Cederberg. Catherine 236 

Cedergren, Rob 266 

Cederoth, Andrew J. 252. 293. 


Ceisel, David J. 336, 374 

Cekal, Carolyn P. 374 

Celske. Liz 231 

Cemovich. Nada 374 

Ceney, James M. 319, 374 

Centella, Jill 231 

Centella, Karen 258 

Centella. Kimberly M. 277, 

304. 374 

Centko. Brenda 349 

Cepulis. Darren 283, 308, 341 

Cerasani. Jim 301 

Cerbi, Carol 335 

Cerepa, Mark 338 

Cerny, Joanne 243 

Cervantes. Roberto 323 

Cerza. Susan L. 374 

Cesario. Joel 316 

Chabrla. Raj G. 374 

Chacko. Elizabeth 335 

Chalkln. David 142 

Chamberlain. Darla 353. 359 

Chamberlain. Doug 297 

Chamberlain. Gina 359 

Chamberlain. William 262, 


Chambers, Daniel J. 374 

Chamlln, Sarah 258 

Chamlin, Susan 258 

Champ, Katie 261 

Chancellor, Roger 280 

Chang, Alice 355 

Chang, Chong Yul 343 

Chang, Hyong K. 343 

Chang, Kathy 329 

Chang, Lilian Y. 374 

Chang, Steven 55 

Chanthalangsy. Nit 338 

Chantos. Ellyn 258 

Chantos. Scott A. 374 

Chaao, Ray 262 

Chaplin G. D. 244. 357 

Chapman, John S. 271. 374 

Chapman. Laura 269 

Chappell. Robert 329 

Chaput. Kimberley A. 374 

Charles. Dave 265 

Charlier, Jean — Armand 323 

Charlton — Perrin. Gowan 240 

Charous, Anita L 229. 285. 


Charpentier. Mike 274 

Charpentier, Nancy 270 

Chase. Bill 352 

Chase. Chevy 50 

Chau. Mary K. 324. 374 

Chausoe. Carol A. 374 

Chausse. Karen A. 236. 318, 


Chawla. Roger 324 

Checkers. Chubby 60 

Chen, Dennis C. 273. 341. 374 

Chen, Jerome T. 374 

Chenault, Laura 284 

Cheng. Eileen 241 

Chern, Kevin 272 

Chernick. Sarah 345. 374 

Cherwin. Thomas 280 

Chesek, Paul 254 

Chesla. Linda L. 228. 285. 375 

Chess. Andrea 243 

Chess. Ken 282 

Chestnut. Carol 231 

Cheung, Dorothy 375 

Cheung. Keith 349 

Chi. Linda S. 320, 375 

Chi. Tu 244 

Chi Omega 243 

Chi Omega Seniors 290 

Chi Phi 244 

Chi Psi 245 

Chi Psi Seniors 290 

Chicago Bears 119 

Chicoine. Julie 259 

Chief lllimwok 25. 175 

Chien, Joanna 344 

Childers. Tedd A. 260 

Childress, Bryan 275 

Childs. Lee T. 375 

Chiligiris. Diane 330 

Chiligiris, Mary 330 

Chilla, Amy 259 

Chiluk, Ruth 258. 295, 375 

Chinick, Julie 375 

Ching, Ann 344 

Chinski, John 268 

Chinski. Steven A. 375 

Chiou. David W 375 

Chiostri. Randy 245 

Chiszar, Dave 235 

Chiszar. Mike 235. 287 

Chiu, Dewita E. 375 

Chiu. Janice 243. 331 

Chlebos. Caryn J. 277, 304, 


Chnha— vaz. Cecilia 338 

Cho. Emmanuel 321 

Cho. Taeseong 375 

Chocal, Nancy 259 

Chodash, Mark A. 272, 375 

Chodl, Joe 306 

Choe. Lena 237, 288, 375 

Choi. Kenny 328 

Choi. Kwang Sup 343 

Choi, Moon-Jung 375 

Choi, Mun Young 375 

Choi, Young I. 343 

Chorley. Karen M. 267. 299. 


Chorzempa. Lisa 231 

Chranko. Christopher J. 260 

Christensen, Jeffrey F. 247, 

275.351. 375 

Christensen. Pete 322. 348. 


Christian. Julie 347 

Christiansen, Anne 156 

Christopher, Kevin 265, 350 

Christopher, Steven T. 375 

Christopherson, Kathy 291. 


Christy. Susan M. 375 

Chron. Tim 263. 332 

Chruscicki, Joan 277, 304, 


Chrusciel, Chris 307 

Chu, Felice 259 

Chu, George Chiaumin 375 

Chu. Mike 283 

Chuchro, Stacy 248 

Chudy. Andrew 292. 319 

Chung. Kiesook 375 

Chung, Scott 224, 232 

Chung, Sonia 257 

Church, Stephanie 291 

Churchill. John 246. 316 

Churchill. Stephanie 375 

Chylla, Susan 310 

Cicero. Lisa 259. 354 

Clcone, Barbra 309 

Clfuentes, Diane 236. 287, 


Cieslewlcz. Micheal J. 375 

Clhlar. Mark E. 375 

Clhlar. Steve 299 

Cllenlo, Richard C. Jr. 375 

Clma, Carol 351 

Clma. Laura R. 236. 345. 375 

Clma-Prekop. Carol A. 375 

Clmlno. Daniel 375 

Ciombor, Timothy J. 375 

Closek, Mark 224 

Ciprlano, Micheal J. 331. 375 

Clrcelll, Joe 263 

Cissna, Wendy 248 

Clzek, Chris 254 

Clzek, Mary T. 375 

Clack. Gary 242 

Clafteyg. Mlkey 298 

Clancy, Colette 259, 296, 375 

Clancy, Tim 224 

Clare, Genney 332 

Clark, Cara 329 

Clark. Douglas 323 

Clark. Jerome 323 

Clark. Jo 295 

Clark, Kevin 283, 341 

Clark, Matt 311, 314, 355 

Clark, Mlndi L. 375 

Clark. Patrick T. 375 

Clark. Sarah 236, 359 

Clark, Scott 323 

Clark. Stephen J. 375 

Clark, Tim 347 

Clark, Vince G. 279 

Clarke, Cathleen T. 225, 356, 


Clarke. Jessica 269 

Clarke. Rob 297 

Clasaclang, Roderick 260 

Class. Bill 306 

Clause. Dean 266 

Clausen. Andy 239 

Claxton. Donna L 357, 375 

Clay. Julie 349 

Claypool, Lisa L. 375 

Clayton. Catherine L. 350. 375 

Clayton, Jennifer 270 

Cleary, Jim 306 

Cleary, Mike 355 

Cleary. Patrick 316 

Clemens, Pam 284 

Clement, Scott 292 

Clemmons, Julieanne 261 

Clemmons, Rebecca M. 375 

Cleveland. Michelle 297 

Clevenger, Shelly 243 

Clewis, Scott R. 375 

Cliff, Margaret 316. 375 

Clifford, Anne 257 

Clifford. Bartsty 298 

Clifton. Kim 359 

Coad. Steve 308 

Coan. Amy 261 

Coan. Brent 252. 293, 375 

Coates. Debra A. 375 

Coates, Stephen A. 239, 375 

Coats, Christopher 375 

Coats, Kay 337 

Coats, Matt 301 

Cocalas. Joanna 248. 329. 

339. 356 

Cocalas. Pamela 277. 304, 


Cochran. John 252, 319 

Cody. Ann 329 

Coen. Mike 301 

Coghlan. Lisa A. 259, 296, 


Cognato. Julie L. 376 

Cohan, Andie 276 

Cohan, Chris 276 

Cohen, Andy 272 

Cohen, Barry 352 

Cohen, Jill 285 

Cohen, Lisa L. 229, 276, 303. 

351, 376 

Cohen, Sally 269, 331 , 351 

Cohen. Suzi 248 

Cohlman. Mike 307 

Cohn. Debbie 276 

Cohn. Jennifer 229 

Cohn. Laura 276 

Cokenour, Michael 325, 350. 


Colangelo, Missy 257 

Colbert. Adrienne 258 

Colbert. Bill 265 

Colbert, Edward 376 

Colbert. Jacqueline A 258. 

295. 376 

Colbert, Jim 297 

Colby, Anna 299. 376 

Colby. Carolyn M. 324, 345. 


Cole, Claudine 349 

Cole, Lisa 276 

Cole. Tim 244 

Cole. James Jr. 355 

Coleman, Anthony 348 

Coleman, Dana 243 

Coleman. Henry 239 

Coleman, Kimberly K. 296, 

359, 376 

Coleman, Traci 23 

Coler, Kate 231 

Colle, Ian 305 

College of Fine and Applied 

Arts 134 

Collins. Bill 252, 329 

Collins, Darin 264 

Collins. Jenni 236 

Collins. Julie A. 236. 376 

Collins, Laura 228 

Collins, Mary 237. 288. 376 

Collins. Michele D. 320, 345, 


Collins. Sandy 355 

Collins. William M. 376 


Collister, Leah E. 329, 376 
Collora, Carrie 248 
Colman. Jeff 252 
Colman. Jeff 252, 293 
Colvis, Steven L. 376 
Comenduley. Daniel 376 
Comisky. Ed 297 
Commerce Council 326 
Compagnoni, Doris A. 376 
Compall, John H, 240, 376 
Concannon, Theresa 248 
Condon. Cathy 261 
Condon. Christine 376 
Contorti, Fred 299 
Conlin. Danielle 349 
Connell. Cathy 284. 340 
Connell, Madeline 249 
Connell. Timothy 226, 234, 
318, 376 

Connely. Kathleen F. 376 
Conner, Jodee E. 376 
Connett, John W. Jr. 376 
Connors, Cara 248 
Connors. Teresa L. 114, 376 
Connors, Tim 224 
Conour, Laura A. 349, 376 
Conrad, John 278 
Conte, Jim 266 
Contes, Julie 277. 304, 351. 
356, 376 
Conti, Kris 291 
Converse, Amy 258, 339 
Conway. Jennifer 258. 339 
Conway. Micheal J 297, 376 
Coogan, Dan 337 
Cook, Debbi 291 
Cook, Dennis 244 
Cook, Doug 253 
Cook, Erin 291 
Cook, Patricia M. 376 
Cook, Robert T. 332, 376 
Cook, Sara 225, 334, 360 
Coomer, Cara M. 376 
Cooper, Diane M. 376 
Cooper, Stephanie 258 
Cooperman, Sheri 249 
Copa '86 30 
Copeland, Mason 227 
Copeland, Sean 282 
Copeland, Stephanie 259 
Coplan, Greg 301 
Corcoran, Bill 251 
Corcoran, Macaire 259 
Corcoran, Sue 261, 355 
Corcoran, Terry 236. 336, 354 
Cordill, Todd Y. 283. 308, 376 
Corey, Lou Ann 257 
Corigan, Shan 236 
Corliss, Christopher G. 239, 

Cornell. Ron 278 
Cornwall. Greg 322 
Correnti, Tracy 270 
Corriero, Laura 319 
Corrigan, Jeff 307 
Corrough, Sara 226 
Corry, Claire 258, 295, 332, 

Corona. Lupe 376 
Corso. Christine T. 228. 285, 

Corso, Dave 244 
Corso, George M. 376 
Cortez, Jesus 319 
Cosbey. Tom 266 
Cosbie, Linda 225 
Cosco, Jennifer 269 
Cosgrove. Matthew P. 305, 

Cossio, Luis 350 
Cossio. Yolanda I. 376 
Costas. Pamela G. 376 
Costello. John 271 
Costello, Karen L. 259, 296, 
345, 281, 376 
Costello, Kevin M. 376 
Costello, Scott 245 
Costello. Sonya M. 376 
Costigan, Carrie 228 
Costigen, Lawrence 376 
Cotler. Beth 276 
Cotler, Lisa 276 
Cottingham. Mary Beth 376 
Cotton. Craig 282 
Cotton. Kenneth 346 
Cottrell, Kristin 241. 351 
Coughlin, Kate 257 
Coult. John 282 
Couri. Jill K. 376 
Couri, Kathy 285, 354 
Courson. David W. 376 
Cousins, Scott 252 
Covey. Chris 323 
Covey. Nancey 351 
Cowan, Larine 340 
Cowan, Susan E. 376 
Cowen, Marci 229 
Cox, Chris 263 
Cox, Dean F. 376 
Cox, Jim 224 
Cox, Micheal D. 253. 376 
Cox, Thomas R. 376 
Coxhead. Drew 271 
Coyle, Colleen 352 
Coyle, Mary 258 
Coyne. Caryn M. 376 
Coyne. Nikki 269 
Craig, Lynn 236 
Craig, Steven E. 376 
Craig, Taml 228 

Crane, Mandy 327 

Crawford, Chris 274 

Crawford. Mary Jane 377 

Crawshaw, Amy 344 

Creamer. JErry 298 

Creamer. Paul 327 

Crean. Colleen 310 

Credi, Melissa 228 

Creen. Mary Ellen 261 

Cremer. Andy 230. 286 

Cremer. Jodi 229 

Crenin. Dan 230 

Cresswell. Samantha 238 

Crettol, Roy 283 

Creyts, Don 349 

Crllley, Carrie 269 

Crim. Cheryl 284 

Crimmins, Suzanne 377 

Crockett. Bobra 236, 352 

Crockett, Karla 284 

Croft, Dean 349 

Croker, Jeannie 269. 300, 316, 

317, 377 

Croll, Kelly 291 

Cronin, Anne C. 377 

Cronin, Beth 261 

Cronin, John 245 

Crook, Angie 358 

Crook, Melissa 277 

Crook, Michael 319 

Crosley, Joel 329 

Crosman. Alexander C. Ill 377 

Cross. Melissa 238. 288 

Crotinger, Ross 273 

Croucher, Glenora 37, 328 

Crowder. Josh 283 

Crowe, Mary E. 377 

Crowe, Molly 277, 304 

Crozier. Steven 321 

Crum, Jim 342 

Crum. Kim 225 

Crump, Mrs. 291 

Crumpton, Thomas 310 

Cruz, Iris R. 377 

Cualoping, Albert S. 332, 377 

Cuarto, Val 239 

Cuccio, Claire 248 

Cudecki. Paul C. 377 

Cuerington. Crystal L. 377 

Cuhna — vaz , Cecilia 317 

Cull. Jim 254 

Culligan. Matt 323 

Cullinan, Victoria G. 241. 289, 


Cullinane, Ellen 231 

Cullison. Cindy 277 

Cummings, Brian 350 

Cummings. Brock 244 

Cummins. Elizabeth 269, 300, 


Cunnane, Joe 254, 352 

Cunningham, Jim 273 

Cunningham, Keith 323, 260 

Cunningham, Michael 227 

Cunningham. Sheila 249 

Cunnington, Christine 225 

Curcio. Deana 231 

Current, Gerard P. 377 

Curry, Brian 227 

Curry, Chris 360 

Curry, David E. 332, 377 

Curry, Linda S 377 

Curtin, Janet 231 

Curtis, Anne 259 

Curtis. Elliot 307 

Cusack. Lynn 231 

Cushing. Dave 283 

Cusick, Liz 258 

Cutslnger, Dave 250 

Cutter, Ken 297 

Cutter, Jay 274 

Cuyler, Karen 225 

Cuyler, Kathy 225 

Cwik, Daniel C. 377 

Czaplicki, Thomas 377 

Czarnecki. Mary 326 

Czerlanis. Craig 245 

Czerlanls, Paul 329 

Czyszczewski, Mary 377 

Czyzewicz. Juliann 322 

D'Agastino, Anna 231, 351 

D'Amroslo, Richard 316, 350 

D'Amore, Marty 252. 355 

D'Andrea. Michele 261 

D'Arcy. Steve 159 

D'Cruz, Sheila 350 

D'Errico. Lynne 329 

D'Hondt, Chris 253, 364 

Dacks. Bobbi 276, 303 

Daebelliehn, Jill 228 

Daghe. Bret 307 

Dahle, Mona 323 

Dahle, Ramona 377 

Dahman. Janet S. 377 

Dahman, Shaw 278 

Daily lllini Advertising Staff 


Dally lllini Editorial Board 327 

Daily lllini Policy Board 328 

Daily lllini Editorial Staff 327 

Dairy Club 328 

Dalbke, Cherie L. 277, 304, 


Dale, Jana 340 

Dalenberg, Liesl 347, 349 

Dalesandro, Joe 264 

Daley, Karen 261 

Daley, Madelyn 231 

Dalani, Ares 312 

Dallman. William A. 323. 377 

Dallmiet. Kenneth 377 

Dalton, Craig 377 

Dalton, Steve 306 

Daly. Karen 339 

Daly. Patricia S. 305, 377 

Damberger, Fred F. 377 

Dambrogio, John E. 377 

Damerjian, Laura 267 

Baneliak. Dave 250 

Dangioa. John 235 

Danils. Andrea 236 

Daniels, Bradley 245. 290. 377 

Daniels, Lisa 377 

Daniels, Natalie 270 

Daniloff, Nicholas 120 

Danke. Cheryl 228, 341 

Danyluk, Christine M. 377 

Daray, Laura 259 

Darby, Ann 258 

Darling, Douglas 349 

Darling. Michael A. 319, 377 

Darlow, Matthew 329 

Darrah, Nancy 243 

Darwish, Sayed 274, 302. 377 

Darzins, Erik 377 

Daschka, Paul 262 

Daub. David 266, 323, 344 

Dauderman. Lisa 291 

Daugherty. Kevin 305, 326 

Daugherty, Mike 235 

Daugherty, Shiela 317 

Dauparas, Becky 248 

Davalos. Rich 280, 304 

Davenport, Susan J. 377 

David, Emily 261. 296 

David, Mike 235, 285 

David, Monica L. 229. 285, 


Davidson, Gini L. 225. 377 

Davidson. Liz 295 

Davidson, Wendy 377 

Davis. Aaron 319 

Davis. Albert 321 

Davis. Alex 243 

Davis. Alison 352 

Davis. Amy 258 

Davis. Ann L. 356. 377 

Davis. Brenda 225 

Davis. Cecilia M. 377 

Davis. Christopher 310 

Davis. Oale 297 

Davis. Daniel A. 377 

Davis. Derrek 246 

Davis. Elisabeth F. 237, 288, 


Davis, G. Bryan 279 

Davis, Gregory W 235, 287, 


Davis, Jeffrey M. 319. 378 

Davis, Jennifer R. 378 

Davis, John 297 

Davis Jon 323 

Davis, Karen E. 340, 353. 378 

Davis, Kyle L. 378 

Davis, Lamar 323 

Davis, Lisa 257 

Davis, Michael 344 

Davis. Mike 262 

Davis, Rick 336 

Davis. Suzette M 378 

Davis. Tammy L. 284. 309, 


Davis. Tim 323 

Davison, Becky 237 

Davison, Brian 331 

Davison, Lisa 358, 378 

Davison, Pete 268 

Davlin, Karen 270 

Davy, Mary Ann 243. 290, 378 

Dawson, Brian E. 378 

Dawson, Kim 236 

Dawson. Mike 268 

Day. Carta S. 378 

Day. Jon 232, 318 

Day. Kristina 267 

Daza, Melissa 228 

Dazy. Edmund 298 

De Flna, Debbie 270 

Deardorff, Toni 257 

Deasy. Teresa 324 

DeAtley, Jill K. 297, 337. 345. 


Debastian, James 332 

Debaun. Barbara A. 378 

Decanio. Doug 250 

DeChristopher, Deanna 344 

Decker, Eric 234 

Deckowitz. Lyle 269 

Decwikiel, Stanley 311 

Dedert, Tammy 340 

Dedin, Tom 198 

Dee, Teri L. 357. 378 

Deer, Jeffrey W. 378 

DeFotis. Dimitra 327, 330 

Degenhart, Beth 259 

Degilio, Mike 264 

DeGraff, Brad 378 

DeHaan. Randall J. 378 

DeHoff, Patricia A. 316, 324, 


DeHoff, Thomas W. 316, 378 

Deissler. Jill R. 378 

Deitrich, Tim 273 

OeJesu, Molly 270 

DeJonghe, Kim 259 

DeJoris, Sue 231 

Dekker, Amy 350 

Delage, Laura 276 

Delaney, Alexander H. 319, 


Delaney. Ed 250, 251, 337 

Delanty. Tracey 248 

Delatore, Christy 297 

Delaurent, Marc 307 

Deleon, Rick 244 

Dellgiannis. Penny P. 325, 

330. 340, 346. 352. 357, 378 

Deliyannis. Anny 291 

Dell, Midm 313 

Delong, Todd 268 

Delost. Rodney C. 260, 322, 

328, 378 

Delta Chi 246 

Delta Chi Seniors 247 

Delta Delta Delta Seniors 291 

Delta Delta Delta 248 

Delta Gamma 291 

Delta Gamma Seniors 292 

Delta Phi 292 

Delta Phi Epsilon 249 

Delta Phi Epsilon Seniors 293 

Delta Sigma Omicron 329 

Delta Sigma Phi 250 

Delta Sigma Phi Seniors 251 

Delta Sigma Pi 329 

Delta Sigma Theta 330 

Delta Tau Delta 252 

Delta Tau Delta Seniors 293 

Delta Upsilon 253 

Delta Zeta 294 

Delta Zeta Seniors 294 

Delvcia, Joseph 280 

DeMarco, Kenneth 280. 304 

DeMers. Gina 231 

Demille, Jennifer 259 

Demille, Midm 313 

DeMilliano, Joseph R. 378 

DeMirjian, Rich 307 

Demoll. Greg 239 

Dempsey. Catherine M. 237. 


Demski, Mary Kay 270 

Denby. Craig 292 

Denis. Andrew M. 378 

Dennen. Mike 271 

Dennis. Jim 252 

Dennis. Lara 231 

Dennis, Mark 378 

Dennis, Mary 249 

Dennison, Kelly J. 378 

Dennison, Lisa 297 

Denny, Cathy 261 

Denovellis, Theresa 344. 378 

Denton, Kim 236 

Denzel. Kristyn 291 

Denzer. Alan L 232. 233. 318, 


Depaepe. Louis A. Ill 378 

Department of Dance 135 

Deptuch. Janet 257 

Depuye. Julia 229 

Der, Pamella 378 

Derat, Manuel A. 306. 378 

Derech, Lesia 322 

Derma. Terri 291 

DeRocco, Dan 224 

DeRosa, Denise 261, 296, 378 

Derrenis, Jim 330 

Derricks, De De 284 

Deruntz. Christine 352 

Deruntz, Phil 329 

DeSalvo, Valerie A. 267, 299, 


DesEnfants, Kate 261 

DeSheppar, Dean 306 

DesJardine, Kim 258 

Desmond. Jack 132 

Desnet. Beth 229, 285, 378 

Desser, Stephanie 229 

Deswark, Diane 344 

Deswarte 294, 354 

Detella, Joel R. 235. 287, 376 

Detienne, Rachel 243 

Dettman, Denise L. 238. 288. 


Dettmer. Barbara E. 294, 378 

Detweiler. Eric K. 268, 378 

Deuel, Klmberly M. 378 

Deuel. Stacey L. 378 

Deuter. Kathryn E 270, 378 

Deutschmann. Mike 301 

Devine, Cathy 241 

Devos, Brice 239 

Devris. Scott 328 

Dewaele, Jeffrey D 378 

Dewar, Gayle L 378 

Deweese. Angie 226. 285 

Deweger, Yolanda 288 

DeWitte. Kara 258 

Dewyer. Tim 263 

Deyo. Margo 359 

Dhillon. Ravinder S. 280. 304. 


Diab, Ausamah R. 378 

Diab. Jean 258 

Diamond, John 264 

Diamond, Laura 261 

Dianovsky, Melissa 267 

Diaz. Llssy 270. 320 

Dicesare. Donna 248. 339 

Dick, Jennifer S. 261, 296, 


Dicke, Roger 275 

Dickenson, Bill 232 

Dickinson, James D. 273. 378 

Dickerhoffe. Steven 227 

Dickett. Jim 324 

Dickey. Matt 278 

Dickinson, Sarah 237 

Dickan. David 230 

Dickrell, Bob 265 

Dicks, Douglas 260 

Dickson, James 266 

DIDomenico, Mike 298 

Diebel Rich 308 

Diebold, Delia 356. 379 

Diehl. Jennifer G. 270, 379 

Diemer. Kurt 298 

Dlerckes, Kathryn S. 248, 379 

Dierking, David K. 341,379 

Dierking, Diane 320 

Dierking, Nancy 297 

Diesi, Robyn 267 

Dlesie, Rubin 355 

Dietrich, Jon 318 

Dietrich, Kurt 297 

Dietrich, Matt 265 

Diggory, Chris 278 

Diggory. Shawn C. 227, 357, 


DiGiovanni, Cheri 236 

DiGiovanni, David 320 
Dilger, Mark 254 
Dill. Sara 256 
Dillenberg. Jerry 299 
Dilling. Sheila M. 379 
Dillman. Denise R. 379 
Dillman, Daniel J. 297, 379 
Dillon, Andy 268 
Dillon, Dave 252 
Dillon, Mike 280 
Dillon, Marikay 379 
Dillon. Mary Ella 379 
Dilorio, Dorothy 322 
DiMaggio. Debbie 267 
DiMaggio. Frank 262 
Di Marco, Steve 265 
Dimas. Perry 224 
Diment. Maina 248 
Dimler, Ellen 258 
Dimond. Rich 359. 360 
Dimonte, Carol 257, 341 
Dimou, Catherine A. 293, 330, 
333, 345, 379 
Dinardo, Robin 379 
Dincin, Bruce 307, 340, 351 
Dineen, James C. 280, 304, 

Dineen, Kathleen M. 379 
Diner, Robin 229 
Dingillo. Lisa 228 
Dinl. John 278 
Dinschel, Dave 287 
Dinsmore. Dave 271 
Dintzis, Susannah 350 
Diombala, Karen S. 299. 379 
DiPrima, Dave 273 
DiRienzo. Janet 338 
Disanto, Tom 250 
Disbrow. Lisa C. 379 
Discher. Terry 269, 300 
Diserio, Chris 275 
Distlehorst, Heidi 243 
Dlttmer, Todd 255 
Divane. Mary 261 
Divest Now Coalition 121 
Dixon, Oean 297 
Dixon. Henry 323 
Dixon, Jill 350 
Dixon, Jody 295. 379 
Dixon, Kelley 225 
Dixon. Michele 291, 292 
Dixon, Polly 261 
Djorjic, Mira 291 
Djurlslc, Paul 235 
Doak, David B. 379 
Dobbels, Cheryl 297 
Dobias. Sue 284 
Dobnick, Michelle 231 
Dobrez, Rose 243 
Dobrinski, John 339 
Dobson. Susan 269 
Dochterman, Robert S. 264, 
298, 379 

Dodd. Angela Jill 310 
Dodd, Marsha 379 
Dodds, Donald 322 
Dodds. Ellie 339 
Doden. Marjean M. 379 
Doden. Scott J. 262, 379 
Dodge, Stephanie 291 
Doedtman. Joseph L. 283, 
308, 379 
Dohany, Joe 283 
Doherty, John 252 
Doherty, Lisa 261. 296 
Doherty, Megan 270 
Dohleman, Rebecca 327 
Doig. George J. 379 
Doles, Lisa 291 
Doligale. Robert W. 379 
Dolinsky. Arthur 355 
Dolnick, Marci 276 
Domagala, John J. 274, 302, 
349. 379 

Dombek. Deldre J. 295, 379 
Dombrowski. Robert J. 379 
Dominlak, Linda 261 
Dominis, John 273 
Donahue. Deborah S. 379 
Donahue. Jessica 350 
Donahue. Sheila M. 379 
Donaldson, Rebecca 349 
Donellan, Maggie 291 
Donlan, Tom 264 
Donlin, Annie 248 
Donnelly. James M. 25, 310, 
346, 379 

Donnely. Marybeth 270 
Donnoe. Theresa 270 
Donovan, Oerlck D. 379 
Donovan. Jane 359. 360 
Donovan, Sean 349 
Dopudja, Billie 228 
Dordek, Amy B. 261, 296. 379 
Dorfman, Ken 240 
Dorken, Kevin 264 
Dorries. Jeffrey M 227, 317, 
345. 379 

Dosen, Dan G. 280, 304, 324, 

Dosier, Mark 235, 351 , 356 
Doss. William K. 379 

Dotson, Dave 278 

Doty. Dana 225 

Dougherty. Sheila C. 379 

Doughty, Mary 359 

Douglas, Brett 279 

Douglas, Finus L 310. 379 

Douglas. Ginger J. 284, 309. 

345, 379 

Douglass, Debbie 347, 349 

Dowd, Kenneth C. 379 

Dowd. Paul 306 

Dowdy. Letitia 338 

Dowen, Elizabeth E. 299, 379 

Down, Gregory 255 

Oowney, Colleen P. 379 

Downey. James A. 310, 379 

Downing, Jill 231 

Downs, Carrie 276 

Downs, Matt 305 

Dowse, George 244 

Doyle, Brenda 258 

Doyle, Erin 231, 326, 352 

Doyle, Kely 248 

Doyle, Martin J. 379 

Doyles. Lisa 292 

Dracos. Jorgette 258 

Drager, Barry T. 271, 379 

Drake, Todd 325 

Draper, Kevin 298 

Dravillis. Mark 263 

Drawhorn, Mike 321 

Drayer, Douglas A. 379 

Drehl. Jenny 300 

Dresner, Michael 230 

Dressander, Jeff 246 

Dressel. Dave 298 

Dressel, Steve 252 

Drew, Bradley K. 379 

Drew, Kristin 241 

Drew, Lisa A. 237. 288. 379 

Drew, Midm 313 

Drew, Tim 274 

Drewice. Debbie 337 

Drewke, Debbie 337 

Drewno. Maurno. Maureen 


Drews-Macek. Joyce 340 

Drlng. Dan 111 

Drolet. Mary C. 310, 380 

Druga. Deborah R. 380 

Drummond. Mary Pat 267 

Drungil, Dede 237 

Drungil. Mary Jo 380 

Drzymkowski, Steven A. 380 

Dubin, Alana 229 

DuBois. John 234, 318 

Ducey, Joe 355 

Duckett.KIm 231 

Duckworth, Elaine 236 

Duda, Tanja 231 

Dudacek, Karen 329 

Duddleston, Joanne 380 

Dudek, Jennifer 319 

Dudek. Lynn 264 

Dudzik, Jeffrey 350 

Duerkop, Andrew 266 

Duermit, Sheila 269 

Duffield, Susan 256 

Duffy, Dave 306 

Duffy, Jennifer 258 

Duffy. Michele 380 

Dugger. Kendall 323 

Duln. Beth 238. 288. 380 

Dul, Dal 292 

Dulla, Mike 264 

Dumas, Frances A 350. 380 

Dumbovlc. Ellen 243, 290. 380 

Dumelle, Chris 274 

Dumphy, Janelle 243 

Dunaway. Tracy 354 

Dunbar. Betsi 259 

Duncan. Christine M. 380 

Duncan, Erlck 278 

Duncan, Robert J. 380 

Dungan, Jennifer 277 

Dunham. Melanie L. 380 

Dunlavy. Eileen 259 

Dunlavy. Timothy 227 

Dunn, Brad 253 

Dunn. Brian 335 

Dunn. Jenny 225 

Dunphy. Janell 290 

Dunphy. Jim 338. 342 

Durbin. Danette E. 291, 292, 

334. 350, 380 

Durbin. Tom 255 

Durdic. Stef 280 

Durer, Fred 263 

Durham. James G. 380 

Durkin. Bill 298 

Durkin, Laura 338 

Durkin. Mike 224 

Durley, Stacey 270 

Durr, Stacy E 380 

Duster. Daniel 346 

Duster. David 346 

Duster. Marlel 320 

Dusza. Nancy 291 

Duttlinger. William 320 

Dutton, Dave 297 

Duvall, Timothy F. 380 

Dvorak, Vicki 305, 359 

Dwonch, Michelle 291, 380 

Dwyer, Ann 327 

Dwyer, Kristi 225 

Dwyer, Terry 345 

Dy, Jason 283. 335 

Dyer, Andy 268 

Dyer, Chuck 278 

Dykhuis, Richard A. 360. 380 

Dykowski, Richard G. 380 

Dynan, Zip 277 

Dyrby. Katrina 258 

Dyson, Andrew R. 380 

Dzik. Carolyn 270 

Dzurny, Todd N. 380 

Eade. James 298 

Eads. Allison 269. 325 

Eagleson, Theresa 338 

Eagleton, David 306 

Ealey, Doris J. 380 

Eappen, Sunnil 306, 345 

Eappen, Susan 329 

Eardley. Jill 360 

Earl, Margie 269. 300 

Earl. Mary 350 

Eastern Orthodox Fellowship 


Eastman, Michelle 225 

Eathlngton, Sam 347 

Eaton, Grant 245 

Eaton, Maureen 270 

Eayrs, Allan 283, 319 

Ebbole. Tony 280 

Eberhart, Jane 294 

Eberk, Jim 281 

Ebmeier, Pam 258 

Ebner, Tom 239 

Ecannow, Jay 272 

Eckberg, Tina 270 

Eckenstan, John 301 

Eckerty. Sandy 238 

Eckhardt, Tim 281 

Eckle, Patricia J. 380 

Ecklund, Janis 360 

Eckman. Lorene J. 267. 299. 


Eddlngfield. Chris 258 

Eddlngton, Tom 266 

Edeatty, Mary Sue 329 

Edelsteln, Molly 276 

Ederatl, Mary S. 380 

Ederle. John 339 

Edfors, Jeff 245 

Edgar, Jamie 239 

Edldln. Laura 229 

Edson, Chrsty 276 

Edstrom, Jeffrey E. 380 

Edwards, Kim 270 

Edwards, Pat 250 

Edwards, Stacey 228 

Edwards, Tim 316 

Egan, Susan 258. 332. 339. 


Egbers. Davjd A. 380 

Eggemeyers, Rich 253, 316 

Eggerlchs. Carlth L. 225. 360 

Eggers, Krlstlne 277 

Eggers, Tim 281 

Eghan, Carrie 349 

Egnatz, Catherine 380 

Ehlert, Hans P. 380 

Ehler, Teresa 349 

Ehlers, Laura 228 

Ehlert. Hans 265 

Ehlert. John 280 

Ehman, Ronald A. 245. 290. 


Ehret, Kristin 356 

Ehrhardt. Dana 336 

Ehrllch, Jay 230 

Elchbaum, Lirone 276 

Eichorn Chris 252 

Elcken, Beth 291 

Eldler. Chris 263 

Eiiks. Linda 323 

Elite, Sharon J. 256. 380 

Elrlnber, Scott 272 

Elschen, Lisa 270 

Elseman, Lisa J. 293, 380 

Elsenberg, Dara 352 

Elsenberg. Judy 269. 344 

Elsenkamp, Lorle 297 

Elsenmann. Bradley D. 380 

Elser. Leslie 291, 344 

Elsman, Lisa 249 

Eltts, Sherry 337 

Ejupi, Michael 338 

Ekstrom. Drina 243 

El-Zeln. Nada 358 

Eland. Jeff 244 

Elander. Charles 329 

Elder. Kevin L. 274. 302, 380 

Eleam, Martha Jo 353 

Eliades, Rosa 243 

EliopoulOS, Dimitris 330 

Elkes. Michael C. 380 

Elkins, Dave 252 

Elledge. Allan 319 

Ellenby. Miles S. 282. 380 

Ellerbrock. Douglas 350 

Ellerbbrock. Jeff 232, 318 

Ellin, Laura B. 276, 303, 350. 


Ellion. Brent 235 

Elliot. Becky 358 

Elliott. Chris 318, 322, 347 

Ellis, Aaron 338 

Ellis. Brad 250 

Ellis. John 253 

Ellis. Tom 275. 339 

Ellis. Vlcki J. 380 

Ellison, Helen 340 

Ellithorpe. Jeff 250 

Ellman, Mary 236 

Ellmore. Mike 347 

Ellsworth. Diane M. 305, 380 

Ellsworth, Sam 240 

Elsberno, Brian 253 

Else, Joyce 349 

Elshaw, Patrick J. 380 

Eisner, Carol A. 380 

Eisner, Kathy 243. 290, 380 

Elwood, Eric T. 380 

Elzet, Ben 271 

Elzey. Meggon 359 

Elzey. Shawna 340 

Emery, Michelle 270 

Empen, Kathleen g. 346, 380 

Enderle, John 274 

Endre, Mark 338 

Engdai. Kristen 258. 295. 339 

Engel, Beth 276 

Engel, Oulnn M. 348. 380 



Engelhardt, Beth 291 
Engelhardt. Robert J. 280, 
304. 380 

Engelhorn. Jim 252 
Engelman. Audrey 296 
Engineering Council 331 
Engineering Open House 331 
England, Amy 261 
England, Barbara J. 310, 324, 

England, Gale 228 
England, Jennifer 269, 323 
Englehardt. Mlchele 257 
Engles, Rob 305 
Enrletto. Ned 323 
Enrlght. Mike 226 
Eplch, Susan M 381 
Erbach, Margaret A. 381 
Erhet, Kris 258 
Erlcksen, Stacey 381 
Erlckson, Joel 279 
Erlckson, Kathy 328 
Erlckson. Keith A. 226, 349, 

Erlckson, Krlsten 284 
Erlckson, Nancy 326 
Erlckson, Ty 239 
Erlnberg, Scott 327 
Erlebacher, Seth A. 331 , 381 
Erllch, Denlse 381 
Ernat, Brian 250. 381 
Ernest, Andrew E. 381 
Ernst, Laura 248 
Ernst, Peter 250. 354 
Erust, Mark 239 
Erwln. Jodi 349 
Eschavarrla, Federlco 340 
Eschenlohr, Llnnea B. 381 
Escobar, Ruben 323 
Esposlto, Rhonda 237 
Esteii, Emelda 320 
Estepp, Craig A. 381 
Estes, Brian 329 
Esworthy, Brent 253 
Etchason. Tom 252, 321 
Etherlde. Gary T. 381 
Ettema, Laura 336 
Eubank, Frank 271 
Evans. Dana 332 
Evans, Don 274, 327 
Evans, Jack 323 
Evans, Matt 194 
Evans, Sandra 350 
Evans Scholars 254 
Evansky, Dave 320 
Eveland, Kathy 326 
Everett, Eric 244 
Evers, Tom 305 
Everson. John 327 
Evltts. Robin A. 324, 359. 381 
Ewald. Steve 381 
Ewalt, Karla 320 
Ewalt, Holly 332 
Ewers, Jim 254 
Ewlng, Terri A. 284, 381 
Excell, Rich 254 

Fabbrl, Chris 231 
Fabbri, Dave 287 
Fabi, Charlyne 258 
Fabie, Victoria E. 381 
Fablsh, Katherlne A. 381 
Fabris, Gerald 31 1 
Fabulous Thunderbirds 59 
Facktor, Charles E. 381 
Fagan, Stephen 332 
Fagerson, Daniel 381 
Fagerson, Jodi 236 
Fahey, Paul V. 381 
Fahrenholtz. Bill 331 
Fairchild, Lisa 236 
Fairhead. Lisa 277 
Falvre, Kim 259 
Fajrdo, Vince 253 
Falagario, Mike 264 
Fales, Dean 264 
Faley, Kevin 246 
Falkenberg, Sandra G. 297, 

Falkner, Robert F. 381 
Fallow, Colleen 237 
Fandl, John 381 
Fang, Hao 227 
Fanning, John 274, 302. 339 
Fannlngmes, James C. 381 
Fanninghn, Joe 381 
Farad, Pete 263 
Faras, Matt 338 
Farber, Beth 276 
Farber, Greg 246 
Farley, Chris 258, 339 

Farley. Julie 347 

Farley. Sue 258, 339 

Farmhouse 255 

Farr. Steven 266 

Farrung, Pam 28Farry. Mary 

Kay 381 

Fasana. Greg 298 

Fatherese, Todd 25 

Fatscel. Tonja 

Fauble. Julie A. 269. 300. 


Faulkner. Gary 250 

Faulkner. Julie 236 

Faurle, Vanessa 327, 328, 339 

Faust, Bob 252, 355 

Faust. Carol 256, 318, 332, 


Faust. Mike 265 

Faust. Sue 347 

Favla Phillip 298, 381 

Favlla, Maynard 323 

Favorite. Phil 327. 328 

Fay, Elizabeth A. 381 

Faynor, Linda A. 237. 288,381 

Fear, Scott A. 381 

Fearins, Sue 270 

Fechter, Glna R. 243, 290, 381 

Fechtlg, Martha 258. 295 

Fedderson. Jackie 340, 353 

Ferdenci. Barry 268 

Fedor, Daniel 280, 323 

Fedus, John 262 

Fee, Janet 381 

Feeley. Kevin 307 

Feels. Edie 228 

Feeney. Greg 306 

Feeney. Pete. 244 

Fehr, Wendy 243 

Felnberg, Aron H. 381 

Feinberg, Susie 229 

Feine, Karyn 243 

Feinglass, Hope 326, 332 

Feldkamp. Kathy 257 

Feldman, Larry 278 

Feldman, Laura 357 

Feldman, Michelle 276, 326 

Feldman, Stacy M. 381 

Feldman, Susan L. 381 

Feldman, Terrt 234 

Fell, Karen 270 

Fell, Mike 282 

Felson, Eileen M. 324, 381 

Felt, Liz 381 

Fendley, Nancy 225 

Fera, Mark 28. 246, 355 

Ferczok, Lisa 238 

Ferguson, Earl 319 

Ferguson, Joseph R. 381 

Ferguson, Kim 269 

Ferguson, Mike 311, 314 

Ferguson, Phillip 350 

Ferko, Greg 280, 304 

Ferrero, Marnie 284, 325 

Ferry, John 320 

Ferry, Karen 297 

Fertig, Sarah 324,351, 356 

Fess, Martha 237 

Fesser, Debbie 256, 318, 351 

Festenstein, Jodi 259 

Fetch, Deborah 358 

Fetters, Debra 381 

Fettrerolf, Brent 268 

Feurer, Grant 224 

Fewnszlnski, John E. 381 

Flalkowskl. Mark 284 

Fialkowski, Melanie 284 

Fickert, Dave 318 

Fiedler, Christopher 350 

Fiedler, Sara L. 248, 381 

Fiedman, Lou 253 

Field, Ann 270 

Field Mary K. 381 

Fields. Gregory A. 381 

Fields. Lilli 270 

Fietsam, Glna 243, 350 

Fitles. Mary 259 

Filar, Janet L. 241 , 289. 381 

Fllip, Mark 351 , 355, 356 

Fllken, Eric 275 

Filler, Lisa 276 

Fillingim, Nancy J. 349. 381 

Fllosa. Michael P. 381 

Finan, Kathleen M. 381 

Finance Club 332 

Finch, James D. Sr. 348, 382 

Finch, Rindy 258 

Finck, Ronald E. 382 

Findling, Laura L 382 

Findysz, Anne V. 382 

Fine, Bonnie M. 229, 382 

Fine, Jonathan P. 3B2 

Finer, Meredith 249 

Flngard, Rich 282 

Fink, Michael J. 382 

Flnkel, Chris 306 

Finkle, Andrea S. 293. 382 

Flnko. Andrew 330 

Flnlay, Michael A. 232, 233. 


Finn, Carol 350. 361 

Finn. Herbert H. 382 

Flnnegan, Matt 265 

Flnnegan, Roseanne 332 

Flnnel. Susan 269 

Flnnell. John 246 

Finnoll, Roger 338 

Flnslnger, Jodi 249 

Fiolka, Elaine 338 

Flore, Julie R. 352, 382 

Fireside, David S. 382 

Firestone, Chris L. 382 

Firestone Kim M. 261, 296, 


Firth, Robin A. 382 

Fischer, Andy 263 

Fischer, Beth 294 
Fischer, Kurt G. 274, 302.382 
Fischer Mark D. 382 
Fischer Mark P. 382 
Fischer. Michael 266 
Fischer, Paula 259 
Fischer, Todd 227 
Flser, Chuck 192 
Fish, Suzanne 382 
Fishbach. Brad 274 
Fisher, Bruce N, 382 
Fisher James H. 382 
Fisher, Maria 229 
Fisher, Stacy 231 
Fishman, Howard 230 
Flste. Diane 267 
Fitch Amy A. 382 
Fitch Laurie A. 382 
Fltton, Nick 230 
Fitton, Will 324 
Fitzgerald. Jamie 382 
Fitzgerald. Kathrine 382 
Fitzgerald, Larry 247 
Fitzgerald, Lor! 382 
Fltzpatrick, Debra L. 382 
Fitzpatrlck, Joe 274, 302 
Fltzpatrick, Mary 382 
Fitzpatrlck, Meg 291 
Fltzpatrick, Robin 267 
Fitzpatrlck, Sheila M. 358. 382 
Fltzpatrick. Susan 267 
Fltzpatrik, Debbie 348 
Flack, Carolyn 256 
Flaherty, Ann M. 382 
Flahlve, John 336 
Flanagan. Michael 323 
Flanagan. Rob 289 
Flanagan, Virginia 382 
Flanders, Scott 274 
Flanders, Seth 311 
Flangel, Bryan 230 
Flannery, Julie 258 
Flannigan, Laurie 248 
Flashner, Lisa 276 
Flatt, Shawn 343 
Fleck, James K. 382 
Fleck, Mike 281 
Fteischmann, Dave 278 
Fleming, William P. 382 
Flessner, JIM 297 
Fletcher, Brenda 284 
Fletcher, James L. 345, 382 
Flicker, Jeff 308 
Fliege, Roger 242 
Flink, Matt 281 
Flinker, Bill 306 
Flinkirge. Steve 357 
Flislak, Patricia 382 
Flodstrom, Katy241, 289 
Fionas. Randy 242 
Flood, Sean 298, 316 
Flora, Jim 264 
Florian, Todd 322 
Florlnl, Tammy 228 
Floro, Clarissa D. 382 
Flora. Cristina D. 382 
Florom. Lynne 236 
Flosser, Jon 298 
Flotz, Kathy 259 
Floyd, Timothy 382 
Flynn, Ellen 248 
Flynn, Mary 259 
Flynn, Maureen 284 
Flynn, Sheila 277 
Fobert, Jeanine 269 
Fogarty, Moira 237 
Fogt. Vince 260 
Folan, John 239 
Foley, Amy E. 259, 296,382 
Foley, Clancy 273 
Foley, Frances 269 
Foley, John 239 
Foley, Tom 262 
Folkers, John 320 
Folkrod, Barbara 299, 382 
Folts, Janet 231 
Fombelle, Greg 235, 287 
Fondrevay, Jennifer 259, 339 
Fontana, Sherri 261, 334, 339, 
355, 357 

Food Science Club 332 
Foote, Jill 326 
Forani, Gerri 236 
Forbes, Sandra 382 
Forcum, Lauren 228 
Ford, Andre 348 
Ford. Bill 244 
Ford. Mike 224 
Ford, Sandra G. 382 
Ford, Sean 310 
Ford, Steven E. 382 
Ford, Susan T. 382 
Ford, Tom 234 
Forder, David 279 
Foresberg, Paul 351 

Forgas Kathy 261 

Forgatch, Amy 356 

Forman. Spencer 142 

Fornelll, Michelle 261, 344 

Forrerr, David 281, 355 

Forshier, Carrie 231 

Forrest, Amy 248 

Forrest, Karla 243 

Forsyth. Ann 261. 296, 336, 

339, 346. 354. 355. 382 

Fortney. Kyle, 313, 343 

Fosberg, Chris 282 

Fosberg, Lora 258 

Fossler, Dan 254 

Foster, Becky 236, 340 

Foster, Benlta A. 382 

Foster. Debblle 347 

Foster, Jana 225 

Foster, Melllssa L 382 

Foster, Meredith 347, 349 

Foster, Mike 253 

Foster, Rachel 228. 347 

Foster, Tonya 294, 326 

Fountain, Nan 269 

4— H House 256 

Fourez, Jeff 255 

Fourez, Robert J. 382 

Fournes, Lynette 318 

Fournler, Timothy J. 383 

Fouts, Nancy 335 

Fouts, Todd 245 

Fowler, Christi 344 

Fowler, Jill 346, 383 

Fox, Angi 231 

Fox, Brady 245 

Fox, Brian 245 

Fox, Kory 266 

Fox, Laura 237 

Fox, Lisa 237 

Fox, Marjorie 352 

Fox, Robin 237. 288 

Fox. Tamara 231 , 286, 383 

Fox, Tisha A. 383 

Foxman, Kenneth S. 272, 383 

Fracaro, Denise M. 383 

Fradin, Jerry 282 

Fraker, Matt 273 

Frampton, Gail 332 

Franceshina, Danny 332 

Franchini, Lucy A. 259. 296, 


Francis, Heather 236 

Francis, Sue 267 

Francissen, Jean 228 

Frank, Jeff 307 

Frank, Laura 228 

Frank, Lome 268 

Frank. Ralph 338 

Frank. Steve 280 

Franke. Glen O. 383 

Frankenberger. Al 253 

Frankiewicz. Tony 287 

Franklin, Elizabeth 320, 350 

Franklin, Jason 298 

Franklin, Penny 319 

Franklin, William 348 

Fransen, Brent 242 

Franz, Sarah 243 

Franze, Anthony J. 301, 383 

Frasca, Elizabeth A. 248, 291, 


Fraser, Ann 269, 300.383 

Fraser, Christy 277 

Fratesi, Ann 291 

Frazen, Troy 227 

Frazin, Jennifer B. 241, 383 

Frecker, Theresa 316 

Freda, Chris 259 

Frederick, Brian 227 

Fredericks, Charles J. 383 

Freed. Lisa J. 229. 285, 383 

Freed, Lori M. 229, 285. 363 

Freeham, Paul 298 

Freehill, Ken 260 

Frees, Edie 285 

Freelund, Sara 277 

Freeman, Bernice 346 

Freeman, Cannie 338 

Freeman, Stew 239 

Frei, Tom 275, 303 

Freidinger, Fritz E. 281, 383 

Freier, Craig 338 

Freislinger, Kirsten 338 

Frelvogel, Amy 295, 383 

French, Jennifer 352, 353 

French, Julie 243 

French, Karen D. 241, 289, 


French, Nancy 228 

French, Ray 64 

Frett, Paul 352 

Freund. Alex 244, 317, 324 

Freud, Cindy 352 

Freund. Debra L. 383 

Frey, Melissa 277, 329 

Frick. Don L. 318, 348. 383 

Friedman, Michael G. 383 

Friedman, Penny 383 

Friedlander, Alan 338 

f riedlandor. Marci 276 

Friedman, Penny 229, 285, 


Friedman. Vlcki 249 

Frievogel, Amy 258 

Frlgo, Dave 323 

Frlshman, Jeffrey B. 230. 286, 


Frlson, Nancy 227 

Frits, Barbara J. 383 

Frltts, Thomas S. 227, 323, 


Fritz, Mellnda 243, 290. 383 

Froberg, Kikl 258 

Frolik, Rich 310 

Fromm, Marcl 276, 358 

Frommeyer, Julia M. 228, 285, 


Frost, Beth 345 

Frost, Kevin 227, 310 

Fruit, William K. 383 

Fruland, Heidi C, 383 

Fry, Howie 271 

Fry, Mellnda 325, 383 

Fudacz. Brian 268 

Fugate, Eric 234, 318. 322, 


Fu|lmoto. Yvette 319 

Fuestlng. Timothy 383 

Fulk. Alan 383 

Fulk, Wendy S. 257. 295, 383 

Fulks, Glnny 236. 287, 332, 


Fulks, Joan 236 

Fuller, Roger 343 

Fuller, Thomas G. 383 

Fullerton, Julie 296 

Fullett, Michelle 276 

Fulton, Ed 252 

Fumento, Matthew C. 383 

Fung, Eric 325 

Funke, Jill 277, 344 

Fuoco, Carmela 383 

Fuqua, Faith A. 241. 289, 350, 


Fuqua, Todd M, P. 383 

Furbee, Andy 348 

Furdek. Dave 250 

Furlan, Sara 323 

Furmanek. Julie A. 299, 383 

Gabbard, Ron 263 
Gabor, Kathleen L. 383 
Gadbois. Chrisy 231 
Gadsby, Tracey 258 
Gaertner, Cathy 231 
Gaffe, Gregg 230 
Gaffner, Jerry 255. 318, 339, 351 
Gaffney, Tim 235, 287, 316 
Gagigan, James G. 383 
Gagliano, Lisa 350 
Gagliano, Mark 226 
Gain, Anne E. 243, 383 
Gainer, Kelly D. 330. 383 
Gaines, Elizabeth 256, 332. 347 
Gaitan, Juan 292 
Galemo, Cheryl 34 
Galetti, Paula 383 
Gallch, Abigail 237, 288. 383 
Galinkin.Jeff 282 
Galla, Jay 297 
Gallagher, Anne 236 
Gallagher, Beth 248 
Gallagher, Sean 250 
Gallagher, Sheryl A. 383 
Gallagher, Skip 326, 332 
Gallagher, Tony P. 260, 383 
Gallas, Sue 339 
Galletta, Maria 384 
Galhco Teresa 384 
Gallimore, Matt 246 
Gallivan, Diane 261, 335, 
Gallo, Eliza 257 
Gallo, Frank 134 
Gallo, Linda 257 
Galvez, Carla 259 
Gamma Phi Beta 257 
Gamma Phi Beta Seniors 295 
Ganch, Ken 224 
Gang, Kathy 231, 334, 356 
Gannon, Tim 311 
Gans, Daniel 227 
Gantz, Thomas W. 384 
Gapinski, Mark A. 384 
Garbacz, Kimberly A. 384 
Garbe, Paul 384 
Garcelon, Ray 239 
Garcia, Madeline 236 
Garcia, Paul M. 384 
Garcia, Ruben 298 
Gard, Kerry 243 
Gardiner, Margaret E. 384 
Gardner, Anne 332, 353 
Gardner, Bill 230 
Gardner, Christine M. 384 
Gardner, John 327 
Gardner, Kim 340 
Gardner, Virginia A. 384 
Gareiss, Robin 327, 328 
Garib, Fraisai 316 
Garland, Kathryn M. 384 
Garner, Andre 348, 350 
Garot, Pat 263 
Garoutte, Gilenna 305 
Garrison, Diane 357 
Garrison, Elizabeth 259 
Garross, Mary 269, 316, 324 
Garrott, Jenni 236 
Garvey, Jill 237 
Garvey, Margaret 269, 300 
Garwacki, Chris 274 
Garwacki, Kimberly A. 270, 384 
Gary, Chris 270 
Gasaway, James 31 9 
Gaseor, Ron! 261 
Gaskig, Michael 350 
Gasmovic, Lana 269 
Gasparac.Susa 291 
Gaswick, Michael 310, 384 
Gassmann, Frank 384 
Gates, Charles 246 
Gates, Doug 357 
Gauigan, Jim 301 
Gausselin, Ed 274 
Gauvreau, Andy 360 
Gauvreau, Julie 259 
Gaves, Elizabeth 351 

Gavin, Katie 384 

Gavin, Liz 329 

Gawne, Mlc|ael 264, 310 

Gawronski. Jerri 261 

Gay. Lisa 322 

Gaylord. Susan 243 

Gaytan, Adrlanna 228 

Gazis. Jim 235 

Geaghan, Scott 279 

Geannopulos, Sara 359 

Gearlca. Sheila 270. 356 

Gee, Cynthia D, 384 

Gehant, Sarah 284 

Gehlach, Scott 232 

Gehrholz, Karrle 259 

Geler, Cheryl 384 

Gelger, Barb 32 

Geiger, Chrlsta B. 261, 384 

Geiger, Eru 316 

Geiger, Jackie 236, 326 

Gels. Larry 339 

Geisecke. Mary 277 

Gelselhart. David 246 

Gelser, John 250, 251 

Gelsler, Candy 347 

Gelfond. Julie 229 

Gelfond. Lisa 229, 285, 384 

Gellert, Dorothy 238 

Gembala, Joe 254, 352 

Gempls, Marie 338 

Gendrlch, Julie 284. 345 

Genenz, Cynthia M- 384 

Genutis. Scott 252 

George, Debbie 340 

George, Rani 342 

George, Sandy 256 

George. Terressa E. 384 

Georgia, Beth 258, 339, 256 

Georgia, Sally 258 

Georgie, Sandie346 

Georgiopoulos, Nickolas 352, 353 

Geovanes 313 

Gergage, Steven 350 

Geraghty, Erin 291 

Geraghty. Kathy 237, 288 

Geraghty, Kevin 254 

Geraghty, James A. 384 

Geraghty, John F. 384 

Gerardi, Joe 329 

Gerardy, Daniel W. 384 

Gerardy, Laura 237 

Gerbasi. Joseph 227 

Gerbasi, Mark 227 

Gerbasi, Mary 334 

Gerber, Aaron 230 

Gerber, Stacy 229, 285, 384 

Gerberich, Debra S. 384 

Gerdes, Neal J. 384 

Gerding, Dave 224 

Gerdts. Mary 291, 291 

Geren, Susie 276 

Gerhardt, Mark 253 

Gerkin. Rachel 237 

Geriing, Rod 323 

German, Chris 270 

German, Valerie 319, 384 

Gerrib, Chris 313. 341 

Gerrietts, Darren 275 

Gershanov, Holly F. 249, 293. 384 

Gerth. Monica 270 

Gertley, Jeff 338 

Gesham, Dave 235 

Geshwind, Sue 257 

Getty, Kris 320 

Getty, Patrick J. 384 

Gewerth, Kim 238 

Ghanbari, Ray 341 

Ghislandi, Bob 266 

Giannetti, Chesi B. 248, 291, 331. 

Giannini. Vincent R. 298. 384 

Giannopoulos. Perry 330 

Gianotti, Christian 323 

Gibb. Mark 271 

Gibb, Randy 271 

Gibbons, Katie 257 

Gibbons. Kim 270 

Gibbons, Tom 239 

Gibbs, Gwen 284 

Gibson, Rick 263 

Glerat, Jack 265 

Gies. Larry 246, 324, 351, 356 

Gieselman, Robert 339 

Gleser, John 250 

Gieske, L. Dale II 384 

Gil, Naomi 231 

Gilbert. Geralynn M. 284, 309. 


Gilbert, Jeffrey I. 230. 286, 


Gilbert, Robert B. 384 

Gilbert, Tracy L. 243, 290, 384 

Gilbertson, Karen A 259, 296, 


Gile, Anne 329 

Gllfert, Michelle 225 

Gill. David, 342. 357 

Gill. Kendall 186 

Gill, Peter 255, 318, 348 

Gillen, Mike 282 

Giller, Keri 248 

Gillespie, Jamie G 384 

Gillian, Dwayne L 384 

Gllllson. Tim 226 

Gllman, Mary Jacob 384 

Gllmor, J.R. 297 

Gllmore, Bob 278, 334 

Gllmore. Carl W. 278, 327, 


Gllmore, David 255, 348 

Gllmore, Margaret 248 

Gllmore, Nancy 322 

Gllmore, Trlna 248 

Glnestra, Todd 273 

Ginsberg, Marcl 316 

Ginsberg. Susan 276, 303 

Glnty, Patrick S. 384 

Gintzler, Marcl L. 276, 303, 


Glone. Julius 348 

Glrardl, Beth 291 

Glrgls. John T. 384 

Girls Next Door, The 333 

Girnus. Al 280, 304 

Giroux. Cassie 291 

Girzadas, Patsy 259 

Glttenger. Lisa 359 

Glttler, Susan. 269. 350 

Glttleson. Michael S. 318. 384 

Glait. Wendy 249 

Glanz, Steve 244 

Glanzman, Tina M. 385 

Glasch. Keith J. 307, 350. 385 

Glass. Susan 276 

Glass Menagerie. The 34 

Glassford. Katie 231. 332 

Glassman, Denise 276 

Glassman. Kenneth 230, 286, 


Glassman. Laura 249 

Glatz. Gail 248 

Glatz, Michael A. 278, 385 

Glaubinger, Sherri 229 

Gleason, Christopher L. 278, 


Gleason, Greg 278 

Glenn, Cynthia D. 243. 290, 


Glenn, Jenny 338 

Glenn, Michael A. 385 

Glenn, Oliver J. Ill 247, 311, 


Glennon. Dave 307 

Glick, Wendi 276 

Glorioso. John R. 385 

Gloss, Matt 253 

Gluck, Laurie 229 

Gluckman, Bruce 283 

Glyman. Donald R 298. 385 

Glynn, Clair 385 

Gmitro. Mark 239 

Gnodde, Carter 280 

Gnuse, Jane 322, 336, 385 

Go, Lionel 244 

Goberville, Amy 261 

Goberville, David 246 

Goby, Pam 276 

Gockel, Dawn M. 385 

Gockman, Kevan M. 385 

Goda, Diane 231, 339 

Godfrey, John F. 385 

Godiksen, Annet 354, 355 

Goding. Cindi 231 

Goding, Craig J. 268, 325, 
352. 353. 385 

Godnik, Rob 272 

Godson. Kevin 227 

Godwin, Donald W. 385 

Goebel. Steven 349 

Goel, Steve 342 

Goeltshel, Heide 326 
; Goelz, Dan 252 

Goelz, Lisa 316, 324, 350 

Goering, Sara 350 

Goern, Sandra 194 

Goettsch, David 349 

Goottsche. Heide 225 

Goettsche, Kari 225 

Goetz, Geoff 250 

Goetz. Jackie 231 

Goetz, Peter 345 

Gohndrone, John M. 385 

Golaszewski, Man 259, 296 

Gold. Edward C. 230, 286, 


Gold, Lawrence A. 385 

Gold, Sharon R. 385 

Goldberg, Caryn 276, 359 

Goldberg, Charles 230, 286, 

339. 358, 385 

Goldberg. Melanie 229, 239 

Goldberg, Mike 275 

Goldberg, Romi 276 

Golden, Patte 329 

Golden, Peg 327 

Golden Key National Honor 

Society 333 

Goldenberg, Darci 276 

Goldenberg, Romi 324 

Goldin. Susan J. 385 

Goldish, Anthony J. 385 

Goldfine, Jill 276 

Goldfine, Susan 276, 335, 350 

Goldin, Sue 229. 285 

Goldman. Debbie 229 

Goldman, Laura 229, 350 

Goldman, Lisa 236, 344. 351 

Goldman, Rona 249 

Goldman, Sylvia A. 346. 385 

Goldrick, Joan 254 

Goldrick, John 254 

Goldsand. Lisa 316 

Goldsmith, Carol W. 284, 385 

Goldsmith, Gayle S. 267, 299. 

355. 385 

Goldsmith. Jodi 261 

Goldsmith. Julie 248 

Goldstein, Andy 276 

Goldstein, Helene S. 276, 303, 


Goldstein. Julie 276 

Goldstone, Bruce 282 

Golemo, Allison J. 385 

Golemo. Carol 323 

Golan, Donald A 385 


Goll, Jeff 340 
Goll, Kip 235, 287 
Golla, Kenneth J. 235. 287, 

Golliher, Sandra J. 385 
Golus, Christine 324 
Golz, Missy 291. 354 
Gomberg, Gayle 249 
Gomez, Edwin J. 283, 308, 

Gomien, Amy 236 
Gomora, Keith 224 
Gonsalves, Gail A. 385 
Gonzales. Myra 257 
Gonzalez, Joe 264, 280 
Gonzalez, Nancy 350 
Gonzalez, Stuart J. 385 
Goo, Gerrick 319 
Good, Beoky 340 
Goodall, Tim 252, 355 
Goodell, David 255 
Goodey, Laura 228, 285 
Goodlick, Rebecca 277, 304, 

Goodman. Lisa 284,385 
Goodman, Lori 284 
Goodman, Madeline 258 
Goodman, Paul 324 
Goodman, Susan 350 
Goodner. Ann 259 
Goodnight, Kevin 262 
Goodsnyder, Chis 282 
Goodus, Terri 236 
Goralczyk, David A. 385 
Goralka, Katre 243 
Gorbachev, Mikhail 118 
Gordon, Abby 229 
Gordon, Andy 274 
Gordon, Beth 261 
Gordon, Craig 142 
Gordon, Dante 224, 332 
Gordon, David E. 275, 385 
Gordon, Greg 252 
Gordon, Kendrick B. 385 
Gordon, Leslie B. 276, 303, 

344. 385 

Gordon, Lori 293, 385 
Gordon, Michael 324, 326 
Gordon, Stacey 276 
Gordon, Teresa L. 385 
Gore, David L. 365 
Gorecki, Anne 293 
Gorham, Mark 244 
Gorinden, Kathy 332 
Gorman, Brett 224 
Gorman, Lori 318 
Gorman, Meg 267 
Gorman, J. Patrick 252, 293, 

Gorman, Thomas A. 254, 275, 
303. 385 
Goro, Tina 231 
Gorski, Donna 231 
Gorski, Kenneth S. 385 
Gorski, Steven E. 280, 304, 

Gorier, Dwayne 254 
Goss, Bob 232, 252 
Goss, Derrick 252 
Goss, Jane 256 
Gosker. Wendy 316 
Gotelll, Tamay 335 
Gotfryd, Maria 329 
Gothelf, Joyce C. 386 
Gottemoller, Jeanne 353 
Gotter, Patricia 316 
Gottesman, Lisa 276, 303, 350 
Gottsman, Jay 194, 275 
Gould, Eric 274 
Gould, Patrice 358 
Goulet, Mark 246 
Goulet, Steve 246, 339, 351 
Gourdie, Shawn 258 
Govoni, Donald E. 386 
Goyette. Cherle 332 
Goze, Greg 244 
Grabske, Keith 297 
Grace. Matt 194 
Grace. Maura 243, 332 
Gradert, Tari 259 
Gradert, Tracy L. 259, 296, 

345, 386 

Gradman, Ken 282 
Grady, Brian P. 386 
Grady, Patrick 323 
Graef Midm. 313 
Graffagna, Julie 333, 359 
Graffner, Jerry 318 
Graham, Charles H. 25, 250, 
329, 345, 386 

Graham, Frances D. 386 
Graham, Jim 252, 293 
Graham, Kristine 329 
Graham, Mike 234 
Graham, Stacey L. 310, 386 
Grahn, Pete 301 
Graika, Mindy 243 
Grammer, James 313, 323 
Grammer, Jeff 278 
Grammer, John 265 
Granby, Lyna 336 
Granby, Lynn 228, 347 
Grand, Stacey 229 
Grandcolas. Debbie 243 
Grandcolas, Sally 291 
Grane, Allan 250 
Granick, Judy 276 
Grannan. Vicki 236 
Gransten, Leora 249 
Grant, Guy R. 283, 303, 386 
Grant, Jason F. 275, 345, 386 
Grant, Jim 263 
Grant, Kelly 359 
Grant, Lisa 276, 303, 333, 386 
Grapinski, Mark 354 
Grasher, Mike 255, 318, 339 
Grauer, Corey H. 386 
Gravelle. Mike 307 
Graves, Pamela 320 


Guajardo, Beto 262 

Gudim, Eric 283 

Guelfi. Barb 277, 304, 350 

Guerrero, John 339 

Guinee, James P. 306, 350, 

358, 386 

Guinee, Pat 239 

Gullakson, Sue 243 

Gulik, Julie A. 386 

Gunderson, Eric 336 

Gundrum, Larry 274 

Gunn, Carline 241 

Gunnarson, Charles W. 387 

Gunning, Sheryl 236, 339, 359 

Gunter, Todd 305, 313 

Gunzy, Jay 246 

Gupta. Chandra 353 

Gupta. Rohit 355 

Gupta, Vipin 355 

Gurick, Frank 239 

Graves. Terry 386 

Gravgaardd 31 3 

Graville, Catherine L. 386 

Grawey, Lisa 269, 329 

Gray, Andrew 227 

Gray, Carron 322, 345, 386 

Gray, Celeste 261. 296 

Gray, Christine E. 284, 386 

Gray, Daniel P. 386 

Gray, Mary 225 

Gray, Nathan A. 386 

Gray, Rob 250, 355 

Graziadei, Rich 306 

Grazian, Lawrence 224, 332, 


Grazien, Victor 224 

Greek Council on Campus 

Affairs 334 

Greeks for Greeks 222, 334 

Greek Week Committee 335 

Green, Bill 321 

Green Cherl 236, 322 

Green Howard 230 

Green, Katie 347 

Green, Kelly 261, 291, 292 

Green, Michael A. 260, 386 

Greenber, Michelle 332 

Greenberg, Barry 282 

Greenberg, Danny 230, 282, 


Greenberg, Joanne 249 

Greenberg, Michelle 276 

Greenberg, Randi 248, 249 

Greenberg, Scott M. 194, 386 

Greenberg, Steve 282 

Greenblatt. Darin 230, 357 

Greene, Bruce W. 386 

Greene, Jaime 229, 285 

Greene, Kelly 346 

Greene, Thomas 319 

Greenfield, Julie 276 

Greenlaus, John 319 

Greenstein, Alan H. 386 

Gregerson. Gary A. 307, 352, 

357. 386 

Gregory, Jeff 232, 318, 324, 


Grelbe, David 323 

Greiling, Scott M. 386 

Gresham. Dave 235 

Grewfield, Dave 272 

Grgas, Andl 359 

Grgas, Paul 254 

Griesenauer, Daniel J. 386 

Grieshelmer, David 266 

Griffin, Kimberly A. 331, 386 

Griffin. Hoyt 245. 290 

Griffin. Tanya A. 386 

Griffith, Gary 245 

Griffith, John D. 271, 386 

Griffith, Valerie A. 386 

Griggs. Wynne M. 236, 287, 

339, 366 

Grigus. Diane 228, 285 

Grill, Lucy 231 

Grimes, Kristin 258 

Grlndley, Shelley L. 386 

Grippando. Mark 316, 339, 

345, 386 

Grlscho, Vicki 352 

Gristkemper, Damien 306 

Groas. Paul 254 

Groat, Cheryl L. 386 

Grobstein, Beth A. 358. 386 

Grobstein, Susan 322 

Groce, Michelle 241, 326 

Groenewold, John 323 

Groggan, Tom 254 

Groh, Heidi 297 

Grohne, Kristy 248 

Grooms, Lisa J. 386 

Gronkowski, Lisa 231, 341 

Groppel, Jack 339 

Grosklaus, Steve 252, 293 

Groskopf, Jack 386 

Gross, Brian 246 

Gross, Carmel T. 386 

Gross, Donna I, 386 

Gross, John 275, 303 

Gross, Michelle N. 229. 285. 


Gross, Sandra L. 243, 290, 


Gross, Scott 263, 323 

Grossman, Jordon W. 386 

Groth, Bill 323 

Grove, Nancy E. 386 

Grubb, Cheryl L. 236, 287, 

324, 386 

Grubb, Kim 248 

Grube, Mark J. 386 

Gruber, Chris 284, 309 

Gruber, Scott 297 

Gruber, Sharon M. 386 

Grudzien, Holly 284 

Gruner, Joey A. 323, 386 

Gruning, Wendy 257 

Grutzius, Brian 245 

Gryca, Ron 254 

Grzelak, Bob 344 

Grzelweskl, Cathy 269, 316, 


Gurman, Meg 339 
Gurney, Gwen 237 
Gusewelle. Glen A. 297, 313, 

Guss, Jennifer 228, 229, 285 
Gustafsen, David 349 
Gustafson, Bob 283 
Gustafson, John 274, 302, 
319, 387 

Gustafson, Lars 352 
Gutenson. Joanne 277 
Guthmann, Linda J. 269, 300, 

Guthoff, Cynthia A. 241, 289, 
350, 387 

Guthrie, Stephanie R. 387 
Gutierrez, Alvin H. 387 
Guttman, Glenn 352, 358, 
360, 387 

Guzman, Glenn 252 
Guzman, Steve 350 
Gwynne, Mark 240 


Ha. Martha 310, 387 

Haake, Jim 263 

Haake, Michelle J. 387 

Haaland, Tracy 231 

Haarsgaard. Karen 236 

Haas, John H. 387 

Haase. Steven 350 

Haberkorn, Christa A. 387 

Habermey, Karl 332 

Hablng, Douglas J. 387 

Habling, Douglas 349 

Hachenburg, Erlck 387 

Hachey, Dawn M. 324, 387 

Hacke, Scott 319 

Hacker, Dirk 239 

Hacker, Tracy 387 

Hackett, Terrence C. 275, 301 , 

355, 387 

Haddad, Ben 244 

Haddad, Phil 244 

Hadden, Dale B. 322, 387 

Hadden, Kenneth N. 318, 387 

Haden, George 347 

Haegele, Barbara L. 387 

Haegele, Glen 349 

Haerlng, Edward A. 387 

Haertling, Carol 297 

Hagan, Kristie 236 

Hagen, Brent 226 

Hagen, Chris 253 

Hagen, Gretchen 259 

Hagen, Phil 281 

Hagener, Paul M. 306, 387 

Hager, Krlsten 228 

Hagle, Gretchen C. 258, 387 

Hagner, Laura D. 332, 387 

Hahn, Jennifer 248 

Hahn, Kent R. 387 

Hahn, Matt 262 

Hahn, Mike 318 

Haid, Matt 230 

Hauenga, Rita 336 

Hailey, Kimberly J. 259, 296. 


Haimbaugh. St9ve 297, 332 

Haime, Kevin D. 387 

Hakimlan, Karen 229 

Halaby, Angle 228 

Haldeman, Clayton D. 387 

Haldln, Kevin 235 

Hale, Chris 236 

Hale. Shannon 237 

Hale. Stephanie 258 

Haley, Lisa 387 

Hall. Jack K. 387 

Hall, James M. 387 

Hall, Jon 281 

Hall, Julie 270 

Hall, Karen 270, 324 

Hall. Leanne 241 

Hall, Linnea 284 

Hall. Megan 257 

Hall, Paula Smith 193 

Hall, Valerie R. 387 

Halleran, Kathleen 228 

Halm. Marty 254 

Halperin, Andrea 229 

Halperin, Ira 244 

Halperin, Jennifer 229 

Ham, Jong Ho 271 

Hamalis, Diki 241 

Hamann, Brian 235, 287 

Hamann, Steve 264 

Hamann, Teresa 310 

Hamburg, Keith 283, 308 

Hamelberg, Susan L. 387 

Hamelbert, Sue 225 

Hamiel. Scott 292, 344 

Hamilton, Amy 258 

Hamilton, Chris 228 

Hamilton, dovia A. 387 

Hamilton, Grant 252 

Hamilton, Kirk 264 

Hamilton, Liz 229 

Hamilton. Richard G. 266, 387 

Hamilton, Sandy 257 

Hamlin, Lisa A. 387 

Hamman, Dave 232, 233 

Hammann, Kevin 234 

Hammel, Lisa 277 

Hammond, Amy 243 

Hammond, Steve 246 

Han, Phil 226 

Hanacek, Christopher J. 254, 


Hancock Midm. 313 

Hancock, Daryl R. 387 

Hancock, Mary C. 387 

Hancock, Paula 222, 291. 334 

Hancock, Trey 274, 339 

Handler, Anne 225, 269 

Handler, David 230 

Handler. Elizabeth M. 387 

Handler. Liz 292 

Handler. Steven I. 324. 387 

Handley, Curt 242 

Hands Across America 120 

Hanekamp. Nicki 267 

Haney, Ellen 349 

Hanfland, Mark 280 

Hankla, Todd 324 

Hanley, Elizabeth C. 241, 289, 

344, 387 

Hanley, John 298 

Hanlon, Chris 321 

Hanlon, John 273 

Hanna, Jennifer 267. 299, 350 

Hannagan, Sarah 277 

Hannah, Erich C. 310. 387 

Hanne, Eric 323 

Hans, Nora K. 387 

Hansen, Allen 323 

Hansen, Barbara R. 241, 289, 


Hansen, Brian 301 

Hansen, Carole A. 277, 304, 


Hansen, Catherine L. 387 

Hansen, Christy 236 

Hansen, Darrln M. 387 

Hansen, Edward J. 274, 302, 


Hansen, Eric 297 

Hansen, Robert C. 388 

Hansen, Sherry 297 

Hansen, Sheryl 388 

Hanson, Bill 273 

Hanson, Cathy 237 

Hanson. David 279 

Hanson, Gina 248. 344. 345, 


Hanson, Jen 257 

Hanson, Jim 329 

Hanson, Kristan M. 356, 388 

Hanson, Leisa M. 310, 388 

Hanson, Michael 388 

Hanson, Richard F. 275, 303, 


Hanson, Stacle L. 353, 388 

Hantsbarger, Gary 338 

Hanzlik, Frank D. 281, 326, 

334, 388 

Haracz, Laura 270 

Harby, Sue 388 

Hardcastle, Christine A. 388 

Harden, Elizabeth 388 

Hardesty, Bart 255, 335 

Hardiman. Megan 291 

Hardin, Peter B. 25, 111, 262, 


Hardin, Sonya 270 

Harding, Scott 260 

Harding, Tim 240 

Harding, Thomas 388 

Hardier. Liz 291 

Hardt, Brian E. 349. 388 

Hardy. Christopher 388 

Hardy, Jeanne 291 

Hardy, Timothy W. 388 

Hardy, Vendetta D. 388 

Harenza, Karen 269 

Harlleld. Kim 229, 332 

Hargls, Jennifer 332 

Hargrave, Andrew C, 318. 388 

Harkness. Timothy D. 388 

Harman. Tom 308 

Harmening, Diane 299, 326 

Harmer, Derek 306 

Harmon, Bill 347 

Harmon, Dan 268 

Harmon, Margaret 332 

Harmon, Matt 280 

Harmon, Terrence L. 388 

Harms, Kimberly A. 388 

Harms, Scott 235 

Harper. Brian 278 

Harper, Chuck 224 

Harrell, Amelia M. 388 

Harrell, S.J. 388 

Harreman, John 128 

Harrington, Doug 235, 287 

Harrington, Lee 357 

Harrington. Sean 307 

Harrington, Wendy L. 267, 

299, 388 

Harris, Andrew 227 

Harris, Brian L. 388 

Harris, Carta L. 388 

Harris, Emily 284 

Harris, Greg 282 

Harris. Jason B. 388 

Harris. Julia 229 

Harris. Julie 324 

Harris. Mary 319 

Harris, Roger 244 

Harris, Scott 282 

Harris, Wendy 340 

Harrison, Anne Marie 291 

Harrison, Janet E. 388 

Harrison, Michael E. 329. 388 

Harrison. Rodney 246 

Harrold. Steve 234, 323 

Harrow, Barbara 324 

Harrow, Wendy L. 305. 332, 


Harryman, Sally A. 228, 285. 


Harshbarger. Maureen 236 

Hart, Helen 256. 347 

Hartlgan, Michael 280 

Hartke. Chris 318. 347 

Hartley. Lauren J. 259. 296. 


Hartmann, Jennifer 236 

Hartmann, Kent 227 

Hartner. Debbie 291, 292 

Hartrick 313 

Hartwig, Victoria 269 

Harty, Susan K. 388 

Hartzel, Sharon A. 277, 304, 


Hartzman, Jill 276 

Hartzman, Sharl N. 276, 303, 

Harvath, Ann 236 
Harvey, Tim 262 
Hasani, Florije 350 
Hasen, Suzy K. 258, 295, 358. 

Hasenfus, Eugene 121 
Hashbarger, June 353 
Hash Wednesday 70 
Haskins, Carol M. 386 
Haskins, Pamela 388 
Hass, Diane 332 
Hass, John 354, 355 
Hass, Lorelei H.D. 241, 289, 
322, 388 

Hatfield, Eric 232 
Hattendorf, Kevin 265 
Hattwiek, Philip 262, 327 
Haubold, Bill 268 
Haufschild, Sue 258, 310 
Haug, Dave 253 
Hauge, Teresa J. 388 
Hauselman, Ellyn D. 293, 388 
Hauser, Jennifer 248, 349 
Hausler, Kris 237 
Hausman, Katl 237 
Hausman, Thomas C. 388 
Hausmann, Heidi E. 388 
Havel, Julie 237 
Haverty, Deirdre 388 
Haviland, Linda 350 
Hawbaker, Scott 318, 347 
Hawkins, Christopher 319 
Hawkins, Daniel C. 388 
Hawkins, Michael R. 327. 328. 

Hawkins, Stacy 270 
Hawkins, Steve 255 
Hawks, Lara 277 
Hawley, Allyson 357 
Hay, Alexandrea CD. 388 
Hay. Chris 308 
Hayashi. Shulchl 332 
Hayden. Beth 267 
Hayden. Cathy 259 
Hayes, Amy 277 
Hayes, Brad 235 
Hayes, Christopher J. 250, 
251, 388 

Hayes, Colleen 294 
Hayes, Heather M. 345, 388 
Hayes, Joan 243 
Hayes, Kathy 284 
Hayes, Matt 265 
Hayes. Patrick B. 322 
Hayes. Rich 264 
Hayes. Ruth Anne 310 
Hayes. Tammy 270. 388 
Hayman, Pete 265 
Hays, Debbie 243 
Hays, Julie 241 
Hayward, JIM 336, 353 
Haywood, Rich 283. 319 
Hazan, Gary 272 
Hazleton. Chris 274 
Head, Beth 228 
Head, Jane 253 
Healey, Phil 244 
Health Advocates 335 
Healy, Lori 243 
Healy. Maureen, 256 
Healy, Stephanie 269 
Healy, Tammy 243 
Heaton, Carmen 270 
Heavlin. Holly 359 
Hebert. Mike 176 
Hecht. Beth 267 
Hecht. David 253, 311 
Hect, John 224, 310 
Hecht, Laura J. 352, 389 
Heckman, Julie 259 
Hedgecock, Bart 224 
Hedlin, Gregory 279 
Hedrick 313 
Hedrick, John 319 
Hedrick, Scott 266 
Hedrick, Sharon 329 
Hege. David C. 389 
Heggemeier, Betty 336 
Heiberger, Beth 277 
Heldenreich. Mark A. 389 
Heidenry. Emily 277 
Hellizer. Timothy J. 389 
Heilman, Robert M. 389 
Helm.Julie C. 352. 389 
Hein, Tom 224 
Heln. Randall 279 
Heinen. Jennifer 229 
Helnene, Jamie 229 
Helnti Nancy A. 389 
Heinze, Don 239 
Helnzeroth, Bob 389 
Heirty, Patrick 323 
Helse, Carol 328 
Heiss, Anastasia 339 
Hejeebu, Srini 305 
Heiss. Staci 228 
Holding, Sharon 360 
Helfrich, Andrew 389 
Helgesen, Cassie 345, 389 
Helm, Kathy 344 
Heller. Terri 357 
Helm, Michael 235, 350, 351 
Helmchen, Donna J. 389 
Helmich, Dennis 349, 389 
Helmich, Kevin 252 
Helmin, Dan 252, 326 
Helms, David 349 
Helms, Janet 256, 332 
Helms. Michelle 269 
Hanson. Lou 185 
Helpleman. Holly 225 
Helverson, Kip 253 
Hemenway. Kristie 284, 332 
Hemphill. Mark 268 
Henderson 313 
Henderson, John 345 
Henderson, Linda A. 389 
Henderson. Marc F. 389 
Henderson, Susan 291 
Hendra, Catherine A. 389 
Hendra. Katie 277. 304 

Hendricks 313 
Hendricks. Barbie 270, 332 
Hendricks, Cynthia S. 355, 
359, 389 

Hendricks, Lisa A. 389 
Hendricks. Nancy 261 
Hendrlcksen, Britt 277 
Hendrlcksen, Erika 284 
Hendron, Robert 349 
Henehan, Kathleen M. 324, 
329, 389 

Henehan, Martin 298 
Henek, John 244 
Henkel. Lisa 323 
Henkels>Sue 248, 339 
Henley, Rick 234 
Hennelly, Pat 254 
Hennessy, Debbie 354, 357 
Hennig, Roberta 297 
Hennings, Alison E. 389 
Henrlchs, Bethany A. 291, 

292, 389 

Henry, Brian E. 389 

Henry, Robert S. 339, 389 

Henry, Wayne 389 

Henschler, Kathleen S. 269, 

300, 389 

Hensel, Mary 231 

Henson, Leigh Ann 258, 339. 


Heppe, Pat 279 

Herald, Jeff 268 

Herbert, Mike 271 

Herbie, Ted 240 

Herbig, Aaron 323 

Herblg, Theodore R. 289. 331 . 


Herbst, Steve 263 

Herman. Jonathon 389 

Herman. Steve 253. 354, 355 

Hermann, Jennifer M. 237, 

288, 389 

Hermes, Chris 311 

Hermes, Lisa 291 

Hernan, Steve 245 

Hernandez, Leo 226 

Herndon. Philip H. 389 

Herr, Jean 231 

Herr, Mary Beth 299 

Herran, Tim 275 

Herrington, Angie 261 

Herrmann, Ron A. 389 

Herron, Carolyn 359 

Herschbach, Beth 257 

Herse. Jennifer 236 

Hershberger. Thomas A. 252. 

293. 389 

Hershinow. Amy 229 
Hershinow. Scott 282 
Hertel. Joe 235. 287 
Hertenstein, Patricia 389 
Herting, Bob 244 
Herting. Christine 294 
Heselbarth, Cathy 299 
Hess, Darns 359. 360 
Hess, Senda D. 350, 389 
Hessel, Eve C. 389 
Hesselbarth, Cathy 267 
Hessling, Amy L. 243, 290. 

Hester. Ann 291 . 332 

Hester, Princess Michelle 389 

Hettenhausen, Jeff 262 

Hettinger, Timothy J. 274. 

302, 334, 389 

Hettinger, Tony 332 

Heusdens, Leigh Ann 228 

Hewitt, Jack 268 

Hewitt, Ronda L. 297, 389 

Hexdall 313 

Hexdall, Cynthia 310 

Hexdall. Eric 389 

Heyen, Lori 277, 318, 347 

Hickey, Frank 255, 318 

Hickey, James P. 389 

Hickey, Lisa 267 

Hickey, Maureen 335 

Higbee, Linda A. 356. 389 

Higdon. Mary Ann 326 

Hlggins. Ann 270. 339 

Higgins, Cheryl 228 

Higgins. David 323 

Higgins. Jeffrey W. 271. 319. 


Higgins. Rob 263 

Higgins. Nancy A. 389 

Hight, Karen 389 

Hight, Marcia A. 294, 389 

Hightower, Edward T. 331, 


Hild, Harold W. 250. 251, 390 

Hildebrand, Barbara L 243. 

290, 390 

Hildebrand. Ilyse 229 

Hildebrandt. Nancy 259. 296 

Hildner, Thomas R. 390 

Hiles. Scott 319 

Hilgeman. Scott 224 

Hill, Andy 279 

Hill, Charles E. 390 

Hill, Elizabeth 390 

Hill, Jim 275, 303 

Hill, Joshua A. 390 

Hill. Laura 228 

Hill. Sandy 243 

Hillebrand. Julie 261 

Hillebrand. Kristen 277 

Hilliard. Kathy 228 

Hillier. Susan 241 

Hillman, Joshua 337 

Hilton, Katherlne A. 277, 304, 


Himmelfarb, Tamara 350 

Hinds. Paige 228 

Hindsley. Julia 324 

Hlndsley, Julie 270 

Hines, Eliza 257 

Hines, Paige 339 

Hingorani. Yamini N. 390 
Hink, Ann 228 
Hinkston, Brent 255, 312 
Hinton, Christine 261, 356 
Hlnton, Jolene 248. 291, 325, 
345. 390 

Hinton. Lance 280 
Hipp. Tom 281 
Hirata, Keiko 258 
Hlrsch, Leslie C. 354, 390 
Hirsch, Michelle J. 390 
Hirsch. Paul 272, 312, 355, 

Hirsch, Steven M. 310, 390 
Hirschfield, Winkle 359 
Hirshman, Marc 331. 339 
Hirshman, Neil 339, 346 
Hitchins, Scott 280 
Hite, Lori 267 
Hixson, Dave 283, 308 
Hochstrasser. Jennifer A. 284, 
309, 344, 390 
Hockman, Amy 329 
Hodgett, David 239. 390 
Hoeferle, Kurt 240 
Hoefft, Tim 283 
Hoefft, Tom 283. 331 
Hoeger. Brian 297 
Hoekstr. Gina 270 
Hoelzer, Hal D. 390 
Hoerr, Nathan R. 390 
Hoexter, Jim 283, 308 
Hoey. Aline 237 
Hofbauer, Bruce 232 
Hoff, Joseph W. 390 
Hoff, Sandy 284 
Hoff, William J. 311, 390 
Hoffman 313 
Hoffman, Andrea 390 
Hoffman, Bryan D. 390 
Hoffman, Christy D. 390 
Hoffman, Hosh 278 
Hoffman, Janet 256. 324, 347, 

Hoffman, John D. 390 
Hoffman, Lisa 225 
Hoffman, Michael 282. 324, 

Hoffman, Michelle 229 
Hoffman. Sandi 231 
Hoffman, Steve 283. 352, 353 
Hoffman, Susan K. 390 
Hoffman, Tom 253 
Hoffmann, Lisa 332 
Hoffmelster, Jon 305 
Hogan, Edward P. 273, 390 
Hogan, Kathleen 261 
Hogan, Kimberly A. 390 
Hogan, Tom 246 
Hoge, Christina L. 390 
Hohbach, Mary 337 
Hohm, Heather 390 
Hoke. Chad A. 318. 322, 390 
Holas, Frank J. 266, 390 
Holaway. Jeffrey E. 390 
Holba. Ellen 236. 329 
Holbrook. Leslie P. 390 
Holcomb. Franklin H. 390 
Holdampf, Brian 274 
Holland, Eric 297, 326 
Holler, Amy 270 
Holllnger, Chris 239 
Hollman, Amy 261 
Holloman, Rlc 226 
Holloway. Tim 310 
Holmes. Deni 248 
Holmes. Denise 291 
Holmes. Derek 275 
Holmes. Sandie L. 390 
Holmstrom, Chris 232 
Holper, Anne 258 
Holstrum, Chris 22 
Holt. Jenny 229 
Holtcamp, Bob 246, 326 
Holtgrave, Jeremy 319 
Holton, Edward E. 310, 390 
Holtzman, Rob 252 
Holub, Shannon 344, 345, 390 
Holwick, Diane 360 
Holwick, Scott 227, 352 
Holzhall, Julie 270. 329 
Holzhauer Jr.. Edwin C. 390 
Homann, Matt 242 
Homecoming Committee 336 
Homma, Kathy 284 
Homolka. Lynn Ann 257 
Homrighausen. Douglas 318. 

Honcharuk, Sara 257 
Honeg. Mark 310 
Hong, Joanne 390 
Hong, Jongweon 390 
Hong, Taesong 343, 390 
Honzel, Sue 333. 359 
Hood. Micheal J. 263. 390 
Hood. Robert M. 226. 390 
Hood, Valerie 310 
Hood, Warren 275, 303, 390 
Hoogstraat. Dale 266 
Hool. David S. W. 390 
Hook. Jack 281 . 332 
Hooks. James 321 
Hoover, Al 273 
Hoover. Bonnie 258 
Hope, Alan 273 
Hopewood, Denise 337 
Hopkins, William C. 301 
Hopkins, Frank 232. 318 
Hopkins. Patricia 225 
Hopkins. Tabby 291 
Hoppenrath. Jim 250 
Hopwood, Denise 243. 289, 
339. 390 
Horak, Bob 338 
Horbelt. Marilyn L. 236, 287, 
331. 390 

Hork, Wendy 229 
Horkavi, Robert 263. 319 
Hormell, Eric 308 
Horn, Terry 278 
Horsch, Scott G. 345. 391 
Horslev. Elizabeth 258 
Horticulture Club 336 
Hortin, Audra 269, 318, 347 
Hortin. Doug 255 



Horton, Mary 391 
Horvath. Susan M. 236. 310, 

Horaitz. Marcy 229 
Hose. Bob 345 
Hosek, Rich 345 
Hosklns. Maury 232. 335 
Hospitality Management Club 

Hotchklns. Mike 278 
Hotchner, Nancy L. 391 
Hoth. Sandra L. 391 
Houghteling, Jennifer A 391 
Houlihan. Lynn 237 
Houman. Mary Lynn 357 
Houser, Katherine M. 391 
Houser. LaTonya 330 
Houston. Linda 310 
Hovermale. Kim 248 
Hovermale. Ronald T. 391 
Howard. Alicia A. 330, 391 
Howard. Allsa 276 
Howard. Jack L. 279. 391 
Howard. Marilyn 350 
Howard, Mike 282 
Howard. Stephanie 270, 391 
Howdle, Sue 291 
Howe, Bill 194. 297 
Howe, Jim 306 
Howell, Elizabeth 350 
Howell, Peyton 291 
Howell, Tom 224 
Howerton. Ken 297 
Howlett, Lisa Kathryn 270, 

Hoyle, Christopher 391 
Hrustek, Lorna E. 391 
Hrutshetsky. Oryna 360 
Hsu. Eugenia 297 
Hsu, Yi-Fan 391 
Htwe, Richard 250. 324 
Hu, Linda 391 
Huang, Eun Y. 343 
Huang, Wilson 260 
Hubbard. Mike 262 
Hubbard, Patricia M. 248, 
291, 391 

Hubbard, Steven 319 
Hubble. Todd 255, 318 
Huber. Deborah M. 241. 289. 
318. 347, 391 
Huber, Jeff 336 
Hubert, Joel, 283. 308 
Hubka, Anne Marie 277 
Hubner, Michelle 291 
Hubner. Sharon 349 
Hudson, Kent 232 
Hudson, matt 252, 334 
Hudson, Michael 348 
Hudson, Shana 350 
Huebner, Bradley S. 226, 391 
Huels, Stacey 255 
Huels, Stacie 318 
Huelsman, Mary 256, 347 
Huff, Mike 306 
Huffhines, Joe 298 
Huffman, Dana 231, 332 
Huffman, Mike 250 
Huftalin, Carl 232, 233 
Hughes, Brian 273 
Hughes, Colleen 356 
Hughes, George 307 
Hughes, Marion 241 
Hughes. Matthew W. 281, 
318. 322. 391 
Hughes. Susan 236 
Hughes, Timothy 280 
Hughes Jr., Joseph 227 
Huhn. John 275 
Hull, Kim 236, 324, 351 
Hulmes, Wendy R. 291, 292, 

Hulsman, David 279 
Hultonhoft. Kathy 289 
Hultqulst, Mary Lou 224, 339 
Hulvat, Scott 250 
Human Resources and Family 
Services 337 
Humay, Meg 225 
Hume, Amy 237 
Hummel, John 278 
Hummel, Lisa 238 
Humphrey. Carol J. A. 228, 
285. 391 

Humphrey, David 255 
Humphrey, Darryl 391 
Humphrey, John J. 391 
Humphrey, Ted 343 
Humphreys. Rob 232 
Hundt, Erin 256. 347. 355 
Hunnicutt, David 280 
Hunsaker, Jelle 237 
Hunt, Andrew 391 
Hunt. Bill 246, 247 
Hunt. Christopher L. 391 
Hunt, William T. 391 
Hunter, Dave 305 
Huntsinger, Reld C. 391 
Hupperlch. William J. 391 
Hurlburt, Evan 349 
Hurley. Bill 224 
Hurley, Norman J. 321 
Hurrelbrink. Ann 269 
Hursh, Bobbi 236. 337. 359 
Hurst. Darren 232 
Hurt, Jeff 280. 304 
Husak, Tanla 228 
Husby, Diane 304 
Husby, Dianne C. 277 
Huss. Carol 269 
Huss. John 323. 391 
Husselni. Ghalib 226 
Hussman, Edward 306, 319 
Huston, Chad 275 
Hutchison, Catherine M. 270, 

Hurt. Steve 263 
Huttas. Marcy. 269 
Huttenhoff, Kathleen 241. 345. 

Hutton. Deborah L. 294, 351. 

Huwer, Stephanie 248 
Huzinga, Dave 298 
Hwang, Jl 261 
Hwang, Pete 268 
Hwang. Sharon 284 
Hyatt. John E. 391 
Hyde, Laura 349 
Hyde, Ted 240 
Hyland, Ashly 261 
Hynes, Patty 261 . 357 
Hyser, Sue 243. 290 
Hyzny. Mlcheal T. 391 

laconelll, Barb 269. 350 

Icenogle. Tim 232 

Idaszek. Marty 226 

Idaszak. Ray L. 391 

Ideno. Karen 248 

Idler. Don 230 

Idler. Steven J. 331. 391 

Igolka. Denlse 276 

Ihnat. Gwen 353 

Ihssen. Scott W. 391 

Ikenn, Steven 391 

lllini Emergency Medical 

Services 338 

lllini Football Team 166 

lllini Golf Team 192, 193 

lllini Martial Arts 338 

lllini Media Company Board 

of Directors 339 

lllini Mens Cross Country 

Team 196 

lllini Mens Basketball Team 


lllini Mens Soccer Club 206 

lllini Mens and Womens 

Swim Team 204 

lllini Mens Tennis Team 195 

lllini Pride 339 

lllini Riding Club 340 

lllini Union Board 340 

lllini Womens Basketball 188 

lllini Womens Tennis Team 


Illinois Technograph 341 

Illinois Varsity Mens Glee 

Club 311 

Illy. Tanja 277 

Imber, Rachel 229 

Imig. Kathy 267 

Immlng, Jill 231, 336 

Independent Student 

Organization 342 

Indovina. Carl 350 

Ingelman, Audrey 296 

Ingkarrrisoin, Susie 342 

Ingolla, Sharon M. 391 

Ingrassia, Adrianne 248 

Ingrassia. Beth 237, 288 

Inigarida, Debra L. 267, 299, 

326. 391 

Inman, Charles T. 391 

Inman, Sarah J. 391 

Institute of Electrical and 

Elctronics Engineers 341 

Interfraternlty Council 312 

loanidis, Paul 298 

loannidis, Tasos 330 

loannidis. Yiannis 330 

Irons. Laurie M. 391 

Irwin, Steve 328 

Isaacs, Cheryl 276 

Isaak, Flash M. 391 

Isacson, Mike 250 

Isacson, Scott 250 

Isbell. Drew 306 

Iskalis, Lisa 258 

Ivall. Randall 323 

Ivan, Andrea 316 

Ivens, Loreena 234 

Ivens. Ralph 234 

Iversen, Kristin 258 

Iversen. James 349 

Iverson, Kristin 339 

Iverson, Kurt 273 

Ivorlo, Jim 263 

Iwanskl, BUI 226 

Jable, Scott 227 
Jackowski, Annette 340 
Jackson, Brian 279 
Jackson, Darla L. 329, 391 
Jackson, Dawn 284 
Jackson, Deron 319 
Jackson, Jan 269. 300, 391 
Jackson, Jeanne 261 
Jackson, John 323 
Jackson, Kate 241 
Jackson, Laurie A. 310, 392 
Jackson, Mark W. 392 
Jacson, Todd 254 
Jackson, Trojan 321 
Jacky. BUI 242 
Jacob, Claud 263 
Jacob, Phil 318 
Jacobs, Jeff 212 
Jacobs. Randy 392 
Jacobsen, David 123 
Jacobsen, Kristen 237 
Jacobsen, Lisa 323, 338 
Jacobsen, Nancy 284 
Jacobson, Andy 297, 354 
Jacobson, Donna 326 
Jacobson, Randy 297 

Jacobson. Robert 230, 286. 

Jacoby. Cathy 310 
Jacock. Dave 265 
Jacques. Jean A. 392 
Jacquet. Roger 317 
Jaeck. Carolyn L 248. 291. 
356. 392 

Jaffee. Jay B 264, 298, 392 
Jaggers. Terry 331 
Jagusch, Jullanne 225 
Jalouneix, Valerie 392 
James, Amy R. 258, 295. 392 
James, Cindy A. 392 
James, Craig 226 
James, Gerl 238 
James, Joan 291 
James, Kerry 231. 352 
Jamicich. Jeanna M. 294, 392 
Jamieson, Caroline 261. 336, 
351, 356 

Jamieson. Danielle 344 
Jamieson, Lorraine 346 
Jamlolkowski, Paul 274 
Jamison. Lorraine 330. 392 
Janczy, Deborah 339 
Janek. Mark 324 
Janette. Adam J 240, 392 
Jang. Horim 266 
Janick, Kathy 248, 291 
Janigger. John 240 
Janikowski, John 273 
Janish, Dawn 264 
Janoskey, Martha 236 
Janoski. Elizabeth A. 392 
Janovetz, Jenny 291 
Janowski, Jim 265 
Jansen. Teri 270 
Janssens. Bob 341 
Jantzen, Caron 349 
Janusz. Stan 260, 392 
Jaques, Alfred 349 
Jaques, Joe 244 
Jaracz, Ed 268 
Jaraczewski. Karen K. 261, 
296, 332, 339, 392 
Jarecki, Rich 278, 324 
Jaros, Mary Jane B. 392 
Jarosik, Mark 250 
Jarosz, Andy 282 
Jarrett, Paige 277 
Jarski, Paula A. 392 
Jaruseski. Jennifer 291 
Jarvis, Jennifer 231 
Jarvis. Tracy 291, 292 
Jasien, William 316, 392 
Jaskulski, Joyce A. 392 
Jasnich, Andra 228 
Jasonowicz, Janet M. 310, 

Jasper. Stacey G. 276, 303. 

Jaster. Dr. Ed 318. 328 
Jasuale, Tina 258 
Javorcic, James R. 244, 316. 

Jawgiel, Mike 246 
Jawgiel, Steven L. 392 
Jeanne 313 
Jeffers. Jodi 297 
Jeffries. Kevin 322, 347 
Jelen, Michael 323 
Jenco. Jeffrey H. 392 
Jenkins. B.J. 25. 252, 293, 392 
Jenkins, Brian 239 
Jenkins, Dawn M. 392 
Jenkins, Debbie 291 
Jenkins, Eric 332 
Jenkins, Janine M. 392 
Jenkins, Jeff 278 
Jenkins, Timothy 350 
Jenks, , Carole M. 236. 287. 

Jennings. Garrett 282 
Jennings, Thomas 280 
Jennings, Tim 323 
Jensen, Dan 242 
Jensen, Gloria 256 
Jensen, Karen 238 
Jensen, Knsta 256 
Jensen, Paul 281 
Jenson, Jean 231 
Jeon, Christine 241 
Jeppsen, Gary 307 
Jernigan, Renee 238 
Jesiolowski, Craig 235, 287 
Jeslolowskl, Keith 235 
Jesiolowski, Kurt 235, 287 
Jeske, Charles E. 392 
Jeske. Kristina 231 
Jesse, Leah 291 
Jestus, Joe 265 
Jewell, Frederick W. 280. 304. 

Jeziorskl. Amy T. 392 
Jimenez 313 
Jimenez. Edgar G. 392 
Jirik, Kristin R. 269, 300. 316. 
325. 392 

Joanem, John 323 
Jocke. Damlan M. 392 
Joerg, Steve 360 
Johannesen. Mlcheal B. 392 
Johansen. Christina M. 392 
Johanson, Kirk 322 
Johns, Brad 232 
Johns, Brent 232 
Johnson, Allison 192 
Johnson, Amy 237, 259 
Johnson, Ann 323 
Johnson. Anne M. 25, 258. 
295, 332. 336. 345. 355, 358, 

Johnson, Beth 323, 392 
Johnson, Bonnie 329 
Johnson, Brian 266 
Johnson, C.A. 392 
Johnson, Carlssa L. 231, 286, 
341. 392 

Johnson, Chuck 301 
Johnson, Darin 329 
Johnson, Darlene 392 
Johnson, David 253, 349 

Johnson. Debbie 359 
Johnson. Dene L. 277. 304, 

Johnson. Donna 284 
Johnson. Doug 250 
Johnson. Drew 283, 341, 360 
Johnson. Dwayne 348 
Johnson. Gary L 392 
Johnson. Gaynell 392 
Johnson. Ian 254 
Johnson. J. Todd 239 
Johnson. Jacqueline D. 258. 
330, 335, 355, 392 
Johnson, Janelle 248 
Johnson, Jean 332 
Johnson, Jeffrey L, 392 
Johnson, Jeffrey L. 392 
Johnson, Jill 228, 243 
Johnson, John M. 329. 393 
Johnson. Jonl 243 
Johnson. Julie 225 
Johnson, Karl 253 
Johnson, Kent 352 
Johnson. Kim 225. 297 
Johnson, Kimberly J. 393 
Johnson, Kimberly S. 393 
Johnson, Krista B. 291, 292, 
332. 345. 351 . 393 
Johnson. Kristen 316 
Johnson, Latasha R. 393 
Johnson, Lisa 225 
Johnson, Lynette 267 
Johnson, Margaret 337 
Johnson, Mark L 250, 274, 
302, 393 

Johnson, Mike 283, 308 
Johnson, Neil 274, 302 
Johnson, Paul 260 
Johnson. Sally B. 393 
Johnson. Scott 232. 318 
Johnson. Stacy 271 
Johnson. Steve 240 
Johnson. Vanessa 346 
Johnson, Walter 340 
Johnson, Wayne 297 
Johnston, Jean M. 393 
Johnston, Jim 254 
Johnston, Julie 269, 300, 359 
Johnston, Laura 270 
Johnston. Margaret 254 
Johnston, Mark G. 393 
Johnston, Mike 278 
Johnston, Robert W. 393 
Johnston. Jean M. 393 
Johnstone, Rick 265 
Jolly 393 

Jones, Allan S. 233, 322. 346. 
355, 358, 393 
Jones, Chris 273 
Jones. Darren 268 
Jones. David 319 
Jones, John W. 242, 393 
Jones, Julie 237, 288 
Jones, Kathryn B. 393 
Jones, Kim 241 
Jones, Lee 346, 348 
Jones, Lew 297 
Jones. Matt 280. 297. 304 
Jones. Maureen 356 
Jones. Maury 297 
Jones. Micheal R. 336. 393 
Jones. Michelle 256. 352 
Jones, Paula K. 393 
Jones, Peggy 350 
Jones, Sally R. 323, 393 
Jones, Shawn B. 393 
Jordal. Tim 242 
Jordan. Colette M. 327, 393 
Jordan, Jeff 226 
Jordan, Kimberly A. 393 
Jordan. Kim 345 
Jorgensen. Adlon 315 
Jorgensen. Sarah 261 
Jorgenson, Carolyn 228 
Jorns. William 350 
Joselit. Brad 324 
Jost, Lisa 225 
Josten, Martin 235. 287 
Jostes. Debbie 310, 352 
Joy. Mark 341 , 393 
Joy. Stacey 291 
Joyce. Julie 261 
Joyce. Matt 275. 303, 336. 
345. 354. 355 
Joyce, Paul 393 
Joyce, Steven B. 393 
Juarez, Dino 239 
Judge, Kelley 229 
Judge. Kelly 321. 324. 344 
Jue. Colleen R. 393 
Juengling, Renate 258, 295 

Juffernbruch, Thomas 253. 

Julia. Karln 338. 393 
Julien, Michelle 320 
July. Robyn 257 
Jung, Hwa K. 393 
Jung, Jae Woo 343 
Jung, Jay W. 393 
Jung, Kathryn 350 
Jungels, Chris 261 
Junker, James A. 393 
Juppe, Audrey N. 393 
Jurcak, Corlne 393 
Jurgenson. Charles E. 393 
Jurgovan, Marc 306 
Jurgovan, Michele 337 
Juron, Eden 229 
Jursa, Beth 236 
Jurzyck, Karen 231 
Jusuti. Shpresa 229. 332 

Kabreskl. Danny 263 
Kaczmaryn. Debbie 329 
Kadlevitch. Caroline 339 
Kadota. Carey 258 
Kadrle. Katherine L. M. 393 
Kaeser, Mark 323 
Kahan, Shimon 334 
Kahle. Eric 275 
Kahler. Kevin 323 
Kailln. Heidi 261 
Kalndl, Jean T. 393 
Kaiser, Maria L. 393 
Kaltls. Vivien 318 
Kal, Holly S. 393 
Kalafatls. Nlkl 332 
Kalamaras. Julie A. 393 
Kale. William R. 393 
Kalensky. Beth L. 393 
Kallnich, Kralg 275 
Kallskl. Ellen M. 393 
Kalitowski. Mike 273 
Kalkowski. Margaret 350 
Kallianis, James H. 393 
Kalllar. James 393 
Kalmienski, Laura 327 
Kandl. Edward J. 393 
Kane. Chris 263 
Kane. Douglas S. 212. 393 
Kane. Elise 259 
Kane. Jo Ellen 350 
Kane, Timothy J. 393 
Kang, Mike 263 
Kantlehner, Karen 347 
Kao, Karen C. 332, 393 
Kapella, Bernadette 357 
Kaplan. Dana L. 2276. 393 
Kaplan. Kairn 394 
Kaplan. Rob 272 
Kaplan, Robin G. 394 
Kaplan. Shawna G. 394 
Kaplan, Tracy R. 352, 394 
Kaplen. Lauren 351 
Kappa Alpha Theta 258 
Kappa Alpha Theta Seniors 

Kappa Delta 259 
Kappa Delta Rho 260 
Kappa Delta Seniors 296 
Kappa Kappa Gamma 261 
Kappa Kappa Gamma Seniors 

Kappa Sigma 262 
Kapter, Ron 394 
Karam. John 281 
Karcher. Lisa A. 394 
Karcher, Teresa L. 394 
Karel, Stacy 267 
Karfa. Rick 332 
Karkazis, Eve 261 
Karmick, Patrick 323 
Karnezis, Carle C. 394 
Karnsteadt, DAve 275. 355 
Kasch, Brian T. 394 
Karzen, Stacey 259 
Kaskl. Valerie 332 
Kasper, Tamara J. 394 
Kassner, Paul 275 
Kastein. Karen L. 394 
Kastner, Kristen 394 
Katers. Nicholas 323, 350 
Kato. Susan K. 394 
Katlarz, Eve 357 
Katris, Nancy 259. 394 
Katris, Pamela 259, 355, 394 
Kats. Paul 345 
Katubic, John 271 
Katz, Alan 272. 338. 350 
Katz. Bonnie 332. 336. 340. 

Katz. Bradley 260 
Katz. Maria 276 
Katzensteln, Howard M. 339. 

Kaufman. Lynda B. 261. 355. 

Kaufman, Sandy 277 
Kavanagh, Phil 273, 319 
Kavanaugh, Lauren 349 
Kavls. Sherrl L. 394 
Kay, Monica 340 
Kay, Pam 261 
Kazarian, Greg 339 
Kazmer, Stephen T. 394 
Kazuk. Bob 275 
Keach. Chris 352 
Keane, Maureen A. 394 
Keane. Scott N. 394 
Keay, Stephanie M. 394 
Keblusek. Rosalie J. 339. 394 
Keck. Kathy 227. 338 
Keck. Lara 259 
Keefe. Bonnie 353 
Keegan, Eileen M. 394 
Keeley. Thomas C. 394 
Keene. Thorn A. 394 
Kehias. James G. Jr. 394 
Keller. Kathleen O. 394 
Kelley. Karen S. 394 
Kelly, David M. 394 
Kelly. Bradley J. 394 
Kelly. John J. 394 
Kelly. Michael J. 394 
Kelly, Rodney J. 394 
Kemmann, Deborah A. 394 
Kempt, Lisa M. 394 
Kempton, DAn 159 
Kendall. Denlse 394 
Kendelgh, Paul S. 394 
Kendrigan, Leslie A. 394 
Kennedy. John F. 394 
Kennedy, Laura A. 394 
Kennedy, Lisa G. 394 
Kenny, Joe 206 
Kenny, Robert I. 394 
Kent, Sara J. 394 
Kerekes, Bradford F. 394 
Kern, Eric M. 394 
Kerouac, Matthew J. 394 
Kerr, Stanley R. 394 
Kesl, Christine L. 395 
Keuss, Jane M. 395 
Khemani, Klshan G. 395 

Khuon. Staya 3S5 
Kedwell, Tonl L. 395 
Kleffer. Douglas 395 
Klener. Nancy M. 395 
Kler. Cindy 395 
Klllus. Glna 395 
Kllllno. Andrew J. 395 
Kim, Chu Hyon 395 
Kim, Eunice Y, 395 
Kim. Jong H. 395 
Kim. Joseph H. 395 
Kim. Mee Jung 395 
Kim. Peter I, 395 
Klmbrough. Kimberly A. 395 
Kindred, Julia M. 395 
King, Andrea C. 395 
King, Carol M. 395 
King. Carolyn M. 395 
King. Kimberly A. 395 
King. Matthew A. 395 
Kink. James W 395 
Kinsella. Karrie J- 395 
Klnsella. Thomas P. 395 
Kirby, James R. 395 
Kirchhofer. Patrick W. 395 
Klrcos, Suzanne C. 
Klrkey, Kurt M. 395 
Kirkwood, Catherine T. 
Kirkwood, Jessica 352 
Klrts, Cynthia A. 25, 
Kirwan. Jeff 322,395 
Kissel. Pamela 356.395 
Kitchel. Susan 324 
Kittrldge. Theresa 357 
Kizer. Lisa B. 25.259.395 
Klatt, Mary Beth 327.395 
Klauke. Joseph M. 395 
Klaus. Brian 395 
Kleeblatt. Lisa 276 
Klein. Kara A. 395 
Klein. Kelli S. 395 
Klein. Matt 336 
Klein. Peter 395 
Klein, Rose Rita 323 
Klick, Linda 324.356 
Klier. Susan 351 ,356 
Kline. Cristi 330 
Kline. Jeff 263 
Kline, Randy 271 
Kline, Robert 349 
Klingaman, Mary Ellen 395 
Kloos, Kristina 
Kloos, Ray 278 
Klotz. Tim 278 
Kluge, Hope 277, 337 
Klugiewicz, Diana T. 395 
Klunk, Lydla 340 
Knable. Jean L. 395 
Knapp, Doug 279,341 
Knapp, James S 340,395 
Knapp, Kathy 324 
Knaut. Tim 273 
Kneafsey, Caroline 267 
Knez. Lance D. 395 
Knezevich, Mirjana 395 
Knoeppel, Cara 395 
Knoll. Lex 334 
Knott, Laurel J. 396 
Knotts, Laurie 277 
Knowles, Kathleen T. 396 
Knowles, Stacey 194 
Knox Jr., Walter E. 355,396 
Ko, Hollie H. 396 
Kobayashl, John H. 3% 
Kobetsky. Lisa 318,322 
Koch, Jessica 259 
Koch, John 318 
Kochar, Puneet 396 
Kodorls. Val 267 
Koebel. Jeffrey 341 
Koehler, Karl 322 
Koelker. Jodl L. 396 
Koenlg, Ken 345 
Koenig. Kurt L. 396 
Koenigsmark, Jocelyn C. 396 
Koertge, Kourtney 336 
Koestner. Wendy E. 396 
Kogen, Julie A. 396 
Kohan, Lance D. 345.396 
Kohlbecker. Diane L. 396 
Kohl. Jeff 273 
Kohlbecker. Diane 269 
Kohler, Renee P. 396 
Kohn, Maureen A. 396 
Kohnen, Franclne 396 
Kohut, Tim 352 
Kokal. Debra K 324.396 
Kokenge. Emily 258 
Kolker. Amy 276 
Kollman, Mike 339 
Kolzow, Karen 323.350 
Komlnsky. Andrea 276 
Kommrusch, Steven J. 396 
Komorlta. Lorene A. 396 
Komosa. Teresa M. 396 
Koncel. JIM 396 
Kone. Keith A. 396 
Konecky. Kristin 339 
Konen. Jenny 261 .335.339 
Konlcek. Bruce 357 
Konlcek, Tim 357 
Konick. Lisa 326 
Koo, Amy Y. 396 
Kooy, Ralph 263 
Kopecky, Larry D. 324.396 
Koppl. Carolyn 317 
Kopplin. Douglas B. 396 
Korabik, Joseph 260 
Korak, Larry 338 
Kordell. Jill 261 
Korl. kelli 27 
Korner. Christina L. 396 
Kort, Carl 335 
Korl. Missy 259 
Korol. Steven J. 396 
Kort. Melissa S. 396 
Korte. Chris A. 396 
Kos, Chester J. 396 
Koschnitzki, Kenneth 396 
Kosowsky, Andrew 396 
Kossman. Scott 262 
Kostda. Carol 329 
Kostopoulos. Angle 357 
Kosty. Ellen Marie 345 

Koszczuk. Janice 259 
Kotcher, Teresa 261 
Kotlowski. Kenneth J. 396 
Kotter, David S. 396 
Kotzman. Erin 338 
Kouba, Eric 319.396 
Koucky, Diane J. 335.338.396 
Kousathanas, Peter 352 
Kovltz, Kathryn A. 267,351.396 
Kowalkowskl. Edith M. 396 
Kowalskl, Tracy 270 
Kozak, Karen L. 396 
Kozlal. Tadd 263 
Kozlowskl. Patrick 338 
<ozlowskl. Susan M 396 
Knowles. Stacey 194 
Kraatz. Deamna J. 396 
Kraemer. Kenneth 349 
Kraft, Joseph W. 352,353.396 
Kraft, Karen 344 
Krajacic, Joseph C. 396 
Krajclr. Laura E. 396 
Krai. Janet 344,352,357 
Kramer. Krlstine 267.396 
Kramer. Leslie J. 324.358,396 
Kramer, Samuel 322,346,397 
Kramp, Glnny 329 
Kramper. Vicky L. 397 
Kratochvil, Joseph M. 397 
Krause, Erik W. 275,335,397 
Krause, Glenn P. 397 
Krause. Michael 341 
Krawitz. Charles D. 397 
Kreczmer, Renee 397 
Kreiger. Julie 319 
Kreiger. Richard 319 
Krell, Amy 318 
Kremer, Anthony T. 273.397 
Kreuscher. Michelle 259 
Kridakorn. Leigh 259 
Krieg, John 335 
Krippner. Tim 357 
' Kristofek. Ken 278 
Kristola. David 338 
Krivograd. Andrew 
Kriz, E.J. 345 
Kroeger, Oale 266 
Krogh. Michael F 397 
Krolick. Debra L. 
Kroning, Thomas 323 
Kroopkin, Deborah J. 397 
Krouse, Beth 276.326 
Krubert. Chris 332 
Krueger. Julie A. 397 
Krueger. Melanie 332 
Krueger, Susan 397 
Krug, Stephanie 277 
Krug, Tamara L. 397 
Krukewitt, Jamie 270 
Krumrey. Michael 319 
Krumstock. Ben 272,338 
Krunfusz, Rick 262 
Kruse. Dina 397 
Kruse. Jenny 258 
Kryger, Susan M. 397 
Krzak. Alice 350.397 
Krzywicki, Kenneth A. 397 
Kschinka, Bruce A. 397 
Ksonie, Roger M. 397 
Kuby, Deborah A 397 
Kucharski. Ronald 397 
Kucharz. Kathy 344 
Kuehl, Anne Marie 350 
Kudo. Tami 397 
Kuehl, Anne M. 397 
Kuehl. Eric 206 
Kuenstler. John 344 
Kuhar. Kim 258 
Kuhn, Donna R. 397 
Kuhter, Marianne E. 397 
Kull. Kent 274,332 
Kulusic, Chris 264,338 
Kumorek, Kathy 334 
Kunasek, Laurie 267,359 
Kundel, Shawn 258 
Kunkel, Kent A. 397 
Kunz. Carol M. 357,397 
Kuperman, Dru S. 352.397 
Kurcy. Elaine 340 
Kurlta. Caroline 341 
Kurkowski. John 263 
Kurland. Eric C. 397 
Kurnic. Chuck 268 
Kurth. Dana 261 
Kurth, Greg 329 
Kurtzman, Mike 265 
Kusswurm, John R. 397 
Kutll. Joseph 329 
Kvantas, John T. 397 
Kvitek, Michelle 337 
Kwlatt, Kristen 397 
Kwok, Sun Pul 397 
Kwon. Howard 341 
Kyburz. Greg D. 397 
Kyle. Carol 159 
Kyrouac. Terl 349 

Labedz, Michael J. 397 
Lablne. Lisa 243 
Labrlola. Anthony 357 
Labus. Larry 397 
Lacey. Margaret K. 397 
Lachet. Jean 327 
Lacina, 313 
Lacrone. Brian 227 
Lacrosse Club 211 
Ladd, Ann E. 397 
Ladd. Dan 332 
Laddu, Prashanta 266 
Ladewski, Laura 257 
Lafarus. Jeff 230 
Lafferty, Joel 264,298 


Lafferty, Kellie J. 397 
Lalorte. Denise D. 397 
Lahey, Kristin E. 397 
Lahr, Kenneth S. 397 
Lai. Lee Y. 397 
Lakenburges, Karl J. 397 
Lamb. Sheera 397 
Lamb. Jeff A. 397 
Lamb, John H. 397 
Lambda Chi Alpha 297 
Lamothe. Amy 398 
Lamport, Catherine 398 
Landers, Michael 398 
Lane. Lizabeth A. 398 
Lang. John F. 398 
Langan. Sue E. 398 
Langdon, Philip M. 398 
Langelund. James M. 398 
Langman, Brent A. 398 
Langowski, Peter 398 
Laning. Nancy J. 398 
Lapid. Cecilia 398 
Lapointe, Julie Marie 398 
Larouche, Lyndon 118 
Larson. Catherin A. 398 
Larson, Pamela 398 
LAS Council 334 
Lash, Leanne M. 398 
Laskey. Robert D. 398 
Lasko. Robert J. 398 
Lasky. April A. 398 
Lathrop, Patricia 398 
Latimer, Peter 398 
Laudeman, Kirk W. 398 
Lauer, Richard N. 398 
Lauritsen, Karen L. 398 
Lauwrens, Lori A. 398 
Laven, Sarah A. 398 
Lawin, Penny J. 398 
Lawler. Susan E. 398 
Leary, Seth R. 398 
Lederman, Michelle L. 398 
Lee. Albert I. 398 
Lee. Alice C. 398 
Lee. Dennis 398 
Lee, Hoseok 398 
Lee. Hual Chih 398 
Lee, John C. 398 
Lee. Kevin K. 398 
Lee. Laura Y. 398 
Lee. Susan H. 398 
Leech, Lance L. 398 
Leengran, Karen 398 
Legg, Jayna Y. 398 
Legner, Daniel G. 398 
Lehmann, Gwen A. 398 
Lipe. Steve 297,339 
Lipetzky, Chris 329 
Lipinski, Matt 244 
Llpman, Cathy 276 
Lippitz, Deena M. 229.285,399 
Lippol. Tracee 246 
Llpschutz. Mark D. 400 
Lipsky. Debra 338 
Llpton, Lisa 276 
Lisnich, Theresa 257 
Liss, Dina 229 
Liss, Mitch 272 
Litke, Scott P. 345,400 
Littel, Terry 306 
Little, Andy 252 
Littlejohn, Kelly 270 
Lituiak, Mark 244 
Litwiller, Rob 234 
Liu, Edward 323 
Liu, Linda S. 310.400 
Liu, Tine 257 
Liupakka, Lisa 326 
Livak, Cathy 257.335 
Livengood, John D. 400 
Livingston. Ginger 332 
Livingston. Thomas 227.355 
Lo, Shu-Chen 400 
Lobb. Andrew 194 
Lobello. Tony 323 
Lober. Caroline A. 
Lober, Randy 349,400 
Lobert, Mandi 276 
Lobocki, Kave 254 
Lobotomy, Joe 240 
Loboziaski, Ron 298 
Locascio, Sharon 277 
Lockmiller, Marty 246 
Loeb, Pamela J. 400 
Loerzel, Robert 327 
Loftus. Julie 237 
Loftus. Karen 241 
Logan. Deborah A. 
Logan, Karen M 400 
Logan. Lori L. 225,400 
Loganbill, D'ann 225,332 
Lohmar, Joe 239 
Lohmeler. Ann 236,332,356 
Lohnert, Susy 270 
Lokowskl, Lori 326 
Lolli. Chris 274 
Lombardi. Mary 225 
Lone Justice 57 
Long, Christopher A. 400 
Long, Janet 270,339 
Long, Mark 194 
Long, Penny 322 
Long Jr., Robert E. 400 
Long, Scott 306 
Longnecker, Marcy 258,339 
Longoria, Greg 235 
Longuich, Holly 267 
Lonsway, Janet 284 
Lonsway, Michael 227 
Loomis, Alisa 284 
Loomis. John 323 
Lootens. Sandy 349 
Lord. Kristine E. 
Lord, Mike 306 
Lord, Rob 244 
Lorek, Laura A. 400 
Lorence. Denise 259 
Lorick, Lolita 330 

Lorr. Mike 244 
Losacco, Lou 253 
Loster. John M. 360,400 
Louden. Silvana. 256 
Loudon. Mark 234 
Louie. Norman K. 400 
Loula, Becky 270 
Lounsberry. Eric 260 
Lovan, Bradley D. 400 
Loveall, John 319 
Lovejoy. Geoff 351 .352.353 
Loverke, Thomas F. 226,400 
Lovett. Cary 311,314 
Lovin. Chris 289 
Lovins, 313 
Lowe. M. Andrew 279 
Lowe, Mike 273 
Lowel. Michael 323 
Lowell, Steve 226 
Lowenstein, Greg 289 
Lowny, Jolene 258,359 
Loyd, Jeff 298 
Loyet, Matt 274 
Loyet, Scott 297,332 
Lozuk, Audrey 248 
Luallen, Donna E. 400 
Lubeck, Julie 229 
Lubelchek, Dana 276.303 
Lucari. Suzy 225 
Lucas. Angie 238,288 
Lucas, Mary Kay 261 
Lucero, Anna 249,353 
Lucia, John 252 
Lucibello, Dina 261 
Ludasiewicz, Donna 225 
Ludington, Matt 275 
Ludomski, Carol 259 
Luedtke, Lorna 269 
Lufano. Michael 346 
Lugge, Douglas C. 400 
Luginbuhl, Jill R. 318,356,400 
Lunmann, Gwen 345 
Lukaszewicz, Annalise M. 400 
Lukatsky, Sheryl 229 
Luke, Kristin 400 
Luker, Jack 297 
Lukowskl, Florian P. 400 
Lukowski. Lori 258 
Lukowski. Luke 345 
Lulias, Jennifer 225 
Lullo, Mike 317,324 
Lullo, Thomas 329 
Lump, Ronald P. 349,400 
Lumsden, Robert 322,355 
Lunde, Christine 248,356 
Lundell, Heidi M. 400 
Lundergan, Matthew 400 
Lundgren, Laura 249 
Lundquist, Lisa J. 400 
Lundstrom, Brett 343 
Lunduick, Joe 235 
Lunn, Frank 262 
Lupo. Chris 237.359 
Lurie. Lisa 249,293.354 
Lusco. Lisa 228 
Lussnig. Monlka 277 
Lussow, Eric 275 
Luther, Keith 298,400 
Luthy, Christian 323 
Lutzke, Kathy G. 400 
Luz, Gary 352 
Lynch, Cheryl 277 
Lynch, Kathy 269,316 
Lynch, Michael E. 400 
Lynch, Scott 265 
Lyne, Timothy G. 252,293,400 
Lyons, Ann 236 
Lyons, Chris 254,256,347 
Lyons, Jack 400 
Lyons, Joe 246 
Lyons. Kathleen T. 400 
Lyons, Robert M. 322,400 
Lyons, Theresa 225,339,355 


Ma, Ruth 400 
Maakesta, Lori 294 
Macaluso. Kelly J. 400 
Macconnache, Brenda 192 
Macdonald. Keith 350 
Macewicz, Nicole 258 
Macey, Kim 270 
Macgregor, Ellen 257 
Machak. Bob 250 
Machalek, Michael J. 400 
Machuga, Marybeth 225 
Maciaszek. AnneMarie L. 294, 

Macinnis. Scott 253 
Macis, Kathy 237 
Mack, Mary Ann 261, 296 
Mackay, Jeff 275 
Mackenzie, Gayle 236 
Mackenzie, Mike 306 
Mackey, Byron 318 
Mackey, Krystal 258 
Mackie. Sherri 270 
Macklln, Paul 321 
Macomber. Lisa 356 
Macpherson. Deborah E. 400 
Macy, Bryant 400 
Macy, Eric 232, 336 
Madamba, Rich 305 
Madansky, Elaine 269, 300, 
316, 400 
Madaras, Marianne 243 

Maday, Catherine A. 400 

Maydayag. Mary Ann 261 

Maydayag, Robert 263, 350 

Madden. Steve 271 

Madden. Therese M. 400 

Maddox. Gregory R. 311, 400 

Maddson, JEnnifer 332 

Madhani, Amreen 324 

Madigan, Hope 261 

Maon, Brad 250 

Madison. Sharilyn 256 

Madland. Eric 273 

Madland, Robert J. 273. 400 

Madonia. Betsy 241 

Madonsky, Elaine 336 

Madrigal, Sam 305 

Madsn. Ken 320 

Madson. Karen 259 

Maeiasz, Mark 250 

Maffet, Col. Charles 123 

Magdanz, Kurt A. 301. 400 

Mager, Mary Ellen 270 

Mager. Molly 237 

Magerko, John 330 

Mages, Gary A. 316, 350, 401 

Maglaris, Ephi 356 

Maglio, Julianne 401 

Magnesen, Mark S. 324, 401 

Magnuson, Margit 250, 251, 

347. 349 

Maguire. Janet L. 401 

Mahamood, Muliyadi 401 

Mahan. Christie 257, 334 

Maher, James 227 

Maher, Jim 329 

Maher, Lisa 316, 326 

Maher. Mike 292, 318 

Maher, Timothy 266 

Mahnke. James 323 

Mahon, Dena M. 299, 401 

Mahon, Tlmmer 298 

Maier, Chris 291 

Maier, Julie M. 401 

Maierhofer, Jeff 318 

Maikle, Rick 230 

Majeed. Sohel 320 

Majors, Chris 261 

Majeske, Martin 346 

Majors, Chris 321 

Makayee, Kumar 331, 341 

Makhoul. Michel G. 401 

Makino, Shigeki 273, 401 

Malacky, Barb 258 

Malaker, Julie A. 401 

Malan. Chris 333 

Malatesta, Lrl 243 

Malay, Mike 350 

Malbon, Ian R. 297, 401 

Malcharek, Marianne 297 

Malinowski, Marty R. 401 

Malls, Brian 282 

Malis, Gary 282 

Malis, Gordy 282 

Malitz, Howard 230 
Malitz, Julie 229, 285. 354, 

Mallen. Debbie 249 
Mallon, Michael 355 
Malloy, Patricia A. 248. 316, 

Malon, Chris 359 
Malone, Ed 275, 355 
Malone, Thomas K. 357, 401 
Maloney, Ann 261, 296 
Maloney. E. Mayer 339 
Maloney, Jim 299 
Maloney, Sue 261, 334 
Maltby. Douglas J. 235. 287, 

Manahan, Michele 261. 296, 
334, 339, 401 
Manaligod, James 338 
Mancusi. Joseph 266 
Manella, Frank R. 275, 303, 

Mang, Unml 401 
Mangien, Mark 232 
Manhart, Suzanne 284 
Manlkas, Barbara L. 401 
Mann, Chris 278 
Mann. James 255 
Mann, Melanie 267 
Mann, Sharon 331 
Manna. Cheryl A. 257, 295, 

Manna, Joanne 257 
Manning, Jennifer 237 
Manning, Julie 228 
Manning, Lois 237. 288 
Manning, Mary K. 401 
Manning, Natasha 225 
Manno, Audra 257 
Manolakes, Mindy 352, 353 
Manprisio, Laura 344 
Mansen, Laurene J. 401 
Mansfield. Maryann 228 
Manshio, Catherine M. 401 
Manshio, Michelle 248, 339 
Manuel, Sarah 259 
Manzardo, Rob 252 
Manzella, Matt 339 
Maple, Denise 316 
Maravelas, Maria 330 
Marbella. Kathryn M. 401 
Marble. Alan 268. 401 
Marcet, John 239. 324 
March, Brenda 270 
Marchaterre. Madeleine P. 
352, 401 

Marcheschi. John 299 
Marchese, Jacqui 261, 334 
Marching Flag lllini 344 
Marching lllini Seniors 345 
Marciante. Mark 311 
Marconi, Marie L. 401 
Marconi. Wendy L. 231, 286, 

Marcordes, William 280 

Marcus, Andres 263 

Marcus, George 244 

Marcy. Stephanie 258, 347 

Marin, Janet 259 

Marincic, Dawn 269 

Markellos, Dino 298 

Markham, Dan 268 

Markiewicz 338 

Markiewicz, Janus 258 

Markle, Ron 282 

Marks, Amy 347 

Marks, Don 299 

Markus, Kirk A. 401 

Markus, Laura 269 

Marovich, John 235 

Marquardt, Scott 275 

Marquette, Joe 280. 31 1 

Marr. Bradley B. 332. 401 

Marre. Lisa 277 

Marshall, Doug 292, 319 

Marshall, Jack 401 

Marshall, Jason 252 

Marshall, Jenny 236 

Marshall, John 263, 401 

Marshall, Kenneth J. 226, 401 

Marshall, Patty 241, 344 

Marshall, Susan M. 401 

Martenize, Mike 323 

Martens. Ted 323, 397 

Marth, Janet 322 

Martin. Cathy 326 

Martin, Christopher 25, 263, 

346, 401 

Martin, Chuck 275 

Martin, Curt 264 

Martin, David P. 227. 401 

Martin. Dennis K. 401 

Martin. Jeff 274 

Martin. Joyce E. 326, 401 

Martin. Kathleen C. 401 

Martin. Kenny 244 

Martin. Marshall 316 

Martin. Paul 283 

Martin. Roger 158 

Martin, Stephanie C. 237, 288, 


Martin, Steven 319 

Martin. Todd 318 

Martin, Wayne 227, 319 

Martin. William D. 318, 401 

Martinelli, David J. 401 

Martinez, Itsamari 401 

Martinez, Martha 350 

Martinez, Michael 401 

Martinez, Patricia 257, 295, 


Martisius. Heidi 236 

Marturano, Lawrence 401 

Marty, Tina 236 

Marx, Eric 338 

Marx. Lori 229 

Marx. Scott 301 

Masa, Ray 253 

Masbaum, Cindy 277, 304. 


Mascunana. Cecilia M. 268, 


Masengale, Brenda 349 

Masi. Eric 338 

Masi, Kevin 402 

Maslan, Chris 269 

Maslankowski, Gary 244 

Maso, Patricia 329 

Mason, Patrick D. 325. 402 

Mason, Tom 263 

Mass. Dawn 259 

Mass. John M. 402 

Mass. William 344 

Massar, Luke 324 

Massey Adam 244 

Massey. Kris 291 

Massey. Rodney 274 

Mastandrea. Linda 329 

Masters. Carl 347 

Mastoris. Helen 261 

Masulls. Rob 250 

Masunana, Cecilia 238 

Matarelli, Ann Marie 241 

Mateja. Dona 323 

Matevski. Susan 332 

Mathes. Patricia 284 

Mathews, Amy 329 

Mathieu, Paula 269 

Mathiot, Brian L. 402 

Mathis, Eric 232. 233. 318. 

348. 402 

Mathis. Neil 232 

Mathis. Sally 269, 300 

Mathison, Connie M. 402 

Mattan, Curt 255, 348, 402 

Mattes, Tom 273 

Matthews. Bill 338 

Matthews. Daryl E. 321. 354, 


Matthews. Hazel A. 402 

Matthews. Nancy L. 290. 402 

Mattlngly. Brlgld 267 

Mattson. James P. 402 

Matuk. Jane 339 

Matura. Mike 235 

Matyazlc. Elizabeth 284 

Matyl, Joe 323 

Matzl. Bryan 279 

Mau, Ray 245 

Mauer, Tim 235 

Maul. Susan Yung 340 

Maurer, Diane 270 

Maurer, Marilyn 248, 329. 354 

Ma Wan Da 345 

Max. Jeff 230. 286 

Maxwell. Anne 231. 320 

May. Brian 231,275 

May, Lori 329 

May, Steve 275, 303 
Maybaum, Pam 269 Mayberry, 
Melissa J. 402 
Mayer. Carol S. 402 
Mayer. Ellen R. 277, 304, 402 
Mayer, Heidi 270, 352 
Mayer, Julie M. 402 
Mayfleld. John 255, 318 
Mayhew, Lisa K. 402 
Mayoras, Stacie 291, 356 
Mayszak, Donald 280 
Mazenko. Beth 228 
Mazure. Rodney 282, 402 
Mazurkiewica, Ted 402 
Mazurowski, Bill 224 
Mazzei, John 263 
Mazzoni. Jeff 250 
McAfoos, Marcy 248 
McAllister. Jeremiah A. 402 
McAllister, Paul 349. 402 
McAndrew, Jim 289 
McAndrew, Peggy 277 
McArthur, Amy 261 
McAuliffe. PatrickM. 402 
McBride. Andrea 261 
McBride, David 350 
McBride, Thomas 320 
McCabe. Molly 259 
McCaffrey, Chuck 239 
McCammon. Dave 280, 304 
McCann, Kathleen A. 402 
McCann, Lynda 354 
McCanna. William 323 
McCants, Michelle 402 
McCarmack, Kevin 304 
McCarron, 280, 313 
McCarthy, Brenda 237 
McCarthy, Chip 297 
McCarthy, Jack 235 
McCarthy, Jenny 243 
McCarthy, Joe 306 
McCarthy, Laurence 402 
McCarthy, Margaret 291 
McCarthy. Maureen 237, 288. 

McCarthy. Michael 402 
McCarthy. Patricia 402 
McCarthy. Patrick 402 
McCarthy. Sharon 402 
McCarthy. Tack 287 
McCarthy. Tim 246. 306 
McCarthy. Tom 331, 349, 402 
McCarty, Melissa 402 
McCauley, Ruth 340 
McClelland. Eva 241 
McClelland. Jim 280 
McClelland. Kevin 341, 343 
McClelland. Tim 232. 318, 324 
McClelland. Valerie 256. 347 
McClintock, Jean 237, 351 
McCllntock, Trlcia 225, 339 
McClure, Merredith 225 
McConnell. Chris 338 
McConnel. Ellen 402 
McConnell. Greg 246, 346. 
355. 358. 402 
McConnell, Trlcia 277 
McConvllle 245 
McCook, Mary 231 
McCormack, Kevin 280 
McCormlck, Chris 261 
McCormick, Lisa 243 
McCornack, Steven 338 
McCowan, Tom 402 
McCoy, Anna 284 
McCoy, Cathy 284 
McCoy, Kristian 402 
McCoy, Michelle 270 
McCoy. Pamela 344 
McCoy. Rick 224 
McCray. Mike 245 
McCready. Mary Beth 248. 
334, 355. 358 
McCromack, Brian 280 
McCulley. Delia E. 402 
McCulloch. Allison 236, 287. 

McCunn. Matthew 319 
McCusker, Christopher 350 
McCutcheon, Shannon 231 
McDaniel, Mike 211 
McDermand, Mike 252, 402 
McDermott, Margaret C. 402 
McDermott, Mary 248 
McDermott, Ronald 402 
McDevitt. Lorraine 261. 296 
McDevitt. Mareen 322 
McDonald. Erin 291 
McDonald. James 306 
McDonald, Katy 237, 339. 355 
McDonald. Neil K. 402 
McDonald. Vicki 248 
McDougald. Laura 225 
McDowell. Eileen 360 
McEnerney, Mary 237 
McEnerny, Meg 248 
McEvoy. Mike 307 
McFadden. Toria 231 
McGillivray, Carol 352 
McGlasson, Laura A. 403 
McGonagle. Maureen L. 403 
McGougan. Monica 261 
McGould. Michelle 257 
McGovern, Mary T. 403 
McGowan, Jeff 239 
McGowan. Katie 237 
McGowan. Mark 278 
McGrail. John 253. 403 
McGrath, Jill K. 318, 402 
McGrath. Kari 248 
McGrath, Margaret 403 
McGrath, Pat 264 
McGrath. Paul 403 
McGrath. Tom 352 
McGray, Michael 338 
McGrillen, Cathy A. 402 
McGuffin, Jennifer 261, 327 
McGuire. Michael 354, 355, 

McGuire, Michelle, 225, 403 
McGuire, Shannon 252, 293 
McHaffey, Scott 323 
McHenry. Tim 324 
McHugh, Dan 250, 332 
McHugh, Katie 225 
Mcllree, Marcia 295 
Mclnnls, Michelle E. 403 
Mclntire. Sara 294 
Mcintosh, Tammy L. 291, 402 
Mclntyre, Colleen 350, 403 
McKay, Douglas 227 
McKay, Jennifer 320 
McKean. Marcy 258 
McKee, Dawn M. 402 
McKee. Melissa 259 
McKee. Michael 403 
McKenna. Christine 337, 403 
McKenna, Kristin 248 
McKenna. Suzanne 350 
McKenzie. Brenda 346 
McKenzie. Nichole 194 
McKinney, Maria 231 
McKinney. Mike 271 
McKinnon, Grace 228 
McKinnon, Kathy 403 
McKinnon. Stephanie 258, 

McKinstry, Jennifer 349 
McKula, Timothy J. 403 
McKune, Robert J. 250, 251, 
312, 403 

McLain, Daniel 319 
McClallen, Scott 224 
McClallen, Wally 224 
McLaughlin, Carol 284 
McLaughlin, Kevin 260 
McLaughlin, Michael 291, 319 
McLaughlin. Micki 248 
McLaughlin. Sara 291, 356 
McLay. Patrick S. 292. 403 
McLean, Sandy 267 
McLoud. Joe 271 
McLoughlin. Don 268, 351 
McMahon, Debra A. 310, 326, 

McMahon, Dennis 403 
McMahon, Karen 257 
McMahon, Maureen 257. 295, 

McManus. Jay 273 
McMillan. Dave 273. 357 
McMillan. Mark A. 403 
McMllin. Brian 349 
McMillin, John R. 403 
McMorran, Dave 297 
McMullen, Erin S. 403 
McNamara. Bob 296 
McNamara, Colleen, 284 
McNamara, Leanne 256 
McNaught. Diane 318 
McNeela, Dave 273 
McNeils. Jim 268 
McNelly. James N. 403 
McNet. Katie 349 
McNichols. Kelly 259 
McNutt. Carol 346, 350 
McPeek. Mike 250 
McPheron, Ronald L. 354. 

McPherron, Tim 311 
McPolln. Nida 228 
McQueen. Becky 231 
McQueeny. Pat 275, 303 
McQuinn, Matt 252 
McRae, Eric 246. 247 
McRalth, Ellen 270. 403 
McRen, Adam 305 
McReynolds 242. 261 
McShane. Diane 248. 352 
McSherry, Lisa K. 236. 257, 
327. 403 

McTaggar, Mike 263 
McVlckers. Laura A 403 
McWhinney, Jay 234 
MdSklmen. Christine M 403 
Meachem. Margaret M. 310. 
339. 403 

Meadel. Lisa 296 
Meadows. Cheryl 353 
Meadows. Kim 228 
Meagher, Deborah 350 
Meares, Tracy 258. 355 
Meatte. Janine 237 
Mechtenberg. Christine 403 
Mecko. Mark 306 
Meder. Daniel 323 
Medina. Emmy 241. 316 
Medina. Wilson G. 403 
Meduga. Kimberly L. 225. 
339, 403 

Medvin. Steve 282 
Meehan, Christopher S 297, 

Meehan, Jeffrey 227 
Meeker, Joy 277 
Mees, Erich 242 
Mehaffey. Scott A. 403 
Mehling, Ray 268 
Mehrens, Dawn 353 
Meier, Cheryl 310 
Meier. Elizabeth R. 299. 403 
Meinhardt. Jodl 350 
Meinheit. Lara 261. 339. 350. 

Meints. Terri 269 
Mejdrich. Jennifer A. 226. 
285. 403 

Mekkelson, Paul 323 

Melberg, Kersti 237 

Melcher, Sonja 352 

Mele. Sam 275 

Melendez, Jeanne-Marie 403 

Melhouse, Mike 318. 347 

Melkerson, Sam 240 

Mell, Patricia 403 

Mellon, Margaret A. 339, 403 

Mellon, Steve 263 

Meloy, Brad 344 

Melton. Jeff 25. 275, 303, 346, 

354. 355 

Melvin, Gary J. 403 

Melvin, Larry 279. 331 

Mendel. Lisa A. 261, 332, 403 

Mendel, Michael R. 403 

Mendius, Chris 250 

Mendoza, Ramil 282 

Menees, Robert 266 

Menke, Laura 248 

Mennel, Julie 236, 336. 339 

Mennenga, Traci 238 

Mennez, Julie 354 

Menzenberger. Jane 270. 300. 


Meravi. Laura A. 403 

Mercler, Betsy 326 

Merkel, Robert L. 403 

Merkel, Victoria 228. 285, 334, 

340. 345. 354. 358 

Merrick. William 260 

Merrltt, Kim 270 

Merles, Arte 224 

Mertes. Kathy 259, 358 

Mervln. Mary 284 

Messitt. Katherine 270. 300. 


Messman, Steve 242 

Metcalfe. Carrie 241 

Metreger. Tina M. 403 

Metropoulos. Anna 330 

Metz, Rob 280 

Metzger, Karen 231. 332. 352 

Meurer, Mark 347 

Mewes, Shelley 403 

Meyer, Annette 336 

Meyer, Carol 225 

Meyer, Daniel P, 255, 306, 

318, 328, 403 

Meyer, Debbie 303, 344 

Meyer. Doug 264 

Meyer. Donald L. 404 

Meyer. Eric P. 232. 233, 318, 

348. 404 

Meyer. Gail 236 

Meyer. Jacilyn 256 

Meyer. Kim 277, 356 

Meyer. Kris L. 404 

Meyer. Larry 265 

Meyer, Lucie 236 

Meyer, Mary 284 

Meyer, Mellnda 277 

Meyer. Michael G. 194. 404 

Meyer. Micael L. 404 

Meyer. Paul 235 

Meyer, Rose 225 

Meyer, Tracey 291 

Meyers. Helen V. 404 

Meyers, Jeff 360 

Meyers, Joel 272 

Meyers, Kim 284 

Meyers. Laurie R. 404 

Meyers. Leroy J. 345, 404 

Meyers, Steve 348 

Meza. Michele 241 

Miarecki, Sandra 358 

Mican, Robert A, 404 

Michael. Missy 248 

Mlchaelowski, Laura 237 

Michaels, Traci 229 

Michalek, Sandy 228 

Michel, Tim 224 

Michels, Barbara A. 404 

Michels. Doug 245. 290. 404 

Michicich, Mark 352. 353 

Michlovlch. Edward S. 404 

Mlckelson. Heidi A. 261. 296, 


Mickey, Jeff 252 

Mickey. Laura 258. 339 

Middendorf. Jeff 252 

Midgal, Ronald 357 

Midgette, Benjamin 319 

Miedzianski. Lisa A. 270. 300. 


Mlessler. Bryan 242 

Miesuk. Patrick 404 

Mlgdal. Pamela A. 303. 404 

Mlgler, Ron 283 

Migiiorati. Margaret 243 

Mihallovich. Vera 404 

Mihalakakos, Peter 280 

Mihelic. Tracey 225 

Mlka, Constance M. 404 

Mikitka. Daryl A. 404 

Mlksta. Susan K. 404 

Milam. Laura 404 

Miles. Douglas E. 404 

Miller. Alan B. 404 

Miller. Alan M. 404 

Miller. Clint S. 404 

Miller. Craig S. 404 

Miller. Dan 404 

Miller. Elizabeth A. 404 

Miller. Evelyn M. 404 

Miller, Gregory A. 404 

Miller. Harry 404 

Miller Jr., Henry 404 

Miller. Jean L 404 

Miller. Jeff 404 

Miller. Kathy J. 404 

Miller. Keith E. 404 

Miller. Margaret A. 404 

Miller. Mary P. 404 

Miller, Steven N. 404 

Miller. Tors L. 404 


Miller, Teresa A. 404 

Miller. Walter 0. 404 

Mllner. Kim 404 

Mlnella, Sandra J. 404 

Mlnne, Alec F. 404 

Minnis III. Cater 404 

Minority Commerce 

Assoclatin 346 

Mlrande. Michael A. 404 

Mlrkarlml. Paul B. 404 

Mitchell. Jon C, 405 

Mltola, John P. 405 

Mlyake. Trade M. 405 

Mlyaki. Doug 405 

Miyamoto. Michael H. 405 

Miyazaki. Wesley 405 

Mlsna. Alicia J. 405 

Moellenkamp, Carl W. 405 

Mohamed-Osman, Mohamad 

A. 405 

Mohr. Christine M. 405 

Molezzl, Michael J. 405 

Molitor. Mark T. 405 

Moll. Jeffrey R. 405 

Molnar. Elizabeth 405 

Molyneaux, Jill 405 

Mondl, James R. 405 

Monson, Luann 405 

Montgomery. Jane A. 405 

Moody. Christine J. 405 

Moody, David G. 405 

Moore. Amy E. 405 

Mnore, Bob 278 

Moore, Brian 280, 304 

Moore, Craig 405 

Moore. Dana 333 

Moore, Dave 297 

Moore, Kim 257 

Moore, Laura 261 

Moore, Robert 319 

Moore, Stephanie C. 259, 296, 

310. 405 

Moore, Toni 332 

Moorehead, Joe 224 

Moorhead, Michellne 261, 296 

Morah, Kara 228 

Moraites, Debbie 231 

Morales. Helena C. 405 

Moran, Jennifer 344 

Moran. Kelly D. 257. 295, 405 

Moran, Liam 320 

Moran, Lynn 261 

Moran, Margaret 349 
Moran, Max M. 298, 405 
Moran, Tim 244 
Morande, Thomas G. 405 
Moraski, John J. 405 
Moravec, Richard A. 405 
Moreau, Stephen 323 
Moreau, Steve 337 
Moreland, Tama 256, 318, 347 
Moreschl, Bob 351 
Moresco. Susan 237 
Moreton, Melissa 291 
Moroni, Suzerte 261 
Morgan, Bronwyn 346, 405 
Morgan, Julie 310, 405 
Morgan, Kelly 225, 350 
Morgan, Scott 275 
Morgan, Shelley K. 405 
Morgen. John 307 
Moroney 313 
Moroney, Ann 237 
Morrettl, Suzetti 357 
Morris, Brian 232. 354 
Morris, Courtney 261 
Morris, Laura J. 303, 344, 405 
Morris. Rodney L. 232, 233, 
318. 405 

Morrison, Beth 277 
Morrison, Curt 263 
Morrison, Jackie 269 
Morrison, Jim 235, 287 
Morrison, Judi L. 284, 309, 

Morrison, Kelly 243, 290, 405 
Morrison, Mark V. 278. 405 
Morrison, Mary Jo 405 
Morrison III, George 346 
Morrissey. Douglas 323 
Morrow, Willie C. 405 
Mors, Kelly 258 
Morse, J.J. 274 
Morse. Julie K. 228. 405 
Mortensen. Steve 305 
Mortenson, Scott 297 
Mortar Board 346 
Morton, Craig 346 
Morton, Sharon M. 405 
Mosborg, R. J. 115 
Mosele, Moe 90 
Mosenson, Scott 244 
Moser, Christine M. 258. 295, 

Moser, Michael L. 405 
Moskal. Mark 240 
Mossallem. Joe 306 
Mossman, Lisa A. 405 
Mota, Daniel A. 405 
Mote. Jeff 240 
Motley, J.P. 232, 233 
Moty. Eugene B. Jr. 319, 405 
Moulton, Sandra S. 405 
Moutrlc. Pete 265 
Movotny, Lorreo C. 405 
Mowery, Andy 297, 326 
Moy. Donna E. 406 
Moy. James 406 
Moy. Judy 335 
Moye. Michelle 291 
Moyer, Ann 261 . 296 
Moyer, Mary 350 

Moyer. Paula 231. 266 

Mozer. Mary Ellen 300 

Mozer. Nancv A. 270. 300. 406 

Mozln. Laura 229, 285, 406 

Mrlnakls. Dean 273 

Mroz. Steve 226. 349 

Mrozek. Fred 250. 332 

Muchmore. Jeff 324 

Muchnick, Julie 229, 285, 406 

Muck. Dale 232. 233 

Mucklan. Maurenn 241 

Mudgett. Amy 284 

Mudhens. The 90 

Mueller. Chris 284 

Mueller. Christine 347 

Mueller. Eugene G. 406 

Mueller. Glna 258 

Mueller, Marty 406 

Mueller, Robert 244 

Muha, Mary Ellen 270, 315, 

339. 406 

Muhammad, Sadlra 320 

Muhl, Melanie 269. 300, 406 

Muhs, Tom 292 

Mul, Cindy 406 

Mulrhead, Lisa 284 

Mukenschnabl, Jamy 248 

Mulcahey. Joseph 350 

Mulcrone, John 310 

Mulder. Michelle 259 

Muldownoy. Partick T. 307, 


Mulheran. Caroline 241, 289, 


Mulholland. Kelly 225 

Mulholland. Lisa 267 

Mullan. Wendy 257 

Mullen. Mark 297 

Muliondoro. Randal K. 253, 


Mullikln, Carey L 259, 296. 


Mullins. Tanya 291 

Mulopulos. Julie 257. 295, 


Mulopulos, Laura 257, 295, 


Mulvenna, Maureen E. 406 

Mulvihiil. Matt 298 

Mummery, Vicki 237 

Mun, Steve 406 

Munaretto. Vicky 406 

Mundy, Tracy 241, 341,344 

Munn, Jeffrey D 252, 406 

Munns, Adele F. 406 

Muno, Ann 291 

Munroe, Margaret A. 406 

Munsch, Carol J. 406 

Munson, Babette 340 

Munson, Mike 240 

Munsterman, Donna 337 

Muphry, Marnio 269 

Mura, Theresa 267 

Muraca, Paul 246, 332 

Murashige, Mark 297 

Murczek, Tony 339 

Murges. Giana 225 

Muriel, Robert H. 332, 406 

Murillo, Carlo A. 406 

Murka, John 279 

Murphree, Melissa 236 

Murphy, Bernie 298 

Murphy, Bill 306 

Murphy, Daniel P. 298, 306. 


Murphy, Denise 243 

Murphy, Jim 299 

Murphy, John 239, 280, 304, 


Murphy, Julie 225 

Murphy, M, Thaddeus 316 

Murphy, Melanie 269 

Murphy, Micheal 280, 345 

Murphy, Mike 304 

Murphy, Missy 225 

Murphy, Moiya 241 

Murphy. Patrick 323 

Murphy. Rob 301 

Murphy. Robert 319 

Murphy. Tom 224 

Musgrave. Cindy 241 

Muskina. Kirk 245 

Musleh. Todd 283, 308 

Musnicki, John 245, 290 

Mussatti. Bill 246, 247, 354 

Muth, Sue 350, 360 

Myer, JAci 337 

Myers, Denise 349 

Myers, Frak 265 

Myers. Jeff 242 

Myers. Kristine 258, 347 

Myers. Pat 271 

Myers. Rusty 283 

Myers, Steve 318. 347 

Myers, William 310 

Myrick, Quentin 350 

Myszkowski, Ken 265 


Naab, Trary 243 

Naatz. Mike 268 

Nabor House 347 

Nabor House Little Sisters 


Naborowski, Michael 227 

Nachbar, Thomas 319 

Nack, Chris 242 

Nack, Tom 264, 298 

Nadig, Brian 327. 326. 406 

Nagel. Ellen 261 

Nagel. Kathleen 269 

Nagel. Robert 227 

Nagel. Suzy 261 

Nagle, Karen L 226. 285. 406 

Nagle, Trlsh 237. 291 

Nagy, Patricia 248, 406 

Nahabedlan, Mike 298 

Nahabedlan. Tom 264 

Nahm. Rochelle E. 229. 285, 


Nahm, Shelly 406 

Nails. Donna 310 

Nalr, Kim 257 

Nakamoto, Craig 406 

Naleld. Erica 259, 257 

Nam, Derek 338 

Nankervls, Katherlne A. 270, 

300. 406 

Nanko, Laura J. 406 

Naour, Dave 273 

Naour, Jeff 273 

Napier, Nancy 270 

Naqvi. Mona M. 25. 324, 326. 

346. 358. 407 
Narby. Megan 270 
Narclsl. Megan M. 407 
Narcissi, Phil 254 
Nartker, Brenda J. 291, 292, 

Nartker, Debbie 291 

Nash, Daniel 319 

Nash. Pam 256, 335, 347 

Nason. Ray 262 

Natarajan. Anuradha 228. 351. 


National Agri — Marketing 

Association 348 

Nau. Jerry 262 

Naughton. Tim 297 

Nauman. David T. 407 

Naval ROTC 313 

Navar. Fermin 273, 407 

Navarat, Pavinee 351 

Navilio, Beth A. 25, 225, 339, 

354, 358, 407 

Nawara, Sarah 267 

Neal. Richard S. 407 

Nebel. Joe 283 

Necheles, Shari 305, 325 

Needham, Jennifer 277 

Neely. Kimberly D. 310. 320, 

345, 407 

Neff, Hugh 307 

Negri, Paul 262, 311 

Neil, Kathy 212 

Nelegan, Donna 334 

Nelle, Vida 236 

Nelligan. Donna 228 

Nelson, Amy 237 

Nelson, Catherine 326 

Nelson, Christ! 294 

Nelson, Colleen 270 

Nelson, Daniel R. 281, 407 

Nelson, Debbie S. 407 

Nelson. Donna 231 . 286. 231 , 


Nelson, Elaine 256. 318. 322, 

347. 351 

Nelson. Eric 274 
Nelson. Fritz 253 
Nelson. Jennifer 350 
Nelson. Jill 332. 407 
Nelson. Julie L 294, 318. 328. 

Nelson. Kari 236 
Nelson. Kathie 407 
Nelson. Kelly 228 
Nelson. Kristen 297 
Nelson, Leslie 236 
Nelson, Mark 252 
Nelson, Martha 350 
Nelson, Michael R. 407 
Nelson, Michele E. 291, 292, 
354, 407 

Nelson. Ronda L. 297. 322. 

Nelson, Sandy 267 
Nelson. Scott T. 250, 407 
Nelson, Sheri 270, 300 
Nelson, Steve 224. 312 
Nelson, Susan 316 
Nemcek, Mark A. 407 
Nesbitt, Eric L. 407 
Nethers, Carolyn 270 
Nett, John M. 332. 407 
Neubauer, Valerie 270 
Neugebauer, Diane 277 
Neuhaus. Ned 352 
Neuhoff, Kristine 236 
Neuman. Darren D. 407 
Neuman. Eric 232. 318 
Neumann. Karen 340 
Neumann, Kurt 322 
Neuann, Nathan 232 
Neumann, Wade F. 232. 233. 
322. 348, 407 

Neuschwander. Jeffrey 266. 

Neville, Kevin M. 297, 407 
Neville. Timothy R. 407 
Newberry. Gregg R. 407 
Newcomb. Jo 241 
Newell. Maura E. 407 
Newell. Michele Y. 407 
Newhouse. Allison 259 
Newhouse, Becky 231 
Newkirk, Robert G. 274, 302. 
324, 407 

Newlin. Tamiko 407 
Newlin, Tanya 277, 313 
Newman, Cheryl R. 229. 285, 
357. 407 

Newman, Laurie 229. 354 
Newman. Tom 351 
Newman, Traci 249 
Newport, Angle 256, 316, 
347Newport, Scott M. 407 
Newport, Fred 205 
Newport, Scott 318. 322 
Newton. Joan 241. 407 
Newton, Laura 291 
Newton. Scott D. 407 
Ng. Gary 346 
Ngo. Thao316 
Nguyen. Dai 358 
Nguyen, Quan 407 
Nibert, Holly 236 
Nlcewick, John 279 
Nichol, Mary L. 407 
Nicholas. Mike 274. 335. 345 
Nicholas. Molly 294 

N| G hnlnfl WJQlf ?(jn 

Nicholas. Tom 283 

Nichols, Dean 337 

Nichols, Lisa L. 407 

Nichols, Marc 226 

Nicholson, Donald 319 

Nicholson, Jeffrey J. 407 

Nickels, Heather 237, 310 

Nlebur, Cheryl 241 

Nlederman. Christopher A. 

230, 286, 407 

Nieders, Alan J. 407 

Nleld, Eric 254 

Nleld, Vlcki 225 

Nielsen. Lisa 261 

Nielsen. Scott 281 

Nielson, Laurae, "91 

Nleman, Robert D 407 

Niemann, Amy 291, 292 

Niemann, Carl 227 

Niemann, Kevin R. 407 

Nlemczyk. Meegan M. 237, 


Niemeyer, Stephen R. 407 

Nlemietz, Kathy 257 

Nierman. Angie 267 

Nlezyniecki, Ted 252 

Nimmo, Kelli J. 353, 407 

Nlmz, Laura J. 407 

Nltzche. Dan 250 

Nix, Bob 240 

Nix Mary 269 

Nix 86 90 

Nixon, Bruce 316 

Nixon, Lawrence 319 

Nixon, Michelle 241 

Niziolek, John 305 

Noble, Carl 263 

Noel, Jackie 259 

Noga, Jennifer A. 291, 292, 


Nogacz, Lyn 243 

Nogal, Alyce 341 

Nolan. Beth 338 

Nolan. Jeff 346 

Nolan. Rose 284 

Nolan. Sally 258 

Nolan, Tom 262 

Noland, Dianne 316 

Noles, Mitzi 337 

Noll. Alyssa 291 

Noon. Sharon 350 

Nora. Claudia 257 

Norder. Scott D. 252, 407 

Nordlund, Eric 235 

Nordlund. Scott 235, 287 

Nordman, Lisa 256 

Nordmark, Steve 275 

Nordquist, Kevin 275 

Nordstrom, Jeff 301 

Noren, Randy 239 

Norgaard, Steven K. 289. 312. 


Norman, Carl 281 

Norman. Daniel A. 345, 408 

Norman, Julia 270 

Norman, Ken 185, 186 

Norrick, Scott C. 275. 303. 

339. 408 

Norris. Cara L. 408 

Norris. Christina 270 

Norris. Joan 316 

Norris. Mike 244 

Norris. Patrick G. 408 

North, Kimberly M. 408 

Norsythe, Steve 240 

North, David 255 

North, Kim 259, 296 

Norton. Jeffrey 279 

Nory, Stephanie 241 

Nosek. Andy 318 

Notarc. John 298 

Novak. John 235, 287 

Novak. Patricia 269 

Novak. Scot 345 

Novosel. Mike 246. 332 

Novotny. Lorree 258. 295 

Nowacki. Rita J. 408 

Nowak. Edward 316 

Nowak, Kenneth A. 280. 304. 


Nowicki, Elizabeth 277 

Nowoc. Loraine 277 

Nowlan. John T. 408 

Noyes. Bonnie 228 

Nuding, Jenifer 352 

Nudo. Kassie 340 

Nugent. Sarah E 284. 309, 


Numrych, Dave 25. 239, 345, 

355, 358 

Nunez. Michael 280. 304. 338 

Nuss. Amy 225 

Nuss. Leslie 352, 353 

Nussbaum, Eric 338 

Nussbaum, Kenneth M. 272, 

324, 406 

Nydam, Donna 258 

Nygaard, Russell A. 406 

Nygren, Matthew 336 

Oakley, Anna 257, 334 
Oard, Kelly 243 
Obara, Lisa 359 
O'Beirne, Mark 226 
O'Beirne, Matt 226 
Oberg, Tim P. 408 
Oborhill. John 260 
O'Boyle, Colleen 339 
O'Boyle, John F. 408 
O'Bradovich. Amy 291 
Obrecht. Beth 277 
Obrecht, Jodi 277 
O'Brian, Dan 273 
O'Brien. Brian 224 
O'Brien, Daniel J. 224, 250. 
251. 332, 338,408 
O'Brien, Erin 284 
O'Brien, Katherine M. 408 
O'Brien, Kelly 269 
O'Brien, Kevin 408 
O'Brien, Neil 278 

O'Brien. Pat 323 

O'Brien, Peter B. 260. 408 

O'Brien. Shannon 241 

Obrzut. Nancy A. 228. 285. 

326, 332. 408 

O'Byrne, Margaret 322 

O'Callaghan, Sean P 408 

O'Connell. James P. 408 

O'Connell. Larry 254 

O'Connell, Mamie E. 270, 300. 


O'Connell, Marty 254 

O'Connell, Meg 360 

O'Connell, Sheila M. 270, 300. 


O'Connor. Jeffy 234 

O'Conner. Phil 318 

O'Connor. Timothy A. 408 

O'Connor, Corky 263 

O'Connor, Daniel J. 408 

O'Connor, Dennis 280, 304 

O'Connor, John 298 

O'Connor, Julie A. 298. 408 

O'Connor. Michael P. 408 

O'Connor. Pat 278 

O'Connor. Tim 310 

O'Daffer, Eric 253, 354 

O'Day, Stephe 359. 360 

Odden, Eric D. 408 

Oddo. Thomas G 408 

Odeh, All Amln 408 

Odle, Deborah S- 408 

Odom. Alison 269 

O'Donahue, Terrence 408 

O'Donahue. Tim 306 

O'Donnell. Anne 231 

O'Donnell, Jim 275 

Oechsel. Mario 277 

Oeltgen, Brian 234. 287. 349 

Oertle. Kathleen M. 408 

Oettinger. Mike 324 

Ofenbeck, Lori 225. 408 

O'Gallegher, Brian 298 

Ogawa. Lisa M. 408 

Ogden, Jon 331, 343 

Ogden. Kurt 280, 323 

Ogilvie, Heather 270 

O'Grady. Colleen 228 

O'Grady, Jack 264, 298 

O'Grady. Mark J. 408 

O'Grady. Mike 250. 251 

O'Grady, Tom 338 

O'Hagan. Jim 25 

O'Hagan. John J 408 

O'Haban. Tom 338 

O'Halloran. Eileen 327, 328 

OHalloran, Mary 261, 296 

O'Hanlon, Kelly 259 

O'Hara, Lynn 243 

O'Hare, John 274 

O'Hare, Tim 254 

Ohl, Martin 328 

Ohlers, Clint 278 

Ohnemus. Kenneth 350, Ohst. 

Phil 268 

Oilschlager, Mike 252 

Okamoto, Robin 270 

O'Keefe. Jennifer 237 

O'Keeffe, Neil 254 

Okimoto. Steve 281 

Oldenburg, Mary Jo 241 

Oldson. Lisa 231 

Olejnik, Jennifer L. 408 

Oleson, Rene 243 

Olgren, Mike 338 

Oliva, Karen 258 

Oliver, Daniel E. 408 

Oliver. Darryl 348 

Oiler. Howard 271 

Ollila, Karen L. 270, 300, 358, 


Olsen, Chad 262 

Olsen. Eric 323 

Olsen, Joan 290 

Olsen, Mark 266 

Olsen. Paul 255 

Olson, Chris 309 

Olson, Christine M. 408 

Olson. Connie 349 

Olson, Deborah S. 228, 285, 


Olson, Joan L. 25. 243. 408 

Olson, Julie B. 350. 408 

Olson, Kevin 224 

Olson. Mark 281 

Olson. Patrick 310 

Olson. Ruby 297 

Olson. Stephanie 359 

Olson, Sue 359 

Olson, Ty 232 

Olszewski, Jill 340 

Olszowka, Julie 228, 352. 408 

Olt. Chris 257 

O'Malley, Kelly A. 228, 285. 


O'Malley. Marty 235. 287 

O'Malley. Matt 235 

O'Malley. Maureen 258. 339. 

354. 355 

O'Meara. Tim 265 

Omega Psi Phi 348 

Ondra. Jay 235, 287 

O'Neall. Nick 255 

O'Neil, Doug 274 

O'Neil, Kevin 307 

O'Neil, Tad 240 

O'Neill, Bill 327 

O'Neill, Caltlin 237 

O'Neill. Dave 254 

O'Neill. Eileen M. 257. 295. 


O'Neill. Kathleen M. 409 

O'Neill. Tom 338 

Onia. Cipriano Jr. 409 

Onken. Heidi 291. 292 

Oostendorp, Kristin 243 

Orback, Lou 272 

Orbeson. Carole 248 

O'Reilly, Catherine 243, 290, 

329, 332, 409 

O'Reilly, Christine 319 

Orendorf. Joe 274. 302 

Orlowsky, Jamie 276 

Oronl. John 274 

O'Rourke, Ellen 408 

ORourke, Dan 254 

Orr, Brad 255 

Orr, Kevin 329 

Ortiz. Carlos 323 

Ortiz, Hector 194 

Ortiz. Ivan 323 

Ortiz, Jose A. 409 

Orzeska, Ben 245 

Osadjan. Mark 239 

Osberg, Laurie 350 

Osborne, Christopher 264, 

298, 409 

Osborne, David L. 409 

Osborne, Jim 336 

Osborne. Tracy J. 409 

Osbrink. Dawn 310 

Osgood, Barbara J 225. 409 

O'Shaughnessy, Kevin 297 

Oslund. Jeffrey E. 409 

Osmon. Shirley 357 

Osowski, Donna 300 

Ossler. Richard A. 324. 409 

Osswald. Julie 359 

Ostebur, Noele 237 

Osterbaan, Jennifer 259 

Ostlund, Diane M. 409 

Ostry, James 263 

Otero. Pedro 264 

Other Guys. The 314 

Otis and the Elevators 91 

Otis, Kate 291 

O'Tool. Kris 269 

Ott, Diane 248 

Ott, Rodger 318 

Otte, Tonya 241 

Otto, Greg 250 

Otto, Mike 226 

Ottosen, Eric 250 

Ouska. Carole 248 

Overby, Jeff 271 

Overholt. Bradley P. 349. 409 

Overton. Dana M. 299, 315. 


Overturf. Todd M. 274, 302, 


Owen, Mike 343 

Owens. Brian 224 

Owens. Michael J. 297. 298, 


Owens. Yvette 324 

Oxford, J. David 255 

Paaren, Gary 252 

Paarlberg, Laura 270 

Pacer, Michael J. 298. 409 

Pachicano. Michael 332 

Pachl, Franz 409 

Packard. Phillip A. 409 

Packel. Gail 352 

Padavic. James E. 268. 409 

Padavic. Joe 275 

Paddock. Deanna 229 

Padilla. Ray 239 

Pae. Michelle M. 409 

Page. Barbara A. 225, 339. 


Page. Brian 298 

Pagones. Andrew 330 

Pagor. Jill M. 409 

Pahn, Rose H. 409 

Painter, Carrie Sue 267 

Pajeau, Mark 250 

Pajkos, Kathleen I. 329, 409 

Pak. Steve 330 

Palandech. Kristin 257 

Palfey. Anastasia 277 

Paliakas, Mary B. 409 

Pallis, Michael 329 

Pallot. Craig 298 

Palloway. Tim 263 

Palm. Jeffrey. B. 224. 409 

Palm, Tracy 269 

Palmer. James R. 409 

Palmisano. John S. 409 

Palmiter. Kim 236, 344 

Pals, Linda J. 409 

Paluch, Laura 241, 332 

Panfil. Randy 270 

Pang, Pauline 270, 321 

Pang, Ruth Y. 270. 300. 409 

Pankey. Dawn 236 

Pankey. Deborah T. 294, 327, 

328. 409 

Panko. Steve 265 

Pankow, Jeff 271 

Pankus, Sharon 261 

Panny, Joanne M. 409 

Panoplos, Sam 330 

Pantoja. Chris 244 

Paoli. Chris 329 

Papalambrianou. Rodoula P. 


Papangelis, Christina 332 

Pape. Debbie 269 

Papesh. Brian 319 

Papineau. Renee 338 

Pappalardo. Vince 253. 331 

Pappas. Evans 273 

Paquette, J. W. 114 

Para. Kevin 252 

Parameswaran. Prabha 284, 


Pardo. Helene 335. Parent. 

Laura 237 

Parham, Rick 280 

Parillo. Linda 299 

Paris. William J. 260, 345. 409 

Parise. J. Anthony 409 

Parish 313 

Parisi. Dan 250 

Parisl, James E. 409 

Park, Rich 338 

Park, Schwan 305 

Park, Yeon S. 409 

Park, Young Kye 343 

Parker, Adrienne 409 

Parker, Anthony 409 

Parker, Chuck 235. 335 

Parker, James 263. 350 

Parker. Karen S. 285, 409 

Parker, Leslie 228 

rarker, Scott 338 

Parker, Stanley N. 273, 409 

Parkes. Tom 263 

Parkhouse. Kevin 255 

Parkins, Diane 236 

Parks, Laura 350 

Parks. Matthew E. 409 

Parks, Scott J. 409 

Parlette, Kathryn C. 241, 289. 


Parliament. Deanna 269, 350 

Parmelee. Patricia 409 

Parmley. Michelle 259 

Parr. Laura C. 409 

Parrillo. Linda J. 267, 409 

Parrinl, Izzy 249 

Parrlsh. Gall D. 409 

Parry. Peter 410 

Parshall. Leslie 410 

Parsons, Jill 270 

Parsons, Melissa A. 410 

Parvln, Shelly 237 

Parzlale. Mary 254 

Paschen, Jake 298 

Paschuk, Lola 237 

Pasillas, Lyncia 284 

Pasiuk, Julie A- 286, 410 

Passaglia, John 246. 247 

Passaneau. Michele 231. 286. 


Passaneau. Steve 338 

Passeran. Steve 298 

Passi, Carmen R. 332, 410 

Passow, Fredrich W. 410 

Pasternock. Sandy 25, 258, 

295,346, 354. 355, 358. 410 

Pastore. Anna M. 410 

Patel, Jay 298 

Patel. Jodi 269 

Patel. Krishna 31 

Patel. Rita 243 

Patel. Trusha 320 

Paterno. Daniel R. 410 

Paterson. Lorie 228 

Pathenos. Nicholas 330 

Patno, Tim 254 

Patsavas. Alexandra 352 

Patten. Colleen M. 267, 410 

Patterson. Carol J. 349, 410 

Patterson, Debbie 346 

Patterson, Janet 237, 357 

Patterson, Michael J- 338, 410 

Patterson, Michael T. 410 

Patterson, Neil 323 

Patterson, Todd H. 235, 287, 


Patton. Lauren 258. 335 

Pattyn. Dale 319, 410 

Paul, Scott 244 

Paul, Sheri 228 

Palica, Nada 344 

Pauls. Sara E. 237, 288. 352. 


Paulsen. Brad 260 

Paulsen. Karen 331 

Paulson, Kristine 225 

Pavich, Dawn 269 

Pavlik. Patty 243 

Pawelczyk, Julie 257, 295 

Pawlak, John 260 

Pawlenko, Katya 248, 410 

Pawlowski. Andrew 338 

Pawlowski. Cheryl A. 236, 410 

Pawlowski, Douglas M. 280. 

304. 410 

Pawula. Gene 298 

Payne. Elisabeth E. 410 

Payne. Jason 275, 335 

Payne, Tim 224 

Payton, David J. 410 

Pazak. Lou 298 

Paziotopolous, Alex 252 

Paziotopoulos, Pamela A. 410 

Pe. Benjamin M. 410 

Peabody, Joe 271 

Peak, Bradley K. 410 

Pearl, Thomas 280 

Pearlman, Gail 285 

Pearne. Gary 194 

Pearson, Michael A. 331, 410 

Pecaric. Robert 280 

Peck, Dale 244 

Peck, Dean 344 

Peckwas, Kim 225 

Pecoraro, Tina M. 331. 352. 


Pederson, Chris 250 

Pederson. Krista 291 

Pederson, Laura A. 410 

Pedone. Carol 277 

Pedone, Cathy 269 

Peecher. Mark 324 

Peilet, Andrew M. 410 

Peipert, Michael H. 316. 410 

Peirce. Jack 287 

Peirce, John R. 410 

Peloquin, Meg 259 

Peltonen, Teal 410 

Pelzer, Greg 343 

Pena 313 

Pence. Glenn E. 410 

Pendergast, Heather 320 

Pendleton. Kimberly 346 

Pendleton. Peggy 270 

Penn. Angela 344 

Penner, Marc 230 

Pennicook, Brian 324 

Pennine Jean 236 

Pennine Lisa M- 259, 296, 


Pennock. Becky 225 

Peota. Donna L. 257, 295, 410 

Pepllnski, Angie 332 

Pepping, Dave 299 

Percy, Pamela E. 410 

Percy. Wendy C. 238. 359, 


Pergande, Katherlne M. 236, 

287, 339. 346, 354, 355. 410 

Pergande. Ron 297, 354 

Perino, Lisa M. 410 



Perkins, Brenda J. 297. 410 

Perkins, Julie 225. 326. 354 

Perkins, Lori 225 

Perkins, Raymond 319 

Perl, Jon 272 

Perl. Sandy 272, 335 

Perl, Sanford E. 345. 410 

Penman. Gail A. 229. 410 

Perlman. Randi J. 410 

Perlow. Heidi 272 

Perlow. Howard 230. 311 

Peronto, Fred 268 

Perozzi, Julie 246 

Perry, Ann 270 

Perry. Brian E. 350. 410 

Perry, Cathy 355 

Perry, Dave 281 

Perry, Kathy 225. 356 

Perry, Laura 238 

Perry, Russ 305 

Perry, Sandy 329 

Perry. William N. Jr. 317, 410 

Pescara, Paola R. 257, 295, 


Pesek. Laura 316 

Pelefish, Debbie 284, 349 

Petereit, Dave 250 

Peterlin, Jennifer L. 277. 304, 


Pelerman, Bill 264 

Peters, Jennifer 243, 290 

Peters, Jim 235, 335 

Peters. Lisa 410 

Peters. Scott 240 

Peters, Susan R. 411 

Petersen, Dawn A. 248, 411 

Petersen, Denise 231 

Peterson, Brad 242 

Peterson, Brian 274 

Peterson, Ginger L. 411 

Peterson, Jeffrey R. 310, 324, 


Peterson. John 250. 253 

Peterson, Lori 270 

Peterson, Mary 331, 351 

Peterson, Matt 273 

Peterson, Nancy J. 259, 296, 


Peterson, Sandra R. 270, 411 

Peterson. Sue 277 

Peterson. Susie 248 

Peterson, Tammy Jo 241, 347 

Petges. Katie 236 

Petkoff, Dyanne 257 

Petreikis, Klmberly R.231, 

286, 411 

Petriatis. Eric 301 

Petrie, Bruce 268 

Petrow, Penny 231 

Petrow, Vicki L. 291, 292,411 

Petruleas, Evelyn 258 

Pettit, Thomas R. 316,411 

Petty, Lea Ann 228, 285, 324, 


Pettyjohn, Erik 319 

Pezza, Katie 258 

Pfeffer, Gretchen 256, 347 

Pfeiffer, Beth 286. 357 

Pfeiffer, Scott F. 350. 41 1 

Pfeiffer, Paul 352 

Pflster, Chuck 240 

Pfister, Kevin 240 

Pflager, Robin 344 

Pflederer, Kurt 322, 336 

Pham, Bill 411 

Phan, Michelle M. 411 

Phan, Therese 310 

Phares, Doug 242 

Phegley. Gary W. 318, 337, 


Phelan, Brian 411 

Phelan, Tom 264 

Phelps, Mike 245 

Phi Beta Chi 297 

Phi Gamma Delta 298 

Phi Gamma Nu 316 

Phi Kappa Psl 264 

Phi Kappa Psl Seniors 298 

Phi Kappa Sigma 299 

Phi Kappa Tau 265 

Phi Kappa Theta 266 

Phillips 313 

Phillips, Adam 234 

Phillips. Jamie 232 

Phillips, Julie 261 

Phillips, Lance 355 

Phillips, Kathryn M. 411 

Phillips, Peg 355 

Phillips, Richmond B. 411 

Phillips, Walter 253, 354 

Phi Delta Theta 263 

Phi Mu 267 

Phi Mu Seniors 299 

Phlpps, Anne 243 

Phlpps, John 298, 355 

Phi Sigma KAppa 268 

Phi Sigma Sigma 269 

Phi Sigma Sigma Seniors 300 

Phoungcherdchoo, Dao 358 

Phoungcherdchoo, Duen 358 

Phumley. Garett 318 

Plana, Jill A. 326,411 

PI Beta Phi 270 

PI Beta Phi Seniors 300 

PI Lambda Phi 272 

Plcha, Michelle M. 284, 309. 


Pick, Pete 240 

Pickering, Betsy 277 

Pickett, Paula 231 

Pickle, Bob 338 

Picton. Kristi A. 411 

Plegza, Ed 224, 329, 332 

Piegza, Mark 332, 334 

Plekarczyk, Alison M. 411 

Plenkowskl, Carrie M. 411 

Pleper, Kelly 280, 304 

Pleper, Kim 259 

Pleper, Victoria 310 

Pleracci, Laura A. 259, 296, 


Pierce, Carol 344 

440 Index 

Pierce, Carrie 257 

Pierce, Dennis 227 

Pierce, Jack 235 

Pieroth. Beth 259 

Pierre, Cheryl L. 411 

Pierson, Debbie 291 

Pietras, Pamela 350 

Pi Kappa Alpha 301 

Pi Kappa Alpha Seniors 301 

Pi Kappa Phi 271 

Pinderski. Polly 225, 332 

Pinderski, Sue 225 

Pineda. Andre G. 280, 304, 

351, 411 

Ping, James K. 411 

Pinilla, Teresa 350 

Pinks, Karen 316. 350 

Pinney, Amy J. 243. 290. 326. 


Pinsel, Elliot 282 

Pinsky. Susie 276 

Pipal, Charlie 306 

Piper, Heidi 325 

Pirtle, Laura 329 

Piscopo. Anthony F. 332, 411 

Piszczor. Paula A. 243, 290. 


Piser, Aviva 229 

Pi Tau Sigma 349 

Pitlik, Sharon L. 411 

Pitelka, Frank 242, 313 

Pitman, James R. 242. 411 

Pitman. Marsha 359 

Pitner, Lisa 284, 325 

Pittman, Ellen M. 411 

Pittroff. Jay 283 

Pivar. Gail B. 229, 285, 411 

Pizzo, Pamela 237, 288. 411 

Plaff, Trade 237 

Plantan, Kathy 284 

Plattner, Beth 270 

Plebanek, Ed 266 

Pledger, LaVerne 330 

Pleiss, Ann 228 

Plesh, Marty 253 

Plocher. Todd 224 

Plofsky, Matt 230 

Plofsky, Nathan H. 310,411 

Plog, Valll 411 

Plotsky, Maxine 229 

Plummer. Scott 239 

Plymire, Timothy E. 411 

Podborny, Mary 350 

Podeschi, Darrin M. 297, 345. 

350, 354,411 

Podjasek, John 332, 354 

Podlasek, Stacy 258 

Pohlman, Daniel J. 411 

Pohlman. Victoria E. 237, 288, 


Pohlschmidt, Andre 280 

Pohlschmldt, Kevin 304, 334, 


Polcek, Alyssa 276 

Polesky, Kathy 332 

Policello, George 323 

Pollshak. Matthew 349 

Polk, Jonelle 189 

Polk, Laura 249 

Polkow, Jennie 258 

Pollock. William 311 

Polte, Craig 224 

Polte, Hans 319 

Polvere, Dan 268 

Polyak, Dave 274 

Poncher, Russ 230 

Pond, Joellen 248 

Ponder, Jim 316 

Ponder, Tom 265 

Ponitch, Gregg 272 

Ponzer, Deldre 277 

Pool, Stephanie 228 

Poole. Sherry 344, 357 

Pope. Susan T. 248. 339, 41 1 

Popel, Sue 291 

Poplette, Terry R. 41 1 

Popovich, Alexander 41 1 

Popovich, Peter 279 

Popp, Erin 241 

Poppen. Joel L. 41 1 

Poppy, Keith 234, 322 

Porges. Mari 276 

Porges. Ross S. 41 1 

Porqueras, Maria T. 411 

Porter, John A. 324, 411 

Portugal, Julie 225 

Poskin, Marc J. 274, 302, 412 

Pospisll, Mary A. 225, 332, 


Postin, Brian E. 412 

Potocki, Karen 228, 351 

Potsavas, Alexandra 359 

Potslck, Susan 352 

Potter, Cindy 270 

Poulson, Amy 359 

Povinelll, Richard J. 292, 412 

Powell. Brian 232 

Powell, Bridget A. 412 

Powell, Lynne 261 

Powell, Rob 235, 335 

Power, Pete 299 

Powers, Amy 237 

Powers, Denise 310, 345 

Powers. Jill 270 

Powers, Kevin 230 

Powers, Tan/a 237 

Powroznyk, Denise L. 412 

Poyer, Kimberly L. 412 

Prager, Natasha 276 

Prah, Mike 274, 302 

Prater, John C. 319, 412 

Prather, Susan 258. 295 

Prather, Thad C. R, 297, 412 

Pratt, Troy 280, 304 

Prebish, Greg 230 

Prebish. Steven 230. 286 

Predovic, Michelle P. 412 

Prekosovich, Jane 310 

Prenclpe, Mary 297 

Prendergast, Jeannie 258 

Presby House 349 

Present, Marcy 229 

Present, Stacey L. 225, 412 

Pressler. Marc 332 

Preston, Lorraine 259 

Prettyman. Richard D. 412 

Prew, Renee 241 

Prewitt, Coleen S, 231, 286. 


Price. Aaron 255 

Price. Angela J. 412 

Price. Francine 276. 350 

Price, Karen 229, 351 

Price, Laura 248, 291, 356, 


Price. Linda 277 

Price, Marc 244 

Price, Nancy 257, 335 

Price, Patricia 329, 412 

Priest, Terry 228 

Primeau, Jackie 237 

Prince. Tom 278 

Prince, Tyler 297 

Prindle, Ross 264 

Pritsker, David 230 

Prizzi, Sue 236 

Probasco. Jodi 316 

Probst, Richard 232, 233, 322, 


Prochaska, Dale A 329, 412 

Proctor, Abble 248 

Proctor, Barry 280 

Proctor, Dev 273 

Proctor, Kathy 259 

Proctor, Paul 245, 290 

Prodanich, Lillian 269 

Prodoradic, Alex 298 

Proffitt, Whitney 326 

Proskin, Tina 258 

Prosser, Maureen 344 

Prosser, Richard F, 412 

Prost, Rhonda 316, 350 

Prost, Rosalyn 243 

Protus, Cindy 276 

Proulx, Jacqueline F. 412 

Provencher, Greg 271 

Provenzano, Ron 324. 356 

Prusak, Kathy A. 243, 290, 


Pruss, Michael A. 412 

Pruzansky, Coby 259 

Pryst, Pamela J. 412 

Prystalski, Joellyn 350, 412 

Psenka, Karen 270 

Psl Chi/UPA 350 

Psi Upsllon 273 

Psychedelic Furs 56 

Ptak. Carolyn 324 

Pubentz, Michael L. 412 

Puccini, Valerie 277 

Pudlc, Brett 275 

Puebla. Pat 262 

Puett, Madeline J. 237. 288, 


Pugh, Julie 338 

Pullman, Wendy L. 267, 299. 


Pumo, Theresa 243 

Punls, John 275 

Puntuzs, Anthony 412 

Purcell, Anne M. 412 

Purcell, Pat 254 

Purdy, Allison M. 412 

Purkart. Anton 272 

Purvis. Bruce 279, 331 

Puryear, Lynda 270, 412 

Pusch, Amy 228 

Puskarlch, Jeff 271 

Puszynski, Valerie 238, 286 

Pyke, Gerald 282 

Pyles 313 

Pyles, Luke 343 

Pyrek, Ed 306 

Pyznna, Faith 248 

Quad Day 20. 21 
Quade. Jennifer 277. 356 
Ouandt. Julie D. 412 
Quarnstrom, Steven A. 412 
Quarton. John 280. 304 
Quasny. Karen 299 
Ouealy. Aileen C. 412 
Qulgley. Mike 250, 251 
Oumian. Laura 336 
Qulnlan. Roger J. 412 
Qullan. Scott F. 412 
Ouinn. David 319 
Quinn, Kerry 338 
Qulnn. Tom 298 
Quinn, William M. 329, 412 
Qulnto, Danny 319 
Qulnton, Colin M. 317, 412 
Qulzon, Michael 319 
Ounell. Darren 341 

Roadcap, George S. 414 
Roat. Kenneth M. 414 
Robbins, Ellen 229, 355, 356 
Robel. Jennifer 267, 299, 350, 

Roberson, Robyn 237, 350 
Roberson, Telisa 355 
Roberson, Troy 252 
Robertl, Jaquellne 295 
Roberts, Charles P. 414 
Roberts. Cindy 259 

Roberts, Crystal L. 330, 414 
Roberts. Dwight 306, 331 
Roberts, Kevin R. 414 
Roberts, Lisa A. 414 
Roberts. Mark 347, 348 
Roberts, Tamara 414 
Roberts. Timothy D. 414 
Roberts. Wendy 236 
Robertson, Lisa 261 
Robertson, Tony 310 
Robey, William 279, 319 
Robillard, Michelle A. 414 
Robinson, Gabrielle 414 
Robinson, Janet M. 414 
Robinson, Jeff 246 
Robinson. Julia 238 
Robinson, Robin 414 
Rocco, Becky 352 
Roche, David 274 
Rochelle, Marvin 346 
Rochford, Stephen H 414 
Rock, Kevin L 332. 414 
Rock, Rich 234 
Rocke, Katrina 236, 287 
Rockman, Debbie 276 
Rockwell, Sherri 237 
Rodens, Anne 414 
Roder, Nick 240, 339, 355 
Roderlch, Hang 280 
Rodosh, Caryn 231 
Rodrlan, Lisa 261 
Rodriguez, Ramon 326 
Rodriguez, P. Marcelo 260 
Rodriguez, Rudy 235, 287 
Rodriguez, Nydla 414 
Roegge. Michelle 270 
Roesch, Jane 241 
Rogala. Denise 294 
Roge. Cheryl 257 
Rogers, Carol 225 
Rogers, Jeff 343 
Rogers, Jim 311 
Rogers, Randy 336 
Rogers, Tom 275 
Rogers. Tony 266 
Roggensack. Meg 228 
Rogier, Rosalie 256 
Rohe, LlsaC. 261, 2%, 414 
Rohleder, Debbie 347 
Rohrschneider, Debbie 310 
Rojek, Deborah A. 295, 414 
Rojewskl, Michael N. 283, 
308. 414 

Rojlcek. Victoria 269 
Rolfe, Jim 230 
Rolloff. Julie 225, 270, 332 
Rolnlk, Robert 414 
Roma, Jeffrey J. 414 
Romack, Matthew D. 414 
Romans, Sandra R. 414 
Romer, Ross 319 
Rominger, Karee A. 338, 414 
Rondoni, Jack 224 
Roney, Frank 252 
Roock. Angela 297 
Rooks, Robert L 414 
Rooney, Brian D. 414 
Rooney, Sheila 248 
Root, Gail A. 293,414 
Roratf, Judith E. 284, 414 
Rorschneider. Patty 231 
Rosa. Andy 250. 251 
Rosato. Glna 231, 355 
Rosauer, Jean 64 
Roscetti, Angle 259 
Rosch, John 274 
Rosdall. Lisa A. 414 
Rose, Beth 359 
Rose, Eric 280, 310, 337 
Rose, Jason 230 
Rose, Michael 351. 355 
Rose. Michelle P. 414 
Rose. Scott 331 , 346, 354. 355 
Rosen, Barb 229, 332 
Rosen, Cara 231 
Rosen, Mark 244 
Rosenbaum, Adam 282 
Rosenberg, David 323 
Rosenberg, Jackie 276 
Rosenberg. Nancy 276. 340 
Rosenbloom, Eric P. 414 
Rosenblum, Howard 230 
Rosenblum, Neal 272 
Rosenbohm, Kelly 236, 324, 

Rosenow, Julie 270 
Rosenston. Dave 272 
Rosenthal, David 230 
Rosenthal, Ellssa 229, 285. 
354. 414 

Ross. Dominique 320 
Ross, Elizabeth 231 
Ross, Michael J. 414 
Ross, Tom 323 
Ross, Vlckl L 414 
Rossate, Audrey 269 
Rossdeutcher. Steve 310 
Rossetto, Dawn 259 
Rossi, Brad L, 310. 414 
Rossi, Elizabeth 310 
Rossi, Jane C. 414 
Rossi, Lauren J. 225, 315, 
331, 345,414 
Rossi, Sharon 225 
Roster, Kim 284, 310 
Rotan, Cheryl 236 
Rotblatt. Rich 282 
Roth. Angela 319 
Roth, David 338 
Roth, Ellisa J. 414 
Roth, Jennie 259, 354 
Roth, John 275 
Roth, Kris 270. 344 
Roth, Tom 280. 306 
Rothenberg, Lisa 276, 332 
Rothenburger. Kurt 320 
Rothman, Michelle 229 
Rothrock, Christy 225, 332, 

Rothschild. Daniel 415 

Roti, Bruno 239 

Rotter, Pam 248 

Rotunno, Marquerite 257 

Rotzoll. Keith B. 415 

Rounds. Lisa M. 330, 415 

Roundtree, Rebecca 415 

Roush, Joe 318 

Rouske. John 306 

Rousos, Julie 415 

Rowader, James R. 268, 415 

Rowault, Jim 262 

Rowe, Audwin 321 

Rowe, Suzanne 259. 350 

Rowe, Tammy 236 

Rowitz, Blair 252 

Rowley. Jim 318, 348 

Rowley. Laura B. 327. 328. 

346, 415 

Rowley, Maureen 231 

Rowstowsky. Ken 246 

Roy. Jodi C 276, 303, 415 

Royse, Marianne 249 

Rozensweig, Jackie 229 

Ruben, Anthony R. 329, 415 

Rubin, Elyse 249 

Rubin, Jordan 272 

Rubin, Kathleen K. 415 

Rubin, Scott 230 

Rubin, Stacey 415 

Rubina, Lisa 326 

Rubiner, John K. 415 

Rubino. Jerry 355 

Rubrich, Mike 308 

Ruby, Karen 337 

Ruda, Heidi L. 415 

Ruche, Kim 276 

Ruck, Kim 258 

Ruda, Heidi 293 

Ruddy, Steve 275 

Rude, Kimberly L. 231, 286, 


Rudin, Martin 322. 324, 348 

Rudman, Britt 248, 276. 325 

Rudnick, Arnold 415 

Rudolph, Paul 264 

Rudolph. Rita 415 

Rudolphi, Tim 281 

Rueth, Rhonda R. 415 

Ruevers. Beth 258 

Ruf, Cynthia H. 415 

Ruff, Kris 241 

Ruff, Michael 292, 338 

Rugby Team 200 

Ruffo. Mike 224 

Ruggles, John 280 

Ruhl, Janet C. 415 

Ruiz, Jesse 280, 304 

Ruiz, Miguel 343 

Rummenle Bruce 90 

Rundqulst, Leisa A. 415 

Runnlon, Karen 241 

Ruona. Mike 250, 251 

Rupp, Jeff 297 

Rupp. Melinda B. 415 

Ruppel, Michelle A. 415 

Rupprecht, James 245. 290, 


Rursch, Lori J, 322, 331. 415 

Ruschelnskl, Midm. 313 

Rusciolello, Julie A. 415 

Rushin, Patricia 323 

Rushing, Eric 283 

Russ, Rachel 229 

Russ, Rachel 229 

Russel. Blake A. 415 

Russell, Becky 305 

Russell. Blake 226 

Russell. Carolyn 231, 352 

Russell, Dana 225 

Russell, 236, 356 

Russell, Kevin 264, 352 

Russell, Maureen 357 

Russis, Martha 327 

Russis, Vas 250 

RuSSO. Kimberly 357 

Russo, Thomas C. 263, 415 

Rusthoven, Bob 264 

Ruswlck, Kristin 277 

Rutcol. Christina M, 415 

Ruth. Dave 268 

Ruth, Peggy 258 

Rutherford, Darcy A. 261. 296. 


Ruthman. Miml 229 

Rutkowski, Mike 224 

Ruttenberg, Jill 357 

Ruutelmann, Lemblt P. 415 

Ruxton, Tod 250 

Ruzich, Janet C. 335, 415 

Ruzicka, Mary 415 

Ruzicka, Paul 240 

Ryan, Bill 254 

Ryan, Christopher B. 415 

Ryan, Jim 262 

Ryan, Karen 259, 357 

Ryan, Katie 248 

Ryan. Mary 241 

Ryan. Maryann E. 415 

Ryan, Patricia M. 415 

Ryan, Patrick 283, 308. 352 

Ryan, Ric 266 

Ryan, Sue 350 

Ryan, Tim 352 

Ryman. Lena E. 415 

Rycek, Ed 332 

Ryman, Lena 259. 296 

Ryu. Youngkyu 415 

Rzeszutko. Mike 297 

Sabin. Holly J. 294, 415 
Sabotino, Mark 227 
Sachem 351 
Saballus, Jerry 312 
fiahan. Joel 272 
Sachtleben. Sonya 231 
Sackett. Todd 275 
Sadkin, Cindy 332, 326 
Saeks, Loern 298 
Safar. Cyndy 261 
Safford. David E. 415 
Sager, Steve 282 
Sagmeister, Jill 248 
Sahli. Corrie 237. 335 
Saisakoin, Jennie 342 
Saladino, Trooper M. 415 
Salafsky, Josh 271 
Salaymeh, Rima 269 
Salbego, Robert A. 301, 415 
Salins, Chris 336 
Salisbury, Tara J. 236, 415 
Salmons, Cheryl 322 
Saltzberg, Karyn 276 
Saltzman, Maureen L. 276, 
303. 415 
Saluga. Ed 224 
Salvia, David 327 
Salzberg, Tracey 229, 326, 

Samara, Donya 336 
Samland. Mary E. 329, 415 
Sammons, Deborah J. 261, 
296, 415 

Sammons, Don 204 
Sampson, April M. 415 
Sammonsez, Mario Sanch 

Samuels, Tammy 248, 332 
Sanchez, Abel 341 
Sander man Larry 281, 324 
Sanders, Catherine L. 415 
Sanders, Cynthia M. 416 
Sanders, Deanna J. 416 
Sanders, Jennifer 320 
Sanders. Lynn 299 
Sanderson, Irene E. 236, 287, 

Sandfort, Daryl 278 
Sanfort, James D. 278, 324, 

Sandifer. George 246 
Sandler, Jeff 230 
Sandrollnl, Jamie D. 416 
Sands. Mike 298 
Sandstrom, Chad 279. 351 
Sanner, Rick 226 
Sanroman, Mike 264. 298 
Santiago, Lisa A. 416 
Santos, Joseph V. Jr. 416 
Santuccl. James A. 416 
Sanzi. Midm. 313 
Saran. Claudia 257 
Saraukas. Paul J. 280, 304, 

Sargent, Jeff S. 244. 416 
Sargent, Mark 283. 308, 319 
Sarlltto, Cynthia 416 
Sarmiento, Carol 258 
Sarocka, David 416 
Sarrls. Stephanie 277 
Sarsany, Paula M. 353. 416 
Sarsha. David 329 
Sarussi. Martin J. 416 
Sarvay, Laura 350 
Sarver, Debra D. 416 
Sarver. Michelle 416 
Sasamorl, Keiko 225, 416 
Schrage, Marvin 234, 318. 322 
Schramer, Rob 245 
Schramm, Chris 352, 354 
Schramm, Margie 292 
Schrelber, David 230 
Schrelber, Edmar 322 
Schroat. Sandy 248 
Schrodt, David I. 417 
Schroeder, Doreen A. 417 
Schroeder, Jennifer 236. 269 
Schroeder. Lorraine S. 417 
Schroeder. Mark 235, 287, 
335, 417 

Schroeder, Natalie 258 
Schroer, Lee 258, 295, 310, 
332, 417 

Schrof. Geoffrey J. 234, 322, 

Schrumpf, Brad 239, 319 
Schubert, Beth 270 
Schubert. Brad 301. 417 
Schubert, Penny 276 
Schuh. Ted R. 417 
Schuhmann, Karen B. 417 
Schuller. Anne Marie 248 
Schulmeyer, Andreas 417 
Schulmeyer. Volker 283 
Schultz. Beckie 259 
Schultz. Carol 248 
Schultz, Gary A. 234, 322, 417 
Schultz. Jackie 332 
Schultz, Jocko 243 
Schultz, Joseph 417 
Schultz, Kathy 243 
Schultz. Mary F. 417 
Schultz. Midm. 313 
Schuize. Paula 277 
Schumacher. Kay 269, 300 
Schumacher. Roland 232. 318 
Schuman, Joan 277 
Schumm, Zachary D. 266, 
323. 417 

Schupp. Rick 242 
Schur. David 230 
Schuring. Dave 235. 287 
Schuring. Sarah 236. 318, 336 
Schuster, Robert 332 
Schwaab, Thad 252 
Schwab. Joe 274, 334 
Schwab, Julie 269 

Schwab, Mary 324, 326 

Schwab, Sue 248, 339, 354 

Schwaba, Mary J. 285, 417 

Schwaighart, Marie 225 

Schwaller. Nancy 238. 288, 

325, 417 

Schwartz, Carl 235 

Schwartz. Cindy 276, 277. 304 

Schwartz, Felicia G, 249, 293. 


Schwartz, Gordon 230 

Schwartz, Gregory A. 417 

Schwartz, Karen F. 276, 303, 


Schwartz, Kim 236 

Schwartz, Krista 241 

Schwartz, Lauren A. 417 

Schwartz, Robert S. 230, 323, 


Schwartz, Rodney A. 417 

Schwartz. Stacey L. 417 

Schwartze. Becky 359 

Schwarz, Matt 280. 304 

Schwarz, Orrin 327 

Schwarz, Rob 272 

Schwarz, Scott 350 

Schwatz, Cindy 417 

Schwengel, Kristopher 224 

Schwenkler, Cindy 270 

Schwerzier, Therese 305 

Schwerzler. Mary P. 417 

Sclllngo, Debbie 270, 357 

Scissors. Melinda R. 249. 293, 

335, 418 

Scoma, Kris 418 

Scorn. Scott 325 

Scott, Alison 259, 332 

Scott, Bob 274 

Scott, Dan 272 

Scott, Dave 282 

Scott, Diane 225 

Scott, Dlanna 353 

Scott, Susan E. 243, 290, 315, 

325, 345, 418 

Scranton, Velynna S. 318, 

322, 347, 418 

Scrlmgeour, Laura 277 

Scully, Donna M. 259, 296. 


Scully, Jo Ellen 291. 339 

Scurio, Todd 250 

Seaman, Paul 306 

Seaman, Virginia L. 350, 418 

Seamands. Eric S. 240, 289. 


Seaney. Steven 279 

Sebastian, Anne 231, 329, 339 

Sebastian, Deborah A. 418 

Sebastian, Krista 291 

Sebastian, Michelle 277 

Secaras, Harry 330 

Sechrlest, Robert, 313, 349 

Sedivy. Mike 298 

Sedlacek, Ellen M. 284, 309, 


Sedlak, Jeffery A. 418 

Seelye. Angela B. 418 

Seeman, Kelly 241 

Seghettl. Kathryn A. 248, 291, 

356, 418 

Segreti, Laura 243 

Sehlller. Greg 336 

Sehnoutka, Tracey 284 

Sehy, Brian 306 

Selbert, Diane 418 

Seide, David 280 

Seidel, Bryan 323 

Seidel. Lisa 229. 285 

Self. Denise 418 

Seifert. Kim 225 

Selmens, Mark 349 

Seltz, Edward F. 418 

Sekleckl, Tony 307 

Selby, Lauri 243 

Sell, Robert J. 418 

Sellergren, Rob 338 

Sellke, Cindy 228 

Selman, Heidi 236 

Semasko. Ann — Marie 237 

Semioll. Rose 259 

Senallk, Scott 271. 338 

Senate Student Association 


Senger, Laura M. 416 

Sennello, Lalson R. 418 

Senltt, Nichole 346 

Sennello, Alison 294 

Sensmeier, Scott 278 

Sepansky, Mike 275 

Sepe, Dave 281 

Serder, Loren 257 

Sered. Giselle C. 276. 303. 

346. 324, 418 

Sereno, Nicholas S.R. 292, 


Serlin, Charles 229 

Serna, Colleen 284. 309 

Serota. Lee B. 292. 418 

Serven, Dana 328, 418 

Sesek, Robert M. 418 

Setchell. Neal 307 

Setlak. Dan 262 

Setterdahl, Jon 232, 233 

Settles, Connie 267 

Seuss, James 227 

Sevclk, Kim 231,352 

Seversen, Jill 231 

Severson, Brian 322 

Sevier, Libby 237 

Seward. Deanna L. 259. 296, 


Sexton. Trlcia 237. 288. 339 

Seyedzadeh, Linda 418 

Seymour, Mike 253 

Sgarbossa, Joe 278 

Sgarbossa, 307 


Shaffer, Wendy 332 

Shafron. Devln J 350. 354, 


Shaftal, Jennifer J- 276. 303. 


Shah. Gaurav 271 

Shah. Nalshadh D. 331, 418 

Shallat. Chuck 280 

Shamberg. Julie B 293. 315. 

346. 418 

Shanahan. Terrl 342 

Shane, Gregory 323 

Shanholtzer, Lisa 228, 285, 


Shanin, Jamie 276 

Shanks. Dr. Roger 328 

Shannon, Carol A. 295. 418 

Shannon, Heather 336 

Shannon, Jamie 248 

Shaparis. Yvonne 418 

Shapiro, Ellen 276, 303, 418 

Sharp, Chryssa D. 418 

Sharrer, Stacle 350 

Shasha. Daniel 230, 351 

Shattler, Jill 237 

Shaughnessy, Colleen 225 

Shaughnessy, Thomas J. 418 

Shaul, Annallsa 248. 339 

Shaver, John 275 

Shaw. Derrick 319 

Shay. Donald 350 

Sheagren. Jennie 228. 285, 


Shear, Edward 350 

Sheard, John D. 350. 418 

Shearer, Brian 266 

Sheehan, Michael 329 

Sheets, Sydnee 259 

Sheikh, Dave 253 

Shell, Chris 338 

Shekleton. Mary J. 418 

Shellander, Nancy P. 418 

Shepard, Stephanie 225 

Sheperd, Barb 258 

Shepherd, Mark 274 

Sher Debbie 229 

Sheridan, Kathryn K. 238, 

288. 418 

Sheridan, Teresa 284 

Sheridan, Tim 301 

Sheridan, Todd 278 

Sherline, Charles H. 418 

Sherlock, Dan 252 

Sherman, Dave 230, 286 

Sherman, Deanna 229 

Sherman, Drexel 319 

Sherman, Stephanie C. 229, 

285, 418 

Sherman, Susan 229, 258, 


Shermon, Steve 298 

Sherrill, Marcy 259 

Sherwln, Lynnette R. 238, 

288, 355, 418 

Sherwin, Susan 269 

Sherwin, Todd M. 418 

Shewchuk, Jeffrey 227 

Shiano, Jeff 342 

Shields, Amy 270 

Shlkata, Hideki 306 

Shilling, Sami 276 

Shim, Donna M. 277, 394, 

329, 418 

Shim, Sook Hul 418 

Shlmkus, Shari 270 

Shin, Myong Ho 343 

Shlneflug, Karen 241 

Shiner, Dina 229 

Shipkowitz, Eirene A. 237, 


Shipley, Jill 261 

Shipley, Lisa 418 

Shipman, Mldm. 313 

Shlrey, Don 349 

Shlvely, Todd S. 232, 233, 

322. 419 

Shkolar, Gerl 261 

Shoaf, Dave 273 

Shoemaker, Julie 291, 316 

Shoor, Daniel A. 271, 319, 419 

Shoot, Doyle 419 

Short, Todd 224 

Shotts. Byron 322, 340 

Shparago, Wendy S. 249, 293, 


Shreeves, Gary 292 

Shubert Debbie 229 

Shukls. Celine 231 

Shull, Renee 228 

Shuman, Gregg 232 

Shuman, Linda 344 

Shuman, Marah 229, 327 

Shuman, Scott 232 

Shumsky, George M. 419 

Shurllla, Karen 335 

Shusta, Suzanne D. 269, 300, 


Siambanes. Dave 235 

Slbbing, Julie 353 

Sible. Janet 228, 340, 419 

Sibley. Patrick J. 419 

Sickels, Malcolm 306 

Sidior. Lisa 249 

Sidles, Tim 250 

Sieczkowski, William Jr. 419 

Siedacki. Dave 254 

Slegel. Brenda 277 

Selgel, Dave 272 

Siegel, Donna 276 

Slegel. Felice M. 276. 303. 

345, 419 

Siegel, Mary Jo 324 

Siegle. Chris 274 

Slegrist, Julie 284 

Siemasko, Robert 280 

Sleron, Susan 284 

Slevertsen, Erik E. 338, 419 

Sievertsen. Karen 338 

Sigafus, Lisa 249 

Sigler. Sue 338 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 274 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Seniors 


Sigma Chi 275 

Sigma Chi Seniors 303 

Sigma Delta Tau 276 

Sigma Delta Tau Seniors 303 

Sigma Kappa 277 

Sigma Kappa Seniors 304 

Sigma Nu 278 

Sigma Phi Delta 279 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 280 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Seniors 


Sigma Pi 305 

Sigma Sigma Sigma 305 

Sigma Tau Gamma 281 

Slhwall. Rula248 

Slkes. Bethany 352 

Slkora. Mike 240, 244, 339 

Sllber, Jeff 307 

Silberman, Ami 351 

Sllhavy. Susan 261 

Sllkaitis. Mldm. 313 

Silva, Hugo 323 

Silva, Joao 317 

Silver. Jackie 276 

Silver, Mitch 272 

Silver, Susie 276 

Silverman, Elyse A. 276, 303, 


Silverman, Michael 230 

Silverman, Miriam 350 

Silverman, Scott 230 

Silvers, Robert 230 

Silvers, Robert 230 

Silverstein. Brian 349 

Sima, Dave 292 

Simaitis, Dava 257 

Simeo, Ann B. 225, 419 

Simeone, Thomas J. 419 

Simitz, Bob 307 

Simmons. Christine 243 

Simmons, Lisa 324 

Slmms, Stacy 291 

Simms, Tia D. 419 

Simokaltis. Charles 224 

Simon. Catherine A. 345, 419 

Simon, Faryl 229 

Simon, Greg J. 419 

Simon. Sarah 269, 316, 350 

Simon, Sue 236 

Simonelic, Chris 279 

Simonelic, Kelly 245 

Simons, Kristin 259 

Simonton, Jeffrey W. 419 

Simpson, Andy 275 

Simpson, Clyde J. 419 

Simpson, Leigh 228 

Sims, Delbert 331 

Sims. Mary T. 299, 331, 345, 


Sims, Richard R. 318, 348, 


Sinar, Jill 249, 293, 338 

Singer, Iva 230 

Singer, Pete 419 

Singh, Tim 265 

Slnghal, Mrldu 358 

Sinicki. Dana 237 

Singshlnsuk. Lynda D. 419 

Sinton, Beth 276 

Sipes, Brenda 277 

Sipowich, Ron 338 

Sirakides, Dean 350 

Slsco, Suzanne 332, 419 

Sitta, Jim 235 

Sltzes. Suzanne 259. 296, 419 

Siwa, Cindy 261 

Siwek, Ellen 259 

Slwik, Bucky 254 

Skaleski, Amy 269 

Skelton, Jim 275 

Skelton, Kelly 258. 295 

Skelton, Tim 335 

Skerritt. Tracy 236, 344 

Skidmore, Donna 419 

Sklena, Steve 351 

Skoff, Wendy 277 

Skol, Mark T. 419 

Skolnick, Hilien 229 

Skowron, Sandy 241, 352 

Skrabacz, Carl J. 419 

Skufca, Jennifer 350, 419 

Skurie. Pam 276. 303. 419 

Skurnick, Jaime 229, 285. 419 

Slanlnka, Laura 352, 419 

Slater, Joyce 237 

Slattery, Tom 273 

Slaughter, Chris 226 

Slavish, Jeff 298 

Slavish, Lorrle 248, 334 

Slawinskl, Sharon 228 

Slay. Alysa 350, 419 

Slette. Kristen 237 

Sllgar, Dana K. 419 

Sloan. Jullanne M. 419 

Sloan, Lelf 283, 308 

Sloan, Steve 306 

Sloan, Tracy L. 419 

Slobodnik, Syd 327 

Slocum, Brian 281 

Slomka, Kathryn P. 419 

Slotky, Kim 276 

Slovick. Beth 258 

Slusarek, Jim 359, 360 

Sluz, Nin 331,340 

Small, Mike 240 

Smason, Wendy S. 229, 285, 


Smiles, William J. 240. 289, 


Smiley, Kim A. 419 

Smith, Allison 241 

Smith, Andrea 237 

Smith, Brett H. 419 

Smith. Brian 254, 280 

Smith, Charles O. 419 

Smith, Charles T. 419 

Smith. Chris 264 

Smith. Craig 262 

Smith, Daniel 227 

Smith, Diane 310. 419 

Smith. Eric 265 

Smith, Erlka 332 

Smith, Gene 252 

Smith, Geoff 297 

Smith. James 311 

Smith. Jan C. 284. 345. 324. 


Smith. Kris 349 

Smith, Kyle 327, 328 

Smith, Larry 239 

Smith, Laura 270 

Smith, Leatha 237 

Smith, Llesl G. 419 

Smith. Lisa 229, 357. 359 

Smith. Lori 277 

Smith, Mark K. 253, 349, 419 

Smith, Marna 350 

Smith, Meri C. 419 

Smith. Merna 243 

Smith. Patrick 319 

Smith, Renne A. 420 

Smith, Skip 240 

Smith, Stephanie 269, 300 

Smith, Sue A. 248, 326. 355, 


Smith, Terry 264 

Smith, Tina V. 237, 288, 420 

Smith, Tracy L. 420 

Smith, Travis 255 

Smith, Trina D. 420 

Smolensky, Loren 229 

Smutz, Miles 357, 420 

Smykowski, Pete 254 

Snapp, Lisa 236 

Snell. Jim 274 

Snell. Kelly 270 

Snider, Marianne 420 

Snider, Midm. 313 

Snlvely, Julie 329 

Snook, Douglas 260 

Snook. Jennifer 259 

Snow. Julie 237 

Snow. Nancy J. 284, 420 

Snydacker, Anne 420 

Snyder, Alice 323 

Snyder, Dave 3443 

Snyder, Greg 343 

Snyder, Jenny 243 

Snyder. Liz 276 

Snyder, Mike 265, 280 

Snyder, Peggy S. 241, 420 

Sobczak, Sharon 284 

Sobel. Lisa 276, 335 

Social Responsibility 

Committee 223 

Society of Women Engineers 


Soda, John 319 

Sodergerg, Laura 338 

Sohn, Doug 308 

Sokolowskl, Elizabeth 237, 

252, 288, 420 

Solarz, Timothy S. 420 

Solko, John 273 

Solomon, Lynda L. 420 

Soloman, Midm. 313 

Solsrud, Ronald I. 283, 308, 


Solvsberg, Christine 332 

Sommer, Cheryl B. 420 

Sommer. Christopher A. 420 

Sommer, Debbie 256, 347 

Sommer, John 280 

Sommerteld. Julie 269. 300, 

325, 344 

Sommerfleld, Julie 420 

Sommers, Susan 276 

Sone, Candlce E. 248, 291, 


Song, David 341 

Song. James Y. 343, 420 

Song, Seungtalk 420 

Song, Sharon 310 

Song, Young Ik 343 

Sonnlcksen, Julie A. 420 

Sonoda. Bud 332 

Sons, Paul G. 420 

Sood, Sanjay 420 

Sorensen, Marlen 420 

Sorenson, Gltta 225 

Sotmek, Julian 230 

Souden, Jason 279 

Sourls, John 298 

Souter, Damlenne 420 

Southwood, Scott 307, 316, 


Sover, David 338 

Sowell, Rebekah 320 

Sowln, John E. 420 

Sowlnskl, Margaret 248 

Sowlnskl, Pat 248. 339. 354, 


Sowle, Cynthia 277 

Soyars, Glna M. 352, 420 

Spaeder. Catherine M. 420 

Spafford, Debbie A. 420 

Spahn, Pamela S. 284, 309, 

310. 350, 357, 420 

Spakowski, Elizabeth M. 237, 

288, 420 

Spallone, Bill 265 

Spallone, Joe 263 

Spangler, Dave 262 

Spangler. Robert B. 347, 420 

Spanlol. Loretta L. 277, 304, 


Spargo, Clifton R. 263, 346, 


Spathls, George J. 420 

Spatz, Paul C. 420 

Spears, Harriet 225, 420 

Specht, Kathleen A. 316, 332. 


Speck, Mike 239 

Speed, Maria 323 

Spellman, Catherine 327 

Spellman, Marc D. 420 

Spellman, Paul 350 

Spellman, Susan M. 420 

Spelman, Jocelyn 236, 287, 


Spencer, Gregory A. 420 

Spencer, Jim 250 

Spencer, Phil 245 

Sperl, Laura M. 420 

Sperry, Angela M. 420 

Spiegel, Alan 338 

Spillane, Greg 332 

Splller, Brian 280 

Spllotro. Maria 225 
Splndel. Debby 313 
Spindler, Laura 269 
Spingola, Joanne 350, 420 
Spitalll. Dave 298 
Spitzer, Leslie 276 
Splltgerber, Keith 252 
Sponburgh, Kleron 269 
Spooner. Stacey I. 420 
Spotts. Julie A. 236. 420 
Spradley. Yvonne 421 
Sprague. Andrew 255 
Sprague. Paul D. 421 
Sprandel.Jeff 254 
Sprlgel, Pam 310 
Spring. Rich 275 
Springgate, Mark 421 
Squires. Thomas P. 421 
Sroczynskl, Chris 235, 287 
St Denis, Suzanne H. 421 
St Jean. Audrey 339 
Staab. John M. 323. 421 
Staack. Rich 357 
Staats, Steven 319 
Stabenvoll. Eric 250 
Staber. Timothy 279 
Stach, Eileen 236 
Stachlin. Ed 331 
Stachon. Lisa M. 350. 421 
Stachowiak. Stephen 421 
Stadler, Richard M. 280. 304. 

Stadler. Stacey 310. 421 
Staehlln. Ed 283 
Stafford, Edward 227 
Stahel, Maryann 257 
Stahl, Jill 328 
Stahl, Jodi 328 
Stahl, Paula 277, 344, 356 
Staker, Pam 228 
Stalter, Curtis 324 
Stamatopoulas, Mike 263 
Stanciu, Leslie 241 
Stanczak, Amy 259 
Standard, Becky 345, 421 
Stanfill, Mike 265 
Stanke, John 274 
Stanke, Suzanne 228, 331 
Stanke Theresa L. 295, 421 
Stankoven, John 421 
Stanner, Nancy 269 
Stapf, Julie 225, 339 
Stapleton, Amy 237 
Stapleton, Jim 283, 331 
Stapleton, Susan L. 243, 290, 

Starcevich, Michael 253, 314 
Star Course 352 
Star Course Managers 353 
Stare, Anne Marie 267 
Starkey, Dean 250 
Starkman, Christine 421 
Starkston, Dave 283, 308, 341 
Starnes, Nancy 225 
Starr. Maria 231. 286, 322, 

Stathakopoulos, Cathy 258 
Staudacher, Michael R. 421 
Staunton, Don 245 
Stawickl, Linda 329 
Steber, Ivan 283 
Stec, Jennifer E. 324, 421 
Stech, Amy 269 
Steck, Brian 253 
Stecyk, Sheryl 360 
Stedronsky, Sue 261 . 334, 354 
Steege, Allison 228 
Stelle, Michelle 346 
Steele, Randy 421 
Steele, Tracy L. 421 
Stafani. Dan 246 
Steffen, Amy 236, 322 
Steffen, Bob 263 
Steffe, Katherine 350 
Stegeman, Richard 339 
Stegemeler, Henrlette 310 
Stegman, Michael A.S. 421 
Stehr, Kirk 318 
Steidinger, Lyle J. 324, 421 
Stelgelmann, James A. 266, 

Steiger, Dawn M. 269. 300, 

Stein, Amy 229 
Stein, Julie F. 229, 285. 421 
Stein, Karyn 359 
Stein, Lisa 276 
Stein, Maria 277 
Stein, Michael 331 
Steinau, Molly 256 
Steinberg, Beth 229, 355 
Steingraeber, Scott C. 239, 

Stelnkamp. Teresa K. 421 
Stall. Adam L. 421 
Stelnicki, Carrie 248 
Stelter, Sandra R. 421 
Stephens, Cindy L. 421 
Stephens, Curtis 134 
Stephens, Lisa 228, 326 
Stephenson, Len 263 
Stephons, Randy 298 
Steppen, Kent 254 
Sterling, Bradley R. 263, 421 
Stermer, Todd J. 421 
Stern, Jeffrey 260 
Stern, Julie 344 
Stern, Mark E. 421 
Stern, Spencer 324 
Stern, Wendy A. 267, 299, 421 
Sterrett, Brian 252, 324 
Stevanovlch, Andrea M. 277, 
304, 421 

Stevens, John 329 
Stevens, Lynn 316 
Stevens, Scott 252 
Stevens, Thomas E. 421 
Stevenson, Bill 244 
Stevenson, Scott 274 
Stevenson, Tamara S. 305, 
332, 421 

Stewart, Bryan R. 421 
Stewart, Cassle B. 421 
Stewart. Donna 229 
Stewart. Gary 250 
Stewart, Jennie 243 
Stewart, Linda 309 
Stewart, Nancy 269 
Stewart, Steve 240, 339 
Stlber, John 360 
Stickler, Kent 234 
Stickler, Ronald K. 421 
Stldd, Lisa 243. 290 
Stleren, Dennis 226 
Stlgler, Vlnce 306 
Stlglltz, Andrea 276 
Stlllman. Brad 308, 351 
Stlllman. Jamie 276 
Stills. Rae 228 
Stllwell. Valerie A. 248, 291, 

Stlne. Mark 240 
Stirrer. Cindy 256. 329. 339 
Stitzell. Craig 342 
Stock, Cheryl 421 
Stocker, Brian 327. 328 
Stocker, John J. 421 
Stocker, Jonathan W. 421 
Stoelinga, Mark 421 
Stoer, Bruce 316 
Stoffel. Laura A. 421 
Stogln, Katie 258 
Stohs. Lisa I. 421 
Stojkovich, Goran 283 
Stojkovich, Mlo 224. 341 
Stokes. Jeff 265 
Stolarczuk. Paul 331, 349, 422 
Stoldt, Debbie 270, 344 
Stolfa, John N. Jr. 422 
Stoll, Karilyn K. 422 
Stoll, Rodney 318, 328, 347 
Stoller, Janet 228 
Stoller, Todd A. 422 
Stoltz, Teresa 422 
Stone, Amy L. 293. 422 
Stone. Becky 241 
Stone, Colleen 257 
Stone, Erica 276, 357 
Stone, Jennifer 229, 332 
Stone. Tim 224 
Stopoulos, Niki 359 
Stork, William 422 
Storkman, William 349 
Storm. John 227 
Storm, Karl 266 
Storm, Michele E. 422 
Storm. Mldm. 313 
Stout, Susie 258 
Stoutenborough, Eric 271 
Stowe, Sara 261 
Straka, Pete 344 
Straka, Philip 335 
Strandt, Bob 246, 247 
Stratford House 353 
Strauss, Abby L. 229, 285, 422 
Strauss, Andrea M. 350. 422 
Strayve. Kenneth F. 422 
Straznickas, Anne M. 295. 422 
Streed, James E. 422 
Street. Susan 236 
Strey. Karen M. 225, 422 
Strieker, Steve 192 
Strickland. J. R. 265 
Strlepling, David P. 422 
Stroemer, Paul 343 
Stromsland, Peter 260 
Strong, Susan 422 
Strongin, llyse 276 
Struble. Susan M. 316, 317, 

Stubsten, Teresea A. 422 
Strunk, Jeff 326, 332 
Sturtewagen, Aaron 422 
Strus, Sarah 241 
Stubblefleld, Becky 234, 256. 

Stube, Chris 327. 328 
Stubstein, Teresa 284, 309 
Stuckey, Greg 345 
Studtmann, Heidi 228 
Students Against Multiple 
Sclerosis 21, 354, 363 
Student Alumni Association 

Student Ambassadors 355 
Student Government 
Association 110, 111,355 
Stueber, Amy 231 
Stumpf. Beth 236 
Sturek, Sally 277 
Sturt, Cydney 249 
Stute. Jeff 266, 326, 332 
Stutz. Michelle 231. 283 
Stybr, Tom 31 1 
Styer, Steve 343. 422 
Suchdev, Praveen K. 422 
Suddeth, Nate 253 
Sudduth. Ed C. 280, 304, 422 
Suerman, Rich 272 
Suglhara, Richard Y. 422 
Sugrue, Bernle 243 
Suhre, Rhett 232 
Suhre. Todd V. 232, 233, 422 
Suits. Barry L. 422 
Sullgoy, Andrea 256 
Sullivan, Adrlanne 228 
Sullivan, Beth 225 
Sullivan, Bill 354 
Sullivan, Colleen 277, 304, 

Sullivan, Casey J. 422 
Sullivan, Daniel C. 263, 422 
Sullivan, Frank 264 
Sullivan, Jeanne L. 422 
Sullivan, Jennifer H. 422 
Sullivan, Jim 240, 252 
Sullivan, John 266, 344 
Sullivan, Kathleen R. 422 
Sullivan, Kathryn 259, 310, 

Sullivan, Linda 261 
Sullivan, Mark 235 
Sullivan, Mary 269, 316 
Sullivan, Mike 297. 339, 354 
Sullivan, Sandl 237 

Sullivan, William 227 
Summers, Sharon 319 
Sundahl, Karen 248 
Sundaram, Kannan 260, 422 
Suqi. Zeyad 323 
Surles, Stephanie 284 
Susemiehl, Pam 327, 328 
Susmano, Diana M. 248, 324, 

Susmarskl, Gall 310 
Sutger. Nina 276, 332 
Sutter, Greg 275, 303, 336, 
351, 354 

Sutter, Jill 243, 335 
Sutton, Joe 310 
Svab. Tracy 259 
Svlhla, Ed 283, 308 
Svlhla. Gary 240 
Svoboda, Kelly 337 
Swaback, Karen L. 269. 331, 
345,351, 422 
Swalve, Brian 422 
Swanlund, Holly 228 
Swanson, David M. 264, 335, 

Swanson, Jane 243 
Swanson. Jennifer A. 422 
Swanson. Karl 242 
Swanson. Karyn 269 
Swanson. Lisa S. 277. 304, 
355. 422 

Swason. Natalie A. 237, 288, 

Swanson, Sandra G. 422 
Swanson. Steven 280 
Sward, Eric 240 
Swartz. Tim 332 
Swartzbaugh, Alrie 253 
Sweeney, Mark 254 
Sweeney, Robert 279 
Sweet, Kathy 225 
Sweet, Margaret 276, 354 
Swendrowski, Chris 243 
Swenson, Midm. 313 
Swiatowiec, Mary L. 422 
Swlck. Terri 258 
Swldler. Ronald S. 422 
Swierkosz, Amy 236 
Swigart, Dave 318, 322 
Swiggon, Sue 267 
Swikle, Todd 240, 289, 339 
Swinburne, Jane R. 422 
Swinford, Mark 280, 304 
Swist, Sheila M. 422 
Swltzer, Paul 297 
Sykes, Maurice 321 
Sykes, Monica 346, 355 
Sylvester, Cadden A. 243, 
290, 422 

Sylvester, Cheryl 236 
Synder, Laura 317 
Synder, Steve 298 
Syran, Blrgit H. 270, 344, 422 
Syran, Caroline 270 
Syrek, Carree L. 422 
Szarmack, Adrienne L. 339. 
359, 360, 422 
Szczepanski, Alice 332 
Szczepanski, Mary 356 
Szejda, Matthew H. 423 
Szekely, Carol 277, 304 
Szelfer, Corlna 225 
Szidon, Julia A. 248, 339, 423 
Szumsky, Garry G. 423 
Szwast. Debbie 344 
Szwed. Karen 291, 359 
Szydlowskl, Jim S. 423 
Szymskl, Joann 423 

Taaffe, Kevin 281,316. 351, 

Tablner, Diane 238 

Tabor, Karl 423 

Tabor, Melissa 241 

Tachau, Jeremy 299 

Tadie, Mldn. 313 

Tae KWon Do 20 

Talra, Robert John 423 

Talbot, Charlie 275, 303 

Talbot, Trina 237.352 

Talbott, Matt 283, 311,314 

Tammes, John 323 

Tampke, Dale 351 

Tan, Clarysel G. 423 

Tan. Emy 356 

Tan. Laura E. 423 

Tan, Mickey R. 423 

Tanner, Angela R. 423 

Tanner. John E. 423 

Tantilla, Larry 244 

Tarandy, Dana 252 

Tarboletti, Dave 253 

Tarbuk. Theresa 236 

Tarhione, Pam 228 

Tardlo, Steven 280 

Tarleton, Stacl L. 291, 192, 


Tarvln, Lisa 231 . 286 

Tash, Tony 275 

Tasker, Tracy 231 

Tata, Bob 283, 341 

Tau Epsilon Phi 282 

Tau Kappa Epsilon 306 

Tausk, Dan 275 

Tavlany, Greg 254 

Taviner, Diane 350 

Taylor, Andreas 350 

Taylor, Barry 227 

Taylor, Cindy 359 

Taylor II, David M. 423 

Taylor. Dawn 323 

Taylor. Doug 423 

Taylor. Jennifer 225. 258 

Taylor. Jon 319 

Taylor. Laurel A. 331. 352, 


Taylor, Lisa 236. 261 

Taylor, Matthew G. 232, 233, 

239. 423 

Taylor. Melissa 258 

Taylor, Nina 344 

Taylor, Scott 244, 319 
Taylor, Shawn 270 
Taylor, Shelly R. 326, 423 
Taylor, Stephanie 243 
Taylor. Steve 344. 359 
Teclaw. Ingrid 359 
Teetsov. Julie 257 
Tegtmeyer, Kathy 344 
Teltelbaum, Loren 229 
Teltle, Sue 338 

Telengater, Robin J. 229, 285, 
316, 423 

Tellat-Kelpsa, Audra 261 
Temlquel, Panfl 239 
Temple, Nancy 277 
Templeman. Mary L 339, 423 
Tenelck, Matt 307 
Teng, Judy 310, 423 
Tennent, Russell A. 423 
Tenner. Brian 142 
Terrell. Tammy 261 
Terry, Wendy 249 
Terstrlep. Amy 423 
Terzlan. Ellen 241 
Tessler, Ellsa 350, 423 
Tessmer, Gina 270 
Testln, Alan J. 423 
Testln, Roger 324 
Testyon, Daniel J. 332, 423 
Teutsch, Mark R. 423 
Textile and Apparel Group 

Textrum, Greg 332 
Thakar, Sonal 231 
Thaldorf. Susan M. 423 
Thandani. Jennifer 261 
Tharp, Tracey L. 423 
Thayer, Steve 275 
Thayer, Sue D. 236. 287, 423 
Thede, Laura C. 423 
Thede, Mike 239 
Theeke, John 274, 302 
Theisen, Dan 244 
Theta Delta Chi 306 
Theta XI 307 
Theta XI Seniors 307 
Thibault, Yvonne 350 
Thlelen, Renee D. 297, 423 
Thielmann, Robert J. 423 
Thlems. Stacy 231 
Thiessen. Todd 224, 
Thomann, Robert F. 423 
Thomas, Beverly 317 
Thomas, Dr. David 234 
Thomas, Jessy 423 
Thomas, Joe 306 
Thomas, John 280 
Thomas, Kristin 231. 352 
Thomas, Marcia 326. 249 
Thomas. Sondra 350 
Thomas, Susan 236 
Thomason, Terry D. 423 
Thomopoulos, Marie 237 
Thompkins, Becki 259, 310 
Thompson, Alan L. 423 
Thompson, Ann C. 423 
Thompson, Dan 240 
Thompson, Fred 319 
Thompson, James B. 119, 423 
Thompson, Julie 248 
Thompson, Kerrle 269, 350 
Thompson, Leigh Ann 225 
Thompson, Mark A. 268.360 
Thompson, Melisa 332 
Thompson, Midn. 313 
Thompson, Sarhelen 348 
Thompson, Stephan A. 423 
Thompson, Todd A. 250. 251, 

Thomson, Kathryn 423 
Thomson, David 244 
Thomson, Katie 270, 300 
Thomure, Tim 306 
Thoren, Heidi 267, 338 
Thornton, Tom 265 
Thorp, Marcle 267 
Thorp, Mary Kay 326 
Thorsson, Heidi M. 423 
Thorton, Dawn 258 
Thorton. Debbie 347 
Thoss. Kerri 248 
Throneberrt, Scott 253 
Thurman, Cedrlc D. 346, 423 
Thurman, Jama 284 
Tiedman, Erica 294 
Tlerney. Sandra N. 423 
Tigwell. Dori 236 
Till, Jay 307 

Tillman, Carol A. 316, 423 
Tllpe, Claudia 248. 310 
Tilton, Becky 325 
Timko. Paul 423 
Tlmmermann, Lisa A. 424 
Timmons, Kenneth J. 424 
Timmons, Kevin 260 
Timmons, Shelly D. 325. 335, 
345, 424 

Tinsley, Jacqueline M. 424 
Tinsley, Michael 268 
Tirpak, Thomas 331, 424 
Titus, Ann 237 
Tjoflat, Susan 277 
Tlusty. Michael 322, 424 
Toba, Julia 333, 424 
Toback, Linda 276 
Tobias, Mark 319 
Tobln, Courtney 225 
Todd, Anthony D. 321, 346, 

Todd. Kathleen 249 
Todd. Mark 343 
Todd. Michelene 243 
Toeppen, Dennis 424 
Tolan, Chuck 292 
Toland, Brenda 291, 356 
Tolen. Stephanie 295, 424 
Toler, Duffy 232, 313 
Tolllver. Shelly L. 424 
Tolp, Cindy 344 
Tom, Harley 282 
Toman, Heather 225 
Tomaras, Jae 231 



Tomasetti, Perry J. 424 

Tomaso, Tim 272 

Tomaszewski, Steven 332, 


Tomei, Jeanlne 243 

Tomkowlak, John 350 

Tompson, Julie 236 

Tonjuk, Christina L. 259. 296. 


Tonnozi, Dawn 269 

Tooley, Jim 262 

Toon, Michael F. 311, 424 

Torch 356 

Torgerson, Mathew 323 

Toriumi, Kelley A. 310, 424 

Torney, Kathy 243 

Tornheim, Linda 249 

Torres, Christine 424 

Torres, Dave 275 

Torres, Rick 254 

Torricelll, Cecelia 261 

Tortorelli, Robert G. 424 

Toth, Lisa 228 

Totten, Andy 253 

Touchet, Pete 250 

Toussaint, Thomas 31 1 

Towne, Mark 266, 344 

Townsell, William 346 

Tracey, Charles 299, 319 

Trachterberg, Leda 228 

Tracy, Midn. 313 

Tracy, Sharon 238 

Trail, William J. 281, 424 

Trainer, Diana 256 

Trainer, Wes 264 

Transfer Student Association 


Trapp, Julie A. 424 

Trasatt, Douglas C, 227 

Traub, Carl M. 424 

Trausch, Maria 270 

Trauth, Dan 268 

Traverse Paul 263, 327 

Travis, Cherle 339, 354, 355 

Travnik. John 262 

Treadway, Morris R. 424 

Treanor, Kathleen 277 

Tredennick 194 

Tremonto, Bess 243 

Trendler, David 280, 

Triantafillou, Nick 283 

Triange 283 

Triangle Seniors 308 

Tribble, Brad 29B 

Trick, Greg 240 

Triebold, Mark 275 

Trillet, Steven M. 424 

Trimble, Ellen K. 267, 299, 

344, 345, 424 

Trimbom, Dorle 352, 424 

Trimpe, John 255, 348 

Trindle, John 323 

Trlppiedl, Michael 323, 424 

Trizna, Taml L. 299, 424 

Troesken, Monica 270 

Trogs, Brian 240 

Troike, Kris 261 

Troike, Suzanne C. 424 

Trommater, Kara 322 

Trongi, Mike 335 

Trotman, Laura 237 

Trotter, Brad 232, 318 

Trotter, Dawn M. 259, 296, 


Trotter, Scott 232 

Trowbridge, Brian 253 

Troyke, Tony 264 

Trtanj, Glenn C. 424 

Trueman, Lawrence 305, 350 

Truex, Michael 349 

Trultt, Gwyn 340 

Trull, Robert M. 424 

Trusk, Ann 269, 300 

Truskowski, Doug 273 

Tryzna, Jenny 228 

Trzclnski, John S. 424 

Tsai. Hilda 424 

Tsang, Donna 324 

Tsang, Maureen 310 

Tsang, Rajesh 310 

Tschetter, Faith 228 

Tsedhmeyster, Nonna 316 

Tseng, Emily 258 

Tsuhako, Cheryl 424 

Tu, John F. 283, 308. 341, 424 

Tubbs, Laura 335 

Tucker, Margie 236 

Tulsl, Joan M. 329, 358, 424 

Tulley, Kallna 241 

Tulley, Michelle 225 

Tuman, Rose E. 424 

Tumas, Brad 227 

Tumbarello, Stephen 424 

TTurek, Heidi 276 

Turek, Roger 307 

Turk, Patty 258 

Turk, Scott 338 

Turket, Julie 344 

Turkot, Midn. 313 

Turnbul, 231 

Turner, Dawn M. 424 

Turner, Kathleen A. 326, 424 

Turner, Katie 270, 299, 300, 


Turner, Lantz 274 
Turner, Lorl A. 424 
Turner, Mark 227 
Turner, Philip 323 
Turner, Sherllyn R. 294, 424 
Tuttle, Steve 255, 339 
Tuzan, Robert 320 
Twarowski, Joe 251 
Tweeten, Sunya 25, 243, 290, 
346. 424 
Two, Tracy 259 
Twyman, Scott 278 
Tye, Mark 331 , 424 
Tyrell, Jeff 280 . 
Tyrrell, Kurt 268 
Tyson, Darren 274 
Tyson, Gary 230 
Tzakls, Evan 272 
Tzakis, Pete 301 
Tzeng, Judith H. 424 
Tzltzura, Jim 253 


Ubben, Lisa 259 

Udany, Robin E. 229, 285, 424 

Udishes, Marty 329 

Uher, Kathryn M. 237, 424 

Uhl, Stefanle R. 316, 317, 346, 


Uhland, Lynn R. 345, 425 

Uhlarik, Charles A. 425 

Uken, Brian 255, 318, 348 

Uken, Gary 255 

Uken, Tamara R. 425 

Ulbrlch, Ed 224 

Ulbrlch, Laura 258 

Ulir, Marina 337 

Ulstrup, Karin 258. 339 

Ulvestad, Jill 243 

Undergraduate Speech 

Communications Association 


Unes, Marci 248, 334 

Unger, Michael J. 425 

Unger, Tom 338 

Unkraut, Jill 358 

Upper, Julie 284 

Upton, Jill 261 

Urban, Trad L. 236, 287, 425 

Urbanek, Stephen 323 

Urchell, Bob 254 

Urgo, Caroline 225, 425 

Uris, Rob 318 

Usyak, Bradley R. 425 

Utter. Kathy 288 

Uyechl, Katherlne A. 425 

Uzarskl, Joelle 236 


Vaccaro. Annette 425 
Vacek, Laura M. 324, 333, 425 
Vagena, Theresa 338 
Vahllng, Bernard 234, 328 
Vahtlng, Mark 234, 318 
Vahllng, Vivian 329 
Vaiciulls, Rich 239 
Vainisi. Jerry 275 
Valaika, Maria 243 
Valentine, Monica L. 360, 425 
Valentine, Stephen 425 
Vallard, Diane 228 
Valleau, Almee 258 
Vallero, Karen 261 
Valles, Andy 245 
Valter. Shawn 245. 339 
Van Briggle, Kyna 284 
Van Buren. Jill 356 
Van Cleave, Klrsten 228 
Van Drumen, Kevin 348 
Van Fleet, Joe 247 
Van Hell, Jodl 305 
Van Ostrand, Nancy 284 
Van Sickle, Linda K. 305, 425 
Van Swol. Mike 265 
Van Voorst, Grant 250, 251 
Van Winkle, Tom 275 
Vanckus, Jim 250 
VanCleave, Krlsten 350 
Vandeburg, Steve 318, 347 
Vandelune, Steven W. 425 
Vanderheyden, Michele 228 
Vandermyde, Lyle 323 
Vanderwlel, Tracy 244 
Vanderzanden, Holly 259 
Vandrunen, Kevin 425 
Vanek, Gary J. 425 
Vanek, Teresa 316 
Vanek, Vic 240 
Vanerka, Laura 288 
VanLyssel, Heather 225 
VanMaldeglam, Scott 311 
VanOstrand, Nancy 333, 359 
Vanpragg, Margaret 323 
Vansco, Ann 277 
Vansco, Kimberly A. 277, 304, 

Vanstedum Robert 425 
Vantreek, Julie 277 
VanVoorst, Grant 331 
Varesic, Andrea 258 
Varga, Kim 236 
Varga, Tom 283 
Varlano, Mark 224 
Varnado, Eugene 321 
Varner, Ellen 236 
Varon Amy R. 425 
Vasconcelles, Mark 240, 289 
Vashee, Sanjay 425 
Vasques, Byron 226 
Vaughn, Ed 274 
Vaughn, Julie 248 

Vavaroutsos, Angle 352 

Vaverka, Mary Beth 349 

Vavra, Tim 250 

Vavrek, Amy 261 

Veach, Bruce A. 306, 425 

Veach, Stephen T. 260 

Vecchio, Bud 264 

Velth. Paul 297, 327, 354 

Velasco, Manny 194 

Velasquez Suzanne 294, 425 

Velisavlievlc, Sue 291 

Veloso, Jose M. 227" 

Vena, Larry 235 

Venckus, Jim 338 

Venerka, Laura 237 

Verachtert. Tom 280 

Verasaccl, Rocco 305 

Verbrugghe, Beth 261 

Vercelll, Nancy 237 

Vercelotte. Amy 258, 295 

Veremis, Amy E. 425 

VerMaat, Frank 224 

Verson Ranya E. 350. 425 

Verwers, Brent 329 

Veto, Dan 297 

Vlck Kim J. 425 

Vlckery, Dave 253 

Victor, Laura 224 

Victor, Wendy 229 

Vigor, Susan 237 

Villalobos. Barb 327 

Vlllalobos, Rommel 319 

Villegas, Josephine 261 

Villegas, Joyce L. 425 

Villegas, Therese 261 

Vincent, Diane 269, 300 

Vinci, Lisa 243, 339, 350 

Vincus, Amy 241 

Viray, Mary 323 

Vlrglllo, Cathy 259 

Virgin, Brent 280 

Vishny, Dan 324 

Vltellaro, Ann 340 

Vivanco, Gil 283 

Vlahos. Gus S. 330, 425 

Vlahos, Pat 330 

Vlalsavlch, Sharon 291 

Vlasak, Pam 237 

Vlk, Robert J. 274, 425 

Vodovotz, Yael 318, 332 

Voelker, Midn. 313 

Vogel, Ann Marie 270 

Vogel, Maria 269. 300, 425 

Vogel, Mussette 295 

Vogel, William C. 279 

Vogelsang, Steven A. 343, 


Vogl. Anne 236 

Vogler, Larry L. 234, 318, 322, 


Volker, John 262 

Volllng. Shelly 284, 309. 425 

Vols, Melissa S. 425 

Voltmer. Kathy 359, 360 

Volunteer lllinl Project 362 

Vonalroth, Joanne M. 241, 

289, 425 

Von Ryan, Randall 319 

Vondrak, Steve 250 

Vonnahme, Chris 246 

Voradlon, John 240 

Voris, Frank 240 

Voss, Erlka 295, Vranlcar, 

Margaret 269 

Vrentas, Elizabeth 277 

Vujica, Mike 271 

Vulch, Joanne 284 

Vulich. Matthew 235, 335 

Vyblral, Michelle 228 

Vyverberg, Rob 240 


Waaler, Christopher 349 
Wachter, Laura 322 
Wack, Michael A. 425 
Waddllove. Gordon 235. 287 
Wadsworth. Elizabeth J. 425 
Waggoner, Jennifer 228, 344 
Wagner, Anita 257 
Wagner. Eric P. 227 
Wagner, Julie 269 
Wagner, Kurt 271 
Wagner, Mike 282 
Wagner, Rich 235 
Wagner Robert 425 
Wagner, Whitney 258 
Wahlfeldt, Tracy D. 425 
Walte. Mary A. 238, 288, 425 
Wake, Becky 231 
Walasek, Carl 320 
Walbaum, Chuck 306 
Walch. Krlstlna 236 
Walcott, Melissa 270 

Walden, Kim 236 

Waldron, Shaun 248 

Wallczek, Ron 425 

Walker, Amy 337 

Walker, David 266 

Walker, Frank 321, 323 

Walker, Jack 275, 303 

Walker, Janelle 285, 345 

Walker, John 311 

Walker, Kenneth J. 305, 425 

Walker, Kevin 319 

Walker, Leesa B. 425 

Walker. Leslie 225 

Walker, Rick 250, 335 

Walker, Russ 232, 318 

Walker, Russell J. 425 

Walker, Stacy 321 

Walker, Valerie 284 

Walker, William F. 425 

Wall, Sheila 228 

Wall, Trlsh A. 243, 290, 425 

Wallace, Catherine L. 318, 


Wallace. Jeff 240, 289 

Wallace, Steve 281 

Wallach, Mike 307 

Wallbruch, Kent 329 

Waller, Christopher M. 425 

Walling, Tara 270 

Walls, Jeff 265 

Walsh 313 

Walsh, Ann-Marie 237 

Walsh, Bob 265 

Walsh, Krista 284 

Walsh, Mike 224 

Walsh, Pam 243 

Walsh, Pattl 289 

Walsh, Stephen 425 

Walsh. Therese 426 

Walsh. Thomas F. 426 

Walston, Stacla 256 

Walter, Dave 271 

Walter, Kevin L. 328, 426 

Walter, Kim 358 

Walter, Mike 298 

Walters. Cynthia 330 

Walters. Hugh 323 

Walters, Julie 248 

Walters, Russell C. 357, 426 

Walters, Wayne H. 426 

Walther, Gary 283 

Walvoord, Chris 301 

Walz. Beth 236 

Walz, David 332 

Wa Na See 358 

Wanders, Raymond 

Wank, Tom 224 

Wappel, Michelle M. 338. 356. 


Ward, Jim 275, 303 

Ward, Joan T. 426 

Ward, Joe 240 

Ward, John 274 

Ward, Mark 239 

Ward, Marty 268 

Ward. Mlcheal 227. 329 

Ward. Michelle 2443 

Ward, Stephanie 270 

Ward, Wendy 237 

Warda. Lisa 331 , 352 

Wargel, Helen 349 

Wargel, Tom 234 

Wargo. Jeff 281 

Wargo. John 242, 323 

Warmann, Kris 324. 351 

Warne. Rich 282 

Warnecke, Mike 226 

Warner, Kristin L. 426 

Warner, Liz 261, 296 

Warner, Mike 283 

Warren, Jill M. 426 

Warren, John 280 

Warren, Pamela A. 426 

Warthen. Wade 253, 324, 354 

Washburn, Mike 327 

Washington, Stanley 321. 426 

Wasilweski, Lou 246. 247 

Wasmer, Linda M. 426 

Wasserman, Leslie 229 

Wasserman. Terri 261, 321 

Wasserman. Terry 354 

Watanabe. Dave 235 

Waterman, Dan 316 

Waterman, Daniel 350 

Waterman, Jane 241 

Waterman, Scot 308 

Waters, Ray 426 

Watklns, Robert J. 298, 426 

Watson, Deldre 258 

Watson, John 346 

Watson. Mark 301 

Watson, Markham F. 426 

Watt, Jim 242 

Watterman, Jane 347 

Wax, Lisa A. 276, 426 

Waxman, Craig P. 272, 426 

Way. Frederic J. 426 

Way. Wayne 245 

Wayne. Tim 281 

Weatherspoon. Wanda 330. 


Weaver, Fred R. 281 . 426 

Weaver, Lynn 261 . 296 

Webb. Diane 237 

Webb. Tamara C. 426 

Webber, Paul 350 

Weber, Brian 239 

Weber, Desi 248 

Weber, John 281, 311. 314 

Weber. Julie 231. 334 

Weber Kimberly A. 426 

Weber. Michael J. 426 

Weber, Noony 258 

Weber, Rob 282 
Weber, Sara Beth 228, 347 
Weber, Shelly 277, 347, 349 
Weberpal, Lynn A. 267, 356 
Webster, Jeff 239 
Webster, Kevin S. 426 
Weddig, Sarah 243 
Wedemeyer, George 224, 310 
Weedman, Dennis 268 
Week, Mike 239 
Weekly, Lynn 259, 296 
Wehrs, Sheryl 241 
Welbel, Wendy 353 
Weldner, Karla 259. 296 
Welhmelr, Phil 339 
Welhmeir, Phillip A. 255 
Weiman, Micheal 230 
Weinberg, Carrie 229 
Weinberg, Donna 229 
Weinberg, Heidi 276, 324 
Weinbeger, Marty 308 
Weine, Allen 332, 426 
Welngard, Ken 224 
Weinman, Al 268 
Welnsteln, Mitch 272 
Welnsteln, Scott 272 
Weinstlne, Deborah J. 229, 
285, 426 

Weintraub, Scott 282 
Weir. Amy 284 
Weirath, Liz 332 
Welsman, Michelle C. 426 
Welsman, Missy 276 
Welsman, Scott 230 
Welsman, Susie 276 
Welsmehl, Debbie 257 
Welsner, Jerry 246, 247 
Weiss, Amy 248 
Weiss, Deanna 231, 286, 350 
Weiss, Jodl 276 
Weiss, Melissa B. 426 
Weiss, Terris 269 
Weiss, Vlcki 276 
Welssman, Missy 303 
Weixelbaum, Dlna 229 
Welch, Kenneth 310. 426 
Welch, Wes 226 
Wellek, Debbie 276 
Welles. Diana 329. 426 
Wells, Brennan 224 
Wells, Brian D. 25. 398.426 
Wells, Charles 323 
Wells, David C. 252, 426 
Wells, Rodney D. 426 
Wells, Scott 338 
Wellwerts, Gregory 280, 304 
Welsh, Mike 340 
Welsh, Steve 138 
Wenberg, Karin 241 
Wendllng. Sara 248 
Wenlg, Deborah A. 293. 426 
Wenslow, Terry 292 
Wenstrom, Paula Sue 337 
Wentz, Brad 275 
Wenzel, John 323 
Werling. Krlsten 297 
Werman. Douglas M. 426 

Werner, Paula 261 

Werner, Richard 350 

Werner, Ruth 276 

Werner, Walt 290 

Werr, Katie 270 

Werr. Meg 241 

Worries, Daniel 318, 322. 351 

Worries, Jennifer 351, 359 

Werstlne, Mike 271 

Werthelm, Aimee 344 

Werthweln, Rosa 426 

Wescoga 358 

Wesner, Daniel E. 426 

Wessberg. Tom 337 

Wesson, Darcle 256. 318. 324, 

347, 348 

West, Charmelle 243 

West, Sandra 277 

West, Roger L. 426 

Westerfield. Lorle K. 426 

Westerhelde, S. M 269, 300, 


Westervelt, Lisa 243 

Westfleld, Jonathan 350 

Weston, Joel 305 

Westphal, Paul 283. 331, 341 

Wetmore. Sue 241 

Wettergren, Wendy 294 

Wetzel. Carolyn 426 

Wetzel. Kent 242 

Wexler. Bobbl 333, 359 

Wexler, Dave 282 

Wexler, Doug 230 

Wexler, Ken 272. 323 

Wexler, Mlcheal 230 

Wexler, Wendy 229 

Weyrich, Carolyn 237 

Whalen, Chris 246 

Whalen, Julie 236 

Whalen. Karen M. 225. 426 

Whalen, Timothy M. 426 

Wheat, J. Marc 321. 426 

Wheatley, Jeff 264 

Wheaton, Amy 270. 300. 354 

Wheaton, Amy E. 345, 426 

Wheeler. Michelle R. 241, 

289, 426 

Wheeler, wnben 319 

Whelan, Erica 228 

Whildon. Doris 267 

Whitcomb. Jim 240 

White 313 
White, Brent C. 255 
White, Chris 262 
White, Dennis Andrew 348 
White, Maggie 267, 299 
White. Shauna 267 
Whltebloom, Myles 297, 391, 

Whlted, Pamela S. 259, 296, 

Whltefleld, Edye 276 
Whitehall, Elizabeth 347 
Whitehead, Dwight 323 
Whitehead, Mlcheal 323 
Whitehead, Scott 266 
Whltehouse 313 
Whlteman, Steven R. 341, 426 
Whirling, Tim 298 
Whitlow, Debra L. 427 
Whitlow, Kim 225 
Whitney, Christina 277 
Whittenbarger, John 253 
Whittinghill. Mark 266 
Whlttler, F. Zanetta 330, 427 
Whowell, Ellen 269, 300 
Whyte, Pat 301 
Wick. Jolynn 258. 295 
Wlctshlre, Timothy 266 
Widholm. Jennl 243 
Widholm, Paula 267 
Wldman. Michelle 269 
Widolff, Cecille 256. 347 
Wiechowskl, Sheri 277 
Wiegle, Dean 282 
Wlemer, Margaret J. 427 
Wieneke, Gary 196 
Wlerzba, Marek A. 427 
Wllford. Lynette J. 427 
Wllhlte, Nancy E. 427 
Wilkin. Theresa L. 427 
Willard. Shirley 427 
Wlllenborg, Timothy R. 227 
Willet, Glen 252 
Willford, Mark 252, 293 
Williams, Brian 253 
Williams. Dan 271 
Williams. Dana E. 350. 427 
Williams, Dave 262 
Williams, Denlse A. 427 
Williams, Derrick L. 348. 427 
Williams, Don 275 
Williams, Heather 277 
Williams, Jeff 307 
Williams, Karla K. 427 
Williams, Katharine L 427 
Williams, Krlsten 276 
Williams, Lionel 319 
Williams, Lisa 292, 344, 345 
Williams, Lisa E. 427 
Williams, Luvenla K. 427 
Williams, Melissa 236. 338 
Williams. Peggy A. 427 
Williams. Richard 323 
Williams, Rob 301 
Williams. Scott 226, 427 
Williams, Scott R. 322 
Williams, Steve 323 
Williams, Tamila 332 
Williams, Tanya L. 330. 358. 

Williams. Dave 65 
Williamson, Lesley 427 
Williamson, Richard 266, 427 
Willis, John 298 
Willis. Richard A. 427 
Willrett, Jacque 304 
Wlllrett. Jacqueline M. 277. 

Wlllsey, Jay 338 
Wllmes. Julie 284 
Wllmes. Lisa J. 427 
Wllner, Beth 276 
Wllner. Maria 276 
Wilsey, Gary 246 
Wilsnosky, Chris 335 
Wilson, Avery 350 
Wilson, Beth 231, 339,352 
Wilson, Cindy 243, 290, 358 
Wilson, Clint 319, 343 
Wilson, Cynthia A. 427 
Wilson. Darryl 357 
Wilson. Jane 225 
Wilson, Julie 241, 243. 289 
Wilson, Kaila C. 336, 427 
Wilson. Katie 258 
Wilson, LaDonna 358 
Wilson, Laura 269 
Wilson, Matt 252 
Wilson, Michelle 243. 277 
Wilson. Steve 234 
Wilson, Tony 281 
Wilson, Wilke 306 
Wlmbiscus, Mary B. 427 
Wimpy, Kay 277 
Wlnarski, Jennifer 267 
Wlnborne, Becki 427 
Wlnborne, Julie 243 
Wlnbush. Steven 346 
Windle. Tracy 259 
Wlnett. James M. 272, 324, 

Wlngo. Mike 226 
Wlniccki. Kurt 253 
Wlnkel, Ray 250 
Wlnkelman, Susan 192 
Winkle, Ray 251 
Wlnkleman, Sue 257 
Winkler, Bob 224 
Winkler. Mark 281 
Winkler, Robert 319 
Winograd, Diane 276 
Winter, Jody 337 
Wlnterland, Dave 347 
Wintermeyer 313 
Winters. Julie 228 
Winters, Mary 341 
Winters, Thais 243 
Winters, Trey 269 
Winther, Sonja 270 
Wlnther, Tina 270 
Wirsing. Angie 349 

Wlrth, Anthony 323 
Wirtz, Edward A. 427 
Wlschstadt, Greg 319 
Wise, Trudi Jo 228, 285, 427 
Wlsniewski Warren S. 427 
Wltte, Gilbert E. 427 
Wlttlich, Laurie A. 427 
Wohlfell, Susan L. 427 
Wojclk, Mitchell J. 427 
Wojclk, Wendy L. 427 
Wolf Allen K. 427 
Wolf, Nancy 284 
Wolf, Orrin 254 
Wolf. Stephanie 358 
Wolf, Tom 301 
Wolfe, David Lee 227 
Wolfer Jennifer L. 356, 427 
Wolff. Chris 226 
Wolff, Christine 350 
Wolff, Doug 298 
Wolff, Kerry 318, 328.347 
Wolfledger, Jeff 240 
Wolford, Mike 254 
Wolinski, Jeff 250 
Wollenweber 313 
Wollerman. Lorl 269 
Wolochuk. Sheryl 427 
Wolsfeld. Susan E. 305, 350, 

Wolson, Raymond D. 427 
Wolter, Michelle M. 236, 287, 
324, 427 

Womac, David J. 319, 427 
Womanzella. Matt 240 
Womeldorff, John 319 
Womens Glee Club 359 
Wonder, Stevle 58 
Wonderlln, Laura 243 
Wong, Alexander S. 427 
Wong, Michele H. 427 
Wood, Cathy 339 
Wood. Charles B. 266, 427 
Wood. Chris 265 
Wood. Hal 272 
Wood. Mark 335 
Wood, Mark 272, 324 
Wood, Micheal 319, 323 
Wood. Tracy 256 
Woodard. Brandon 346 
Woodard, Lorl 284 
Woodard. Sue 231 
Woodards, Mike 265 
Woodburn, David P. 239, 427 
Woodier, Jim 268. 359, 360 
Woodlock, Cynthia A. 427 
Woodruff, Eric 274, 323 
Woodruff, James E. 428 
Woods, Adrlenne L. 428 
Woods, Wendy S. 428 
Woods, Xavler 319 
Woodson, Stephanie 320 
Woodward, Kathi M. 237, 428 
Woodworth. Susan 316 
Woody. Brian 268. 352 
Woody, Mike 252 
Wooley. Karen 225 
Woolley. Mike 317 
Woolsey, Christine D. 428 
Woolsey, Stacey 240 
Woosley 313 
Worley, Veronica 428 
Worra, Amy R. 428 
Worth, Carolyn E. 428 
Wos, Theresa 342 
Woulfe. Greg 235 
Woulfe, Jennifer 259. 296 
WPGU Managers 359 
WPGU Staff 360 
Wray, Kim 277 
Wright. Cathleen F. 428 
Wright, Eddie 352, 353 
Wright, Greg 318, 336 
Wright, Jennifer 350. 356 
Wright, Lori 231 
Wright, Melinda 248 
Wright, Sharon A. 428 
Wrobleski, Deborah 428 
Wrzosek. Tony 289 
Wu, Nancy, Y. 428 
Wurtsbaugh. Martha 270, 300, 

Wusenlch. Karmyn 228 
Wylder. Kristin M. 428 
Wylie, Scott 310 
Wyness, Paul R. 329. 349. 428 
Wynn, G. Byron 279 

Yacullo. Michael 252, 293. 

Yaeger Glenn 275 
Yacullo. Mike 223 
Yaffee, Lynn 229 
Yahr. Karla J. 31. 428 
Yakas. Kim 269, 344 
Yale, Jim 273 



Yandraslts. Elizabeth R. 428 
Yang, Hee Moon 343 
Yarllng, Susie 237 
Yarnlck, Cynthia M. 231, 428 
Yarnlck, Cynthia E. 345 
Yatvln. Eileen 276 
Yeach, Stephen T, 260 
Yeager, Jennl 288 
Yeast. Jennifer G. 428 
Yelsley. Becky 338 
Yelkon, Pam 359 
Yeo. Burt 275, 303 
Yochem. Diane J. 294, 428 
Yocum, Paul 275. 303, 354, 

Yoder. Brian 242, 318, 322 
Yoder. Michelle 231 
Yokum. Paul 339 
Yopp, Mlcheal 325 
Yopp. Mike 268 
Young, Annette 294 
Young, Beth 261 
Young, Colleen 225 
Young, Dana 329 
Young, Don 254 
Young, Jennifer 350 
Young, Jessica 267 
Young, Kristin J. 428 
Young, Lloyd 318 
Younger, Scott 301 
Yu. Helen 284 
Yu. Kwang Y. 428 
Yu, Paul 350 
Yura. Lowell 272 
Yurik, Dave 306 

Zaban, Shorn 229 

Zablock, Patricia A. 243. 290. 


Zacharias. Judy 259. 296. 428 

Zachgo, Mark D. 428 

Zack, John 274 

Zadeik, Mike 235. 287 

Zaeske, Ellen 228 

Zahonk, Kristina 259, 296 

Zaldman. Jodi 229. 285. 324 

Zajac, Kathryn M. 428 

Zajac. Matthew 323 

Zak, Richard J. 428 

Zakharow, Gennadi 120 

Zalabak, Sharon L. 259. 296. 


Zale. Susan L. 428 

Zalesiak, Chris 340 

Zalewski, Nancy 231 

Zalis, Doug 280 

Zamis, Mike 275 

Zamore. Joann 428 

Zander. Dave 268 

Zappe. Mark A. 275. 303. 428 

Zastresek, Jill 360 

Zator, Kevin M. 280, 304. 326. 

329, 428 

Zaverdas, Denise 295. 428 

Zboril, Donna 237, 344 

Zecher, Brian 242, 311 

Zegarski, Nancy 231 

Zehr, Nelson 348 

Zehr, Wendy K. 428 

Zeigler, Traig 297 

Zeitlin, Doree 249, 293 

Zeitz, Erich 338 

Zelazny, Anthony 333 

Zelenka, Richard E. 351, 428 

Zelinski, Sue 248 

Zeller. Kathryn L. 257, 295. 


Zeller, Todd 263. 324 

Zells. Scott 230 

Zemaitis. John 252 

Zemsky, Mona 276 

Zender. Dennis 264. 298 

Zenk. Anne 258. 310 

Zenner, Eric 235 

Zeno, Mike 301 

Zerfas, Carolyn 228 

Zerkle, David 349 

Zernich. Amy 225 

Zessar. Marcla 229 

Zeta Psi 308 

Zeta Tau Alpha 284 

Zeta Tau Alpha Seniors 309 

Zfaney. Karen J. 428 

Zibart, Katherine E 259, 296. 

325, 428 

Zibart, Kenneth 279 

Zich, David 311 

Zich, Jennie 243 

Ziegler, Mike 311 

Ziegler. Richard 339 

Ziehr, Andy 299 

Zielinski, Ken 338 

Ziem, Daniel T. 428 

Zilch, Stephanie S. 228. 285. 


Zilke. Judy 322 

Zimmer, Scott 274 

Zimmerman 313 

Zimmerman. Dan 355 

Zimmerman. Michelle 231, 


Zimmerman. Steve 234 

Zimmerman. Tom 298 

Zina, Pete 306 

Zindars, Cathy 428 

Zindel, Ann 339, 350 

Zink, Debbie 358 

Zllkowskl. Alice 324 
Zlolkowskl, Gall 294 
Zlssimopoulos. Dlna 261 
Zltko. Bob 292 
Zltkus. Stephen J. 428 
Zlupsnys, Krlstlne T. 428 
Zizzo. Steve 239 
Zobel, Laura 261 
Zoeller. Joseph h 332. 428 
Zordanl, Lisa 237 
Zottman, Dave 224 
Zubak, John J. 298. 428 
Zuchel, Kim 228 
Zucker. Rachel 276 
Zuckerman, Audra 276 
Zulker. Chris 283 
Zukowski. Thomas H. 42B 
ZuMallen, Merril 347 
Zumbahlen, Marcla 350 
Zumbro, Pamela 316, 428 
Zunker, Bob 287, 351 
Zunta. Ruben 317 
Zurbuchen. Barry 305, 429 
Zussman. Marc 272, 335, 350 
Zwaldo, Jeff 327 
Zwelg, Noel 344 
Zwlrn. Lynn 277 
Zywiciel. Bill 253 


Volume 94 of the University of 
Illinois' Illio was published by the 
Illini Media Company, E. Mayer 
Maloney, publisher. It was printed by 
Josten's Printing and Publishing 
Division in Topeka, Kansas. 
Publication date for the yearbook was 
April 20, 1987. Out of 448 pages, 54 
were printed in the four color process 
with an additional 86 pages printed in 
the spot color process using inks 
selected from the Pantone Matching 
System. Various pages were varnished 
in the opening, Style, and National 
Talent sections. Paper stock 
throughout the book is 189 Karisma 
Dull. Camera-ready production was 
executed by the Illio 87 staff. 

Cover and Endsheets The Craftline 
cover, produced in the Topeka plant, 
was mounted on 150 point binder 
board. The base color, Nighthawk 
499, was Brushstroke grained and 
hand rubbed with black ink. Both the 
lid and spine were blind embossed 
from a custom die, the lid receiving a 
hot-foil application of 381 Silver Foil. 
Endsheet Stock is 65 pound White 

Type The majority of body copy is 
9/11 point Times Roman. Headlines, 
in general, are 48 point Times Bold. 
Section designations are 6 point Times 
Roman. Page numbers are 9 point 
Times Bold. Caption directionals are 
Times Bold, caption copy is Times 
Roman, both set in V$ point. Bylines 
are 8 point Times Bold. On certain 
spreads other fonts besides Times 
were used, including Palatino, 
Helvetica, Zapf Chancery, Optima, 
and Futura. 

Photography Graduate portraits were 
taken by Yearbook Associates in 
Turner Falls, MA. Student 
Organization photos were taken by 
Illini Studios. Color printing was done 
by Rich Becker of Film Processing, 
Ltd. and Frank Key of Key Labs, 
both of Champaign, IL. 



Illio SUM 1987s 


Business Manager 

Rosalie Keblusek 

Wynne Griggs 

Managing Editor 

Photo Editor 

Fred Weaver 

Jeff Barczewski 


Marcy Bright 

Production/Design Assistants 

Scott Chung 

John Bachanowski 

David Ghent 

Dan Paterno 

Corine Jurcak 

Belinda Bowling 

Business Staff 

Production/Design Apprentice 

Chris Alvey 

Denise Hott 

Liesl Banks 


Liza Keung 

Julie Kindred 

Copy Editor 

Prabha Parameswaran 

Diane Ellsworth 

Frank Rodriguez 

Kelly Rosenbohm 

Assistant Copy Editor 

Julie Becker 

Copy Writers 


Leslie Cole 

Beth Hanley 

Maria Galdikas 

Barb Villalobos 

John Hanley 

Apprentice Writer 

Michelle Andrich 


c 2 o 

-l 3 T 


A Note from the Editor 

None of us knew the great challenge we were facing at the onset 
of this book. We didn't realize the work involved in reaching for 
quality. For quality, we sacrificed hours on hours and entire 
weekends. We let the grades suffer while we wrote a story, shot 
a spread, or designed a layout to meet a deadline. From our 
struggles we experienced and learned how to be a team through 
the roughest times. We learned that selflessness was the way to 
attain our common goal toward quality. Quality is not only 
evident throughout these pages, but within each person who 
helped with this production I see a richness gained through the 

I extend my sincere appreciation to the people who I have met 
along the way and who have offered their ideas and support. 
Thank you to the editorial end of the Illio. Now we need to put 
together our personal yearbook just to remember all those events 
in and out of the office-sounds like fun! Thank you to Denise 
("Darla") and Michelle for those unending donations of time. 
Thanks to Beth and Barb for the time consuming 3-R's. Thanks 
to Diane and Julie for putting up with bloodshot VDT-eyes and 
for ingenious ways of wording. Thanks to their writers, John 
("...the VDT just wouldn't work!"), Maria (How do you meet 
those people?), and Leslie (Another year? You're crazy!). 
Thanks to Jeff for successfully pulling the photography 
department out from under, sometimes single-handedly . Thanks 
to David (Print by...) and Mar cy for stepping in when they did 
and for the laughs about my amateur photo-taking knowledge. 
Thanks to Scott and his models (Tom, Wendy, Charley, Mary, 
Marcos, Peggy, and Derrick) for cruising across town in the 
bitter cold to shoot fashion photos. Thanks to Wynne for 
listening to the editorial problems and for pulling together the 
dreaded index, and thanks to her business staff for all that 

Thank you to the production staff--who might as well have been 
roommates. Thanks to Danny for his gifted talent in design (and 
for those wonderful poses!). Thanks to Corine ("Wow! We can 
use my Brides magazine!" ) and Belinda ("Belinney" ) for 
putting up with the guys. Thanks to John for the music and 
literature, times that vanished any thoughts about this book. 
Thank you to Fred for sticking by when everyone else took off, 
for Style, for putting up with the drama, for dealing with the 
phone calls (thanks to Frank, Steve, and Dan for that, too), and 
for the attempts at understanding. 

Thanks to Karyn Putts for helping in our time of desperation. 
Thanks to D.I. Photographers (Pam, Brian, Kyle,...) for those 
last minute photos. Thanks to Geoff Bant for solving our VDT 
nightmares. Thanks to El lie Dodds for all the advice about 
getting through another crisis. Thank you to Mike Hackleman 
and Judy Huffaker, those fine people from Josten's, for 
answering my calls ("help!" ) and for having patience. Thanks 
to Mayer Moloney for dealing with all of our confusion and 
setbacks... and I mean all of them. Thank you to the IMC Board 
for never lacking confidence in me and for giving me the chance 
to fulfill my dream. Thanks to Mike, Troy, and Vanessa for the 
advice and support. And, thanks to Adrienne for giving that 
twenty-minute interview during an inopportune time. 

Thank you to Sr. Sandra for the beginnings of yearbooking. 
Thanks to Chris for the words of wisdom on success. Thanks to 
Alison and Krista for their treasured friendships . Thank you to 
my Grandma for keeping a supply of pens and paper around. 
And, thanks to my brother for all the wise-comments that 
somehow must have meant something nice. 

The dedication of this book is to the people who sent me to 
college just so I could be editor of this yearbook, my loving 
parents, Robert and Rosemary Keblusek. 


G t«l-JJ.;;.vj 





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